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Rock n Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution

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“This sort of sucks,” he thought as he worked on his beer. A double major in philosophy and history he didn’t count on how hard it would be to find meaningful work outside of graduate school. He had a stop-gap job that barely paid his meager bills. He moved home with his dad after college due to a total lack of options.

Aaron was 22 and fairly nice looking with a decent young man’s build. His green eyes reflected his intelligence and youth. He was drinking beer and killing time at a bar near work. He didn’t have a girlfriend and hadn’t been laid in months. He pondered for the hundredth time if he should give up and go to back to school while REO rode out the storm.

Aaron noticed the youngest female patron at the bar appeared to be 20 years his senior. He didn’t have a clue how to approach one of them. Early Friday evening turned to night as he continued to drink at the bar for lack of anything else better to do. Sally was seated five stools down with a group of fellow nurses. They enjoyed the bar because it had the best jukebox in town, even if it was a little rundown. Next to the jukebox was a small dance floor where the girls occasionally danced and put on a show. Occasionally loneliness and alcohol got the better of Sally and the show moved to her bed if a suitable man presented himself. But most nights she went to bed the same way she generally felt—alone.

Aaron looked down the bar as the women began to sing along with Bob Seger as he explained how he felt like a number. The blonde in jeans and white silk blouse caught his eye. She was full bodied in the chest and a bit in the hips. She was all but dancing in her seat and Aaron thought she looked pretty cute for an older woman.

“What’s the worst that can happen? She says no. What the hell. I was about to leave anyway,” he thought.

The Romantics started to sing about what they liked as he slid off his bar stool and strolled up to the blonde. “Care to dance?”

She looked the young man up and down and was impressed he would ask. “It’s just dancing,” she decided as she hopped off her stool.

Aaron looked closely at the woman as they danced. She was certainly older, but damn she could dance. He liked it when she would extend her arms, her fairly ample breasts jutting out, and shake her entire body with the beat. He knew he wasn’t her dancing equal and felt a little embarrassed about having the dance floor to themselves. Sally was happy just to be dancing and didn’t care if the floor was crowded or not. Finally her friends had found dance partners and the small floor began to fill up.

“Hey, cutie, I’m Sally.”

“Aaron. Nice to meet you.”

“Thanks for dancing with me. I didn’t you would EVER ask,” she flirted.

Heart began a song about a magic man and Sally’s dance became more sultry. She would move in close and look him in the eye, then back away and shake her ass. Her hips moved in perfect time and Aaron found he was becoming quite entranced. She had a certain erotic quality he couldn’t quite explain.

“I need a drink,” Sally said after Heart’s final guitar lick. Two tequila shots later they were both fairly buzzed. “How old are you, sweetie?” she asked.

“Twenty two.”

He could almost see her face fall. “You’re a baby!” she replied. “But a pretty hot looking baby.” Aaron blushed.

Normally such a comment would have embarrassed him, but the buzz and lack of pussy left him feeling bold. “Well…maybe I am. Maybe I’m not.”

Sally smiled at the young man as Lynyrd Skynyrd asked for three steps. She took his hand and led him back to the dance floor.

This time the dances were more sexual. She would brush her ass against his crotch for a few seconds, move away, move back and grind her ass on him briefly, move away, move back and shake her tits against his chest for a few seconds, move away. Sally was pleased to find she could make a younger man’s cock stiff.

AC/DC was through being back in black and Sally announced it was time for her to go. “Walk me to my car?” He watched her ass as he followed, wishing she wasn’t leaving. They crossed the lot and she fished her keys out of her purse, then looked up at the young man. She flashed her best “kiss me” look and realized the boy hadn’t caught on. Sally was exhilarated at the thought of playing “Mrs. Robinson”. She got up on tiptoes and leaned into him. It caught Aaron a bit by surprise but his tongue gently found hers. She put her hands on the young man’s hips and greedily kissed him, moving her hands down to cup his firm ass.

She breathlessly broke the kiss and told him to get in the car. Foghat barely finished the slow ride when they arrived at her apartment. She slipped one arm around him as she walked him to her door. The door shut and they grabbed each other and began another round of hot kisses. She rested her hand on his crotch and felt the firmness. She kicked off her shoes and started to unbutton his shirt. Sally licked his chest and gently sucked his nipples, then started at his pants. In moments she had him standing in her dark apartment wearing only his socks, one hand gently stroking his rock hard cock.

Sally led him to her couch and pushed him down. She wanted to watch all of this and reached for the lamp. She looked at the boy as she unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra. Aaron admired her silver dollar sized areolas and noticed her nipples were rock hard as the woman slowly unzipped her jeans and wriggled out of them. She was wearing a little lavender thong and she spun on her heels to let him take a good look at her ass. Sally playfully shook her ass at him and giggled. Then she plopped down on the couch next to him and kissed him as she stroked his cock.

“You have a nice cock. It suits you, babydoll” as she leaned over to take it between her tits. Sally dangled her tits over his cock and rubbed her nipples around it the mushroom head. She kissed his belly and worked her way down. She licked the shaft a bit, then looked up and smiled. Then she took the young man’s cock in her mouth and went to work.

Aaron looked down to watch the blonde woman’s head bobbing in his lap. She was blowing him quickly as her head jerked up and down. “Feel how wet you make me,” she said as she rolled over on her knees. He slipped a finger down her little panties and found she was shaved. Her pussy was quite damp and slick. “Ohhhhhh….babydoll. That feels nice. I like sucking your hot cock. You feel soooo good in my mouth.”

He couldn’t believe his ears. He had a total of three women in his life and all of them gave head with little enthusiasm. Certainly none of the young women he had experienced had nearly with as much talent. He felt the first stirring of his orgasm as she took him deep in her throat.

“I’m…starting…You better stop…I’m”

“Uh huh…uh huh,” she grunted. “Give it up, honey.”

Aaron couldn’t believe she was going to let him cum in her mouth. He blew his first load as the wave of pleasure washed over him. Thick strands of cum poured out of his cock as the thrust his hips. Sally never let up and swallowed it as his thick, salty cum as quickly as it filled her mouth.

“Bay-bee” she drawled, “that was a lot of cum.. How long has it been?” she asked with a wicked smile. “Here, let me clean you up.” Slowly and delicately he sucked and licked the little bit of cum she missed off his cock.

Sally sat up and slip her panties down and playfully toss them at him. “Your turn, babydoll.” Aaron had eaten a little pussy in his life but had a pang of performance anxiety. He knew he wouldn’t match her. Sally spread her smooth legs apart and motioned the young man to get on his knees. He could smell her pussy and took a lick. She tasted clean with a hint of musk. He licked and kissed her labia and she grew impatient. “Oh, baby….please….up….don’t make me beg…” Aaron licked harder not understanding what she meant. It dawned on Sally he didn’t know any of the finer points of eating pussy. She spread her legs wider and reached down expose her clit. She put a finger on the hard nub and told him where to lick.

“Oh! There, yes, right there…mmmmm…lick it harder…yes…suck it…mmmmmmm…yes…lick it again….” She guided him in how to eat her. “Put a finger in me. OHHHHHHH! Yes, fuck me with it. Keep licking while you do that….babydoll…..give me two…” He slipped a second finger in her wet, sweet pussy and gently moved two fingers in and out while he lapped at her clit. Sally put her legs on his shoulders and ran her fingers through is hair. Her orgasm was building and she squeezed his head and started to push her hips into his face.

“I cumming…I cumming…Fuck!…fuck!!….eat it, eat it hard baby….I CUMMING!.” Sally started to wail loudly as she went over the edge. Aaron found it hard to breathe because her hands, legs and hips had his face pinned hard against her. She finished her climax and her grip on the boy began to relax. “Babydoll…oh, sweetie…that felt so nice…oh, damn that was good.” Aaron kneel on the floor looking up at her and she finally leaned down to kiss him. “Wow, you are good at that. I’ll make you next girlfriend much more grateful by the time I am through with you.”

They sat on the couch chatting, touching and kissing until his erection returned. Sally smiled at how young lovers can make up for inexperience with stamina. Sally was ready for more. She told Aaron to stay right there and not to move. She got off the couch and disappeared down the hallway. She returned with a condom package in her hand. He watched as she opened the package and rolled the latex cover over his raging cock with her dainty hands and manicured fingernails.

She straddled the boy and eased his hard cock inside her. The hard shaft felt incredible as it slid up her slick pussy. She wished she knew the boy better so she could feel his unsheathed cock , but the hard cock of a man less than half her age inside her left her feeling decedent. She rode him slowly, feeling his cock fill her up as the shaft brushed her clit. While the sensation was nice, Sally decided she needed deeper penetration. She eased off the young man again and laid flat on the couch.

She put her legs on his shoulders as he lined his cock up again. “I want to see it. I want to see your cock in me.” He pushed his cock back inside her inflamed pussy. “Ohhhhh! Look at that! Look at that! Look at you cock going inside me.” Aaron looked down to see his cock moving in and out of her pretty shaved pussy. The hot, nasty talk was so exciting to him. Fucking Sally was as almost like re-experiencing his first time. “You cock fits so nice,” she said.

“Babydoll, turn me over. Fuck me doggy, honey.” Aaron had never been with a woman who was so frank in what she liked and what she wanted. With his girlfriends in college it was usually missionary all the way, and none of them took charge. Eating and fucking the woman at her direction was adding quite an element of eroticism. Sally got on all fours and looked over her shoulder. “Come on, lover. Let me have that bad boy again.” He lined his cock up and put the head against her hot, wet opening. Sally pushed her hips back until she felt the his hard cock split her pussy lips and plunge deep inside. She rocked back and fourth fucking the young man.

“Do it, baby. Fuck me hard. Hard and deep…fuck me…” Aaron put his hands of her hips and pulled her onto his shaft and picked up the pace of his fuck strokes. “That’s it. That’s it. Come on, babydoll, get some pussy. Fuck, you make me wet…fuck you do it good…that’s it. Bang me. Bang me hard, sugar. I won’t break.” Aaron decided to fuck her as hard as possible. Sweat began to flow down his chest as he concentrated on fucking the blonde. He kept thrusting with a demanding pace as the sweat flowed over his body. The sweat flowed into his eyes and stung.

“Talk to me, baby. Does that feel good? Does that pussy feel good?”

“God, yes”

“You like that. Those long, deep strokes? Is that what you wanted?”

”Yes…you feel so good. Fucking you feels so good.”

“Yeah? Anyone ever fucked you like this?”

“No. Fuck no. No one. I…you’re the best I’ve ever had.”

She liked making him talk to her. “Your good. God, your cock feels so good. That hard cock. That hard, young cock. Fuck me with that cock, babydoll. You want me to cum on that hard cock?”


”Yes, what?”

“Yes, I want you to cum on my hard cock”

“Keep fucking me like that and I will. Fuck, you feel so good…”

Sally lost her ability to talk as her next orgasm began to build. She made little noises of pleasure that built in volume and intensity as the young man drove in and out. She started to buck her hips until she found the rhythm and they fucked at each other with abandon. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming on you cock. Fuck me. Baby, give it to me,” she wailed over and over as her orgasm began to flood her senses. Aaron fucked her hard through her orgasm. Sally was rewarded with an intense orgasm as her young lover never seemed to let up. She came back down to find the young stud still pounding and dripping with sweat.

“You ok, babydoll?”

“Yeah, sorry. The second time always takes forever.” She couldn’t believe he felt to need to apologize for such a thing.

“Slow down and catch your breath. Take you time, sweetie,” she laughed. “Is there anything I can do?”

“No, not that I can think of.”

Sally pouted as the boy slowly fucked her. “Nothing? Or nothing you can think of?”

Aaron smiled. “You have an idea?”

“Baby, that could be a dangerous question for you,” she laughed. “Maybe a piece of ass for real?” Aaron was a little taken aback. He had never fucked a woman in the ass and didn’t think any woman would really enjoy it. She saw the confusion on his face.

“Honey, anal sex is one of the most intimate things a man and woman can do. Ever done it?”

“Not really.”

“Want to try? Do you want my ass?”

“Well…if you want to, I guess.”

“Babydoll, I think you want my ass. I WANT you in my ass.”

Sally told him to pull out, and she disappeared down the hallway again. She returned with a tube of WET and a vibrator. Normally Sally reserved her ass for someone she knew much better, but she wanted to give him the total experience. “Ok…put some of this on your finger and gently slip it inside me.” Sally got back on all fours and felt his finger on opening of her ass. “Easy, gently. I am trying to relax my muscles,” she said when she felt his knuckle. “Ok, push it in some more…little more…that’s it, get your whole finger inside me. Ok…slowly fuck me with your finger.” She felt his finger inside her ass and sighed.

After a bit she told him to lube up her little buttonhole. “Use lots of lube, babydoll. The more you use the better it will be for both of us.” Aaron applied a generous amount lube on her brown rosebud. “Ok…now your cock.. Lube it up.” Then she felt the tip of his cock at her opening. Sally reached around to spread her asscheeks. “I want you in my ass. I want this, sweetie. Don’t be scared you might hurt me but go slow. Be a little gentle.” She felt the head of his cock reach her rim of muscle, then the slightly uncomfortable sensation as he popped past it and some of his shaft filled her tight ass. “Work it in slowly. That’s it…nice and slow. God! Your cock fits so nicely in my ass, too. Babydoll, you’re wonderful. Put a little more lube on your cock. Ok, slide some more in.” Finally Aaron has his entire cock insider her ass.

“Ok, be still a moment. I need to adjust to you being inside my ass.” The young man paused and Sally felt drops of sweat drip off him and on to the small of her back. “That feels nice to me. Isn’t that tight?”

Aaron couldn’t recall ever having a girl’s pussy that was as tight as the older woman’s ass. “Very tight. I didn’t know how this would feel.”

“Start slow, baby. Start slow and fuck my tight ass.”

The nasty and direct talk coupled with the sensation of his cock in her tight and well-lubed ass pushed Aaron closer to the edge. He drew back slowly and pushed back in quickly. “Owww! Baby, slow. Slow. You have to start slow. Get me used to it.”

Aaron slowly fucked her as Sally slipped the vibrator insider her wet pussy. She turned up the speed on the vibrator. “Can you feel that?” Aaron was amazed at the sensations of the vibrator shaking insider her pussy as he was in her ass. “Jesus. That feels good. Fuck.”

“That’s it, you can go a little faster. Fuck that ass, babydoll. Get some.”

Moments later he was thrusting hard and fast. Sally moaned and encouraged him to fuck her ass. Faster and faster he stroked chasing his orgasm. He screamed with pleasure as his cum filled the condom. It was the most intense sensation he had ever felt, more powerful than any other orgasm he could ever remember.

He pulled his cock out of her and collapsed backwards on the couch. Sally remained on all fours riding her vibrator. Aaron finally recovered from the powerful orgasm and saw he had left her asshole much wider. Sally was moaning again as the toy worked its magic. “You like the show, honey? You watching me do myself?” He watched transfixed as the woman fucked herself hard and finally exploded with another orgasm.

Sally complimented the young man on his skills, telling him how powerfully he made her cum. Aaron smiled as the woman cuddled next to him and cooed. “You need a shower. Follow me.” She led him to her bathroom and started the water. She stepped in the tub and invited him in. He stood there as the water flowed over his body. Sally took the soap and lathered up his body. As she washed she licked and nibbled his back and chest. It was very sensuous to Aaron. Sally stepped out of the shower and dried herself. She then took a fresh towel and told him to step out. She dried the young man off and gave him a long, deep kiss. “Babydoll, do you need to be anywhere?”


She took him by the hand and led him to her bed. She laid the young man down and curled up next to him. For a few moments she kissed him and nibbled at him, then just cuddled up and closed her eyes. They soon fell asleep.

Sally woke him the next morning by softly taking his flaccid cock in her mouth. Aaron opened his eyes and looked at the blonde in the early morning light who was gently coaxing his cock with her mouth and hands. When he was hard she mounted him from the top. “Sally, I don’t have on a….”

She a finger to her lips to silence him. She looked at him as she slowly rode. They fucked slowly and wordlessly while staring into each other’s eyes. Neither said a word as they took their time and shared long kisses. When she came it was without much noise—just soft moans of pleasure. Aaron followed a few minuets later while softly kissing her. He never made a sound and Sally felt his warm cum gush, filling her with its warmth. She felt guilty it was a unilateral decision, but she trusted him and herself. It was dangerous. Foolish, even. But it felt right.

Afterwards they lay together not talking. Sally finally looked over at him and asked if he needed to get going. “Not really, but if you want me out of here could you drive me back to my car?”

“You don’t? You don’t need to go?”

“No…but Sally…I…I don’t want to go.”

More silence followed.

“You know how complicated this would be?” she asked.

Sally didn’t expect this to happen. It was outside her realm of experience. She had been in love before, but she thought her chances were over. She thought she had brought home a boy-toy for a night—merely fulfilling a wicked little whim. A younger, inexperienced man she could have fun teaching but who would leave. The ones her age always left. Truth be told, after the fun, she wanted them out the door. Sometimes they called, and if she felt like it she would fuck them a few times and eventually each would go their own way.

“It doesn’t have to be. I think…”

She cut him off . “Honey, you are lonely and so young. I’m not young anymore, but I am lonely, too. I want you to stay, but I think you should go. I just don’t know.” Aaron saw a single tear stream out of the corner of her eye. “This could get so messy,” she said.

More silence followed. “I want to take the chance,” Aaron said.

“The age will matter and you will break my heart,” she sniffled, “I know how this ends.”

“I don’t believe in pre-determination,” he said.. “We make our own realities. We choose our own happiness, or our own misery. You think I am a kid. Maybe so, but let me tell you something I do know. Beauty isn’t universal. The old saying is ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and it sounds trite. But it isn’t trite at all.”

“And I feel beautiful with you,” Aaron said.

So he stayed. In the end, they fell in love and built a life. It never ended the way Sally feared. It never ended at all.

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