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Mrs James

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She knew I watched her; she knew and she made me suffer. I couldn’t help myself, I had to watch her; she was so damn sexy I was hooked.

I would watch from the study window on the second floor of our house. I could see down onto the decking at the rear of her house, it was a vantage point that offered a superb view of her whenever she sunbathed during that long, hot summer.

At first she wore a bikini, but even that was almost too much for me to bear at such an age. I had never experienced a woman like her, my only sexual adventure to date had been with a girl my own age; an encounter that disappointed us both.

To see Mrs James in all her magnificent glory in her own back garden was just too sublime for words. To see her almost nude, with her big breasts barely concealed in that skimpy bikini bra-top and her gorgeously ripe buttocks jiggling saucily as she walked… she was a walking dream to me.

The first time I spotted her I remember flushing hot red and hurrying from the room with guilty haste. The quick glimpse was indelibly imprinted on my mind however, and the image of Mrs James, our neighbour, lured me back to the window.

She didn’t do a great deal that first afternoon, the afternoon of my discovery, but I spent at least half an hour gazing down at her voluptuous curves with my cock straining against my jeans front. I felt an ache in my stomach that I now recognise as desire. I wanted to revel in the pleasures of Mrs James’ body, but could only dream of holding her big, heavy breasts in my hands and savouring their springy texture.

Of course in my fantasies, Mrs James was an eager participant, and I must have fucked her in every corner of both our houses during my masturbatory rejoicing, night after sticky night.

Then, late on in the summer, Mrs James happened to glance up. I have no idea why she chose to look into the study window; perhaps she sensed someone watching, perhaps it was pure chance – whatever, I moved quickly, but was sure I’d been seen.

My heart leapt and my stomach flipped when Mrs James looked up. There was the instant of realisation on my part and then I moved. Thinking about it later, moving was the mistake; movement attracts the eye and I probably gave the game away from that decision. At the time I stood just out of view in an agony of indecision for more than a minute before I surreptitiously peeped back outside.

She was gone.

I was mortified and a thousand fears hit me at once. What if she told my mother that I’d been spying? The humiliation was huge and I groaned out loud with the anticipation of the trouble I was sure was about to descend.

Nothing happened. I spent four or five days in constant fear. My guts were in knots, and every knock at the door caused my heart to race and my sphincter to tighten as I imagined an irate Mrs James about to vent her spleen.

Then, on a hot Friday I saw her in her garden again. I tried my best to stay away from the window, but I simply couldn’t resist. The siren call of her physical presence meant that I was soon gazing and lusting as usual.

What happened on that afternoon nearly blew me away completely, and I can still recall that feeling even though over twenty-five years have passed since that moment. I was just thinking that Mrs James hadn’t seen me after all. She couldn’t have if she was back out sunbathing again. Nevertheless, I was determined to keep well hidden this time, and it was just at that moment that Mrs James reached behind her body and unclasped her bikini top.

I was flabbergasted and stood slack jawed as her lovely breasts swung free. Mrs James’ jugs swayed sexily as she moved the towel around on her sun-lounger and then she shocked me again by quite blatantly lifting her sunglasses up and then smiling right into the window I was watching from.

She knew I was there all right and the dirty bitch was flaunting herself at me. She sat back and made herself comfortable before she teased me some more by pouring lotion into her palms and rubbing it into her skin. She daubed her legs and tummy and then spent an age massaging the gloop into her tits. My cock was huge as Mrs James rolled her big jugs in her hands. Her nipples thickened and stood out, easily as thick and as long as the top joint of my pinky finger. The lust surged through me and I pulled my cock free of my jeans and tugged at it fiercely.

Heedless of discovery by any of my family, I tugged at my cock until the semen shot from the slit at the crown of my glans, and I sobbed with the exquisite pain of my temporary release.

Mrs James had even gone so far as to let her thighs fall open and I could clearly see the bulge of her mound against the gusset of her bikini bottoms. God, how I craved her.

This torture went on for another week or so, and each time Mrs James would drive me into a wanking frenzy. She got quite obvious toward the end of the summer and actually began to wave her fingers at me as she calmly walked away after each of our sessions. By now I was obsessed and was devastated when the warm weather gradually slipped away. I had no idea what I would do now that Mrs James was forced indoors by the autumnal winds.


‘Could you just go round to Gina’s next door,’ my mother asked me as she hung up the phone. ‘That was her on the phone; she’s got a heavy box that she needs lifting and she wondered if you could give her a hand.’

The ploy is almost laughable now I’m looking back. The obviousness of it makes me smile, but as a callow youth of eighteen years, and very nearly a virgin, I had no idea of what I was walking into. Mrs James represented the epitome of feminine embodiment. She was an iconic figure to me. I may have seen her topless in her garden, but I had absolutely no idea how to deal with her on a face to face basis.

I was terrified and my limbs positively trembled as I walked along her driveway and up to her front door. I may as well have been going to the gallows. I was petrified, but I couldn’t think of anything else to do. To refuse would have brought a barrage of questions from my mother; questions I couldn’t answer.

‘Hello,’ Mrs James whispered huskily at me in response to my timid knock. ‘Do come in.’

She held the door wide for me and the condemned man stepped inside.

‘Can I get you a drink?’ she asked and led me through to her kitchen. ‘I’m just having a glass of red. Would you like one?’

Wine wasn’t my thing. In fact, I wasn’t much on alcohol at the time and I compounded my youthful naivety by asking for a cordial instead.

Mrs James laughter pealed delightedly and then abruptly stopped as she studied me closely. Her steady, dark-eyed stare disconcerted me and I felt even more ill at ease.

‘Darling, you’re shaking,’ Mrs James said concerned when she saw my trembling. ‘Are you afraid of me?’ she teased.

‘A little, yes.’ I answered truthfully causing the laughter to bubble from her again.

‘You poor thing,’ she pouted. ‘You’ve nothing to fear… I won’t hurt you.’ Mrs James looked at me levelly and continued: ‘I know you watched me,’ she said straight out. ‘I know you were upstairs.’

I reddened, the voicing of her knowledge embarrassed me and I felt the heat on my face.

‘I don’t mind,’ she went on and sipped at her wine. ‘In fact,’ she paused momentarily, ‘I’m quite flattered that you should choose to look at me. I must seem positively ancient to you.’

‘Uh, no…’ I was at a loss for words, well out of my depth and floundering.

‘So, did you like watching me?’ Her eyes narrowed in an almost feline way and I felt like a poor mouse caught under that gaze. ‘Did I get you all hot and bothered?’

I swallowed heavily and felt the heat in my face burn even hotter.

‘It doesn’t have to stop you know,’ Mrs James said calmly. ‘You can… watch me right here if your mood takes you.’

I had no idea what Mrs James was talking about. Watch her? What did she mean?

‘I… I, uh… don’t understand,’ I stammered.

‘I’ll show you,’ Mrs James said. ‘Come through to the lounge, sit down and make yourself comfortable.’

I did as Mrs James bid and then watched open mouthed as she began to unbutton her blouse.

While she undressed for me, Mrs James kept up a monologue. She basically described what she was going to do a second or two before she actually performed the action. I found the whole thing immensely exciting. Mrs James’ voice and her slow, teasing revelation of her voluptuous curves were an aphrodisiac for me, the result being that I was sat on Mrs James’ sofa with my cock bursting for freedom.

‘I loved teasing you from my garden,’ Mrs James whispered seductively. I got all sexy knowing you were ogling my breasts… men have always looked at my breasts… do you like them too?’

Mrs James slid her blouse over her tanned shoulders and held her globes for me to see. I could see the soft, pliant upper slopes of her big boobs and could see the dent of her nipples through the flowery bra she was wearing.

‘Let me take this skirt off, I don’t want you to see my boobs just yet. I want you to be all excited when I show you them.’

Excited? I was already excited! I was desperate to play with my cock, but didn’t dare move in case I somehow broke the magic. Mrs James stepped out of her skirt and stood in her underwear, her hands on her hips and her eyes studying me for my reaction.

‘Do you like me?’ she asked. ‘Or am I too old and ugly for you?’

I gulped and nodded furiously. ‘I like you,’ I blurted. ‘I think you’re beautiful, really, really beautiful. So sexy…’

Mrs James smiled at me. ‘You’re not just saying that to please me are you?’ She made as though she was picking up her blouse to put back on. ‘I’m not sure. I think I should get dressed again. You’re too young to find an old woman like me sexy.’

‘No!’ I almost shouted. ‘Honest. I think you’re really sexy. I’m already excited,’ I babbled, desperate that Mrs James shouldn’t cover herself up.

‘Really?’ she asked. ‘You’re excited?’

‘Yes,’ I croaked.

‘Hmm,’ Mrs James pretended to be deep in thought. Of course it was all part of the devious bitch’s play. She knew the effect she was having on me. She knew I was stiff and aroused. She was just playing her own sordid little game. She enjoyed tormenting me, but once again, I didn’t know the game at that age.

‘Okay,’ she continued after a pause. ‘If I let you see my breasts, will you show me just how excited you are?’

‘Uh, you mean?’ I gulped.

‘Yes,’ Mrs James replied firmly. ‘You have to let me see your cock.’

I nodded and Mrs James unfettered her gorgeous tits. I feasted my eyes on the swaying orbs as they danced seductively into view.

‘Oh my God,’ I sighed as Mrs James squeezed them together and flicked her nipples with her red tipped nails.

‘There,’ she said proudly, ‘my big tits for you. Now…’ She indicated my jeans front.

I stood up and unbuckled my belt. I unzipped my fly and saw Mrs James’ eyeing me with a hungry look.

‘Yes,’ she hissed in triumph when my cock was revealed. It jutted as hard and as big as I’d ever experienced. It curved upwards, arrogant in its purple hued majesty, and I could tell Mrs James was at least a little impressed by my stature.

‘Isn’t that a lovely thick cock,’ she whispered and her eyes gleamed in the light. ‘Take off the rest of your clothes,’ she almost commanded. ‘Show me what you look like naked.’

I stripped and Mrs James licked her lips lasciviously. Then, she surprised me by hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her underwear and pulled the garment down over her thighs. She flicked it away with disdain and stood as naked as myself.

‘I bet you didn’t expect this did you?’ Mrs James smirked when she saw my expression. ‘Just remember,’ she whispered and walked slowly towards me. ‘You can come over anytime. We can be really good friends, you and I. Does that sound good?’

‘Oh yes, Mrs James,’ I murmured. ‘That would be really good.’

I was feasting my eyes on the mature woman’s curves. I loved her big breasts of course, but there was so much more to her allure than her lovely jugs. Mrs James had to be in her forties, and her figure wasn’t as sylph-like as a teenager’s, but she was certainly put together in a way that pleased me immensely. She was generously built, without being fat. Her wide hips complimented her big boobs, and her legs were slim and well shaped. Mrs James had a pretty face, with a certain elfin glint that hinted at mischief… and, boy was I seeing evidence of how mischievous she could be right then.

Mrs James sidled right up to me. I was dying to put my hands on her body. I wanted to feel her skin and to caress every succulent inch of her. I daren’t touch her in case I offended her in some way. I had no idea of the boundaries and was at a loss as to how to continue. I felt the heat from her close proximity. I could hear her breathing and I could see the excitement in her puckered areola and hard, long nipples.

Then, I felt her breath against the side of my face and Mrs James whispered in my ear: ‘I’m going to suck your thick cock.’

The thrill of those words! Mrs James sat on her sofa and pulled my hips round so my cock was in front of her face. She took hold of my shaft, the first time she physically touched me there, and then pursed her red lips around my bell end.

‘Oh my God!’ I sighed as I watched in disbelief as this glorious woman took me into her mouth. ‘Mrs James…’ I blurted but could only groan as she looked up at me with my cock wedged firmly between her lips. She gave me a slow wink and then took more of me into her mouth. I felt her tongue flicking around the underside of my cock and felt like I was going to come right there and then.

‘I love sucking cock,’ Mrs James whispered when she let me spring from her mouth. ‘I’m such a dirty bitch… I simply adore young men and their big, fucking cocks.’

Her use of profanity shocked me in a delighted way, but I felt a rush of copper jealousy at her reference to other men she’d known. I was already halfway in love with her from my voyeuristic activities during the summer, and now, now that the object of my desire was so obscenely slobbering over my erection… Well, I thought that she was the woman for me.

‘Are you going to come?’ Mrs James hissed at me. ‘Are you going to give me the cream?’

I groaned as she used her fist along my shaft. She was wanking me with one hand while her other was busy between her legs. I could see her fingers making big circles around and around her vulva as she brought herself closer to her own climax and the sight of her caused my seed to gush.

‘Baby, yes!’ Mrs James cried as my semen spattered against her skin. Her face was filled with rapture as gob after gob of my hot stuff splashed onto her body. She was unheeding as the stuff clung to her hair and sprayed across her pretty face.

She grunted and clenched her thighs tight as her own climax broke and I watched in utter disbelief as the slut scooped big dollops of my cum into her mouth with her fingers.

‘So much spunk,’ she whispered several times. ‘So much cum from you my lover.’

Mrs James stood and kissed me. She pushed her cum smeared tongue into my mouth and I tasted the salty residue of my own goo as we kissed. I couldn’t have cared less about tasting myself. I was still too turned on and wanted to use my still erect cock in Mrs James’ cunt.

‘You fit, virile bastard,’ Mrs James squealed when she saw the state of my cock. ‘Fuck me now. Use that thick cock and fuck my dirty cunt.’

Once again the unexpected coarse language thrilled me. I was desperate to get at her now and eager to prod her with my cock.

Mrs James lay back and opened her legs for me. I saw the hot, red core of her sex as she held her large, curled flaps wide apart. Her clit stuck out at the top of her slit and I could see the liquid of her oily arousal as I moved to push the head of my cock into her.

Mrs James held her legs wide for me and sighed as my cock pushed into her body.

‘Use me,’ she said in a hoarse voice as I slid balls deep into her. ‘I’m a dirty old bitch who loves to fuck,’ she said as her lust burned higher. ‘I deserve to be used… Fuck me with your lovely cock, use my nasty cunt and bang me…’

Mrs James pushed her hips up to meet my thrusts. I may not have had much experience, but instinct was guiding me. Mrs James’ vulgar vocabulary made it plain that she wanted to be fucked hard. This wasn’t a lesson in love, this was pure, undiluted fucking, and she wanted me to fuck her.

I began to grunt and the sweat broke out on my forehead as I pounded into Mrs James. She was as animalistic as I was, grunting and squealing and writhing enthusiastically beneath me. She was desperate for me to bring her to her climax. She was pulling me deeper and harder into her body with her hands on my hips. She thrust up to meet me and the room was filled with the slapping sounds of our impacting bodies.

As I ploughed on vigorously, Mrs James squeezed her big, wobbling tits roughly. The skin of her breasts was soon red from the rough treatment she was giving herself, and I saw her hand slip down to where we were joined and she sawed at her clit in the same rough fashion.

‘I’m coming,’ she squealed at last and I watched her face contort with a rictus of ecstasy as her climax surged through her body. Mrs James’ insides clenched around my cock as I held myself deep and still inside her body.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck,’ she grunted and carried on coming for long seconds. ‘Baby, that was marvellous,’ she whispered as she looked up at me from where she lay on the sofa. ‘From behind, now, fuck me from behind.’

Mrs James eased from under me and knelt on the edge of the seat. She pushed her rump up and offered her sex to me again. I groaned when I saw her big tits hanging beneath her body and I reached under to cup them in my palms.

Mrs James fucked back against me as we coupled and I savoured the heavy weight of her jugs in my hands.

‘You sure do like my titties, don’t you,’ she smiled at me as she tried to turn her head to look at me. ‘Squeeze them, baby,’ she purred. ‘Squeeze my big jugs and slide your cock into me.’

It didn’t take much of that to bring me to the boil and I soon grunted loudly and called out: ‘Mrs James… I’m… Shit, I’m…’

‘I know,’ she called back to me. ‘I know you’re coming. I can feel it pulsing inside me. Fill me with the stuff, lover. Bathe me with your hot stuff.’

Mrs James began to convulse around my cock as she came again herself. I felt the relief of my climax wash over me as my cock slid with a loud squelch from Mrs James’ body. Thick dribbles of my cum seeped from her and slid thickly onto the leather of her sofa.

‘That was glorious,’ she whispered and kissed me a few moments later. ‘I think we should have a drink and then go upstairs. Would you like to see me dressed up for you?’ she invited.


That was the first time with Mrs James, the woman who took me from callow youth to confident young man. The rest of that autumn, and the winter that followed were spent in the company of my mature teacher… and to her, I’ll always be grateful.

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