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Russian Elixer

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My name is Chad and I swing both ways. It had been a long night at work, I tend bar at a Strip Hotel and I’d seen enough to have me thinking about what I was going to do to spend my Friday night.

A few of the dancers had come in with their sugar daddies, had a drink or two, then left to spend a few hours with the horny old guys upstairs in their vip rooms – the girls leaving with one or two nice (and expensive) mementos of their evening.

One of the boy dancers came in with a dowager, had two drinks, and then left with her to go upstairs too. Another boy dancer came in with his big daddy…they stayed for only one drink and I could see just how horny the old guy was.

I’d seen enough and as soon as I got off work, I headed to a gay bar not far from where I worked. The great thing about Vegas is that it never closes and one can find anything they might want day or night. I could’ve gotten it on with one of the cocktail girls, her husband was out of town and she’d always had a thing for me. Or, I could’ve gone to the Tranny Bar to get together with one of the “girls” who had the hots for me.

I went to the gay bar because I felt like getting it on with a boy toy.

The bartender greeted me and offered to make a new drink he’d just read about. I thanked him and ordered a beer. Looking around, I didn’t see anyone that I was particularly interested in that appeared to be free. Oh well. Another boring night.

Then, about n hour after I got there, a couple walked in the door, a man and woman. What in the hell are they doing here, I thought.

The guy was in his fifties, a little on the thin side. The woman wasn’t all that great looking but there was something about her that advertised “hot – hot”! She did the ordering in a thickly accented voice – somewhere from Eastern Europe I guessed. He ordered a vodka and she asked for a gin and tonic.

I noticed how the guy was checking out the place and its customers. They clearly knew where they were and who was there.

It took about five minutes until the woman got up and came over to me. “Can we buy you a drink?”

I was intrigued and replied, “why not?” I moved to the stool next to her and she introduced the man to me. “This is Alexi”, she said. “And I’m Nikki.”

I told her my name was Chad and she told me that Alexi and she were from the former Soviet Union. “But, we live in New Jersey now.”

“Welcome to Vegas. But, do you know where you are?”

“Sure, we’re in a gay bar and Alexi wants to pick you up.”

The directness kind of shook me. “Just like that?”

“Well, not that crudely but how else should I put it?”

I shrugged and said that it was as good a way as any. “And, what about you”, I asked.

“You take care of Alexi and I’ll take care of you if that’s what you want.”

We had a couple more drinks and Nikki told me a bit about themselves. Alexi was a scientist working in a research lab in New Jersey and Nikki worked as a private secretary. They were in Vegas for a conference and would be here for several more days.

Alexi was really chugging down the Vodka and it wasn’t long before it appeared to start getting to him.

“Why don’t we go to our hotel”, she suggested.

I nodded to Rob, the bartender, and he ordered a taxi.

Alexi got in first, Nikki followed, and I took the outside. Once she told the driver where to go, she put her hand in my lap, searching for my penis. It got hard real quick and, before I knew it, she unzipped my pants and took it out. “Oh! That’s nice,” she murmured. The next thing I knew, she bent down and engulfed my flesh in her mouth, sucking and licking, moaning all the while.

I could see the driver in the rearview mirror and saw that he knew exactly what was going on. She stopped several times to keep me from cumming, lifting up to tongue kiss me.

When we got to the hotel, she asked the driver to drop us off a the side entrance, she handed him a twenty and started to ask for change but I told her to let him keep it. He’d already had a show but nine bucks was fair for having been professional during all the distractions.

Nikki went around to Alerxi’s side and helped him out, draping his arm over her shoulder. I walked behind and saw him cup her buttocks with his hand as if he’d done it countless times before.

We went to a bank of elevators and Nikki used a key card to open the door, then swiped it before punching the button for the next to last floor on top.

I’ve lived in Vegas most of my life and knew all about the VIP suites in various hotels. But this was the first time I ever entered one. It was awesome. A huge foyer leading into a large sitting room, through another door into the master bedroom with an unbelievable bathroom and a full view of The Strip.

After settling Alexi into a chair, she came over to me, lifted up on her toes and began to French kiss me while unbuttoning my shirt and pants. In no time at all, she had stripped me naked and smiled when looking at my six inch hardon. She had me lie down on my back on the bed while she quickly removed her clothes.

Nikki wasn’t a model but she had the body of an athlete. Full breasts, a small bulge at her tummy, and a small vee of pubic hairs between her thighs. It was clear that her red hair was natural.

She quickly got onto the bed and engulfed my flesh with her mouth. She was good and I had to work to keep from blowing a load. I used a trick a guy had taught me several years before by keeping my sphincter muscles loose.

Once she felt that I was ready, she moved up, straddled me, and lowered herself onto my erection, moaning in satisfaction. She then worked herself up and down and in a circle, getting the full pleasure out of my cock inside of her.

All the while this was going on, I kept glancing over to Alexi. It was surprising how quickly he went from a drunken sot to alertly watching us get it on in the bed. So, it didn’t surprise me that when Nikki let out loud moans and groans of orgasm that he stood up and began to take off his clothes. What did surprise me that under his pants he was wearing a garter belt and seamed stockings. He also had an impressive cock for his size, equal to if not bigger than mine.

He came over to the bed and Nikki moved off, asking if I would eat her pussy. When she positioned herself, Alexi knelt on the bed and began to give me a blowjob.

I’ve had a few bj’s in my life but none like that! He knew how to do things with his lips, tongue, and mouth that I never even thought of. As hard as I tried, it didn’t take long before I exploded my jizm into his eager mouth. He didn’t stop until he’d swallowed the final drop and sat back on his haunches smiling.

Nikki spoke up. “Can my father fuck you in the ass?”

I was more than ready for it and watched in anticipation as Nikki went down on her father to get him moist in preparation of entering me. It was only when she moved away and Alexi positioned himself, my legs uplifted against his shoulders that I realized what she’d said. Alexi was her father!

Alexi’s cock was just the right size to enter my hole without hurting me. As every inch of it went in, I felt myself filling up with fantastic flesh. Alexi started slowly, but built up speed a little at a time until he was frantically fucking me, his balls banging against my ass. What surprised me was that I was getting another hard on, something that usually took an hour or so. All the while, Nikki was tight against her father’s back, muttering and urging him on.

Once she realized that I had an erection, she pushed between me and the bed, reaching back to guide my cock into the crack of her buttocks. Once I was positioned, the pushed as hard as she could to plunge me cock into her tightness, crying out in pleasure as I filled her. It was fantastic! As Alexi shoved his meat into me, it would plunge my shaft into Nikki. We were all grunting and moaning and gasping with pleasure. It took about five minutes until Nikki had a massive orgasm. That set me off and I spurted my hot juices into her, feeling it ooze over my flesh and onto my belly and balls. That fired Alexi off and I felt wave after wave of his cum spurting inside of me, spilling out my ass and down our legs.

It was only when Alexi and I softened that we moved to lie down on the bed, me on my back with Nikki slightly draped over me and her father snuggled against her back.

After some time, I didn’t have my watch so I had no idea how long it was, Nikki got up and led her father and me to the “bathing” area. Wow! In addition to the usual features, it had a large Roman tub with jets, a shower stall big enough to hold a party in with shower heads everywhere that could be adjusted to various settings, a door with a window into it showing a Scandanavian style sauna, and a completely separate area with an unobstructed view of The Strip and a generous sized hot tub.

Nikki turned on the tub and led us to the shower stall where we thoroughly washed and lathered each other. With his stockings removed, I noted that Alexi had almost no body hair.

After showering, we went to the hot tub without drying off, and settled in. Nikki left, returning shortly with a large tray. There were several bottles marked in Cyrillic letters, and an assortment of appetizers. Nikki explained that she’d ordered them from a local Russian restaurant. She explained that the bottles contained “Russian Elixer”, their natural version of Viagra that was more effective and without side effects.

I totally lost track of time and can’t begin to tell you what we did from then on. I only know that we must’ve done every position and combination possible and the “Elixer” sure as hell worked!

At last, simply too exhausted to go on, I staggered into the bathing area, took a long, steaming hot shower, and got dressed. Nikki and I exchanged email addresses and she told me that they were going to have a party in a few days and I was invited. I kissed both of them and left.

It was when I got downstairs and was looking to make sure I had cab fare that I found an envelope. On the outside, it said,

“Thank You”

bol’shoe spasibo;

Inside were ten crisp C-notes!

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