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Rest Stop Big Rig BJ

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I was online and horny as usual. Tonight I had posted a message on a gay cruising .org kindda site indicating that I wanted to suck a man’s cock really bad as soon as possible. My profile indicates that I am a bottom and that I love to suck cock. My profile pictures there of me in action reinforce that fact along with a couple of testimonials from men who I have been very well pleased with my abilities to pleasure men sexually.

My mouth had been literally watering for the taste of some cock and cum. I had been online for about 30 minutes when I got this email from someone I had never heard of and all it said was

“Need a BJ bad”. His online name was “Eagle”.

I messaged back and asked what I could do to help?

He said that he was “…at a rest stop on I-75 near Bradenton, FL and I haven’t had a BJ in over 3 weeks and it’s been a LOT longer than that since I had a really good one from somebody who knows how to do it.”

I thought to myself that this might be the real deal and a really big load of cum! And I LOVE swallowing hot cum! So, I asked him exactly where he was.

He replied “Just north of Bradenton (FL) at a rest stop. I have a seven inch cock and I REALLY need to have it sucked NOW!”

I replied “I know exactly where you are.”

Seven inches is a GREAT size and perfect for sucking and deep throating! I was getting very excited and really hard!

I asked him: “What kind of car are you in so I can park next to you and get in your car and suck you off when I get there?”

He said “I’m in a truck.”

I had to ask…’What kind of truck?”

He said “A blue Volvo.”

Then it dawned on me! This was a big rig! An 18 wheeler kind of truck! Now I was TOTALLY hot for his cock! I have always wanted to suck off a trucker at a rest stop! I was SO excited! He went on to tell me that he was in a big, light blue Volvo rig and was parked at the northbound Rest Stop north of the I-275 exit on I-75 and that he would be in the truck parking lot waiting for me. The truck would have the license plate “EAGLE” on the front.

The drive there is about 45 minutes from my house, but I figured it was worth driving that far for the opportunity to suck off a trucker in his rig! Besides, now I get to jerk off for the 45 minute ride and maybe flash some more truckers on my way to suck this one!

I got in my car and started driving north! The closer I got the more excited I became! I kept my cock out for the whole drive and paced every trucker I could find. I was wondering if any of them might be going to the same rest stop I was headed to.

My heart skipped a beat as I pulled into the rest stop parking lot and there across the parking lot in the truck section sat a big light blue Volvo rig! EAGLE was on the front bumper. I was really going to do this.

I got out of my car and walked across that big parking lot right up to the big blue truck. I was SO hot!! I walked right up to the truck and opened the door and climbed in! There was NO WAY that I was NOT going to suck this guy.

He was in the driver’s seat and without a word gingerly stood up and got into the sleeper bed as I climbed up into that big truck.

I followed him into the sleeper and sat down on the front edge of the bed as he lay down on his back and stripped his pants off!

DAMN this was exciting! His cock was at least six inches long and was already at about a half hard state of arousal and laying delectably straight up across his firm tummy almost touching his belly button. His cock had a beautiful arch to it. It was gorgeous. He took his shirt off too.

He was totally nude and beautiful! He put his hands behind his head, took a deep breath and just laid back. I thought “How cool is this…savor the moment. Take mental snapshots.”

I wasted no time in reaching over and holding his pretty cock in my hand. AAHHH it felt so good in my hand! I wriggled around until I was right between his legs just as I am when I’m eating my wife’s pussy.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. The eroticism of this beautiful cock, how delicious it felt in my hand and being in this awesome truck, in the middle of the Rest Stop parking lot, the motor humming…I just lowered my head to his cock and sucked him all the way down on the first stroke without another thought except for pleasuring him!

His cock felt so good in my mouth! It was sexy as hell being in the sleeper of this big rig sucking a REAL trucker’s cock! A REAL MAN’s Cock!

I thought to myself… “HA! The “Big Rig” is in my mouth…and rapidly growing into a really BIG, big rig!”

I sucked him slow and I sucked him fast. I sucked him deep down my throat until I could swallow the head and he could feel my throat muscles milking him.

He moaned his approval! That made me feel SO good! I LOVE knowing that my talents are appreciated.

I licked him from his big purple cockhead to his tight hairy balls. I licked the vein and the top side. I pumped his cock with my hand and with my mouth. I rubbed his cock all over my face.

Every time he was about to cum, I would squeeze the base of his cock tight and he would groan: OHHHYEAHHHHH…YESS…!”

When I squeezed his cock it got SO hard; I swear it was nearly nine inches long! He was squirming and actually jerking around on the bed and pumping my head with his hands as I continued sucking him!

I guess you could say he was “Skull-Fucking” me! The head of his cock went deep down my throat straight past the gag reflex with every stroke. I know the truck had to be rocking! Surly the whole world could hear him moaning his approval and encouragement. I hoped that they could.

After bringing him to the edge and back several times, I finally decided to let him cum. I sucked him as fast as I could from head to balls deep into my throat and all the way back out as fast as I could. Then I started stroking him with my hand as fast as I could while sucking as fast and as deep as I could.

He was actually yelling now! Or at least it seemed like it! His ass was coming off the bed with each stroke as he held tight to the back of my head with both hands. He pumped his sweet cock in and out of my more than willing mouth and throat.

I was so totally proud of myself. I didn’t care how much my jaws hurt, I wasn’t about to slow this down. Sometimes the pain is part of the pleasure.

I licked the head and even stuck the tip of my tongue into the slot just as he was about to cum! When I felt his cock start to pump, I let his first spurt cum into my mouth so I could taste it and then I went down to the base with my lips…I held him deep in my throat as he spasmed over and over and over! His body began jerking all over and he moaned incoherently as he began thrusting his cock upwards into my throat time after time!

I kept swallowing even long after he finished cumming! I held his cock down my throat as long as he could stand it…and then some…milking him with my throat muscles.

He eventually pulled me off of his cock and I rubbed it all over my face…then I engulfed his spent cock again…I stroked him several times…slowly…gently yet with a tight grip…he started getting rock hard again and thrusting into my throat again!

I licked his cock and then went down on him again. I pulled back off of it and then deep again several times very quickly. I felt him cumming in my mouth again!

I must have slowly stroked him and licked him and sucked him for another five minutes and as I made love to his cock, he moaned his approval over and over. Once again I rubbed his sweet cock all over my face and made sure it was clean all over.

I was very proud of this blowjob! I know that this 50+ yr old man had not cum twice in a row like that in years! At least it felt like twice…maybe it was just one long continuous climax!

I cleaned him up to make sure he didn’t even have to dry off. I licked his cock, his balls his, his stomach and inside his thighs. I even raised his legs up and lightly rimmed his asshole just to make sure. I know got it ALL.

As I let his cock slip from my mouth for the last time, I looked up and realized that the curtain of the sleeper had been open the whole time and so had the little nightlight in the sleeper.

The entire rest area had a clear view into the truck sleeper if they had happened to look that way. It was pretty busy there; it was about 8:30PM. Lots of cars and trucks were there.

As he lay there totally naked and unashamed, cock still at attention, I asked him “Has that curtain been open the whole time?”

He replied “Sure has. Close it on your way out.”

I said “Anybody in the whole place could have watched us.”

He smiled and said “Yep. Some did. Son, you ain’t got nutthin’ to be ashamed of. You oughtta be more proud of that blow job than I am! You oughtta sell tickets for folks to watch YOU in action! Hell, if I had to pay for a cocksucking like that I could never afford it!”

I licked my lips and thanked him for the opportunity to pleasure him. Once again I assured him that the pleasure was all mine.

It was a long walk back to my car across that big parking lot. For some reason it felt like everybody there was staring at me as I walked. I found myself smiling and hoping that they had all enjoyed the show. I was totally proud of myself!

I hope “Eagle” brings his big light blue Volvo truck back through Bradenton again real soon! THAT was way more than fun!

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