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Reelin’ in the Years

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It has seemed a really good idea at the time. Bethany had always been like Emma’s adopted kid sister. Her cousin had been born when Emma was twelve, and as a young teenager Emma had delighted in playing with the toddler. When Bethany had her first day at school, Emma had taken her little cousin to the gate, to give her the confidence that even her own mummy didn’t seem to instil in her. (She’d made herself late for school).

As Bethany had grown up, she continued to confide in her big cousin. It always seemed to be a case of “if Emma says it’s all right.” When Emma had gone to college, Bethany had been devastated, and Emma had to make frequent visits home to take the kid out – delightful though those visits were, they did cramp her style a bit.

Then when she had started going out with boys, Bethany would call Emma at all hours to discuss her various troubles. At fifteen, she’d asked Emma’s advice on whether she should have sex with her then boyfriend – something she clearly couldn’t ask her mother. Emma had advised against it, and was proven right when the boyfriend dumped little Bethany a week later. Emma made a special trip home to comfort her cousin, and they had a girlies’ day out to cheer the young girl up.

For Emma’s 30th birthday 2 years ago, Bethany had arranged a surprise party for her, and it had been lovely. Now her cousin was at college herself. The calls were less frequent – there were certainly no requests for advice on whether she should have sex any more, and Emma guessed this was no longer advice Beth needed – but there was still a close bond between the two.

So Emma was delighted when Beth called to invite her up to college for the weekend of her 20th birthday. She informed Emma that they were going to party ’til they dropped. “Won’t an old lady like me cramp you style,” she replied, a little worried that the answer might be “well, maybe yes.”

“NO WAY!” Bethany screeched down the phone. “You are gonna love it. We’ll go out clubbing and get horribly drunk. Then we’ll come back to this house I share with some other girls, party some more, and then watch my ‘Friends’ and ‘Sex and the City’ DVDs ’til dawn. And my friends are dying to meet you. I’ve told them how cool you are and they’re way impressed. Waddya say?”

Emma laughed. Yes, it would be fun, though whether her friends really would be impressed by her was another thing. She’d done well in her Law exams and had a good job with a City firm – lots of money, a flash car, a smart flat – but it was all a bit lonely. Most of her boyfriends had turned out either to be geeks, slobs or workaholics – though that latter category also seemed to apply to her. Yeah – get away for the weekend, celebrate Bethany’s birthday with her, go a bit wild for a couple of days. It sounded like just what she needed.

The house that Bethany shared with three other students – two girls, Sarah and Katie, and Katie’s live-in boyfriend Jake – was a bit of a dump, but the girls had done their best adding a few touches to make it more habitable. The spare room – another girl, Kerry, had moved out recently after deciding to move in with her boyfriend – was a bit poky, but again Bethany had added a few nice touches to try to make it suitable accommodation for her big cousin.

To be honest, she spent more being introduced to Beth’s friends – a constant stream of them kept arriving and leaving – rather than looking at the décor. She’d forgotten the fun you can have when you’re a student. You may be broke, but you have few worries or responsibilities, spend a lot of time with young, attractive people, and can concentrate on having a good time.

It had been a good few years since she’d got ready for an evening out with a bunch of girls, and she relished the sheer, blissful chaos of it all. Bethany, Sarah and Katie kept wandering into one another’s rooms in various states of undress, canvassing opinions on outfits, make-up, hair, accessories, and largely oblivious to Jake’s presence.

At one point, the three girls were swapping dresses with each other in Katie’s room, oblivious to Jake, lying on the bed, reading. Even as they stripped down to their panties and busied themselves, bare-breasted at the wardrobe mirror, holding up different outfits and trying them on, shrieking and fussing, Jake seemed to pay them little attention. He finally got up and went downstairs, taking his book with him.

Intrigued, Emma followed, joining him in the kitchen. “If you’re making coffee, I’ll have one please.”

“Oh, hi. Sure.” he said.

“Too much for you?” she asked.

“Yeah. I wish they could keep it down to a dull roar. I’ve got a dissertation to finish next week and I’ve only done half the reading. And they take so long to get ready. They’ll be at it for hours yet. It only takes me half an hour to get showered and changed!”

“That’s how girls are when they get together. I thought you’d hang around. Most guys would be pretty pleased to be in a bedroom with three girls with their boobs hanging out”

“Nah. Seen it all before,” he shrugged. “And more,” he added, mysteriously.

“More?,” she asked, intrigued.

“Well, you can’t share a house with three girls – four until a few weeks back – and not find yourself face to face with naked female flesh. Sometimes attached to naked male flesh, if you see what I mean.”

“Yes – it must be very distracting. But surely quite fun?”

“Oh, at first. Then it gets a bit wearing. And Katie’s pretty demanding – and a bit jealous. Not only does she want a lot of attention, she’ll throw a hissy fit if she thinks I’m paying too much attention to another girl. Here’s your coffee. Now if you don’t mind, I’d better lock myself in the lounge and get back to my reading. I suggest you go back up and sort those three out or they’ll be there all night. And if Katie catches me chatting to someone I’m sure she sees as serious competition, I’ll have my nuts cut off. See ya!”

Emma was intrigued and rather flattered by Jake’s parting comment. Being classed as ‘serious competition’ to a 19-year old was quite a compliment, she thought.

When she got back to the bedroom, Bethany turned to her and said “Ah! There you are, Emma. Can you help us sort this out. Katie wants to wear this old rubbish, and I think this one looks so much nicer on her…” Emma smiled, and waded into the melee.

Around 10pm they hit the town. She had helped the girls select outfits and makeup, and tolerated their fussing over hers. It seemed that outfits needed to be skimpy, bras were optional, thongs mandatory, midriffs should be exposed – preferably with navel piercing – heels at least three inches high, makeup should be dramatic and nails – finger and toe – just had to be heavily varnished.

The girls had spent almost as much time on her as they had on themselves, and she was glad that none of her City colleagues could see her as she stepped out with her girlie friends, given what they had made her wear. Unlike the student trio, Emma’s navel wasn’t pierced, so Bethany, ever the little artist, had painted on a henna tattoo. The lippy was bright and glossy, the earrings they had selected for her almost touched her shoulders, and her nails were bright blue to math the skimpy top they had selected for her. It was one of Sarah’s but fitted her well.

The skirt was white and floaty. She had complained that it would go transparent under the lights in the club, whereupon Beth had produced a tiny, flesh-coloured lacy thong for her to wear under it. It had “You should be so lucky!” embroidered on the front. “Won’t show up under the UV. Better than a white or black one,” she opined, confidently. “The worst is white boy-shorts. They look really silly.” Emma complied, inwardly chuckling to herself, remembering the make-up and dress tips she had given a pubescent Bethany a few years back.

Bethany looked lovely. She wore a slinky black number with a broad band of fabric forming a halter neck that crossed over her chest to contain her modest breasts but leave her back and her navel exposed, and with a short skirt slit at the sides.

She flaunted the silver necklace that Emma had brought her as a present, and had given to her tonight as they would be out at midnight. It was a single large ring around her neck and set of interlocking rings that dangled in the V of her dress, with matching big earrings. It set off her long, glossy black hair to perfection. She had shrieked when she opened the package and hugged Emma excitedly.

Now she was vamping it down the pavement towards the pub across the road from the club, their first stop for the night. Once ensconced in the pub, the girls clubbed together and ordered a jug of their favourite, rather sweet cocktail. Whilst Emma sipped at it rather diffidently, the girls seemed to glug it back, and were soon ready for another jug.

Emma offered to buy the round, but got a glass of wine for herself this time. When she got back to the table, several others had arrived – another girl and three boys, including Jake. Bethany proudly introduced her around the group, and one of the new boys, Aidan, started up a conversation with her. He was studying biochemistry, and started off on a long and reasonably amusing story about alcohol and its effects on the human body, as he downed a pint of lager.

When he’d finished, his companion, Ben, asked her about herself, what she did in the City, where she went to college, her experiences of being a student. He had a friendly, open smile, long, dark curly hair and rather alluring big dark eyes. She found herself getting quite attracted to him.

At around 11pm they left the pub and headed for the club. By now the party had swelled to around a dozen, and Bethany was becoming increasingly loud after having had a number of drinks bought for her.

In the club, the noise was deafening and it was pretty warm. By midnight they were all on the floor, with Bethany and her growing gaggle of girlies really going for it. Some of the boys – especially Ben and another newcomer called Sam – joined in, and these two at least could dance. The rest propped up the bar and watched.

Emma found herself on the floor opposite Ben, who started dancing with her. There was no chance to ask anyone to dance, as the music was much too loud. You just made eye contact and started moving in a vaguely-related way. He moved well, gracefully and with some style, which was more than could be said for some of the other boys. Sam bounced around to face her on a number of occasions, and he was fit and energetic, if rather less graceful than his friend.

As the night drew on, and everyone seemed to be flagging and dripping with perspiration, she noticed that Ben did seem to be spending rather more time with her than with the others. That didn’t upset her in the least, though she felt that some of the other girls were less impressed.

At around 2:30, Bethany seemed to be on the verge of falling over, Emma and Sarah got her off the floor, sat her down and got her to drink rather a lot of water. They then frogmarched her to the ladies, where she promptly threw up. They cleaned her up, got her to drink more water, and then signalled that it was time to leave.

Outside, Emma’s ears were still ringing. Bethany was still very wobbly, so Sarah said “OK everyone, back to ours” and the group piled into three cabs. Emma parked Bethany into the corner of the back seat, with kept her upright until they got back. By the time they arrived, she seemed to be feeling a bit better, so they made some coffees and settled into the lounge.

Bethany sat in an armchair, nursing her coffee, and Aidan came over and started stroking her hair and talking soothingly to her. Emma decided that a biochemist who understood the effects of alcohol on the human body was as good a carer as Beth was likely to find, so she left her cousin and went in search of a glass of something.

Sarah lit some candles, and put the lights out. Someone put some music on, some bottles were passed around, and Emma was sure she could smell a joint being lit up somewhere. She found herself sitting between Ben and Sam on the sofa with a glass of vodka and orange in her hand – a pretty satisfactory state of affairs.

The joint was passed around. Emma had never smoked, but she couldn’t resist trying it. She took a long drag, fought back the cough and passed it on. Stuff started to get more mellow. Some of the girls got up and started dancing again – or at least swaying to the music.

The joint came round again, someone refilled her glass, Ben started stroking her hair. She turned to look at him and he kissed her.

The touch was soft, warm, very pleasant. His lips were warm, sensuously brushing hers, gently tugging at her lower lip. Then someone – Sam probably – was kissing her neck. There was a hand on her knee – Ben’s? Not sure. It felt nice.

Then a girl – Sarah, she thought – was leaning over her. “Dance! Get up! Dance!” she slurred, tugging at Emma’s arm. “All got to get up and dance.” Emma reluctantly rose from her seat, and Ben and Sam got up behind her.

Then she was in a mass of people slowly swaying in the middle of the floor. A very slim, dreamy-eyed blonde girl whose name she didn’t know smiled at her. “Beautiful, beautiful lady!” she crooned, then gave Emma the most sensuous kiss she’d ever had from a girl. Slightly taken aback, at first she didn’t react. But the sensation was so nice; she thought “what the hell” and responded in kind.

The girl moved closer, and moments later, they were embracing quite passionately. As the kiss broke after nearly a minute, the blonde girl looked at Emma with her startlingly blue eyes. “Who are you, lovely lady?” she said dreamily. “I’m Emma. Who are you?” “My name’s Lucy, but everyone calls me Lulu. You’re lovely. Must shag you later. Got to go for a pee now. Don’t go away!” With that, Lucy-Lulu swayed across the room and disappeared into the hall.

Emma felt rather disappointed. Her first hot, lesbian-style kiss had been much more arousing than she’d expected, but she’d been denied the opportunity of seeing what else might be in store. The grass was having an effect on her, and she felt her senses heightened.

She turned back into the throng and noticed that Sarah and two of the other girls had now shed their tops, and were dancing around topless with some of the boys. Most of the boys were already stripped to the waist in the warm, steamy atmospher. She thought, absently, that personal hygiene seemed to have moved on a bit since her days as a student, and rather than sweat she could mostly smell cologne, perfumed candles and joss sticks.

A warm chest – male – pressed against her back, and as lips brushed her neck, two hands moved round to cup her breasts. She closed her eyes as the heat in her nipples grew at the gentle stroking though the fabric of her top and the soft touch of lips on the bare skin of her shoulder.

Some of the candles were guttering, and in the fading light she could just see, across the room, Aidan helping remove Bethany’s dress. He was already down to his boxer shorts, and his slim, well-honed body looked pretty nice, from here. She expected that Bethany would probably forgive him his geekiness – pretty soon.

Emma was peering through the swirling mass of semi-clothed bodies. She saw Bethany’s dress come off, then lost sight of her as more bodies moved between. The hands on her tits, while a little rough, were getting her nipples hard, and the mouth on her neck and shoulders was setting up all the right kind of tingles.

Then she felt someone unfastening her skirt. As she tried to turn to find out who it was and decide whether she wanted this to happen, Lucy suddenly reappeared in front of her, put her arms round Emma’s neck and said “Now, where were we?” before planting a long, sensuous kiss on her lips.

Then her top came undone – it must have been Lucy – and she realised that she was standing in her heels, thong and jewellery and nothing else. Lucy peeled her own, tight-fitting Lycra dress down, stepped out of it and thrust her tiny, pert breasts against Emma’s. One of the male hands had been removed when the top fell away – it was now stroking her bottom, but the other still cupped one of her tits.

Lucy bent to kiss and lick Emma’s exposed nipple, “Beautiful, beautiful” she crooned again, brushing the skin of Emma’s hips and abdomen.

Emma instinctively reached out to stroke her skinny companion’s breasts, gently at first and then with more confidence. They locked mouths again, their tongues dancing together. Lucy pulled Emma’s hips toward her, and as male hands – several now – started stroking Emma’s inner thighs, Lucy hooked her thong with her thumbs.

The flimsy garment peeled away from Emma’s pussy and the cleft of her bottom, and inched down her thighs. Then Lucy abandoned the thong and instead slipped her hand gently over Emma’s mons and pressed a long, elegant finger into her slit.

Emma’s eyes went wide at the unexpected and novel experience of such an intimate caress from a girl, and barely noticed when a male hand assisted the path of her thong on its way to the floor. As a hand gently gripped her ankle and lifted her foot through the imprisoning garment, she was further startled at the intrusion of a tongue between her buttocks, softly probing her anus, and then sliding down towards her pussy. This was all getting pretty surreal.

Lucy’s fingers clearly knew what they were doing, and Emma realised how wet she’d become. Lucy pressed forward, taking Emma’s leg between her own, and rubbing her bare and equally wet pussy against Emma’s thigh.

“Mmm. Hey gorgeous, do you like fucking boys or girls best?” she said in her faraway, dreamy voice, a delighted smile on her face.

“I – I’ve never – never fucked a girl. I don’t know. I do like boys, but – well…”

“What about both at the same time?” It was a male voice. It could have been Ben, she couldn’t be sure, but before she could answer, she was aware of something pressing against her thigh. It was a cock, erect and hard.

The tongue that had been lapping at her pussy suddenly slid upwards, across her anus again, up her back to her neck, as its owner rose to his feet.

Then she was aware of another cock, pressed against and between her buttocks. She gasped, but the air was sucked out of her as Lucy-Lulu once again applied her wonderful soft mouth to Emma’s, then snaked her tongue down to her neck and nipples.

Then everything seemed to blur together. Someone, she wasn’t sure who, moved round behind Lucy and took hold of one of her perky little breasts, sliding the other hand down over her mound and pulling her pussy away from Emma’s leg.

A candle flared and guttered, and in its light she saw Sarah straddling someone who looked remarkably like Jake on a nearby chair.

Then strong hands pressed against Emma’s breasts and stroked firmly downwards, grasping her thighs, parting her legs and lifting her slightly. Lucy’s hand pressed deeper into Emma’s pussy, and she felt the cock that had been cradled between her buttocks snake its way downward. She guessed what would happen next, but still cried out in surprise as the head probed her juicy hole and then thrust into her, guided by Lucy’s fingers.

Then Lucy cried out “AH! Oh! Naughty!” but still with a hint of distraction in her voice. Emma realised that the other boy, whose features were only vaguely visible through the gloom, had slipped behind – and into – Lucy. He placed his hands on her back and pushed her down, and Lucy seemed not to mind. She dropped to her knees, still apparently attached to her boy who now crouched behind her.

Lucy rested her hands on Emma’s hips and dipped her tongue into Emma’s slit. Emma almost came on the spot. The girl’s tongue was clearly skilled at pussy licking, and the boy behind Emma clearly also knew how to fuck. Emma felt like she was floating in mid air, the sensations in her clit and deep in her pussy were so strong they seemed to lift her off her feet. If the boy behind her hadn’t held her up by her tits, she would probably have collapsed.

But the sensations kept building, and Lulu’s licking, interspersed by her weird, sing-song utterances like “Mmm, Lulu likes lovely lady’s sweet pussy,” and “Lovely lady likes getting fucked and licked” was driving her wild.

After what could only have been two minutes of this treatment, she came spectacularly. She was making all sorts of strange noises – mewing, grunting, gasping – adding to the general cacophony around her.

After an eternity, her sensations began to subside, but the boy was still thrusting powerfully inside her. Then she felt herself sliding backwards, the cock slipped out of her and she could feel Lucy’s face pressed up against her inner thighs. The boy behind her cried out loudly, and she glanced down to see Lucy, obviously with his cock in her mouth.

As his cries subsided, Lucy raised her head. Dribbles of semen were running down from the corners of her mouth. She looked up at Emma and smiled. “Mmm. Lulu likes spunk. Did you enjoy that, lovely lady?”

“Fabulous!” sighed Emma.

“Good. Now your turn. Blondie here isn’t going to get me off with his cock. Be an angel, lovely lady, and eat my clitty – please? Clitty, pretty please?” Again, that strange, trance-like smile and a little giggle at her alliteration.

Shakily Emma sank to her knees. She looked round to see who her fuck-buddy had been, but he’d disappeared into the crowd. Behind Lucy, Emma could just about make out Sam, thrusting lazily into the skinny girl as if waiting for something to happen.

Lucy stretched up and kissed Emma full on the lips. Emma tasted the sticky cum which still lingered in Lucy’s mouth. Normally she didn’t like the taste or texture of semen, but in her current state, this just felt oddly normal. Then she slid to the floor, rolled onto her back, and moved under Lulu’s body so her head was between the skinny girl’s legs.

Emma had never really had the opportunity to look at a girl’s pussy up close before. She’s also never seen fucking this close up, except in the occasional porn movie. In the real juicy, pink flesh, in the surreal, dim light, it was extremely erotic.

The sight of Lucy’s prominent pussy lips quivering every time Sam’s cock thrust into her, the aroma of pussy juices, the wet sounds of sex, were far more of a turn on in the flesh than on the screen.

Seeing Lucy’s quite large clitoris, glistening like a moist rosebud in front of her face, Emma decided to give it a try. She ran the tip of her tongue over the soft flesh, and was rewarded by an “ooh!” from Lucy. A sweep of her tongue across clit and inner lips garnered a satisfied “Mmmmm!” Then she decided to go to work.

Grabbing a cushion that was just within reach by Sam’s leg, she slipped it under her head to bring her mouth into close proximity to Lucy’s pussy. She started with more sweeps of her tongue, this time taking in Lucy’s clit, lips and vaginal entrance, as well as Sam’s cock and balls, eliciting moans of pleasure from them both.

After a while, she switched to exploring Lucy’s pussy lips with her tongue, and then sucking them gently into her mouth. As the girl’s moans got louder and more urgent, Emma took Lucy’s clit between her lips and began to stimulate it directly. Lucy’s moans began to reach a crescendo.

Then Lucy lowered her body onto Emma’s and began to lick her pussy again. At first, Emma didn’t think she would be able to stand it, so soon after coming, but she soon realised that it was extremely pleasurable.

At the new angle, Sam was clearly having a little difficulty staying inside Lucy, and after a few thrusts his cock slipped out. Emma did the decent thing, tipped her head back and took Sam’s cock in her mouth, tasting Lucy’s pussy juices strongly, as well as some pre-cum from Sam.

She also inserted two fingers into Lucy’s very wet vagina, and stimulated her clit with a thumb. Sam was rather less considerate, thrusting into Emma’s mouth as if it were Lucy’s pussy. Having put up with this for a while, Emma reached up and removed Sam’s cock from her mouth on his next back-stroke, rubbed it against Lucy’s pussy and then re-inserted it into her cunt.

Lucy spread her legs wider, pushing her pussy down onto Emma’s face, and hollowed her back to give Sam easier entry, while he likewise adjusted his position to make it easier to stay in. Emma snaked her arm around Lucy’s slim hip and managed to reach her puckered anus with her own moistened finger.

For the next few minutes, the three of them writhed in an ecstasy of sucking, licking, nibbling and thrusting, with Lucy using her mouth and fingers deftly on Emma’s pussy, Emma reciprocating on Lucy’s pussy and Sam’s balls and cock-shaft, and Sam thrusting with his cock and reaching between the girl’s bodies to stroke Emma’s and Lucy’s tits.

Then, just as she was reaching a peak of excitement, Emma felt hands stroking her inner thighs, reaching under her, probing her wet pussy and anus, pushing her legs wider apart. Another mouth pressed down at the rear of her slit, licking around the entrance to her cunt, lapping at and then probing her bumhole. She squirmed with delight, thrusting back against the pressure.

Within moments she was coming, strongly and deliciously. Lucy’s pussy, thrust hard against her mouth, stifled her cries. Then Lucy herself began to moan louder than ever, and was clearly coming fairly dramatically.

Sam’s cock was thrusting harder into her, and Sam’s moans were rising higher, echoing Lucy’s, when suddenly Sam pulled out of Lucy’s cunt and a thick stream of cum splashed over Emma’s hair and forehead.

She shut her eyes as another spurt hit her cheek, then tipped her head back and took the head of Sam’s cock in her mouth. Two more spurts shot into her mouth. His cum didn’t taste unpleasant – a kind of neutral flavour – and she swallowed it quickly.

Sam’s cock still twitched in her mouth, and he was clearly enjoying the experience of an older woman taking his cock in her mouth at the point of orgasm. It also added, in a strange way, to her own erotic experience, and helped prolong her own orgasm.

The two tongues between her legs had not stopped, and were still driving intense ripples of sensation through her. The world seemed to be reduced to a powerfully organic tunnel, lined with smooth thighs, wet pussies, licking tongues and thrusting, spurting cocks. The air was filled with moans and cries of pleasure, and the thick, heady scent of young bodies having sex. This was erotic heaven – the sexiest fun she’d ever had.

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