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John and Pete

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It was at the beginning of the summer, circa 1990, and Pete had just returned home from university. He would have enjoyed spending the entire summer lazing around and taking it easy, but he needed a job. University was expensive and although his parents helped out with the bulk of the cost, they didn’t have the money to allow for anything other than the essentials. He wanted to earn some extra cash for clothing, gas, social events, and a myriad of other things that you can’t get without money in your pocket.

He’d written to several companies and prospective employers while he was still in school, but none had responded with a job offer.

He was just about to embark on a visit to several small businesses in the area in search of a job, when the phone rang. He picked up hurriedly and offered a terse, “Hello.”

A loud, excited voice on the other end replied, “Pete! You’re home from school at last. Are you going to be home for the whole summer?”

Pete recognized the voice immediately. It was John, his best friend. John was also going to university, but in another state. “John! How are you buddy?” he replied exuberantly.

“Just fine Pete! I’m doing great! I just got home last night. I thought I’d give you a call this morning to see what you’ve got on for the summer. Are you going to be working?”

Pete sighed, and in a voice immersed in disappointment replied, “I wish! I haven’t left a stone unturned in my search, but there just doesn’t seem to be anything out there. What are you doing for the summer?”

John chuckled gleefully. “I’m a happy guy Pete. My aunt and uncle decided they’re going to run their old upstate diner this summer. Aunt Mable called me last night and asked if I’d be interested in being one of the servers. I jumped at the chance. I’d already tried all of the things you’ve tried and came up empty as well. While I was talking with Aunt Mable, she mentioned that they have a woman who lives up there who’s going to be a server as well, but they’d like to have one more on staff. I told her you might be interested and I’d talk to you about it today. What do you say buddy?”

Pete was almost speechless. “Hell yeah John! I was just sitting here lamenting how sad my sophomore year was going to be when I was too broke to buy toilet paper. When do I start?”

“Umm, that’s the thing Pete. We have to start right away.” John replied. “Aunt Mable and Uncle Jack want to leave tomorrow so they can get things up and running for an early opening. Aunt Mable figures this will be their last year of operating the old restaurant. They’ve had it for years now and it’s getting to be a little too much for them at their age. They’re going to put it up for sale at the end of the season.”

The next morning Pete was waiting on the front porch when Aunt Mable, Uncle Jack and John, drove up in a van. He stowed his bags in the back and two minutes later the four of them were off to cottage country. John’s aunt and uncle had owned the small diner for the past 8 years. Each year they’d go up and run it for just the months of summer. It was located in the Finger Lakes region and they originally ran across it when they rented a cottage that was located near it. When it came up for sale a few years later, they decided to buy it. It was well located and enjoyed an excellent reputation and a high level of customer traffic. It was a small diner, seating only 30 to 35 people but it usually operated close to capacity from late June to early September. There was no competition to speak of and, as John’s aunt and uncle were retiring at the end of that year, they decided to buy the little business to bolster their retirement income and give them something to do.

John and Pete were lifelong friends. They’d met on their first day in kindergarten and formed a friendship that had endured from that day right through to this particular summer. They were both 18 years old and had just finished their first year of university. They were going to different universities but had managed to maintain their friendship through regular telephone and mail contact. The two had few other acquaintances and were inseparable best friends. They had never been a part of the popular group and tended to be somewhat shy and retreating in social settings. It’s likely that their natural shyness was a good part of the reason why they spent so much time together. They had a lot in common and never felt any pier pressure when they were in each other’s company.

John’s aunt and uncle traditionally handled meal planning and preparation and usually hired a few local kids to help out with serving duties. This year, they knew that John would be needing some extra money to help out with the cost of university and had offered him a job.

John’s aunt and uncle had a one bedroom travel trailer that they slept in each summer while they were at the diner. There wasn’t enough room for John and Pete, so they set up a family sized tent in the wooded area behind the restaurant. The tent was a heavy canvas model with plenty of room for the two of them and with summers by the lake being so mild, they would be quite comfortable. The tent was divided into three areas, with two smaller areas for sleeping and a larger common area for eating and relaxing. Each boy had his own bedroom and they slept on cots with comfortable mattresses.

Besides John and Pete, there was one other server. Her name was Millie. She was about 25 years old and lived in the area year around. Her husband was a trucker and spent weeks at a time on the road. She broke up the boredom of being alone for so much of the summer by working at the restaurant. She was quite attractive and had long brown hair, blue eyes, a flawless complexion, and an hour glass figure. John and Pete were immediately taken with her good looks and even more so by her stunning figure. Neither of them had been on more than one or two dates in their entire lives, so Millie never failed to get their attention any time she walked by. The two boys were virgins but it was a condition they were anxious to eliminate.

Once at the diner, it took John’s aunt and uncle no time to get the little restaurant fixed up and ready for business. The gas, water and electric people showed up on the first morning and all of the stoves and fridges were running by noon. They’d placed a sign on the front lawn a week earlier, announcing that the diner would be opening and, at the same time, they placed a notice on the local radio station and in the newspaper. A lot of work went into scrubbing, polishing and cleaning over the balance of the day, but by late afternoon the little restaurant was ready for the next morning’s breakfast crowd.

By about 7:00 p.m., John and Pete headed out to their tent and got things organized for their stay. They showered in the stall behind John’s aunt and uncle’s trailer and at about 9.00 p.m. decided to turn in. Neither of them wore pyjamas, preferring instead to simply wear their jockey shorts to bed.

Pete crawled into the cot and stretched out lazily. It was just about dark outside and he could already hear the sounds of the crickets and tree toads. Neither of the boys was very tired, so as they lay in their beds, they chatted about what they might expect at tomorrow’s opening.

Pete heard John shift restlessly in his cot. “You know Pete,” John remarked, “I just hope business is going to be slow enough to let me get the odd peek at Millie’s sweet ass.”

Pete realized that he and John were on the same page. “I know what you mean John,” he replied. “She’s a babe. I love those hips and those fantastic knockers. I figure she’s a 36D.”

John sighed, long and heavily. “She’s at least a 36D Pete. I can almost taste the sweet nipples on those big beauties when she walks by and they’re bouncing, right there in front of my eyes. I got a major hard on today when she bent over to grab some pots and pans from under the counter.”

“Yeah, I saw that too John!” Pete remarked excitedly. “God she’s got a beautiful pair of tits and she’s really pretty as well. I’ll bet she gets really horny when her husband is out on the road for weeks at a time. Maybe she’ll come out to the tent one night and fuck both of us.”

John laughed at his friend’s carnal speculation. “I doubt that’s going to happen Pete. What would a great looking babe like her want with a couple of broke dudes like us? She’s probably got a legion of willing local studs lined up at her bedroom door.”

“You’re right,” Pete replied ruefully, “With a face like hers and those lovely big tits bouncing up and down wherever she goes, she’s not going to do without unless she wants to.”

“You’re preaching to the choir,” John snorted. “But that’s okay. I’m going to be thinking of her when I Jack off tonight and she won’t even know it. After watching her all day, I’ve got a hard on that’s going to have to be beaten into submission.”

Pete chuckled out loud but never said anything else. He wondered if John really was going to jack off. He was only a few feet away with only a thin sheet of canvas between the two of them. He laid back and closed his eyes, but about five minutes later, just as he was about to fall asleep, he heard John’s cot creaking rhythmically. “My God!” he thought, “John is jacking off!” After years of jacking off himself, Pete had no trouble reading the message that the rapidly creaking cot was sending. He felt his own cock twitch excitedly as the tempo of the creaking increased. Then, no more than two minutes later, he heard John’s breathing speed up, followed a few seconds later by a muted moan of pleasure.

Pete slid his shorts down over his hips and grasped his cock. It had grown to fully erect status when he heard John moaning with pleasure as he went off. The two had only seen each other naked once or twice during their friendship and until now, they’d only talked about sex in guarded terms. Pete found himself somehow titillated by the mental image of John jacking off. He began stroking his cock and was taken aback by the urgency that he felt as his hand moved up and down the rigid shaft, faster and faster. He felt his orgasm coming on much earlier than usual and didn’t have time to do anything to slow down the reaction. Before he knew it, he was laying there with his back arched and his hips thrust up off the cot as several huge dollops of jism exploded from the swollen tip of his cock. They splashed, hot and thick, onto his belly and chest. He moaned involuntarily and his cock jerked excitedly as each pearly ribbon of semen was emitted from its swollen tip.

As Pete lay their in the darkness, recuperating from the immense ejaculation, he heard John’s voice, “Christ Pete! Millie must’ve made you even hornier than she made me. Your cot sounded like it was going to collapse, you were beating your meat so hard and you moaned loud enough to bring the tent down when you shot your load. Shit! You went off so hard that I’ll bet Millie even felt it.”

“Fuck!” Pete thought to himself. “John heard me!” At first, he thought it would be best to simply ignore the comment, but instead, he decided to fire back. “Listen to who’s talking,” he remarked. “The joints of your cot nearly caught fire when you were jacking off a few minutes ago and I’m sure Millie and everyone else within a five mile radius heard you moan like a fog horn when you blew your wad.”

John laughed quietly. “So we heard each other. I guess we’ve got no secrets from now on Pete,” he replied. “Anyway, now that we’ve both shot our loads, we shouldn’t have any trouble falling asleep.”

Pete grabbed a handful of tissues from beside his cot and mopped up the crawly flood of semen that extended from his pubic hair all the way up to his chest. “Jeezus!” he thought to himself, “That has to be the biggest load of jism I’ve ever blown.” At just about the same time, he realized that it wasn’t his thoughts of Millie that had coaxed such a massive amount of cum out of his dick. It was the sound of John jacking off just a few feet away.

The next morning, the boys slept past the time they should have risen. Pete looked at his watch and realized that the diner would be opening in less than half an hour. He grabbed his pants and peeked around the canvas divider. “Get up John! We’re late!” he shouted in a voice that was still hoarse with sleep.

He began to pull on his pants and realized that he had a raging hard on. His balls felt a little sore and swollen, they way they always got when he was horny. Normally, he would have jacked off immediately to relieve the tension. Pete habitually jacked off each morning and each night, but today he was running far too late to take the time to masturbate. He knew from experience that that meant he was going to have to make it through the whole day in a state of constant horniness.

His loud shout had awakened John with a start and by now Pete was in the common area. He could see into John’s sleeping area. John had just glanced at his watch. He was beginning to panic because of the late hour and leapt excitedly from his bed. Pete noticed that John’s jockey shorts were sharply tented in the front by a huge erection and no doubt, he too would have opted to jack off had he not been running so late. Just then, John looked up and when he saw Pete looking at the front of his underwear, he looked down and saw the steel hard erection that was pushing out the front of his underwear.

“Don’t feel bad,” Pete remarked. “I woke up in the same condition and realized it’s too late to do anything about it. I guess we’re going to have to make it through the day feeling horny and neglected.”

John shook his head drowsily and shoved his hand down the front of his shorts. Pete could see him close his hand around the shaft of his dick and stroke it longingly. “Don’t worry big guy,” he said in a half whisper. “I’ll see to it that you get extra attention tonight.”

They both laughed and continued dressing. In about 20 minutes they’d finished their grooming and were fully dressed and ready for the day. Business was fairly brisk given that this was their first full day of serving. The customers were mostly older cottagers and quite pleasant to deal with. Pete fared well with tips as did John, but their gratuities paled in comparison to those of Millie. She knew how to please her patrons. The older men were all smitten by her blue eyes and gorgeous figure. If they were alone, she flirted shamelessly and made sure she leaned over their table frequently, revealing her voluptuous cleavage to their lascivious gaze. If they were with their wives, she reigned in her sensuality and flattered the wives on their hair, their make up and the outfits they were wearing.

By late afternoon, the breakfast and lunch crowds had come and gone and the three servers were busy sweeping, mopping and washing off tables. Millie leaned over to clear one of the tables while John and Pete were behind her. Her dress, which was short to begin with, pulled up as she bent over the table and revealed the lacy trim of her panties. Pete could see the crack of her ass through the thin material. He stood there mesmerized by the erogenous sight of her sexy figure. As she wiped the table top, her hips swayed rhythmically from side to side and he got a long, arousing look at her shapely thighs and lace panties. He could feel his cock stiffen and push impatiently against the front of his jeans. He looked over at John who was also watching Millie. He could see the thick coil of his cock pushing against the front of his jeans as he stood there, salaciously eying her excitingly sensual ass and legs.

As she was wiping the table top, Millie turned and glanced over her shoulder. A look of surprise flashed across her face as she saw John and Pete standing there watching her with the front of their pants bulging from the force of their imprisoned erections and a look of sexual longing burning in their eyes.

To Pete’s surprise, all Millie did was smile, almost as if she had no idea what the boys were thinking about as they stood there staring at her lovely ass and legs. They quickly looked away, embarrassment burning their faces to a crimson hue, and resumed sweeping and mopping as if nothing had happened. To Pete’s surprise, Millie moved on to the next table and leaned over it to wipe the surface, however this time she leaned much further over the table. As a result, the two young men’s prying eyes had a greatly improved view of her female assets. Her panties were completely exposed and because she leaning forward and had her legs slightly apart, they were able to see the dark shadow of her pubic hair and the recessed crease of her labia through the virtually transparent material.

Pete’s cock came close to exploding when he saw the delightful view offered by Millie as she lay across the table. He watched enraptured, as her buttocks moved evocatively to and fro while she vigorously scrubbed the table top. As she did, the narrow crotch of her panties slid seductively from side to side, exposing alternating views of the thick black patch of her pubic hair. Her legs were strong and fit and shaped beautifully. They ran gracefully up into her hips and buttocks, forming a sensual picture that no man could ignore.

Again, she turned her head and looked over her shoulder. Pete was leaning over a table and was able to look down quickly in an attempt to avoid her accusing gaze. He wasn’t sure if he’d fooled her and was no longer convinced that he even wanted to fool her. Her apparent eagerness to move from table to table, giving him and John full visual access to a very enticing area of her body did not seem like the actions of a shy and demure woman. Over the next ten minutes or so, Millie leaned over several more tables, each time ensuring that both boys were behind her and were afforded a stimulating visual treat.

A short time later, the dinner crowd began arriving and the servers traded in their brooms and mops for order pads and trays. Pete was quite aroused by the sights afforded John and him by Millie and looked forward to the opportunity to work out his frustration when he returned to the tent later that evening. By 7:00 p.m. the diner was empty and Pete, Millie, John and his aunt and uncle sat down to have a coffee and relax for a minute after the busy day. John’s aunt and uncle were pleased with the days receipts, while the three servers were pleased with the generous tips the customers had bestowed.

About 10 minutes later, Millie got up and left for the night. John and Pete left just a minute or two later. When they got back to the tent they ate the sandwiches they’d brought back with them from the diner and drank a couple of sodas. As they were finishing up, John abruptly asked, “Have you ever fucked a girl Pete?”

Pete thought about lying, but knew he’d have a hard time pulling it off. John and he had always read each other fairly well and he didn’t want to appear a phoney. “I’ve come close John, but I’ve never actually been laid,” he replied. ” I try every time I get the chance but so far it hasn’t happened.” Then he looked directly back at John and asked him, “Have you ever fucked a girl?”

John looked dejectedly down at the floor of the tent. “I guess we’re both virgins Pete. I’ve been trying to get laid for years now and I thought for sure I’d be getting fucked to death when I went off to university, but like you, I’m still waiting. I guess until I find a babe who opens her legs and puts up a welcome sign between her thighs, I’m going to be pumping my pudding every morning and every night.”

“Yeah, I know how you feel.” Pete replied, “I wish I had something other than my hand wrapped around my dick once in a while.”

John looked at him curiously and said, “It’s interesting that you say that Pete. It gives me an idea!”

“What’s that?” Pete asked eagerly.

John looked at him a little uncertainly, then blurted out, “I’d like to have something besides my own hand wrapped around my cock too. There aren’t any single women around here and we’ve got three months ahead of us. Why don’t we try a few things to make the stay a little less boring. We should see what it feels like to jack each other off.”

Pete looked at him like he was a nut case. “Are you crazy John?” he asked, an angry edge to his voice. “I’m not a homo. I don’t want to have sex with another guy.”

John looked a little miffed by Pete’s indignant reply. “Of course you’re not a homo Pete!” he remarked huffily, ” Neither am I, but I’ve been jacking off for years now and in all that time, there’s never been anyone else’s hand on my cock. I’ve never been touched by a woman and I’ve never been laid. When I heard you jacking off last night, it made me horny. I realized that you don’t have to be a homo to be excited by the sounds of another guy jacking off. It might also be great to watch another guy getting jacked off and moaning when he shoots his load. It’s got to be more entertaining that lying there in the darkness jacking off the same way as we’ve been doing for years.”

Pete was a little shocked to hear that John had gotten horny listening to him jack off last night. His mind raced as he tried to come up with arguments against what John was suggesting. Then he realized that much of what John was saying applied to him as well. He’d never had anyone else’s hand on his cock either. He’d never fucked a girl or even felt a woman’s hands on him. After a minute or two of silence, he replied, “Jeezus! When you put it that way John, I have a hard time disagreeing. It might be a kick to jack each other off . I gotta be honest with you, I began jacking off last night because I got horny listening to you masturbating just a few feet away.” He paused for a moment and then finally asked, “So how should we go about doing this?”

John’s face lit up. “Alright!” he said in a half whisper. “We don’t want to get caught, so we should tie the tent flaps closed. The tent is heavy canvas so we don’t have to worry about anyone seeing our silhouettes and so long as we don’t get too noisy we shouldn’t attract any attention. If you tie the tent flaps at the entrance, I’ll tie the window flaps shut.”

Pete began to feel aroused almost immediately. As he went over to tie the entrance flaps, he could feel his cock twitching with excitement. He was a little uncertain, but this was his lifelong friend and he knew that he could trust him. They’d only seen each other naked a couple of times and that was years ago, so he didn’t really know what to expect.

His train of thought was broken by John voice. “We should tie up the panel between our cots and bring the lanterns from the common area so we can see better.”

Pete nodded in agreement and as John tied the divider panel up he brought in the lanterns from the common area. The two looked at each other nervously and for a moment the silence was deafening. “What do you want to do first John?” Pete asked, his voice trembling just a little.

John didn’t waste any time. “Let’s take off our clothes and see if that helps us to figure out what we want to do next,” he suggested.

“Okay.” Pete replied nervously. He quickly removed his shirt, his shoes, his socks and his pants. Then, standing there in only his jockey shorts, he looked over at his friend. John was doing the same and when he was stripped down to his shorts, he looked over at Pete.

“Why don’t we just take off our shorts and see what’s causing the big bulges in the front of them.” John suggested. With that, he pushed his underpants down over his hips, all the way to his ankles and threw them to one side. When he stood up, his cock was standing, hard and ready, from the midst of a thick black patch of pubic hair. It was larger than Pete had expected, about 7 or 8 inches in length and quite thick. He wasn’t circumcised and most of the head of his cock was concealed beneath his foreskin. His erection had caused the foreskin to pull back just far enough to reveal the top part of the head and the dark slit at the tip. It was an impressive cock and it was twitching with excitement. As he stood there with Pete looking at him, he took his cock by the shaft and started stroking it provocatively.

Pete felt his own cock straining at the front of his shorts and, emboldened by John’s actions, he pushed them down and over his ankles. When he stood up, his penis was standing out in front of him, as stiff as a steel girder. The shaft arched upwards and unlike John, he was circumcised, so the swollen purple head of his cock was completely visible. The shaft had begun to jerk rhythmically in anticipation of the sexual adventure that lay ahead. His balls hung, full and heavy, beneath the shaft and were partly concealed by his medium brown patch of pubic hair. His cock was about the same length but not quite as thick and slightly more arched. John’s eyes glowed with a mixture of curiosity and arousal. “Nice looking cock Pete,” he remarked in an excited half whisper.

Pete took John’s lead and began to stroke the shaft of his cock slowly, all the while staring at his friend’s straining member. “You’ve got a nice looking one too John,” he replied in a half whisper.

Without saying another word, John reached over and gently wrapped his hand around Pete’s cock. The feel of someone else’s hands on such a private and sensitive part of his body sent an electric shock along the entire length of Pete’s cock and down into his balls. He pushed his hips ahead, just a little, inviting John’s hands to explore as much as they wished. John didn’t hesitate and ran his hand all the way down to the base, slowly exploring the soft, sensitive skin that covered the rock hard shaft. When his hand reached the thick base, he gripped its entire girth, squeezing it gently and admiring its thickness and power.

The feel of John’s hands as they explored his cock was unbelievably erotic for Pete. He loved the feel of another person’s hands on his cock. He’d never allowed anyone to touch his penis before and the experience was sensually exhilarating. He looked down as John’s hand continued stroking his cock. An intoxicating thrill run up and down his body as the reality of what was happening struck him. Then he looked over at John’s cock. It was as stiff as his and was twitching excitedly. He was absolutely fascinated by the sight of John’s foreskin and the thickness of the shaft. He reached out to feel it. As his hand wrapped around the broad, twitching shaft, John moved his hips forward to allow to allow Pete full access to its entire length. Pete marvelled at the easy way in which the skin on the shaft glided up and down. Each time he pushed the skin on the shaft down towards the base, the swollen purple head of John’s cock emerged from beneath the foreskin.

Both of them were now fully committed to what they were doing and Pete found himself more excited than he’d been in years. It had been a long day and the sight of Millie’s fantastic ass and pussy hair had led to a major increase in the two young men’s libidos. A deep need was consuming them and was going to have to be placated. The need was made even more compelling by virtue of the fact that neither of them had gotten the opportunity to jack off that morning.

“Do you want to go first Pete?” John asked in a trembling voice.

The look on his face was bordering on desperate and Pete knew from experience that John wasn’t a patient guy. “Why don’t I jack you off first John and then you can jack me off,” he replied, the nervous edge in his voice becoming even more apparent.

John said not a word, instead, he laid down on the cot on his back and spread his legs slightly. His cock stood as rigid as a steel spike, hard and ready, and there was a tiny trickle of precum emanating from the slit at the tip. Pete knelt down by the side of the cot and reached for John’s dick. It felt like it was alive. It was hot to his touch and he could feel little spasms of excitement shooting along its length as he wrapped his fingers around the shaft. He began to stroke it slowly, up and down. The pulsating head was fully revealed to Pete’s curious eyes with each stroke. It was shaped like a Roman soldier’s helmet and was shiny and moist from being constantly enveloped in John’s foreskin. The slit at the tip was much larger than normal because of the amount of swelling that accompanied his erection. The shaft was slightly arched, but not so much as Pete’s shaft and the soft pale skin that covered it was stretched thin and was almost transparent. There was a network of blue veins just beneath the surface. Pete was excited by what he was doing and, as he gently stroked the huge cock up and down, John closed his eyes and in a voice hoarse with lust, whispered, “Oh God. That feels really good Pete!”

Pete became a little bolder when he realized how much John was enjoying what he was doing. He reached down with his other hand and felt the base of John’s cock. He wrapped his hand around it. It was thick and hard, an immovable anchor for the long shaft and pulsing head of John’s cock. He tried to get his hand beneath John’s balls, but his legs were too close together. When John realized what he was trying to do, he immediately spread his legs further apart, allowing Pete’s hand to move down beneath his scrotum. Pete gently cupped the warm oval testicles in the palm of his hand. They were not as large as his balls, but they felt firm and full. He gently explored the globes, caressing and squeezing them carefully. John loved it and began to thrust his hips gently up and down as Pete’s hands eagerly continued exploring his private parts.

The trickle of precum at the tip of John’s penis was more apparent now and was beginning to ooze down over the head of his cock. It was becoming obvious to Pete that John was close to ejaculation. He looked up at and saw that his eyes were closed and his head was turned to one side. “Are you okay John?” he asked in a low voice.

John’s reply was immediate, “Go faster now Pete!” he instructed in a voice trembling with excitement. “I’m going to shoot pretty soon.”

Pete began to stroke faster and was amazed when he realized that John’s cock was actually getting harder. His balls also felt much harder and were growing bigger in his hand as John got closer and closer to going off. His arms were by his side, and he was gripping the sheets of his cot in his fists as his hips began pushing up, more and more vigorously, as if fucking an invisible woman. His whole body began shaking uncontrollably and a second later, he whispered excitedly, “Here it cums Pete! Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!” He bucked his hips up and down furiously and moaned, “Don’t stop! Jeezus, don’t stop!”

Pete watched in silent amazement as the first silvery ribbon of jism shot from the tip of John’s pulsating cock. It landed on the sheets beside his head. Pete kept stroking as jet after jet of pearly semen exploded from the tip. He kept John’s dick aimed slightly to the side so none of the cum would splash onto his face. John moaned with pleasure with each frantic explosion of jism emitted from the turgid head of his penis.

About thirty heart pounding seconds later, it was over. John laid there, unable to move or speak. Pete was still holding his cock and could feel it softening as the last few drops of jism oozed down the thick shaft onto his fingers. Finally, once John’s cock was completely flaccid, Pete let go and reached for some tissue to wipe the cum from his hand. It clung stubbornly to his fingers like a gelatinous milky glob.

John laid there in complete silence for about two or three minutes. When he finally opened his eyes and looked at Pete, he was smiling. It was the sort of smile that follows a profoundly enjoyable and satisfying experience. “Jeezus!” he croaked in a voice still hoarse with the residue of passion. “Jeezus!” Then he looked away again and said nothing for another half minute or so. Then, looking at Pete again, he blurted out, “That was the most fantastic cum I’ve ever had Pete! I went off so hard it made my balls hurt.” Then, looking at the sheets, he said in astonishment, “Look at all that jism Pete! I just kept cumming and cumming. It felt so good. If you like the hand job I give you even half as much as I loved the hand job you just gave me, it will be fantastic!”

Pete was ready. By now, his cock had been hard for about half an hour and he needed to go off soon, as he knew the ache in his balls was the start an achy case of lover’s nuts. He stepped quickly back to his own cot and laid down on his back. He closed his eyes and waited, trying not to appear over anxious. About half a minute later, he felt John’s warm fingers wrapping around his cock. The sensation sent an sensual thrill coursing down his cock and spreading like wildfire through the rest of his body.

He felt John tighten his grip on the shaft ever so slightly and then begin, slowly and provocatively, stroking up and down with a slow, gentle rhythm. The innervating effect reached all the way down his stiff shaft and deep into his hard, swollen balls. He felt a tiny bubble of semen ooze down the head of his cock and drip into his pubic hair. His balls were still hanging loose in his scrotum as he felt John’s other hand reaching down to massage them. He opened his legs wider to allow him free access and moaned softly as he felt John’s fingers slide down between his thighs. His hand cupped Pete’s swollen balls gently, carefully exploring their size and weight. “God Pete! Your balls are huge and really hard!” he remarked in a hoarse whisper. But no reply was forthcoming. Pete was totally lost in the pleasure that was washing over his body in large, lascivious waves of pleasure.

As Pete lay there, his body began to tremble with the passion that had started in his dick and balls and had quickly spread to his trunk and limbs. He felt John’s hand moving from his balls to the head of his cock. His fingers moved over it, exploring it curiously, feeling it inquisitively. John hadn’t seen a circumcised cock before and found the look of Pete’s permanently exposed cock head fascinating. He heard Pete’s breathing speed up as he handled his private parts. His breath would soon be roaring in his throat. “Wow Pete! The head of your dick is super swollen!” he exclaimed, “It’s bright red and looks like it’s going to explode!” Then as an after thought, he asked, “Is there anything in particular you’d like me to do?”

Pete was on the very edge of an orgasm and knew from the titillation coursing through his dick and balls that it was going to result in an enormous ejaculation. He hadn’t jacked off that morning and he’d seen Millie’s ass and pussy hair several times over the course of the afternoon break. He felt like he could shoot a quart of cum and still have a pint left over. He spread his legs a little further apart and whispered in a voice that evidenced his fleshly need, “Squeeze my balls while you stroke my cock John and get ready. I’m going to shoot a really big load.”

Pete felt John’s hand move back to his balls and take hold of them, firmly but gently. He rolled each testicle between his thumb and finger and then took both balls into his hand and gently squeezed and released them, over and over again, until he felt Pete’s hips rising up off the cot in wanton response to his touch. His other hand continued stroking the shaft of Pete’s cock, from the thick base all the way up to the swollen head. Suddenly Pete’s body stiffened beneath John’s coaxing touch. His back arched and he began thrusting his cock into John’s fist. “Oh God John! Here it comes! I’m going to cum! Oh fuck, I’m going to cum!”

John immediately reacted to his friend’s loud and excited exclamation by pumping his cock faster and squeezing his balls just a little more aggressively than before. Pete moaned helplessly as his cock began jerking strenuously in the familiar rhythm of an orgasm. A split second later, a huge dollop of cum shot from the tip of his cock in a high arc and splashed, hot and foaming, onto Pete’s left cheek. Without missing a stroke, John repositioned Pete’s dick to ensure that the rest of the ejaculation would be shot off to the side and land on the bed sheets. He was amazed at how huge the individual jets of jism were and wondered how long Pete would cum before he was finished. All the while, Pete moaned deeply, as ribbon after ribbon of pearly semen shot from the tip of his cock and splashed, thick and milky, onto the sheets of his cot.

Finally, Pete’s cock stopped jerking so vigorously and gradually slowed to gentle pulsations. A small ooze of seminal fluid continued to be expressed from the tip and it rolled in a gelatinous trickle down the now softening shaft. John’s hand was still holding Pete’s cock as the trickle of residual ejaculate ran down over his fingers and dripped, warm and thick, onto Pete’s abdomen.

Pete said nothing. He just laid there with his eyes closed and his head turned to one side. John was amazed. He’d been jacking off for years and he’d never seen such a colossal volume of semen as Pete had just ejaculated. He looked at Pete and in a curious voice asked, “Do you always shoot that big of a load Pete? I’ve never seen so much jism. Your balls must be sore after going off that hard.”

Pete still said nothing. He laid there continuing to recover from the most intense orgasm he’d ever had. Finally, he felt his soft cock flop heavily onto his belly as John let go of it. Then he heard the sound of tissues being pulled from the box and the soft rustling sound they made as John used them wiped the cum from his hands and fingers.

About 5 minutes passed before Pete spoke. He sounded washed out but really pleased. “My God John! You made me go off so hard my balls nearly exploded. That was the most fantastic cum I’ve ever had. This was one fucking great idea. We’re going to have a hell of a summer old friend.

And so it went for the next few weeks. All day long the boys would serve tables and in the 1 or 2 hour slow period between 3 and 4 o’clock, they’d watch in silent rapture as Millie would lean teasingly over each table and energetically scrub the top. She became more daring as the weeks went by. Her skirts became shorter and her tops got lower. She knew full well that the two boys were watching her, waiting for her to show them some ass or give them a peek at some cunt hair, or flash her tit cleavage. She loved seeing them get excited and squirm with overt lust whenever they saw her panties or caught a glimpse of one of her nipples as she bent down to get a pot or pan from beneath the cabinets.

Millie was happy in her marriage and was faithful to her husband, but he was away for several days and nights in a row whenever he drove his truck across country. She was a vivacious women and she needed to feel sexy and desirable. Pete and John made her feel that way and it gave her a secret thrill to know that they were so turned on by her body. At night she’d go home and if her husband was there, she’d seduce him and satisfy the libido that she’d developed through the day by letting Pete and John peek at her private parts. If her husband was not there, she’d masturbate to a shattering orgasm that she was only able to attain after she’d seen men, young or old, become aroused as a result of looking at her and wanting her sexually. .

One Friday morning, about a month after the diner opened, Millie had just finished dressing for work. The previous night had been disappointing and lonesome. She had been looking forward to seeing her husband on the weekend, but late last night, she’d received a phone call from him. He told her that he’d almost made it home, when he got a call from the dispatcher telling him that he had to pick up an emergency shipment in Northern Alabama. As a result, he had to detour and wouldn’t make it home for another five days. She was frustrated and wondered if her husband still found her as sexy and attractive as he did when they first married.

She needed a lift. She needed reassurance. She had to find out if she still had the sexuality to make guys stand up and pay attention when they looked at her. She rummaged through her dresser drawers and found a pair of bikini panties with a slit crotch that would open and reveal her pussy when she spread her legs. Then she went through the closet in the spare bedroom where she found a short, low cut, skin tight black dress. These were the panties and dress that she often wore when she wanted to seduce her husband. It never failed to make him horny. She slipped the panties and dress it into a shopping bag and headed off to the diner.

The day was going along pleasantly for Pete and John. The flow of customer traffic was brisk, but they were now comfortable enough in their jobs to handle it easily. Millie looked ravishing as usual and her habit of letting them peek at her during the slow period, kept their evenings of jacking each other off exciting and satisfying. The lunch crowd had cleared out and they began their usual predinner cleanup routine.

They were a little disappointed when they realized that Millie had disappeared. Her bold and sexy flesh show each afternoon was the pinnacle of their work day. Just as they were about to begin scrubbing the table tops themselves, Millie emerged from the restroom wearing the short, low cut, form fitting dress and panties that she’d brought to work in the shopping bag. Their eyes lit up like children’s eyes on Christmas morning.

She smiled at the two young men as she strode confidently into the dining room. “I thought I’d put on the outfit I’m going to be wearing when I go out with my husband this weekend. It’s our anniversary and I wanted to wear something sexy and really special, just for him. I wanted to get the opinion of some other guys before I let him see it. Do you like it?”

“Oh for sure!” replied Pete with a slight stutter. “You look really nice.”

“Yeah! You look great Millie,” replied John, trying hard not to sound overly stimulated.

Millie had removed her bra while she was in the rest room and the low cut gown just barely hid her soft pink areolas. She walked over to the boys and slowly turned a full turn circle in front of them. “What do you think? I’m hoping my husband thinks I look sexy. Do you think he will?”

“Oh gosh yes! I’m sure he will Millie.” Pete shyly replied, in a voice that sounded kind of high pitched and squeaky.

“I agree.” added John. “You look pretty sexy to me.”

“Oh I’m so glad!” remarked Millie, doing a fine job of feigning innocent naivety. “I just love him to death and I hope he’s going to like the way this outfit makes me look. Anyway, I best get back to work now. These table tops aren’t going to scrub themselves. I I better hurry because I want to get changed back into my work clothes before the dinner crowd starts arriving.”

With that, Millie went over to the front counter and grabbed her bottle of cleaning spray and a rag. She walked over to the table nearest Pete and John, sprayed some cleanser on the table top and leaned over to begin scrubbing it. As she leaned, the short, tight dress pulled half way up her buttocks, revealing the skimpy bikini briefs that she’d slid on in the rest room a few minutes before. As she scrubbed the table top, she slowly, almost imperceptibly, moved her legs further and further apart until the slit in the crotch of her panties opened up. As it opened, it revealed her closely trimmed pubic bush and the long pink slit of her cunt.

John and Pete’s eyes blinked in astonishment as they saw the panties spread to reveal Millie’s lovely pink labial slit surrounded by a close cropped matt of jet black pubic hair. Both boys immediately attained erections that pushed forcefully against the zippers of their jeans. Then Millie stood up and went to the other side of the table. She saw the look on the boys faces and felt a warm inner glow. She could see they both had erections and their faces were flushed red with sexual arousal. She smiled pleasantly at them and then leaned over the table to scrub it from that side. As she bent over, the boys were treated to a full view of her beautiful 36D tits and the delicious pink nipples that they’d both fantasized about so often. She scrubbed ardently and as she did, the firm flesh of her breasts bounced up and down provocatively. When she stood up, she did so very slowly, giving Pete and John a very close look at her erect pink nipples and succulent areolas.

Millie went to each of the tables in the dining room and dutifully bent over each one, scrubbing it until it shone. Pete and John followed every move she made, their eyes feasting on her sexuality and their cocks straining wantonly against the front of their pants. The show lasted about half an hour after which both boys were ready to go off like field cannons. Finally Millie said, “Oops, look at the time. I’d better change into something work appropriate. I’m glad you guys liked my new dress.”

The rest of the day moved along like a crippled snail. John and Pete were having a lot of trouble concentrating and wanted to get back to the tent to jack each other off. When seven o’clock finally arrived, Millie, who was still excited by the rapt attention that had by paid her by John and Pete when they saw her pussy and tits, decided to go home right away. She was feeling very aroused by the excitement she’d bestowed on them and wanted to enjoy the relief that would only come through masturbation.

John and Pete headed out to the tent. By the time they got in and tied down the flaps to the entrance and the windows, they were trembling with libidinous need.

“Jeezus Pete! Did you see Millie’s fantastic cunt slit?” John asked.

“I know! I know!” replied Pete. “And did you see those huge fucking tits? The nipples were like cherries and the areolas must have been two inches across! Man, would I like to fuck her. I’ll bet those lovely pink cunt lips of hers would suck every last ounce of cum out of your dick!”

The two boys raged on about Millie’s sexual show for about ten minutes. Then, once they’d spoken their mind about what they’d seen, they began to undress. Both of them were naked in less than a minute. Their stiff cocks were twitched excitedly as they looked forward to the pleasure that each would receive from the touch of the other’s hands. It was John’s turn to go first, so he laid back on the bed, his cock standing like a steel rod, anticipating Pete’s magic touch.

As Pete wrapped his hand around the thick shaft, John asked him, in a hoarse, nervous voice, “Have you ever had your cock sucked Pete?”

John’s question took Pete by surprise. “No, I’ve never had my cock sucked. I’ve often thought it would be fantastic to get a blowjob from a babe like Millie, but it’s yet to happen.” Then, looking at back at John, he asked, “Have you ever had your cock sucked?”

John smiled and replied, “No, I’ve never been that lucky. I’ve thought about it for years but like you, I haven’t had the pleasure.” Then he paused for a moment, as if gathering his thoughts when he was actually struggling to find the right words. “You know Pete, we’ve been jacking each other off for about three weeks now and it’s been fantastic. I look forward to the feel of your hands stroking my dick and squeezing my balls every night. I go off harder than I ever would if I were lying in the dark jacking off all alone. You gotta be enjoying what we do just as much as I do?”

“You bet I do!” Pete replied enthusiastically. “I’m surprised you even have to ask. Can’t you tell by the way I go off so hard and by how much cum I shoot?”

John hesitated for a minute and then blurted out what he was thinking. “I want to get my cock sucked. You want to get your cock sucked. Why don’t we just suck each other’s cocks?”

Pete looked a little shaken by John’s suggestion. He’d never thought of being sucked off by another guy and now that John was suggesting it, it sounded just a little too far over the line. On the other hand, he remembered how much he was repelled by John’s original suggestion that they jack each other off. After his initial resistance to the idea, he decided to go along and found that he loved the feel of John’s hands on his cock and balls.

“How would we work that exactly John?” he asked, a touch of trepidation in his voice.

“Well, we already know everything about each other’s dick. We know how big it is, how sensitive it is, how much jism it shoots, what it likes and doesn’t like. About the only thing we don’t know is how to give another guy a blow job. The way I see it, we’d have to be careful that we didn’t bite each others dicks and that we didn’t go off into each others mouth. We’d have to be sure to warn each other when we were ready to shoot our load.”

Pete nodded in agreement, and added, “We’d have to make sure that we showered every night before we did it. I don’t think either of us wants to suck a dirty cock.”

Both guys had already showered, but just to be sure they weren’t going to get a dirty cock stuck into their mouths, they decided to wash off their dicks in the little basin they kept in the common area. It took them only a few minutes to wash and dry their cocks. The job was made that much easier by the fact that they both had rock hard erections.

“Are you ready for this?” John asked.

“I guess I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be.” replied Pete.

John strode back to the cot and laid down on his back. Pete got down on his knees and leaned over the bed. It wasn’t a comfortable position and he readjusted several times in an attempt to get more comfortable. “This is too awkward John.” he complained, “There’s got to be a more comfortable way to do this.”

“Why don’t I just stand up and you can kneel on a pillow in front of me?” John suggested.

Pete agreed that might be the best approach and John handed him a pillow off the cot. Then Pete got to his knees on the pillow. It felt comfortable and when he looked up, he saw John’s uncircumcised cock staring him hungrily in the face.

“Are you ready for me to start John?” he asked.

“I couldn’t be more ready than I am at this moment Pete.” replied John in a voice that was hoarse with carnal anticipation.

Pete reached up and wrapped his fingers around the thick shaft of John’s cock. It was pulsing with excitement and as hard as a column of granite. He put his other hand under John’s scrotum and cupped his balls gently in the palm. He moved the hand that held John’s dick all the way down to the thick base of the shaft. As he did, John’s foreskin pulled all the way back, revealing the large purple head of his cock. To Pete it looked huge when it was only a few inches away from his face. The slit at the tip looked longer and deeper than it ever had before. It was pulsating gently, swelling and relaxing repeatedly. Pete was becoming increasingly excited as he slowly stroked the shaft up and down. With each stroke the large purple head was revealed and then hidden. A drop of precum oozed from the slit and trickled slowly down the head to the shaft.

John was beginning to make muted noises of approval as Pete’s hands worked their magic on his wildly throbbing member. He began moving his hips slowly back and forth in the same rhythm that he always adopted when Pete’s hands were stroking his cock and balls. Pete knew that he had to begin now or John’s pleasure would soon be replaced by frustration. He moved closer to John’s cock, marvelling at its hard beauty. Then, he opened his mouth and slid it gently over the bloated head of John’s dick.

John’s reaction was instantaneous. He moaned deeply and then reached down and put his hands behind Pete’s head, pulling him gently closer to his ultra excited cock. Pete could taste the saltiness of the precum on the head. It wasn’t unpleasant, just unusual tasting. He slid his tongue under the head and was surprised at how smooth and spongy it felt. It twitched excitedly as he ran is tongue over it. He found himself getting more excited as he felt John’s rock hard cock reacting to virtually every move of his tongue. He began to gently squeeze his pal’s balls, rolling them softly between his thumb and fingers; measuring their weight and size.

John’s breathing was becoming faster now and he groaned with desire and pleasure each time Pete moved his tongue further down the shaft of his penis. All the time that John’s cock was in his mouth, Pete’s cock was also a hard steel shaft and his level of arousal was growing in concert with John’s. The gag reflex that he’d experienced when he first took John’s cock into his mouth was far less arresting now, so he moved his head further forward, forcing the rigid shaft deeper into his throat. When he was satisfied that he couldn’t fit anymore of John’s long, thick cock into his mouth, he began moving his head back and forth. As he did, John’s knees almost buckled. The sensation was rocketing him to levels of sensual stimulation that he’d never before experienced. As he moved his mouth back and forth over John’s cock, Pete’s tongue became more animated, moving to and fro as it slid seductively along the sensitive underside of the surging shaft lodged between his lips.

John’s breath was now roaring in his throat and his knees were shaking with excitement. He began thrusting his penis more vigorously into Pete’s open mouth and Pete had to grip the shaft of his cock with both hand to keep from choking on it. Pete recognized the signs of an impending ejaculation. He’d jacked John off enough times to know when he was about to come. He considered pulling away, but didn’t want to leave John hanging right at the crucial moment when his orgasm was about to begin, so he decided he’d let John’s ejaculation start and then immediately pull away. He knew that once an orgasm began, it continued with or without ongoing stimulation. They’d agreed that each must tell the other when he was about to blow his load so there wouldn’t be an intentional ejaculation into the other guy’s mouth. It sounded good when they agreed to it, but Pete now suspected that John was far too excited to say anything as he drove ecstatically toward his orgasm.

It was at that moment that John thrust his hips forward. He began to moan with unrestrained passion. His cock began jerking forcefully as Pete felt the first jet of semen explode against the back of his throat. It was followed by several more blasts of jism as John emptied his balls into Pete’s open mouth. In just moments, Pete’s mouth was full of John’s cum. It tasted salty and felt thick and gelatinous on his tongue. To his surprise, the experience of feeling John shooting off in his mouth was actually quite erotic and arousing, not disgusting as he believed it would be. He kept John’s cock in his mouth and moved his tongue provocatively from side to side, coaxing the last few drops of semen from the pulsating tip. Finally, John’s deep, salacious moans of satisfaction faded and died away to silence.

Pete’s removed his lips from John’s cock and grabbed a handful of tissues. He spit the thick, milky colored mouthful of cum into them. He looked up at John, whose face was still red with the passion he’d felt as his cock was being sucked for the first time. “I’m sorry Pete. I wanted to say something, but I couldn’t. What you were doing felt so good, I just never wanted you to stop.”

Pete grabbed another handful of tissues and wiped his mouth, then wiped away the two rivulets of jism that had trickled down from the corners of this mouth. John’s ejaculation had been so voluminous, that it was too much for Pete to comfortably hold in his mouth while John’s cock continued to slide in an out. The further into his mouth John’s cock went, the more his jism got squirted out at the corners. “Oh, I’m not angry John.” he replied a little tersely. In fact, now I’m not going to feel even a little guilty when I shoot my entire load into your mouth.”

Pete sounded like he was annoyed by John’s decision not to announce his impending orgasm and instead choose to ejaculate into his mouth. However, when he stood up, his iron erection stood stiffly out in front of him, providing John with hard evidence to the contrary.

“Jeezus Pete,” John remarked, “How angry can you be? Your cock is so hard, it looks like it’s carved of stone.” At the same time, John knew he was honor bound to allow Pete the same privilege as he’d taken himself. He was still recovering from the intense orgasm Pete had given him and he was sure that his ejaculation had been made more pruriently pleasing as a result of having Pete’s lips wrapped around his cock as he erupted.

“How the hell could I refuse to let you go off in my mouth after I went off in yours. It felt so good, I could never deny you the pleasure Pete. It so good that I can’t even describe it. If fucking feels that good, then I want to fuck until my cock falls off. I thought being jacked off was fantastic, but getting sucked off has getting jacked off beat ten times over.” He looked down and saw Pete’s cock twitching with excitement. “So Pete,” he remarked, “It’s your turn now. Are you ready for this?”

Pete pushed the pillow over to John with his foot. “Am I ready? Did I enjoy looking at Millie’s cunt today? Would I like to fuck her? he asked sarcastically. Of course I’m ready If I were anymore ready, I’d already be finished.”

A long string of after cum oozed from the tip of John’s cock as he got on his knees in front of Pete. It felt cold as it landed on his leg and he quickly wiped away the small puddle it formed. “Jeezus Pete!” he observed with a smile, “I’m still going off!”

Pete didn’t acknowledge his comment. His heart was racing and his cock was straining with the need to ejaculate. A small string of cum slipped impatiently from the tip and fell onto the floor of the tent. Pete couldn’t remember ever being so libidinously aroused. He looked down at the top of John’s head and tensed slightly as he saw him reach for his stiffly erect penis. As his hand wrapped around the shaft, Pete felt white hot desire stream all the way down his cock and into his passion swollen balls. He leaned his head back, closed his eyes and surrendered to the lust that gripped him.

Moments later, he experienced the most erotically delicious feeling imaginable. John’s lips parted and he took the turgid head of Pete’s cock into his mouth. Pete’s legs almost gave out as the full impact of what was happening struck him. The feel of John’s lips and the warm interior of his mouth delivered a bounty of sensual pleasure to his straining member. He began to move his hips slowly back and forth as if thrusting into a warm, wet vagina. He felt one of John’s hands provocatively stroking the shaft of his dick, back and forth, while the other softly massaged his scrotum, gently squeezing the swollen balls that hung, full and heavy, within.

John was instinctively doing those things that Pete found the most sensually arousing. His mouth moved further down the shaft of Pete’s cock as he became more accustomed to its length and thickness. His tongue moved articulately, from side to side, along the sensitive bottom of the shaft, making Pete moan with fleshly pleasure. Occasionally, he’d pull his mouth away, and for just a few seconds, stroke Pete’s cock vigorously, from the top of its swollen head all the way down to its hard, thick base. Then, he’d take the head into his mouth again and make circles around it with his animated tongue.

Pete’s breath was roaring in his throat and his hands tugged at the back of John’s head as he tried to bury his cock deeper into his mouth. Both men were familiar with the pre orgasmic behaviour of the other and John knew that Pete was ready to go off. He began to stroke the part of Pete’s shaft that wasn’t in his mouth and with his other hand, he gently kneaded his sperm swollen testicles. John was now moaning with each involuntary thrust and his knees were trembling with excitement.

Moments later, Pete let out a loud moan. “Oh fuck! I’m cumming. Oh fuck yeah! I’m going off!” John felt Pete’s cock begin to jerk strenuously as he tasted the first hot jet of salty jism explode into his mouth. Pete continued his frenzied thrusting as thick founts of his cum blasted furiously against the back of John’s throat. John kept his lips wrapped tightly around the jerking shaft as Pete emptied his erupting cock into his mouth. His ejaculation was enormous and it quickly filled John mouth and began spilling out the corners in long stringy ribbons that fell in frothy puddles onto the tent floor below.

Pete stood over John for 2 or 3 minutes, relishing the after sensations of the most fantastic orgasm he’d ever had. John pulled his head away and Pete’s semi flaccid cock fell out of his mouth. It hung before John’s face, the head still twitching with the impact of what had just happened. Small drops of semen continued to ooze out and fall to the floor in long gelatinous strings. John reached for the box of tissues and grabbed a big handful. He spit an enormous amount of ejaculate into the tissue and, grabbing another handful, wiped the spillage from his chin and chest.

Pete was still slightly dazed. He simply couldn’t believe the fantastic erotic pleasure that John’s blowjob had just given him. He stood there, his cock still dripping jism, and enjoyed the post cum sensation of having his cock sucked for the very first time. John said nothing. He had just been through the same experience and knew that Pete would have to take a few minutes to recover from such a purely carnal experience.

About two or three minutes passed and then Pete finally spoke. “Jeezus John! That was astonishing! I never would have believed anything could feel as fantastic as that felt. I’m completely drained. My balls are so empty they feel hollow. I think we’ve come up with an unbeatable way of staving off the boredom in the summer nights that lie ahead.”

John nodded in silent agreement and the two young men pulled on their robes and began to untie the tent flaps so they could go and take a shower behind Aunt Mable’s and Uncle Jack’s travel trailer. As they were leaving John asked, “Do you think we’re gay because of what we’ve been doing with each other this summer Pete?”

Pete thought about John’s question for a moment, then replied with a chuckle, “No way John. I’d sooner get a blowjob from Millie than from you any day.” Then as an after thought, he added, “And I’ll bet Millie would give you the most fantastic fuck imaginable after she blew you.”

They both nodded in agreement and, chatting happily, they headed off to the shower.

Sequel to follow in 2015.

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