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You are finally coming into town. You said for business, but I don’t care what the reason, I am just glad to finally see you. I race to meet you at the restaurant. There are butterflies in my stomach. We have chatted and talked on the phone for so long now. So much flirting and longing to be with you. When I arrive at the restaurant, I see your truck is already there, and I start to feel a little better. When I get inside, I scan the room for you, and see you stand up and motion me over to your table. You’ve been keeping an eye out for me and you smile as I get close to the table.

I try to look nonchalant and relaxed, but that is blown by me dropping my car keys on the floor. When I straightened back up, you are laughing and it all seems right. I sit down across the table from you. My eyes take in your blouse and the four unbuttoned holes that give me such a wonderful view of cleavage. I am instantly turned on and wonder if I should be flattered that you remembered or if that is just the way you usually dress. Your brown skin sexily contrasts against the whiteness of your blouse and the hint of your breast sighing up and down already has my mind churning with new ideas.

I still can’t believe you are really here. You look at me shyly at first and flash me one of those smiles. That mischievous sparkle in your brown eyes has me spellbound. I can just imagine gazing into them as our faces come close. We get our hellos out of the way; still trying to find that middle ground that makes us comfortable. It seemed so natural on the phone. The words flowed out of ours mouths like babbling brooks. I stick my tongue out at you and you bubble with laughter. Suddenly the walls seem to come down and we find ourselves talking about everything. Our days in the military, and all the stunts we pulled that in hindsight seem funny. I find I can’t take my eyes off of you while you are talking. I love looking at your smile and watching your mouth move. Your shoulder length hair, worn straight, and those delicious lips are driving me nuts. I can’t wait to run my fingers through your hair as we are lovemaking. I listen to you but half of my mind is off thinking about what it would be like to kiss those sweet lips. We order some food and drinks, but I am really more interested in you than the food. You sense what I have been looking at and smile warmly at me. I shift a little in my seat, trying to get my stiffening cock into a more comfortable position.

Your sarcastic nature comes out when I keep staring at you.

“What? Do I have something in my teeth?”, you say mockingly.

“Sorry, I can’t help it; I like looking at you.”

You slip your foot out of your sandal and slide it up in my lap. Laying it on my hard cock, you can feel it pushing through my jeans. I about choke on my Dr. Pepper, and you just smile real big. We both start laughing and before we know it, two hours have passed and we have been lost in conversation. No wonder the waitress has been throwing dirty looks our way. We’re keeping one of her tables occupied.

“Remind me to leave a big tip or we’ll never make it out of here alive.”You look at me and say, “You want to get out of here?”

“I would love to, but where should we go?”

You look at me with this mischievous gleam in your eyes. “You wanna get a hotel room?”

I am floored but excited by the prospect. I have been sitting here for the last couple of hours staring at you with the single thought of what it would be like to sleep with you. Paying the bill, we stand up and I fall in behind you. I love watching your ass sashay back and forth.

We walk outside and you turn to me. “I have a bit of confession to make Paul.”

“What’s that?” I query.

You give me a coy look and tell me, “I already have a hotel room.”

“Oh really,” I say, “Where at? . . . uh, when”

“Well I rented it this morning and it’s the La Quinta on Vista. So are you up for it?” Ironically, you glance down at the front of my jeans when you ask this last part.

We walk to your truck and you open up your door. You turn to face me and find that I am standing very close to you. By the look on your face, I am sure that you didn’t expect me to be standing this close. I can’t help myself; I have to fulfill an urge that has been on my mind for the last couple of hours.

I reach over and take your chin in my hand and move my mouth towards yours. You inhale a little with the sound of shock and try to pull your head back. My head continues toward your face and when our lips touch, you seem to melt. All the resistance seems to go out of you. Your body seems to relax for a minute while I slowly plant tender, gentle kisses on your lips. I have waited so long for this. The months seem to fall away and any reservations we have are thrown out the window. Finally all reserve in me seems to dissolve. I reach my hand behind your neck and pull you close to me. My kisses become firmer and you respond to my probing tongue. Your arms encircle me as your mouth opens to my darting tongue. Our breathing turns to short gasps as we embrace and our passion rages. You stretch out your hand and through my jeans I feel your fingernails run up the length of my shaft. It is hard to keep from cumming in my pants right there. You stop abruptly and turn your back on me to climb up in your truck.

Over your shoulder you say, “Follow me!” I was afraid it would take me forever to limp to my car with my cock making a tent in my jeans.

The drive to the hotel, though short, was an agonizing one. We seem to hit every red light, and the images of us kissing are tantalizing as they run through my head. The thought of what I will do to you at the hotel has my cock straining to get out and be taken care of.

When we arrive, we practically run to your hotel room. I am standing behind you while you fumble for the hotel key and try to get it into the lock. I can’t help but lean forward and circle my arms around your waist. As I move close, I can smell your hair and the earthy feminine scent you are emitting. It is such a seductive fragrance. My hands wrap around you just as my lips find the soft skin of your neck. You roll back your head allowing me to kiss all around your neck; and when I kiss your ears, I hear you moan softly.

“Oh Paul,” you murmur.

I reach my hands upward and place my warm hands on your chest. Even through the blouse, I can feel your hard nipples pressing into the bra. I can tell you are enjoying the feeling as you lean further back, pressing against my chest, in order to give me better access. When I lean slightly forward, you feel my hot breath on your ear, as well as my hard cock pressing against your back; you turn your head and press your warm, moist lips to mine. I quickly respond to your kiss and the tenderness has turned to a hunger. I feel your tongue gently pressing against my lips and I slowly let mine slip through. Our tongues start to dance back and forth. Suddenly you remember where we are and you pull away from me.

“Hold on Paul. Give me a minute to get the door open and then I am all yours.”

We are both a little antsy to get into the room. As soon as we get inside the door, you practically slam the door and then round on me pinning me between you and the door.

“Okay, now Paul, I want you.” You whisper in hushed tones as you move toward me.

Gazing into your beautiful brown eyes, I wrap my arms around your waist and pull you in for a kiss. As I go to kiss you though, you pull my polo shirt up over my head and toss it aside. Your hands caress the hair on my chest and your fingers pass over my hardening nipples.

“Oh Miriam.” My breath catches as your mouth moves forward to take in my left nipple. There is a direct sensory line between my cock and my nipple. If I hadn’t been hard before, with your sucking on it, I would be raging hard now.

You look up at me with teasing eyes, “You like that huh?”

“Hmm hmm” is all I can say. Trailing over, you circle my right nipple with the tip of your tongue, pulling it into your mouth, sucking and occasionally biting it gently. The sensation is exhilarating.

When you finally open your eyes again, you smile and lick your lips seductively. You start to kiss your way back up my chest and kiss my neck. My fingers are digging into your back a little as I pull you in close. Your lips brush my earlobe and I sigh in enjoyment. I hear you whisper into my ear, “Are you okay?” Your playfully mocking tone is driving me crazy.

My hands find the buttons on your blouse and I undo them all the way down, stopping to pull the shirt-tail out of your jeans. My head has been leaning back against the door and I have been feeling my way around unbuttoning your blouse, but now I look down and your blouse opens to reveal a tiny white bra that can barely hold your swelling breast. I notice the bra unfastens in the front and I quickly undo it. Your ripe, beautiful 36C, brown melons come free. My gaze drawn to the dark areola that highlights your nipple and my hand slides up to cup one of your tits. I start to massage it, feeling the nipple harden in my fingers. As I squeeze the nipple between my fingers, you moan but it is coupled with a sharp gasp of breath.

The entire nipple region starts to swell and stand out from the rest of the breast. I cup the front of your left breast with my right hand and use my palm to forcefully massage the breast. The circular motions is turning you on but not as much as when I gradually draw my fingers along the side of your breast until all fingers and thumb are pinching the now hard, excited nipple. I repeat this motion a couple of time and then turn my attention to your right breast.

I can feel your excitement growing as your hand drops down to fumble with my zipper.

“Oh girl, are you sure?”

“Uh huh.” You smile wildly and I feel your hands unbuttoning my blue jeans. You reach in and wrap your hand around my rock hard 7 inch cock. I start to moan as you rub it slowly, and I start to massage your tits faster. Suddenly, you pull my throbbing cock out and start to jerk it up and down. The sensation is incredible.

“Oh God Miriam. That feels so good.”

You look down at my cock in your hand and then you start moving down, drawing your tongue across my stomach. Your other hand reaches into my jockeys and cups my swollen balls. As you start to kneel down, I push my jeans down past my hips to give you free access to my straining cock.

“Paul, I have been waiting to do this to you. To stare up into your eyes and know that I am giving you so much pleasure.”

Your beautiful, full lips move around my cock’s head and pull it into your mouth, licking the pre-cum off the head. You slowly slide your tongue along the sensitive underside of my cock, licking down my shaft piece by piece, inch by glistening inch. My fingers splayed in your hair as I massage your head. Each time my cock thrust into your mouth, I imagine it is thrusting deep into your wet pussy.

“Hmmmm, you taste good” You coo something in Spanish as well and stare up at me from your kneeling position; your eyes, so dark and full of playfulness speak volumes. I love staring into your eyes and I am in heaven to see my white cock being teased by your eloquent brown mouth.

Making your way back up my shaft, you swallow the head and slowly descend, pulling my throbbing cock down your slippery throat making me moan and writhe with each of your movements. You slowly start moving your head up and down, building up speed until I cry out.

“Oh god Miriam, you’ve gotta stop or I am going to cum.”

Removing my cock from your mouth with a popping noise, you look into my eyes with a smile that says, “My turn.”

You release my cock and stand up slowly, your tits swaying with the motion. I pull my jeans up follow you to toward the bed, your beautiful ass cheeks swinging back and forth.

As you walk toward the large bed, you shrug off your shirt and bra. You stop at the bed’s side and step out of your jeans. I see your thong white underwear and the wetness that saturates the front of it. I can’t wait to see you completely naked. You sit on the edge of the bed as I take off my jeans and jockeys; allowing my fully erect manhood to point at the ceiling. You lick your lips and gently stroke the underside from the base to the head with your fingernails, which causes my cock to jump.

“Unh unh, my turn to tease.” I sit down next to you, and shift sideways to lay back on the bed with you. I lean over and kiss you with soft kisses on your lips with our tongues only briefly touching. You grab my head and pull me into a kiss that threatens to engulf me. Our mouths part and we bury ourselves deep into each other. We kissed frantically and I can feel your hard nipples on my chest as your breast grinds into me. When we come up for air, I move my mouth down to nuzzle your neck and thread my tongue along your jaw line. You tilt your head back to allow me the most access to your neck. I love the perfumed aroma that tickles my nostrils. I am taking my time to keep you in suspense and try to make it last as long as possible. I kiss my way up your neck and suck on your earlobes. I can hear soft murmuring coming out of your mouth and feel your fingers digging into my back as I suck on your earlobe. I pause for a second and then start to kiss my way down your body. My tongue tracing its downward arc toward your hidden treasures that wait for me below.

For a second over your chest. You watch as my thumbs trace lazy circles around your areolas and randomly graze against your nipples. You can tell from my smile that I am planning something good. Your areolas continue to shrink while your nipples become harder and shorter with every rotation of my thumbs. You are starting to squirm already.

“Miriam, I love your tits. God, I want to cum all over them, but that will have to wait.”

My tongue darts out and its tip continues where my thumb left off, only now the circles are becoming smaller and smaller as I work my way to your nipple. A moan escapes your lips as I flick my tongue back and forth across your nipple. Your body shudders as my mouth closes over the softness of your nipple. I roll my lips to take even more of you into my mouth. I can feel your nipple bend to the manipulations of my tongue. It brings me so much pleasure to move it back and forth, twisting it with my tongue. I pull my head back; starting to rise. A gentle sucking keeps your tit with me. Slowly your breast starts to escape from me until just your nipple is in my mouth. I hold it gently between my teeth and I can feel your fingernails digging into my back.


I lower my head a bit and take more of you into my mouth. I start flicking the tip of my tongue against the top of your nipple. The more you respond, the faster I go.

I can feel your reaching you point, so I back off a little bit. I release you from my mouth and trace my way across your chest to your other nipple, all the while gazing into your eyes, wanting you, devouring you. Again I take you into my mouth. Savoring how something so hard can be soft.

My other hand slides between your thighs and caresses your soaking pussy through your saturated thong. It is soaked with your juices and I can’t wait till my cock is covered with them.

I move down across your stomach and I can hear your sharp intake of breath as I get closer and closer to your belly button. I slide my tongue into your belly button and tongue fuck it till I feel you tremble again. Grabbing the waist of your thong, I slide it down over your parted legs and drop it to the floor. I stare at your sweetly shaved pussy and inhale that intoxicating scent.

You scoot to the edge of the bed where your legs are dangling off the bed as I start to kneel on the floor.

“Miriam, I can’t wait to taste you.” I say as I stare at your shaved pussy. I move my head down between your legs and slowly kiss the inner sides of your thighs. I can see that your pussy lips are slightly parted with your wetness. I slide a finger inside of you and you moan and convulse. I can feel your wetness on my finger and know that you are close. I kiss down your left thigh until I get to your knee only stopping for a brief second to kiss the back of your knee. You keep trying to pull my head up and plant it between your legs, but I want to play a little bit longer. I move my mouth to your right knee and start my way back up toward your pussy. I stop at your beautiful slit and start to flick my tongue out to lick it. I see your engorged clit waiting for me to suck on it like another nipple. I decide to end your suffering and slide my mouth over your clit sucking on it. You start to writhe back and forth and the scent that is coming out is so tantalizing. I hungrily start to lap up your flowing juices which taste as sweet as honey and you make me even hornier as you begin to moan louder. I glance up at you and I see you forcefully pinching your nipples and your head is rolling from side to side. I increase the pressure of my tongue on your wet cunt, focusing on your clit. I can tell you are so close to having an earth shattering orgasm and I don’t want to stop. I want so much to please you. As I lap at your wetness, your hips thrust up to meet my movements. Running my tongue up and down your slit, nipping at your clit on each downward stroke, you go crazy as I thrust my tongue into your love hole. You suddenly let out a scream that is loud enough to break the windows, and you drench my face with your sweet tasting nectar.

“Oh my god, Paul. Please don’t stop.” You say through ragged breaths.

As I stand up, I can tell you are still enjoying the throes of your orgasm. Your hands are on your tits, and your eyes are still closed, and your breathing is heavy. The bed between your legs is soaked with the overflow of your pussy juice.

You recover and reach up and take my hand and pull me to the bed beside you. You push me back on the bed and take my hardness in your hand, straddling me as you rub your wet cunt against it. You plunge yourself on my cock, taking the full length inside you all at once. I can feel the tight walls of your pussy clamp on and massage every inch. As you begin to piston up and down, your tits bounce with each stroke. Your facial expression is one of pure ecstasy; forehead tense, eyes closed, and lips pursed.

“Oh God Paul, you are so hard. Fuck me hard.” You pant as you ride up and down on my stiff cock.

“Fuck me Paul, Fuck me!”

As you talk dirty, you continue to bounce up and down on me. With each thrust I reach farther and farther inside your pussy. You arch your back and scream my name.


I grab your hips and grunt as I thrust all the way to the hilt.

I reach up and grab your tits and tweak your nipples, causing you to moan loudly. I can feel my balls tightening as you continue to ride my cock. I move my hands back to your hips and feel your pussy go all the way to the tip of my cock. I keep thrusting up with my hips to meet your every stroke. I love how tight and warm your wet pussy is.

You lean forward to change the angle of my cock inside of you and your beautiful brown globes dangle in my face. I can feel you push down really hard at this angle and you grunt with pleasure. I love listening to your love sounds as I am fucking you.

“Ride me, Ride my cock baby!” I moan as you grind yourself down on me.

Your sweet pussy continues to slicken my white cock with your endless supply of juices as you spasm and cum on my cock. You never break stride and continue to ride me. I can’t wait to unload my cum inside you.

“Give it to me Paul, ahh, give it to me. Fuck me hard”

I roll you over onto your back and we laugh as we have to move back down the bed. With each thrust we moved closer to the headboard.

I roll on top of you and in doing so, I force my body between your legs. Now I get to take control of how much cock you get inside you. Rubbing against your wet slit, so moist and inviting, I slide my cock into you. You pull your legs up and wrap them around me, pulling me deep into you. At first I ease my cock into you and gently move it back and forth. I start to increase the strength and speed of my thrust.

“Oh Pauuul,” you yell as I pull it out almost to the tip and play with the tip of my cock on your clit. Just the head of my cock inside of you. Then I thrust it all the way in as far as it will go.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh” you cry out.

“You like that huh? You like being fucked hard? You like having my cock buried in your wet pussy?” I tease.

“Oh god, Paul, yes, fuck me hard, don’t’ stop, FUCK Meeeeee.”

We start to thrust our hips in unison, and I can feel my cum starting up my shaft. You dig your fingers in my back and wrap your legs tighter to keep me all the way in you. As my cock pistons in and out of you, I feel my balls tighten and my sperm rushing up the shaft of my cock; I am reaching the point of no return.

“Are you ready . . . uh . . . are you ready . . . to cum . . . uh . . . get ready toooo . . . uhhhhhhhhhh . . . Miriaaaaaaaammm!”

I hold onto you until you scream “I’m CUMMMING” in climax as well.

I feel you tense up as our hips move in unison. My cock spasms, shooting hot cum into your wet pussy. You start to shake as an orgasm hits you again. I can feel my cum mixing with your sweet pussy juices. After our mutual orgasm subsides, we collapse on the bed next to each other. Our bodies covered in sweat, we lay there for a minute trying to catch our breath. We cuddle next to each other and I can’t resist saying,

“I am SO SORRY I didn’t know you better in High School.”

“I think we are getting to know each other really well now,” you laugh.

We look at the time and realize we had better get moving. Getting up, we collect our clothes from around the room. My polo shirt over by the door, your shirt and bra from the floor. You follow me to the door. Turning, I kiss you hard and take you into my arms.

“When am I going to see you again?” I ask

“I am going to have to get away for “Business” more often. Maybe we can meet again next week.” You smile seductively and hug me.

“I will see you next weekend then. I hope my cock can last that long without you.” I chuckle.

You smile and say,

“We can still tease over the internet till next weekend.”

I kiss you goodbye for now as I walk out your hotel room. The last thing I taste is your sweet lips. As I walk to my car I am already dreaming of what I am going to you next week, and I can feel the stirrings of a hard on forming in my jeans.

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