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The State of Being Gay

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Giggles surrounded me as I slung an arm around a cute brunette, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. It was almost like a dream, being surrounded by such beautiful women, tending to my every need. As I leaned down to tuck a hibiscus behind her ear, some annoying insect buzzed around my face. I tried to swat it away, but to no avail.

“This fucking insect”. Just die already.” To my horror, the buzz escalated to a high shrill tone, and I was jarred back to reality. I blinked.

Damn. What a great dream. Then, I scowled at the source of it all; the loud buzz of the doorbell. I trudged out of bed and wore an annoyed expression, ready to give the intruder the tongue-lashing he deserved.

As I flung open the door, ready to give the persistent stranger a piece of my mind, I was taken aback by how tall and handsome he was; 6 feet tall with dark hair and wearing nothing more than a simple white T-shirt and tanned shorts.

“Excuse me”! are you the local nude photographer?”

Before answering his question, I quickly scanned my surroundings to ensure that we were not overheard. Satisfied, I looked past this young man to see who had tagged along after him and saw none.

I folded my arms and nodded. “You could say that. Would you like to make an appointment for your lady?”

He contemplated that for awhile before answering. However, I could sense his hesitance. “That would be nice, but I was thinking more along the lines of…if you would take some pictures of me instead. Naked.”

Surprised, I shook my head. “Sorry, I don’t have a habit of shooting nude males.”

Quickly, he assured me that money was not an issue. “I would really like you to be the one to take pictures of me. Money isn’t a problem, really.”

Being a photographer, I tend to notice minor details and I couldn’t help but notice that an obvious bulge had formed in his shorts. Why the hell was this young man getting an erection, right there in my doorway?

“How about it? Would you?” His eyes pleaded with me to take his offer, and I might have been tempted by the amount of money he’d thrown in if I hadn’t been so annoyed at his persistence.

“No, kid. I told you why I wouldn’t.” I made sure that my firm comment was accompanied by a dark scowl, which, to my absolute horror, seemed to have no effect on him.

Just when I was about to slam the door in his face, he did the most unusual thing; he dropped his shorts, disclosing the fact that he wore no underwear and was sporting the biggest cock I’d ever seen, and it was only in a semi-hard state.

Now, this caught my attention real fast. I grabbed him by his shirt and shoved him through the door before my nosy, gossiping neighbors could see a cute boy standing there with his bare ass and cock hanging out, shorts pooled around his ankles.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention one thing; this happened whilst my wife was sitting in the living room, taking everything in. By now, I was pretty furious at his impertinence, and was struggling for composure.

“Leave. With your clothes on, right now, before I make sure you leave with a black eye.” I drew myself up to my full height and stared him down, glaring at him.

Just then, my wife, Debbie, finally spoke up, “I’ll take those pictures for him. He looks like a nice boy.” I snorted indelicately at that. Yeah, right! I’m not letting her get anywhere near that obviously-horny young man.

This was the beginning of my fixation with another penis other than my own. Damn, he was big, and he’d shaved all of his pubic hair. I’d sure as hell never seen that before, at least not on a male. My wife had shaved her pussy and several female models whom I’d photographed before did as well, but I found it rather odd that a man would shave. Little did I know that I would end up shaving my own pubic hair later in life when I was single once again.


After being single for a couple of years and being horny most of the time, I found a new interest in life at long last; the local nude beach. So I admit to being a shy person; I was not getting younger and had a slight pot belly, but what the hell. I was just going to let it all hang out while I had a little fun. I was probably not going to get laid, anyway, and I did enjoy spending time at the beach, even if my only companion happened to be myself.

So, why not just get a good tan, soak up the sun, and take some wild life pictures? With that calming thought in mind, I headed for Playalinda Beach, found myself a rather secluded place, and set up my umbrella and lounge chair, all the while pretending that I didn’t notice the nudes sashaying away in front of me. Thank the heavens for the existence of sunglasses.

Seemed to me as though all the guys had big cocks; or at least larger than mine, and they never failed to shoot me a grin each time. As they strolled by, they gave their dicks a little tug. Later on, I’d learned that this was actually normal behavior if you wanted someone’s attention, and when it came to cocks, there were those who liked to show it off, and those who grew it out. Hence, the show-ers and the grow-ers.

Damn, why the hell was I attracting all the homos instead of the cute babes? Was there no end to my misery?

After an hour or so, it had come to my observation that one male, in particular, was paying me a great deal of attention, more than I was comfortable with. He was blonde and his skin was tanned, courtesy of the sun and had a large dick that was semi-hard every time he passed by in front of me. I knew that this couldn’t be good, because it didn’t take him long to come up to where I was lounging in my hair to say “Hi.”

Trying to be polite and not stare at his semi hard-on that was mere inches away from my face, I engaged in a conversation with him, all the while covering up my little limp dick with my hand and beach towel. “Yeah, this is my first time at a nude beach, actually. It’s quite an eye-opener.”

He raised an eyebrow and smiled at me. “Is that so? Maybe not to a regular like myself, though.” He leaned closer to me; close enough for me to smell the lotion on his skin, and just as I was about to tell him to back off, he shot me a lopsided smile, an unreadable expression on his face.

“You know, I’ve noticed you for awhile now. You’re my type, and so is your cock.” He turned to whisper in my ear, and I wondered if he thought it made him seem sexy.

“That’s what’s so attractive about you.”

I gave him the most incredulous look. Well. Seemed as though he had a fondness for underrated members. Go ahead and rub it in. Make my day, why don’t you? I must have worn a dark scowl after his insensitive comment, because he asked yet another stupid question.

“Why are you hiding it under your towel?”

“Because I’m shy”, you asshole. Did it ever strike you that I might be a tad concerned over my not-so-large cock? Think whatever the hell you want.

I shot him an icy stare. “Don’t know. What do you think?”

Mr. Blonde then proceeded to spill his entire life story to me. “Two years ago, I realized that I was bi. I’m married now, to a beautiful wife with C-cup tits and a shaved pussy. Would you like to come home with me and make love to her? Because she would enjoy it, that’s for sure.” Maybe it was his big cock that didn’t satisfy her, and made her too sore instead.

Thinking about him reaming his wife’s pussy was more than I could envision. No way was I going to screw her with my little cock. I was positive that there wouldn’t be any satisfaction for me or her. He just wanted to watch us go at it, fucking pervert.

My eyes wandered to where his hand stroked his cock in up and down motions, mesmerized by the slow movements. I jumped when I felt another hand slide beneath my towel to stroke my thigh, squeezing it. By then, the conversation became a monotonous drone as I focused on the tingly sensations awakening within me.

Damn! What a distraction he was, and a hell of a lot bigger than I was, too. Mr. Blonde was really buff, and his arms were tightly corded with lean muscle; muscles that tapered down to a washboard stomach and strong thighs that I was beginning to admire. As for cock sizes, he won the competition, down pat.

My own cock started to grow a mind of its own, because the pole under my towel started to rise, and I was breathing in rapid, shallow gasps. The way he stroked his cock was so enticing, and unconsciously, I slowly started to rub my own beneath the towel. I wasn’t supposed to be doing something so forbidden, but I was helpless to stop my wants. Vaguely, I felt pre-cum slide down my inner thighs and groaned.

For some reason, at that very moment, I could care less about what happened next. All this talk about sex and looking at his juicy cock made me horny and I needed relief.

“Look all you want, dude, because I’m going to jack off right here on the beach in front of you, whether you like it or not,” I snarled.

His response? He liked it, because he then reached over and replaced my hand with his and started pumping it up and down. “Yeah, that feels so fucking good.”

I closed my eyes and started to enjoy the moment, when all of a sudden, his hand was gone and his mouth had become its replacement. My first reaction was to try to shove him away, but when his tongue started to rim my sensitized cock head, I nearly bowled over the edge, horny and on the brink of cumming.

My hips moved to an unknown rhythm as I pushed his head deeper into my crotch, thrusting in violent motions into his hot, willing mouth. “Suck it, bitch. Suck my damn cock. Oh baby, suck it good.”

The next thing I knew, my hand had found its way to his throbbing cock; 8 inches of aroused male heat. I squeezed his cock, eliciting a low muffled groan from him as he resumed sucking me off. Here I was, a straight dude jacking a stranger off and enjoying the hell out of touching another man’s penis.

“Don’t stop!” I think he sensed that I was about to cum, because the suction on my cock tightened just then.

“Fuck!” Dimly, I was aware of stroking his cock in an almost frenzied state, as my other hand grabbed a handful of his soft hair, fucking his mouth in a fast rhythm. Hot, milky cum spurted into his mouth and he savored every drop, even going so far as to lick my now softening cock clean. Right then, he started to fuck my hand in earnest, groans becoming louder as he neared climax as well. I tightened my grasp on his sticky cock, and rubbed at his cock head with the pad of my thumb. That proved to be too much for him, because he came all over my hand, covering it with hot cum.

I stared at the sticky mess he’d made and wondered why I still hadn’t released his cock from my hands. Brown eyes met green, and we both chuckled and headed for the surf to rinse off the sticky residue.

That was my first experience with another male. Did this mean I had gay tendencies? I was absolutely positive that this wasn’t the case.

After several weeks of lounging around at the beach, I was feeling a little more comfortable strutting around nude in front of the other guys and became friends with some of the regulars. I became known as the photo hound because I always carried my camera around with me. However, bear in mind that most nudists are not cool with cameras on the beach. The key was to be very careful of where to aim or my camera and I could wind up in the surf within milliseconds.

One day, as I was just about to leave the beach, a dude hollered over at me. “Hey, photo dude. Take my picture!”

“Sorry, I can’t do that.” I shook my head at him.

“Come on, please.”



By this time, he was being such a pain in the ass. So, for some stupid reason, I yelled back at him, “Get that cock hard, and maybe I’ll shoot it!”

I’d be damned if his cock didn’t rise on the spot. Then, wasn’t sure of the next action to take; dozens of people were fascinated by the scene, caused by my stupid remark. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die, but I knew that I had to deal with the mess I’d caused.

People say that eyes speak volumes. They do, and I attest to that fact. In fact, those eyes around me yelled “Take his damn picture!”

As I started to walk over to him, a rather young and attractive girl, who was also beautifully nude, reached over and grabbed hold of his dick. “Here, take his picture now. I’ll hold it steady for you.”

What the hell was I to do? Take the damned picture and get the hell out of there, that’s what. Fuck! I wish she would hold my dick instead. Okay, perhaps that was wishful thinking.

I proceeded to ready my camera and started shooting close-ups of his now rigid cock, from different perspectives, watching as this sexy girl slid her hand up and down his cock. By then, his pre-cum glistened in the sun, as she masturbated him in front of everyone there.

Next thing I knew, several nudists were asking for their own pictures to be taken, as long as they were reassured that their faces wouldn’t be seen. They wanted to now my charges for the pictures and if I could be hired to shoot an orgy and if I would shoot naked. Just what the hell did I get myself into? I don’t usually take photos of naked men but I would have given away my soul just to have this hot babe play with my cock the same way she was stroking his.

Then, one guy handed me his business card. I’m not sure where it came from because he was naked; maybe it had been hidden between his ass cheeks somehow.

“Hey, how much would you charge for pictures of me sucking your cock, and maybe vice-versa?”

I blinked at him, stupefied by his question. Shit! Every one thanked me and after handing out several business cards of my own, I made a beeline for the exit.

On the way home from the beach, the vision of that cock kept re-playing in my head. I wasn’t sure if my mind had focused on the hot babe rubbing it or if I was fascinated by the size and look of it, wishing I was the one stroking it instead of merely photographing it. The more I thought about it, the more I felt my cock swell within the confines of my bathing suit.

Within minutes, my bathing suit was pooled around my ankles and I was jerking off, moving along down the highway. Thank God I had a van with dark, tinted windows! It wasn’t long before I came all over myself. I reached down and swiped a finger over my own cum, then lifted it to my lips as I savored its taste. Pre-cum was one thing, but this was a different issue altogether and I was going beyond borders I had never even thought of venturing before.

Here I was, driving down the highway, and I was licking cum from my fingers and getting hard all over again. Was I turning gay? Highly unlikely. I wasn’t attracted to other men, but for some reason, my dick had a mind of its own and was excited about the prospect of touching another cock. If I had to have some form of concrete reasoning to defend myself, it would be penis envy.

However, hypocrite that I was, I wondered what it would be like to give an actual blow job. How would a cock feel in my mouth? What would it taste like? Would I gag if I tried? All these thoughts were running through my head after my encounter at the beach.

Now, I wished that the young man with that big beautiful cock who had come knocking at my door so long ago would come back. I would definitely photograph him now. Could it be that bad, exploring “the other side”? Just a little. Finally, I made up my mind; first chance I got, I was going to do it. I was going to give my first blow job.


Several weeks had passed, and my fantasies and desire to suck a cock was now overwhelming. Should I? What about AIDS and other venereal diseases? Will I turn gay and only desire men? What about fucking? Could I fuck a hot dude in the ass or would I let someone fuck me instead? Probably not actual intercourse, though; I wouldn’t even let a doctor put a finger into my tight, virgin hole for medical purposes. So many questions bombarded my mind as my curiosity lay there, unappeased, but waited for the right person to make an appearance.

Daily, I still frequented the nude beach and took pictures, getting to know other nudists on a deeper level. Each day, after taking pictures of another cock, I would return home and tell myself, “That was a beautiful cock. Why didn’t I ask him if he would let me play with it, or suck it?”

I kept telling myself that I was going to ask the next guy, or perhaps just lean over and put it in my mouth. I felt a little uneasy asking a stranger if I could suck his cock, so I finally came to a conclusion; I’d just reach out and suck it.

Well, you guessed it. It was high time for me to act on my obsession, and the opportunity came sooner than I expected. One sunny morn, as I was walking down the beach, heading towards my usual spot which was slightly secluded from the others, I couldn’t help but notice a new guy lying on his back on a green lounge chair. No one else was close and I didn’t think he even noticed my presence.

He was young, very tanned with almost no body hair, except for a neatly trimmed patch around his pubic area. 5 feet 10 inches was the height I’d guessed him to be. Long, blonde hair and dark sunglasses framed his handsome face. His circumcised penis had a metal ring around it and it was soft; flaccid on his tanned body. I stood there with my mouth open and stared for what seemed like hours, when all of a sudden he sat up to look over at me.

“Hey, there. See anything you like?” His comment was accompanied by a slight quirk at his lips.

Here was my chance, and I was nervous as hell. “Uhh, y-yeah.” I was surprised at the slight stammer that escaped me.

“Come on over.” He invited me over to where he was sitting and asked several questions about me and the beach.

Well, that sure broke the ice for the both of us. With my shorts still on, camera under my arm, I got right to the point and started asking all sorts of questions about his cock ring.

“Why did you pierce it?”

“Does it feel good?”

“Does it keep you harder?”

“Do the girls like it?”

Stupid questions only a dumb, horny old man would ask.

He was nice, though, and wanted to know about my camera as well, typical male that he was; crazy about electronic gadgets.

After some thought, he asked, “Would you like to take some pictures of me?” Like he couldn’t see the drool at the corners of my mouth.

“Yeah, that would be great.” As I prepared my camera, we discussed several poses and I started photographing this hot thing.

“Just one question. Why are you still wearing your shorts?” Without much thought, I shucked them off and just continued shooting. After several shots and ensuring that no one could see us, I looked at him.

“May I hold your cock and take some pictures with my hand holding it?”He nodded and smiled.

“Go for it. Do whatever you want.”

Oh boy, that was the wrong thing to say to me. Or maybe it wasn’t, because I didn’t waste any time and just reached over, holding his now erect cock. Damn, he was young and beautiful and hot to the touch. Both my hands were shaking so bad you would think that I was having a seizure, and there was absolutely no way that any of my pictures were going to be clear images; at least, it wasn’t going to happen in my nervous state. I tried to concentrate on taking the photos, but when his hand covered mine and started rubbing both our hands on his warm cock, I almost lost it.

To hell with the camera! My dream had finally come true. His cock continued to swell and I was sure that God existed, because I now had a rising star in my hand. When fully erect, he must have been 8 inches or more. All I knew was, he had given me the go-ahead to do whatever I damned well wanted.

After a few strokes, he nodded. “Want to try sucking it?”

Just like that, my big chance had arrived. Here was a hot stranger offering me the most beautiful penis and he wanted to know if I wanted to. Needless to say, I threw caution to the wind, leaned over and put that hot, cock to my mouth, swirling my tongue all around it like a pro. Warm lips touched the tip of his cock; it was ever so soft, like hot velvet.

Tongue probed the hole it found there, then I slowly eased my mouth around the head; first, an inch and then two. Then, like a mad man, I tried to take it all in. With each thrust, I moved my mouth further down on his shaft, until my mouth had encased every delicious inch.

I couldn’t believe it; I had his entire cock in my mouth. He started bucking as I continued to suck, determinedly bobbing my head up and down. Then, my hand reached down to caress his firm, bubble butt. I found his tight asshole all wet from my saliva, and started to massage it and began to push my finger in. With grunts of encouragement from him, I slid another finger in and started to finger-fuck him with fast strokes, much to his delight.

“Yeah! Fuck that tight ass!” Hips bucked up as he fucked my mouth, groaning in pleasure as he gripped the sides of the lounge chair, eyes shut tight.

I was a straight dude; a crazy but straight dude, who was sucking this cock, finger-fucking him and loving it. I do enjoy making love and eating pussy, but this was a whole new experience and I was making the best of it. Oh shit, maybe I was gay, because his cock felt so good in my mouth and I could tell by his moans and responses, that he was enjoying every minute of it.

It wasn’t long before he was about to cum; I could actually feel his cock swelling to a slightly larger state, before hot cum flooded my hungry mouth. At first, I’d thought that it was better for me to stop but before I could tear myself away from his throbbing pole, it was too late. Cum leaked from my lips and dripped onto his stomach and balls. I started to choke a little, but I was determined to swallow all of it.

This young man was full of cum and I, a straight dude, was draining this spurting cock. I found his cum to be sweet, much like my own, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I continued to suck him clean until he was soft in my mouth. Finally, I removed my mouth from his satiated cock. As I looked up, I saw him smiling back at me. Not a word was spoken, but I could tell that he was spent and I, in turn, had enjoyed my first real blow job.

I’d sucked his cock, finger-fucked him, let him shoot in my mouth and I didn’t even know the name of this cutie. So, off we went to the waters to clean up. I still head to the same beach every now and then, and have had several other interesting encounters. What does this mean?

Am I gay or is this just cock-envy?

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