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Nursing Home Visit

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My grandmother has been put in a nursing home. She is 92 and I miss her a lot. When I was growing up, she lived 2 blocks behind us and I would visit her several times a week. We were best buds.

As I got older, time would not permit me to see her as often, but I would try. When I was away at college, I would drop my things off at my parents’ house, and see her before I went out with my friends.

I married and would take my children to see her. They grew to love her as I did. It was hard for the family to put her in that home, but she is more than just fragile with age, she needs medications that are beyond our comprehension. Now her mind wanders. Sometimes she is completely there, and we talk about so many things, and other times she can’t quite recall you I am.

Many of the residents are like her. Most are younger, and some, much younger. At first I didn’t notice too many of them. I wanted to concentrate on my grandmother. I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to notice the rest of the residents, and I wasn’t sure if I should notice the rest. But as time when on, I got to know most of the people and the staff there. They all have their good days and bad.

Sometimes, when my grandmother was having one of her bad days, I would walk down the hall, not thinking or looking around, just moving. On one of those days, I was walking down her hall and heard someone say “Hey, Joey.”

It was Lois, one of the younger residents, in room 514, two rooms down. She had seen me as I passed her doorway.

“Hi, Lois,” I said, putting on what I thought was a good front.

“Your grandmother not doing too good today?” she asked.

I went in and sat in the extra chair and talked about how hard it was to she her deteriorate like that. Lois was sympathetic and listened. It lifted the load from me. I started to feel better and responded to her questions and soon we were having a nice conversation.

On my subsequent visits, if my grandmother was not up to conversation, I found myself drifting down to Lois’ room. Her face would light up when I walked in. I liked it when she smiled. I found myself thinking about Lois more and more when I was away from the nursing home.

We talked about her late husband, their life and how their only son was killed in an auto accident. I was bold enough to tell her I thought she was still a very beautiful woman and that she probably turned a lot of heads over the years. She blushed, but said “I have some photo albums if you would like to see them.”

“I would like that.” I said and she pulled open the bedside table drawer and pulled out two well-worn albums.

We looked through them and I saw her entire life transpire, from black-and-white to color and from youth to senior citizen.

As we looked at the photos, I could see the young Lois was very good looking and had quite a figure. I found myself looking at the woman beside me and for the first time, I was looking at her as a woman. The figure was still there, but she wore her clothing to disguise it. Oh, the bust was lower and skin a little wrinkled, but she seemed to have all the parts. My mind began to wonder if certain parts still worked.

“Lois, you were quite a looker back then, but you know, you’ve still got it too.”

“Thank you Joey, but I think you’re just being nice to an old lady.”

“No, I mean it,” I said. Then I looked at my watch and looked at her. “I need to be going now,” I said. Her eyes looked down a little. “But I will be back to see you again, if you don’t mind.” I said. She looked up at me and her face was sparkling again. I leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek. She turned and our lips met. I felt a tingle of electricity run through me. There was a lot of life left in her.

I got up and walked to the door and as a passed through I looked back and saw her smiling.

On my next visit, my grandmother was sleeping and instead of going in and sitting, as I usually do, I quickly went down to see if Lois was in her room. She was there and was wearing a dress I have not seen before. “Joey,” she said, “I was so hoping to see you today.”

“You look great.” I said as I walked toward her. The red and white dress had short wide sleeves, a gathered waist and came just to her knees as she sat there. She left the top few buttons open and there was the hint of cleavage showing. She was not as thin as she once was, but she was not heavy. The few extra pounds helped her face to look less wrinkled, and much of it found its way to her chest. Normally, her chest was not as noticeable, but today, she seemed to have it accented. I noticed she wasn’t wearing hose.

I thought I would see if I was imagining things or did she dress up for me, so I leaned to kiss her before I sat down. She not only let me kiss her, she grabbed the back of my head and held my lips tight to hers. When we broke, I sat next to her. I’m not sure if I sat down, or my knees gave out. I could feel the blood rushing to my cock.

“Thank you for being so nice to an old lady,” she said.

“I wasn’t being nice, I thoroughly enjoyed that,” I said, “and given the chance, I’d be happy to do it again.”

“Well then, come here” she said, and reached out her arms. As I was sitting on her right, her left arm went to the back of my head, and her right arm around my back. I leaned toward her and put my right arm around her waist. She pulled me tighter and as I bent my right elbow, it squeezed her left breast. I was worried that she would throw me out of the room, but she didn’t move at all. I started to move backward and she applied more pressure to the back of my head and brought me tighter to her. She opened her mouth and the instant I felt her tongue on my lips, I opened my mouth and our tongues met. While our tongues were playing with each other, she leaned her left shoulder back slightly and I took that as a “go ahead” sign and brought my right hand back and cupped her full breast. I could feel her nipple harden through her dress and bra. I gave it a gentle pinch.

“You know, Joey, this is a private room, but not with the door open. Why don’t you go over and close the door.” I got up and walked to the door. And Joey,” she said, “turn the lock.”

I did as she asked and when I turned around I saw she had moved from the chair to the edge of her bed. I walked up to her and kissed her on the lips and with my hand behind her head, I eased her back to the prone position on the bed. She kicked off her shoes and brought up her legs, so she was now lying in the middle of her bed. I laid down beside her and propping myself up on my left arm, I moved myself up and kissed her. I allowed my chest to put some wait on her right breast. I could feel its volume between us. I squeezed her left breast again with my right hand. When I pinched her nipple again, she let out a soft moan. I massaged her breast and then slid my hand to her buttons.

I unbuttoned each of her buttons. When I had unbuttoned her below her bra, I began to kiss her chin and then her neck. I continued to unbutton the dress as my trail of kisses made it to her mounds. I started kissing the exposed portion of each breast as my hand worked feverishly to open the remaining buttons. When I had undone the last button, I raised myself up and looked into her eyes. The body before me may have aged, but the eyes were that of the sexy young woman I had seen in the pictures. I moved my hands and took a breast in each one. I lowered my head to hers as I squeezed her breasts. She was moaning again and moving her legs.

I rolled her on to her side, reached behind her and unclasped her bra. I laid her on her back and eased her bra off her breasts. Her nipples were surprisingly dark and extended. I put her left breast in my hand, and lowered my lips to it and began sucking on it. She was writhing with pleasure as I suckled on her. I reached up and brought the shoulder of her dress down her arm. She easily slipped her are out of it. I did the same with the other arm and she was out of her dress. Grasping the center of her bra, I lifted it up and away from her. She straightened her arms and the bra was off. I cupped her breasts in my hands and began kissing the nipples. First one and then the other.

“Oh Joey, I want to feel your skin against mine,” she said and pushed me back to a sitting position. She began unbuttoning my shirt, pulled it out of my pants, unbuttoned the remaining buttons and pushed it off my shoulders.

She returned to the bed and pulled my chest onto hers. I kept my hips off of her, so as not to allow too much weight on her and to allow access to her panties. As we kissed, I moved my chest which caused her flattened breasts to roll between us. My hand slid down her side, along the outside of her hips and down the outside of her leg to her knee. I came up over her knee and began to move my hand up the inside of her leg. She opened her leg to allow me to continue.

When I got to her panties, they were wet! I always believed the old stories about “dried-up old women,” but I know now those stories are wrong.

I pressed my palm against her mound and I could feel her moving her hips against my hand. This woman was a wildcat. She was pressing her pussy into my hand and trying to suck my tongue down her throat.

I moved her panties aside and slipped a finger into her pussy. It felt wonder in there. I withdrew my finger and sat up. She got a disappointed look on her face, and in mock crying she said, “You’re not leaving me, are you?”

“No,” I said, “I need to do something.” I reached down and taking the sides of her panties, I began to peel them down. She raised up her hips to allow me to get them down. I looked at her pussy as I was bringing them to her knees. The mostly dark hair matched the hair color I had seen in the pictures. While I can’t know if it thinned over the years, her patch was still thick and curly.

I slid the panties down the rest of the way, and off her feet. I moved down to the bottom of the bad and lifting up her leg, I began kissing the inside of her calf. She relaxed completely and I began kissing my way up her leg, to her knee and up her thigh. She laid on the bed, and I moved her legs apart, and brought my head down to her pussy. I could smell the desire that was glistening on the hairs outside her lips. I put my fingers on each side and opened them. I blew gently on the insides and then followed my breath with my lips. I kissed her pussy up and down the length of it. She was moaning and her hips were beginning to move up and down. I pulled her lips open again and licked her from bottom to top in one stroke. I felt her tighten up as my tongue crawled over her clit, so I sucked on it and she squeezed my head with her thighs. I just brought this senior citizen to orgasm!

I backed off a little to allow her to recuperate, and then started kissing her pussy again. I kissed her up and down a few times and then started pushing my tongue inside her pussy. I pushed my head in harder and moved my head up and down over her pussy. Her moaning changed to grunting and she reached down and pushed my head into her with her hands. It was like she was trying to send my head-first into her womb. I continued my licking and bobbing until I felt her stiffen again. I slowed down and gently licked the juices flowing from this ancient and wonderful pussy.

I stopped and got to a kneeing position, to look at her. I looked down to see her soaked and shining pussy. I moved my look up her wrinkled and soft abdomen, and then to her ample breasts. They were sagging slightly out to the sides, but the nipples were hard and erect. I then looked up to her face. She had had her eyes closed, and as I looked at her she said, “That was wonderful. I haven’t felt this good in years. But now I need you in me. Get out of those pants and take me. Now!”

I got off the bed at her feet, and undid my zipper and belt and opening the pants, I grabbed the pants and underpants and slid them down my legs at the same time. I steeped out of my shoes and leaving my socks on, I moved up on to the bed, between her legs and braced myself above her on my straight arms. I looked her in the eyes, and lowed myself onto her. As our lips met, the tip of my cock was at the entrance to her pussy. I kissed her deeply and pulled my head up to see her face.

She looked back at my and put her hand on my buttocks. She applied some pressure and I moved my dick slowly into her. The head slipped into her and about another inch and she stopped her pressure on my butt. I stopped moving into her, and allowed her to grow comfortable with my dick inside her. Very soon she was pushing my hips into hers again. She backed off the pressure for a moment and I eased out of her slightly.

A smile came over her face and I pushed into her again, and then backed it out again. I did that a second time and then a third time. Then I pushed into her with my full length.

“Yeeesssssssssss” came hoarsely out of her mouth.

I felt the juices flowing around my dick and I started stroking her, in and out. She was moaning and moving her hips.

We continued on for several minutes until I could feel the pressure in my balls building up. I increased the tempo and she was thrusting back with me. Soon I was grunting and ramming my cock into her pussy. The pressure was at the point of no return and I laid onto her and grabbed her breasts with both hands and squeezed them. She pulled her legs around my hips and held me inside her. I could feel the final pressure and pushed in as deep as I could and held it inside her. I pinched her nipple between my thumb and forefingers and felt the explosion of my dick inside her. She too had felt it and she stiffened with the biggest orgasm of the day.

We soon relaxed and I propped myself on my arms. I wanted to get my weight off her. She smiled and looked at me. “I never thought I would feel that way again. You have given me the greatest gift a woman could get.”

“I don’t know what to say, I have never had a woman respond like you and I feel like I should be thanking you.”

I moved slowly off the bed and pulled up my underpants and pants. I then moved around to the head of the bed and sat on the edge and kissed her again. She responded with a kiss that went straight from my lips to my dick and back again.

I got my shirt and put it on and gathered up her bra and panties and she began to get dressed.

As we were doing the final smoothing of our clothes, there was a knock at the door: “Dinner in 15 minutes, Lois.”

“I’ve worked up quite an appetite today” she whispered with a wink and a smile.

My grandmother got worse, but mercifully, she passed quickly. I still visit the nursing home though. My wife thinks I’m doing it because I am such a nice guy. I’m not going to argue with her. And Lois says there is someone new at the home she thinks I should meet.

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Bill wrote

was a great story,wish it was me that was doing her