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Saving Chloe

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Casey stood in front of the full-length mirror. She had just finished a long hot soak in the tub and was wrapped in a fluffy white bath towel that covered her from her breasts to mid thigh. It was the most excited she had been in the five years since she started her private security business.

Out of college at twenty, and with a BS in business management and a black belt in karate, she took an evening class in personal security. She became so intrigued with the idea, she took courses in small arms use, defensive driving and under cover surveillance. At twenty-two she took a job with a professional security firm in Seattle. Her three-year internship ended when a male associate had made improper sexual advances toward her while on nighttime surveillance of a city councilman suspected of having an affair with a young waitress who worked at the ‘Sundowner Bar’.

Knowing it was possible she might have to enter the bar undercover, she had worn a tight tee and short skirt. They were setting in the front seat of a Silver Crown Victoria, her in the passenger seat, when her associate had put his hand on her exposed bare thigh. Casey had no reaction except to look at him. When he didn’t remove his hand she sent the palm of her right hand into his nose, breaking it. He grabbed his face with both hands and screamed out a string of obscenities at her, his greatest and last error in judgment. Her right fist crashed into his windpipe causing his head to snap backwards with such force that the side window shattered.

She dialed 911 while standing at the curb. She hailed a taxi as she was dialing her boss to inform him of the evening’s events and to head off the inevitable by submitting her resignation. Finally she had told her boss that the suspected waitress was in fact a middle aged gay man named Chester Anderson who was a frequent patron of the ‘Sundowner Bar’. After all, she had been paid to do a job and she did it. By the time the taxi stopped in front of her apartment building she had formulated a plan to start ‘C. A. Wright Security’, Casey Ann Wright, owner and sole employee.

That was five years ago. In those five years she had relocated to Los Angeles and since then, struggled to make a name for herself in a very competitive industry. Three days ago she took a telephone call from the personal assistant of Erin Sanderson, wife of Robert Ames Sanderson, third generation CEO of Sanderson development. The firm was, among other things, a major player in downtown LA land development. The family was reportedly worth more that three billion as of the last Forbes report.

The Sanderson’s were interviewing for private security for their daughter Chloe. Casey had an interview for this afternoon at the Sanderson home. Casey pealed off the towel tossing it into the bathroom. Rummaging her drawer of underwear she selected a pair of black bikini panties and matching silk bra. She pulled on the panties and snapped on the bra.

Casey fanned through the limited offering of her closet and took out a gray-striped suit and a white blouse. With the blouse buttoned, she stepped into the slacks and pulled them up, tucking the top in as she did so. She looped in a thin black belt and buckled it. Casey went to her bedside table and pulled open the top drawer revealing a brown leather shoulder holster. She slipped it on. She took out a thirty-eight revolver with a three-inch barrel. She flipped the carriage open, checked the cartridges, flipped it closed and inserted it into the holster. The handle hung downward and forward providing easy access should it be needed. She put her jacket on and checked to make sure the gun was not readily visible.

Black lace-up rubber soled shoes completed her outfit. She hated the shoes but given her occupation and possible need to run across broken terrain or kick an attacker she was willing to make some fashion concessions. She stood in front of the mirror and admired herself. At twenty-eight she presented a tall, lean and quite stunning reflection.

She would have described her 09′ silver Toyota Camry as looking suspicious setting in the round-a-bout of the drive in front of the Sanderson’s mansion. Brick pavers, stone center fountain and extensive landscaping each costing more than the car. But, she thought, it blends in where it needs to.

The door opened as she stepped up onto the marble entry landing before she could try out the large brass doorknocker with a lion’s head. She really wanted to bang that shiny devil. “You would be Ms. Wright.” A fresh faced twenty something with dimples and a Prince Valiant haircut greeted her with a sincere smile.

“Right.” Casey replied.

“I’m Ellen, Mrs. Sanderson’s assistant. We talked on the telephone on Wednesday. It was good of you to meet her on a Saturday. Please come in.” The girl said.

Casey wasn’t sure which statement to respond to first. She decided to ignore all of them except to say, “It was no problem at all. I’m happy to meet you, Ellen.” Casey stepped into a foyer large enough to hold her apartment. Three stories rose to a glass ceiling. An octagon shaped room surrounded her. “If you would follow me.” She said. The girl walked ahead of her down a wide hall. The girl was wearing a dark blue skirt that fell to just above her knees with a matching jacket over a light blue blouse.

They entered a parlor with floor to ceiling windows along one wall. The room was over furnished with antique furniture and there were many large potted plants arranged in front of the sunny windows. Casey set down in a straight back Queen Ann chair. ‘One more thing that cost more than my car’ she thought. As Ellen stood in front of her, Casey saw that she had on a dark blue men’s tie with a gold tie bar attached in front. “May I get you something to drink?” Ellen asked.

“No. I’m fine.” She replied. The girl turned and left the room turning down the hall and farther into the enormous house. Casey heard a door open and then close only a few seconds later. Casey spent the next twenty minutes looking over the room and deciding that building skyscrapers in the center of a major metropolitan area could have been a better life choice than private security.

“Ms. Wright?” A voice said. When Casey looked to the doorway, a forty something woman stood with the personal assistant standing behind her with only her face visible.

“Mrs. Sanderson. Please, call me Casey.” Casey held out her hand as the woman approached her and took it.

Mrs. Sanderson sat on a love seat and ushered Casey to set back down. They were just five feet apart. “Thank you for coming.” The woman said. I know you have been told that this position involves our daughter. What you were not told is that I believe she could be in danger.” The woman hesitated. “At least at risk.” She added.

Casey was watching the woman’s face but was aware that the PA had walked up to the seat where her employer sat and was now standing behind her again. She had placed her hands on the back of the small sofa. “I have done some research.” Casey offered. “I am aware that your family is quite wealthy and may very well attract, shall we said, a criminal element.” Casey waited. “Mrs. Sanderson, I run a very small office and I am not sure if I am the right fit for your needs.” Casey sensed that Mrs. Sanderson was not used to being told what she needed.

“I am aware of your business.” She said. “I have done some research my self.” Your size along with your training and history is exactly what makes you a good candidate.”

“My history?” Casey asked.

“I have a report her that says you severely injured an associate while at your last job.” Mrs. Sanderson said.

‘It wasn’t that severe.” Casey offered.

The woman raised up her hands palms out. “Oh, don’t get me started.” Said Mrs. Sanderson. “If you had killed the bastard it would have made no difference with me.”

“Yes, well unfortunately, if I had of killed the bastard I would not be here to help you now.” Casey offered. “But I’m still not sure what you want me to do.” The PA smiled at Casey’s bluntness toward her boss.

“I want you to protect her.” She said. “I want you to be there to protect her when ever she leaves this house, until she returns.” The woman was leaning forward placing emphasis on her words. “I want you to be with her at concerts, shopping malls and restraints. I want you right next to her in the gym and while she’s jogging or walking down the red carpet at one event or another, which she loves to do so much.” Mrs. Sanderson looked directly at Casey. “Keep my daughter safe.”

“Mrs. Sanderson, I would have to drop every other client I have to do this.” Casey said.

“If your negotiating for a better deal financially I won’t work. I never negotiate.” She said. “And besides, your last client was more that a month ago and they have yet to pay you.” She looked at Casey. The job pays two thousand a week and I won’t listen to complaints about long hours.” She leaned and looked out of the window presumably at her car. “Chloe has a limousine available to her whenever she leaves home. It will be available to you also. Any expenses you incur will be reimbursed so please keep your receipts.”

“I refuse to go in the bathroom stall.” Casey said.

The young PA could not stop her laughter even with her hand covering her mouth. Mrs. Sanderson stood and the PA hurried to the door. “I will assume we have an agreement.” She said. “Can you start Monday?”

“Yes.” Casey said. “But I would like to meet Chloe first.”

“Ellen here will e-mail you her schedule for the remainder of this month this afternoon. You will get each month’s schedule a week in advance and updates every Monday morning. She will give you any necessary telephone numbers and get her a credit card issued, Have then overnight it.” She had changed her focus form Casey to Ellen with out Casey noticing it. “Come out tomorrow at one. You can have lunch, while Chloe, I’m sure, will still be having breakfast.”

She left the room and disappeared down the hall. “Did you get all of that?” Casey asked Ellen still standing at the doorway. “You didn’t take a single note.”

“Mrs. Sanderson doesn’t allow notepads. She says that most things written down will cause problems in the future.”

“Ah, A trick I never learned.” Casey said.

“Just give me your e-mail, I already have most everything else already. Any thing else, I’m sure we can deal with tomorrow at lunch.” Ellen was all business.

When Casey left the louse and got into her car she just sat for a few minutes absorbing all she had heard. She decided this was going to be either the best or worst decision she had ever made but in the end she just could not pass up the opportunity. She started her car and pulled around the circle heading for the street. Movement in the rearview mirror caused her to slow. Mrs. Sanderson was walking down a stone path along side of the house headed toward a secluded side garden. She had her assistant’s hand in hers.

Ellen sent the e-mail regarding Chloe’s schedule with a detailed emphasis reminding her of the need for security of that information. She also sent along the telephone number of the limousine driver, Jason and urged her to begin using it tomorrow in order that both she and Jason get comfortable with driving times to her apartment. “Shit, they don’t want my car in their driveway.” Casey thought a few seconds. “Oh well, who would.”

Sunday around nine A.M. she called Jason who was very polite with a strong British accent. She gave him her address and asked to be picked up at twelve fifteen. Her drive home yesterday took forty minutes. Jason assured her he would be there.

Casey decided she would test any unspoken dress codes the first day and in fact her salary didn’t actually start until Monday. She pulled on a pair of tight leg jeans and a black tee. Assuming she would not be leaving the house with Chloe she put on black sneakers. It was a cool spring day so she wore a denim jacket and dropped her thirty-eight into a specially made inside pocket. When she stepped outside a long black limo was parked at the curb. A man she assumed was Jason stood at the rear door. He opened it as she approached, greeted her by name and closed it after she sat down.

There was no conversation between them during the forty-minute drive and when the limo came to a stop and Casey reached for the door handle Jason said. “Please let me get the door Ms.” Jason walked around and opened the door. “There is a driver’s lounge over the garage. Just call when you are ready you leave.”

“Thank you Jason.” Casey said and turned toward the house. The door opened before she could play with the brass knocker once again. The smiling face of Ellen greeted her.

“Right on time.” Ellen said. “Come it. It’s such a wonderful day Mrs. Sanderson asked that lunch be served on the rear patio.” Ellen led Casey through the house. Once again Ellen wore a skirt that ended about three inches above her knee, matching jacket and white blouse. They exited a set of French doors onto a very large slate patio. A three-foot high hedge bordered it and planters of flowers were all about. A round glass top table with four cushioned chairs set in the center. “Please have a seat and I’ll tell Mrs. Sanderson you are here.

When Ellen returned, sat in a chair next to Casey but before a conversation could start Erin Sanderson stepped onto the patio wearing jeans and a tee shirt. Casey was quite surprised. “Good afternoon Mrs. Sanderson.” Casey offered.

“Casey, nice to see you.” She sat next to Ellen and across from Casey. “Lets settle this Mrs. Sanderson thing right now. Call me Erin, please.”

“Fine.” Casey said. A figure appeared in the doorway. “Casey looked to see a young Chloe of around eighteen. She was standing there in a yellow button front cotton pajama top that ended at her navel. It was decorated with multi-colored unicorns. She wore matching boxer bottoms. Her hair was a short dishwater blonde and looked mussed but it looked comfortable on her as if that was the way she wore it all of the time. She grinned and stepped gingerly toward the table. She was barefooted. When she sat down next to Casey she folded one foot under and let the other one swing back and forth.

She was maybe five feet tall and no more that a hundred pounds. She had a brilliant smile that must have cost twenty grand. Her lags were tanned and athletic. She had no visible breasts that Casey could see.

A maid in a white uniform brought out drinks followed by salads except Chloe was delivered a bowl of fruit. When they brought out the main course of baked halibut with rice, Chloe was served a bowl of hot oatmeal. A side tray held chopped nuts, maple syrup and blue berries. Chloe ate everything and made no notice that her diet was far different than her mother’s.

Chloe made several attempts to start a conversation with the young girl but she would seldom return more than a nod. Casey decided she would come out of her shell when she was ready and moved her conversation to Erin and Ellen. “My god.” She thought. She just realized their names were so similar.

After lunch was over Chloe announced. “I’m going for a run.” She looked at Casey. “You want to go?”

“Chloe, Casey doesn’t actually start until tomorrow.” Erin said.

“No problem.” Casey said. “If it’s okay with you of course. I’ll run with her today.”

“Fine with me.” Erin said.”

Chloe got up. “Good, I’ll go change.” And went into the house.

“You do run?” Erin asked. Casey stuck out one of her sneakers.

“Always ready.” Casey said.

“She will try to test you.” Erin said.

Casey stood up. “Many have tried.” She took off her jacket and removed her gun and shoved it down the back of her jeans and pulled her top over it as best she could. She had no idea how Erin would react.

Erin patted Ellen’s bare knee and said. “I knew she was the perfect choice. Change her starting date.”

Casey was in front of the house bending knees and starching leg muscles when Chloe came out. Chloe was wearing black spandex shorts and a matching sports bra. Casey observed that a remarkable change had occurred in her client from a spoiled little girl eating at lunch in her pajamas to a developing young beauty. “You lead.” Casey instructed.

Chloe jogged off down the drive and, reaching the twin stone entrance columns, she turned right into the ultra-private residential development. Casey had no trouble keeping up with Chloe and she was enjoying the view of Chloe’s tight little rear bouncing inside of the spandex shorts. Casey had been very careful to keep her sexual interests private since moving to LA. In five years here she had only one affair, a girl who worked at the corner grocery store. It was the type of store that was rapidly disappearing. It sold quality foods at high prices but with personal service as their focus. The girl made home deliveries of grocery orders.

Casey remembered the first time the girl accepted her offer of a glass of lemonade on an especially hot day. As she sat at Casey’s kitchen table Casey could see her sweaty tee cling to her small breasts. The girl’s fingers pulled the wet fabric from her skin and said. “This is awful.”

Casey suggested she take it off so she could toss it in the dryer. Without a hint of modesty the girl peeled the tee off and handed it to Casey.

Casey was starting to revisit that afternoon when Chloe hesitated and then turned from the walk and onto a mulched trail leading into the woods. Casey was snapped back to reality. Chloe picked up speed and Casey matched her as the trail became shaded and quite with the sound of their running and their breathing all that she could hear.

They ran on the wooded trail for ten minutes before it emerged into an adjacent development. Back on concrete Chloe slowed slightly once again. Casey figured the harder pavement was stressing her calves or possibly the heels of her feet.

They had been at it for a good half hour and covered maybe four miles when Chloe pulled up and put her hands on her waist and was breathing hard. “Your pretty good.” She said looking at Casey.

“Have to be.” Casey explained. The girl nodded.

“So what would you do if a car stopped and some men tried to kidnap me?” Chloe asked.

Casey was breathing hard too. “Ask then for a ride home.” Casey said.

Chloe laughed. “How about we walk the rest of the way. It’s only about another half mile.”

Casey stood and nodded. “Fine with me.”

“Really, what would you do?” Chloe asked again.

“Shoot them.” Casey said.

The rest of the way home they talked mostly about Chloe’s upcoming schedule especially tomorrow night’s concert at the Arena to see a metal group named ‘Corroded Dreams’.

“I have a private box.” She said as if it was a normal way of going to concerts and no big deal. I have three friends meeting me there.”

Casey thought. “A private box could be the best of all possibilities. A lot easier to control than floor seats.”

As they turned into the drive Chloe walked closer to Casey and then slipped her arm around her waist. “You would really shoot them?”

“In a heartbeat.” Casey said. She let the girl walk with her arm around her until they neared the house where she gently pushed the girl’s arm away.

Casey called Jason informing him that she was ready to leave. “I’ll see you tomorrow at eight. We’ll have an hour to get to the arena before the concert at nine.”

“I want to go shopping.” Chloe said.

“Thanks for the notice. When and where?” Casey asked.

“I want to go tomorrow around noon. There is a shop on Pondella Road. They have really cool stuff.” Chloe said.

“Cool stuff.” Casey repeated. “Should go nicely with heavy metal.”

“That’s’ what I thought.” Chloe said.

Jason pulled into the circle drive as Casey said. “Fine. I’ll be here at eleven thirty.”

When Chloe climbed into the limo on Monday morning she in a black tee, black jeans and black combat boots that were untied with the laces dragging. Casey looked down as the limo pulled onto the street. “That’s a safety hazard.”

“But they’re much cooler this way.” Chloe argued.

Casey removed a small pin knife from her pocket and opened a blade. “Will they look cool cut off at the boot tops?” Chloe stuffed them into the tops of her black socks.

Casey folded the knife and put it away. “You didn’t have to threaten me.” Chloe said.

“No. I didn’t.” Casey said. “Look, I’ll do my very best not to interfere with your life. But when I tell you something it is because it affects my doing my job. I won’t prevent you from doing what ever you want as long as your safety is not at risk.”

“Yea. We’ll see.” Said Chloe.

The clothing shop defiantly catered to young girls. What wasn’t black and skimpy was black and baggy or black leather with chains. A store clerk came running up to Chloe and hugged her. “Where the fuck have you been?” She asked Chloe. “I haven’t seen you in weeks.” Chloe just shrugged.

“So what do you have that’s new?” Chloe asked.

“Great things.” The sales girl said. “I’ll show you.

“I’m going to the Corroded Dreams concert tonight. Just grab some things that would look good. I’ll meet you back there,” pointing toward the dressing rooms.

When the sales girl moved off, Chloe walked into a seating area in front of the dressing rooms. Casey scanned the surroundings; it seemed safe enough. Chloe sat on a sofa listening to headphones has had removed from a purse hanging from her shoulder.

The sales clerk returned and Chloe stood up and started sorting through a half dozen outfits the girl held. Chloe was shaking her head no until she came across one that peeked her interest. “Just this one.” She said and walked into the end dressing room. Casey moved to that end of the room and sat down on a cushioned armchair.

The sales girl set down everything except the outfit Chloe selected and followed her in. The sales girl closed the door and Chloe turned and opened it again. Chloe looked out at Casey and then closed it just enough that she could only be seen by Casey.

“Well that’s helpful.” Casey thought. Chloe said something to the salesgirl and the girl looked out at Casey and nodded. Chloe pulled her tee over her head and stood there. The girl then, to Casey’s surprise, knelt in front of Chloe and pulled her boots off. She then unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper. Chloe wiggled her butt and the girl urged the jeans over her hips and down. Chloe sat down on a padded bench. The girl pulled the jeans off of her feet. “A full service clothing store.” Casey thought.

What happened next took Casey by complete surprise. The sales girl slipped her fingertips into the top of Chloe’s panties and pulled them down and Chloe was raising her hips to assist her. Once nude from the waist down, Chloe leaned back against the wall. She pulled both legs up onto the bench seat holding them by the ankles. Her legs were wide apart. The girl lowered her mouth to Chloe’s sex as Chloe looked at Casey then reached for the door and pushed it closed.

Casey sat wondering what her proper reaction should have been. It had been fifteen minutes when the door opened and the salesgirl emerged. She was wiping her face when she passed Casey without looking at her. She went directly to another sales girl who was much taller and skinny to the point of looking anemic. She was in a yellow dress that ended high on her thigh. She wore platform shoes making her look even taller. She had long blonde hair reaching to her waist. She was even more beautiful than the salesgirl who had just been with Chloe. The tall blonde nodded and stopped what she was doing and walked to Chloe’s dressing room. Chloe’s face showed beads of sweat as her hand stopped the door from closing all of the way. Casey once again watched a young girl kneel in front of Chloe and lower her mouth onto her. Chloe shut the door again.

Another fifteen minutes and the door reopened. Chloe’s head was lying to the side and she was breathing in rapid short breaths. The tall girl came out and closed the door. She disappeared into the main retail area. A couple of minutes later she returned leading a third girl by the hand. This one was short and thin but quite cute. The tall girl opened the dressing room door and led the new girl inside. For a third time a blurry eyed Chloe held the door ajar.

The tall girl was standing behind the short girl as she spoke. The short girl shook her head. The tall girl spoke again. Then she put her hands on the short girl’s shoulders and guided her onto her knees. Chloe’s grin disappeared as the girl’s lips touched her. The door swung closed. During the next fifteen minutes Casey heard the words fuck and Jesus and oh God filter under the door and at one time she seen the door rattle. She rightly assumed that Chloe’s foot had jerked uncontrollably and hit the wall during an extended climax. Casey shook her head. “This girl is insatiable.” She thought,

The two girls were long gone when Chloe walked out fully clothed and looking no worse for the wear except that her tee was on inside out. “Go fix you fucking top.” Casey said. Chloe looked down and giggled and went back in the dressing room.

Chloe carried her packages. She had handed them to Casey but Casey informed her that she wasn’t a servant and furthermore she needed to keep her hands free.

When they were in the limo, Casey tried hard tried hard to hold her temper and sat quiet. Chloe let her hand slide across the seat until it touched Casey’s hand. She looped her fingers over Casey’s Casey turned and looked ant her. “Why did you do that?”

“It’s what I always do when I go there. That’s why I go. Their clothes are for shit.” Chloe said.

“No.” Casey said. “Why did you need to do it in front of me?”

“You don’t approve.” Chloe said.

“I don’t give a fuck.” Casey said. “You can fuck salesgirls until your unable to walk. What I don’t like is surprises.”

Chloe nodded. “Okay.” She said. “Did you think it was hot?” She added.

Casey sat there for some time. She saw Jason paying close attention to the back seat conversation. She said. “Please excuse us Jason.” Jason nodded and to her surprise, a privacy window rose from the seatback between them and the driver. “That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Why would you get in the car knowing there was a privacy window and say such things without using it?” Casey knew she had to calm down and regain control of the situation.

“Sorry.” Chloe said.

Casey looked at her. “You ever fucking do that again without my knowing it and I swear.” After a long pause, Casey laughed. “I swear I will let those kidnappers take you without firing a shot.” They both laughed.

“Did you think it was hot?” Chloe asked.”

Casey looked at her. “You think I’m a rock, a lump of coal?” She asked. “Of course it was hot.” Casey sat for a while and then said. “Jesus you must think I’m a perverted bitch.”

Chloe took hold of Casey’s fingers again. “Don’t let anyone take me Casey, please.”

“I won’t.” She said and kept hold of her hand until they entered the Sanderson driveway.

When Chloe had disappeared inside, Casey walked to the driver side window and Jason lowered it. Jason spoke first. “I do my job the best I can, Ms. Wright. I want no part of yours. It looks like it’s going to be hard enough without me interfering.” Casey nodded.

“Did I tell you I named my Limo The Las Vegas Strip?” He asked her.

“No.” She said.

“Yea.” He said. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” And he pulled away,

At seven thirty Jason was waiting in front of Casey’s apartment with the limo door open. She smiled at Jason and said. “Thanks again.” Casey was standing at the foot of the stairs when Chloe came down. She was wearing a very short black dress with a slit up the left leg. She wore black ankle high boots and from her angle Casey could see that the top of her white hose were thigh-highs not panty hose.

Casey was in her standard slacks, blouse and jacket. She had her private security license on a strap around her neck. She had first called and then went directly to the police precinct nearest to the arena to get clearance to carry her gun. It was of course denied until she presented them with a copy of two letters, one from billionaire businessman Robert Ames Sanderson, the other from LA Mayor William Culberson. A single phone call later and she was issued a limited use permit and instructions on how to maneuver through the security at the concert.

Jason had dropped them at the red carpet entrance and Casey got her first experience of being treated like a celebrity. Casey stayed close to Chloe as they made their way to the upper level and the private box. When Casey opened the boor the three girls were already there and as excited and giddy as young schoolgirls should be. Casey scanned the room and then stood aside and let Chloe enter. The girls grabbed seats and talked and laughed and jumped up every time a stagehand walked across the stage thinking the band was coming out.

It was only then that Casey realized that these three girls were not from the same level of privilege as Chloe; not even close. As the three girls jumped and shouted and giggled, Chloe only sat and waited for the band to arrive.

After she locked and rechecked the door, Casey found a seat at the back of the room to wait out what she expected to be two hours of overpowering electronic amplification.

When the music did start it was even louder than she expected. The girls stood against the railing and screamed and bounced. At the end of the first set the band took a fifteen-minute break. It was not long before Casey saw Chloe put her arm around one of the girls and spoke into her ear. They both stood up and walked back to where Casey sat. Chloe leaned down so her mouth was right next to Casey’s ear.

“This is Annie.” Chloe said. “She and I are going over there.” Chloe pointed to the corner to Casey’s right. “Do you want details?” She added.

Casey shook her head to indicate no. Chloe added. “I don’t have a door to close. So you can watch if you want.”

Chloe led Annie over near the wall. She arranged a chair facing Casey and two others on either side and facing that one. Chloe turned her back to Annie and Annie unzipped her dress. It fell onto the floor. Chloe turned back to the girl. She was not wearing a bra. She pulled her own bikini panties off to reveal a freshly shaved pubic mound. Chloe brought her hands to the girl’s head and pulled her mouth to her own and they kissed lovingly but Chloe’s eyes were on Casey and Casey was watching.

Chloe sat down on the center chair and placed a foot on each of the other two. Chloe held out both hands and drew her fingers back and forth summoning the young Annie to her. Annie knelt down and lowered her head to Chloe and kissed her gently on her clit. Chloe widened her legs and brought a hand to the back of Annie’s head. Chloe guided her and instructed her. Casey could see Chloe’s lips move but could not hear what was being said. Annie worked her magic on Chloe and Chloe then placed her hands on each side of the chair so she could raise ass to meet Annie’s tongue

Casey saw movement in the corner of her eye and the other two girls were standing close and watching. Casey looked at a tall blonde in a very tight and very short white dress. The girl was unzipping the skirt of the shorter girl standing in front of her. She slid the girls skirt off and pulled her tee over her head and then unhooked her bra.

Casey looked back to Chloe who was humping her pussy onto Annie’s mouth. She said something else to the girl and the girl was nodding with out missing a lick on Chloe’s pussy. It was then that Chloe Experienced an amazing orgasm causing her to freeze in mid air with Annie’s mouth mauling her sex. Chloe could now be heard grunting and moaning over the crowd below; the music started again.

When Chloe had finally calmed and settled back on the chair, Annie stood up and came and took the now naked short girl over to where Chloe Sat. Chloe said something and the short girl lay down on the floor and onto her back. Chloe stood and lowered herself so she was straddling the girl’s face and facing her feet. Casey could tell buy Chloe’s actions that the girl under her had went right to work on her sloppy little pussy. Chloe lay her head down sideways on the girl’s tummy and ran her hand over the girl’s bare pussy. Annie knelt behind Chloe and lowered her mouth to Chloe’s ass kissing her all across her tight round cheeks and down into her crack. She repeatedly drug her tongue from Chloe’s back down her ass crack and over her anus until her lips met those of the short girl who was still actively working on Chloe from underneath.

Casey watched as Chloe was in heaven being worked by both young girls. When Casey looked up the tall blonde had undressed and stood there with two fingers of her right hand in her vagina apparently waiting her turn to serve the billionaire daughter. The blonde looked at Casey. “Would you like for me to do you?” She asked.

“I’m working.” Casey said.

“So am I.” The blonde replied.

“Really?” Casey said.

“Well.” The blonde said. “If we want to get invited to these cool concerts and stuff.” She shrugged. “You understand.”

Casey shrugged. The blonde came over end took Casey’s hand. Casey stood and said. “How about I treat you for a change?” The blonde looked very surprised. Never in all of the time she had been going to events with Chloe had anyone had an orgasm besides Ms. Chloe. Casey said. “It will be a new experience.” She leaned the girl against the wall and kissed her. “Do you have regular sex with other girls?” The girl nodded.

Casey looked around and then led her to the railing. “Put your arms on the railing and watch the concert.” The girl leaned over crossing her arms on top of the rail and placing her chin on her arms. Casey knelt behind her. It had been too long since she had made a beautiful young girl cum and she was more that eager. She took one more look behind her. Chloe was rolling her head from side to side; both girls were doing all they could to make Chloe cum for what must have been her fifth time today.

Casey focused on the girl in front of her. She spread the girl’s labia with her fingers and placed her lips on the opening of her vagina and kissed her softly and then used her tongue to lick her until the little ass in front of her was working up and down.

Casey kissed her anus and licked from asshole to clit, pausing when she reached her vagina to push in her tongue and work it rapidly inside of her sex. The blonde was moaning and grunting onto Casey’s mouth. Casey tasted the unmistakable flavor of a sweet pussy about to explode. The blonde leaned back against her mouth and reached a hand back to find Casey’s head. Casey locked her lips to the blonde’s clit and sucked it as she rolled her ass and rode a wonderful eruption. Casey never let her go until she was sure the girl had experienced all of the pleasure possible.

Casey stood and drew the girl up to her kissing her passionately on her mouth. When Casey looked over to Chloe, Chloe had rolled onto her back looking exhausted. The two girls had stood up and were getting dressed. Casey turned to the blonde. Go make my girl happy will you?” The blonde nodded.

The tall blonde picked up her purse and walked to Chloe. She pulled out a black elastic harness and stepped into it one leg at a time. She snapped it together at her waist and pulled two straps drawing it tight. She then removed a big brown dildo and snapped it onto the front of the harness. A tube of lube was last and she squeezed a liberal amount along the shaft and spread it out with her fingers. She knelt between Chloe’s legs and just like she knew what to expect, little Chloe raised her legs wrapping then around the blondes waist. Her arms hugged the girl’s neck and she eased the thick rubber head into her vagina.

Chloe moaned. The blonde pushed and gave Chloe another three inches of dick. She pulled out and pushed again and she sent six inches into her and Chloe grunted and then moaned into the blondes neck.

“Oh yes,” Chloe said. “You always make me feel so good. Give it to me, please.” The blonde pulled out until the head of the invader rested just inside her vaginal canal. Chloe sucked air in expectation of what was to come. The blond shoved and sent the full nine-inch length into her little lover. Chloe cried out and raised her hips and the girl pulled out of her. When she entered Chloe this time she smashed her onto the floor and Chloe gasped for air.

The blonde started and steady rhythm pulling out the cock to it’s fat head and shoving it all the way into Chloe until the buckle of the harness would slap against her abdomen. As she fucked Chloe she continued to increase her tempo.

Casey had set down on a chair very close to the two girls and watched in amazement. Chloe was truly insatiable when it came to being serviced by girls. But not once had she made any effort or felt any need to return the pleasure. Chloe was fucking herself onto the blonde and grunting with every rapid stroke as it sank into her. When she finally came, the blonde never missed a beat and continued fucking Chloe until her head had stopped rolling side to side and her ass dropped back on the floor. Next, her legs lost their grip and fell to the floor. Finally Chloe’s arms released the blonde’s neck and landed above her head.

The blond pulled out of her and set back on he knees. She unhooked the harness and stood; it dropped to the floor and she picked it up and stashed it in her purse. She picked up her panties and was stepping into them when she looked at Casey. “If you would ever want to trade experiences with that little toy I would be happy to spend the night at your house some time.”

Casey nodded at the girl as she pulled on her dress and straightened herself. She found her shoes and slipped then on. “Maybe a whole weekend.” She said as she tried to open the door. Casey reached over and unlocked it. As she walked out she looked at the two girls following her. “You two would both come along wouldn’t you?”

The two girls both nodded enthusiastically.

Carey had to dress her charge with very little assistance. Chloe could do little more than try to tell Casey how much she loved her friends and that next time she was going to share them with her and wasn’t the tall blonde one amazing, what ever her name was.

Casey waited until the area was mostly empty before she called Jason. When she was as ready as she was going to get, Casey led Chloe out and into the fresh night air. There were a few people mulling about when Jason opened the rear limo door and Casey guided Chloe toward it. It was then that a bright light flashed in front of Casey. She reached under her arm and jerked out her gun, pointing it in that direction. A photographer was so startled he dropped his camera. Casey shoved Chloe into the car, looked a Jason and said. “Get in and lock the door. Do not open it for anyone but be.” Jason slid in the passenger side door and hit the door lock button.

Casey was in front of the man in a flash. “You’re going to pay for that camera.” He said.

Casey picked it up and looked at it. “You dropped your fucking camera.” She held it and asked. “Why are you taking my picture?” She was trying to take any focus off of young Chloe and pretended she might be his likely target. The man said. “I was told to photograph everyone who looked famous.” The photographer started yelling at her and saying she would be hearing from his attorney. Casey slid her gun back in the holster and said, “I’ve got fifty of them.” and pointed to the limo. “You better hope yours is good.” Finally she handed back the camera. The lens was bent.

Casey went around and tapped on the window and Jason unlocked her door. When they were well underway Chloe said. “My dad is going to have a fit if my picture ends up in the paper again.”

Casey smiled at her. “Well we wouldn’t what daddy angry at us on just my second day now would we.” Casey held up a small blue video card.

“Oh Casey I love you.” Chloe wrapped her arms around Casey before she could defend herself. Casey brought her hands up and rubbed the length of Chloe’s back and then, without thinking, she patted Chloe on the little round ass.

Not knowing if it was necessary, Jason pushed the button on the dash and the privacy window rose.

Casey whispered in Chloe’s ear. “Now behave yourself and set down.” Chloe sat down.

Casey’s cell phone rang as she was trying to get a comb through Chloe’s hair. “Please be quiet while I take this. Casey looked at the screen ‘Erin Sanderson’. “Great.” Casey said.

“Hello, Erin.” Casey said.

“How is the concert going?’ Erin asked. ” Did she have a good time?”

Casey replied. “The concert is over and we are on the way home.” Casey hesitated and looked at Chloe. “And yes, I think the girls all had a good time.” Chloe got a big grin on her face and Casey looked at her and shook her head.

“Casey.” Erin said. “There’s been a bit of a tragedy in Robert’s family. His brother has had a stroke and we are on our way to the airport. Robert has his jet standing by.”

“What can I do to help?” Casey asked.

“I need you to stay at the house while we’re away. I know our regular help and Ellen will be there as well but the help are not paid to provide security and well, Ellen will run from a water bug.” Erin said.

“I will be happy to stay as long as you need to be away. Please don’t worry about anything.” Casey said.

“May I talk to Chloe please?” Erin asked. Casey passed the phone to Chloe.

As Chloe sat there and listened to her mom, Casey listened to a string of “Yes Mom’s” and “I will’s”. When Casey got her phone back the line was already disconnected.

Casey said. “Are you close to your uncle?”

Chloe looked at her. “Not nearly as close as he would like me to be.” Casey let it drop.

“Well, young lady, I am going to be in charge for the next few days and I can tell you right now that things are going to change.” Casey looked at her. She could not hold her stern look and started laughing. They both started laughing. Casey pulled the girl to her and Chloe placed her head on Casey’s chest. After a minute Casey put her fingers under Chloe’s chin and lifted it up. She saw a beautiful young girl desperately looking for something, anything that would make her feel wanted.

Chloe was asleep with her head in Casey’s lap when they arrived at the Sanderson mansion.

Casey woke Chloe and helped her into the house. Ellen met them at the front door. Casey looked at Ellen. “Jesus, do you live her?”

Ellen smiled. “I’m not far and Erin called me about an hour ago and asked me to come over. Are you staying also? Erin said you might be.”

“Yes.” Said Casey. “But right now I need to get this girl into bed.” The two managed to get Chloe up stairs and into bed. “Can you get her undressed? I’ll get a washcloth and a towel. When Casey came out of the bathroom Ellen had her undressed down to her panties. “I’ll do this if you could find her something to wear.”

“As far as I know she sleeps in her underwear.” Ellen said.

“But she had on pajamas at breakfast yesterday.”

Ellen shrugged her shoulders. “A weird little girl.” She said. “She puts on pajamas when she gets up because her mom was tired of her coming down stairs in just her panties.”

“Weird does not just fit the daughter.” Casey said. “You go ahead then and I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

Ellen left and Casey looked at the sleeping girl. “I know you would rather not be bothered but you will thank me in the morning.” She whispered. Casey pulled her panties down and over her hips and down her legs. When they were off she could smell the girl’s sex. It was pungent. She moved her legs apart and placed the warm washcloth over her mound. Casey used her hand to wipe Chloe’s stomach and the inside of her legs and between them, cleaning her up enough for sleep. She used the towel to dry her. After pulling on a fresh pair of panties she covered Chloe and left the room turning out the light.

Casey went to her own room and got undressed; she was exhausted. She found a drawer in which to hide her gun. She was planning on a hot shower and off to sleep but when she spied the big claw foot tub she changed her mind. She ran herself a hot bath and added some bubbles and climbed in, lowering down so only her face was above water. She closed her eyes. At some point Casey heard the water running and felt the welcome addition of hot mixing with the cold water she was now laying in. She had fallen to sleep. Ellen was setting on the edge of the tub wiping a cloth to the side of her face. “How long have I been asleep?”

“It’s after two. When did you get in here? The water is ice cold.” Ellen said.

“God.” Casey said. “I’ve been here over an hour. Help me up.”

Ellen helped her stand and then step out of the tub. She retrieved a towel and wrapped it around Casey. “I couldn’t sleep and I saw your light on. You didn’t answer when I knocked on your door. I was worried. I was afraid not to check on you”

Casey put a finger to Ellen’s lips then her hands to Ellen’s face and drew their lips together and she kissed her. “All information I don’t need tonight.” She said. “Get me to bed.

Casey flopped on the bed still wrapped in the wet towel. She pulled at it and eventually tugged it free and tossed it to the floor. She looked at Ellen through half opened eyes. She was wearing a cropped tee and panties. The evening’s activities came rushing back into her and she felt that stirring in her stomach she always longed for. “You couldn’t sleep?”

Ellen shook her head.

Casey pointed to the doorway. “Close my door and turn out my light.” She said and Ellen turned to leave. “And then come here.” She added.

When Ellen crawled onto the bed next to her, she had already removed her clothes; they lay beside each other completely nude.

“So, I’m assuming one of your many duties around here is pleasuring your boss.” Casey said.

Ellen laughed. “That would be true. How did you know?”

“Oh, I could see it in both your eyes, trust me.” Casey said.

“Then you won’t mind if I.” Ellen didn’t finish her sentence. She kissed Casey on the mouth for a long while. When she stopped she moved her attention to Casey’s right breast and then her left, switching from one nipple to the other every few kisses. When Casey’s nipples were swollen and standing erect she continued her voyage. Kissing up and down Casey’s ribs and over her abdomen. As she did, Ellen’s right hand searched out Casey’s vagina and she rubbed her fingers over it and when Casey was quite wet she inserted two fingers deep inside her.

Ellen kissed her mound and as she maneuvered herself between Casey’s legs, she took her clit into her mouth and used her tongue to flick the tip if it causing Casey to moan and work her hips slowly up and down. Ellen lowered her lips to the folds of her lover’s labia and her tongue spread them open. Ellen’s tongue went low until she could taste Casey’s anal opening and then she pulled it up between her folds and into her vaginal tunnel, then, she would move that tongue higher till she found her clit once again. Casey was writhing on the bed as Ellen showed her all the things her employer had so patiently taught her.

Casey felt for Ellen’s head and ran the fingers of both hands through it. She made fists with Ellen’s hair entwined within them. She pulled the girl’s head against her sex and humped her hips onto her lips. Ellen forced her tongue out as far s she could for Casey to enjoy.

Ellen could hear Casey grunting and felt her tug at her hair. Casey’s ass rose off of the bed and she froze as her juices flooded Ellen’s mouth and ran down her chin.

“Holy shit.” Casey said. “That was truly amazing. And God knows I was needing it.” She patted Ellen on top of her head. Casey dropped her legs to the bed. She felt Ellen kiss her wet sex as she closed her eyes.

When Casey opened her eyes nine hours later Ellen was sound asleep with her head still on Casey’s stomach.

Casey rubbed her hand over Ellen’s head, drawing her out of her morning slumber. Ellen raised her head so she could see Casey’s face. She realized where she was. She smiled at Casey and said. “Sorry.”

“And you have a lot to be sorry for.” Casey said. “Race you to the showers.

“The two girls had just gotten the spray hot and were taking turns getting under it and warming up. Casey was the first to see Chloe standing in the bathroom door watching them. She looked so young and so innocent even though Casey knew she was far from it. She stood there looking like she had lost her best friend. Casey slid the shower door open and whispered to Ellen. “Do you mind?”

Ellen responded. “The more the merrier.” Casey held out her hand and Chloe pulled her tee off and slid down her panties and joined them under the hot spray.

Chloe kissed Casey as soon as she was in the shower and close to her. “Casey took her head in her hands. “We are in here or wash all of that stuff off, not put more on young lady.” But then Casey kissed her back. “Turn around and stand still. Chloe obeyed. Casey soaped a washcloth worked it over her back. She raised her arms and soaped them good. Ellen was busy washing her chest and paying attention to her breasts. Casey knelt and washed the girl’s lean legs, lifting each to include her foot in the bathing. Casey watched and Ellen’s soapy fingers appeared between Chloe’s legs. Casey’s washcloth took good care of her little round butt cheeks.

When Chloe was squeaky clean they rinsed her with a hand held showerhead. During the hour-long shower they managed to team up to get each other ready for the day. Standing in the bathroom they dried and rubbed each other and toweled heads and between legs.

When they were finished the other two were instructed to go to their rooms to find tees and panties. Ellen spoke first, Erin doesn’t like for Chloe to go downstairs dressed that way.

Casey said. “Two things girls. First, Erin is not here. Second, Casey is in charge.” They both disappeared. Casey was sure, to find the sexist, most revealing outfits they had.

Casey was setting at the table on the back patio sipping fresh squeezed orange juice when Ellen emerged, She was in a very conservative loose fitting tee that was long enough to reach mid thigh and covering her panties. She started to set in the chair next to Casey when Casey slipped and hand under the tee and raised it up to her hips. Ellen was wearing men’s style tightie-whiteys. Casey just smiled.

“Hey, I happen to like them.” Ellen said.

“Never said a word.” Casey offered.

The maid had taken breakfast orders and had returned to set plates in front of each of them. Chloe spoke to the maid at the doorway as she came out on the patio. She sat in the chair at Casey’s other side. Chloe was dressed in a black, cropped tee ending at her navel and tiny red bikini panties.

Casey had put on a sleeveless v-neck top ending just at her panty tops and white briefs covered with tiny pink roses.

When the maid returned she set a large omelet and hash browns in front of Chloe. “Well, a major diet change.” Casey said.

Chloe snickered. “You thing that crap was my idea?”

It took Casey and Ellen by complete surprise.

“That oatmeal and fruit crap is all my dad.” Chloe said. “You putting on weight? You aren’t exercising enough? Your ass looks fat.” Chloe threw her fork across the patio. She had a tear in the corner of her eye. “Fuck.” Chloe said and Casey was starting to see the source of the girl’s rebellion.

Casey stood and went to the kitchen and asked for another fork. She returned and stood beside Chloe and leaned down, Casey kissed the girl on her cheek very softly. She put the fork next to Chloe’s plate. She said, “Eat your breakfast please.” Chloe just sat there. Casey whispered. “I thing you have a fantastic ass.”

Chloe giggled and pick up her fork and attacked the eggs and potatoes. Ellen smiled.

When the two-hour breakfast finally ended they changed once again at Chloe’s suggestion of a swim in the indoor heated pool. After a few laps they found recliners and stretched out in patches of sunshine flooding through huge skylights.

The girls spent the day lounging by the pool. They had lunch delivered there and later, chocolate Sundays, but promised that they would all forgo a dinnertime meal. The sun had passed over the skylights and the pool area was growing dark. Casey looked at Chloe. She seemed to be somewhere else and her fingers were tracing along the hem of her bikini bottoms. “What are you thinking about?” She asked Chloe.

Chloe giggled. “What else.”

“Sex?” Casey asked

Chloe looked at Casey and smiled. “I can’t seem to help it.” Chloe said. “And honestly, I really don’t want to.”

Casey stood up and took her had. “Come with me. Let’s go scratch that itch, shall we.” Chloe wrapped an arm around her and they walked toward the door that leads to the main house. Casey called out. “Ellen?”

“Yes?” Ellen replied.

“Thirty minutes. Be there.” Casey instructed.

“Yes sir.” She replied.

Casey led the girl to Chloe’s room. She took her into her arms and hugged her. “Your father is a pig. Don’t you ever let someone talk to you like that again, ever. And don’t you ever believe them.” Casey said.

Casey crawled onto the bed and untied her top and tossed it. She wiggled out of the bottom of her swimsuit and lay nude on the young girl’s bed. “I would very much like to fuck you.” Chloe came out of her suit in record time and scrambled up next to Casey.

Chloe settled in, with some instruction from Casey, lying on top of her. Her knees were drawn up to her sides and their breasts touched and Chloe’s arms were around Casey’s neck. The kissed for a very long time, slurping and sucking and letting their tongues play together. “Scoot up.” Casey whispered and Chloe slowly worked her way forward. Casey kissed her way down Chloe’s body as Chloe moved.

Soon, Chloe was straddling Casey’s head and her hands were holding the top of the headboard. As Casey started using her mouth, Chloe began to move forward and back in rhythm to Casey’s tongue.

Casey sucked her clit as her young lover moaned and worked her hips. Casey began to flick her tongue over Chloe’s clit driving the girl wild. Chloe rolled her head backwards and pulled on the headboard. She wiggled her ass trying to get Casey’s tongue deeper inside of her vagina. Chloe sent one hand to Casey’s head and rubbed it and slid her fingers along side of her face and urged her lover to go farther. She was cumming and she cried out as the first wave hit her, Casey could taste her as her juice soaked her lips and tongue

Chloe started to rise up and down in short rapid movements, fucking herself onto Casey. Chloe grunted every time she lowered herself and her clit bumped onto Casey’s nose. She started to shudder and shake as the final eruption hit her. She laid her head on her arms folded against the wall and tried to breath.

When Ellen entered Chloe’s bedroom the two were laying quietly side-by-side and kissing gently.

“Do me again?” Chloe said.

“Later.” Casey said.

“Please, Casey.” Chloe said.

“Don’t you want to be with our friend? We invited her.” Casey said as Ellen crawled up beside them.

Chloe smiled. “Will you stay here?” She asked.

“Right her sweetie.” Casey said.

As Casey slid off of the bed she watched as Ellen rolled Chloe onto her stomach. Casey went to the bathroom. When she returned, Ellen had placed two pillows under Chloe’s belly and her ass was high in the air. Casey took a seat in a recliner at the side of the bed where she could watch all the activities.

Ellen maneuvered so she was on her stomach between the girl’s legs with her own legs bent so they would not be hanging off the bed in mid-air. Ellen had pushed Chloe’s legs wide apart. She kissed Chloe on her asshole and then licked her crack from top the bottom. Ellen concentrated on her ass cheeks, kissing and licking over them. She then went back to her tight little butt. She pressed her mouth over Chloe’s ass ring and began working her tongue in circles. She pushed each time her tongue passed over her tight ring. Chloe was starting to slowly rock on Ellen’s mouth.

When her asshole finally began to yield, Ellen’s tongue forced it’s way into her. Chloe moaned into the mattress. Ellen pulled her ass cheeks wide and her lips pressed into the deepest reached of her butt crack and her tongue began to anally fuck the young girl.

“Oh, Jesus that feels so good. Yes, please more.” Chloe pleaded. Her ass was bucking and it was all Ellen could do to hold Chloe still enough to continue her attack on that sweet butt. Ellen’s hands went to Chloe’s lower back and pressed her down onto the pillows, holding her captive.

She heard Chloe say she was cumming and she placed one hand under Chloe and her fingers found her clit. Chloe gasped and started to cum all over Ellen’s fingers. Chloe worked her butt on Ellen’s mouth as she road a wave of pleasure once again.

When it had passed Chloe just lay there and breathed deeply and was still uttering soft moans from time to time. Ellen felt a hand rub up her spine and down over her butt. Then those hands unsnapped her top and pulled her bottoms free. Those same fingers made a few passes between her legs. “Now doesn’t that feel better?” Ellen nodded.

Casey helped her up and then pulled the covers over Chloe. It was then that Chloe began to protest. “No Casey, I don’t want to stop. Please, one more time, please. The girl begged.

Casey knelt beside her on the bed. “I have one word for you.”

What?” Chloe asked.

Casey whispered. “Sky.” Chloe rolled onto her back. “Oh my God. I totally forgot?”

Casey smiled and rubbed her hand over Chloe’s tummy. “Floor seats tomorrow night.”

Sky was the latest and greatest all girl hard rocker to hit the music video scene and Chloe had been waiting for a year for their tour to stop in LA. It had taken little coercion by her father to get Chloe a front row center ticket.

“Aod will you go to sleep now?” Casey asked.

“I need a shower.” Chloe said.

“Then will you shower and go to bed?” Casey replied.

“Yes.” Chloe said. Casey kissed her face and stood and started to walk out with Ellen.

“Casey?” Casey stopped. “No one has ever cared about me like you do.” Ellen went into the hall and Casey said. “Shower.”

Chloe said. “I love you.” Casey closed the door. They walked down the hall to Casey’s room. Casey leaned against the wall. She pulled Ellen to her and kissed her. “Don’t take this the wrong way but I’m going to go pass out in my room.”

“Good night.” Ellen said.

The next day things were quiet around the Sanderson house except for Chloe going through twenty outfit changes requiring Ellen and Casey to comment and ultimately vote on each one. She covered every style from a black spandex body suit to leather pants and jacket to what was finally voted ‘most likely’ by her two judges,

Chloe finally agreed even though she had wanted to wear the leather outfit. When she came to the front door at eight, Casey was waiting, back in her conservative slacks, white blouse and jacket complete with concealed shoulder holster.

Chloe was wearing a white cotton sleeveless dress that ended about ten inches above her knees and had a collar that buttoned at her neck. She had on white stay-up hose that were an inch short of reaching her dress when she stood up straight and had a tiny pink bow at the top front of them. On her feet she had white flats.

During the drive, Casey asked Chloe, “So, is there any reason you have been so chipper the last few days?”

“You mean other that seeing Sky” Chloe giggled.

“Yes, other than that.” Casey said.

Chloe shrugged. Then she said in a soft voice. “It’s the first time I’ve been home and my dad was a thousand miles away.”

‘You want to talk about it?” Casey offered.

“Never.” Chloe said and the topic was dropped.

Jason let them out right in front of the concert hall at eight forty five. With only fifteen minutes until the music was scheduled to start, almost everyone was at their seat and ushering Chloe to the front row was not a problem. Once she was settled, Casey moved to the far side of the stage when she could observe Chloe and the crowd around her. Even as the house lights went down and Sky came on stage screaming into the microphone there was ample light to see Chloe and those around her.

Sky performed her screaming style of music for an hour before the band took a break and left the stage. While everyone in the audience waited, Casey watched a very attractive woman in her mid-thirties and wearing a conservative knee length black dress walk to the front of the stage. She slowly walked to the far side, back to the center and then to the end near Casey; she then left the stage. When Sky and her band returned, she made a point of moving very close to the front edge of the stage during her first song.

There was a pause mid way through the set when Sky walked to the side and spoke to the conservatively dressed woman. It was twenty minutes later when the woman came through a door to Casey’s left and walked past her. She made her way through screaming fans down the first row and stopped to talk to Chloe. Chloe was nodding and smiling but then Casey watched as Chloe pointed toward where she was standing. The woman looked and made her way back to Casey.

She had to lean close so they could hear each other over the roar of the crowd. “I’m Claire.” She said. “I’m Sky’s manager. She is inviting that young girl back stage after the concert but the girl said I had to talk to you. This is a bit unusual for me.”

Casey said. “I am responsible for her safety. As long as that does not become an issue.” Casey turned her hands palm up.

“Very well.” Claire said. She handed Casey two passes attached to neck straps. “After the concert, wait a few minutes and go to that door.” She pointed to the door she had just appeared through. “Someone will give you directions.” She walked way.

The remainder of the concert was no different. Casey decided Sky could have been singing the same song over and over and no one would have known or cared. It finally ended to the relief of Casey’s ears but then, of course there was the mandatory two curtain calls followed by ten minutes of waving to her fans before she finally vacated the stage for the last time.

Chloe joined the slow shuttle of feet making their way to the exit isles. When she had made it to where Casey waited, she saw the back stage passes Casey was holding and became all smiles.

Ten minutes after the last of the fans in the first few rows had left, Casey and Chloe went to the door. A knock produced a very large security guard who let them in and sent them down a long hall with instructions to turn right at the end.

As the two reached open double doo they could see Sky setting in a hairdresser’s chair drinking a beer from a long neck bottle and picking out a small blue pill from an assortment Claire was offering her from a small metal box.

‘Hey, you made it.” Sky looked at Chloe and smiled. She held out her hand and motioned for Chloe to come. When Chloe was standing next to Sky, the rocker, wrapped her arms around Chloe and pulled her close. She pressed her mouth to Chloe’s neck and kissed her. Sky whispered to her and Chloe giggled. Sky said something else and she looked at Clair then back to Sky and shrugged. One more request from Sky and Chloe nodded.

“Outrageous.” Sky yelled. “And I get to watch right?” Chloe nodded. “Hey, Claire, come over here.”

Claire, who had been standing near Casey moved to Sky and waited. “This hot little number says you can do her first. How do you feel about that?”

Claire said. “What ever you want.”

Sky stood and led Chloe over the a sofa located against the wall with a large round ottoman in front of it near the center of the room. It must have been six feet across and was covered with what must have been a furry bear hide. Sky sat down and pulled Chloe down beside her. They kissed each other while Claire moved to the far side of the ottoman and unzipped her dress. Chloe and Sky watched her. Claire slid her dress off of her shoulders and over her hips, letting it drop. Claire slowly unbuttoned her blouse and peeled it off. She was wearing thigh high hose, black lace panties and matching bra. She reached behind and unhooked the bra and tossed it away. Two thumbs in the top of her panties made then disappear down her long lean legs.

“Isn’t she fantastic?” Sky said. Chloe nodded. “Her body is not the best part. Wait till you see it.” Sky added.

Claire held out her hand and Chloe stood and moved next to her. Claire turned her so she could unbutton her dress. She pushed it down her body and onto the floor. With her small pert tits, Chloe didn’t wear or need a bra. Claire ran her hands around Chloe’s waist and let them find her crotch and massaged her pussy still inside her panties. She then rolled Chloe’s panties down her legs.

Clair turned her and lowered her onto the bear rug and pushed her onto her back. “Show her.” Said Sky. “Show her.” She looked at Casey, “Watch, I love this.”

Claire knelt down between Chloe’s legs. She leaned forward until her mouth was just above Chloe’s pussy. She looked at Chloe and Chloe was intently watching her. The tip of her tongue poked out from between her lips. She showed about an inch when the tongue bent up and swiped across her lip. Claire shoved out another inch. It was fat and thick. She shoved out another inch. It just kept growing and Chloe was imagining it inside her vagina. Her pussy was already slick with moisture.

Claire strained her cheek muscles as the full length of her amazing asset was revealed; four and a half inches of thick, fat, very flexible tongue. She sucked it back into her mouth and smiled at Chloe. She whispered. “I would like to show you how this works?” Chloe just nodded.

Claire lowered her mouth to Chloe’s cunt. She spread her labia folds with her fingers. When she shoved the entire length of her tongue onto her vagina Chloe gasped and grunted out loud. Claire pushed Chloe’s legs up and apart and started to aggressively fuck her pussy.

Chloe had never started to cum so fast. The woman’s tongue felt fantastic inside her. Not only was it reaching farther in than a girl’s tongue ever had but she was rolling it around her tunnel walls, touching every inch of her. Then Claire rolled the tip upwards and pushed directly onto her g-spot. “Holy fuck.” She cried. “Holy,….. holy,… ffff,,fuck.” She grunted. Claire was relentless as Chloe came on her amazing tongue.

Chloe collapsed onto the bear rug and just tried to breath. “Fuck that was great.” Sky said. “Do her again. Do her again.” She urged.

Claire held her tongue completely inside of Chloe and resumed her fucking and Chloe started working her ass onto her mouth. “Oh, God yes, let me cum again, please.” Chloe begged.

It was not long before Chloe was resting on the back of her shoulders and the soles of her feet with her pussy pressed onto Claire’s lips and her ass high off of the ottoman. Chloe was trying to reach for Claire’s head, grabbing for hair, something to grip. Chloe wanted to hold onto the woman and never let her go. She worked her hips up and down. She grunted and pleaded and whimpered as Claire attacked her sex. Chloe was gasping for air and her head whipped from side to side. “Oh God.” She cried. “Fucking amazing.” She gasped. She was cumming again as Claire’s tongue jabbed into her

That incredible tongue worked her until Chloe was flat on the ottoman and drenched in sweat and unmoving. When Claire finally slowed and withdrew her tongue Chloe’s labia was swollen, bright red and puffed out. Claire had to pull hard to get Chloe’s fingers out of her hair. Claire moved to Sky and kissed her passionately with the taste of Chloe on her lips. Sky stood and Claire took her seat smiling at Casey as she did.

Sky pulled down the sweat pants she had changed into after the concert. Then she peeled off a black tee. No bra and no panties left her nude in front of Chloe. Sky bent over and kissed Chloe on the tummy. “Didn’t you just love that?” She asked.

Chloe nodded. She was still trying to get back to normal breathing. “Well then, I thing I have something you are going to really enjoy.” Sky offered.

She stood and took a blue velvet bag from a table and opened it. She pulled out a leather harness and put it on, buckling it in front and pulling the straps tight. She grinned at Chloe. She took out a toy and tossed the bag to the floor. She held out a seven-inch flexible rubber tongue. It flopped up and down as she wiggled it at Chloe. The tongue was three inches wide and an inch and a half thick. Chloe moaned as Sky snapped it onto the harness.

Sky put her hands under Chloe’s ass and moved her into the center of the ottoman. She crawled between Chloe’s legs and rubbed the rubber tongue along her slit. When she pushed it into her, Chloe gasped and pulled her legs up. Sky started fucking her and Chloe crossed her legs over Sky’s back and hooked her ankles together, Sky shoved into her and Chloe fucked her back. The two rocked together as one as Sky gradually increased her tempo and Chloe moaned into her neck. She began to raise her hips to meet every thrust by her lover. When she started cumming she remained quiet. Her orgasm, as intense as it was arrived slowly and built gradually and she loved the very new sensation her rock star was showing her.

Chloe was taken four more times before Sky abruptly walked out of the room, down the hall and out a side door leading to an alley. She crawled into her limo leading Claire by the hand. They were still both nude.

Chloe was blessed with Claire’s tongue one more time and Sky had used her with both her mouth and a nine-inch strap on. Finally Claire straddled her little mouth and informed Chloe that it was time for a little pay back. It was thirty seconds after Claire had came on Chloe’s tongue that the two departed.

Casey helped her dress and they found their way to the waiting limo. Once settled inside and underway, Casey noticed the privacy window was in place. Casey put a hand on Chloe’s leg. “I am sensing you like toys as much as you like oral.” It was late and Chloe was talkative and Casey thought it might be an opportunity to get some more detailed information about Chloe.

“Maybe.” Chloe said.

“Maybe?” Casey repeated.

Chloe nodded, “As long as it really is a toy.”

“Meaning you don’t like boys, I get it. I understand.” Casey said.

“No you don’t.” Chloe said. “I’ve only been with one man.” She said.

“Fine.” Casey said. “Some times once is enough for you to know that’s not your thing.”

Chloe sat quiet for a while and then looked at Casey. “Once is enough when it’s your father.” She said. Chloe began to sob. She leaned over and placed her head on Casey’s shoulder and Casey just held her quietly.

There had been a long silence when Casey asked. “When did the bastard do this?”

Chloe sniffled. “You mean the first time?”

“Fine.” Casey said, “The first time.”

Chloe just said. “I don’t remember. I only worry about when the next time will be. They come home on Friday.”

Casey was fuming but tried not to show it in front of Chloe. The next morning Casey had a local handyman install a key lock and a dead bolt on Chloe’s bedroom door.

Casey spent two days contemplating what she was going to do to Robert Sanderson. Unfortunately every scenario resulted with his influence and power and money spoiling her idea. On Saturday Casey met Chloe in the front drive beside the limo. Chloe was all smiles as they climbed in for a day of shopping.

“So?” Casey asked.

“He, I’m sure it was him, tried my door two different times and that was it. He went away.” Chloe grinned. “He wouldn’t even speak to me this morning and I overheard him tell mom to ‘fire that bitch’. His words not mine.” Chloe was still smiling. Do you know what mom said?” Casey shook her head. “Well, my mom told him to go fuck himself for a change.”

Casey was glad that Chloe was so happy with the outcome but she knew it was only a temporary fix. He would be back, they always are.

The limo came to a stop in the middle of a major intersection. There was a huge traffic jam in front of them. A loud crash slammed the car and both girls found themselves on the floor. A black SUV had t-boned the limo into the driver side door. Jason’s head was laying forward on the steering wheel. Breaking glass caught Casey’s attention and she reached for her gun as window glass sprayed into the car. When she looked up a masked covered head was staring at her through the front passenger window. She used her free hand to force Chloe to remain on the floor of the limo.

“Drop it.” He held a nine millimeter semi-automatic and was pointing it at her. Casey hesitated and then let the gun drop. The kidnapper pushed the auto door unlock and a second man opened the rear door and grabbed Chloe’s arm. He jerked her out of the car, pulled a black bag over her head and shoved her into the rear seat of a second black SUV.

When it was over, the entire event had taken less that twenty seconds. Casey could only watch as the two SUV’s sped out of sight. Casey had sat in the detective’s interrogation room at the police station since shortly after the kidnapping at eleven twenty three A.M. It was now after midnight and she couldn’t remember how many times she had told the entire story and the details were getting blurred even to her trained mind. She was finally sent home at two but she couldn’t sleep.

Two weeks pasted without a single lead. She had been summoned to the police station almost daily to answer more questions while seldom hearing a new one.

On Friday, exactly two weeks after the kidnapping of eighteen-year-old Billionaire heiress Chloe Sanderson, private security guard, Casey Wright collapsed in a hallway at police precinct 67. She was taken to LA memorial hospital where she was admitted.

The newspaper headline said it all.

Three days later Casey, offering no response to any if the many medical examinations since she arrived, was transferred to the county mental care facility. The arrangements were made at the insistence of Casey’s attorney. His services were actually arranged and paid for by Erin Sanderson. Casey was placed into a chair in her private room where she stared out her window at a meadow of wild flowers.

Beth Davis sat in the forth row first class window seat of American Airline flight 1155 from Los Angeles bound for Zurich. There was one thing significant about the eighteen-year-old Beth. She never existed until she handed a U.S. passport to the attendant at the check-in counter just an hour earlier. The same could be said about her twenty eight year old companion setting next to her, the newly born Caroline Forester.

When their flight was finally airborne they both breathed a sigh of relief. Beth took a magazine from the seat back and placed a plain sheet of paper on top of it. With a pen she had taken from her purse she drew a square on the page. Caroline leaned close and asked. “What are you doing?”

Beth looked at her and whispered. “Did I ever tell you that I have a photographic memory?”

“No.” Caroline said. Then she added. “Will your talents never end?”

Beth giggled and started to write random numbers inside the box. Eventually it took on the shape of a ten-down, ten-across grid.

“Is this a new game?” Caroline inquired.

“Sort of.” Beth said. She folded the paper in half three times and placed it into Caroline’s hand. Then she folded her fingers over it. “Our safety net.”

“Care to explain?” Caroline asked.

Beth brought her lips to Caroline’s ear and kissed it. “U.” A kiss. “B.” A kiss. “S.” Another kiss. When Caroline exhibited nothing more than a blank face. Beth continued. “The United Bank of Switzerland.” Beth said. “A few of Daddy’s numbered bank accounts.” Beth smiled. “We will be there in six hours. It will be three P.M. local time. We’ll have two hours to get to the bank, transfer the accounts and make it to our hotel before happy hour.” She giggled again.

Caroline ran her hand along the inside of Beth’s leg nudging her skirt up. Beth kissed her on the lips. “Can I do anything for you two?”

They both looked to see a young stewardess smiling down at them. “Caroline left her hand where it was, quite obvious to the cute stewardess. “Perhaps a little later.” Caroline smiled.

“I hope so.” The tall beauty said running her hands down the front of her navy blue skirt,


The tall blonde from the ‘Corroded Dreams’ concert went on to enjoy a long successful and profitable career in the adult porn industry. She only does beautiful girls. It is rumored that she has the world’s most extensive collection of strap-on equipment known to exist.

Chrissie the rock star’s career abruptly ended when she woke up in the middle of the night still spaced out on drugs. She saw the most beautiful sunrise she had ever experienced and walked toward it in a stupor. The magnificent sunrise turned out to be the landing lights of a Boeing 767 passing over her hotel suite, which was directly in the glide path of runway 24 at LAX. She landed on the top of her own red Hummer after a fall of fifteen stories. There was a closed casket funeral attended by over forty thousand crying fans.

Jason Hargrove retired from thirty years of driving a limo when his tell-all book remained atop the New Your Time’s bestseller list for twenty-five weeks straight. True to his word, not a single word was written about the young and wild Chloe Sanderson.

Robert Sanderson, as all billionaires do, recovered nicely from the raiding of his foreign, undisclosed accounts. When a moderate earthquake just off of the coast of L.A. caused major damage to the waterfront area, he was there to buy up very valuable land at ten cents on the dollar and proceeded to double his already massive fortune in only five years.

Erin Sanderson was served a hand-delivered divorce notice while sunbathing on the beach. She had failed to return home from a vacation to Tahiti that began two years earlier.

Ellen Gates, personal assistant to Erin Sanderson stayed with Erin until she walked into their beachfront condo one afternoon to find Erin’s face buried between the legs of a very young cocktail waitress. She returned to her hometown of Walpole New Hampshire and eventually took a job managing an all girl rock band.

Chloe Sanderson was abducted on July 5th, 2013. Despite thousands of investigative hours and millions of dollars spend, not a single usable piece of evidence was ever found. And the five million dollar reward remains unclaimed.

Casey Wright, distraught over the loss of her client, suffered a mental breakdown two weeks after the kidnapping. She was admitted to the Maricopa County Mental health Clinic where she was forgotten for over three years. During a mandatory review of unsolved cases, a detective from LA went to interview Ms. Wright only to find that she had been a patient there for less than two weeks. Since she had been admitted voluntarily and her bill was paid in full, no one was ever contacted when she checked herself out. The clinic had no record of her current where a bouts.

Beth Davis and Caroline Forrester, now reside at their vineyard in southern Italy. Caroline manages the operation including interviewing the many young girls hoping to gain a position at the winery. Beth spends her days enjoying the company and the talents of those girls who have met Caroline’s rigid employment standards. Her nights however are always reserved for her only real love, Caroline, the former Casey Wright.

The same Casey Wright who once saved a girl named Chloe; only to let her die that one named Beth might live.


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