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Scary Movie

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I’d been sat staring at Amanda’s back for so long, I was surprised holes weren’t burning into her top from the intensity of my lust filled gaze. From my seat at the back of the lecture theatre, I had a perfect view of her down on the front row, chewing on the end of her pen.

That was one of the first things I liked about her, of all the students in here, she was the only one not typing away on a laptop, instead scrawling her notes down the old fashioned way. There was something charming and unique about it, alongside all the other adorable things I watched her do in these lectures.

“Your assignment for the weekend is to pair up and watch ‘The House in the Wood.” Mr Dickens turned away from us all to begin wiping off the notes from today’s lecture.

“Make the usual observations and then you’ll present in twos on Monday. Enjoy the weekend.”

Everyone got to their feet and began to traipse over to the door. I hung behind, hoping to catch Mr Dickens on his own. “Excuse me sir,” I said, trying to catch his attention as he loaded his files into a brown satchel.

“What is it Jennifer?” He sounded impatient, no doubt eager to get to outside and light up one of those hideous roll up cigarettes of his.

“I…I can’t afford to buy the film. I don’t suppose you have a spare copy I could borrow?”

He began walking past me, talking as he pulled open the door to the corridor. “When you signed onto the course, you agreed to purchase whatever items were needed did you not?” He didn’t wait for me to answer. “Either find a way to watch that film or expect an F on Monday.”

He marched off, leaving the door to swing shut behind him. I slumped down into a chair on the front row, head in my hands.

“Are you all right?”

I looked up to see Amanda leaning into the room, looking concerned.

“Yes…yes I’m fine,” I replied, jumping to my feet, my heart pounding at the fact she was talking to me for the first time ever. We’d been in the same class for three months now and I’d yet to pluck up the courage to speak to her and here she was walking over and putting a hand on my shoulder, I could have cartwheeled for joy across the entire campus at her touch.

“I heard what he said. What a dick.”

I giggled involuntarily, wiping away the tear that had formed at the corner of my eye. “I’m okay, honestly.”

“Listen, I’ve got the film back at mine. If you want, we could pair up and watch it together?”

“But weren’t you meant to be working with Alan?”

“Oh he’s a bigger dick than Dickens, I’d rather have another girl beside me on my sofa than a guy that tries to get his hand in my pants every ten seconds.”

I blushed when she said that.

“Have I embarrassed you?” she asked as I got to my feet.

“No, it’s just I’m sure men hit on you all the time but I’ve never…” The sentence seemed to trail off into nothing.

“Hey, you’re not missing much, trust me. Come on, let me give you my number.”

So that was how I ended up curled up at Amanda’s house, her parents were downstairs making dinner whilst we sat in her room and she hit on play on the remote.

Within five minutes of the film starting, I was wishing I’d never enrolled on the film class. I’d never been a big fan of scary movies but this one was absolutely terrifying. When the monster first appeared on the screen, I nearly leapt out of my skin, letting out an involuntary scream.

“Are you all right?” Amanda asked, turning and smiling at me.

“It’s a bit-”



“Oh, come here.” She put her arm out and beckoned me towards her. To my infinite delight I was able to move over and lean against her. We sat like that for a while, her arm wrapped round me. I could have frozen the moment in my head to relive a hundred times at home. Her hand reached my waist and I could feel the soft touch of her fingers on my side. Her arm draped round me and I found my head nestling into the cruck of her shoulder. If I glanced down I could see the shapely curve of her breasts under her patterned tee shirt. It had a fashionable rip down the front, creating a v neck shape which revealed a hint of her cleavage. What I wouldn’t have given to place my tongue down there. It was incredible but also painful to see, knowing I couldn’t touch her. I could never admit to fancying her, to desiring her, to wanting to tear her clothes off. What if she laughed at me? Told everyone I was a raving dyke? Though can you even be a lesbian if you’ve never had sex with anyone, man or woman?

I could smell the light scent of soap coming from her skin and whenever she moved her head, her long dark hair brushed the back of my neck. The monster reappeared and I gasped, grabbing hold of Amanda with my arm and holding her tightly, not looking at the screen.

“Sorry,” I said, letting go of her and peering anxiously up at her face. To my surprise she smiled back at me.

“It’s okay. You know what always helps me when I’m scared of films like this?”

“What’s that?”

“Wait there.”

She jumped up, I felt an ache of disappointment at the lack of contact but she returned a second later with a huge blanket, draping it over both of us and pulling me back towards her, holding me in place against her. “Hide behind this during the bad bits.”

We stayed like that for a while until the monster jumped out from a wardrobe, leaping onto the heroine. I shrieked and pulled the blanket above my head. In the enclosed space I was able to stare at Amanda’s body in more detail. I could see the outline of her bra beneath the tee shirt and lower down, her long legs curled up, her skirt having ridden up to her thighs. I stared at those thighs as I remained hidden, wondering how long before I had to come out of there, stop perving at her body like this.

As I sat there, I saw Amanda’s hand slide under the blanket and reach for mine, her fingers entwining with my sweaty palm. She gripped my hand tightly and then moved my arm towards her waist, setting my hand down on her thigh and then pulling the blanket away from me so she could smile at me again.

“Not too scared?” she asked, as if indifferent to the fact my hand was only a few inches away from touching her panties or even more intimately, the place inside them I’d fantasised so often about touching.

I shook my head and she turned back to the screen. As we sat there, I felt her hand move from my waist to the edge of my top, reaching up under it and beginning to stroke my back. I felt a shudder of pleasure run through me but I was still convinced I was reading too much into things, desperate as I was for her to feel how I did. My hand remained frozen on her thigh, feeling her soft skin under my touch.

“I’m getting cramp,” she said out of nowhere, shuffling round on the sofa so her legs dangled down to the floor. My hand had slid slightly down her leg and I could feel the bottom of her skirt against the side of my palm as her hand slid further up my back, massaging my skin gently. “Could you rub my leg a little? I’ve got pins and needles there.”

My heart leapt into my mouth at the fact I was being given permission to touch her. I rubbed gently near her knee but she grabbed my hand and moved it up to her inner thigh. “Not there, here. And harder.”

I kneaded the flesh of her inner thigh under the heel of my palm, each stroke edging a miniscule amount higher up until I was bumping into the edge of her skirt. She gently shuffled her legs apart but didn’t say anything else so I didn’t dare move any higher.

I was still looking at the TV but I wasn’t taking anything in anymore. My mind was racing as Amanda looked down at me and leaned forwards, moving towards me until our lips almost touched. “Don’t stop,” she whispered, planting a single perfectly soft kiss on my waiting lips. “Just a little higher.”

I continued to rub her leg as my mind whirled making me feel dizzy. My hand was moving higher as if I was no longer in control of it, nudging her skirt upwards as she shuffled down the sofa, slouching so her bottom was barely on the cushion anymore. With a silent gasp, I realised my hand had just brushed her panties. I did it again to make sure she didn’t mind but she just laid back and closed her eyes, sighing happily.

I moved my hand again and this time felt along the line of the edge of her underwear. They felt like plain cotton but I didn’t care, I was screaming in my head ‘You’re touching Amanda’s panties! Holy fuck!’

I let my hand slide onto the fabric itself and was shocked to find it felt damp there, more than damp in fact, her panties felt wet. Looking at her exquisitely beautiful face, I grinned at the impossible dream I seemed about to realise. That was when her hand moved up my back to my head, gripping my scalp and moving me back under the blanket. I panted in the semi dark, feeling so much hotter than before at the sight of her skirt up round her waist and her panties dark with wetness, almost see through.

Her other hand grabbed the base of her tee shirt and pulled it upwards, over the top of her bare breasts. My eyes widened at the sight of them and I couldn’t resist leaning over and planting a kiss on the nipple nearest to me. It hardened instantly under the touch of my lips and I heard Amanda let out a gasp outside the blanket.

With my hand still sliding gently back and forth across her panties, I began to suckle on her boob, drawing the nipple into my mouth with my heart racing and my whole body beginning to shake with nervous energy. I thought I might start hyperventilating if I couldn’t calm myself down but there was no way I could stop now.

I moved my hand to the top of Amanda’s panties and was about to slip inside them when she lifted her bottom from the seat, as if hinting at me to just pull them down. I obeyed her, grabbing them in my fist and sliding them down to her knees. She kicked them off as I stared at her exposed pussy, hardly able to believe I was seeing it for the first time in my life. She shaved down there and the skin was immaculately bald. The lips of her labia looked so different to mine, where mine stuck out in such an ugly way, hers were barely visible, just a line to show where the entrance to her core lay waiting.

As her knees moved apart I could see a glistening pool of wetness coating her pussy. Taking a deep breath I moved a single finger down over her smooth skin until it slid along that line to the waiting juices. Coating my finger with her arousal I moved back up, pressing a tiny bit harder so the tip of my finger nudged her clit.

She gasped out loud and thrust her hips towards me then, her hand moving under the blanket to grab mine. I expected her to yell at me, scream ‘what the fuck are you doing?’ and throw me out of her house but she didn’t. She merely moved my hand down and nudged me towards her pussy, spreading her lips with her fingers to expose her labia to me. Her hand pushed my head lower, towards her clit. I was so close I could smell her sweetness from here, my vision filled with the image of her pussy as she moved my finger into her. My whole body went rigid with suppressed excitement, my finger was actually inside her.

I was amazed at how confident she was, so sure of what she wanted. She began to move my finger in and out with her hand, the tightness inside her gripping me as she showed me the rhythm she wanted. I wasn’t brave enough to take the initiative but she kept pushing my face closer to her clit until my lips connected with it. She gasped and let go of me at last, lying back and remaining still, her heavy breathing the only sound apart from the wet squelch of my finger sliding in and out of her, juices dripping from it.

Tentatively I stuck out my tongue and tasted her for the first time. The heat and hardness of her clit surprised me and after that first taste I was hooked. I let my tongue glide over her clit and gather up that sweet nectar. It was wonderful. I kept lapping round her clit, wondering what would happen next, whether I’d wake up to find myself back at home alone in my own bed.

I could hear Amanda’s breath begin to quicken as the minutes passed. I circled her clit, sucking it into my mouth occasionally as she thrust her hips against the finger of mine buried inside her.

“Oh fuck me,” she whispered. “Keep going, please. Faster.”

I moved my finger repeatedly in and out of her, pulling as far back as I could before sliding all the way in over and over, my arm starting to ache. I was struggling to breathe with my face pressed to her pussy, her juices smeared over my chin as I kept licking.

“Oh my fucking god,” she said. “I’m going to come if you keep going. Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Please.”

To hear her begging me to keep going sent a tingle through my whole body, I felt my own pussy start to moisten, almost widening and aching as if it wanted something inside it too. Ignoring my arousal I concentrated on pleasuring her, bringing her ever closer to a climax.

“I’m going to come, I’m going to…Oh fuck, I’m coming!”

Her hips rammed into my face, I felt her entire pussy suddenly grip my finger tightly and then release it, pulsing contractions that repeated again and again as I slowed the movement of my tongue.

Her gasps of pleasure were louder than before as her body crashed downwards, all tension gone from her muscles as the spasms in her pussy faded away.

I slid upwards from the blanket, furtively wiping my mouth with the back of my hand as I did so, my finger sliding out from inside her.

“Holy fuck,” she whispered, grabbing me and shoving her tongue into my mouth, kissing me deeply as she stared into my eyes. “That was amazing. Where did you learn that?”

I didn’t know what to say. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Seriously? You mean with a woman?”

“With anyone.”

“Oh my god Jennifer. You’ve got to be kidding. That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” Her cheeks were still flushed and she looked ready to attack me all of a sudden. With a flick of her hand she pushed me back against the sofa and slid between my knees, staring up at me.

“Wh…what are you doing?” I asked, looking down at her.

“If you’ve never done it before, you’re going to love this.” She reached over to her drawers and dug inside, pulling out a slender vibrator. I’d seen them before on the internet but never in reality and I had no idea what all the fuss was about. If only I’d known.

“Take off your trousers,” she said, slipping batteries into the sex toy as I tugged down my jeans, feeling very exposed and vulnerable in just my panties. Could she see the wetness in them? Would she mind?

Nudging my knees apart, Amanda grabbed my panties and yanked them off me in a single movement, hungry to see my pussy. She moved her face straight to it and began planting kisses on my exposed pussy. I gasped at the sensation, having to bite my lip to keep from screaming and bringing her parents running upstairs to investigate.

Her soft lips ran over every inch of my aching pussy, teasing my clit with the tip of her tongue as her hands slid up my legs to my labia, gliding effortlessly into my soaking pussy with a single finger as I grabbed a cushion and stuffed it over my face to stifle my cries of pleasure.

I was gyrating my hips against her face when I felt a sudden buzzing on my clit. I nearly came straight away, the pleasure of the sensation shooting through me in milliseconds as her tongue moved beside the vibrator, fighting to gain control of my clit. I could only lie back and try to keep calm, my whole being soaring into the air with joy at her ministrations. The vibrator stayed glued to my clit, circling it slowly, the buzzing reaching deep into me and making me clench my fists and curl my toes.

I knew I couldn’t last much longer and she must have known, the finger inside me moving so fast it almost hurt, the noise of my wetness filling the air.

“Oh fuck,” I screamed into the pillow as my climax hit me and almost knocked me out. The power of it made me dizzy, my whole body tensing up as my pussy spasmed uncontrollably. My clit was instantly too sensitive to be touched but Amanda seemed to second guess that, moving the vibrator away and letting her kisses land lower down my labia and onto my thighs. The finger inside me slid outwards until it left me, leaving my pussy aching with emptiness and loss even as my orgasm kept racing through me.

At last it faded away and when I opened my eyes, Amanda was beside me on the sofa. We heard the creaking of footsteps on the stairs and Amanda grabbed the blanket, eyes wide with fear as she draped it over the two of us.

My cheeks were still burning red as the door opened and her mother stood there peering in at us.

“Dinner’s nearly ready,” she said, “and just at the right time. Your film’s finished.”

We looked at the screen, the credits were just starting to roll. “Did you enjoy yourselves?” She smiled at us both.

We looked at each and burst out laughing.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh nothing Mrs Wilkes,” I said.

She walked away frowning. “Well come down now or it’ll get cold.”

I waited until she’d gone downstairs before retrieving my panties and getting dressed, feeling the wetness of them against my pussy, helping to cool the burning hotness I felt there. Amanda stood up and pulled her skirt back into place, throwing her underwear into her laundry basket.

We went downstairs without saying a word about what happened. After the meal Amanda saw me to the door and pulled it closed behind her, standing out on the porch with me.

“See you Monday?” I said.

“Hold on, we need to put to talk through our presentation first,” she replied. “I think we might need to watch the film again first. Maybe a few more times.”

With a grin, she leaned towards me and kissed me, only pulling back when a car drove by on the street behind me. She blushed and stepped back, stroking a lock of hair away from her eyes. “Come round again same time tomorrow?”

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