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Sapphire Angel

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It was about 3 in the morning and Mark rolled out of bed with a keen thirst. He cursed himself for not having had the foresight to bring a glass of water to bed. They had been out to dinner, he and his wife, their son and daughter, plus three of his daughter’s friends, Imogen, Hazel and Maddi. It had been a celebration for his daughter’s 18th, and it had been expensive. But Mark didn’t mind. Not just because he is a doting father, or because he is what you might call comfortably well-off, but because it gave him a chance to enjoy his daughter’s sexy friends.

All four girls are very sexy, but one, Imogen, is very special. She is petite, about five foot one or two, with black shoulder length hair, and a totally delectable body with apple sized boobs, a nice round ass and slender but shapely legs. But it’s her face that is really heart stopping. Piercing blue eyes set into the most angelic face with thick pouting lips and an alluring, enigmatic smile. Imogen also has a habit of holding you in her gaze. Her eyes smouldering right through you, like she is sensing your thoughts. Mark has often found himself caught in those eyes. Unable to break free with his mind convinced that she was reading his lustful thoughts.

More than once he has found himself staring at her only to realise that she has him fixed in her gaze. She appears cool and confident, like she knows the effect that she has on men and just stares back. On one occasion Mark was driving his daughter and her friends to some social meeting when he was aware of Imogen’s eyes in his rear view mirror. Despite the lively chat in the car she just seemed to remain fixed on him. He convinced himself that it was just an accident but she didn’t seem to look away once. He felt drawn to her. Regardless of the three other girls in the car Mark felt like this was a private and silent dialogue between him and Imogen. He kept looking at her eyes and imagining kissing her gorgeous lips. Better still he imagined those lips sliding over his cock. Very soon he had an erection right there in the car. He had to shift in his seat and tug his sweatshirt down to conceal the bulge in his jeans. His daughter was in the front seat, and he feared that she would notice. But she was far too engaged in chatting to her friends in the back to notice her boring dad. But Imogen’s eyes seemed to communicate that she knew. She knew he wanted her. She knew he was hard for her.

Ever since then Mark has felt that he has exchanged knowing looks with Imogen whenever they have met. As his daughter’s best friend she is often in his house and so he has often had the mixed pleasure of watching her and being watched back. Very recently she and his daughter, Kay, returned from a shopping trip and Kay was eager to show him what she had bought with some money he’d given her. It was a new mobile phone. As Kay showed it she showed some pictures she had taken that day and there was one of her and Imogen in a mock kiss. It was innocent; the type of exaggerated pose that teens often do. But Mark found himself wondering if Kay and Imogen had ever really kissed. He felt his cock twitch and was aware of Imogen’s eyes on him. Kay spent the next ten minutes going through her purchases but now Mark could only think about Imogen and Kay and all those sleep over nights. Had they been enjoying each other? He felt jealous of his daughter. As the girls left the room Imogen seemed to hang back a moment, fixing him in one of her soul-searching stares. Mark was left with a straining erection and the feeling that, once again, she knew.

Tonight had been good. The dinner party went really well. Mark had stolen glances at Imogen from time to time, and managed not to get caught by her about half the time. The girls had wanted it to be special so they had spent most of the afternoon getting ready. When they appeared they were a vision. They all wore party dresses and heels. The dresses were all about knee length and variously revealing on top. But mark could not take his eyes off Imogen. She wore a sapphire blue dress the colour of which perfectly complemented her dark hair and seemed to make her eyes shine like blue fire. But disappointingly it was drawn up to her neck and finished in a choker style collar. Mark would have liked to have seen her cleavage. However, when she turned round Mark could feel his cock swell. The dress was backless. Right from her neck to the small of her back she was entirely naked. Her skin was satiny and flawless with just a light tan. He heard the other girls and his wife remark how beautiful it was and how well it suited her. But Mark could only think how insanely sexy it made her look. He was lost in a dream, imagining what it would be like to touch her flesh, to kiss her skin, and to undress this sapphire angel.

‘I said it’s time we were off,’ Mark snapped-to as his wife’s voice broke into his reverie, ‘Honestly,’ she went on and Mark thought he’d been busted. But luckily Imogen stood between him and the television. His wife thought he was trying to see the football results. As they left the house she scolded, ‘You could try to show a little interest in Kay and her friends.’ Mark couldn’t help smile to himself. If she only knew how just how much interest he was taking in at least one of his daughter’s friends.

Due to the size of the party they had to travel in separate taxis and disappointingly, Mark found himself in a car with his wife and son while the four girls travelled together in a second cab. The evening was a success with fine dining and fine wine mixed with good company. There had been lively conversations criss-crossing the table and everyone seemed to be having fun. A few times Mark had excused himself from the table on the pretence of a trip to the bathroom. In actual fact he merely used this as an excuse to see the back of Imogen’s dress again and again. She was sitting opposite him and with her back to the restaurant, so on his return to the table he had a perfect view of her. Uncannily, on one occasion, she turned to look at him as he approached. Their eyes locked and Mark smiled. Imogen watched him all the way to his seat. When he sat she turned her head to talk to the girl next to her then glanced back at him and only then returned his smile briefly before turning back to her conversation. Mark was convinced she knew just what he was thinking and the real purpose of his trips. There was a maturity to her gaze that contradicted her age. She gave the impression that she understood his lust but gave no clue as to whether she enjoyed the attention or despised it.

The evening ended and the party clambered into the cabs for the trip home. This time Mark ended up in a cab with Imogen and Kay. His wife and son were in the other cab that was detouring to drop off the remaining two friends. Imogen was staying the night and as Mark sat between them in the back seat his mind wandered as he imagined her and Kay making out in bed together. Was his daughter really in to girls? Imogen is certainly gorgeous enough to tempt even the straightest woman. The girls talked across him and Kay leaned across to whisper something to Imogen. The girls giggled and Imogen leaned over to whisper to Kay. As she did so she placed a hand on Mark’s thigh to steady herself. His heart raced and his cock began to harden. He gave thanks for the darkness to conceal his arousal.

‘Dad, move over and let Immy sit beside me,’ his daughter demanded. Immediately Imogen started to slide over his lap to get to the other side. Her legs were either side of his knees and so he moved to his right underneath her. As he did so his cock grazed across her firm ass. At the same time the bare skin of her back brushed across his cheek and lips. Christ, it was so soft and she smelt divine. His already hard cock twitched. Mark had an urge to grab her shoulders and press her down onto his lap. To feel her ass cheeks close around his cock. To kiss and bite the flesh of her back while sliding his hands under her dress to feel her pert young tits and to finger her nubile cunt.

Then suddenly Imogen’s hand pressed down on his thickly erect cock. He gasped and moved over faster but the hand stayed in place as he moved clear and she sat down on his left next to his daughter. Even then she did not move her hand. Mark’s mind was racing. What was she doing? Was she going to draw attention to his state of embarrassment? What if his daughter saw what she was doing? Then just as suddenly the hand moved off.

Imogen looked around at him and murmured, ‘Thanks.’ It was so matter of fact. What did she mean? Thanks for moving? Thanks for the compliment of getting hard? Thanks for the feel? What? The girl is infuriatingly mysterious.

Back at the house everyone soon disappeared off to bed. Mark sat having a final whiskey. His thoughts turned to Imogen again. The dress was stunning; her hair and face gorgeous as ever. He thought too how it had been a treat to see her pretty feet in the strappy sandals. Christ, he thought, she is just exquisite in every way. Then he thought about the incident in the cab. At the time it seemed anything but innocent. But afterwards, and even when they arrived back, Imogen just seemed to ignore him. There had been no more exchanged looks. Everyone just busied themselves with preparations for bed. Sitting in the conservatory drinking and thinking about Imogen made Mark’s cock erect again. He thought about having a wank. It wouldn’t be the first time he had wanked over her. But then he thought he would just go find his wife and fuck her.

She was in their en suite bathroom and was standing in just her bra and panties removing her make-up. She looked good, still slim and sexy after all the years. Mark came up behind her and put his arms around her. He kissed her neck and she rotated round to face him. They kissed deeply as Mark’s hands roamed across her body. He found the edge of her panties with his fingers and slid them inside to find her pussy. Just as he reached her pubic hair she drew back.

‘Not now, love. I’m tired. OK?’ She turned her back to him and continued to wipe off her make-up.

Mark was frustrated and grumpily undressed to just his boxer shorts and fell into bed sporting a massive erection. Minutes later Julie got into bed beside him and the pair drifted off to sleep. At about 3 in the morning Mark rolled out of bed with a keen thirst. He cursed himself for not having had the foresight to bring a glass of water to bed. He made his way down stairs and through to the back of the house and into the kitchen. He took a chilled bottle of mineral water from the huge cabinet fridge. Standing in the light from the cabinet he opened it and drank about a third of the bottle.

Turning to close the door Mark was startled to see someone next to him in the shadows. She moved closer to the light and he could see it was Imogen. She then moved into the light to stand close, right next to him. He could smell her scent again; the same as in the car.

‘I’m thristy,’ was all she said. She was wearing tight multi-coloured shorts and a simple pink vest top.

‘Would you like a bottle?’ Mark asked.

‘You going to drink all of that?’ She indicated the bottle he was holding. Mark handed the opened bottle to her and she took it from him and began to drink.

It seemed to Mark that she drank slowly, like in slow motion. The whole time her eyes were fixed on his. He watched her. Seeing her throat move as she drank, and noticing the tiny rivulet of water that escaped from the corner of her mouth. It ran down her chin and neck and then seemed to veer left across her breast and disappeared under her vest top. As she tipped her head back her top rose up to reveal an inch and a half of her tummy. It was flat and just as perfectly tanned as her back and shoulders. As she finished drinking she breathed in sharply and seemed to be a little breathless for a moment as she handed the bottle back. Mark watched her breasts rise and fall under her flimsy top. He had a mad urge to pull-down her top. His eyes moved up to her face. Her mouth formed its normal soft oval and her lips shone with the water and the light. Mark desperately wanted to kiss her. He didn’t care what happened if he did. Would she run screaming, or would she yield to him? His mind flashed with images of kissing her, forcing her mouth onto his cock and fucking her fiercely from behind.

He was suddenly aware that his cock was standing out, tenting his boxer shorts. Imogen noticed it and her eyes traced a line from the protruding shape to his eyes. Then she smiled. Not her usual all knowing and aloof smile, but a softer more innocent smile that was altogether more inviting.

He was busted but all he could do was try to brazen it out, ‘You see what you do to me?’ Mark said in a hushed voice. ‘Every time I’m around you I get hard. You’re just insanely fucking sexy.’

Imogen giggled at this. She seemed to light-up in a way he’d never seen before. ‘You think it’s funny, do you?’

‘No. It’s just, well you’re usually so serious.’ Her hand moved forward and her finger extended. She touched his flat, muscular stomach and traced a lazy circle. Then fixing him with her eyes she said, ‘I never thought you liked me until…’ she trailed off.

‘Until what?’

‘Well tonight, in the taxi. I felt your… you know your, thing,’ she indicated his cock with her eyes. Well then I knew you must like me, really. You can only get that way if you like somebody.’

‘Oh I like you alright, Imogen. I really like you,’ Mark decided to take a risk, ‘I like you so much I even wank over you. Do you know what that means?’

Imogen grinned and looked down at his cock, ‘Yes. I’m not a child. I know what guys are like. I know that’s what you do.’

‘And do you know what I think about when I wank over you?’

‘My body?’ Imogen seemed a little unsure.

‘And what do you think I imagine doing to your body?’

Imogen hesitated, her eyes went down to his cock again, and then up to meet his once more, ‘Sex?’ she almost whispered.

‘Yes sex,’ Mark spoke in a hushed voice, ‘I imagine kissing you. I imagine undressing you and spreading you out with your legs wide apart.’ Mark moved so close to her now his cock nudged her stomach. Her scent filled his nostrils and he could feel her breath on his neck and shoulder. He stroked the side of her face with his hand and continued, ‘I imagine kissing and licking and sucking your breasts. I’d put my cock in your soft mouth and make you suck me,’ at this he traced her lips with his thumb and edged it into the corner of her mouth.

‘My hard cock would fill your mouth and I’d want you to suck me and taste me. Then while you did that I’d lick your pussy,’ Imogen gasped a little when he said this. ‘Would you like me to do those things to you, Imogen, hmmm?’

Imogen slowly nodded.

‘Would you like to touch my cock too?’ Imogen’s response was just to nod again. Mark slid his boxer shorts down and they fell to his feet and his cock sprang out. ‘Give me your hand.’

Hesitantly she moved her hand to meet his and he placed it onto his cock and wrapped her fingers around its girth. With her fist inside his he began to stroke back and forth. He was making her wank him.

‘Feel how hard you make me. Could you feel my hard cock against your ass in the car?’

‘Yes,’ Imogen’s voice croaked slightly.

‘Did that excite you? Is that why you put your hand on it?’ Imogen just looked into his eyes and stroked him a little faster.

‘Oh that’s nice. You want me to fuck you don’t you? You didn’t really need a drink, did you? You just followed me down here. Is that right? Tell me honestly.’

I hoped it was you,’ Imogen began in a whisper, ‘I heard someone, and I hoped it was you.’

Mark suddenly thought of his daughter, ‘Where’s Kay?’

‘She’s asleep.’

‘You sure?’

‘Yes. I just needed to see you. I wanted to see if… well if you really liked me. I knew you must like me. You were excited.’

‘You excite me, Imogen. You’re the most incredible girl I’ve ever known. I think about you lots, even when you’re not here. I always think about how I would like to fuck you. Do you like my cock?’

‘Sss big,’ Imogen just breathed.

‘Do you ever think about me, Imogen? Do you ever think about me when you’re alone,’ Imogen just looked deeply into his eyes and Mark knew the answer was yes. His hand moved up to her shoulder. His fingers moved lightly over her skin to her neck and he pulled her to him and his mouth met hers. Her soft inviting lips were everything he’d expected them to be. Succulent and sensual, they tasted faintly of her fruity lip balm. His tongue traced their edge before crossing into her mouth. She parted her lips in welcome and her tongue met his and they kissed passionately, like lovers hungry for each other. All the while she gripped and stroked his cock.

As they kissed his hand stole down her arm and he relished the satiny smoothness of her skin. His fingers entwined with hers and for a moment he held her hand in his. Before long he reached passed her wrist towards her hip and made contact with her midriff. His fingers traced around the waistband of her tight shorts. Below her navel he pressed his hand flat to her stomach and his finger tips slipped under the elastic top of her shorts. Down and down his hand travelled under the tight constraints of her shorts until his fingers met her pubic hair. Then on down to curl under her mound to find her hot pussy.

Imogen gasped as he touched her for the first time. Her pussy was aroused and eager for him and his touch sent shivers through her. Their mouths parted and she looked into his eyes. His fingers parted her labia and penetrated her young flesh just a little, but enough to make her whimper and weaken at the knees.

‘You like me touching you?’

‘Yes,’ squeezing his cock slightly in confirmation.

‘I really want to fuck you, Imogen. I want my cock buried in your little cunt. I want to fuck you hard until you cum, and then I want to fill you with my spunk. Is that what you want?’ His finger slipped inside her further.

Imogen gasped and just nodded but Mark insisted, ‘Tell me it’s what you want!’


‘You want my cock inside you?’ Mark simulated this by pushing his finger deeper into her pussy. He kissed her deeply and passionately for just a moment.

As he broke off she murmurred, ‘Yes’

He kissed her again, ‘You want my cock, say it!’

‘I want your cock.’

‘You want my cock inside you,’ he kissed her hard, his tongue exploring her soft mouth.

‘I want your cock inside me,’ Imogen kissed back and wanked his cock harder.

‘You want my hard cock in your hot, wet cunt. Say it!’

Wanking him even harder now she repeated, ‘I want your hard cock inside my hot, wet cunt.’

‘Do you really mean it?’ Mark kissed her harder than ever, gripping the back of her head to press her face to his.

‘I do, really. I want to feel it inside me. Please fuck me.’

Her encouragement was like a starter’s pistol that energised Mark. He pulled her vest off over her head revealing her gorgeously pert breasts with their thick nipples protruding. He pushed her back a little and down onto her knees. Imogen was still holding his cock but had to let go as he turned her around and pushed her forward to kneel on all fours. She was still wearing her tight little shorts and so he hooked his thumbs into the waistband and drew them down over her ass and thighs. Imogen tried to remove them but only managed to get her right leg out before Mark pushed her back into the doggie position. She still had her shorts hanging from her left knee as Mark positioned himself between her feet and edged forward to place his thick cock head against her wet pussy lips.

With hardly a pause he thrust forward and his solid cock drove into her yielding, teen flesh. Imogen gasped and groaned as she felt her vagina stretching to accommodate her best friend’s dad’s rock hard prick.

‘Jesus,’ Mark exclaimed, ‘Fuck.’ He could hardly believe that he had his cock inside the girl her had spent so much time fretting and fantasising over. Immediately he established a rhythm of deep penetrating thrusts; each time ramming his cock into her tight cunt as far as it would go.

The sensations were incredible. The feel of her enveloping pussy combined with the head-rush of thinking that at last he had intimate possession of this exquisite angel. He continued to drive into her with energy and she responded by pushing back and squeezing him with her pelvic floor muscles. As he pounded her he was aware that she was groaning more and more loudly. Pulling her upright he clasped his hand over her mouth and pressed his face to the side of her head.

‘Quiet!’ he commanded, kissing her ear and then her neck. She squirmed back against him and he drove his cock deep into her and sucked on the flesh at the base of her neck.

Imogen’s squeal of pleasure was muffled by his hand on her mouth. But he was still concerned about her noise, so his other hand stole up to clasp her neck under her chin. He squeezed just enough to choke her slightly and stop her making more noise. The force of his embrace only seemed to add to her excitement and she started writhing under him. Mark thought she was trying to break free but then realised she was actually having an orgasm. Her hips bucked rapidly and he felt her body quiver and her pussy contract on his cock. That was enough to send him over the edge and he rammed into her a couple more times before holding his cock deep inside her pussy to unleash his heavy load of spunk.

They fell forward together. Mark lay heavily on top of Imogen’s back. His cock was still twitching and depositing the final spurts of his spunk against her womb. For her part Imogen was still writhing and jerking through her own orgasm. Although not a virgin, she’d never before cum from just being fucked and the sensation was different and somehow more intense than the little cums she had given herself with her fingers.

Slowly they both came down from their highs and lay panting together on the kitchen floor, bathed in the light from the still open refrigerator. After a few moments their breathing recovered. Their bodies were hot and shining with sweat. Mark’s cock slowly flopped out of Imogen’s pussy and the sensation made them both giggle. Mark lifted his weight slightly and Imogen rolled over under him onto her back. They looked into each other’s eyes and then kissed. Softly and tenderly Mark’s tongue teased the edge of her lips and she responded pressing the tip of her tongue to his. His hands came up to clasp her head and he drew her to him and savoured the softness of her lips. It was just as he imagined it might be to kiss her.

‘Have you had sex before?’ Mark whispered; he wanted her to be a virgin.

‘Yes, of course,’ her eyes twinkled.

‘With how many guys?’ he was a little disappointed.

‘Just two.’

‘Was it good?’

‘Yes it was nice. But not like this. I never had an orgasm before.’


‘Well, not from…’ Imogen just wiggled her hips slightly and smiled shyly.

Mark grinned at her and whispered, ‘That’s good.’

Imogen shifted and winced slightly and Mark realised it must be uncomfortable for her. He suggested that they move off the floor and into the conservatory.

Getting up they picked up their clothing and Mark closed the fridge door. He led Imogen to the two-seater sofa in the conservatory. They cuddled up together still naked.

The chatted quietly with Imogen’s head on his shoulder. She looked up into his face illuminated by the bright moon outside.

‘Your stuff is running out of me,’ she sniggered. Mark smiled and quickly got her a small hand towel. She placed it under her as he curled in beside her again.

‘The messy aftermath of passion, the wet spot in the bed.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘When the guy’s spunk runs out and wets the bed. Haven’t you had to sleep on the wet bit in bed?’

‘No. I’ve never had sex in a bed. Only a car and once in a field.’

‘How many times have you had sex then?’

‘Emmm, I suppose about six or seven.’

‘Including tonight?’

‘Maybe eight then.’

‘And how many times have you done it without a condom?’

Imogen looked up into his eyes with her penetrating gaze, ‘Just once.’ She smiled at him. At that moment Mark didn’t care if she got pregnant. He could happily spend his life with this girl.

‘God I adore you.’ Mark bent to kiss her and for the next few minutes he kissed and savoured her mouth and as she responded his hands roamed across her body. He cupped her breast in his hand and circled her nipple with his fingers. His finger tips stroked and danced lightly on her tummy and then on her hips and outer thigh. She shifted and stretched her legs across his lap and as his hand drew up and round to the inside of her thighs they parted and she opened up to him. His fingers touched-down on the soft bush of pubic hair and his middle finger found her labia and parted them to slide inside her hot and slippery pussy. With two fingers penetrating her he found her clit with his thumb and gently wiggled against it.

Imogen bucked and gasped, breaking their kiss. Momentarily she looked into his eyes and then hers closed and her head tipped back as she gave herself to his touch. Mark continued to finger her and play her clit as he kissed her chin and neck and then her breasts, first one side then the other. He moved round to face her and removed his hand from her pussy. She looked at him and frowned as if to say don’t stop but Mark reassured her, ‘It’s OK. You’ll like what I’m going to do.’

Mark kissed her breasts again and then laid a trail of licks and kisses down her stomach to her navel. He licked her belly button and then kissed it deeply. It smelt of her scent and he paused to relish it before moving down. His lips met her pubes and he kissed and smelt her perfume mixed with the musky scent of her hot and used pussy. Then his lips kissed her clit and her open lips. Imogen gasped lightly and then moaned aloud as his tongue penetrated her as he French-kissed her sweet, young cunt, tasting her tang combined with the salt of his spunk.

This was Imogen’s first experience of oral sex. The sensations of his tongue sliding over her most intimate part was incredible. She could feel the slight stubble on his chin rasping against her pussy. Then he moved up to lick and suck her clit and Imogen squealed with pleasure.

Mark immediately reacted. He moved up to her face and commanded, ‘Ssshh! You’re going to wake everyone in the house.’

‘Sorry,’ Imogen responded girlishly, ‘It’s just so amazing. I’ve never had anyone do that.’

‘OK but try to be quiet.’

‘OK,’ she responded giving him a quick peck on the lips, ‘Will you do it some more, please?’

Mark smiled, ‘You’re just too fucking much.’

‘So will you kiss my mingey again?’

‘Your mingey,’ Mark repeated, ‘is that what you call it?’


‘OK, then. I’ll kiss your mingey.’

‘Hooray!’ Imogen whispered and did a little mock happy-dance moving her head from side to side and making ‘jazz hands.’

Mark couldn’t help laugh as he returned to her pussy and gave her an extra deep kiss, pushing his tongue deep into her. Imogen groaned and bucked her hips up against him. He proceeded to lick and kiss her pussy. Alternately licking her labia and sucking on her clit. To help her along he also slid two fingers into her cunt; then by turns finger fucked her, licked her open lips and sucked her clit. Imogen softly groaned and sighed and encouraged him by running her fingers through his hair. Mark thoroughly enjoyed licking this delicious girl while looking up her petite body and watching her facial reactions to the pleasure he gave her.

Imogen’s pleasure came in waves of pre-orgasmic tremors. She knew she was building towards her second big orgasm and she whimpered and encouraged Mark by gently tugging his hair. She wanted to cum. It was drawing close. Her pussy seemed to be teasing her by building up to an explosion that never quite came. Time and again she came to the brink and her pussy trembled and contracted but then the sensation passed before her climax arrived.

Mark’s mouth was tiring but he so wanted her to cum. Dipping his head a little more he teased the puckered skin around her ass with his tongue. Imogen immediately jerked in surprise. She made a noise and Mark couldn’t make out whether it was ‘Oh’ or ‘No’ Nevertheless he continued and licked her bum-hole, teasing and wetting her entrance.

Imogen’s mind whirled. She didn’t know that this was what people did. It was incredible. Her best friend’s dad was licking her ass!

Just then Mark moved back to lick her pussy and clit again. Imogen had a second of disappointment before her next surprise. She now felt Mark’s finger sliding into her bum. It was tight and she could feel her little hole gripping his finger. This was incredible. Almost instinctively she relaxed and allowed him in. She felt his finger penetrate her. She couldn’t tell how far in it was but it felt deep and enormous. The sensation was totally new to her. Nothing like the familiar feelings in her pussy, it was a deeper, more primal pleasure. It felt much more intrusive than anything in her pussy. It seemed more intimate and more intense. And best of all it seemed so sexy, so sensuous, and just so, so dirty.

Mark kept his finger in Imogen’s ass but then slid a second finger into her pussy. He could feel his fingers touch, separated only by a thin membrane of flesh. He squeezed them together and then began to slide back and forth in small firm movements while his mouth found her clit once more.

Imogen could hardly bare the combined sensations of the solid intrusions into her most intimate passages and the ministrations of Mark’s lips and tongue on her clitoris. Her eyes were closed and her mouth opened in a soft oval as she silently absorbed and relished the intense sensations. She knew her pleasure was building and her orgasm was now drawing inexorably closer. Wave after wave of ecstasy welled up inside her, from deep inside her abdomen, exploding out towards her centre. She whimpered and strained to meet it, each time not quite connecting. Then suddenly the damn broke and the connection was completed. Like an electric bolt the orgasmic charge surged through her lithe, young body. She jerked and trembled and wanted to scream out loud but her throat constricted and all she could do was issue a long slow rasp. It was a guttural growl of sheer gratification. The seismic force of her orgasm overwhelmed her and she curled up into a foetal ball with her lover’s head and fingers still tightly clamped to her sex. She never knew it could feel like this.

It was several moments before Imogen seemed to come around from her ecstatic trance. She lifted her head to see Mark’s face. He had moved up to lie beside her again. They greeted each other with a smile and then Imogen noticed that Mark was slowly stroking his very large erection. They half rolled over together and Imogen placed her head on his shoulder to watch his hand move over his cock.

She watched fascinated for a few minutes then looking up at him she asked, ‘Can I do it?’

‘Of course,’ Mark encouraged her. He took her offered hand and placed it on his cock. Just like before he closed her fist around it and showed her how to stroke him. Then he lay back to enjoy her efforts. At first she stroked him a little awkwardly, with staccato jerks. But soon she found a steady rhythm and began to wank him properly.

They lay in almost total silence as she stroked him and Mark breathed steadily allowing the pleasure to build. He couldn’t allow himself to shut his eyes as he wanted to savour the image of this angel playing with his cock. As she worked she would look up at him for approval and he would smile and assure her that it was good.

‘You going to cum?’ she asked.

‘Yes, in a bit.’

Her face rested on his chest now and Mark was getting more and more excited. He so wanted to feel her mouth on his cock, ‘Would you do something for me?’ he asked in a soft voice.

Looking up Imogen smiled, ‘I bet I can guess.’

‘Go on.’

‘You want me to suck you.’

‘Yes,’ Mark laughed, ‘Will you?’

‘I don’t know how.’

Mark grinned at her and said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll show you.’

Spinning round he tossed a cushion between his feet and had Imogen kneel on it. It was incredible to see her gorgeous face so close to his cock. He told her to begin but she didn’t move. Leaning forward he took her face in his hands and kissed her. His tongue entered that sweet, angelic mouth and he savoured the cool taste of her lips. Her scent rose in his nostrils again and he broke off, pushing her face down to his cock.

‘Just let it into your mouth!’

The head of Mark’s cock bumped against her lips which remained closed for a moment before parting to allow him to slip past and into her virgin mouth. Mark moved her head back and forth. He felt her hot mouth on his cock and her tongue touching his glands.

Suddenly she broke off and Mark thought she was unwilling, ‘Is that OK?’

‘It’s perfect, Angel. But please don’t stop.’

Smiling at him she gripped his cock in her small fist, returned her head to its tip and resumed with more confidence and enthusiasm. She sucked him deep into her mouth which closed tightly around his cock head. Her head bobbed up and down slowly but the best feelings came from her tongue which expertly swirled around his glands. Mark couldn’t believe that she had never done this before. She was too good.

All the while as she sucked him he encouraged her, telling her how wonderful it felt and how sexy she was. She kept her eyes open and gazed into his as her head moved over his cock and her hand stroked him.

Soon Mark knew he was going to cum and his breathing and the movements of his hips seemed to signal this to Imogen.

‘You going to cum now?’

‘Very soon,’ he gasped, ‘Please, Baby, I want to cum in your mouth.’

Imogen made no reply except that her mouth slipped over his cock again. Then she resumed her sucking and stroking. Mark allowed himself to reach his climax and felt his cock twitch as it erupted inside her soft mouth. At least five times his cock ejaculated his semen into her eager mouth. Mark felt totally spent and deeply satisfied, and Imogen kept her mouth locked on his cock and her eyes locked on his the whole time and casually swallowed it all. Mark pulled her to him and kissed her deeply and passionately. He could still taste his cum on her mouth and they shared its remnants.

It was a dream come true. Mark kissed her over and over telling her how much he adored her.

‘I want you so much. I want to see you again. Can I?’

Imogen fixed him in her gaze. There was nothing enigmatic about her look this time. Mark knew she would willingly accept him again, ‘Yes,’ was all she said.

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