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Underwear Shopping

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My wife’s 30th birthday was approaching and in recent months our sex life had gone off the boil – she seeming more interested in the kids and me in my work. In an attempt to spice things up a bit I decided to buy her some sexy underwear for her birthday and I set off one day with her measurements (including her 36D bra size!) to a small lingerie boutique I had spotted close to where I work.

I was quite nervous as I had never shopped for underwear before other than at M & S and was worried I would either make myself look a fool or like a dirty old man.

When I entered the shop there were 2 assistants working who were both drop dead gorgeous making my nerves jangle even more. One of them said good morning and asked if she could help and I explained my mission and also that I did not really know where to start. She suggested that I spend some time browsing through the selections hanging on the rails in the shop and then if I needed more help to come and ask. I must admit it was quite a turn on looking through lots of very sexy underwear combinations and on a couple of occasions I spotted the 2 shop assistants (who were both in their mid twenties) watching me with smiles on their faces.

Eventually I had narrowed my choice down to 3 different sets – a pink suspender belt with matching bra and thong and tan stockings, a white silk basque with a tiny white g-string and white hold up stockings and a sheer black chemise with matching g-string. I took these to the counter and said to the assistants that I just could not make my mind up between the three choices and what advice could they give. I expected her just to talk me through the relative merits of each choice but completely shocked me when one of them asked if it would help me if she were to try them on for me and “model” them. I stammered that this would be great and Alex (as she told me she was called) asked me through to the back and nipped off to get changed into the first (pink) outfit. Debbie, the other assistant said that as it was lunchtime she would shut the shop and come through with me to help choose. We chatted as we waited for Alex to re-appear and I was thinking how surreal the situation was – here I was flirting with an extremely attractive, curvy blond woman waiting for her equally attractive friend to come into the room dressed just in sexy underwear!!

When Alex came back wearing the pink set I was speechless. She looked absolutely stunning with her large tits in the pink bra and her long legs encased in the stockings. She had let her long wavy hair hang loose and this emphasised her gorgeous cleavage. She turned slowly around which revealed her fantastic arse, fully displayed as the tiny pink thong disappeared between her bum cheeks. The 2 inches of bare flesh at the top of her stockings was, as always, extremely erotic to me and the pink suspenders holding the stockings up framed her pink silk covered pussy. I could see a faint outline through the thong of her pubic hair which was trimmed so that only a thin strip was left in the middle. Debbie asked me what I thought and I said (probably in a squeaky voice!) that Alex looked fantastic. Debbie walked over to Alex and pointed out various highlights of the outfit, she also stroked the bra saying that the feel of the silk fabric was also very sensual and then stunned me by inviting me over to feel this for myself. I walked over and asked Alex if this was OK and she assured me with a smile that she had no problem. I reached out and stroked the side of the bra and Debbie said not to be so shy and to feel the cups themselves. My fingers were shaking as I stroked Alex’s tits and was very conscious of her nipples stiffening as I stroked. Knowing that she was turned on as well (my cock was expanding rapidly in my trousers!) emboldened me to also stroke the tops of her stockings which also felt so sexy. Debbie laughed and said that was better and to finish off I must feel the thong which I did – feeling the heat from Alex coming through the thin material at the front of her pussy. She parted her legs slightly but I did not dare to think that she wanted my hand to venture there so I stepped back thanking her and saying I was ready for the next choice. In reality I needed a break before my erection became too obvious to the 2 women!!

While we waited for Alex’s return Debbie and I spoke more openly. Debbie asked if I found Alex sexy and I replied that they were both very sexy women which made her giggle. Alex came in again wearing the white basque with matching g-string and hold ups. The basque pushed her tits up and forward making them look even bigger only just covering her nipples. The g-string was so small that from the front it only just covered her pussy and from the back was invisible and the stockings just finished off the sexy effect. Again I was invited to feel the fabric and I was much more confident this time – getting the feeling that the ladies were enjoying it as much as me and were also turned on by the experience. I spent longer stroking Alex’s tits through the basque and noticed that Debbie was stroking her other breast at the same time – I am sure it was not just for technical reasons. I let my hand slide down Alex’s back and across her bare cheeks on the way to the stocking tops and she sighed and said that felt nice. Alex then asked if it would be better for me if she tried the third outfit on so that I could compare two alongside each other – and what was I supposed to say other than yes please.

When she left I had to try and not stare too openly at Alex’s boobs and bum as we discussed what was happening. Alex said that this was not a service they normally offered but was something she and Debbie had fantasised about and agreed recently that if the right opportunity arose with the right good-looking man (that made me feel good!) then they would fulfill their fantasy. I did not dare ask how the fantasy ended – but I knew what I hoped – and then Debbie walked back in. The chemise and g-string had looked fairly see-through on the hangar but when worn they were completely transparent!! The chemise ended at Debbie’s waist and her full natural tits with large nipples were clearly on view.

Her pussy could also be clearly seen, with the sparse hair proving she was a natural blond. Alex laughed and said that I knew what happened next – it was the touch test – and I was soon running my hands over Debbie’s body – it felt like she was completely naked. This time I did not hesitate in letting my fingers slip between her legs and she gasped telling me not to stop. She was soon very wet and I was so engrossed that I did not notice Alex come up behind me until I felt her start to undo my trousers. I was soon naked from the waist down and Alex was on her knees feeding my hard cock into her mouth. I now had 2 fingers in Debbie’s pussy and she started to breath very heavily and then her knees buckled as her first orgasm went through her body. This sent me over the edge as well and I pumped what seemed gallons of cum into Alex’s mouth with her swallowing all but a small dribble that dripped down her chin. Noticing this Debbie helped her up and immediately started kissing and licking Alex’s face – obviously sharing my spunk between them in a long passionate French kiss.

Seeing this my cock had stayed very hard and Alex said she needed some attention. She slipped off the g string and asked me to lay on my back on the floor. She then put her knees either side of me and lowered her juicy pussy down onto my hard cock. For a while she just stayed still and I could feel her pussy muscles massaging my cock and then Debbie slowly lowered herself onto my face so that she and Alex were facing each other. I gratefully started to lick Debbie’s sweet pussy, feeling her arse cheeks and hole with my fingers and at the same time Alex began to ride me. I was aware that the 2 women were also kissing and I was able to hold out for much longer this time as I had already come once. Debbie was the first to start coming and this made me and Alex soon follow and we ended up in a 3-way cuddle on the floor, kissing stroking and feeling each other for some time until we had all calmed down a bit.

I ended up getting 2 sets of underwear (clean sets!!) which my wife does wear and we enjoy a better sex life. Mine is probably the better though as I visit Alex and Debbie about every 2 weeks to get a show of their new stock and it always ends up in a 3-some in the back room.

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