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Robby and I

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Robby and I had known each other forever, we had grown up together and he was just always there. Our parents were friends and our birthdays were only a few weeks apart. He was like a brother to me. Having grown up together, we shared all of the typical youth experiences. When we were kids we did everything together; played in the woods, went fishing, played baseball together, rode bikes, built forts, and even drank our first beer together which we skillfully lifted from Robby’s dad.

Even after high school, we still were thick as thieves. We usually hung out on the weekends and would girl watch at the mall and talk about what we would do with them, given half a chance. We had more opportunities as we grew older to experiment and discover. We would watch VCR tapes of cheap, bad porn that we would get from friends and we treasured every frame on them like they were gold. And as we got older, we got braver. Pissing in front of each other became commonplace and we got to see each others cock in various states of excitement. Robby’s cock seemed familiar to me, as it looked very much like mine; about 5-1/2 – 6 inches, smooth as ivory and circumcised. My penis had a slightly larger head, wider than the shaft and shaped more like a mushroom. The head of Robby’s stick seemed a little longer, narrower and more pointed.

One summer night, we were standing next to each other taking a piss in Robby’s backyard. I could see his proud dick in the pale moonlight, it looked so beautiful; shiny and smooth. The night air felt great on our cocks and balls and mine soon began to react and stiffen. I was so horny and a little scared. I steeled myself and reached over and held Robby’s cock while he pissed. I was terrified about how he would react. Would he be upset? Would he hit me? Would he touch me? He simply removed his hand and let me guide his stream. I could feel his cock getting harder and slightly throbbing as I held it lightly. It was so soft and smooth and it felt amazing to me. Neither of us said a word, and as we finished and I gave both of us a shake. Robby turned slightly and pulled his schlong out of my hand and we both zipped up. I was dizzy with excitement as we went back inside to watch some more bad porn. Neither of us had ever jerked off in front of the other, but I know I jerked off in private several times a day. I knew Robby did too.

When we sat down, it was a little closer to each other and we could almost feel the heat from each others body. The bad 70’s porn began again. As we were watching the cheap plot unfold, I was cupping my balls and rubbing my cock through my shorts with my thumb. All of the sudden, I felt Robby’s hand touch my dick about half way up the shaft. Neither of us making a sound, I was paralyzed with excitement. My dick began to grow even harder and Robby began to lightly rub me. After a few stunned seconds, I realized I could be doing the same to him and reached over and gave his bulge a squeeze. We rubbed each other for a few minutes, pretending to watch the tape, but only concentrating on each others cocks. Eventually I started to unzip Robby’s shorts and began to massage his prick and balls through his undies. He did the same to me and we were separated from each other by only a thin layer of our “tighty whiteies”. My heart was racing and I could hear it pounding in my head and I could feel Robby’s dick twitching. Robby, feeling a little bolder, pulled my penis out of my underwear and began stroking me. The feel of his hand on my penis was marvelous! I savored the feel; and, for a few brief moments, there existed nothing but my shaft in his hand. Electricity was flowing from his hand right into my crotch and up my spine, it was exquisite. Coming back to reality, I slipped my fingers under the elastic band of Robby’s undies, and before I knew it, I was holding his wonderfully smooth cock again. We stroked each other almost to the point of cumming several times, taking cues from the pace of stroking from the other.

We stood up facing each other, just a few inches apart, both almost panting from excitement. We kicked off our shorts and underwear, our hard young hard cocks bobbing at each other. Robby, holding himself by the base, used his cock like a sword and while making Star Wars light-saber sounds, we had a cock-saber fight! It was fun and exciting to feel another persons bare penis against my own. The slapping of our “swords” together only served to make them harder. A tempering of flesh, so to speak. After a few minutes, I grabbed both of our cocks and placed them together pointing straight up with the bottom sides touching. I could feel our balls hitting each other. I lightly stroked the mass consisting of both of our hot hard penises with my right hand and rubbing our four balls with my left. The feeling was unique and thrilling. Robby thought so also and stroked us that way for a while. Robby put our cocks side by side, head to base. This let us compare our cock sizes a little better. My cock was thicker and a bit longer than his. Robby’s balls were about the size of pecans, while mine were just a tad larger, about the size of walnuts. We alternated stroking the dual monsters and each others balls. It soon became too exciting for both of us and we each began to jerk our own cocks.

I could feel the pressure building up inside me as I watched Robby stroking his meat with the same fervor. As I felt my balls tighten, I knew what was about to happen. I came first, shooting fast and hard. Almost violent spurts of hot cum left my cock with seemingly tremendous velocity, landing on the floor of Robby’s rec room basement. Seeing me cum sent Robby’s balls into spasms and he began squirting long streams of thick, hot, white cum; one of them landing across my foot. We both came for what seemed an eternity, feeding off of the excitement of the other. Soon we were spent and reached to feel each others cock while they twitched and begin to slightly deflate. Rubbing the cum covered heads of our cocks together felt amazing. As we cleaned up, I didn’t think I could feel closer or more connected to anyone.

We now had a secret pass time, watching porn and jerking each other off. It was not long until we were cumming at the manipulation of the others hand. Cumming without touching yourself was something new and wonderful. Even more thrilling, at least to me, was making someone else cum! The power to decide how long someone else felt pleasure and how intense the pleasure was felt heady and intoxicating.

All through college we were each trying to land girls and get some pussy. We dated, but if neither of had a date with a girl, we would jerk each other off to porn. One winter night, we were in Robby’s car drinking a beer. We parked in a strip mall parking lot, looking around, we were at the far corner from the stores and there was no one around. We were talking about the hottest girls in school and how much we wanted to fuck them. We talked about our dates and parking. We had both felt up girls and had our cocks rubbed by girls, but had never cum with a girl. Talking about the possibility of sex was enough to make my cock hard. Instinctively I started to rub my boner and I noticed Robby was doing the same. We talked about what we wanted to do with girls and we began talking about fucking and eating pussy. Neither of us had done either of those things, but we had seen it on our porno collections. I reached over and began stroking Robby through his pants; his cock, responding to my touch, grew ever harder. As we talked, I unbuttoned his 501s and pulled his cock and balls into the coolness of the winter air in his car. I also brought out my penis and began stroking us both in rhythm.

Robby asked if I had ever had a blowjob. I could feel his cock straining as he spoke. I said no and asked if he had. No, he said, but had always wanted to see what it felt like. I was flush with excitement and anticipation. Glancing around to make sure no one was around, I bent over and placed the head of Robby’s cock in my mouth. He moaned and I felt his hips moving up to shove more of his cock in my warm, wet mouth. Having a cock in my mouth was a taboo feeling. The softness of his skin and sponginess of the head of his cock was intoxicating. I took about half of his cock in my mouth and continued to stroke him with my hand. I was amazed at the smoothness of his cock. Had I let him, I know he would have shoved every inch of prick in my mouth.

Robby began moaning and thrusting; and in what seemed like seconds, he blasted his seed into my mouth. I knew it was coming, but did not know what it would feel like. As the hot jism pumped into my mouth, part of it went into my throat and I swallowed out of reflex. I pulled his cock out just a bit so only the head of his cock was in my mouth. Fortunately, this provided enough room in my mouth to catch every last drop of his cum. It tasted strong and musky, yet sweet. I gaged slightly but kept the my lips sealed around the head of his cock until the spasms in his balls slowed and the jets of hot cum ceased. As I pulled my mouth off of his knob, I had a mouthful of thick cum. I had swallowed a bit of his first shot, but did not want to swallow the rest. I opened the car door and, without spitting, I let the cum drip from my mouth onto the asphalt parking lot. I liked the thickness and the viscosity of his cum, it felt good in my mouth, thick, gooey and rich. I closed my lips and swallowed the last bit of his man juice.

Looking over at Robby, I saw his cock, wet and shiny with my spit, was laying on his leg. He had his head tilted back with his eyes closed and his hands on the steering wheel. A few moments later he recovered and looked over at me. Seeing my now raging hardon, he reached over and began stroking. He stroked me until I came, catching my cum in a napkin. As we finished our beers, I was thinking this was the first blowjob for both of us; my first giving, his first receiving. We both knew it would be my turn soon to empty my balls into Robby’s mouth. We laughed giddily and I asked him how it had felt. All Robby could muster was that it felt good. A little later, curiosity got to him and he asked me how his spunk tasted. I told him it was not that bad, in fact it was pretty good, I guess. I knew this was a beginning and I would be tasting much more of his cum and he would be drinking mine.

For the next week, sucking Robby’s cock was all I could think of! I must have jerked myself off three times a day thinking about it. We saw each other at school and after school, but never spoke of our sexual exploits. Usually we had other friends around us and were not alone, so it was understandable. The next weekend, I scored a six pack of beer and as we drove around, I already had a huge hard on in anticipation of what would be coming. We parked in an apartment complex near the swimming pool. It was the middle of winter, so nobody came anywhere near us. We talked about a girl we both wanted to fuck that lived in the complex. It wasn’t long until we were both horny and had our dicks out in the cold air once again. This time, Robby bent over and slid 3/4 of my cock into his mouth, barely touching it. I could feel his hot breath on the entire length of my boner until he gently closed his lips around me. It was the best feeling I had ever felt; completely foreign, yet instantly welcome and coveted. Robby began rubbing my balls and bobbing his head up and down about 2 inches on my cock. Each stroke feeling better than the last, I knew I would not last long.

I really wanted to taste Robby again so I pulled his head from from my cock, making a slight popping sound as suction on my cock head was broken. He looked at me with a puzzled expression. I leaned over and he instantly knew i wanted his beautiful cock in my mouth. He leaned back and I took most of his cock in a single stroke. It filled my mouth and came to the back of my throat. This time I was more aware of the details. He smelled great, his scent was manly and intimately familiar. I breathed in deeply with his cock filling my mouth. I closed my eyes and pushed my head down even further as his penis hit the back of my throat. I wanted even more of him than my mouth could take but choked. Robby loved the feeling of me choking and his hand went to the back of my head and pushed down. He wasn’t being mean, just caught up in the moment. I was determined to take all of him. As he pressed the back of my head, I felt the head of his cock enter my throat and then, in a flash, I had his entire member in my mouth and throat. Robby let out a moan and tried to push even further. I was able to suppress my gag reflex, and have since mastered it. Despite his bucking hips, there was no more prick to be pushed down my throat and I lifted off his cock, stopping with his head between my lips. I quickly filled my mouth with his meat as I pushed my head back down, pushing past the back of my throat and took all of him in, and held it. Robby was writhing in ecstasy and I knew it would not be long before he blew another delicious load in my mouth. Suddenly Robby pulled me up and took a few deep breaths, trying not to cum. He was teetering on the edge.

Robby was not finished with me yet. He grabbed my cock and began rapidly stroking me. He really knew how to jerk off a cock and was getting me worked up very quickly. I leaned back and enjoyed the sensations with my eyes closed. Without warning I felt the incredible sensation of hot breath all around my cock and suddenly being enveloped my a warm mouth. Robby worked my cock with earnest and tenderness. He tried taking all of me, but could not quite get past the back of his throat. Robby was not one to five up and took every bit of my cock as he could handle, occasionally gaging. I ran my fingers through his hair as i felt the head of my cock in the back of his throat. This signaled Robby to apply even more suction and pick up the pace. I was in heaven as he worked his masterful mouth over my cock. Robby knew some tricks, he reached down and gave my balls a squeeze, then a gentle tug, then alternated between the two. Soon I was past the tipping point and my balls tightened up. Robby knew exactly what this meant and began pumping my cock with his mouth even faster. I almost shouted I’m coming! as I lightly held his head down in my lap, feeling his hair run between my fingers. In another second, a huge load of hot, sticky, white cum began flowing from my balls as I erupted into Robby’s hungry mouth. I shuttered as I had one of the most mind blowing orgasms ever. I must have shot at least nine times into Robby’s mouth. As my hot spunk flowed, he sucked on the head of my cock and continued jacking me off. He sucked every bit of cum from my cock and I convulsed in post orgasmic bliss. He removed his mouth from my cock, I could tell he had a full mouth of my seed. He opened his car door and spit it out. We looked at each other and laughed nervously, not sure what we should say.

A few minutes later, Robby began playing with himself. It dawned on me that he had not cum yet. Not really sure if I could suck him after I came, I was determined to try. I leaned over again and put the head of his cock into my mouth. Robby was even more horny, having sucked a huge load out of my balls. His hips rose to meet me as he drove his rod into my mouth. I couldn’t take him all right away, but did the best I could. I puled his cock out of my mouth and took his warm nuts into my mouth. He absolutely loved it and a moan escaped from his slightly cum crusted lips. I went back to work on his shaft, thrusting it deep into my throat. Again, I was finally able to feel him enter my throat and I was able to extend my tongue a bit. What an effect that had! Robby began bucking and pulling his cock almost out of my mouth and slamming it back in as deep as he could. I could tell he was about to cum and I put my hand on his shaft to limit the depth of his strokes. I squeezed his shaft as he pumped and I felt an eruption moving up his pole. It was like watching an oil well erupt. Robby shot fiery hot spurts of cum into my mouth and I decided to just swallow. As each shot of molten lava was fired into my mouth and throat, I answered with a deep swallow and even more suction. Robby was going nuts and bucking wildly as I drained him of his molten desire. After a few minutes, I had sucked him soft and his balls were shriveled and empty. We smiled at each other. I told him I really liked swallowing his cum. He admitted he wished he had swallowed my load. I promised him there would be plenty more opportunities! But more on that later…

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