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Sandra shook her head and sighed as she listened to her daughter talking to her boyfriend in the next room.

“You have got to be kidding me, right?”

“C’mon Jen, it’ll be fun. Ron and Angela and Wendy and Greg will be there.”

“A stupid protest? Please.”

“We could end up on T.V.”

She cut him off. “You know what? I’m done. I am so sick of your stupid causes and… Just forget it. We’re through.”

“Wait, Jen.”

Sandra winced at the sound of the front door slamming, immediately followed by a great sigh and the springs of the couch squeaking. She peeked around the corner from the kitchen doorway to see Tim sitting on the couch with his head in his hands.

Once again, she shook her head. Tim had been on the football team, graduated in the top of the class from high school, and had held down a job since he was sixteen. He had a bright future ahead of him, and her daughter had just tossed him away like so much refuse.

He looked up to see her standing in the doorway. “Oh, hey Ms. Reynolds. I guess you heard, huh?”

Sandra stepped into the room and walked toward the couch. “Yes, and for what it’s worth, I think she’s making yet another big mistake. She’s never known when she had it good.”

Wearing a half-hearted smile, he stood up. “Thanks. Well, I guess I’ll see you around — at the store at least.”

To break the uncomfortable silence that followed, Sandra asked, “So what is the protest about, anyway?”

“The strip mall they’re wanting to build over at Greeley’s woods. There’s all kinds of other places to build it, and they want to cut down all the trees and stick it there.”

Sandra frowned. “I’d heard about it, but I didn’t know that they were building it there.” Though the spot had lost the distinction in recent years, during her youth, the little stand of trees was a popular make-out spot. Sandra had many fond memories of the place, and the thought of it vanishing forever didn’t sit well with her.

“Yeah, it sucks. We’re hoping that a protest on Earth Day might get some news coverage. Lots of people are going to be there.”

The more she thought about it, the more the whole situation offended her. “Could you use one more?”

Tim’s smile widened. “Sure. You want to come?”

“I can clean out the refrigerator tomorrow. That is, if you don’t mind having an old lady there.”

“You’re not old,” he argued.

“You are too sweet,” Sandra responded with a little shake of her head. “So when does it start?”

“In about an hour. You want to ride with me?”

She gestured toward the stairs. “That’s fine. Let me go change.”


Though she’d felt a little self-conscious on the drive over, Sandra had quickly calmed upon discovering that the protest encompassed far more than teenagers. The cameras from several local television stations had caused her nerves to act up again, but she’d eventually relaxed. She was chatting with an acquaintance from the other side of town when Tim returned with two paper cups of punch.

“Guess what?” He handed her one of the cups. “Somebody was listening to the radio and heard 96.1 asking the developer about this place. It sounds like they’re hesitating. This might have actually done some good.”

“That’s wonderful. I’m really surprised at how many people showed up.” She took a sip from her cup and then looked up at the sky. “I have a feeling that I know why the crowd is thinning and the reporters have all packed up, though.”

“Yeah, looks like rain. We’ve got a pretty long walk back to the car. Wanna head that way?”

“We probably should. It’s been a beautiful day, but I imagine that rain will be as cold as ice.”

Most of the gathering appeared to share the same opinion, because a general exodus was underway along the side of the road where everyone had parked.

Tim downed his juice in a quick chug, and then tossed the cup in a trash container nearby. “I’m just going to run this over so they can load it up in the truck real quick.”

Sandra nodded. “I’ll be right here.”

The dark clouds continued to creep across the sky, driving a wave of protesters fleeing for the safety of their cars before them. A few sprinkles were falling by the time Tim returned.

“Maybe we’d better make a run for it,” he noted with laughter in his voice.

Sandra laughed as he nodded toward the car and walked that way. Not quite a minute later, his jest turned into reality. The sky opened up, and huge chilly drops of rain descended in sheets. Despite jogging the last hundred yards to the car, Sandra was soaked to the skin when she pulled the door closed behind her. Tim snatched the sign off the windshield and joined her a second later.

After a little chuckle, Sandra said, “I can’t remember the last time when I ran anywhere.”

Tim started the car. “That rain was a good motivator. The heater warms up pretty quick.” As most of the crowd had beaten the rain, he had little trouble pulling out onto the road. “Mind if I turn on the radio?”

“No, go right ahead.”

Sandra was a little surprised when he tapped a preset button and one of her favorite songs from high school sounded from the speakers. She had to fight the urge to sway to the music, and noticed that Tim was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel in time with the song.

Curious, she asked, “You like this song?”

He chuckled a little nervously. “Yeah. Dad sort of got me hooked on this stuff. Everybody laughs at me, and Jennifer hated it.”

“They just don’t know what good music is.” She gave him a little wink.

The rain tapered off about half way back to the house, at about the same time as the heater kicked in. Sandra shivered as the warmth hit her, and glanced over at Tim. Her breath caught when she noticed how his soaked shirt was clinging to him, giving hints of his muscular torso.

What were you thinking when you broke up with him? She mused while continuing to look out of the corner of her eye. It was only then that she considered her own soaked clothing.

Oh dear, she thought as her face grew warm. The white blouse and sheer bra was proving a poor choice of attire. Between the chill and the saturated material, her nipples were plainly visible. She shifted her shoulders forward and quickly tugged the blouse away from her skin, which helped, but she wondered how much he’d seen.

Fortunately, they were nearly back at the house, saving her embarrassment. He pulled into the drive and parked.

“Do you mind seeing if you can find my letter jacket? Jen had it.”

“Not at all. Come on in. It shouldn’t take a second.”

After unlocking the door to let him in, Sandra said, “I’ll be right back,” and headed up the stairs to her daughter’s room. True to her prediction, the jacket was hanging in Jennifer’s closet and took only a moment to locate. She pulled it off the hanger and headed back to the first floor.

The sunlight streaming through the front window dimmed as she reached the bottom of the stairs, immediately followed by the sound of rain pounding the house.

Tim groaned. “Looks like we just outran it by a bit.”

She handed over the jacket and asked, “Why don’t you just stay until it lets up?”

“It’s okay. I won’t melt or anything.”

“Please. Let me go change and I’ll make some sandwiches or something.”

“I am a little hungry.”

Once again, Sandra’s face warmed. Just as he responded to her, his eyes had darted down to her breasts for a fraction of a second. She turned toward the stairs to hide her blush — and her attributes. “Just go have a seat in the kitchen. Don’t worry about getting the chairs wet.”


As she hurried up the stairs, Sandra had the feeling that someone was watching her. Is he looking? Don’t be ridiculous. There’s no way he’s looking at your fat butt. She shook her head in an attempt to chase the thoughts away, and focused on reaching her room to get out of the wet clothing.

She felt far more comfortable when she returned downstairs, dry and no longer on display for the whole world to see. That lasted right up until she walked into the kitchen to see Tim leaned back in his chair, his shirt still clinging to his torso in the most eye-catching way.

She locked her eyes on the fridge and said, “Well, I think I have some ham and cheese. If that’s okay?”

“Sure. Anything’s fine.”

Once again, she felt the sensation of eyes upon her when she bent to retrieve the sandwich fixings from the drawer at the bottom of the refrigerator. This time, she couldn’t stop herself from looking back, and saw Tim turning toward the kitchen window as if to look outside.

Just your imagination. The certainty of her mental voice in no way matched the way her body was reacting, though. Her nipples stiffened — and not from the chill of rain-soaked clothing this time.

Sandra sat Tim’s sandwich and glass of tea down in front of him just as the phone rang. She nodded when he said, “Thanks,” and then went to answer the phone.

“Mom, I’m going to stay at Christine’s tonight. We’re going to watch the late movie.”

“I assume that you at least asked her mother if it was okay, since you’re not bothering to ask me?”

“I’m eighteen. Jesus. So can I, or whatever?”

Not in the mood to argue, Sandra answered, “Fine. I’m going to call later, though.”

“Yeah. Okay. Bye.”

The line went dead and Sandra put the phone back on the charger, shaking her head and sighing in exasperation.

Tim had already wolfed down his sandwich by the time she returned to the kitchen. “I guess it was good?”

He laughed. “Yeah. Hey, can I show you something on the internet? There’s the website for the teacher who organized the protest, and something on YouTube that I think you’ll like.”

“Sure. I’d like to see if there’s anything else I might be able to help with.”

Tim stood up and hiked his thumb toward the front room, where the computer desk was. “Let me show you, then.”

“Okay,” she responded, her curiosity piqued, and turned to lead the way to the computer.

Upon reaching the desk, he said, “I’ll tell you how to get there, since my pants are still wet. Don’t want to mess up the chair.”

Sandra took a seat and brought up the internet browser. She then followed his directions to type in the website address. She found the teacher’s website interesting, and saw a couple of planned events that she thought about participating in, if time allowed. Her late husband had been a park ranger, and working toward preserving nature both reminded her of him — taken from her far too soon — and gave her a method to continue his legacy in a way.

She saved the website to her favorites, and then Tim said, “Now, go to YouTube.”

Sandra navigated to the video site at his direction, and then typed in what he told her to search for.

“There it is.” He pointed at the screen. “Click that one. I think you’ll like this.”

The description of the video had the name of the band whose song was playing when Tim first turned on the radio on the trip back from the protest. She clicked the video, and saw that it was a recent live show in some small venue.

Tim tapped his fist on his knee as he listened, and Sandra was swaying to the music before she realized what she was doing. It reminded her of going to one of the band’s concerts in high school, and she had to fight off a smile as she remembered that she’d lifted her top and shown her breasts at that show.

The video ended and Sandra said, “That was good. It makes me feel old, though. I seem to remember them having a lot more hair.”

“I went to that show with my Dad. They really rocked the place. Some things just get better with age.”

When she turned and looked up, there was no doubt this time where his eyes were focused. He was staring intently at her breasts, obviously trying to see through the neckline of her blouse.

Instinctively, she covered her attributes with one hand. “Tim, what are you doing?”

He took a step back. “Sorry. I was just… Well, I see where Jennifer gets it.”

Sandra knew her face had to be as red as a stop sign, and felt as if it were on fire. “I’m… Well, I’m flattered, but I’m the same age as your mother.”

She couldn’t stop her eyes from widening. He’d stepped back to just the right place for her to see the bulge in his jeans, and it was quite impressive indeed.

“That doesn’t mean you can’t be hot.”

Sandra gasped. “Tim! You can’t say things like that.” No matter her surprise, she found it very difficult to keep her eyes from darting back to very inappropriate places, and she felt the chilly tingle of wetness gathering between her legs.

“It’s true, though.” He reached down and adjusted the bulge in his pants, overcoming her hard-fought control and drawing her eyes.

So big. Stop it! “I think you should go.”

She winced when her tone didn’t even convince her that she meant it.

He stepped closer again. “Okay, if that’s what you really want.” His eyes roamed over her — devouring her — and he reached out to stroke her shoulder.

Sandra shivered from the sharp tingle that shot up her spine, immediately followed by an ache deep inside her and a throb from her stiff nipples. “We can’t,” she said in a soft voice before she could think better of it.

“Why not? I heard you talking to Jen. She’s not coming home.” The caress of his hand moved to her neck.

Her back arched before she could stop it, and she gasped again. “Please, Tim,” she muttered under her breath, and even she didn’t know whether she was begging him to stop, or the exact opposite.

“I’ve been hard ever since I saw your nipples in the car. You’ve got great tits.”

Unable to respond, or even think straight after hearing those words, she didn’t make a move to stop him when he leaned down to kiss her. Now beyond the point of no-return, she returned his hungry, urgent kiss with equal fervor. It had been too long since she’d been with anyone, and her need took control of her. One of his hands squeezed her left breast, and one of hers found his cock.

Sandra moaned into the kiss as she felt his hardness through the denim. He continued to gently squeeze her breast, letting his palm caress her stiff nipple. His tongue slipped into the kiss, and she entwined hers with it. She was lost in the feeling until his hand moved to the tail of her blouse and tugged it upward.

A gasp and then a whimper escaped her as the blouse slid above her breasts. She lifted her arms and heard him say, “Damn, they’re fucking great,” as the cloth slipped over her head. He leaned down to kiss the swell of her right breast, and then the left. His hands moved in behind her back, and he popped open the clasp of her bra with apparently practiced skill.

Fortunately, she was too deeply aroused to consider where he’d done the practicing.

If he took any note of the effect gravity had taken upon her breasts when he freed them of their supportive cups, he certainly didn’t show it. Sandra whimpered, “Oh my,” as his lips engulfed one of her nipples.

She rubbed her fingers along the length of his hidden erection, feeling its size and hardness. He worshiped her nipples with his suckling lips and swirling tongue, awakening desire greater than anything she’d experienced in years.

Needing more than the feel of him through the denim, Sandra found the button of his jeans and managed to pop it open with one hand, as the other was busy caressing the back of his head. His zipper soon followed, and she squeezed him once more through the thinner cloth of his boxers before pulling them down.

The feeling of his young, hard and naked cock in her hand was almost overwhelming. Her fingers didn’t touch around his girth, and the thick organ throbbed with desire in her grasp. She stroked him, making him growl around the nipple sucked between his lips.

Tim released the stiff bud with a final slurp and stood up, finally giving her a look at his manhood. It was every bit as long, thick, and magnificent as her touch had told her. The head was bulbous, and capped by a drop of pre-cum. Her mouth watered at the sight of him, and she indulged the need.

“Oh yeah,” he groaned as she darted in to lap up the tangy pearl adorning the helmet of his cock.

Her senses awakened by the taste of him, she swirled her tongue around the head to wet it, and then took him in.

“Fuck, that feels good,” he groaned, his hands caressing her shoulders as she suckled just the tip.

His moans and groans encouraged her to greater efforts, and she took more of him in. She couldn’t manage more than half of his thick shaft, but he didn’t seem to mind at all. The grip of his fingers tightened on her shoulders, and his hips started bucking forward with each suck.

Sandra’s lips slipped over his hard cock, the excitement of the way he was responding overwhelming the growing ache in her jaw from opening so wide to accommodate him.

“You really know how to suck dick. Damn,” he growled. “Ah, that’s hot, Ms. Reynolds. You’re way better than Jen.”

Some small part of her knew that she should have been disturbed by both the mention of her daughter and him calling her Ms. Reynolds, but it simply wasn’t the case. That combined with his dirty talk to make her even hotter.

She let out a disappointed moan when he pushed on her shoulders and jerked his hips backward at the same time, pulling free of her mouth.

“About to… to come,” Tim gasped out between fast, hard breaths.

Sandra responded in a rush, “I want you to.” She reached behind him to try to pull him back to her mouth.

“Not yet. Is your pussy wet?”

“Yes, so wet.”

“You want me to lick it?”

She stiffened from the electric shock of anticipation shooting through her from her wet heat at those words. “Oh please, yes.”

“Please — what?”

“Please lick my pussy, Tim.” Sandra could barely believe the words passing her own lips.

“That’s so fucking hot. I want to do it in your bed.” He stepped on the heels of his shoes to remove them while pulling off his shirt, revealing his muscular chest.

Deep in the heat, Sandra stood up as he kicked his way out of his jeans. She unbuttoned her own pants and slid them down.

His hand cupped her sex before she could even push the cloth past her knees. “You’ve got a hairy pussy.” He must have seen the flash of embarrassment in her eyes when he said that, because he immediately added, “I like it.”

Tim’s fingers pressed into her through the cotton, causing her to cry out in long denied bliss. He used his foot to push down her pants to let her step out of them while his fingers probed and caressed her wet heat. As soon as her feet were free, his fingers slipped beneath the elastic band of her white cotton panties.

Cool air kissed her hot sex as he pulled the cloth down, revealing all of her to his eyes. Even as she disentangled her legs, his fingers wiggled through the dark curls and between her nether lips.

“You’re wet as hell. I wanna eat your pussy in your bed.”

Sandra could only nod. Her eyes were tightly closed and her voice failed her. As soon as his fingers slipped from her clinging embrace, she started toward the stairs.

“You’ve got a great ass, too,” Tim said as he followed. “Makes me want to spank it.”

Looking back, Sandra marveled at the young, fit man following her, his hard cock bouncing with every step. His eyes were locked on her butt, leaving little doubt that he was telling the truth. The behind that she thought was so enormous was making his cock twitch. For the first time in years, she felt sexy again, and let that translate into a sway in her hips that drew a growling chuckle from him.

The stairs seemed to go on forever, and the hallway seemed even longer when he squeezed her butt upon reaching the second story. Finally, she was at the edge of her bed, and turned around to face him.

Tim kissed her hard, using his strong arms to guide her to first sit down, and then recline. His cock brushed against her as she lay back, making her shudder into the kiss. When his lips left hers, he darted back to her breasts, sucking her left nipple hard for a moment before straightening.

Sandra let out a yelp of surprise when he grabbed her legs, which still dangled over the edge of the bed, and spun her around. He climbed onto the bed, and she scooted up toward the pillow, her heart pounding and her pussy aching.

Strong hands moved behind her knees, pushing them up and out, parting her legs wide. He didn’t waste a second before moving between her thighs, parting the curls around her sex with his fingers, and diving in with a hungry growl.

Her head popped up from the pillow and she let out a long, quavering, high-pitched moan as his tongue delved into her. He wasn’t teasing in any way, shape, or form. He was devouring her. Tim’s tongue probed deep inside of her, lapped over her, and teased her swollen clit. He sucked her folds and her bud, wiggling his head as he did so. Sandra grabbed her breasts and teased the stiff points, panting for breath.

“Good?” He mumbled between laps, looking up to seek her eyes.

“Mmm hmm,” she moaned in reply.

“Tell me.”

After several whimpers she complied. “It feels so good. Don’t stop.”

Too long denied, and incredibly excited by the sight of the young man between her legs, Sandra ascended her mountain of pleasure with astounding speed. She writhed on the bed as best she could with his arms curled around her legs, holding her sex centered under his mouth. Her head lashed on the pillow and she let out a constant stream of yelps, moans, and whimpers.

“You want to come?”

“Please make me come!”

“Tell me when you’re there.” He pulled back the protective hood of her clit for a moment and gave the sensitive bud several fast flicks of his tongue. “I want to hear it.”

“S-so close. Oh god, please!”

The tightness behind her mound steadily increased along with the tingling of every inch of her pussy. She perched on the cusp of climax; barely conscious of anything except the inevitable — yet elusive — release she needed so badly. Then, she was there.

“I’m going to…” She managed only the beginning sound of come before the word turned into a wail of ecstasy.

Climax fueled strength let her clamp her thighs together around his head as her womb contracted and fluttered. Her fingers fisted into the sheets, twisting them. Her toes curled, and her back arched. Tim didn’t relent, but instead kept lapping, driving her to new heights of beautiful agony with every flick of his tongue.

Sandra never wanted it to end, but could barely endure the intensity of her pleasure. She screamed to the ceiling above, her heart pounding in her ears. After the initial shock of ecstasy, her orgasm rolled on in wave after wonderful wave.

Eventually, the sweet sensations waned, and she went limp. Her legs fell heavily to the bed, and she heard Tim growl. With no small amount of effort, she forced her eyes open to see him lapping her juices from his lips. The creamy wetness coated his face from his chin to the tip of his nose.

“Damn, you come hard. That’s so fucking hot.”

Sandra couldn’t control her breathing or her tongue well enough to do more than nod in agreement.

He sat up over his knees, and the sight of his cock bouncing set off an aftershock that made her tremble. When he knee-walked closer, her eyes widened and she whimpered, “Oh!”

Once again, he pushed her knees up and out. Sandra gasped for breath in almost fearful anticipation as the fingers of one hand curled around her thigh and he used the other to guide his cock.

As soon as the mushroom tip touched her folds, he pushed inside her. She screamed as his cock stretched her, easily slipping into her saturated canal until his balls settled against her ass.

“Fuck yeah, that pussy’s tight, Ms. Reynolds.”

“Oh. S-so full,” Sandra squeaked.

“You like it?”

“Oh yes!”

“Like what? Tell me,” he prompted while twitching his muscles to make his erection throb inside her.

“I love your big cock! Fuck me!”

His voice carried a growling chuckle as he responded, “Yeah,” and pulled back to thrust again.

“Ah! Oh god! Ah! Oh!” Sandra gasped and cried out with each thrust and retreat of his manhood. Her first orgasm had never completely waned, so every stroke of his cock sent shocks shooting up her spine. She fought for control, tightening her intimate muscles around him.

“Hell yeah. Squeeze that pussy. Yeah, you know how to fuck.”

As when he’d tongued her only a few minutes before, he took her hard and fast from the very first stroke. Claps of their bodies colliding combined with slight flatulent sounds of his thick cock slamming into her saturated pussy. He grunted and growled with effort, the sight of his muscles working exciting her all the more.

It came upon her without any warning. Her senses had simply overloaded, and she didn’t know that she was moving toward a peak until orgasm claimed her. She screamed until she ran out of breath, ending in a squeak, and still his cock continued to pound into her depths.

Later, she would understand that she was experiencing her first multiple orgasm, but for now, she knew only near painful, perfect ecstasy. She came over and over, lurching on the bed and crying out, her breasts bouncing erratically from the power of his thrusts. Her vision dimmed. Sound dulled until she could hear little more than her rapid heartbeat.

The shock of him pulling free caused her to sit up and pop her eyes open. He pressed his cock down over her rounded tummy and worked his hips once before letting out a loud grunt.

His cock pulsed, and a spurt of hot cum spattered hard on her right breast. She fell back to the bed when another shockwave of bliss rolled through her, but she could feel his hot cream continuing to decorate her body. Sticky strands coated her chest, her stomach, and pooled in her naval. She came again, the stimulation of his balls tickling her clit enough to send her over the edge.

By the time she could think again, Tim had collapsed next to her on the bed. His softening cock was slick with her juices, and a final dribble of cum meandered through the valley between his rock-hard abs. She glanced down at her own cum-splattered body, amazed by how much there was.

“Fuck that was good,” he muttered. “You made me come hard.”

Sandra could offer only a quiet moan in response. For long minutes, they simply lay next to each other, recovering from the powerful orgasms that had taken them both. Then she felt the bed shift.

Tim propped up on one elbow and admired her body. “I wanted to pull out and come in your mouth, but I couldn’t make it. You look good all covered in cum, though.”

“You felt so good. I didn’t think I was ever going to stop coming.”

“Me either.”

“You didn’t have to pull out, though. My tubes are tied.”

He sat up a little more, and Sandra was surprised to see his cock twitch with life. “Come in your pussy?”

More turned on than she ever would have thought possible by the dirty talk, she responded. “I’d love to feel your big cock coming inside me.”

“Damn, I want to.”

She reached out to stroke her fingertip over his stiffening organ and whispered in a sultry voice, “Then make it hard for me.”

He didn’t really need the extra encouragement.


Tim was sound asleep, his gorgeous, pussy-slick cock lying limp against his thigh when Sandra recovered enough to rise from the bed an hour or so later. She kept her intimate muscles clamped tight to prevent his cream from seeping from her, and admired the almost surreal sight of the young stud lying spent in her bed.

Then, the most ridiculous thought popped into her head.

Just doing my part for Earth Day and recycling what someone carelessly threw away. Besides, it’s a renewable resource.

Sandra stifled a laugh and shuffled to the bathroom for a shower with a hand cupped between her legs.

She had every intention of renewing this resource as many times as possible.

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