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Savannah Gets a Clue

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December 3, 1997

He stood just shy of six foot, medium build, brown hair and brown eyes. His clothes were similarly, well, average. But the way he moved wasn’t. It was feral, stealthy… a beast on the prowl for food….or a man on the scent of a woman. Taking a second, more thorough look, Savannah observed how his jeans fitted him snugly, drawing attention to well toned thigh and calf muscles, and a tight ass. His loose button-up shirt hinted at a smooth, sculpted chest.

His brown hair was laced with hints of black and red. But it was his eyes that captured her overheated imagination. When she looked into them, it was almost like looking into a mirror. This was someone she definitely wanted to get closer to. Much closer.

From her observation point in the cafe, her eyes followed him as he made his rounds of the pier market. He picked up an old, leather-bound book from one stand, his hands caressing the spine, his fingers dancing along the pages gently. Savannah shivered, imagining those very same hands paying similar attention to her flesh. Leaving a generous tip at her table, she got up from the indoor cafe and walked outside, never taking her eyes off him. She stayed a short distance behind him, not sure of how she should approach him. Meanwhile, she enjoyed watching him move, watching him touch this souvenir or that. Occasionally he would buy something; a leather belt, a pair of matching bracelets, a choker with a chain trailing from the back. Very curious purchases, perhaps for a lover or wife. Even so, Savannah continued to follow him, her fascination with the stranger compelling her ever closer.

Someone bumped into her from behind. She turned to acknowledge the apology, but when she turned back, her quarry was gone. Frantically, she hunted the surrounding crowds but no luck. He was gone. She stood there for a few minutes, and an acute sense of loss went through her, followed immediately by a deep, sexual ache. She had been so close to him, almost within touching distance. If only…..

“Hello, my sweet Savannah.”

Unbelieving, she recognized her mystery lover’s voice. Her ache doubled, but she was glad he was there. Perhaps he could ….. She moved to face him, but his hands gripped her arms in his, preventing it.

“No, no, my dear. It’s too soon. Come with me.”

Eagerly, she obeyed, allowing herself to be steered to a smaller, side street; an alley. It was clean, she observed. He walked her deeper into the alley, turned left, left again, and then right. Another alley, but this one behind a private set of apartments. It was getting dark, and cold, but soon she felt she would be very warm. He walked her around behind the building, into a private garden. Shrubbery was everywhere! Looking up she saw the garden was inside glass walls, and then noticed she was no longer cold. The enclosed garden was heated, thank god. He continued marching her ever closer to the building, until she stood facing the brick wall of the apartments.

“Don’t move”, he ordered. Trembling with anticipation, she did as she was told, curious to see what he would do next. He removed her coat, laying it on the ground next to her. Slowly, he lifted her sweater over her head, and dropped it onto her coat. His still chilled hands rubbed her stiff nipples through her bra. She arched into his hands, enjoying the delicious contrast of heat and cold. It was very dark now; very little moonlight penetrated the garden. His hands glided slowly down her sides, coming to rest on her hips. One hand moved forward and undid the snap and zipper of her jeans. Slowly, he peeled them down her legs.

“Kick off your shoes.” Obediently, she did.

He finished removing her jeans, piling them on top of her sweater. With one motion, he tore her panties off, leaving her tight ass exposed. His hands cupped both cheeks and massaged them, bringing them together, and then apart again.

“Put you hands above you, on the wall, and don’t move,” he commanded. When she had done as she was told, he unhooked the front clasp to her bra. Something shiny came into her line of sight; scissors! They cut the bra straps and the bra fell to the ground at her feet. His leg maneuvered between hers, spreading them further apart. He grabbed her hands, and before she could protest, had them lassoed and tied above her. Glancing up, she saw the rope hanging from a hook on the wall a few feet above her. Her heart jumped inside her chest with excitement.

The rustling of clothes told her he was undressing himself. Her pussy twitched, and she rolled her hips and ass backwards in invitation. He chuckled behind her at her eagerness.

“Did I tell you how hot you were in Michigan?”

Savannah’s mind blanked momentarily, and then the import of what he had said sunk in. “You saw? You were there?” She was breathless with the implications of his statement.

“Mmmm, yes I was; and I must say, my dear, it was lovely watching your mouth swallow him whole….I expect you to do the same tonight.”

Temporarily distracted, she murmured her agreement, twitching her ass at him again. His hand slapped her bottom, and then he was molding her cheeks in his hand. A wet tongue played along her crack briefly before following it forward to her pussy. His tongue stabbed at her, probing deeply into her softness. She sighed at the wet intrusion; her flesh swelled and throbbed in excitement. Minutes passed, his tongue was relentless on her….making her cum, then slowly building her up again to another explosion. Her head fell forward to her chest and her knees nearly gave out on her.

“Such a sweet pussy you have, Savannah. And how beautifully you cum for me.” A finger probed her puckered ass, rimming it, teasing it. She moaned with frustration. He laughed and gave a final swipe at her pussy with his tongue before standing up. Her breath panted out; she could hardly wait for whatever would happen next.

She heard some more rustling sounds behind her, and then his hands were back to torment her further. His fingers danced along her spine causing her flesh to ripple. A finger teased her ass again, sliding up and down in a slow, gliding rhythm. Her breathing hitched slightly, and then she gasped when the finger finally entered. It probed insistently, almost rough in its ministrations. His body moved closer to her, she could feel the heat of him blast her backside. His breath, now as erratic as her own, bathed her neck.

“I’ve missed having you, my sweet. There’ve been other women, of course, but none that have your unique odor, feel……does this feel good, my sweet?” He punctuated his question with a deeper, more forceful invasion with a second finger. Her answering groan told its own story. “Every time I see you at a company function, or see you with another man or woman, I can’t help but imagine myself in their place. Only, you and I both know, what sex is really about…….it’s about abandonment; hot, sweaty bodies coming together again and again……it’s a primal dance, my sweet; one you excel in.”

A third finger joined the other two, stretching her tight hole further, readying her for what was to come next. His other hand reached around and cupped a full breast in its palm. He fingered her pouting nipple, and gave it a quick pinch. It was enough to send her over once again. She was still moaning through her orgasm when his dick burrowed its way inside her ass. His hands grabbed her by the hips, one hand reached up and pushed her back forward and down to get a better angle and depth of penetration. Her climax cascaded over her once more, one rolling into another.

“Play with your nipples, Savannah; please yourself.” His rasping command prompted action. Her hands fondled her breasts, squeezing them together again and again. She pinched the nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. The sensations were excruciatingly pleasurable, bordering on pain. One of his hands glided over her cheeks, caressing and molding her tight globes; he smacked her bottom soundly, again and again.

“Ohh, yesss….oh yes fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” She pushed her hips frantically back at him, wanting, needing him deeper and deeper. And then he stopped. “Nooooo, please don’t stop, oh nooooo.” His wicked laugh mocked her frustration.

“Hold on baby, I want to make this last.” He untied her arms, and lowered them gently to her sides. He turned her around to face him. Her eyes skimmed over his face; and widened in recognition……the man from the market. Her excitement went up another notch.

“You knew I’d follow you, didn’t you?” she asked.

“Of course, my sweet Savannah. We have a connection, a primal one. It was time to show myself to you…..though for now… name is not important.” His head lowered, his mouth rubbed softly on her own, and then he devoured it…..sucking and nibbling on her lips…….trapping her tongue with a sucking motion. She moaned into his mouth; it had felt as if his mouth had sucked one of her breasts, as well.

She pressed closer to him as their tongues mated. His cock throbbed and pulsed on her lower tummy. She needed him to be inside her again. Now. Her hand reached down and gripped his cock firmly, caressing and stroking him. His hips jerked, then began moving into her hand. His head fell back, breaking contact with her mouth. Which was okay with Savannah; it left his neck and chest exposed. Her tongue made a wet path along his throat, down his chest, and wrapped around one male nipple. His harsh groan brought a wicked smile to her face.

She made her further south, rimming his belly button with her tongue….stabbing at it, fucking it. His hands gripped her head tightly, urging her down more. Every so slowly, she forged a wet trail along his lower stomach; her chin bumped his straining cock. In a sudden move, her mouth engulfed him, lips wrapping securely around him. His harsh moan was very satisfying to her, and increased her own arousal. As she bobbed on his dick, on hand played with his balls…while the other fingered her tight cunt. Her head swam in excitement; an orgasm rolled over her. And another. His hips pumped, he fucked her mouth. His dick repeatedly bounced at the back of her throat, almost gagging her.

She wanted to taste his cum, feel his hot spicy juice roll down her throat. Just when she thought he was about to cum, he grabbed her shoulders roughly and pulled her up to her feet.

“Not yet, my sweet, sultry Savannah, not yet.” Breathing heavily, he backed her up. The back of her knees connected with stone. Peeking over her shoulder, she saw a stone bench, draped in a soft, pale blanket.

He turned her around again and released her. He sat on the bench lengthwise, about half-way, straddling it. He pointed to his glistening dick, “Sit on it”. She didn’t have to be told twice.

She carefully lowered herself until just the tip of his dick touched her soft lips…..and inch by inch impaled herself upon him. His hands were braced behind him and he made no move to help her descent. With her hands planted on his shoulders, she began to move….back and forth in slow, unhurried glides. Her eyes met his briefly, an unholy light beaming straight at her. She had every intention of making this last.

Her head fell forward, her hair brushed against his face teasingly. Muscles straining, she forced a slow pace; made sure every downward motion caused the deepest possible penetration. Carefully she removed one of her hands from his shoulder and cupped one full breast. Leaning slightly forward, still moving on him, she offered the treat at his mouth.

Immediately his mouth took it in, sucking strong on her flesh. “Yes, yess, mmmm feels good…..suck harder, baby”. He obliged, occasionally biting the nipple and making her gasp. She wanted to move faster, stronger…….but she was determined to hold out as long as she could. Slowly, she began to sense his desperation; he tried increasing the speed by pumping his hips strongly up at her. But she resisted, and stopped moving until he calmed. It was her turn to laugh at his groans of frustrations.

“Witch,” he scolded, but approvingly. His arms shook so hard, he did not know how much longer he could hold himself up. After five more minutes of the excruciating pace she set, he lost the strength to remain upright, and let himself lay back carefully on the bench. She followed, and began a small increase of pace, but still making sure his dick was fully buried on each stroke.

“What a hot pussy you have, sweet, how wonderfully wet you are.” Indeed, she could feel her juices flow more heavily, some leaking out a trail along one thigh. She could feel her own tension and excitement mount and tried to hold off her impending climax by once again slowing the pace. Just when she thought she had it under control, she felt a pair of distinctly separate hands begin to fondle her ass. Startled, she looked down, only to see her lover’s hands gripping the stone bench. So, whose hands were on her ass?

“Sweet, I think my friend has had about all he can handle watching us……I hope you don’t mind?” The wicked glint in his eyes expressed doubt that she would mind.

Opening her mouth to voice her approval, instead a gasp escaped as the newcomer’s hands separated her cheeks and she felt a tongue rimming her tight ass. Uncontrollably, she began to move more strongly, faster upon her lover as that tongue did its wicked dance on her ass. It writhed and stabbed at her, penetrating her slightly, then leaving to tease again at the entrance. Her ass lifted, giving him easier access.

“Hmmm, yeah baby, I’m gonna fuck that ass good.” He worked her for what seemed forever, and then she felt the tip of his cock, a very thick one at that, begin penetrating her. By the time he was halfway buried, Savannah was screaming her pleasure into her lover’s neck. But he continued, foraging deeper and deeper. She moved frantically now, trying to take as much as she could; in her pussy, in her ass. She could not hear anything above the pounding of her heart. She was so full.

The man behind her was relentless, pounding harder and deeper with each stroke. Any minute now and she knew she would not be able to hold back another orgasm. But then, that was the ultimate goal. Her lover strained under her, pushing his dick up and up and up, grinding against her clit. Exquisite pulses caused her pussy to tighten from the stimulation.

And then he groaned, gasped. He pulled out, only to stand in front of her and once again put his cock in her mouth. He held her head firmly while he fucked her mouth, and then with one last harsh groan, he came. “Fuck, yeah, aahhhh”, and Savannah allowed every bit to slide down her gullet. And still he moved; not wanting to break contact with that wet heat.

Savannah felt the man behind her, wildly fucking her ass, grip her hips……pulling her tighter and tighter to him. She yelled at him, “Harder, fuck me harder”. And he did, until every last inch was buried. Every part of his cock was now firmly embedded in her tight little ass. She moaned around her lover’s cock when she came, and felt hot liquid squirt on her ass cheeks. It made a sticky path between her legs, coating her pussy, running down her thighs. She was a mess, and no doubt would need a long hot soak to restore her sore muscles, but it had so been worth it. Gingerly she stretched and turned to sit on the bench. Smiling, she looked up to view the other man, and nearly fainted. It had been last year, but she would never forget that face…..The man she’d followed into the elevator. He’d known her name, but had never got around to explaining how he knew it.

And now, here they were; her mystery lover and this other man. Obviously, they knew each other. More confused than ever, she turned back to ask her lover what was going on, but he’d already disappeared. It seemed she would not get any answers from that direction. She turned to make inquiries of the other man, but he too had slipped silently away.

She dressed herself and made her way out of the enclosed garden and back up the alley to the main street. Fortuitously a cab was nearby. In the backseat, Savannah determined that one way or the other; she would discover her mystery lover’s identity. But for just this moment, she had to smile, knowing that whoever he was, he seemed intent only on giving her pleasure. And that was just fine with her.

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