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Feeding the Boys

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I’m a 29 year old woman, who’s been married to a great man for just over 6 years now. We got married after college, and then had our first child 13 months ago. We’re always enjoyed sex, both intimate coupling between two people in love, and just hot, nasty sex between two lust-filled sluts. Sometimes we make love, sometimes we have sex, sometimes we fuck. I love all our different modes to pleasure each other.

Since my teens I’ve been very into being fit, and keeping my body in shape, so it was with some trepidation that I watched my body change during my pregnancy. Towards the end of it I felt so big and fat, and charged with hormones, was so insecure as to my attractiveness. But my husband Allan was such a sweetheart, always telling me how sexy I was, how it was just a phase, and how beautiful I looked while pregnant. The only part I did enjoy was how big my breasts got. I’ve always had a nicely shaped pair, 34C, but during my pregnancy they swelled up into D’s, and added an inch. They began to throb, and felt tight and heavy. From my readings, I knew I was staring the process of producing milk, and was filling my tits up.

I was about 8 months pregnant when, horny as usual, I straddled my hubbys stiff cock and guided it into my pussy. As we got into a rhythm, he found my swollen tits, and began to suck as usual. Allan just loves my tits, always has. But this time a deeper moan came out of his mouth, and a tingly sensation passed though my nipples, as a feeing of relief washed across my tit.

Oh my God, I thought, I’m pumping milk. Into my husband’s sucking mouth. The thought was filthy and sexy at the same time. Allan seemed overcome with lust, as his thrusts into my pussy stopped so he could concentrate on sucking me dry.

After that, we incorapted my new treat into our sex life, and Allan would frequent my hanging tits for a suck and taste of my sweet milk. He would often get a mouthful, then break off my boobs to give me a taste. I must say, I tasted good. Sweet, warm and creamy.

Our son was born without any problems, and is now healthy and growing young lad, getting so much bigger every day. The relief of my pregnancy being over, combined with all those hormones still coursing though my body, made me as horny as I’ve ever been, and I insisted on being fucked every day. When Allan was too tired, I demanded that he watch me as I fucked myself on my vibe, kneeing over his face as I reached my climax, to drip hot pussy juice into his open mouth. He would suck my milk laded tits when he could, though we did put our son first, and only engaged in milk play when I had extra milk.

One weekend, Allan and his best friend from college, Will, took off for a few days of camping and hiking. They like to go farther and faster that I do, so I often stay at home, especially since I need to take care of our son. I spent the time while he was gone visiting with friends, catching up on things, and letting my pussy become hungry with lust for his cock and tongue.

He was due back home Sunday, so I dropped my son off at Allan’s mom’s place for the night, so we could enjoy some quiet time together. Allan comes home after all that hiking super horny too, so I decided to meet him at the door dressed in heels, stockings, garter belt, pink satin panties, and a baby doll top that barely covered my tits. My son hadn’t been very hungry that morning, so my tits were still full of milk, and building all the time. I had a roast in the over for dinner, and waiting for Allan to come home.

I passed the time by idly rubbed my pussy though my soft panties, reading soft-core porn on the computer. At about dinner time I heard his car pull into the driveway, and the though of my sexy man walking up to the door made my heart beat, pussy flush, and thin trickles of milk drip from my nipples. I was wet in both places for my man, and toddled downstairs in my heels and stockings to meet him.

Imagine my surprise when not only did Allan walk though the front door, but Will as well! I know I should have turned and went into the bedroom to more properly cover myself for company, but the shock of seeing him there, when I’d been expecting to throw my arms around my husband, froze me in place. Plus, truth be told, I’d always had a thing for Will. He was similar in size and shape to Allan, so it wasn’t like I wanted a different type of man. He was just a super nice guy, funny, warm, and a good friend. He was shy around women, even with the friend’s of mine that I tried setting him up with, which was surprising considering how good looking he was. I guess I considered it a compliment how open and friendly he was around me, like I was a person he liked and could be himself with, just like with Allan.

“Honey I’m home,” Allan smiled as he shut the door. “We worked up quite the appetite on our hikes, so I brought Will over for dinner. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Now why would I mind our friend over for dinner. You know you’re always welcome here Will. Always.” Allan knew I was going to be all sexily dressed when I met him at the door, as I always do, so he’d planned this our. I played along, and figured I’d give Will something to think about for when he was back at his place that night.

“C’mon boys. Dinner’s just about ready. Get washed up, and I’ll serve the roast. You two don’t look or smell like you’ve been hiking for days.”

“We cleaned up at the campground before we drove back. We wanted to be presentable for such a beautiful lady.” Allan said. He was such a smoothie when he wanted.

I smiled, spun on my heels, and walked to the kitchen, making sure my ass swayed under my baby doll as much as I could. If that didn’t get the boys’ interest up, then I’m sure the click of my heels on the title floor of the kitchen did.

They followed me in, and sat down at the table. I served dinner, and the three of us ate. I know how hard it must have been for the boys to talk about their hiking, with my swollen breasts slowing soaking the thin material of my baby doll as I sat across from the table from them.

The roast was great, and the pleasure of a full belly, combined with the wine we were drinking, created a happy, warm feeling in my body. I let my mind wander back to Will. One of the friends I’d set him up with had gone out with him for a few weeks, and she, being the slut she was, had put out to him very quickly.

When we were drinking one night she told me the details of their sex, saying how good of a lover he was, and how thick and long his meat was. Adulterous thoughts filled my head as I thought back to this, spurred on my the blatant stares of both boys at my now leaking tits.

Now slightly buzzed, charged up by the lustful attention the boys paid to me, I stood up and grabbing a full glass of wine said “I’m off to the living room. Why don’t you all clean up in here, and then join me?”

The click of my heels filled the kitchen as I walked out, into our comfy living room, and laid out on the oversized sofa. Another swig of wine, another addition to the fuzz of my eyesight, as I though about the possibilities.

Allan knew what I’d be dressed like. Yet he still had Will come over. And he was sitting right next to his buddy as the feasted their eyes over me during dinner. We’d never talked about bringing another person into our bed, but that’s what it seemed like Allan was steering us towards. And since it was Will, our friend, it didn’t seem awkward or out of place.

It wasn’t like I was sitting there actively debating what to do, weighing the pros and cons. It just happened. My hands moved up to my tits and began to massage my swollen and tight flesh, drips of my fluid now streaming out. And that’s how the boys found me. Eyes sparkling, tits dripping, soaked baby doll on as I laid back on the sofa.

They looked at each other with a smile, my husbanding letting Will know things were OK. They took their shirts off as they came over to me. Tight, firm chests from days of exercise and fresh air. That did it for me, and I rolled the straps of my baby doll off, letting my big tits flop out into the cool air.

The sight of my womanly tits, caused their eyes to widen, and they slowly sank to their knees in front of me.

“C’mon boys. I know you two are hungry after all your exercise. Take some of Mommy’s milk to give your strength.” Allan and I enjoyed some light incest role play at times, and I slipped into the role of a naught mother offering milk to her son.

Slowly each of them placed a warm, soft hand on my waist, holding me in place, as their open mouths descended onto my tits. Their lips and tongues felt so fucking good on my aching nipples that I let out a moan as they began their suckling. Allan got my milk often, but I’m sure it was the first time that Will could remember the sensation of warm, sweet Mother’s milk filling his mouth as he nursed on a swollen breast. He groaned with pleasure as the warmth filled his mouth, and swallowed my offering down.

“Oh boys. You two suck your Mommy so good. Drain my tits. Drain all that sweet milk from your Mommy’s tits. Make her feel good. She’s been building up milk for her boys all day,” I nastily said.

Slowly, lovingly, the boys drained the milk from my tits, finishing up with a slurp as my tits were emptied of my milk. Will looked in a daze as he pulled away, lips wet with white milk. I leaned forward to get a taste from his lips, and give him a soft kiss.

“Thank you,” I said. “Mommy needed her breasts suckled. You two did such a good job. Now that Mommy’s given you her milk, she needs your cream.” I broken my gaze on his face, and stared down at the bulge in his now tight, stretched jeans.

The boys stood up, unzipped themselves, and pushed their pants down. Two young, hard cocks sprang out. Thick, purple, throbbing, cocks, dancing with each beat of their heart.

They stepped out of their pants and stood naked before me.

“Oh my. You two are such big boys. You’ve grown so much since you were little.” I dropped to my knees on the soft carpet and stared at them, just inches away from my face. My hands moved to their hips, guiding them together. Their sides touched as I got their cocks ever closer next to each other.

Their stiff meat filled my field of view. Everywhere I looked I saw hard, purple, throbbing cocks. Like the hungry slut I was I wrapped my hands around their shafts, then my lips around their heads. Since he was our guest, I put Will into my mouth first, feeling the smoothness of his head, and the wet pre-cum dripping out of it. He tasted good; sticky and sweet. Will groaned with pleasure as my mouth worked its magic on his cock, as I gazed up at him with sexy eyes.

I felt a nudge at my lips, and turned my gaze to see my husbands cock trying to enter my mouth too. He was so consumed with lust at seeing his loving wife sucking cock on her knees, he needed some touching too. So I left most of Will’s cock slip out of my mouth, keeping just the head in, and then opened wide as Allan’s prick head slid in. It must have been such a rush of sensation for them both. My soft lips caressing the outsides of their heads, while they felt the hardness of each other as they rubbed and bumped together.

It was a tough fit for both of them in my mouth, so I pulled both out, and started to suck one, then the other. Every once and awhile I’d stop sucking to rub their cock heads together, taking delight in how their pre-cum would drip out on each other, smearing and mixing together in a wet pool on their cock heads. That is until I greedily licked it off.

I know they loved rubbing dicks together. I think most men would. Allan enjoyed seeing big hard cocks shooting out cum all over some slut’s upturned face when we watched porn. With the importance of cum shots in porn, you just know that men love dick and cum, and given any chance to get some cock action, without seeming to be gay, they jump at it.

All this cock sucking was making my pussy drip past my lips and down my legs, so I needed a good fuck. Two fucks actually, and I had two hard cocks to do it.

I stood up and guided Will to the sofa, lying on his back. I straddled his body, and told him to guide his cock in. I was so soaking wet, and he was so fucking hard, that his cock head, once pressed against my wet cunt, quickly slid deep inside. It brought moans from both of us as I committed adultery right in front of my horny husband.

“Oh Fuck Will. You fill me up so good with that big cock. Fuck you’re so big.” I got out, as he started to pump my pussy.

“OK boys. Mommy’s really greedy today, and wants both of you inside. Allan darling, get the lube, wet that cock of yours, and slide it in Mommy too.”

Allan grabbed the bottle of lube we keep under the sofa for just such purposes, and lubed himself up. I could hear the wet smacking sound as he pumped his slippery cock in his hand, then he crawled between Will and my legs to get at my ass.

We love anal sex. Always have. Allan was fucking me up the ass almost as soon as we were having sex, and he’s always loved a wet finger in his tight bottom as I’m sucking him. A few years ago I took the plunge, and bought a strap-on, knowing that while he’d love it, he could never ask me for such a thing. So I used my wife’s intuition as to what her loving husband wants, and let him find me in the bedroom one day, masturbating my 7″, red fuck stick, sticking out obscenely from my crotch. Since then, I think he likes it up the ass as much as I do.

He lubed up my asshole very nicely, running a wet finger all along my round hole, getting me wet, then slowly slipping it inside to lube my passage up. I felt so full – full of Will’s stiff cock, and now my ass with a visitor too. My mind swirled as I thought about how good his cock was going to feel inside me.

“Mommy’s ready now. Give her your meat Baby. You know your slutty Mommy wants her boys’ two cocks.” This nasty incest talk was driving them wild, and Will forced himself to stop his thrust for a minute to allow Allan in.

He moved his wet cock head to my asshole, and we intimately kissed with our bodies as we got prepared for the penetration. Then he slowly pressed forward, his head sliding easily into my trained ass, until the head was in. It was such a rush of sensation, to be pleasured both places at once. Then the rest of his cock slid in.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, it felt good. If you women haven’t had the joy of two hot men’s dicks in you at the same time, go out and do it as soon as you can. Because you’ll never feel a bigger sexual rush that the feeling of being stuffed in both pussy and ass with hard cocks. The pleasure of Allan’s entry literally took my breath away, and I gasp out in pleasure as he filed my backdoor. Then the boys began to fuck. Both cocks working as a team to fuck and fill their slutty Mommy.

My breath caught again, we fucked hard, the three of us, loving how each other felt. Their cock banged against each other, separated only by the thin wall of my pussy, and I know they could feel every inch and movement of each other. A double penetration is a way for men to fuck each other’s cocks without being gay, and they loved it. Their balls slapping and rubbing together, their shafts touching as each stud drove his cock into me.

How wished our DP could have lasted for hours. But it’s too much pleasure for a man, with a hot ass or pussy wrapping and squeezing his cock, as his buddy’s meat rubs against his shaft. Allan got into his short strokes, and he pumped my stretched out asshole with fast thrust, his moans coming with greater urgency. I knew he needed just a last push to set him over the edge, so I talked pure filth to him, knowing it would make him released the cum, that was building pressure in his balls.

“Fuck Mommy’s ass harder baby. Fuck it good. You’ve been such a good boy filling her tight ass, so flood her with your cum. Give Mommy your cream. She wants that hot cum filling her nasty ass. Do it Baby. Give your cum to Mommy!!”

“Ohh fuck Mommy,” Allan cried out as his orgasm hit his body. “Gonna cum in that nasty ass. Take my cum Mommy. Take it!!”

His cock went rigid in my ass, and then spasmed as the wet, sticky cum blasted out in long ropes into my slutty ass, coating my ass walls as Will’s cock kept pushing and rubbing against Alan. I tightened my ass to make it a better cum for my husband, and he did what I asked – pumped his slut full of his seed.

It was all Will could do to keep from cumming too, as he felt his best friend’s cock explode though my pussy walls. He was a good lover though, and wanted me to cum before he let himself go.

Allan spasms lasted for a good 30 seconds until he slumped against my back, me feeling his heaving chest as he came down from his climax. Him basking in his afterglow, it was time for my cum to hit.

“Baby,” I told Will as I looked down at him, his tongue licking at my nipples, “Mommy needs to cum. She’s given her boys her milk, sucked them hard, and taken their cocks in her pussy and ass. Cum is dripping into my fucked and slutty ass, and she’s so hot and horny. So will you rub Mommy’s clitty and make her cum Make your loving Mommy cum.”

Will obediently slid his hand down and found my swollen clit with his finger. Just that small amount of direct stimulation was all I needed to start my climax. My body shook with pleasure as I relished the sensations. Their cocks stretching my two holes. My husband’s hot cum running down my ass walls. Will’s finger massaging my clit. And the feeling of being in-between these two hot and loving men, who cared for me so much, as a husband and friend, and as two great lovers.

My pussy began to throb, then tighten, and finally clamped down on Will’s driving cock as I came around the boy’s cocks. Juice was dripping out of my fucked holes and I shook and moaned and finally screamed out in pleasure as I climaxed.

I collapsed on top of Will, and was only dimly aware of his moans as he began to cum himself, the spasms of my cunt around his cock and the knowledge that he’d made me cum too much to control his balls.

I felt a warm glow in my pussy as he flooded me with his load. It must have been huge, as the warm spot inside me grew, as he emptied himself into me, filling my cunt with his sweet juice. I felt Alan’s cock twitch as he felt his buddy’s cock blow a load inside his wife’s pussy.

We rested for a few minutes on the sofa, jointed together by cock, pussy, and ass, until Allan slowly pulled his wet prick out of my stretched hole. I gave a little gasp as I felt his shaft and then head rub past my tender asshole, and then felt the warm drip of sperm as it began to flow out.

Some of my strength regained, I uncoupled from Will, and lay back on the sofa, legs closed, a nasty plan already filling my thoughts. I had the boys stand in front of me, their cocks still impressive and tasty looking.

“Such a good fucking my boys gave their Mom. You filled me up so nicely with your cream. But now Mommy’s all wet and sticky. Shouldn’t you clean your sweet Mommy up?” With that, I spread my legs, and opened my pussy lips with the fingers on one hand, while I rubbed my swollen tits with the other. My pussy felt so warm and sticky, and then I felt the cum start to flow out. Sticky, wet, creamy cum from Will’s huge load began to drip out, and I smeared it all over my lips.

The boys were transfixed with the sight of the creampie pouring out of my fucked pussy, the cum starting to run down my thighs.

“Allan dear, you look like you need some cream. Come clean Mommy up.”

He swallowed, both consumed with lust, and nervous about what it would mean to lick up his friend’s sticky cum. I never gave him the chance to back out.

“Clean me up now!”, I said, and within seconds, his mouth was on my so sensitive pussy, licking and slurping and swallowing all that warm cum, mixed in with my own hot juices. He ate me like he’d wanted to do this all his life, which I’m sure he had.

Not wanting to leave Will out, I guided him back to my hanging breasts, and gave him another mouthful of warm milk from my re-filled tits. The boys licked and sucked me till their sweet Mom was all nice and clean, and we all relaxed on the sofa, satisfied and drained.

Since then, I’ve been feeding the baby from a bottle, and the boys from me.

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Pre cum drooled off my cock in delight reading of Mommy’s feeding her boys and the Milk Flowing from each engorged nipple
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