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Testing His Wife

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Mark decided that it was better late than never. He got out of bed and made his way to the kitchen. Kristin was already up and had the coffee on. The warm, delicious aroma scented the entire room. He sat down at the table and reached for the paper. He opened it but was not interested in reading it. His mission this week was to watch Kristin, look for signs.

The more Mark learned about the Domination/submission lifestyle, the more he knew it was for him. For the first time, he felt like he knew who he was. The need to take the Dominant role was one that burned within him. Then there was Kristin, his beautiful wife of 10 years. He was not sure how she would handle all this. He certainly did not want to just spring it on her, so he decided to do some research.

“Bring me a cup of coffee,” Mark stated in a soft but firm tone.

Kristin whipped around, hand on her hip, and looked at him like he was crazy. He offered up a sweet smile and looked her right in the eyes. Kristin smiled back at him with a slight roll of her eyes and turned to get his mug. When she placed the cup of coffee in front of him, he patted her hand and whispered gently to her, “Good girl.”

Kristin giggled as she made her way back to the sink. “What’s got into you this morning?”

“What do you mean?” Mark asked, thinking maybe he had moved to fast with her.

“Awfully demanding this morning, aren’t you?” Kristin turned toward him as she dried the plate in her hand; an inquisitive look on her face.

Mark’s mind went into over drive. I have to think up a reasonable excuse. Why don’t I just tell her the truth? What if I tell her the truth and scare her away? What if you tell her and she is all for it? What if all the little signs I’ve read are wrong? Finally, he took a deep breath and said, “Did you like it?” He watched her carefully…looking for a reaction.

Kristin smiled and lowered her eyes. Her brain ran through all kinds of responses. Yes, I did, it’s about time. Of course, you are my strength. Hell, no, get your own damn coffee! If it makes you happy, it makes me happy. With so many conflicting emotions regarding such a simple question, she didn’t know what to do. When she spoke, it was in a timid tone, almost a whisper, “I don’t know”

Mark watched Kristin lower her eyes. He saw the look of uncertainty spread across her beautiful face. Her answer was better than he had expected, at least she didn’t scream Hell No! and throw the plate at him. He knew he wasn’t ready for this conversation so he quickly changed the subject to the kids and their homework. After some idle chat and a quick scan of the sports page, Mark got up from the table. He kissed Kristin on the top of the head as he walked past her. He caught the barely audible sigh that escaped her lips and he smiled to himself.

Later that night, Mark decided to see how far things could go. He had dropped the kids off at his mother’s house and picked up a bottle of wine on the way home. Kristin was in the laundry room sorting the next load for the wash. Mark went to the bedroom and began his preparations. His work ties would have to do for now, going down the mental checklist of the things he may need for the night. Kristin had a sleep mask; he retrieved that and placed it with the ties, out of sight. He strategically placed several jar candles along the headboard, so the entire bed would be illuminated.

After one last glance around the room, he called down to her, “Kristin grab two wine glasses and come to the bedroom.”

“Wait a second,” she yelled up to him, “almost done.”

Mark smiled devilishly. She disobeyed a direct order. She will need to be punished. This will be a great test. Let’s see just how far Kristin will go.

A few minutes later Kristin arrived at the door with the wine glasses, a sweet smile spread across her face. “Awwww….this is beautiful!” she exclaimed, making her way toward the bed.

“Stop right there,” Mark barked.

Kristin didn’t know what to say she froze in her tracks, staring at him. She wasn’t sure why he looked so mad. “What’s the problem,” she questioned.

“Did I tell you, you could speak?” he stated in a stern even tone.

Kristin began to tremble a bit. She was not sure what to make of all this. Her head swan with questions. Why is he so mad at me? What did I do? The room looks so beautiful, He couldn’t have been too mad. Her mind scanned for things that may have pissed Mark off. Then it hit her, “Are you mad at me because I didn’t come right up? Mark I told you I was busy,” She had nervousness to her voice as she watched Mark; the look on his face growing more serious as she spoke. “I had to finish getting the …” She remembered his last questions and quickly closed her mouth.

“Come here,” he demanded, sitting on the side of the bed.

Kristin stood frozen to her spot. Mark had never taken this sort of tone with her. She was a little scared but also noticed a different sensation running through her body, a tingling feeling. The look he gave he made her fully aware that he was serious. She slowly headed toward him, head slightly bowed, unable to look at him.

When she arrived directly in front of Mark, he took note of her posture and temperament. Perfect, he thought. He grabbed her shoulders gently but firmly and pushed down on them, she tried to resist at first but gave in and knelt before him. He softly traced the side of her face with his fingers, bringing them down to her chin and lifted her face.

“Look at me,” his voice had a softer tone now and she looked up. “Why am I upset with you?”

“Because you told me to bring the wine glasses up and I told you to wait…” she said with a hint of uncertainty, as if she was not sure that was the real reason or not.

“That’s one reason….what else?” he still cradled her chin in his hand, forcing her to face him. Kristin started to look away from him, “Hey!” he yelped, making her jump, “Keep your eyes on me,” his voice returning to the softer tone.

“I spoke when you told me not to,” she whispered, her eyes watering a bit, more from regret than anything else. He had a beautiful night planned for them and she ruined it. She felt so bad for upsetting him.

“Good girl. At least you are aware of what you did wrong. Now we will get the punishment over with and get on with a wonderful evening. Do you have any questions before we get started?” Mark decided he should allow he to ask questions after he saw the spark of terror in her eyes when he said the word “punishment”

Kristin didn’t know where to start. What the hell was he talking about? Who was this guy and what did he do with her husband? Punishment? What did he mean? All she managed was a simple word, “Punishment?”

Mark looked down into her eyes and with a tender tone began to explain, “Yes, my dear, you disobeyed two direct orders and there are consequences for that. Since this was the first offense for each order, 10 strokes should be sufficient, 5 for each offense. Now, this is how it is going to go. Pay attention,” he said as he lifted her face higher. “You will not put up any kind of resistance or fight. That will only lead to more being added. Do you understand?”

Kristin managed only a small nod. Her mind was still trying to process what she was hearing. The forcefulness of his tone…the way he held himself…the firm hold he had on her, she found herself trembling with both fear and excitement. She could feel the moisture growing between her legs. What is wrong with me? He says he is going to beat me and I am getting wet? What the hell?

Mark watched in amazement at the transformation his wife was going through. He could see the inner struggle but he also noticed her shifting position. He hoped that was an indication of what he thought it was. He released his grip on her shoulders and began.

“Stand up.” he commanded

Kristin obeyed, slowly.

“Take your jeans and panties down.”

Kristen shot him a startled look and reached for the buttons of her jeans. With both garments down around her knees, Mark reached for her and put her over his knee. He had her positioned so that her upper body was on the bed, but her backside was not up high enough so Mark directed her to move further up on the bed. With Kristin now positioned for easy access to not only her ass but her delicious looking pussy, Mark was ready to begin.

Kristin had her face buried in her arms on the bed. Her bare ass totally exposed. He can’t be serious about this. This must be some sort of fantasy play thing he wants to do. He won’t hit me hard. He did look pretty pissed off though. Maybe this is not a game. Her mind was still sorting things out when the first blow landed squaring in the center of her right ass cheek.

“Owww..,” she yelled and her hand instinctively reached back to the warm spot.

Mark grabbed her hand and pulled it up to the small of her back and held it in place, “Didn’t I tell you not to resist? You just added 5 more. Are you gonna do that again?”

Shocked Kristin replied, “No, Sir. I’m sorry”

Mark’s smile widened. This was going exactly the way he had hoped. He needed to finish the punishment to see what the rest of the evening would be like.

The next blow landed on the other cheek, not quite as hard as the first one…but enough to produce a pink stain on her lovely white flesh.

“That was number 2. I want you to count them out for me,” he directed her.

The next one landed where the first landed. He was alternating the blows between cheeks. Damn they were hard though. “Three,” she said quietly.

“I need you to speak up so I can hear you,” he said as he planted the next one on the other cheek.

“Four,” she called out her ass starting to sting a bit. Kristin could feel her sex aching. She tried to move her pelvis forward a bit, hoping to brush against his leg.

Mark noticed Kristin’s latest movements with her hips and was pleased. He knew if she could find arousal in this type of punishment then he had a good chance of fulfilling his desires. He brought his hand down harder this time in an effort to shock her out of the concentration she was putting on pussy.

The blow sent a stinging pain throughout her ass. “Fi…ve” she managed to get out between startled gasps.

Mark rubbed his hand lightly over her red bottom and felt its warmth. Her ass looked gorgeous with the red marks glowing against the pale backdrop. He continued to rub and as he did his hand moved down toward Kristin’s pussy. He heard her moan softly and felt her as she arched her back to open herself more to him. His finger barely grazed her swollen clit and she sighed deeper and more vocally. He ran his fingers down through her juices…the scent of arousal in the air. She tried to open her legs wider to him. He helped her slide her right leg further apart so it was almost hanging off his lap…now he could see her dripping wet pussy. He thrust a finger deep into her…plunged it in and out a few times as Kristin squirmed on his lap…moaning and panting. Then he stopped.

Her head snapped back at him and she shot him a “You can’t be serious” kind of look. “Why did you stop?” she questioned through raspy breaths.

“This is a punishment…and again you have spoken out of turn. You know that means 5 more right?” he informed her sternly.

Kristin turned her head back around and placed it back on the bed. He still held her right wrist in his…pinned to her back. He knew this could not be that comfortable, so he told her to bring her other wrist back as well. Kristin did as she was told and Mark reached beneath the bed and produced one of his work ties.

“I am going to tie your wrists behind your back to remove the temptation of covering your ass. This will also allow me to hold you on my lap a little better.” After restraining her wrists, Mark took hold of her right hips and brought his hand down firmly on her ass. Kristin jumped a bit but remembered what number she was on and spoke it loudly. By the time Mark go the the 10th smack, Kristin’s ass was bright red and he could see her fluids glistening on her outer lips. Her moans were deeper and the panting stronger. Mark knew she was about to cum. He rubbed her ass again…soaking in the feel of her hot flesh…noting the deep red color…seeing the raised edges where the red met the white. He knew she could feel his own excitement pushing through his jeans and into her hip. He found his way into her warm inviting sex. Two fingers passed with ease through the inner lips. He felt her muscles contract and quickly removed his fingers. He grabbed her arm and pulled her up off his lap. Kristin stood; face flushed staring in disbelief at Mark. Her breathing labored and juices running down her thighs.

“You are not permitted to cum without permission. Do you understand?” he asked.

The look on her face was one of total defeat. “Yes,” she remarked still trying to regain her breath.

“Yes, what?” Mark pushed further.

“Yes….Sir” Kristin whispered lowering her eyes.

Mark was very pleased with how this was playing out. He decided to try something else. “I am going to untie your wrists, I trust you will not resist again.” He stated as he removed the binds. “Bend over and place your hands flat on the bed. No, keep your legs straight, just bend at the waist. Now, spread your legs wide…wider…wider… and up on your tiptoes. Good girl, now, stay that way and don’t forget to count them off for me.”

Mark couldn’t see her face with her long red hair in the way, but did see her nod. That was good enough for now, he figured. He positioned himself next to her so he could deliver the blows with some force. The next one made her yelp her response and wobble on her toes. Mark knew it was a hard position to hold but she managed. She was doing it for him and he was so proud of her.

Each blow in this position was delivered with a stronger force than the first 10 but he was able to spread them out a little more with this new pose. She held the position and counted, through her moans and groans. He could see the juices covering her entire sex. Number 15 he purposely landed right on her pussy. The wet thump sound his hand made when it struck her made Kristin jumped and let out a loud “Ohhhh”

“You like that, huh?” he asked his hand still resting on her pussy. He held perfectly still but Kristin had begun to wiggle some. “Remember you are not permitted to cum. Be careful what you are doing,” he chuckled.

Kristin immediately stopped moving, got back in proper position and said “15”

Mark smiled and resumed the blows, he scattered them all over her ass now. Each one delivered with more force and she took each one. Kristin counted then off, sometimes slower than others, but she got each one and stayed in pose. For the last one, Mark landed it again on her pussy and she let out a yell followed by a long hard moan. He knew it was tormenting her but he loved to see her reactions. He wanted to take it all in.

He finally released her pussy and told her to quickly get up on the bed. She did as she was told. First she laid on her stomach; Mark knew it was because her ass had to be hurting.

“Turn over and put your arms above your head,” he directed. He watched as Kristin slowly rolled unto her back.

The cool sheet helped a little, but her ass was on fire. The worst part to all of this was she needed to cum so bad. She had no idea that getting a spanking would evoke so many feelings in her. She felt humiliated, excited, angry, sad, and most of all horny as hell. She placed her arms above her head wondering what this familiar stranger had in store for her. He tied both wrists to the headboard. She struggled a bit just to see if they would come apart and they wouldn’t. Then Mark placed the sleep mask over her eyes. Kristin could see a hint of candle light coming through the gap at the bottom but was not able to make out anything.

Mark finally had her the way he had wanted her for so long…vulnerable. He was in control. He whispered softly in her ear, “Remember my sweet girl, you can’t cum unless I tell you you can. Don’t forget that or your punishment will be much worse. Do you understand? Do you have any questions?”

“Please let me cum Mark…”she asked, adding a giggle, “You’re killing me.”

“Mmmm…While I do love to hear you beg…I am sure I can make you do better than that,” he laughed with a maniacal tone.

Kristin heard the tone of his comment and knew she was in trouble. Mark was taking this very seriously and she wondered if he would ever let her cum again. She wanted to see his face…wanted to look at him but that was not an option. She tugged on the wrist restraints again, verifying there were not going to budge. She felt Mark force her legs far apart. He told her to keep them exactly like that and not to move.

Mark began at Kristin’s head. He planted several small kisses upon her head. His lips made there way down her cheek, tenderly stopping off to visit her lips. Kristin parted her lips, inviting him to join her but he kept moving. Her neck was always an erogenous zone for Kristin so Mark didn’t spend must time here. He wanted to awake new sensations in her body. He kissed the back of her arm…her elbow…each finger. Kristin moaned softly with each touch of his lips to her flesh. Mark’s lips trailed down stopping to drop small kisses on her hip…her outer thigh…her knee…her inner calf…and her small toes.

Kristin’s hips rocked in pleasure to the attention Mark was giving her body. I need to cum so bad. Oh, please let him fuck me. I need to feel him in me. Gasps of pleasure escaped her parted lips. Her head tossed from side to side as her excitement mounted. “Ohhh…Mark….please fuck me.” her moan was hardly audible but Mark caught it.

She had never been very vocal in bed and Mark always hoped that she would just let loose one day…seemed like that day was fast approaching. He knew she was a little shy about the intimate stuff but so far things were processing nicely. He wanted to push her a little here, too.

“What did you say, my dear girl,” he asked in a loving tone, coaxing her to repeat her plea. He wanted to see if she would be too embarrassed to repeat it or too horny not too. He was curious as to which emotion would win this battle.

“Please fuck me Mark….please,” she repeated in a low seductive growl.

Mark smiled; he struggled to steady his tone. His cock was rock stiff and ready to go…but he was not done with Kristin yet. He reached out and pinched her nipples…squeezing harder…and twisting. She let out a moan and her body began to twitch. Each pinch or twist of her puckered nipples brought about more jerks in her body. Her hips continued to grind the air but she did keep her legs just as he told her too and that pleased him. He latched on to one nipple with his mouth and she yelled out. As he nibbled it and sucked it hard, she screamed…begging him to let her cum.

“Not yet, my sweet girl…not yet…you can wait a little longer. Be a good girl and wait a little longer for me,” he whispered softly in her ear. His warm breath sending chills throughout her body.

“Yes…Sir…I’m trying, but I want to feel you in me. I want you cock deep in me,” she groaned.

Mark went back to biting her one nipple and pinching, pulling and twisting the other. He was getting rougher with them…seeing how far she could go when she yelled out.

“Stop Mark,” she panted…unable to catch her breath, “You have to stop.”

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you? Was it too hard?” Mark was deeply concerned, everything he had learned about this was it was all about mutual pleasure. He worried that he had gone too far.

“Ohhh…God no, it feels great but I’m gonna cum….” she panted, her breath slowly returning to normal, “You told me not to cum,…if you kept doing that I was gonna cum…so I needed…a break.”

Mark laughed to himself when he heard this. She never looked more beautiful to him than she did right now…bound…helpless…vulnerable…trusting…submissive. He could not torment her anymore. He had to have her now. His cock ached to be deep within her velvety walls. He touched her clit and she moaned.

“Please Sir…please….don’t touch me there,” she begged, “stop I’m gonna cum…Please stop.”

Mark began to make little circles on her clit…grabbing her juices with each pass of her lips. He whispered in her ear, “Cum for me, my good little girl. Cum now!”

This was all Kristin needed to hear and she gave in to her passion and erupted in orgasm. Her hips bucked against his hand. Her whole body twitched and jerked with pleasure; her moans quickly became screams of ecstasy. Mark watched in fascination at the show his quiet, tender love making wife of 10 years was involuntarily putting on. He had never seen her so aroused. He couldn’t take it any longer and fumbled with his pants. He managed to get his jean down just a little past his hips…His dick was out and that’s all that mattered to him. He had to feel her…had to be in her. He slammed his throbbing cock deep in her, in one quick urgent motion. She raised her hips so he could get deeper. He banged into her…his balls slapping her ass cheeks. He lifted her leg up onto his shoulder to penetrate her even more. With each thrust he watched and listened, she was ready to cum again. He moaned for her to cum as much as she wanted. She squealed with delight and matched his hard thrusts.

“I’m cumming…Sir!” she screamed.

“Cum on my cock….let me feel your pussy grab me.” he felt her orgasm grip his cock as she let out another scream. “Good girl,” he moaned as he felt her muscles milking him.

“Mmmm….I’m gonna cum,” he groaned and slammed his cock deep into her constricting pussy.

“Ohhh…yeah, cum deep in me….I want to feel your cum shooting into my cunt,” she growled at him, lifting her other leg up onto his shoulder.

“Mmmmm….,” Mark moaned as he released he seed deep into her sex. He let her legs go and collapsed on top of her. He reached up and pulled the sleep mask off her face. He wiped the droplets of sweats from her forehead and through ragged breath, planted a tender kiss on her lips. She sighed and relaxed under him. Mark untied her arms and rubbed them gently. Kristin looked deep into Mark’s eyes.

“That was amazing,” she whispered to him. “What got into you?”

Mark sat up on his elbow and pushed a wisp of hair from her face. He kissed her again and said, “When you feel up to it, we will crack open the bottle of wine and I will explain everything.”

Kristin looked at him and saw the same familiar face she had loved for so long. “Okay, soon…right now I need to rest a bit.” she laughed.

“Absolutely,” Mark cooed to her, stroking her hair “You deserve it. You were a very good girl. I’m very proud of you.” She didn’t open her eyes but he watched as a big smile spread across her face. He could tell that she was very proud of herself, too.

Mark decided rest was a good thing for now. He knew he needed to slowly approach her submission to him, but so far he liked what he saw! He curled up next to her…her soft breathing indicating that she had already begun to doze off. He scooped her into his arms and held her tight. Oh, the things I have in store for you, my sweet girl , he thought as his mind drifted off to sleep.

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