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“What’s the matter with you guys? You got lead in your ass? We’re never going to win a goddamn thing if you don’t pick up your game!

Tom was screaming at the football team as they practiced for the upcoming game. His red hair glinted in the bright sunlight so that his head seemed on fire, matching his fiery temper. Most of the team looked sheepishly at me, knowing this was not their day.

“Sims, get on the bench! Tubbs, you take over! You’ve gotta be able to throw better than Sims is doing today. He’s throwing like a little girl! A fucking chimp could do better!”

David Sims walked off the field, obviously dejected and angry at his football head coach, Tom Lewis.

“Damn, Coach Baker, what’s up Coach Lewis’s ass today? I know it isn’t my best day but I sure as hell ain’t throwing like a little girl and you know it! I’m getting sick of being insulted by him.”

I patted him on the back as he sat on the bench.

“You’re having an off day, Sims, and Coach Lewis is under a lot of pressure right now. Our university hasn’t lost a game against these guys in eleven years. Our team this year is not the best we’ve ever had, to put it diplomatically. He’s afraid of losing the game in his second year as head coach. Give him a break.”

David Sims just shook his head as he drank from a bottle of Gatorade.

“I’m sorry, Coach, I don’t agree with you. Lewis seems almost like he’s losing it. We’re eight and three right now. I know there’ve been some good teams in the past but we’re not exactly shit either. He’s forgotten this is only a football game and football isn’t the most important thing in life. If he keeps riding the hell out of me I’m gonna quit the team and I mean it. I came here to get an education, not just to play sports. I’m going to med school next year.”

I felt a chill go down my spine. David Sims was a first class quarterback on one of the nation’s finest football teams and I knew he meant what he said. A brilliant student headed toward being class valedictorian, he’d been scouted by several pro teams and wasn’t interested at all. He planned to become a surgeon, to follow in the footsteps of his father, grandfather, and several other Sims family members. And he didn’t need the money a pro sports team offered. His family was worth several hundred million dollars. He was just temperamental enough to walk out and quit just before the biggest game of our season and there was no one who could replace him.

“Garrison! Are you blind? Man, you didn’t even come close to catching that ball! It was coming right at you! He’d have been better off to have hit you with it! In the head!”

I listened to this harassment over the next hour and watched as the guys gradually showed some improvement. Even with him being a total son of a bitch, I had to admit Tom Lewis was right. Today this team was playing far below their regular performance and we were due to fly out tonight for the championship game. Tom was nervous as hell and nerves had turned him into a real shit hill. I didn’t blame him at all; in fact I felt the same nerves, maybe worse. This was his second year as head coach and the trustees of the university would make it his last if the team got crucified in this game. And if he got canned his coaching staff would most likely go out the door with him. My dream job as a university defense coach would go down the tubes.

“Scott! I’m gonna let you get the other coaches up to speed before the flight out tonight. We gotta be at the airport at six thirty!”

Tom’s voice broke me out of the nerve induced fog I was in.

“Will do, Tom; we’ll be at the airport on time.”

My name is Scott Baker and I’m thirty-one. I’ve been coaching football since I graduated with my Master’s degree from Auburn eight years ago and I’ve been lucky. I got hired right out of university into a fantastic high school program in Orlando, Florida. I took the team to the state championships my first year and then repeated that success for six more years, getting national attention. My dedication to my job came with a high price, though.

I married Ellen the year we graduated from Auburn but bitterness developed between us because she resented my being gone all the time. It was tough enough when I was a high school coach but when I was hired by the university the pressure only got hotter. At first, she enjoyed the status of being the wife of a university assistant football coach but the glamour wore off after she’d had three miscarriages in eleven months. The last one resulted in the loss of her uterus. It didn’t affect my love for her but it had begun to seem like that love was completely one sided, my side.

Tom was hired at the university after a tremendously successful coaching career at the high school, university, and pro levels. He’s thirty eight and married to the beautiful Lois, a former model and Miss America contestant. They’ve got three sons and Lois works as a surgical nurse at the local hospital. He was hired as a line coach for a pro team when his best friend was hired as head coach. Tom said he had visions of winning a Super Bowl; instead the team went fifteen and one. He and his friend were fired and he was fortunate to land this job as a university head coach. He hired me as one of his assistant coaches after he watched my high school team totally destroy our opponent at championships. I didn’t even know he was at the game until I got a call from him a few days later.

And that’s how I came to be working alongside him as a university coach. We’d had a pretty good first season, not perfect but still good. Our second season was going pretty well, too. We’d won most of our games but it was the losses that bothered me, losses that bothered Tom also, and for the same reason. We’d lost games that we should never have lost, not even on a bad day, lost to teams that were not even close to our caliber. It spooked the entire coaching staff. Failures like that show a weakness that runs deep within the basic makeup of a team. There had been too many errors, too many penalties called on us in those games.

By the grace of god, we all managed to make the flight and it was after ten on a moonless night when we landed. Everyone was tired and glad to get to the hotel. It was there I was surprised to discover I’d be sharing my room with Tom. He usually shared with Horace Stephens, the offense coach. I got my key and went on to the room leaving Tom discussing game plans. We’d be practicing over the next two days for the game on Saturday. I took advantage of being alone in the room to shower and get in bed. Tom startled me awake when he came into the room like a herd of horses.

“Did I wake you, Scott? Sorry, it’s sort of hard to come into a hotel room without turning on lights and making racket.”

I sat up in bed.

“Don’t worry about it, Tom. I fell asleep because there was nothing to watch on television. So tell me, what’s up with us sharing a room? I thought you always shared with Horace.”

Tom laughed. “I’ve had enough. Horace snores like a fucking freight train from the time he goes to sleep until he wakes up. I need some rest and I heard Ricky Bennett saying how you sleep like a little baby, not a sound.”

“So what happened with Ricky? Don’t tell me you put him with Horace.”

“Nah, I put Archie Jones with Horace. I’ve roomed with him before and he snores as bad as Horace. We’ll be lucky if between the two of them we don’t get a noise complaint.”

“I see. So you didn’t set this up because you’ve suddenly decided you’ve gotta have my body.”

“Fuck you, Baker,” he laughed. “I’m gonna go grab a quick shower before I turn in.”

“Good night.”

I turned on my side facing the wall and pulled the covers up around my face. Soon the running water of his shower lulled me to sleep.

Something woke me in the middle of the night; I glanced at the bedside clock; 2:30 AM. The room was bathed in a faint light from the glaring lights of the parking lot. I lay in silence, trying to figure out what had awakened me. I heard movement and looked over at the bed next to me. Tom was lying naked in his bed, on his back with his legs spread apart. His hand was slowly jacking his cock as he masturbated quietly.

Almost instantly I felt my own erection growing and felt uncomfortable. I’d never in my life had sex with another man and had never felt the slightest inclination to do so. Sure, Tom was handsome and appealing in his own way but I’d never lusted after him, never masturbated thinking of him. So I was torn over what to do. Should I make noise and let him think I was waking up or should I just let this show go on? My voyeur spirit won out. I like watching porn and this was live porn. So I just laid there and watched my boss get his rocks off in the dark.

I decided Tom must have been at this for awhile because he was obviously edging. He’d bring himself to the point of orgasm, his breathing getting hard, and then he’d quit, squeeze his balls enough to lose his erection, and then he’d start all over again. He did this several times while I watched and I felt the dribble of my own precum wet in my shorts. I was careful not to betray my own mounting sexual excitement.

In the faint light of the room I could tell Tom had some hair on his chest and stomach. He would run his hand gently over his chest as he teased and pinched his nipples. His pubic area seemed to have a lot of hair because he would play with it, twisting it in his fingers as he teased his cock. His cock seemed to be around seven inches hard, maybe longer because he could easily wrap both hands around it. He’d do that, forming a tube of sorts, and then use his legs and buttocks to lift his body to fuck his hands.

I heard his breathing suddenly become labored, the sound of impending orgasm, and all of a sudden his cock spurted forth his semen in six big shots, ropes of cum that slapped against his chest and stomach. I watched as he wiped cum drops from his body with his finger, then brought his finger to his mouth to eat his own cum. Finally, he grabbed his undershorts and cleaned himself with them. Within in a few minutes I heard the steady gentle breathing of sleeping.

I rolled onto my stomach and slipped the waistband of my undershorts beneath my balls. Then I pushed my erection into the bed. I fucked the bed with the gentlest movements and soon my own ejaculation spewed forth, wetting the bed beneath me. Then I was embarrassed, not wanting Tom to wake and see that I had masturbated moments after his own ejaculation. That would just seem too gay and would definitely compromise our relationship, such as it was. I just went back to sleep lying in my own cum.

Tom’s voice woke me.

“Goddamn it, Horace, this is some fucking shit, ain’t it? It’s Thursday, for Christ’s sake, and the goddamn game’s on Saturday afternoon! We need the motherfucking practice time and it’s raining like fucking Niagara Falls! I’m putting you in charge of finding an enclosed gym, anything where the boys can practice inside. Of course, with my goddamn luck it can’t just be fucking raining; no, we’ve gotta have thunder and lightning like it’s the end of the goddamn world!”

I watched him through barely open eyes as he yelled into the phone. Tom was sitting naked on the edge of the bed, waving his arms and gesturing wildly. Tom couldn’t speak a simple greeting to someone without waving his hands or arms around. It was his body that fascinated me. I’d never seen him totally naked before, never seen him more scantily dressed than with a tee shirt and shorts with athletic socks and shoes. I couldn’t stop myself from being mesmerized by his crotch, specifically by his pubic hair.

I’d heard the term ‘fire crotch’ before but I’d never seen one. Tom was sitting perched on the edge of his bed and as he gesticulated wildly his penis and balls swayed with each waving of his arms. His penis was around six inches in its flaccid state, thick with a dark pink circumcised mushroom tip. I felt my own cock begin to swell as I looked at Tom’s. It was the pubes that amazed me. The hair on his head was a dark red, almost auburn, but his crotch hair was fiery red, nearly orange, long thick curls seemingly everywhere in his crotch. His forearms and legs were tanned with that almost burnt look that fair skinned people have but the rest of his body was pale. It was not sickly pale, the milky white that is almost repulsive, but just not fully tanned. I was right; he did have patches of dark red hair on his chest and stomach, the same dark red shade was on his legs. I openly stared at his crotch, still fascinated at its color. Most pubic hair I’ve seen is a few shades darker than what is on a person’s head.

“I’m gonna hang around the room this morning, Scott. You’re welcome to stay with me or go do your own thing. Just keep in touch every couple of hours. They don’t have an enclosed stadium in this area and I guess you heard there’s no going out in this monsoon.”

“Yeah, I heard. I’m surprised I didn’t hear the rain. I usually do.”

“It’s the hotel,” he said. “There are six or seven floors above us and we have a balcony. That muffles the sound of the rain. Still, I guess you sleep deeper than I do. I heard a loud lightning strike and a big clap of thunder about an hour ago and it woke me right up. We’re gonna lose this game, Scott.”

Tom looked dejected and glum, looking at the floor.

“Well, might as well see what’s on TV. Maybe it’s on the weather channel or CNN or something so we can find out how long this thing is going to last.”

He stood up and walked away from me, his muscular buttocks bouncing as he walked. I was struck with the instantaneous thought that he had an incredibly sexy ass.

Shit, where did that come from; I’d never looked at any other guy’s naked ass and thought it was sexy. But his ass was beautiful; in fact I suddenly realized Tom Lewis was a hunk of a man. I could imagine him in bed fucking his wife. I groaned silently within myself. What the fuck was I thinking? Without a word I leaped from the bed and raced into the bathroom. I shaved, did my business on the toilet, and took a cold shower.

In the shower I grabbed my cock in my hand and had a quick jack off session, shooting my load on the shower wall. I consciously fantasized about fucking Ellen while I masturbated. Then I stood under the shower getting myself together. I also looked at my own body, measuring myself against Tom Lewis. He was a total stud, for sure, but I’m not exactly a dud.

While Tom’s around six five I’m six one. I’ve got dark brown hair, so dark people mistake it for black sometimes, with dark brown eyes to match. My skin tans easily and is a soft brown, probably from being second generation Greek on my mother’s side. My father is mixed heritage with a father born in Exeter, England, and a mother born in Venice, Italy. My Mediterranean heritage won out in the gene pool and is pretty obvious to everyone. Like many with that legacy, I’ve got thick hair on the front of my torso, on my forearms and legs. My penis is about the same size as Tom’s, only uncircumcised.

In the looks department I figure I’m okay. I was voted Homecoming King in my high school and I’ve never had any trouble attracting girls. In fact, I know I’ve also attracted a lot of guys, some of whom actually approached me, while most just look and move on. My response has always been a polite but firm no. I’ve never been one of those guys that feel they’ve got to stomp the ass of every gay guy that comes on to them. My mother’s younger brother was gay and a really nice guy. I loved him a lot and had no idea he was gay until the day my mother told me he’d been murdered in a vicious hate crime. I was eleven and devastated. Mom and Dad both explained homosexuality to me, taking care to make sure I was put on a path of tolerance.

“Hey, you gonna take all day in there?” Tom yelled.

“I’ll be out in a couple of minutes.”

I had shampoo in my hair.

“No problem, dude. I just need to take a piss.”

He was still naked and I watched through the glass shower door as his piss shot into the toilet bowl. He shook his cock and washed his hands at the sink as I left the shower. Tom didn’t try to disguise looking at my naked body before he left the bathroom. I was not shy about my body and I guess I wanted him to see me naked, too, for him to know I have a good body just like his. I hadn’t put all my feelings together yet but I did know I felt an almost electric charge in the air.

My wife and I had socialized with Tom and his wife several times within the university and athletic department events but never outside of them on a more personal basis. We’d never even been to each other’s homes. I had to make sure of what I was reading, what I was feeling. Was he coming on to me and if so, why did I feel excitement over it? I’d masturbated twice within the last six hours. I certainly was not insanely horny and figured I could keep things under control.

I wrapped my towel around my waist and walked into the bedroom, sitting on the edge of my bed. Tom was sitting on his bed, reclining against the headboard, still naked, as he flipped through the channels with the remote control.

“There was a blip on the local news a few minutes ago. Two tornadoes touched down a few miles from here and it seems the rain’s here to stay today. The weatherman said it should actually get worse in the afternoon and early evening with tornado watches on. There’s still a chance of rain tomorrow and Saturday but he forecast that it should be scattered and less intense, probably no thunder and lightning. Horace called to say there’s no chance of practice today in a facility so he’s asked for a meeting room in the hotel to at least have the guys do some basic exercises.”

“You gonna go down for the exercising? Would you like me to go for you?”

Tom shook his head no.

“Nah, Scott, let’s just leave it to Horace and whoever else he chooses to help. I pissed those guys off enough yesterday and they’re all mad with me, probably you, too. It’s best to leave them to the P.E. exercise without us. They can vent and work off the negativity. Fucking hell, it doesn’t matter anyway. We’re going to lose this game; that is if it doesn’t get rained out.”

I looked at him as he stared at the floor. I’d never seen him so dejected, so down about anything.

“Come on, Tom, I know this game is important to a lot of people but it won’t be the end of the world if we lose. It’s bound to happen sometime. We can’t beat them every year forever. We might as well get the loss over with so people can get their priorities straight.”

“Oh, they’ve got their priorities set alright. Stan Lipton told me straight out that the future of my career with the university could depend on this game.”

Shit. Lipton was president of the university booster club, a total prick, one of those guys who were incapable of making the team while they were in school, the kind that become sports fanatics and spend the rest of their lives telling coaches and players what they’ve done wrong and what they need to do to improve. Most of the sports nuts join the school booster clubs and I fucking hate ’em. Failed athletes are one of the worst plagues to the sports world, a sort of insidious cancer that eats away at athletic programs.

“Look, Tom, Lipton’s a total dipshit. I’ve gotten to know a lot of these people, a lot of our boosters. I’ve yet to find one who likes Stan Lipton. I still can’t figure out why he’s the booster president since so many people despise him.”

Tom sighed. “Stan’s family’s given the university over fifty million dollars in the last twenty years. That’s why he can do whatever the hell he wants to do. Every time someone at the university decides they need something expensive they turn to Stan. He almost always pays for it, whether it’s for athletics or academics. Hell, last year he bought a whole bunch of shit for the physics program, shit the trustees and everyone else with a brain in their head refused to spend funds for.”

I remembered it well. The physics program needed a bunch of equipment to update their labs and they wanted to add an astrophysics section. It caused a nasty uproar because the university physics program has the fewest students of any program, sometimes less than ten students in the advanced classes. They only have a few students that go beyond first year physics classes, the classes that are mandatory for many graduate programs like medicine or pharmacy. We all felt spending several million dollars to upgrade the program was a total waste. With so few students, we should just cut the program and let those interested in physics go to another university. Spend that department’s money in other needy programs.

“Don’t sweat it so much, Tom. If the guys like Stan are going to call all the shots in the athletic department then I’d rather go somewhere else anyway. I’m not cut out to put up with all that bullshit.”

“Well, you may get your wish, buddy.”

Tom lay back on his bed on his back, putting his arms behind his head. I saw the same fiery red curls in his pits and my eyes devoured his naked body. We were quiet for awhile, watching an old black and white John Wayne western. Wayne looked like he was in his twenties. I felt water running down my back so I pulled my towel from around my waist to dry my hair.

“How often do you fuck your wife, Scott?”


I was startled by the question. There’s always a lot of sex talk in the locker rooms and guys are always talking a lot of sex bullshit among themselves but Tom had never mentioned sex to me before.

“It’s just between us, Scott. I just need to talk some stuff out with someone I trust. I’m having some real problems with my wife Lois. So do you and Ellen fuck a lot?”

“Well, I don’t know what you’d consider a lot but we usually fuck at least three, sometimes four times a week.”

“Goddamn; that much? When do you find the time?”

He’d rolled onto his side, propping his head up with his hand. I couldn’t fail to see how his dick fell to one side, the tip resting on the bed.

“I made a deal with Ellen. She likes sex and won’t let me ignore her. Anyway, it’s a good deal. I’m a real pussy hound and can’t get enough. She’s the best in bed I’ve ever had. We try to mix things up but we basically have a standing date to fuck on Monday nights, on Thursday nights, on Saturday nights, and sometimes Sunday nights.”

“Wow. You lucky bastard.”

“I take it you don’t get it that regular?”

Tom snorted. “That regular? Hell, I’m lucky if I can even get near Lois’s pussy twice a month. I stay so horny it’s driving me crazy.”

I laughed. “You still know how to contact Five Finger Rosie, don’t you?”

He grinned and gave a moan.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if my fingerprints haven’t been worn away from all the masturbating I do. No, I’m fully familiar with Rosie but I’m not a kid anymore. I’m married; I live with a desirable woman. I want pussy, goddamn it and I want it regular. I like to fuck pussy, I like to eat pussy, I like to kiss it, to put my face in it, to put my fingers in it. I’m a pussy hound,too. I don’t deny it. And Lois has just about cut me off.”

I looked at his cock. It was partially erect, no longer hanging down onto the bed but now up on his leg.

“She tell you the reason why?”

“She’s got a burr up her ass about the time I spend coaching. Shit, she knew I was a coach when she married me. Her dad’s a retired coach, for Christ’s sake. She grew up knowing the demands on a coach, particularly a head coach. I just don’t get why she’s busting my chops every damn day when she knows what’s going on.”

“After all these years? Man, you two have got three boys. When did she decide to lock up the goods?”

“While she was pregnant with Alan. At first I thought she just was being a bitch because she was pregnant. She’s been like that with all three pregnancies, a total bitch. With all three she got weird, said she didn’t want to lose the baby or hurt it from me fucking her. But at least she let me eat her pussy out with the first two and she’d suck my dick. Man, with the last one, though, she just cut me off completely and I’ve barely touched her since she found out she was pregnant with Alan. The bitch even moved in the guest bedroom.”

“Ouch, that is bad. I’ll be honest with you. If Ellen did that to me I’d file for divorce after about the first month of no pussy. I wouldn’t take that kind of shit from her.”

He looked at me and raised his eyebrows, maybe in surprise.

“Yeah, but you ain’t got three sons, either. It’d kill me to lose those boys and she knows it.”

We were silent for a few minutes, contemplating his situation. During that time I continued to look over his naked body hungrily. I could see a string of his precum hanging from his tiny cock slit, the string hanging down into what had become a wet spot on his bed. All this talk about pussy had made him horny. I looked up from his dick quickly to see him looking at my own cock with pure lust in his eyes. He actually wet his lips with his tongue. Suddenly his eyes met mine, no doubt in either of us that we’d each been looking at the other’s penis.

I cleared my throat.

“You know, Tom, I’m kinda surprised that you haven’t been fucking around on Lois. I can assure you in your same situation that’s what I’d be doing. I know you’re always getting hit on. I know because I see it happen. Hell, it happens to me a lot. Coaches attract a lot of women.”

“Yeah,” he said softly, “a lot of women. And some men, too.”

His blue eyes bored into mine.

I nodded slowly and said softly, “True, so true. There’re a lot of guys that would like to fuck a coach’s ass.”

Tom swallowed hard and his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. Our conversation had quieted to soft whispers, almost as if we were afraid someone in another room could hear what we were saying.

“Have you ever been with another guy?” he asked.

I could see where this was leading from the lust showing in his eyes.

“No, Tom, no I haven’t. Never in my life.”

“Fuck. Not even as a teenager? You mean you never jerked off with another guy?”

“No. Never. I mean, yeah, I had my chances but I just never took ’em. It always sorta repulsed me. Thinking about another guy’s dick. I sure as hell was never going to touch one and for fuck’s sake, another guy’s never going to touch mine.”


He looked surprised.

“Really. Plus, I’m married now. We both are.”

This was hollow talk, as if I was pointing out we were married in an effort to stop my own racing hormones.

“Yeah, but you just said I should find some pussy on the side.”

I didn’t answer him.

“Fact of the matter is, I’ve really considered it. I’ve even considered doing it with another guy.”

I thought about that one. He was laying it on the line.

“Have you ever done it with another guy, Tom?”

His eyes never left mine. He nodded.

“A few times.”

I was stunned and it must have been obvious because he burst out laughing.

“What? You think I’m Dudley Do Right?”

I couldn’t speak.

“Hey, it happens. The first time was when I was fourteen. I spent the night with a guy on the high school football team. In the middle of the night I woke up when he started sucking my dick. I ended up sucking him, too. He and I did each other several times while we were in school together and then when I was in college my roommate and I did the same thing several times.”

“And now? You’ve been getting it off with guys since you married Lois?”

He shook his head no.

“No, I’ve never been unfaithful to her, never, but I’ve thought about it a thousand times. God knows I’ve thought about strangling her to death, I’ve considered just going into her bedroom and raping her but I’ve never done it. You know I’d never do that kind of thing but it drives me crazy to have pussy so close to me and I can’t even touch it. I tell you, Scott, I think I fucking hate Lois. I fucking hate her for doing this to me.”

The shrill ring of the telephone interrupted our sex talk and I felt a sense of relief. Tom grabbed the phone.

“What? What? I told you what the fuck to do, Horace! No, goddamn it! Don’t you dare come to my room! If you can’t manage to put the guys through exercises on your own then you can just pack your shit and go home. And pack your office shit when you get there, too, because you’re fired.”

Tom was standing now, his back to me. I could hear Horace on the other end of the line, back tracking whatever he’d said to Tom. We all knew Tom’s limits and Horace had passed them. He was short tempered with incompetence and had fired a couple of assistant coaches since he’d become head coach. While he listened to whatever Horace was saying I looked at Tom’s back, at his ass. The muscles in his back were a reflection of all the weight lifting he did, the same for his tight ass. I saw the faint soft down of red hairs on his ass, the way it thickened as it entered his crack.

“All right, Horace,” he said, exasperated. “Of course, I know we’re in a fucking monsoon! Don’t you think I’ve got goddamn motherfucking eyes and ears? There are windows in my room, too, or do you think I’m in some kind of fucking closet? Just get it done! And leave me the fuck alone!”

Tom slammed the phone into its base so hard he knocked it to the floor. He bent over to pick it up, cursing, and his ass crack opened, revealing his wrinkled pink anus, tight and surrounded by thick red hairs. His crack was like a hairy pussy.

“That fucking idiot!” he screamed. “I just can’t believe I ever hired that fucking moron! He couldn’t find his asshole with both fucking hands and a guide dog!”

I sat up.

“It’s okay, Tom, I’ll go down and take care of it.”

He turned and put his hand on my shoulder, grabbing me hard.

“No! No the fuck you won’t! You’re gonna stay right here with me in this room! I’m sick and tired of you carrying the other coaches. If we lose this game, I’m gonna fire every goddamn one of them. You and I will be hiring some replacements.”

I felt his hand loosen its tight grip on my shoulder. He was standing right in front of me, his penis only a couple of inches from my face. I swallowed and breathed hard. Tom flinched.

“Goddamn,” he whispered. “Your hot breath feels like heaven on my cock.”

In a millisecond his cock was standing fully erect in front of my eyes, hard as a rock. He put his hand on my head, his fingers playing with my hair, pushing my face toward his dick.

“Come on, Scott,” he whispered. “Come on. I know you want it. I know you want this big cock. Suck it.”

His voice telling me to suck his dick pulled me out of my trance and I pulled back away from him.

“I’m married,” I croaked.

“So am I.”

He grabbed my head and pulled it hard into his crotch. My face was pressed against his erection, my nose in that fiery mass of red curls. Tom humped his cock against my face, fucking my cheek. I could smell soap and I could feel the incredible heat of his cock, feel the thick vein that pulsed down the side of it. I felt hot wet liquid on my forehead and I knew it was his precum. Suddenly I just snapped. I pushed him and jumped up, tackling Tom and throwing him onto his bed. He fought me at first but I landed as I’d planned with my face in his crotch and I sucked his cock into my mouth, my lips surrounding his hot flesh hungrily. We could both hear the sounds of my sucking him, the sounds of me greedily gulping down my first cock.

Tom just collapsed, no longer fighting, mewling like a kitten. Within a few seconds he began to groan and jerk in a spasm of muscular flexing. His cock throbbed and suddenly I felt the blasts of his cum hitting the back of my mouth. It was salty, bitter, and thick. At first I didn’t swallow it; I let it pool in my mouth, surrounding his cock with his own cum, but then it was too much and I began to swallow it. I couldn’t believe I liked the taste of Tom’s cum.

I opened my eyes to see him watching me as I sucked him. At last he’d shot it all out and he was losing his erection. His cock was soft in my mouth, yet I still sucked it. Then he grabbed me and pulled me up so I lay next to him, my face next to his. He pressed his lips to mine and I accepted his tongue in my mouth, starving for him. We kissed for what seemed like forever and then his lips left mine and traveled to my neck, to my earlobes, and then down to my nipples. He sucked each one, biting them gently. My cock had swelled to its maximum size and I felt my cum boiling in my balls.

“I’m gonna cum,” I whimpered.

“Good,” Tom whispered.

All of my muscles contracted and my cock erupted with a passionate force like it hadn’t since my first orgasm. Cum shot forth like white liquid rockets, spurting ropes of thick white semen all over me; the first shot hit my chin. Tom laid beside me, watching me ejaculate all over myself. I felt like I was in the throes of an epileptic seizure and then it finally ended, leaving me weak and spent.

“Goddamn, that was sexy, Scott.”

Tom leaned over me and began to lick my cum from my body. He started with my chin and then slowly worked his way down my torso, not missing a drop of my seed. Finally he was at my cock, where he licked and chewed my cum out of my pubes before taking my soft cock in his mouth to clean it entirely of my juices.

“My god, Tom, that feels so good.”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” he smirked, laughing softly.

He was between my legs then, his face in my crotch, licking and sucking my balls before licking down my perineum, tantalizing my taint. He grabbed my legs with his strong hands and pushed them into the air, spread wide, and I felt his hot tongue licking and probing my asshole. I began to moan, my breath short. I’d never in my life experienced such a sexual sensation. No one else had ever touched my asshole in a sexual way. After maybe twenty minutes my anus had completely relaxed, Tom’s tongue probing deep. I’d just laid back and let him eat my ass out until there was no resistance to his probing.

He looked up at me and grinned.

“Now the fun begins,’ he laughed softly.

He wet his fingers in his mouth and I felt one push inside my asshole, then another, then a third. Tom has big hands and I felt momentary discomfort as his fingers began to twist inside me, to pull against the sphincter muscle, forcing it open. One of his fingers hit my prostate and I jerked, thrusting my ass into the air, another erection hard and ready to go. Tom pulled my ass back down to the bed, using his fingers in my ass.

“Not yet, baby,” he whispered. “You keep that next ejaculation for when I’m fucking you, when my big cock is hammering your ass.”

I was lost in a mad craze of emotions, still in shock over having sex with another man, fighting to keep Ellen out of my mind, to focus only on Tom. There was the revelation that I realized I probably had desired him since I first saw him. The realization was a massive blow to my psyche but I knew I couldn’t deny it to myself. Whether I’d known it subconsciously or not all along, it was clear to me that Tom and I had been almost flirting with each other from the start, him more openly than I. He’d been teasing me for all these months, leading me to this, through spring training, the long hot summer, this season.

Tom reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. He grinned devilishly.

“Golly gee, Coach Lewis, you sure think ahead, don’t you?”

He laughed. “A good Boy Scout is always prepared.”

Tom put jelly on his cock as I watched, then I felt it when he inserted a slippery finger into my hole, probing deep and spreading the KY. His finger rubbed my prostate and my cock swelled. He leaned forward and slapped his cock hard against my balls. I looked into his deep blue eyes as he put the head of his cock at the entrance to my ass. I felt the spongy softness of the mushroom head pushing gently against the hole. Tom pushed his cock so the head slowly began to slip into my opening. His fingers had probed and been inside me but the head of his cock seemed larger; it felt huge to me.

He leaned forward and kissed my lips, balancing himself with his hands on my chest, his fingers twirling the dark curls of hair. With the lean forward his cock pushed deeper and I felt my ass as it opened wide for him as more and more of his hard rod entered me. I could almost hear the sound as his wide mushroom head popped past the sphincter muscle and suddenly I wanted all of him inside me. I was insane with the desire for him to fuck me. I pushed my ass against his dick and more of him entered me. Tom lifted my legs above his shoulders, spreading my ass wide and open. He leaned against my legs, pushing them against my chest and gave one final push with his cock. I felt his pubic hair against my ass and his long ball sac hanging warm against my ass, his two nuts moving slowly. He had every inch of his cock inside me.

He leaned into my face and kissed me.

“You okay?” he whispered.

“Yeah,” I moaned. “Fuck me, Tom, fuck my ass with that monster cock of yours.

He began to rock back and forth, slowly fucking me, his cock sliding in and out of me, getting faster each time. He pulled completely out and then slammed into me again. I was in ecstasy, pulling at him, wanting to keep that cock inside me.

“God, you are fantastic, Tom. I can’t believe this. Fuck me, fuck me hard!”

He collapsed into me pushing my legs further into my chest. My feet were now above my head, almost touching the headboard and I was bent like a hairpin. Tom put his face in my neck and kissed my neck, biting me gently.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time now, Scott. I set up this room arrangement because I couldn’t take it anymore. I’ve been lusting after you for too long.”

I kissed his face gently. “Well, you’ve got me now. My ass is yours, my cock is yours. Just keep on fucking me.”

He bit my lip and started to fuck me passionately, nice and long hard strokes, pulling all the way out and slamming all the way in again, his balls slapping against my ass with every stroke, the sounds increasing the sexual intensity and experience. I’d never enjoyed the sexual act more than at that moment in time.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh god, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Tom moaned.

His muscles tensed and I knew his orgasm was ready to explode. Tom went to pull out of me and I grabbed him hard, pulling him to me.

“Fuck me, Tom, shoot your cum in me. I want your cum,” I begged.

He arched his back and his body froze, his muscles all flexed and bulging, as if he was lifting heavy weights. He withdrew his cock all the way one last time and then jack hammered into me, impaling himself in me with his pubes pressed tight against my ass. I felt his cock jerking and throbbing as he ejaculated his hot semen into my ass. My entire body felt like it was glowing and I knew in that instant what my wife felt when I fucked her, what all women must feel when a man shoots his seed into her. After he’d cum he began to fuck me again, slow and deep, before his penis lost his erection. I felt him move as if to pull out of me.

“Please. Tom, leave your cock in me and just hold me. I don’t want this to end.”

He lifted his face from my neck and grinned mischievously.

“Am I that good?” he laughed.


I kissed him with every ounce of passion within me.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms while the rain poured and lashed against the windows as if we were in the midst of a hurricane. My last thought before I fell asleep was how much pleasure I was feeling with his soft cock still buried in my ass.

When I awoke the bedside clock time was two fifteen in the afternoon but it was almost dark outside and the rain was still coming down, not like the monsoon earlier but still with enough force to be considered a heavy rain. I could hear the rumble of thunder and I knew it was still lightning somewhere near, even if I couldn’t see it. I looked over at Tom lying face down naked beside me. He was sleeping so peacefully, his mouth slightly open like a little boy. I had an image of him as a child sleeping in his bed at home, content like this. I was free to just stare at his naked body.

He was so beautiful to me, so in shape. His back was so muscled that his spine seemed to be in small furrow leading from his neck to his ass. I could see a scar on his left back just above his ass; it looked like he’d had surgery with several stitches, the scar maybe three inches long. It didn’t mar his gorgeous body, only seemed to stand out like some kind of badge of honor. I hadn’t noticed before that he had the very faintest down of tiny red hairs on his lower back just above his ass, tiny hairs that thickened and lengthened as they entered the split between his buttocks. The way he had one leg lying straight on the bed and the other bent at the knee, pulled to one side, opened his ass cheeks so I could see his most private area clearly. I slid down so I could just gaze on the little wrinkled pink hole hidden between his ass cheeks.

Tom stirred a bit when I moved and I felt his foot rest against my side as I lay between his legs. I was in love with the beauty of his asshole and I suddenly had to fight giggling when I realized how totally bizarre it was for me to be unable to conceive of the very idea of sex with a man yesterday and to be thinking a man’s asshole was a thing of beauty today. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I touched it lightly with my finger. It moved, flexed as it responded to my touch. I leaned in and licked it with my tongue. Tom moaned and began to wake up. I split his cheeks with my hands and began to kiss his ass, to lick, and chew on the hairs in his trough.

“Oh my god, you really know how to wake a guy up,” he whimpered.

I worked on his asshole for nearly half an hour, now totally in love with it. I had the insane thought that I could spend forever with my face buried in his ass. I pulled at his hole to widen it, pushed my fingers into it, probed it with my tongue, and in general, made love to it. Tom kept up an ongoing moan of satisfaction. His balls were on the bed directly below his ass and I sucked them. He finally pushed himself up on his knees a bit and announced he was cumming. I reached under him and seized his cock. I pulled it back toward me and slid my head underneath his raised crotch. Almost immediately he pushed his cock into my mouth and began to fuck it hard. I gagged when he thrust in the back of my mouth, pushing his cock down my throat. He stopped fucking and withdrew at once.

“Sorry, you gotta take it a little slower; give me a chance to adjust, Tom.”

His orgasm began and he fucked my mouth furiously. I held his hips to keep from strangling on his dick. He began to fuck fast and then his cum shot out. I didn’t swallow it immediately; I wanted to savor it, and I discovered it tasted even better than before. I let him finish his orgasm and then cleaned his cock with my tongue before sliding back out from under his pelvis and pushing him flat on the bed again.

“It’s my turn to fuck you,” I said.

I lay down on top of his back, my cock pressed between his buttocks.

“God, that feels so good, Scott.”

I reached for the KY jelly on the nightstand and put it down beside us on the bed. Then I began to kiss his body. His head turned sideways, I started with his lips and face and then buried my face in the sexy mane of red hair on his head, kissing it and chewing on it softly. I was completely hooked on his red hair like it was a drug. I nibbled on his earlobe, licked inside his ear, and then my lips traveled down his back after I left a little bite on his neck. I followed his spine to his ass but passed it with only a quick kiss to each cheek as I traveled down his legs, kissing and licking the back of his knees. I gently rubbed the thick red curls on his legs and finally arrived at his feet. For an athlete, his feet were soft and smooth, almost feminine. I kissed the soles of each foot, licked between his toes before sucking them, and made love to his feet.

Tom was humping the bed, begging me to fuck his ass, but I travelled just as slowly back up his legs with my lips as I had going down to his feet. He’d pushed his ass up slightly and used both hands to pull it open wide for me. The hole winked at me and I attacked it with my mouth again. Tom was trembling by the time I sat up and put KY on my cock. His ass was so wet from my saliva the hairs were plastered to his skin, his hole splayed open wide, and I squirted a small amount of KY in the hole before pushing three fingers into him at once.

Tom began to grunt like he was having another orgasm and I covered him with my body as I pushed my cock into his hot man pussy. Tom’s asshole allowed my cock to enter much easier than mine had allowed his in me and I immediately knew Tom had prior experience getting ass fucked. I moved slowly, not wanting to hurt him, but suddenly he lifted his ass and pushed back, totally impaling himself on my dick. Then he moved forward pulling off and pushed back again almost instantly, fucking himself on my cock. I collapsed on his back and began to fuck his ass in earnest, pounding away, my nuts swinging wildly with each thrust before slapping his ass hard. I’d never felt so great while fucking anyone else.

Tom started jerking underneath me and I felt his anus close tight like a vise around my cock.

“I’m cumming, baby, I’m cumming.”

He sounded almost like he was ready to cry.

His tightening asshole was all I need to finish me off and my cum began to shoot in his ass like hot lava erupting. We continued to make love for maybe an hour longer before falling off to sleep again, naked in each other’s arms, his face pressed to my chest. We woke again when the shrill ring of the telephone blasted us awake. Tom sat up instantly to answer the call. I lay quiet, looking at his back.

“Yeah, Ricky, it doesn’t sound good does it? Did they say when they’ll call it for certain? Shit, to come all this way and not get to play.”

He looked at me and winked, then squeezed my flaccid cock, still listening to Ricky Bennett.

“Nah, you guys go ahead and get dinner without us tonight. I’ve been sitting in the room watching television and working on plays. Scott ate something on the plane that made him sick and he’s been throwing up all day.”

He laughed. “Yeah, that’s right; you can tell them Coach Lewis is playing nurse to Coach Baker. The worthless bastards; I can’t believe Horace let them get away with only a half hour of P.E. You guys better enjoy this because when we get back home, there’s gonna be some asses run off on the field.”

He hung up and lay back on the bed beside me grinning. Then he leaned over and kissed me, our tongues fighting each other. Finally, he put his head on my chest and curled up next to me.

“The game’s probably going to be called off but they’re not sure. All this storming is because three more tornadoes tore through today. Some idiot thinks Saturday will be okay, that we’ll still be able to play.”

He licked my nipple.

“Truth is, I don’t really give a shit. I hope they do cancel the game and you and I’ll stay behind so you can recover.”

He looked up at me and grinned.

“We could fuck all weekend. Does that sound like a game plan to you?”

I ran my hand through his beautiful red hair and smiled.

“I think you make the best plans of any coach I’ve ever worked under.”

He grabbed my cock in his hand.

“You about ready to get under me again?”

I was certain of one thing. Tom Lewis had shown me what I’d missed all these years and I didn’t want to miss it anymore.

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