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All Natural

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Hello. I’ve been hoping for a chance to tell you this story. My name is Andre, and I’m a city planner for a small town out west. I love my job, but every now and then I need a major break from the pressure. Maybe you know the feeling. What works best for me is to get out into the wilderness, where the loudest noise is the breeze in the pine boughs, and time runs much more slowly.

The local community center has a bulletin board where people sign up for hiking trips. I enjoy going out in a small group, where I can meet new people. The people that go on these excursions are usually very laid-back, contemplative types, but there are exceptions.

I signed up for a trip to Bishop’s Crater, which is a big volcanic formation, not tall enough to be considered a mountain by western U.S. standards, but a good day’s hike. On the appointed day, we gathered in the center’s parking lot well before sunrise, quietly drinking coffee out of thermoses. We were listening to the faraway call of the Amtrak train, and other occasional, solitary sounds that are normally hidden by the daytime din of the city.

We had agreed to carpool for the two hour trip to the trailhead. Some might say we were conserving energy and saving the earth from global warming or global cooling or whatever, but just between you and me, we only wanted some company during the long drive.

I wound up sharing an SUV belonging to Ralph Klemperer, a high school math teacher who was also the designated leader for our expedition. With us rode the Carleton twins, Donna and Shawna, who were shy young high school gals, blond and a little tomboyish, wearing green and yellow baseball caps respectively. They had apparently taken one of Ralph’s algebra classes. We made our way quickly through the city, which was fast asleep on a pre-dawn Sunday morning and offered little resistance in the way of traffic. Soon we were on the highway to the mountains.

Before long we were riding up into the foothills, where an occasional dwelling looked forlorn in the light of the waning moon. The twins didn’t seem too talkative, so Ralph gave us a little presentation about the upcoming hike, and then asked whether we would mind if he put on some classical music. None of us minded, so he put on a symphony that he said was conducted by a distant relative of his. We listened as we watched the dark scenery around us begin to acquire mysterious highlights of gray.

We gained elevation steadily, and soon we saw nothing but trees around us. Around the time the sun began to come up, the road grew narrower and twistier, and the progress was slower. But after another 45 minutes, we pulled off the road into an unpaved parking lot where a sign said “Bishop’s Crater Trailhead.” The red dome of the crater peeped above the forested hills around us. We were the first to arrive, but after another 15 minutes, the other two vehicles had arrived and we were ready to hike.

We made a round of introductions. In addition to myself, Ralph and the twins, there were Mattie and Lucille, two grandmotherly types; Arnie and Heather Thompson and their young boys, Evan and Peter; Leonard, a weatherbeaten old fellow who was a regular on these journeys and had evidently been a serious mountaineer in earlier times; and last but not least, Amy and Josie. Amy and Josie were buddies, and they could have been in their 30s — it was hard to tell, because whatever they were, they were both vivacious and in fine shape. Josie, the taller of the two, was particularly blessed with luscious hips and bosom, and when she introduced herself to me, it seemed like her smile was just a notch too bright for the circumstances. I’m six feet tall and fit. I have curly black hair with just a little gray around the temples. Evidently I met with her approval.

The sun was all the way up by now, and bright shafts of sunlight fell through the gaps between the tall pine and fir trees. The temperature was rising. I left my coat in the car, staying with my green T shirt, hiking shorts and boots. Josie asked me, “Do you think it will be hot today?,” and I answered in the affirmative. She gave me the too-bright smile again and pulled her Steely Dan sweatshirt over her head, leaving her dressed in a turquoise sports bra and a short denim skirt. The sports bra looked sturdy; it would have to be, because her breasts were bountiful indeed, and looked like they wanted to escape confinement.

We both donned our day packs and headed up the trail with the others. The Thompson family took off like a pack of racehorses, leaving the rest of us to hike at a more leisurely pace up the trail through the woods. The air was dry and motionless; the loudest sound was the light crunching of our boots against the trail, and the occasional faint whirring of a hummingbird going by. Ralph and Leonard went first, followed by Mattie and Lucille, who despite their years were quite spry. Bringing up the rear were myself, Amy, Josie, and the twins. The twins frequently stopped to examine things along the trail, like a purple patch of Lupines that extended up the hill to the left of us. Perhaps they were budding naturalists. At any rate, they began to lag behind.

Amy wore sunglasses and a broad-brimmed hat over her short dark hair, to protect her fair complexion. Josie on the other hand was hatless and tanned, with a hint of rose in her neck and shoulders, like she had overdone a recent exposure to the sun. Her shoulder-length hair was wavy and café au lait in color. After a few minutes on the trail, We began to chat. Josie said she was on vacation from Wisconsin. I told her that I had gone to school in Madison, and that Wisconsin was a lovely state, but it had no mountains worth mentioning. Josie gave me a haughty smile, and then conceded the point. The ladies began cheerfully grilling me about my background, my job, and what have you, and in retrospect I now realize that they very casually extracted from me the information that I was single. Soon thereafter Amy announced her intention to catch up to the others ahead of us, leaving me to walk the trail with Josie, with the twins dawdling somewhere down the hill.

Josie reached both her arms up to adjust the shoulder straps on her pack, causing her breasts to strain mightily against her sports bra. “So, Andre,” she said, continuing to adjust her straps, “you really go for this nature stuff, don’t you?”

“I guess you could say that,” I replied, trying not to stare. Those straps just wouldn’t seem to adjust properly. We were crossing a broad meadow, and a stream was gurgling somewhere just out of sight. High overhead, a Red-Tailed Hawk was gliding majestically, patiently waiting to spot his prey on the ground below.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Josie asked, shooting me a mischievous grin.

“Sure,” I replied, perhaps a bit apprehensively.

“I’m 100% natural myself,” she said, the grin growing ever more mischievous. The stream was visible now, at the far side of the meadow. We walked a little further, through a blaze of red-orange Indian Paintbrush flowers on either side of the trail.

“Natural how?” I inquired. The trail had reached the edge of the stream, and now turned to follow it uphill, out of the meadow and back into the trees. The shade was pleasantly cool. Josie stepped a little closer to me and took my arm as we walked.

“I mean,” she said with the warmest of smiles, “in my personal grooming.” I must have looked a bit inquisitive. “I don’t shave, is what I mean. Do you like that?”

I realized what she meant and swallowed. “Yes, I guess I do.” I glanced over my shoulder to make sure the twins were not in earshot. They were nowhere to be seen. The trail was empty ahead of us as well.

Josie squeezed my arm and smiled some more. “So, hairy women excite you?”

I allowed myself to smile back, saying, “Yes, I’ll have to confess that they do.”

“There now, doesn’t it feel good to confess?” She licked her smiling lips for emphasis.

We had reached a flat stretch of trail. “Hang on a second,” said Josie, and as we came to a halt, she reached for me, pulling me down to kiss her. She opened her mouth wide, her tongue gliding lazily over mine. My cock sprang to attention. The kiss continued, sweet and so voluptuous. Meanwhile, she took my hand and guided it up under her skirt, placing it upon her panties. Her panties were decidedly wet, and the natural wonder beneath them felt swollen under my hand. She kissed me harder, moving her hips provocatively.

Just then I heard the sound of the twins in the distance, quietly discussing something as they advanced up the trail. I saw disappointment in Josie’s eyes as I broke off the kiss and whispered, “We’ll get in trouble.”

“Really?” she asked, with an ironic grin. “Go ahead,” she said, “I’ll catch up to you in a second.” I shrugged lightly and continued around a bend in the trail. A moment later Josie caught up with me again and put something in my hand. It was her burgundy-colored panties. I looked back, and not seeing the twins, I pressed the wet panties to my face, then turned to Josie to see her smiling eagerly. The pine-laced mountain air was mixed with the scent of Josie’s pussy in my nostrils as I placed the panties in my pocket. Then we continued to hike.

I tried to make conversation with Josie as I hiked awkwardly along with a full erection. The trail diverged from the creek, and climbed a ridge to the left. Up ahead, we saw Mattie and Lucille resting on a log along the trail. I hoped that they were too old to notice the bulge in my pants. If they noticed, they were too polite to show it, and they waved cheerily at us as we passed them. As we got about forty yards further up the trail, we could hear Donna and Shawna catching up to the two elderly ladies, and they sounded like they had stopped to engage in a conversation. Their voices faded into the distance as we continued onward.

Before long we came to a shady stretch of trail with some big fir trees alongside it. Grinning, Josie darted off the trail behind a big tree. I followed her around it and saw her standing with her face flushed, her sports bra pulled up over her fabulous breasts, and her fingers pinching her big nipples. I stood in front of her and watched, as she looked back at me and smiled broadly. Finally I stepped forward to kiss her again, and as our tongues met in a wet greeting she guided my hand once again up under her skirt. Her now-naked pussy was sopping, and I could feel her abundant pubic hair tickling my wrist as I traced her opening with my fingertips. She broke free from our incendiary kiss to whisper to me, “Would you like to see?” I nodded.

Locking her eyes to mine, she leaned back against the fir tree and unzipped the zipper which ran up the front of her denim skirt. Her legs were slightly bent and her thighs parted, so as she parted her skirt I could see her plump pussy lips and big, swollen clit, with her chestnut-colored bush spilling down the tops of her damp thighs. She smiled wickedly, and slowly, very slowly dipped her second finger into her cunt, after which she slowly,slowly teased her clit with it. I was beside myself with lust, when we once again heard voices approaching from down the hill. “Damn!” I said softly.

Reluctantly, Josie covered herself, then stepped forward to give me another quick and passionate kiss. As she did so, she squeezed my rigid cock through my pants, moaning wistfully. We stepped back out onto the trail as the voices came closer from down the hill.

We didn’t talk at all now, we just trudged along in an agitated state of unslaked lust. Josie noticed I was walking uncomfortably and gave my bulging pants a knowing look. Then she put one hand up under her skirt and brought it back out again to sensuously insert two fingers, drenched with pussy juice, into my hungry mouth. I didn’t want her to take them out. Up ahead, I could hear the stream again, and as we came around a bend in the trail, a lovely waterfall came into view. It roared melodiously as we approached it. An idea was forming in my mind. “Let’s go over and have a closer look,” I said.

We clambered down some rocks to the creek-bed, and made our way along the stream until we reached the little pool at the bottom of the falls. Again we precariously traversed some rocks to get to the falls itself, and as I had suspected, the years of erosion had hollowed out a little cave behind the tumbling waters. “Follow me,” I said. “Carefully. It’s slippery.” We passed through a cloud of spray from the falls and came safely through on the other side, behind the curtain of falling water. The sunlight was filtered by the roaring cascade, producing subdued, romantic lighting in our little retreat. There was an ethereal, refreshing mist in the air. “I think we might have some privacy here,” I said.

“You think so?” said Josie, grinning from ear to ear. She found a comfortable patch of mossy ground and sat down. Then, seductively, she began to remove her clothing, starting with her day pack, then the hiking boots and socks, then the sports bra, and finally the skirt. She struck a provocative pose and began to stroke her inner thighs with both hands. As she was undressing, I had taken my camera out of my pack. She saw me do it, and offered no objection. In fact, when I began aiming it at her as she reached full nakedness, it seemed to inspire her to put on more of a show. Her legs were splayed obscenely. One hand was teasing a nipple, and the other was teasing her clit, and she was all smiles.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I put the camera away, and began to remove my own clothing. The hiking shorts were the last to go; when my cock jumped into view, Josie purred, “Ooh! I love it!” As I approached her patch of moss, she rose to her knees, and I dropped to mine. I took her in my arms, giving her a passionate kiss, feeling her big tits push against my chest. She seized my cock with both hands and stroked it with exquisite slowness as our kiss continued. Then she broke the kiss and said in a deep, husky voice, “What would you like me to do for you?”

That was an easy one. “I’d like you to cum in my mouth,” I replied.

Josie giggled and said, “I should warn you that I squirt when I cum.”

“In that case, I’d really like you to cum in my mouth.”

“Do I get to have you cum in my mouth, too?” She continued her maddening caress of my cock.

“Sure, why not.”

“I hope you have a lot of cum for me.”

“I’m sure I do, after all that teasing you’ve been giving me.”

“What do you mean, teasing! I was ready to fuck you right there on the trail!”

“Well, we don’t want to corrupt any minors, now, do we?”

“Speak for yourself,” Josie rejoined with a grin.

“Lie down,” I said.

She did. I paused for a moment to admire her. Her breasts were big and soft, with her nipples jutting up. She had wide, womanly hips and ample thighs, which were spread to expose her thick, rose-colored pussy lips and clit, all framed by an abundant corona of wet pubic hair. There was nothing childish about this woman; I wanted to devour her.

However, I decided to delay my gratification just a little longer. I straddled her waist and began to knead her soft breasts with my hands, feeling the rough texture of her nipples against my palms, letting my cock rub against her belly. Then I rose to my knees and began to rub my cock and balls all over her tits. She moaned and tried to capture my cock between them, and I finally let her do it for just a moment. I thrust my cock between them a few times, and then backed away so that I might take one nipple and then another in my mouth, sucking and then nipping them. Josie responded by wrapping her legs around my back and rubbing her wet cunt against my belly. I knew at that moment that I had to have that cunt in my mouth.

I moved down between Josie’s legs, admiring her lovely pussy from close range, and began to lap up the pussy juice from her inner thighs. She moaned softly and began slowly bucking her hips. Her cunt smelled hot and exciting. I began to tease her labia with my tongue, and then I dragged it along her opening and inserted it deep into her core, reveling in her taste. Josie put both hands on my head, pulling me close, and began to grind her pussy against my face. I opened my mouth wide and captured her clit, lazily caressing it with my tongue, as her hip motion became more urgent. But I didn’t want her to cum just yet.

I rose to my feet and helped her to her knees. In a flash she was rubbing her face against my cock and balls, inhaling my scent. “Oh, you don’t know how much I want to taste your big cock,” she whispered hoarsely, and then my cock was in her mouth, in her throat, in fact, and Josie was sucking it with real hunger. It was a most blissful sensation, and I felt an orgasm building, so I took my cock away from her. “Wait!” she cried, “I want your cum in my mouth!”

“You’ll get your turn, gorgeous — I’ll let you taste it soon,” I promised, and pushed her back down on the moss.

“Hold on,” she said. “You lie down.” She said it with such authority that I did not hesitate. I lay on my back, idly stroking my cock, and she stood above me with her big smile before stepping closer. She looked down at me, licked her lips, and then slowly straddled my face. She began to rub her cunt all over my mouth, moaning little incoherent instructions to me as I alternated between sucking her big clit and thrusting my tongue up into her, letting her fuck my face. I opened my eyes for a moment, and I could see her fingers working her nipples. Now she was trying to slow herself down, her hip motions becoming stronger and more deliberate. But then she began to speed up again. She was losing control. I heard her say, “I’m gonna cum soon… I’m gonna cum in your mouth… are you ready?” I groaned with pleasure. She groaned louder in response, and thrust her pussy against my wide-open mouth once, twice, three times, and then on the fourth time she gushed. As I frantically tried to lap up every drop, Josie made a sound like a lady cat in a romantic mood, with her hips trembling. Then she gasped, “Remember, you promised me lots of cum,” and turned around into the 69 position.

We fit together perfectly. I could adore every fold and crevice of her gaping, swollen cunt with my mouth and tongue, and she was swallowing my cock to the hilt, letting it stifle her passionate cries. I wanted this to go on forever, but I could not ignore the fact that my orgasm was approaching like a runaway train. I began to moan with lust and thrust my cock into her mouth, letting her know what was in store, and we sucked each other with ever-greater passion until I began to spurt copiously into her mouth. Within seconds she drenched my face with another gusher of cum, as I continued with spasm after spasm of my own.

After some time had passed, she rolled off me onto the moss. “That was delicious,” she said, “I could do that all day.” Josie leaned over to take my cock in her mouth one more time, in case she had missed any of my semen. Then she said, “we’d better catch up, or they’ll call for a search party.”

“Oh — right,” I replied. We dressed hurriedly, kissed slowly, and then made our way back up to the trail.

Having satisfied our cravings for the moment, we hiked vigorously and made good time. After ten minutes we emerged from the trees and started up a cinder trail along the side of the crater. To the left was its big, red, treeless dome, and below us to the right was the valley through which we had driven that morning. The cloudless sky was immaculate, except for some unfortunate tendrils of smog creeping up into the valley from the urban area below it. In the distance a commercial jet sketched a gradual trail across the heavens.

We could see what appeared to be Mattie and Lucille a few hundred yards ahead, and we gained quickly on them. They were relieved to learn that they were not the slowest hikers, and we were relieved to learn that we wouldn’t have to come up for some explanation for being separated from the rest of the expedition. As a result, we got along famously with the elderly gals, and thirty minutes later we were coming up on the crater’s rim, under the dizzying blue vault of the mountain sky.

The trail circled around some big rocks, and then we were walking along the top of the crater. We saw the rest of our party in the distance, relaxing in the shade of some more rocks and eating their lunches. As we approached, we heard Leonard call out to us, “Howdy, slowpokes!” We smiled and waved to him. Amy gave us a knowing smirk. We took our places among our fellow hikers and extracted our lunches from the day packs. Little Evan and Peter were running about indefatigably, while their parents relaxed with the rest of us. As we ate, Donna and Shawna surprised us by becoming very talkative about the wildflowers they had seen.

Donna, in the green cap, said, “We saw six kinds of wildflowers. I think the flowers out here in the woods are more beautiful than the flowers in the city.” Shawna, in the yellow, added, “Yes, out here they are not just something added to take the edge off the city. Out here they are a primal force.” Donna affirmed, “Right, they’re a primal force. That’s what makes them so cool.”

After lunch, we strolled around the rim of the crater for a few minutes. Butterflies with wings like golden stained-glass windows played among the volcanic rocks. In the distance we could see real mountains on three sides of us, massive snowy crags. I discreetly asked Josie whether Amy had deliberately left us alone on the trail. “Oh, definitely!” Josie laughed. “She knows I’ve gone a long time without tasting a man.” She paused, and shot me a conspiratorial look. “Of course, I may have tasted her a few times.” I raised my eyebrows and grinned.

Ralph was rounding everyone up for the return trip, so we assembled and started down the trail. Again the Thompsons took the lead, followed by Ralph and Leonard who were inveterate outdoorsmen. The rest of us proceeded down the path in a loose gaggle. We made better time going downhill, and in about 15 minutes we had left the slope of the cinder cone and headed into the woods, where the shade offered welcome relief from the mid-day heat. Our gaggle began to disperse somewhat.

I was walking along somewhere in the middle of the group when Amy maneuvered her way to my side. “So, you and Josie sort of took your time coming up the hill, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied.

“Did you encounter any… wildlife on your way up?”

I chose to ignore the possibility of a double entendre. “Well, we saw a Red-Tailed Hawk.”

Amy took off her sunglasses to reveal dazzling green eyes, which she pointed in my direction. “I actually meant something more… earthy.”

I hesitated. “You don’t mean Josie, do you?”

Amy snickered and said, “That’s exactly who I mean.”

“I guess so, then,”

“Well, you know what it says in the song: ‘she prays like a Roman with her eyes on fire.'”

“Really? It says that? I guess I don’t know that song,” I admitted, “but maybe I catch your drift anyway.”

Just at that moment Josie, who had gotten ahead of us, came walking back up the hill. “Andre, I’ve got something I want to show you,” she called to me. As we walked to meet her, she continued, “There’s some really nice wildflowers off the trail over there,” pointing up the hill to the side of the trail. Amy just smirked again and walked on without us, as we left the path to see the wildflowers.

“They changed the carpool arrangements,” said Josie, as we climbed up the hill. “Ralph and Leonard want to go shoot pool when we get back, so you’ll be riding back with Amy and me.” She grinned. “I’ve got plans for you.”

“You don’t say,” I replied, grinning back. We came to the top of the hill, and a little clearing was visible on the other side.

We advanced to the middle of a patch of pale purple anemones, and she stopped to embrace me. “I want to keep you warmed up in the meantime,” she said, giving me a luxurious kiss. The pressure of her tits against my chest was arousing. As the kiss continued, I could feel her fingers expertly undoing my belt and unzipping my pants. Then she lowered herself to her knees and freed my rigid cock.

Just then we heard a light giggle coming from the edge of the clearing. There stood Donna and Shawna, evidently on their own hunt for wildflowers. They were staring at us with embarrassed grins.

I couldn’t see any graceful way out of this situation. Josie simply looked over at them and said, “Hello, ladies.” Then she very deliberately took my cock deep in her mouth. One moment I was casting a panic-stricken glance at the twins, and the next I was closing my eyes in ecstasy as Josie worked her magic on my member. I began to move my hips involuntarily, wanting more and more from her mouth, when she stopped. “Hold on, there, cowboy,” she said. “Like I said, I’ve got plans for you.” I opened my eyes and the twins were gone. I pulled up my shorts and we returned to the path, with some difficulty in my case due to my throbbing erection.

The sun was approaching the western horizon when we finally came marching down to the parking lot at the end of the trail. The shadows of the trees had grown long again, and the stillness seemed more sanctified. The Thompson family had left, taking Mattie and Lucille. The twins, who greeted Josie and I very casually, climbed into Ralph’s SUV and drove off with him and Leonard, leaving Josie, Amy and I to ride in Amy’s Grand Cherokee. The three of us removed the hiking boots from our weary feet, and then got into the vehicle; I took the shotgun position, while Amy took the wheel and Josie got into the back seat.

We set off down the road. There was an ice chest in the back, and Josie poured cups of cold passion fruit juice. Amy asked with mock concern, “Is this juice organic?” “Hell if I know,” snorted Josie. After we were refreshed, she leaned forward between the bucket seats, brandishing a bag of reefer that she had extracted from her purse. “This is organic,” Josie announced. She rolled a joint, lit it up, and began to pass that around, too. The Grand Cherokee filled with the spicy fragrance. Soon we were sailing down the highway, euphoric from the day’s exercise and some fine herb.

I saw something out of the corner of my eye, and turned to see Josie pulling her sports bra over her head. She looked at me to make sure I was watching, and then she took her tits in her hands, flaunting them. She pulled her right nipple to her mouth and began to nibble on it. I should mention that smoking reefer never fails to make me horny. Watching Josie play with her magnificent tits was making my cock so hard I could hardly stand it.

Amy had noticed through the rear view mirror what was going on. “Andre,” she purred, “are you going to let poor Josie just sit back there all alone? That’s not very gentlemanly.” Josie grinned and brought her knees up to her tits. Since her panties were still in my pocket after all this time, it gave me a new glimpse of her hairy cunt, which glistened with her juices. Amy reached over and laid her hand casually upon my crotch, feeling my cock straining against my shorts. “Come on, help her out.”

I liked the way Amy’s hand felt. “Are you sure I should?” I asked, as I undid my belt buckle and slid my shorts down to my knees. Amy seized my cock and stroked it salaciously. I didn’t want her to stop, but she did. “Absolutely,” she said.

I slid my shorts the rest of the way off, undid my seat belt, and then clambered awkwardly between the front bucket seats into the back. Josie cooed in delight, and caught my cock with her hands as I tumbled onto the seat. I gave her a slow, wet kiss as she stroked my member, and then I demanded, “Show me your pussy.” She smiled and lay sideways across the seat with her knees together, while she unzipped her skirt and pulled it off. Then, watching my face, she slowly parted her thighs, revealing the wet, fleshy folds of her cunt, with the soaked pubic hair tousled all around them. Despite the cramped quarters I managed to lower my face and rub my mouth, nose and cheeks all over her pussy until they were soaking wet, as Josie murmured her encouragement. I put my hands under ass, lifting it up a little. Then I extended my tongue as far as I could and began to probe the inside of her, finding the places that made her moan. I slowly dragged it out and up until I closed my mouth around her clit, french-kissing it. I thought I might cum just from her hot taste and aroma.

“It smells good back there,” said Amy from the driver’s seat.

“Oh, it is good,” said Josie.

There was a sudden series of bumps in the road, causing me to lose my balance and fall against the seat. I looked up and saw that Amy had pulled the vehicle off the highway on to an unpaved logging road, and she gradually brought it to a halt. Amy leaned towards us between the seats, smiling sweetly, and said “Don’t mind me. Just keep doing what you’re doing.” I told her I couldn’t because of the cramped quarters. I straightened my back and knelt facing Josie across the seat, and began to slowly jack off my cock. “Take a look at that beautiful cock, Amy,” said Josie, as her fingers found her clit. “Can you imagine what it tastes like?”

“Yes, I have been imagining it,” said Amy. “Let me make a suggestion. Why don’t you get out for a second, and I’ll put the back seat down?” We agreed to do that, and we stood on the road, naked or near-naked, while Amy created a more comfortable space in the back. I took the opportunity to strip off my T-shirt. Amy spread out a sleeping bag over the flat surface in the back of the Grand Cherokee, and all three of us climbed back there. “Now, why don’t we just smoke another jay?” said Amy.

“You’re full of suggestions, aren’t you?” said Josie with a grin, and produced another joint from her purse. We sat cross-legged in a little circle on the sleeping bag and passed around the herb, Josie and I buck naked, Amy demurely dressed in a cotton blouse and cut-off jeans. Sometimes weed has a dank, spicy taste that reminds me of pussy, and this was one of those occasions. As the joint made the rounds, I lazily stroked my cock. I could see that Josie and Amy both liked this.

Josie spoke. “Amy, take off your pants.” Amy smiled and obediently unzipped her cut-offs, lifted her butt a little to scoot them down, and then pulled them off and put them to the side. She was wearing some lacy white panties. Josie took a deep toke from the joint, passed it to me, exhaled, and then said, “Look, Andre.” She reached over to Amy’s crotch and gradually pulled her panties aside, revealing first a glimpse of Amy’s elegant bush of jet-black hair, and then her delectable pussy. “See, Andre, she’s a ‘natural woman’ too.”

I gasped aloud. I don’t know what it is about seeing a woman’s panties pulled to the side like that. It made Amy’s pussy look so inviting. I could see that it was wet. I passed the joint to Amy, and she inhaled deeply. At the same time Josie, who was still holding Amy’s panties aside with one hand, reached over with her other hand and gently probed Amy’s pussy with her fingers, and then slid two of them deep inside her. Holding the smoke in her lungs, Amy smiled more broadly, and her eyes rolled up a little.

Josie pulled her fingers out, and offered them to my mouth. “What do you think?” she asked.

I sucked them greedily. “Ooh, that is good,” I replied.

“You’ll get more of a taste later on, I promise. But right now, you and I have some unfinished business, don’t we?”

I grinned. “Yes, I believe we do.”

That was some powerful weed. I was starting to feel higher than that Red-Tailed Hawk I had seen that morning. In the stillness of the mountains, every sound, in fact every sensation seemed magnified. Josie lay down on her back. My attention was riveted on her big, exciting breasts, her fingers playing restlessly upon her nipples. I was fascinated by their movement. I wanted to be those fingers. I advanced toward her across the sleeping bag and lowered my mouth to her left nipple. The nipple’s rough texture against my tongue was thrilling. Then my lips and her nipple were joined by her fingers, welcome visitors. I wanted to suck them, too. But they brought something extra — the hot, luscious, compelling taste of her pussy juice. A wave of desire swept over me. I felt an immense craving for Josie’s cunt.

“Andre,” I heard Josie say. I looked at her face; she smiled at me with a slightly glazed look, and whispered, “I’m so hot for you.” I saw her reach down between her thighs; her hand invaded the the glistening valley of her bush, and then slowly traveled back to me. As I watched it approach, I caught a whiff of her exciting scent. I opened my mouth in anticipation.

Her taste could not have been more thrilling. It seemed terribly urgent that I get between Josie’s thighs. I crawled there on my belly, placing my hands under her ass, and drew her pussy to my mouth. I heard the sounds of two feminine voices, moaning their approval. My tongue traveled everywhere, inside, outside, and then around and around as I sucked her clit. I felt her buttocks begin to contract rhythmically as her hips rocked up and down. From far away I heard Josie’s voice say, “Andre.. are you ready… are you ready…” and then there was a torrent of womanly nectar splashing over my face as I lapped hungrily at her cunt.

I heard Josie speaking again. “I need you to fuck me, Andre!” Of course. Nothing could be more perfect than to fuck Josie now. I looked up and saw Amy, who had taken off her blouse and bra and was sitting there in her panties with an excited smile, pinching her own nipples. She silently mouthed the words to me, “Fuck her, Andre.” I got to my knees and lifted Josie’s legs up over my shoulders. I began to rub my cock head lovingly against her clit. Josie was moaning and laughing in a low, sensual voice. As if in slow motion, I pushed my cock centimeter by centimeter into Josie’s exquisite cunt, until it could go no deeper. Then time seemed to stop as I began to fuck her.

Josie strained her hips upwards to meet my thrusts, while her hands roughly massaged her tits. She would stare me in the eyes for a moment with a lustful smile, and then her eyes would close and her mouth would hang open as her cunt contracted around the full length of my cock. Amy leaned slightly toward her, whispering “Yes… yes, Josie!”

Josie’s voice, soft but commanding: “Amy, take off your panties.” I heard the rustling sound of the panties coming off, along with the wet sounds of Josie’s pussy being invaded by my cock. Amy was smiling in an otherworldly sort of way as she shed the last of her clothing. “Amy, come and sit on my face. Oh, it’s gonna be good. I’m gonna eat you so good. But… but Amy… when Andre is ready to cum, I need you to move aside.”

Amy obeyed without saying a word, mounting Josie’s mouth with a gasp of pleasure. I watched her back arch toward me as she rode Josie’s face. I listened to the music of their ecstatic cries, harmonizing with my own. As I continued to drive my cock into Josie’s luscious cunt, I knew they were both cumming, but I just wanted to keep thrusting into the hot, wet, magical grip of Josie’s pussy, which just kept feeling better and better, and then even better, and then I knew I was about to cum. I cried out to Josie that it was going to happen, and I saw Amy quickly rise and move to the side. “On my tits! On my face!” gasped Josie. I pulled my cock out and gave her what she wanted.

I don’t know how many times I spurted onto Josie’s glorious tits and her enraptured face. I felt like I had been transported to another world. I saw Amy rush to lick my cum off Josie’s face and tits, and then she turned to briefly suck Josie’s cunt, as Josie lay there, moaning and trembling.

After a few minutes, the world seemed to come back into focus. “Oooh, that was wonderful,” I heard Josie say. I was sitting on the sleeping bag, feeling weightless, when Amy crept to my side. I felt her hands caress my face as she began to cover my brow with light, feathery kisses, and then she murmured in my ear, “You have a beautiful cock.” “Mmm,” I replied. The rays of the setting sun were illuminating Amy’s lithe, dancer’s body. Her breasts were smaller than Josie’s and very white, like porcelain teacups with little hard nipples. Both the hair on her head and the hair around her pussy were shiny black and tightly curled. Then Amy brought her mouth to mine and introduced me to her silky, agile tongue, which tasted of Josie. I felt a quickening in my loins.

As Amy knelt beside me and aroused me with her kiss, her hand found my cock. Her touch was cool and refreshing, and very erotic. Her fingers were gliding all over my cock, which was now as hard as before. I leaned back on one hand while my other reached for Amy’s breast and began to caress it. Her tongue intensified its dialogue of love with mine. “Amy,” I whispered, “give me what you gave Josie.” “All right,” she whispered back.

I lay back on the sleeping bag and Amy knelt above me, but she did not lower her cunt to my face. Instead, she began to tease me, moving her hips back and forth above me. I gazed up at it with yearning. Her pussy hair did not spill onto her thighs like Josie’s did, but framed her labia neatly. Her labia were plump and very dark, in contrast to her white thighs. “Do you like my pussy?” she asked enticingly. “Yes,” I gasped. “Please let me eat it” “Maybe I will,” said Amy sweetly, and started fondling her clit. Her fingers dipped inside herself and then dangled in front of my nose, further arousing me with her sweet scent. I strained my neck upwards, reaching for her, but she evaded my mouth, smiling wickedly down at me. “I feel like being a wild woman, Andre,” she cooed. A drop of juice fell from her cunt — I tried to catch it with my tongue, but it hit my cheek. “Do you want me to be a wild woman?” “Please,” I panted, “sit on my face.” Amy swayed her hips from side to side. “Do you really want to eat my wild pussy?” she asked.

Then suddenly, something divine was happening to my cock; I realized it was Josie’s mouth engulfing it. I could glimpse her head through Amy’s legs, her soft brown hair brushing my belly. I cried out in pleasure, “Yes, Josie, that’s good, that’s so good,” but then it stopped. I groaned in frustration. But a moment later I felt something else that was like a bolt from heaven — Josie was lowering her pussy down upon my cock. She flexed her hips, working my cock gradually inside her. Then she began to fuck me slowly and powerfully as her hands reached forward and captured Amy’s tits from behind.

“Mmmm,” said Amy, closing her eyes. I was seizing Amy’s hips and trying to pull them toward me, but she was still resisting me. Then slowly, tantalizingly, Amy’s pussy descended to my face.

Amy was so wet. I was greedily licking up her juices and lashing her clit with my tongue. She urged me on, moaning “I love the way you’re eating my wild cunt.” I became aware of my hips moving to meet Josie’s. Amy now was emitting little moans of sinful pleasure in a rhythm, like a song, and then she interrupted her song to demand, “Please, Andre, I need your cock inside me! Now!” How could I refuse?

There was a shifting of bodies in the back of the Grand Cherokee. I sat on the sleeping bag with my back leaned against the driver’s seat and beckoned to Amy, who readily understood my intention, but before she mounted me, she lowered her head to devour my cock, making a fierce, hungry sound. Then she rose and straddled my lap. She guided my cock all the way into her tight, velvety cunt and we embraced, kissing passionately as our hips moved in unison. Josie knelt next to us, observing our motions with intense interest while her hands explored her pussy. I held Amy’s ass in my hands and moved it up and down, as she writhed her hips provocatively and milked my cock with her cunt. Amy’s whole body flexed against mine as we fucked with building intensity. Then Josie leaned close, offering her pussy juice-coated fingers to Amy’s mouth. “Oh!” Amy cried. “Give me more!”

“Soon,” replied Josie, with a sensual laugh. She dipped her fingers again into her pussy, and then offered them to me. I sucked them like a man possessed — the taste of her cunt seemed to have magical powers, bringing me to greater heights of arousal. Amy and I slowed the pace of our fucking as Josie alternated between us, feeding us her abundant juices. She was using both hands now, trying to satisfy our cravings, as we begged her for more, gasping out, “Oh, Josie, your cunt tastes so good.” As Amy took her turn again sucking Josie’s fingers, I felt her pussy contract powerfully around my cock. I don’t know which of us started cumming first, but we both kept cumming, my cock erupting inside her until Amy, exhausted, rolled off me onto the sleeping bag. Josie was on her in a flash, burying her face between Amy’s thighs and sucking my cum from her pussy. Amy cried out as wave after wave of orgasms continued to rock her body. I could only stare in wonderment.

Much later, Amy gave us cups of ginseng tea. We stood naked in the moonlight in the silent forest, as a deliciously cool night breeze played upon our bodies. Eventually we dressed and drove back to the city.

Josie told me later that when she got home, there had been a message from Ralph Klemperer on her answering machine. He mentioned that the Carleton twins had been very enthusiastic about the day’s hike, and they specifically asked whether Josie would be coming on the next one.

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