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My Best Gym Workout

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As the only secretary at the legal firm where I work, my workload was constant and I usually got to finish work on time. That was until a month ago, when a new solicitor joined the company. My workload has increased to the point where I am constantly working back. It is not uncommon for me to finish work well after 5pm. I have even had a few post 10.00pm finishes.

Being an active 28year old single female, I love my social life, friends and going to the gym. But lately all that has been non-existent because of work.

Last week, during one of my rare 5 minute phone calls to a friend, I learnt that the new gym in town that was trailing a 24 hour opening. I contacted the gym and spoke to the owner, Tony. He was really understanding of my situation, as I explained me dilemma to him, and we laughed together over the phone.

Tony explained that the nights were still the quietest times as work had not got out about it being open 24 hours. The gym had both male and female instructors employed there, and I was assured all were extremely competent.

The following morning, I packed in my gym gear and headed to work. As was usual lately, my day was full of depositions, transcripts and running errands for both solicitors. I had hoped to get away at a reasonable time, but of course things needed to be completed before I went home. Once again, I walked out of work around 10.30pm.

My plans right now were to hit the gym, and take out my frustrations on whatever work out equipment I found at the gym. I arrived there about 10.45pm and walked in. The gym appeared very well appointed. I walked up to the counter and was met by a handsome male who introduced himself as Tony.

He was a fit guy, probably about 35 years old with short dark hair and of course, a very nice body.

I explained that I had called earlier in the week and to my surprise, he remembered my call. Tony walked around the counter and showed me around the gym and to the ladies change rooms. I thanked him and went in to get changed.

My gym clothes consisted of a pair of green, shorts, tight but comfortable, a sports bra and a green singlet.

After I got changed, I walked back to the gym and started a slow walk on the treadmill to warm up. I then did some crunches, squats and stretches. I then heard someone entering behind me and I noticed that Tony had come into the gym from the reception desk. He asked if I minded having some company and I said, no problem. I moved from the treadmill, to the bike and then to some free weights. I was working hard, and getting up a good sweat.

Tony was on a multi station unit, doing some pull downs and I just couldn’t help but admire his impressive arms and chest. He saw me looking and asked if I had used that apparatus before. Answering that I hadn’t, Tony got up and called me over. He told me where to sit and adjusted the weights to what he thought was appropriate for me.

I started slowly and was being guided by Tony who was standing beside me. As I pulled down on the bar, Tony was helping and his chest was inches from my face. I was totally enjoying this workout and having such a handsome piece of eye candy so close was a bonus. I was almost completely into the workout, but my mind did start to wander. I tried to clear those thoughts from my mind, but suddenly I felt Tony’s hands on either sides of my body, straightening me up so my posture was correct.

I don’t know it was deliberate of not, but I felt the tips of his fingers touch the sides of my breasts. I gasped, and he immediately apologised, moving them away. I told him not to be sorry and that is was fine.

He said that I needed to keep my back straight to avoid injury. “You’re the boss”, I said and I smiled at him. The last thing I needed was an injury. With Tony assisting and guiding me, I stayed on there for the next 10 minutes.

Tony then suggested we move to an incline bench for some abdominal work.

I agreed and followed him over. Tony instructed me when to lie and he held my feet as I started some slow sit ups. After I did around 30, Tony told me to swap places and I held his feet. I had to admire his great body and strong leg muscles as he went well past 100 sit ups. Tony was alternating between looking at me and the roof as he did them.

I found eyes wandering between his handsome face, his toned chest and his great legs. Of course, my eyes glanced over his shorts and I wondered what was hiding inside them. I just hopped I hadn’t been caught when I was looking at his crotch.

Again, it was my turn, and as we swapped places, I stepped towards the bench as Tony stepped in my direction and he brushed hard against me. He apologised again, and I told his it was fine. Again my mind started to wander, this time, in a bad way.

It had been a while since I had been taken by a man as fit and hot as Tony and I started to fantasise to myself. It must have been obvious that I was elsewhere because Tony asked if I wanted a break.

I said “No,” and smiled at him. I think I went instantly red. Tony must have read my thoughts because this time, his hands wandered up my legs and he made comments about how toned they were.

With me not objecting or giving him harsh looks, Tony got more adventurous. He suggested we move to a flat bench and I lift some free weights there.

I was kneeling on the bench, bent over with my ass in the air and my head down. Tony walked in front of me and held my arm with one hand keeping it straight and pressed against my back with the other. He was moving his fingers on my arm almost caressing me. I loved it. I can’t lie.

Then when Tony moved away, I saw him walk around the bench, so he was behind me. He told me to keep my hips still, and grabbed them with both hands. I felt his thumbs moving around on my ass cheeks, and I moaned, softly I thought, but Tony heard it. He pulled his hands away, but I said, “It’s okay. I like you helping me.”

Tony put his hands on my hips again and rubbed my ass with his thumbs. I couldn’t stop myself. I put the weight down and moved my hips back against him. I looked back at him and smiled. Is there anything else that we can do Tony, I said and I smiled at him.

Tony moved his hands down to my legs and started rubbing my skin softly. I sighed at his touch. Tony stopped touching me, stepped back and told me not to move, and that he’d be right back. He then went to lock the front door.

When Tony came back, he saw me there, still in the same position, but I had started squeezing my breast and nipple because of my luscious thoughts. He walked around to face me and looked straight at me smiling. He put his hands on my face, and stepped close to me kissing me passionately.

His tongue parted my lips and our tongues wrestled in each others mouths. Tony ran his hands down my shoulders, down my arms and to my hips. He then moved away and walked behind me. He came up close behind me and pressed his body against my back. He was hot. Sweat was not the only thing making me wet right now. Tony grabbed my hips and moved his head in close, kissing my neck. His tongue swirled on my skin his hands started to move up. Soon he was covering my breasts with his palms and squeezing my breasts firmly.

My nipples were poking into his hands. I was leaning back against him moaning loudly.

I felt Tony lifting my shirt, and bra. In no time my breasts were exposed and in Tony’s hands. This man was damn good. I was lost in a world I wasn’t visited for such a long time. I didn’t want this to stop.

Tony stopped kissing my neck, lifted my shirt and bra over my head, then kissed down my back. Kneeling behind me, I felt his fingers moving up the outsides of my shorts. He grabbed the waist band and started pulling my shorts down. My undies went south with them, and my naked ass was only inches from Tony’s face. He kissed my cheeks softly and I lifted one knee to allow the removed of those restrictive garments.

Now completely naked, Tony stood up, rubbing his hands up and down my body. I felt Tony push on my shoulders wanting me to place my hands on the floor. I was now completely available to him. Hands on the floor, knees up on the bench.

Tony knelt behind me and pressed my legs parting them. I felt his lips on my inner thighs as he kissed my legs. Tony kissed slowly north to my now saturated cunt. The tip of his tongue moved up and down my lips.

He used his fingers to part my folds and then he probed inside me with his tongue, I heard him swallowing and lapping at my cunt, faster and faster. He moved to my clit, flicking his tongue over it and sucking it hard between his lips. Tony started long slow licks, from my clit, over my cunt and up over my ass.

I moaned loudly as his tongue touched my ass. I love that I whispered and Tony heard, giving my little rear hole, more of his expert tongue.

This guy was amazing. I have never felt this pleasure before, and I couldn’t stop myself.

I pushed back against his tongue and moaned louder. I knew that I couldn’t hold out any longer and I started to buck my hips against his face. Tony sensed my situation and started rubbing my clit with his thumb. He pushed his tongue into my ass and kept it there. That did it. I came and came. I covered Tony’s face with my juices, and he didn’t care. He kept doing his amazing tongue action until I moved away.

Tony stood up and helped me to my feet, supporting me. I grabbed him and pulled him to me kissing him hard. I felt a very hard bulge in his shorts and I wanted it. I asked Tony to stand on the bench that I was just kneeling on. I didn’t need to ask a second time. Tony stood on the bench and took off his shirt. He held onto my shoulders for support.

Being only 155cm tall, that bulge was right in front of my face. I rubbed my hands up over his chiselled chest and down to his shorts. I let my fingers move over that bulge, softly and slowly, and looked into Tony’s eyes, teasingly.

I grabbed the waist band of his shorts and pulled them out and down. Wow, this guy had a huge, hard cock. It was still contained in his undies and they looked almost like a tent. I lowered his shorts to his feet and he kicked them off.

I started moving back up, rubbing his legs and kissing them. When I was standing again, face height with the hidden monster, I leaned in and ran my tongue over it, outside the fabric. I looked at Tony and then back down at that cock.

I put my fingers inside the elastic and pulled them down fast. His big hard cock bounced up, almost hitting my face. I moaned in approval at my new toy. It must have been easily eight inches long and nice and thick. I wrapped my hand around it and slowly stroked his cock. As my hand got to the tip, I squeezed it and watched pre-cum ooze from the head. I did this a few more times and each time I did, Tony moaned.

I leaned in and licked the head of his cock, tasting the fluid. It was salty and tasty. I opened my mouth and took the head between my lips. I sucked hard, and flicked my tongue around it. Then I started working up and down the shaft, taking as much of Tony’s cock as I could.

I loved it. This was better than any workout I could have wished for. Work was now the farthest thing from my mind. I continued sucking Tony’s rock hard cock up and down, deeper and then sucking on the head. I knew from his moans and the hand now on my head that I was doing something right.

Tony and I got into a rhythm. Each time I sucked down his rigid pole, he would thrust his hips forward. .At times, Tony’s tempo would increase, but I slowed him down. As much as I wanted him to cum from my oral treatment, I needed than cock somewhere else.

My cunt needed filling by it too.

I must have sucked and licked that perfect cock for nearly ten minutes before Tony push my head back and stepped from the bench. Tony walked away and got two step platforms before returning to the bench and placing them either side. He then sat on the bench and lay on his back. Tony told me to straddle him, standing on the steps.

I stepped up and swung one leg over so I was facing him. I was at the perfect height. His cock, standing was just touching my dripping cunt lips.

Tony reached up and grabbed my breasts, squeezing then softly as I lowered myself down just taking the head of that great cock, just inside me. I started to rotate my hips, feeling it move around inside me. Looking into his eyes, I started to lower my body down onto Tony’s rigid pole.

I felt every inch of his cock, opening my my hole as I took the entire length inside me. Soon my whole weight was on Tony. His cock, was mine. My body had engulfed it. I loved the feeling of his hard cock inside me.

Tony moaned, as I did and I began to left myself up. I kept the head inside my cunt then slowly lowered myself down. I didn’t want this to end too soon. I missed fucking. I got increasingly faster, going up and down on Tony’s cock.

I put my hands on his chest and supported myself as I fucked his hard pole. We stayed in this position for a while until my legs started to get tired. Tony whispered to me, lets change babe. I was up for anything at this stage.

Tony lead me back to the side of the bench and asked me to kneel on the floor and lean over the bench. He knelt between my legs behind me, and forced my legs apart with his. I didn’t have to wait long for Tony’s cock to go back where it had just been removed from. He started rubbing the head around my lips and pushed the head inside and stopped. He grabbed my hips and pulled back hard. I moaned loud as it his home and Tony started to thrust hard into my sopping cunt.

In and out, he fucked my hole, moaning and grunting each time he thrust inside. A few times, Tony would pull his cock all the way out leaving me feeling empty. He never had to wait long for it to slide back deep and hard.

Tony began pumping my cunt again, holding my hips and controlling the pace, when I felt his hand move to my butt. He was squeezing my cheeks and rubbing my asshole with his thumb. He rubbed in little circles smearing my juices all over it. He put more and more pressure on my hole, until his thumb pushed inside. I moaned at the pleasure of it. I love my ass being fingered. I was pushing back against his cock and thumb.

Oh fuck, it felt so good. I sensed Tony was close, and I thought that any minute, he would be spurting his cum in my cunt.

But Tony was apparently not finished with me and I wasn’t complaining. He pulled his cock from my cunt and he dropped to his knees. Within seconds, I felt his warm breath on my lips and his fingers parting me. His tongue licked up and down my slit and probed inside me. He was rubbing my swollen clit with his thumb and tongue fucking me. I was in total heaven. Tony was a master at making a girl feel amazing.

When I thought I couldn’t feel anything better, Tony licked higher and started his magic on my asshole. He licked around the opening, then pointed his tongue at the target end tried to push the tip of his tongue inside my rear.

I could feel my senses building to a point where I knew I would cum from his ass attention when Tony stood and placed a hand on my butt.

Then I felt the tip of his cock rubbing up and down my cunt lips. Tony pushed forward and sank the entire length inside me and fucked me slowly. He again started to rub my asshole and pushed his thumb back in.

I was moaning loudly now. Tony started to sliding all the way inside my cunt and pulling his cock, all the way back out.

He would rub the head over my clit then slide back inside. All the while, his thumb was pushed deep in my asshole.

Tony then pushed his cock deep in my cunt and leaned down, kissing my neck. He pulled my hair back and whispered in my ear, “Can I put it in your ass babe?”

What could I say, but “Oh god yes. Please, fuck my ass.”

Tony stood back up and took his cock from my cunt and rubbed the head over my asshole. He took his time, pressing the head against the opening, then rubbing it around again. Again, he would put the head into my ass hole and press forward, slowly, letting me get used to its size.

I loved the feeling as I felt the head pop into me asshole and he stopped moving. Tony continued to rub my back, and was a gentle lover.

I wanted more of his cock now and started to push back. Tony let me control the past and held my hips as I took more of his hard cock into my ass.

When he was about half way inside, Tony pulled his cock slowly back out and then pushed it back in. After several slow pushed, Tony went deeper into my ass, and a little faster.

I felt so full. I loved it. Tony was now deep inside my ass and each time he pushed inside me, I pushed back against him. Now completely accustomed to his cock in my asshole, we got into a rhythm where fucked me and I fucked him back. I was his little ass toy now. I was completely here for him to use. Work was so far from my thoughts.

Tony took control of the situation and grabbed my hips, pulling me back onto his cock and then taking it out, making this last longer. He would rub the head over my clit teasing me, then again force his cock back into my ass.

Tony then did something I never expected, he took his cock from my ass and pushed it deep into me cunt. “Of fuck yes” I yelled as he did that. Tony fucked my cunt for about six strokes, then he moved back to my asshole. He fucked both holes, about half a dozen strokes in my ass, then my cunt and back to my ass again.

I was yelling at him to fuck me. I was pushing back against him, wanting him to take me. I felt myself about to cum and I told Tony to keep going that I was almost there. Tony buried his cock in my ass and started to pound me hard. I couldn’t stop and I exploded with my own orgasm.

I was screaming and shaking as Tony continued to fuck me hard. As I started to calm down, I heard Tony moaning loudly and he pushed his hips hard against me, grunting as he started to cum. He held still as spurt after spurt filled my asshole.

I felt Tony start to soften in my ass, as he pulled out and his cum leaked from my well fucked hole.

He kissed my back and my neck and whispered in my ear, “thankyou”.

I turned to face Tony and kissed him softly on the lips. “No, thankyou,” I said. “I really needed both workouts. I hope I am welcome back again?

“Any time”, Tony said.” I then gathered my clothes and walked naked to the ladies change rooms to shower.

When I was finished, I walked to the exit and found Tony dressed and standing at the front counter. I thanked him again, leaned close and kissed him on the cheek before saying goodbye and leaving. I will certainly be back. I tingle wondering what my next workouts will be like.

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