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Roughly Ridden

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“Didn’t your momma warn you about men like me?” Cal directed his question in a low heated voice. He leaned in over Haley’s red saddle horse that she was presently brushing down in the barn.

Haley looked over at him as coolly as she could and only for a moment. Inside, she was melting in her own fire to see him here and staring at her in that way.

She was hoping he would notice her today when she rode in across the back field wearing her tightest jeans and lowest cut lace shirt. She had chosen the outfit that would show off the most of her attributes as she and Blaze practiced their jumps in the back paddock. She had even worn her tall black riding boots with the tallest heels.

Quiet a many pair of male eyes had roved over her as she did her best to become one with the well muscled animal between her thighs. However, there was only one pair that she wanted to notice. Now here he was, in the back stall with her as she gave Blaze his rub down.

“When are you going to learn that I’m not afraid of you?” she answered him as coolly as she could when her whole body was tingling just being near him.

His jaw ticked slightly. He had not shaved today and the five o’clock shadow suited him. It made him look somewhat bed tussled and dangerous at the same time. When Haley’s hand reached over to brush the horses’ back, he caught it in his own.

Heat spread from her fingers in his directly to the growing heat developing inside her tight jeans. “Little girl, do you know what you are doing?” he warned. His thumb began to caress her palm even as his eyes stared cold daggers at her.

She blinked at him trying to look innocent. Of course she knew what she was doing, and from the looks of his current rage she was doing it well. “I don’t understand what you mean?”

He squeezed her hand harder, “yes you do.” The horse shifted nervously between the two of them. The tension was becoming a physical force inside the stall.

Haley’s pulse pounded in her throat, giving away her cool coy persona. Cal watched the pulse in the notch of her neck beat up against the delicate flesh there. For a moment he was fascinated by the small movement.

The rub down complete, Haley turned to exit the stall. “Are you feeling okay, Cal, you look a little flushed.” Her hips swayed purposefully seductive as she went for water for the stall.

Cal caught up with her right before she reached the outside of the barn. He pinned her to the wall in the corner of the tack room. Before her back had settled against the wood, one of his hands were cupping one full breast through the flimsy shirt. “I guess you can say I’m a little heated,” he replied as his thumb found her nipple and began stroking it into a hard point.

He watched her reaction to him for a moment. Her face remained a mask, but her eyes were growing dark with passion. It was all he needed. “Why don’t you let me show you,” his free hand took one of hers and guided it to his arousal hard and pressing against his pants.

The sudden contact made her blush. He was growing hard under her open palm, while his other hand worked her breasts into tingling pleasure.

Haley was too aroused to remain coy. She had wanted him too long and had tried too hard to find herself in this moment. When he leaned in and kissed her, she kissed him back just as hot and hard.

“God Haley,” he ground out against her lips before he lifted her onto the saddle resting on its rack beside them.

She placed her legs around his waist when he pressed between her thighs with his hips. Tongues began to mate heatedly, and his hands moved under her shirt to squeeze her breasts through her lace bra.

Their breathing was becoming labored as they explored each other with hands and tongues. After a few moments, he pulled back and held her at arms length. “Haley I’m going to fuck you now do you understand? Right here in this room, on this saddle, I’m going to fuck you until you know exactly why you should have stayed away from me in the first place.”

Haley looked at him, trying to regain focus inside of her heated brain. “What if I don’t want to stay away?” she almost didn’t recognize her own voice as she issued the challenge.

The response she got was a low growl as he set to work sucking at the pulse in her throat, that small throbbing that had started a larger throbbing of his own that he was now trying to control as it rested against her tightly clothed pussy.

“You’re going to stay away, Haley,” he warned her even as he removed the little lace shirt exposing an even flimsier lace bra. Her large breasts pressed out of the material perfect and plump. Again there was a groan as the bra was released leaving only soft skin and those two perfect mounds. His hands closed on them, kneading them hard.

Now it was Haley’s turn to moan. She arched her back, making her breasts press more fully into his large work worn hands. Her long hair fell down her back as she tilted her head back against the tack room wall. “Why?” she breathed the question in a sultry whisper. Her voice revealed how aroused she was becoming.

“Because,” Cal nipped at her chin, and let his hands slide into the back of her jeans. Fingers slid across a perfectly rounded ass and the edge of a small thong. “If you don’t stay away, then I’m going to do things to you that would make a whore weak in the knees.” To seal his threat, he dipped his head low and bit painfully at one swollen nipple.

He licked the pain with a soft hot tongue before sucking the bud into his mouth forcefully. His hands dug into her ass and jerked her forward onto the edge of the saddle she was sitting on sideways.

Haley had to grip the horn of the saddle and the back in order to keep from falling to the floor. She felt his arousal pressing into her hips from the new position and a new warm feeling growing in her stomach. Passion was quickly taking over her brain. Cal Smith was a man who could seep like poison into your entire system. Sexy, rugged, and completely dangerous she had wanted him from the first time she had seen him breaking horses at her father’s arena. Now, he was hers, and it was just as erotic as she had dreamed. “Show me,” she whispered as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He kissed her again. This time there was a firm possession about it that frightened Haley for a moment. As he sucked her tongue into his mouth, she felt cool air on her feet and realized he had removed her boots.

She decided to be bold and leaned in to unbutton his shirt. Cal let her remove the garment and touch his solid tanned chest. In the meantime he had unbuttoned her jeans and was now working his hand into her small panties.

Two fingers slid against the wet warm slit he found there. When he pressed them inside of her, he felt dizzy. Never had he felt such desire for one woman nor wanted so badly to be deep inside of one. He had to have her, and have her without apologies. Her challenging response was the final fuel he needed.

In one quick moment he jerked her jeans and panties free, then pressed his hands against her inner thighs opening them widely on the saddle. Once again she was forced to hold the edges of her perch.

The straw shifted softly when he fell to his knees in front of her. Without wasting time, he dipped his head into the hot tight pussy his fingers had just grazed. There was a sweetness to her that he needed to taste.

There was nothing gentle about his seduction. His mouth closed directly onto her clit and stroked it into a blaze of passion in an instant.

Haley wrapped her legs around his face instinctively as the tingles in her belly spread lower into the area that his mouth was feeding on with intensely. The feeling was almost painful his mouth so hard and firm against her most intimate place. The slight whiskers on his jaw rubbed the soft skin of her inner thighs. It was the most intense thing she had ever experienced. She found herself verbalizing this realization in the form or involuntary moans that she gave each time his bottom teeth scraped her sensitive bud.

It wasn’t long until his fingers joined his tongue. Two long fingers slid inside her tight wet pussy. The sensation made her jerk against his mouth. He was holding her at such an angle that she could not touch him, only hold to the saddle for dear life. She needed to touch him; she needed to feel more than this intimate kiss, and play of fingers.

Before she could voice this request, he changed tactics on her clit, and began pulling her in with long hard strokes that ended in several rapid sucks each time he pulled back. Haley felt her senses heightened, and screamed out as he release hit her fast and unexpectedly.

All reserve was gone. She rode his face then just as she had rode Blaze earlier that afternoon to get his attention. Her body’s needs had overridden her own brain and made her into the wanton animal that howled like a cat in heat and rode Cal’s face.

As she was coming down from her climax, Cal moved his position. Standing up, he let his jeans fall to the floor and his erection have full attention in the room.

He watched Haley staring at his throbbing cock as it jerked and grew to its fullest. “Touch me,” he whispered to her in a voice that did not ask but demand. He resumed his assault of her mouth. She could taste her own juices as her hand reached out and closed around him.

It was much bigger than she had imagined. The thought excited her and made her nervous at the same time. Steadily she began to stroke him. He let her for a few moments, his eyes staring intently into hers.

She could feel the ridges of veins in his cock. Her hand moving up and down his long shaft could have easily fit around him two times with room to spare. He was the largest endowed man she had ever seen naked.

Just as she was beginning a faster rhythm, he took her hand away. Gripping her knees, he pulled her legs open wide and high against his waist. Haley’s hands flew backwards to keep her from falling, and found a lead rope hanging from its hook. She held onto it for dear life as he lifted her hips and ran his large cock against her wet mound.

Two times he slid against her warm wet lips, and on the third he drove himself home. It was a hard forceful entrance that left her impaled onto him, buried to her hilt.

Her mouth formed an involuntary “O” as he took his first stroke deep inside.

The pace he sat was not gentle. He began as rough and savage as he had promised. Pain and pleasure from it all made Haley high with her own arousal.

Her rounded ass bounced up and down on the edge of the saddle as he fucked her faster than she had ever thought possible. The feeling was intense and maddening. Her breasts shook with each thrust until they were bouncing wildly between their sweating bodies.

Cal pressed her legs higher around him. He hooked his elbows under her knees and bore her harder into the edge of the red studded saddle. After a few hard strokes, he pushed her legs together and pressed them over one of his shoulders. This made her even tighter on his cock, and aroused an almost violent scream from Haley.

He smiled wickedly at her as he rode her as hard as any wild horse. The familiar tightening in his balls told him he was ready, but there was one more thing today he wanted to show his teasing cowgirl.

Just as fast as he had taken her, he pulled away from her. Haley dropped to the floor in a weakened heap, her knees unable to support her shaking legs. Cal followed close behind her placing her on all fours in the dirt and straw of the tack room floor.

She felt his thighs against the back of her own, as one of his hands stroked the crack of her ass. “Now, my little tease I will show you what really happens in the barn.”

He pressed her head close to the floor, and then pulled her hips higher in the air. In this way he took her once again from behind. This time his hands dug into her hips and pulled her up and down his cock.

Haley dug at the floor, gripping handfuls of straw. Never had she been taken so roughly nor by someone so large. It was making her crazy with passion and she doubted she would ever think of making love again without comparing it to this amazing rough fuck. He was hurting her. His large cock bounced in and out against her cervix causing ripples of deep pleasure she had never felt before. At the same time he had stretched her so much that she knew she would bleed afterwards. It was a pain that she was finding intensely pleasurable.

Her breasts began rubbing against the floor as he pressed her upper body even further to the floor. His climax was building, and he began to fuck her in long slow hard strokes. Her hair fell into her face, and rubbed the floor. On one particularly hard stroke her forehead scraped the floor as well. She knew now that she was completely his.

A hand came down and smacked her bare ass forcefully. More pain with pleasure. His red hand print on her smooth white ass excited him beyond control and he spanked her again and again as he began to cum.

She cried out each time his hand came down to spank her sensitive ass. When the first tear came, he screamed with her and she felt the warmth of his cum going deep inside of her well fucked pussy.

He reached in and stroked her clit fast with his fingers as he pumped more and more cum into her. Soon, he felt her jerk against his hand and the familiar tightening and rocking of her own climax milked the last of his own seed free.

Juices from their passion ran down her inner thigh as he collapsed his body on top of her own for a moment. He had to catch his breath and regain his senses. A trail blanket had fallen to the floor, and he pulled it near him. Rolling on top of it, he pulled her up with him. Taking her hair, he guided her head down towards his slackened cock. “Clean me,” he ordered her even as he forced her head to do his bidding.

Her tongue came out of the warm bud of mouth he had kissed moments before. She began licking their juices from him in long clean strokes. His hands held her there until cock and balls were clean of their juices and growing hard again.

Cal smiled at his new obedient tease. He was going to enjoy teaching her these things immensely. She tried to move her head from his groin. “No,” he said and held firm to her hair, “Now suck me.”

Haley bent to her work, taking the freshly cleaned cock into her mouth as far as it would go. This new forcefulness was exciting to her. She was going to enjoy these meetings, and learning things that real ladies weren’t supposed to know.

It was only the beginning.

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