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Control is Such a Turn-on

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“Mike,” Jeff Dawson the firm’s chief investment officer called through his office door,” this is Heidi your new team member,” Jeff held out his arm in gesture to the woman with dirty blonde hair standing next to him.

At first glance Mike noticed she was attractive and something about her face, perhaps her expression or how she wore her make-up made her seem very sexy.

He knew the type, be it a little trashy or perhaps just self-confidence combined with being comfortable with her sexuality.

“Welcome to the team,” he smiled.

“Thank you,” her voice did not have any distinguishing characteristic but her tone carried that same confidence he saw in her face and posture.

“Well I will leave you two to it,” Jeff said turning to Heidi,” Mike will fill you in and what you will be doing for him. Welcome to the firm.” With that Jeff turned and left.

“Please,” Mike motioned to one of the chairs in front of his desk,” have a seat.”

Heidi walked over and took a seat in front of him. She was dressed in a gray, pinstriped skirt suit with a white blouse underneath. She crossed her legs and took the legal pad she had been holding and placed it in her lap. “I am very excited for the opportunity Mr. Hanson…”

“Please Heidi you’ll find we are not so formal in the office, just call me Mike,” he interrupted.

“Okay, Mike I am ready for this chance,” her brown eyes read genuine when Mike looked into them.

“Well I am glad to hear it,” he reached on his desk for a stack of papers and handed them across to Heidi. “These are the latest countries we have been looking into. We have certain criteria that has to be met before we make a purchase,” he turned to his computer,” I will email you the location of the files where you can find what bare minimums as far as capitalization we require.”

Heidi started scribbling down on her pad obviously listening to his instructions. “You can start on this and when you have some opinions or questions bring them back to me and I will answer them. I realize this is all new but I am sure if Jeff brought you in that you have what it takes to pick this up and become familiar enough with it to do well.”

“Thanks,” she shifted in her chair,” I haven’t encountered many things I couldn’t figure out but I guess there’s always some doubts when starting out,” she finished with a smile.

Mike returned the smile,” just give it your best Heidi. Get back with me when you’re ready. Do you know where your desk is?”

“Jeff showed me on the way in.”

“Well then I guess it’s time for you to get to it,” he said receiving a nod from her and she gathered her things and got up from her chair. Mike noticed again her attire, tasteful and good business attire. Her nails painted a bright red to match her lipstick but her make-up seemed subtle enough.

Heidi looked at him and smiled a deep smile,” thanks again Mike. I am on it.” With that she turned and walked out of the room. He watched her go studying that walk that once again he noticed carried an underlying confidence with it.


Mike looked up at the knock on his office door,” hey Mike I have some question on the work you gave me,” it was Heidi standing in the doorway. She had taken off her coat leaving her short-sleeve white blouse. Her chest appeared ample underneath but Mike tried not to be too obvious about noticing.

“Please come in and have a seat,” he gave the familiar gesture,” close the door if you don’t mind. Our receptionist is a little loud. Sometimes I can’t hear myself think.” At his request Heidi turned and closed the door before moving to sit in the chair across from him.

“So what do you have for me?”

“Well I found a few things in two of the six countries that seem to meet our criteria,” she began while looking at the legal pad she once again had placed in her lap. “I just wanted to know what kind of yield spreads were acceptable when we look to purchase?”

“So you have some trading experience?” Mike asked.

“Yes some, I was on a fixed income desk when I met Jeff,” she replied.

“What did you do before that?”

“I was in school at Wabash.”

Mike raised his eyebrows,” expensive education you have there. A good education though.”

“Tell me about it,” she replied letting out a breath.

“Parents or student loans?” he questioned.

“Well actually I paid for it myself,” at the reply Mike’s eyes opened a bit wide.

“Kind of shocking Heidi,” he said matter-of-factly,” if you don’t mind me prying how did you manage that?”

“Some things I would like to keep private if you don’t mind Mike,” she began,” it wasn’t anything illegal or anything but I am trying to maintain a certain professional image and this office is not very large.”

“So it’s a secret is what you’re telling me?” he said with a bit of exasperation.

“Well…,” she let the words hang.

“Heidi I guess if it’s private I can respect that,” he said.

She sighed softly looking down,” well Mike it’s just that I was…well I was a dancer.”

“Well I don’t see anything wrong with being a dancer Heidi,” he consoled.

“Even an exotic one?” she looked up with her eyes at him with her face still angled downward.

“I see,” Mike said leaning back in his chair. “I really don’t see that as a bad thing but that habits that sometimes come with that type of lifestyle…the drugs…the type of men that run those places…” he let the words sink in to her.

“Oh I never did any of that,” she began,” the girls who got dragged in to that I tried to help. I always felt so sorry for them,” She lifted her pad uncrossing and re-crossing her legs,” and the managers all tried to string them along.” The contempt showed on her face as she continued,” it took me a while but finally I figured out the best way to help the girls was to go through the managers.”

“So you went and asked them to…help?” Mike’s voice carried the sound of disbelief.

“Well…not exactly Mike,” she sat up a bit straighter in her chair and that air of confidence that had faded when the conversation began returned,” you see while dancing I learned a few things about men and for some reason all the other girls who learned the same things never figured out how to use them against the managers,” she shrugged,” I guess they didn’t want to. You have to be okay with being in control.”

“And how exactly did you…get control of them?”

“Mike…,” her eyes seemed to look up as she thought about how to begin,” you are my new boss and seem like a nice guy. Can we just get back to our work?”

“I apologize Heidi,” he said sincerely,” I just can’t believe you can change that type of person…or control them or whatever…anyway,” he shifted in his chair,” back to your questions.”

Heidi looked at him for a moment before giving a slight smirk then looked at her pad,” okay there were just a few things,” she ran her finger down the pad,” hmmm…let’s see here. I was wondering,” she began before getting up and making her way around to the side of Mike’s desk,” take a look at this,” she said pointing to one of the written lines on her pad.

Mike began reading the comments Heidi had written trying to ignore the smell of her perfume. That and her proximity to him distracted him but he quickly refocused on the words on the paper.

“Owww,” Heidi suddenly cried out in pain and bent over to reach down and grab her calf.

“What’s wrong?” Mike quickly inquired.

“Cramp,” she let out through gritted teeth.

Mike got up out of his seat,” here let’s get you back to your chair,” he took one arm and draped it across the back of his shoulders reaching around to her grab her waist. Her felt how slim and taut her midsection was as he helped her down back into her chair and tried to banish the thought of her dancing on a stage at a strip club from his mind. “Let’s take a look,” he said as he knelt down on one knee to take her cramping calf into his hand. “Have you been getting enough fluids or overworking your legs?”

“I…just…worked out…damn…sorry,” Heidi continued to grimace in between words.

“Well let’s rub it out some,” Mike began massaging her calf as best he could through her sheer hose. They were smooth and light colored with a seam running down the back of them. Her calf was well muscled giving it a nice teardrop shape. Mike worked his fingers into the muscle as Heidi leaned back grabbing onto the arms of the chair.

“Ohh that’s better…yes just like that,” Heidi moaned out as he worked on her leg.

Mike tried to keep the thoughts at bay but Heidi was an attractive woman and he had her leg in his hands rubbing up and down her calf. He was starting to get aroused hearing her voice and then noticing her heels had fallen off and her opposite foot had come to rest on his thigh. The whole situation was getting very arousing. His first thought was to get back up but he worried that he would seem too uncaring by not helping so he kept rubbing her calf.

“Ohh Mike that helps sooo much,” she breathed out,” just a bit more, it’s starting to loosen up,” at her words he kept massaging. While his hands worked his cock kept growing until he felt the tip run into something. He looked down to his crotch and saw that it had settled right into the instep of Heidi’s foot that rested on his thigh.

Mike looked up to see Heidi looking down at him with a sultry smile on her face,” I think wearing those heels aggravated Mike not to mention how hard they have been on my feet. Would you mind a foot massage too?” Her voice had taken on a different tone. It did not sound so much flirty as outright seductive.

“Uh…sure,” Mike slid his hands down to her foot and began massaging. As his hands moved over her foot Heidi’s other foot started to slide slowly down then back up his cock. Mike looked up again,” it doesn’t have to stop unless you want it to Mike,” she said looking down at him.

Mike did not reply only kept massaging her foot. This beautiful woman was massaging his cock through his pants as he knelt in front of her giving her the best foot rub he could manage under the circumstances. The situation was one of the most erotic Mike had ever experienced and to take it up a notch Heidi began to speak to him,” that feels good Mike. You have very strong hands.”

Mike continued to rub almost too afraid to speak. In a way the situation was totally wrong and he knew he should stop but the feeling of Heidi’s foot rubbing up and down his cock seemed to mute out the voice of reason and good sense in Mike’s mind. “Kind of sexy to see you down there at my feet Mike,” she continued,” just massaging, just servicing me. Tell me…how does it feel?” she asked in that seductive tone.

“Goo…um…good,” he managed after his voice cracked on the first attempt.

“Can you imagine how far this could go Mike? What point I could bring you to just with my foot?” She did not wait for an answer before she continued,” Oh this is making me so hot seeing you like this. Such a smart, confident guy at my feet,” Mike was getting so turned on he was starting to feel punchy. It was all he could to keep from grabbing Heidi and taking her over his desk.

“You probably want me so bad right now Mike but what if I cried out and someone found us? You can’t have that and I get kind of loud when I get fucked really good,” Heidi was pouring it on but her foot never picked up its pace as it rubbed Mike’s cock. “So just stay down there baby,” her foot stopped rubbing and she held it in front of him,” rub this one for me too.”

Mike took the foot and started rubbing and suddenly the other foot was rubbing up and down on the inside of his other thigh. He was almost squirming hoping it would move its way to his cock to continue where the other foot left off. “You are so good at this Mike…so sexy down there it almost makes me want to cum right now,” she moaned out softly. “I’d love to tie you up sometime and tease your body until you were shaking then climb on top of you and ride you until you came crying out my name,” Mike was envisioning everything Heidi was describing. In response his hips moved of their own accord. “Oh you are so hot right now aren’t you? Aren’t you?”

“Yes,” he breathed out.

“You can’t take control right now Mike for fear of losing your job,” she teased,” so I will have to take control. Just keep rubbing that foot, you are doing very well baby.” Mike had no intention of stopping. His mind was fuzzy and he was hornier than he ever remembered being. His hip lurched again and he just briefly brushed her free foot with his cock. “Oh my Mike, having trouble controlling yourself?” she teased again. “We can’t have you losing control now can we? You might shoot your load right in your pants. How would you explain that?”

Mike kept rubbing her foot and dropped his head taking a deep breath. “Well baby…” she let the words hang.

After a couple of moments feeling her foot rubbing so close to his cock but stopping just short of touching it each time Mike relented,”yes.”

“Yes what Mike?” she asked.

“Lose…control,” he sighed.

“Are you sure baby? I can help you if you are.”

A beautiful young woman had already brought him to his knees in minutes in a way he had never experienced and he was about to ask her to make him cum using only her foot. The whole thing was absurd and at the same time he could not help himself,” yes.”

“If I am going to help you baby then ask nicely,” she teased.


“Please what?”

“Please make me cum,” he tone was that of a turned on defeated man.

“That’s better,” her foot found his cock and started to rub along it. Mike moaned immediately and her foot pressed on him as if keeping him on the floor. “Yes baby down at my feet with a hard cock,” he foot started to slide faster,” me taking control of your cock just using my foot. Oh fuck this is hot, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Mike moaned. He was leaning back with his arms stretched behind him. The feeling was the biggest rush he had ever experienced and while he could not wait to release he did not want the feeling to stop either.

“Oh here it comes baby,” she breathed out,” I know that look. Open your eyes Mike. Look me in the eyes when you make a mess in your pants for me.” A second after he opened his eyes seeing the look of triumph in Heidi’s face his body clenched and he did his best to stifle the moan that came from his mouth as the cum roped out of his cock. Her foot kept up its pace milking his cock for every last drop. Each time the cum shot out Mike moaned until finally his chin dropped down and he tried to catch his breath.

By the time he felt some of his composure Heidi was standing up with her shoes back on looking down at him,” I’m sorry Mike but I just couldn’t help myself,” she seemed genuinely apologetic. “You just couldn’t believe I could make someone do what I wanted when I wanted and it turns me on just as much as it did you.” She bent down putting her finger under his chin lifting it to plant a deep, wet kiss on his mouth. “Sometime soon if you ask nicely maybe I’ll tie you up and show you what and orgasm can really feel like.”

With that she reached over to pick up her pad and pen and walked out of his office as Mike began to fantasize about being tied up and fucked by such a hot young woman. His cock had already started to get hard again as he felt the wetness in his pants. How was he going to get out of the office and explain this?

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