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Nice, but Naughty

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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a stitch she was wearing, not even a blouse.

She had made up her mind that she wanted to see the hot, sexy fat man that left all those wonderful presents under her tree every year. So she took a nice long bath and shaved her sexy body bare, paying special attention to her sweet pussy.

When she was done she did her hair and her makeup and rubbed her favorite lotion all over her smooth body again paying special attention to her smooth pussy. She rubbed the lotion over her newly naked mound and made sure she rubbed some on her moistening slit. She gently opened her pussy lips and massaged just a little bit onto her needy clit and even gently probed inside of her with the perfumed lotion. She was on fire, needing release. She knew she had been such a good girl this year and that Santa would have to give her exactly what she wished for….him.

She made sure she had the cookies set out for him and the nice big glass of milk. She had some candles burning and soft Christmas music playing in the background. She decided that she would greet Santa as he came down her chimney so she got a nice warm blanket and some pillows and set up a makeshift bed in front of the fireplace.

Thinking Santa might be a little naughty, she brought her little toy chest out from her bedroom and had it next to her blanket bed.

She decided to make sure her sweet pussy was nice and wet and ready for the jolly one and found a little clit vibrator to amuse herself with until he arrived.

She started on her nipples. Teasing them with the vibrator until they were aching and stiff peaks that just begged to be licked and nibbled on. She moved the buzzing toy lower to her soaking wet slit. She slid it up and down moaning the whole time. With one hand she kept her nipples hard by pinching and playing with them as she gently worked the toy over her naked lips.

She couldn’t take it any more and slid the little buzzy inside of her for just a second. She needed something much bigger to truly fulfill her tonight, but this helped keep her hot and in need. Finally she slid the little vibrator onto her hot clit. She moaned loudly loving the electric feeling that shot through her at the contact.

“Ho, ho, ho, what do I see here?” The low voice growled “Did you start without me? What a bad girl!!”

The toy fell from her hand and her eyes flew open. “Santa!” She exclaimed “I wasn’t being bad! I was trying to make myself ready for you! I’ve been such a good girl all year; I just wanted to make sure I was ready for my present!”

“Maybe so,” He chuckled “but you were so very close to an orgasm…only a very naughty and very bad girl would cum before Santa could get here! I think that maybe a punishment should be in order here.”

She was almost in tears, horrified that she had made Santa angry. She got to her knees and looked meekly up at him. “Yes Santa, punish me for being a bad girl. I promise I will be good from now on.”

She swore that she saw his cock twitch in his red pants but before she could be sure he snapped “Then get up and bend over the arm of the couch, your going to get a spanking!”

She quickly obeyed, bending quickly over the arm of the couch, slightly parting her legs showing him her wet and willing pussy.

As she was getting in position Santa had started to undress, sliding his red pants and boxers down his legs. His cock was stiff and leaking after walking in on the hot slut on the brink of orgasm. He quickly removed his top and gloves and ran his hand over his chest and over his belly and gave a quick stroke to his thick rod. He was going to have some fun tonight…..

He rubbed his hand over her soft pert ass. She moaned loudly for him. “I’m going to give you six swats on your pretty little ass, three on each cheek. That will be punishment enough and then we can move on to your present.”

He gave each cheek a quick, stinging spank that received a squeal from the helpless woman. The next two were hard deep spanks to each cheek. The last two were hard, thuddy spanks, slowly delivered with a slight grope at the end of each. When he was done he slid his hand down and started caressing her dripping wet cunt. “Mmm, my girl, you didn’t need to worry about being ready for good ol’ Santa…your hot cunt is so very ready for me. And Santa’s big thick cock is ready to fuck that sweet shaved pussy. Lie down and spread your legs wide….”

She quickly lay on her makeshift bed, spreading her legs wide. He kneeled down in between her legs and she saw his cock. She gasped and moaned at the sight of it.

“Its ten inches my girl. Nice and thick and in need of some attention, you wouldn’t believe how long it has been since I have had such a nice hot pussy.”

Instead of sliding inside of her he leaned all the way down and started to kiss her naked pussy. His tongue lightly flicked up and down her overheated slit making her writhe and moan with pleasure. He gently opened up her beautiful pussy and started licking her hole where he would be stuffing his big cock in just a few moments. He licked teasingly upwards, avoiding her clit at all costs. She groaned, needing release and he attacked her clit with his tongue. Flicking it and licking circles around it quickly. She lost it and her orgasm started. She bucked her hips into his mouth, loving the rough feel of his white beard against her freshly shaven cunt. She was grinding her pussy into his face, loving the sensation and the power of her orgasm.

When her orgasm subsided she sat up and kissed Santa’s face all over and kissed his mouth deeply, loving the smell of her on him and the taste of her pussy in his mouth.

He gently laid her back and spread her legs again. He slid the tip of his cock up and down her hot slit. “Beg for it my girl; I want to hear you beg Santa for his big cock.”

“Oh, please Santa, please! I need that big hot cock inside of me! I promise to be such a good girl and to let you do whatever you want to me whenever you want to do it! I just need your big fat cock Santa!!! Please!!!!”

He slowly slid the tip inside of her hot hole. She groaned, loving how full he was making her. Slowly he slid about half of his big cock into her sweet pussy.

“Yes! Oh yes, please give me all of it!!” She moaned.

In one deep quick thrust he slid the rest of his cock into her tight pussy. The mix of feeling so full and the hard stroke triggered her orgasm. She groaned and thrashed under him as her orgasm took her.

“Oh yes, good girl. That’s my good little slut, cum all over my big cock.” He whispered to her through her orgasm.

She stilled and then started to rock her hips against him. “Is my little slut ready for more?”

“Oh yes Santa!!! Fuck me!! Fuck your little slut and cum in her pussy!!” She wailed.

He started slowly, gently fucking her in long slow strokes, his hands caressing her breasts, playing with her hard nipples. Gradually his thrusts became harder, deeper. He started taking her with more force, being rougher with her breasts, pinching her hard nipples. She was in heaven; she loved how rough he was with her, how deep his hard cock was inside of her. She was so close to yet another orgasm but she wanted to cum with him.

He started fucking her hard, like a piston slamming his big dick deep into her sloppy wet cunt. One hand squeezed her left tit hard and the other wrapped around her throat, cutting off her air supply. He kept pounding into her as her cunt got tighter and tighter from the fear of her oxygen restriction. He felt his cum boiling in his cock and let go of her throat. The rush of oxygen into her system put her on overload and she started to cum instantly, she squealed as she squirted her juices over Santa’s cock and against his body. It was too much for Santa to take and he shot his huge load deep into her spasming pussy.

They recovered cuddling together, with his shrinking cock still inside of her. He pulled out and said “Suck me clean my hot little slut.”

She lay in between his legs, licking their juices off of his cock. She cleaned off his balls, which were still full and heavy. She sucked one in her mouth and gently licked it clean and then did the same with the other. She licked up and down his hardening cock like it was her own personal candy cane. He kept moaning, enjoying her loving attentions to his cock. He kept getting harder and was soon hard as a rock.

“Suck it my girl. Suck Santa’s big cock, see how much you can take.”

She opened her mouth and took just the tip in, teasing it and licking it. She sucked more and more down until she felt the tip hit the back of her throat. She put her hand around where she stopped and looked, she had barely gotten half (if that) in her mouth!

She became more determined. She sucked him as deep as she could and tried to get his cock head down her throat. Santa groaned when he felt that and gave a bit of a helpful thrust. His cock head popped into her throat and gripped the head of his cock like a vice.

He groaned and held the back of her head, holding his cock in place before slowly starting to thrust his cock as deep as he could into her mouth. He pulled out so she could breathe, and asked, “Is this alright my girl?”

“Yes!!” she responded breathlessly. “I want to deep throat you Santa.”

He groaned and slid his cock back in her mouth. He started to go deep and again his head popped into her throat and he started to fuck her face, loving how tight his little bitches throat was around his cock. He would pull back and let her breath every few strokes and start back up again. He was starting to get close when he had a naughty idea.

He pulled out of her throat and let her breathe and told her to get on all fours, he wanted to fuck her again.

He slid into her pussy, getting his cock wet and slick on her juices. He pulled out and found a nice big vibrator to slide in her. He slid it in and turned it on slowly. He grabbed a bottle of lube he found in her toy chest and squirted some onto her hot little ass hole.

She whimpered, knowing what was coming and aching for it, but nervous as to how much it would hurt!

He juiced up her tight little hole and started sliding one finger then two inside of her to loosen her up for him. He added a third and she moaned. He fucked her ass with the three fingers for a bit and then decided he wanted in. He squirted more lube on her hole and in her hole and on the head of his cock. He turned the vibrator on higher that was rumbling in her pussy. He slid the tip of his rock hard cock against her tight hole and started to slide it in. She moaned, a little of it was pain but she loved how hot it felt to be in this position. He kept pushing and finally got the tip all the way in her tight hole. He pushed more and more in and she cried out both in pleasure and in pain. He turned up the vibrator in her pussy higher and slid his cock home deep inside her ass.

She screamed out with the sudden fullness and shock of the thrust. He stayed in place to let her get used to it and soon she was moving against his cock.

“Your such a hot little slut aren’t you? You just love cock and getting fucked like a hot little whore….I should take you up to the North Pole, the elves would love to use you!”

He started to fuck her ass, not gently, but hard and deep and fast strokes. He turned the vibrator in her cunt up to full power and loved the sensation he felt in her ass. His hands went to her tits that were bouncing hard from the rough fuck he was giving her. He squeezed them and pinched her hot little nipples. He kept fucking her fast and hard. He grabbed her hair and pulled on it as he mauled her tits with his free hand.

“You are such a good little whore. You take whatever Santa gives you don’t you? I think you will be on my permanent nice list and you will get Santa’s special present every year. Hell, Santa might come calling in the off season to get some of your sweet pussy and hot ass. We could have a lot of fun!”

She moaned, so close to cumming from the stimulation in her pussy and the thick cock pounding her ass and the hand pulling her hair. His free hand started roaming all over her soft and supple body. She groaned when his hand rested on the flesh of her ass.

He started to spank her as he took her ass. Hard, stinging spanks that brought tears to her eyes but got her ever so much closer to orgasm.

He started grunting and let go of her hair. His hand went to her clit and started flicking it roughly and she lost it. She started to orgasm, the hardest and best orgasm she had ever had and passed out.

She woke with a start. Not quite remembering where she was, but as the fog lifted she realized she was alone. Was it all just a dream, she wondered? Then she tried to move, her muscles were sore and her pussy and ass ached. It hadn’t been a dream! Santa had given her just what she wanted for Christmas!!

She looked and where the cookies and milk had been was a note and a little wrapped box.

Picking up the note she read:

My sweet girl,

You pleased Santa greatly this year. You will be forever on my nice list and will get this same present every year, as long as you wish it. Along with that there is a little something special for you in the box. I hope you like it and thank you for being such a good girl.

All my love,


With tears in her eyes she opened the box and found two keys. One said ‘North Pole’ the other said Ferrari. Confused she looked outside and saw a beautiful red Ferrari with a bright gold bow wrapped around it in her driveway.

She quickly threw on her robe and went out to look. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen! On the console, next to the stereo, there was a keyhole that said ‘North Pole’ underneath it.

She grinned and thought that maybe Christmas wouldn’t cum just once a year….maybe it could cum once a month!!!

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