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The Birthday Party

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Karen drove slowly towards the party, she was apprehensive, even though she had been the driving force behind it happening at all. She’d known that all the women were aware of the others, but he was the only thing that they really had in common. Would it be enough?

A party. Scheduled on the Saturday night before his birthday made it a birthday party she guessed. She chuckled at the thought. It would certainly be a surprise party.

It had started when he had forwarded an interesting chain e-mail to her, which wasn’t characteristic of him in the first place. She noticed that he had forgotten to delete the previous sender, and she had contacted the addressee with a carefully worded e-mail. That had established the first link between Karen and Cheryl. And over a few exchanges the plot was formed. They each then made one more contact, Karen found out about Tracy, and Cheryl exchanged e-mails with Pam. He supplied them the e-mail addresses, in almost eager response to subtle, and some not so subtle, suggestions that a kinky threesome might be a future possibility. He had asked the others if they would allow an exchange of e-mails with another of his ladies. He was never included in the exchanges after passing along the anonymous hotmail addresses, and he was too much a gentleman to pry.

They had built their connections on line, until all four were readily sharing information about his likes and desires with undisguised glee. Eventually someone had suggested a meeting. So they got together for coffee, a regular cougars’ bitch session, moving quickly from hellos to comparing marriage horror stories. They had a great time until the restaurant was closing and they were cast out into the cold. They hardly talked about him at all that time.

The next time was different. They met at Cheryl’s; she had the space and fewer local distractions. And a few bottles of wine definitely lubricated the conversation. Pam and Cheryl told of their nights with him tied and teased, tormented yet obedient to their wishes, and the intensity of his release, when they finally decided to allow it. Karen and Tracy spoke as well, of the conversations they had with him, of their understanding of his desires, of how he could be so easily portrayed as Dom as he could be as sub. They agreed that although he was a definite switch, his submissive desires ran deepest. They ended that meeting on a more sensual note, with the close hugs of friends and a few tender kisses, especially for Tracy who had admitted looking forward to sharing him with another woman.

And the plan started to come together nicely. A birthday surprise he could only imagine.

The all backed off in the weeks leading up to his birthday. Then during that final week they came on strong, first Cheryl, then Karen taking turns. Pam and Tracy would contact him just to keep his imagination active, sometimes on line, and sometimes by phone. They focussed on stoking his submissive desires, drawing him into conversations where he described what he would like done to him by a Dominant lady. Whoever was chatting on line with him would ‘cut and paste’ his words to each of them in another, shared, chat window. Sometimes they suggested new directions for the conversation, until he was chatting with all four through one’s fingers.

They avoided meeting him for two weeks before the party. He still saw his vanilla freind, but they knew she wasn’t kinky, so his deeper desires went unsated. He started to hint that he’d like to get together for some kinky play. But they were all evasive about their availability that weekend. Finally, Cheryl managed to declare herself available, if he’d like to join her. He jumped at the chance, promising to take along his toybox for the evening’s activities and his toothbrush for the next morning.

He had arrived at Cheryl’s for an early dinner, something light, but with a strong port wine, not much, but even a sip ensured that he would not leave til morning. Through the early evening Cheryl sent quick updates by MSN to the other three. The three women were poised to join the party on schedule.

Cheryl played him well, slowly stripping him until she could dress him in her favoured attire: a blindfold, a leather Gates of Hell on his growing erection, and tight clamps on his nipples. As early as 6:30 she was leading her now very submissive male into the bedroom. There she positioned him over a series of firm bolsters, under his chest, stomach and thighs to leave his nipples and cock free and accessible. Then she buckled secure manacles on his wrists and ankles. Smiling at his soft moans of surrender she bound him tightly to the four corners of the king-sized bed.

Cheryl opened his toybox to see if anything new had been added. She found a small whip, similar to her own but softer. Turning around she decided to try the two whips on his ass. In just a few strokes she could tell the his was much softer than her own, so she laid his aside to treat his ass and thighs to a gentle whipping with the sturdier lash.

After a few minutes they heard the phone ring. Cheryl answered it and he could tell that the caller surprised her. She hung up and crawled up on the bed beside him. “Shit, I forgot,” she whispered, “I’m hosting a Fantasia party for a friend tonight, she’s here with the food, and the rep is here to set up. No time to untie you, you’ll just have to lie here quietly for a while.”

He heard the door close. He lay there, unable to move, not daring to make a sound. What would they think if he were discovered? A Fantasia party – he’s heard about such things. Here he was, naked, bound and blindfolded, and in the next room women would be laughing, handling sex toys, and sharing comments about their use. His cock throbbed against the tight leather straps surrounding it, the separation and stretching of his balls seemed to increase in intensity with the dangers of discovery by the women in the next room.

Cheryl slipped from the room to greet her first guests. She was well-prepared as always and had brought both his briefcase “toybox” as well as her own “toolbox” from the room to show her guests at the proper time.

Karen and Tracy arrived first, bearing wine to supplement Cheryl’s own stock. Not long after Pam showed up. But even as she slipped inside the apartment, the first two left. Over the next half hour the three visitors staged a rotating cast of arrivals until someone listening might expect that there were eight or nine women in the apartment. Music quickly filled the living room, adding to the lively chatter of excited women.

The women settled into the living room with their first bottle of wine, a few snacks, and the contents of the “toyboxes.” Laying the available instruments of pleasure and penetration before them, their conversation was well matched to the claimed purpose of their gathering.

The party was lively and twice he held his breath when someone grabbed the bedroom doorknob only to be called away and directed to the apartment’s main bathroom. But his discovery was inevitable. He heard someone duck inside the room and close the door behind them, obviously planning to use the ensuite bathroom. She gasped in surprise as she turned around and her eyes adjusted to the low light level in the bedroom. One doesn’t normally expect to find a naked man bound to a friend’s bed.

But her physical need was obviously stronger than her curiosity. He lay there and listened to her use the toilet through the open door of the bathroom. And he was sure when had finished when he felt her kneel on the bed beside him. A hand caressed his back, from shoulders to ass, culminating in a sharp slap to his bottom. The hand slipped under him, between his thighs and explored the tight binding of his cock and balls. Lastly it reached under his chest and checked the clamps on his nipples. “Poor thing,” she whispered and released his nipples from the tight clamps. But this was not the release he might have anticipated, he hands reached for his nipples again and teased them with her long, strong fingernails. Gently at first, then with determination she abused the already sore flesh, finishing by tightly clamping them between fingers and thumbs until a strained moan was forced between his lips. “Yes,” she whispered, “moan for me.” And as she prepared to dismount from the bed, she raked her nails the length of his torso, enjoying the way his body strained against the delightful agony she inflicted.

He slumped against his supporting bolsters as he heard the door close.

“Nicely done, Pam,” Karen said as his latest tormentress came back into the living room. She and the others had watched each fondle and every scratch as she played with him. One last item that Cheryl had prepared was a cable from the video camera on the tall dresser to her own television in the living room. This hookup, though no tape would be made, allowed the women in the living room to watch and cheer for their sister Dommes as each visited the bound man.

“O-K ladies,’ Karen announced. “Just so we’re all clear, here are the rules:”

·”We take turns teasing him, however we want, for the next three hours or so.”

·”We each get ten minutes per turn, and he gets five minutes to cool down afterwards, before the next visit.”

·”We’ll use these four numbered tokens to decide on an order, and after each of us has gone in we’ll redraw tokens to keep the order changing with each cycle.”

·”You’re not allowed to make him cum, but you can cum as much as you like.”

·”Double-teaming is ok as long as you’re together in the order. And helping someone doesn’t take away your own time”

·”After we’ve teased him to the edge and kept him there for a few hours, we can release him and he has to get us each off, but he can only use his tongue, his fingers and the toys.”

·”If anyone has a suggestion on how he should be allowed to cum later, it’ll get written down and put in the bowl. After we’ve all cum, we’ll pick a suggestion from the bowl to see how, or if, he can cum.”

·”You can untie and retie him if you want, he should be quite obedient now.”

·”You can take things off him, put things on or in him, and you can leave them there if you want.”

·”If anyone makes him cum they have to get the rest of us off while we wait for him to recover.”

As Karen finished reciting the rules they had developed over a few nights of chatting, each woman reached into the glass bowl to draw a numbered token. Karen, as Mistress of ceremonies, noted the order: “Pam, myself, Tracy, and then Cheryl.”

Pam went into the bedroom as the other three turned to the television, wineglasses in hand. Pam, now wearing just a long, loose white shirt stretched out beside him. For the first five long agonizing minutes she lay there, teasing him with her long nails, the stripes she left faded quickly but were visible to the watchers even in the low light of the bedroom. Finally Pam rose from the mattress, straddling his thigh she rode her pussy against the muscles of his leg as she focussed her attentions on his ass. Alternating deep scratching and sharp spanking she worked to bring herself off. She was still trying when a soft knock signaled the end of her ten minutes.

During the lull, his brief chance to relax between visits, Cheryl went into the room and repositioned some lights. This ensured that the illumination better matched the purposes of the remote viewers in the next room.

Karen was next. She was feeling quite controlling and knew that he had only ever been gently whipped and occasionally spanked. From the display of toys on the coffee table she took Cheryl’s whip and his leather spanker. With only ten minutes, she knew she’d have to work quickly. Without delay she knelt on the bed beside him, placed one hand on the small of his back and immediately brought the other down on the centre of his right asscheek. Back and forth she alternated, covering his flesh with slaps of her sturdy hand. Even as she began to see a faint blush rise she switched tactics. Taking up the small whip she struck, firmly but without anger, first across his shoulder blades, then worked her way along his body over his ass and to the bottom of his thighs. Back and forth within a few minutes she covered his body with the many lashes of the whip. Keeping an eye on the clock she dropped the whip when only two minutes remained. At that point she picked up the leather spanker and concentrated again on his ass. She was just starting to admire a slight blush following each strike as the knock drew her away from her submissive target.

Tracy had sat wide-eyed as the first two women had tormented him. She had wondered what she could possibly do to follow their performances, but Cheryl had assured her that anything she wanted to do was fine. Finally, Tracy had asked Cheryl to accompany her into the bedroom. Agreeing, Cheryl had led her young charge into the apartment washroom, soon they emerged, Cheryl in a black bustier, and Tracy in red. Smiling at the others, Tracy then walked to the table and picked up a few select objects.

In the bedroom Cheryl stayed close and whispered suggestions in Tracy’s ear. Her closeness gave the younger women boldness and she soon began to enjoy herself. First she poured a thin line of massage oil down the line of his spine. Then, with both small hands she spread the fluid from his broad shoulders to the top edge of his asscheeks. Leisurely she massaged his flesh, tracing the faint lines left by Pam’s sharp nails and smoothing across the reddened flesh remaining from Karen’s ministrations. Egged on by Cheryl’s whispered guidance she grew bolder, her hands slipped beneath his chest to tease and pinch his nipples, one hand gingerly felt his tightly bound genitalia. As the clock displayed a mere two minutes remaining she traded the massage oil for another bottle that Cheryl had held for her, this one held a thick lubricant. Slowly she dribbled the lubricant at the top of crack between his cheeks. He wriggled as it crept down towards his anus. After a liberal amount had been poured on his hot flesh Tracy followed the line of its dripping with her small fingers, enjoying the way he tried so hard to open himself up to her attentions. Shyly she slipped one greasy thumb into his bottom. Then, even as she heard the knock, and with Cheryl’s encouragement, she slipped the small purple plug from his toybox deep inside him. And as it reached its depth, the two women left the room.

Cheryl found the next five minutes an unbearable wait. It was no surprise to the other women what her plans for him were as she toyed with the ribbed black anal plug from his toybox. Quietly she entered the room, they had ceased closing the door to reduce the warning he had that another tormentress had arrived. In one smooth motion she pressed the purple plug deep inside him with one hand and used the leather spanker on his ass with the other. Pausing to lean close to his ear, she whispered; “I hope you’re enjoying the party, because we’re just getting started.”

Moving between his thighs, Cheryl held the base of the purple plug and began thrusting it into his ass. Slowly at first, then with more force and speed as he became accustomed to the intrusion. But even as he began to relax and enjoy the sensation she had other plans. A fresh liberal dose of lubricant was followed by the first few ribs of the black plug. Without skipping a beat she began to stretch his bottom to receive it. Her time, however, went by faster than she had anticipated, and the knock came as she seated it fully within him and flicked on its central vibrator to match his soft moans. And like that she left him: tied, spanked, fucked, and filled.

The four women laid down the tokens they had drawn. Karen announced the order once all four were visible to all: “myself, Cheryl, Tracy and Pam.”

Karen took her time, walking into the bedroom and sitting on the edge of the big bed. She sipped wine as lazily stroked his back with one hand. She felt his broad shoulders, strained by the tension in his arms. She slid her hand along his back feeling the remains of the massage oil on his flesh. She slipped her fingers down the crack of her ass and pushed the plug, which had slipped from his bottom, in to its full depth, smiling at his moan of sensual reaction as she did so. She followed this course a few times, realizing that the plug was not prepared to remain in place due to its tapering shape.

Returning to the living room she picked up a number of items from the accumulated contents of the toyboxes. Returning to the bedroom she worked quickly. Ever practical, her first action was to encircle his hips with rope and then to bring two trailing ends between his legs from points well forward on his hips to join behind his genitals. These ends she wrapped through a stainless steel ring from his toybox, positioning it exactly at the base of the plug, then she drew them back up along the crack of his ass to tie into the waist rope. Quickly and effectively she had configured a simple harness that held the plug deep inside his ass.

Checking the clock she knew that she’d have to work quickly to finish her plan to reposition him for more torment. Releasing one of his wrists from its tether, she brought his arm down until his wrist was beside his muscular thigh. Wrapping a length of rope in a figure eight between his wrist and thigh she bound one to the other with a few inches of space between them. the last few feet of rope she used to wrap the bundle of strands between his limbs, ensuring a secure, yet flexible connection between his arm and thigh. As she finished the first side Cheryl arrived at the door, “Time’s up,” she said, “but first you can finish what you’re doing. And you can leave his ankles tied for me.”

Cheryl came into the room after the planned break. The very first thing she did was to draw his head back to give him a deep kiss on the lips. As they broke away she pulled off the blindfold and tossed it onto the floor. “hello, my submissive one,” she said, “Time to fit you with a new friend.” At this she dropped a new, larger plug on the bed in front of his face. He had no choice but to ponder its girth and length as she explored the plug she had last forced into his ass and the rope harness Karen had devised to hold it in. Carefully she untied the harness, noting its connections so that she could put it back into place with his new plug.

Pushing the current plug deep inside him she left his bottom to sit on the bed near his head. Slowly she dripped lubricant on the new intruder, watching his eyes as he watched her hand stroke the plug. Smiling she moved to crouch between his spread thighs. Fucking him with the old plug she made him beg for it, and then she made him ask for the new one. And then she gave it to him, slowly but relentlessly she fucked it into his ass, stretching him over the space of a few minutes until he took the plug’s full length. Then she began to slowly fuck him with its entire length, increasing in tempo and force until the soft knock told her that her time was up. Quickly she seated the plug deep inside him and retied the rope harness to ensure that this one would stay in place.

Tracy came into the bedroom and explored his body. She saw how his wrists were now secured to his thigh, though his ankles were still spread and tied to the lower corners of the bed. She examined the rope harness and pushed gently on the bottom of the plug to hear his soft gasps of pleasure. She did all of this with one hand, because the other was gently stroking her shaved pussy. Suddenly she seemed to know what she wanted. Slipping two fingers deep inside herself she fed them to the bound man, watching his enjoyment of her pussy juices.

Moving to the foot of the bed she unclipped his ankle manacles from the ties that held them. With simple commands and touches she made him roll over and lay in the centre of the bed, the bolster that had supported him were rolled onto the floor. Tracy now examined his genital bondage closely. She saw that it gripped him tightly but not so tight as to restrict blood flow, or even orgasm if his cock were sufficiently stimulated. Bending over, she licked up the pool of pre-cum that quickly formed at the tip of his cock.

Finally she made her intention known. Tracy knelt beside his head and then swung one leg over his head to kneel over his face. Slowly she lowered her dripping pussy over his waiting mouth. Reaching forward she grasped his nipples in each hand. “Lick me,” she directed, and used her hands on his nipples to encourage his attentions until the knock drew her away.

Pam went into the bedroom and pulled him off the bed into a standing position. The binding of his wrists and thighs allowed him to stand, but he had to crouch slightly. Even this posture made the rope around his hips pull the ropes between his legs taut and pulled the plug deeper into his ass. Circling him she raked his body with her nails, teased and pinched his nipples and swatted his ass. She then took the nipple clamps that he’d worn earlier and ignored his moans as she put them back on those pints of sore flesh.

With five minutes left Pam Sat on the edge of the bed and pulled him down over her knee. For the full five minutes she administered a spanking with her hand, covering the cheeks of his ass until the watchers in the next room could see a slight rose colouring start to rise in his flesh. He began to squirm under her arm as the knock halted her fun. She left him kneeling at the foot of the bed, wit his chest leaning against the edge of the mattress.

“Pam, myself, Cheryl, and then Tracy,” Karen announced.

“It’s me again, lover,” Pam announced as she re-entered the bedroom, “how about we just keep going where were.” She smiled as his expressive eyes indicated that he’d had enough of her strong hand for now. And, as a change of pace she pulled him onto the bed, positioning him on his back. Pam then knelt over his face, placing her shaven pussy directly over his mouth. “Do a good job,” she warned, “or its back over my knee.”

After a few minutes Pam picked up the small whip which had been left on the bed. Slowly she began whipping whatever parts of her body she could reach. His chest, stomach, arms and thighs all received the touch of her lash. And each strike made his body tense and his tongue reach a little deeper into her.

Karen had decided that her next turn was better served in the living room. She started by leading him by the chain connecting his nipple clamps into the living room. It was the first time he saw that only the four of tem were present. Quickly, Karen positioned herself in the armchair and swung one thigh over each arm. “Get over here and lick,” she commanded. He dropped to his knees and slowly made his way to kneel in front of her. As her leaned forward she took hold of his head and drew hi tightly against her closely trimmed pussy.

But this was only part of her plan. As soon as he started licking another woman moved to fulfill the rest. Cheryl knelt beside him and start toying with the plug in his ass. She made sure that it still slid freely, within the constraints of the rope harness and they all watched his reactions against Karen’s pussy as she pushed it deep inside him. Next she took the leather spanker and began working it over his ass and across the top of his thighs. His moans and gasps only served to increase the variety of sensations his mouth delivered to Karen’s pussy. Finally, as Karen’s time drew to a close Cheryl untied the rope harness. Grasping the plug by its base she began to fuck him deeply with its entire length. The women watched as she thrust the thick latex plug into him again and again. Finally the time allowed for this session of erotic torment ended, the rope harness was retied and he was led back to the bedroom to wait.

Cheryl walked into the bedroom and surveyed the submissive man. Clamps on his nipples, wrists secured to his thighs, a large plug held deep in his ass by the rope harness, and his cock and balls held tightly in leather bondage. “Mmmmmmm,” she whispered, “you look delicious, just the way I like my men.” She retrieved the blindfold and put it over his eyes again. Tossing the bolsters back on the bed she pulled him up to lie across them, raising his ass for her further attentions. But ensuring that it was in full view of the watching camera. She left him briefly to retrieve a few items from the living room.

When she returned she mimed for the camera, showing her audience the first small purple plug that he had had inserted, Then she displayed the second, s black ribbed plug, emphasizing the difference in length and thickness between the two. Next she untied the rope harness and quickly drew the plug from his ass to continue her demonstration. That plug was again longer and thicker than its predecessor. And finally she exhibited to her companions the fourth in her plan, a thick red dildo, longer and thicker than any that he’d had before but a not unrealistic increase in size overall.

Continuing her Martha Stewart pantomime, she deliberately lubricated the dildo, stroking it as if she could masturbate it to orgasm. Placing it on the bed between his spread legs she again displayed her lubricant bottle to the audience, then applied a very generous amount to his ass, feeding it into his relaxed anus with his fingers. For a brief moment she fucked him like that, with two, then three fingers to massage his open rectum. Finally, she picked up the dildo and placed its head against his anus. It was certainly thicker than its predecessors and he tensed as she applied pressure. “Relax,” she commanded, even as she pushed the head past the resisting muscles. And then, ever so slowly, she fucked it into him, with tiny increases in depth until it was well seated against the crack of his ass. The other women had watched, allowing her to take all the time she needed to accomplish her task. Once it was fully inside him she realized the time and tied off the rope harness to keep it in place.

Tracy went in after a longer break than usual. They has all congratulated Cheryl on how well she had opened and then filled him with successive plugs through the evening. They had watched him on the bed, moaning and gently writhing as his body tried to find a comfortable position with the large intruder she had stuffed him with. And, finally, Tracy went in to find him as Cheryl had left him.

She softly touched him all over his body. She explored the base of the dildo, examining how the thick shaft disappeared inside his ass. Slowly she rolled him over and moved him into the centre of the bed. Placing him on his back was an interesting manoeuvre as he adjusted to having his weight on the base of the dildo filling him. The she started to strip him of his bondage accoutrements. First the blindfold cam off and she kissed him deeply as she did so, thrusting her tongue into his soft willing mouth. Next the nipple clamps were removed, he gasped as the blood rushed back into the tender flesh, and again as she leaned over him to suck each in turn.

Tracy then moved to sit between his thighs. Quickly she worked to untie his wrists from their bondage to his thighs. As she finished each side she tossed the ropes to the floor. She left the rope harness in place since it was needed to hold his anal plug in place. But she turned her attention to the leather harness that has held his cock and balls all evening. Luckily, Cheryl had described this to her and she knew what to support as each buckle and snap was undine to avoid undue pain to her subject.

Gently she released his cock and smoothly shaven balls. Leaning forward she again tasted the thick precum which had seeped from its tip through the bondage. Tossing the leather contraption aside she picked up the bottle of lubricant from the mattress. Slowly she dripped the thick substance all over his genitals. Then, using both hands she gently began massaging the one part of his body that had been bound and ignored all evening. She felt his smooth balls slip through her hands and then drew them up his now rigid shaft. And every time he tensed or his hips attempted to ride and increase the intensity of her touch, she stopped and pulled her hands away. After having stripped him, it was five long minutes she toyed with his genitals before the knock pulled her back to the bedroom. It was Karen that came for her and before they left she leaned close to his ear and warned him not to move.

They left him for fifteen minutes to cool off before initiating the next part of his plan. Karen and Cheryl went into the bedroom to prepare him. First they untied the rope harness and Cheryl slid the dildo from his ass. All of the plugs were tossed into the shower and he was sent in to clean them and himself. They watched to ensure that he spent no more time than necessary on his cock. Once he was dry they brought him back into the bedroom to dress.

Karen had selected only two items for him to wear, the first was a condom to capture any seepings from his cock, the other a tight pair of spandex shorts that accentuated his genitals and held them tightly in place. Before they left him they gave him his instructions for the next part of the evening. Each of them would come into the bedroom, and it was his task to bring them to orgasm. He could use his tongue or fingers, or any of the selection of vibrators or dildos available. During his task he was not to touch himself, nor to rub his cock against the women. If he behaved, he might be allowed to cum later.

Over the next hour they came to him in turn, without pause. Their order was chosen by the disks, but he knew nothing of those. Some took longer than others, some denied him the use of the toys, and he did his best work with his mouth on nipples and clits and his fingers thrusting into pussies and massaging G-spots. At the end of the hour, on top of his previous exertions, he was nearly exhausted. The women decided to allow him a brief map before continuing. It gave them time to open one last bottle of wine and to relax while they discussed whether he deserved even more of a birthday present.

Finally it was time to select an idea for his final surprise. A dozen ideas had been jotted on paper and tossed into the designated bowl. It was decided to choose one and set it aside, then to review the others before reading the chosen plan. In keeping with this approach Tracy was designated to pick one and place it aside.

Karen, Pam and Cheryl then took turns reading the others to the mutual delight of the women. They ranged from masturbating him while spanking him to having him masturbate while they watched on camera to having him sent home without cumming. Finally, the only idea not read was the one set aside by Tracy.

They examined it in detail, discussed its merits, and agreed that it was a very good plan. All four stood as one and headed to the bedroom. Without pause he was stripped of the tight shorts they had put on him earlier, he was pushed onto the bed, placed in its centre and spread-eagled without bondage.

Karen and Pam each held and arm and together they climbed on the bed and placed their pussies directly over his hands. He took the hint and gently slipped his long fingers inside them. They, in turn began to tease his nipples and alternately they would lean forward to suck their appointed nipple. Next, Tracy climbed on the bed and lowered her pussy on his mouth, she smiled as his tongue lipped between her lips. And finally, Cheryl sat between his legs. She drew his knees up until his legs were over hers and his hips tiled slightly forward to give her full access to his genitals.

They all sat quietly and let him work on the women with his hands and mouth. Cheryl, however, had a different plan. She slipped the condom from his stiff cock and let her fingertips slide through the accumulated pre-cum that coated his shaft. Next she dripped copious quantities of lubricant on his cock and balls, she made sure that plenty also reached his anus for her probing fingers. Slowly she started to masturbate him, slowing or stopping each time he started to react to the attention. And every few minutes she fed another large round bead into his ass.

Eventually the attention of the four ladies had to have an effect. His reaction time each time his cock was touched became shorter and shorter until he was constantly on the verge of cumming. By now Cheryl had fed the entire string of anal beads into his ass. Finally Cheryl began pumping his cock, he tensed in every muscle and focussed his entire being on this orgasm, after hours of sexual tension it was going to be an incredible release.

In time with the jets of cum from his shaft Cheryl pulled the beads from his ass to intensify the experience. Simultaneously she lowered her mouth over his cockhead to capture his cum. Tracy, Karen and Pam moved aside as his orgasm subsided. Cheryl moved up beside him and lowered her mouth to his. He opened his lips to meet her kiss and tasted his own cum as she let it drip from her open mouth. Sloppily she kissed him, covering his lips and filling his mouth with his own cum.

As Cheryl moved aside Karen, Tracy and Pam each in turn leaned forward to kiss him. They each tasted his cum on his lips and frenched him deeply to share his flavour. He lay there completely spent, the women covered him as he faded into a nap. They retired to the living room to discuss further adventures for him, with one, two or more of them at a time.

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