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Rough Fucked By Massage Therapist

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I’m a mostly straight 35 y/o married male. Mostly straight meaning I’ve had my dick sucked by guys a couple times, but not gone any further. Certainly I’ve never been a “bottom” and not pursued any interest in that type of sex. I’ve just come to the conclusion that guys can suck cock better than most females and if there aren’t any women around, then a good blow job is the same no matter who is sucking on your cock.

So, my wife was gone for the day on a recent Saturday and I was sitting on the couch surfing on the computer checking out the Craigslist massage ads. Plenty of hot pussy on there, but most looked like expensive whores. As a blue collar worker in the construction trades, I didn’t have $200 to drop on a rub down and a hand job. While most of the ads were from women, I ran across an ad in the W4M section from a guy looking to massage other “straight” guys for free. Sounds good so far…and who knows… the poster might be a guy in the closet that was offering a free massage with the possibility that he would suck my cock without a lot of hassle.

We swapped emails. I sent a couple pics and agreed to meet up a couple hours later. He was staying in a corporate apt. near the airport not far from my house. I was a little nervous, but feeling kinda cocky with the prospect that I could get this guy down on my cock without much trouble. I think I’m a good looking guy. Athletic, just under six feet and 190 pounds of well-built All American male. I work out regularly and have a decent muscle bod that draws attention from plenty of women. I’d being lying if I didn’t say that I’ve caught a few guys in the gym checking me out in the past too. That combined with a bigger than average fat 7″ dick usually gets me laid without trying too hard.

With a little swagger in my walk, I headed up to the apartment door, rang the bell and thought about how this guy would be the next cocksucker eager to go down on my big dick. When the door opened, I stepped back and immediately thought this was the the wrong address. I expected someone smaller than me, but this guy was far from that. He was at least 6’3″, 250 and seriously built. He had on baggy basketball shorts and a wife beater that did little to hide his massive chest with a full covering of dark chest hair. So I’m now feeling kind of intimidated and start having second thoughts. I thought “there was no way a guy like this would want to go down on my cock”. I hesitated, but he smiled and invited me in. Although his macho appearance was unexpected, his friendly demeanor put me at ease. Curiously, he wanted to make sure I was “straight” before the massage began. “No problem” I replied, “I don’t suck cock”, then we both laughed. Since I had no other plans that afternoon, I figured I’d go through with the free massage and give up on the idea of an easy blow job.

Following his large, muscular frame, I went down the hall as he led me into a back bedroom. He put a foam mattress down on floor then told me to strip down while he went to get some massage oil and a towel. In our email exchange, he previously had asked if I preferred to be draped or undraped. My response was although I didn’t have a problem being naked around other guys, I’d strip down but keep my underwear on to keep us both comfortable. My plan had been to wear a pair of skimpy briefs given to me as a Valentine’s Day present. This wasn’t the type of underwear I normally wear, but had put them on knowing they would accentuate my bulge during the massage and possibly get my masseur interested in my dick. The downside is that the bikini briefs barely covered my ass. My mistake. I was a little embarrassed, but he didn’t say anything about them and to my relief, he said he would stay clothed.

While most massages I’ve had from either men or women were fairly tame, this guy was much more forceful. He ran his huge hands over my back and worked out my knots far deeper and stronger than anyone had before. I could barely contain the grunts and groans that came out of my mouth with every deep rub his muscular arms pushed into my muscles. After about 20 minutes of neck and upper back work, he started running his hands down full length of my torso. The long strokes started at my neck and ran to the top of my glutes. I could feel his fingers run under the waist band of my briefs with each cycle past my lower back. His firm hands didn’t have the sensual touch I expected from a massage therapist. It felt more like being worked on by a cage fighter. So far, everything was cool though and I’m thinking this is feeling good even though it was easily the roughest massage I’ve ever had. My muscles were so tight, the knots were almost painful as he worked on them, but it was clear this guy knew what he was doing and was completely in charge.

My masseur soon rotated his body behind me to work on my legs, starting with a firm foot rub and then grinding hard on my calves. I clenched my fists as the pressure increased, but I was not about to let this muscle bound knuckle head make me wuss out and ask him to go easier. Soon he was at my upper thighs and began to roughly pull my briefs up my ass crack while his hands kneaded my butt cheeks. As he progressed further up my body and straddled me, I felt his crotch grind into my thighs through the thin nylon fabric of the basketball shorts he was wearing. I’ve got a nice package, but this guy felt like he was packing a dick the size of a club. Even though he wasn’t fully hard, the head felt like the fat end of a baseball bat. Eventually, the mound of his crotch came to rest against my ass. I clenched my butt tighter, but this action just seemed to make him push his swelling cock against me with more pressure. I could feel the fat log working between my ass cheeks. Although I briefly thought his actions might have been unintentional, I was becoming irritated and about to complain. But, the tension quickly defused when he swapped ends and came back around, kneeling near my head.

The next move caught me off guard. He started rubbing my shoulders, then suggested my back needed more work because of the excessive muscle tightness. I was told to raise up on all fours, put my knees together and press my head and shoulders forward to the foam mattress until they were at floor level. This left my back arched taut and my ass sticking straight up. The position felt awkward, but it did put a good stretch on the muscles in my back. He then started rubbing and using the same long strokes from my neck to my glutes. The deep pressure felt great. In the process, he pushed my briefs down below my ass and I could feel my cock and balls swinging freely while he kneaded me.

On each down stroke, his hands started to run further over my ass. With deft movements, he repeatedly pulled my cheeks apart, then squeezed them together before returning to my back. The warm massage oil ran down my crack and I could feel it dribble onto my asshole. Knowing it was now fully exposed, I involuntarily clenched my hole as the oil ran over it. I began to consider ending the massage right there and started to mumble “thanks for the massage, but I have to go”.

His response wasn’t verbal, but physical. He did a quick wrestler style pivot, putting his body behind me without ever taking his hands off my back and butt. With his increased deep tissue pressure on my back, I collapsed to the ground. Groaning and exhaling, I felt my legs being pulled apart by this muscle stud’s strong thighs. The baseball bat sized cockhead pushed back up against my ass. I could barely move under his superior body weight and finally realized that I wasn’t the alpha male in this contest.

Adjusting to the mass of his body on mine, I suddenly sensed something different about his crotch against my body. Earlier his package was encased in his basketball trunks and my ass was protected by the fabric of my briefs. This was no longer the case. His dick must have come out of the leg opening of his shorts as it was now pushed directly up against me. I could clearly feel the heavy weight of his cock right up against my oil covered ass. The bulbous head was shoved between my spread bare cheeks and I started to squirm. With each move, his cock pushed deeper and finally hit my rosebud. This was getting very uncomfortable. Suddenly he poured a much larger amount of oil on my ass and reached under to rub the excess over my cock and balls. Although I was startled, my cock, already heavy and swollen, began to get hard. No doubt this encouraged him further, because he pushed my torso down hard, then forced the head of his now erect battering ram into my hole. I gasped for breath, unable to speak. My stretched ass felt like it was on fire. He smacked my ass with his hand and pushed his cock deeper. With only a couple momentary pauses, the stud inched it further into my virgin hole. I thought my own cock would have gone down, but it remained almost fully hard as he stroked and tugged at it. Feeling lightheaded, I could barely eke out words of protest. The invading member pushed further until his huge low hangers were firmly planted against my ass and his cock was balls deep. His hairy chest rubbed against my back and his pubic hair was pushed up against my smooth ass as I struggled to handle the girth of his cock. Stunned and unable to speak, I thought how this experience turned out to be a huge mistake. This big muscle stud had turned the tables 180 degrees on what I expected from the free massage. While I thought I might get a free blow job out of it, clearly his intent was to get a free piece of ass…. at my expense.

The crushing weight of his body on mine was equaled by the searing pain of my stretched and dialated asshole. After a momentary pause, He started to ease his cock in and out in small thrusts as I gasped and tried to catch my breath. The strokes quickly got deeper and longer. My cock hardened to it’s full length and thickness as it bounced back and forth while my ass was relentlessly fucked. I was being raped and felt used, yet my hard cock was betraying me. I had unwillingly become his bitch. The big hands tugged and pulled at my body, one holding me down and the other settling on my cock and balls as the deep dicking continued.

At first, he roughly pulled my nut sack to keep pace with the fucking from his huge ass-stretching pole. Then, as my cock reached full hardness, he started to jack me without missing a beat on the relentless pounding. My balls tightened up. The friction on my cock and deep in my ass finally became too much to ignore. I shot my load without ever touching my own cock. The cum spurted in waves, emptying my balls, and my body collapsed under the weight of the stud still fucking me. The orgasm caused my hole to clamp down on his fat sausage and sent him over the edge. He pulled his giant cock out of my stretched and swollen ass then shot his spermy load all over my butt cheeks. The huge load of cum ran down the crack of my ass, over my gaping hole and down my balls. He groaned and collapsed on top of me. Then, after a few minutes, he rolled off and let me up. I was dizzy, but scrambled to get dressed and quickly leave. Although I was ashamed that I allowed myself to be taken advantage like that, I knew I had indirectly enjoyed the experience of being sub to a horse-dicked Alpha male for the first time in my life. While not something I would want to seek regularly, there was no doubt in my mind, that a repeat would be welcome. I haven’t yet had the courage to contact him again, but I’m sure thinking about it. Both my cock and ass throb with the anticipation of having it happen again.

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