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Rebuilding Self Esteem

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I was divorced after nearly twenty years of marriage. It was an old story. College sweethearts marry. Husband wants to be a doctor so wife drops out of college to work and put him through med school, then quits when hubby becomes a doctor. After twenty years, hubby hits midlife crisis and decides the only way he can rediscover his youth is to trade in his forty for a couple of twenties.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t keep his dick out of the nurse he had been screwing during the divorce proceedings, and the private investigator my attorney hired had the pictures to prove it. The judge sided with me, and I won the house, car, and nice, big alimony payments that meant I wouldn’t have to go back to work. About the only thing I didn’t win was happiness.

I was an emotional basketcase after the divorce. I felt like a useless forty-year old spinster whose best years were behind her and had nothing to show for it, not even children. What made the situation worse was that I had seen it coming two years earlier. My husband had stopped paying attention to me, there was no romance, and our sex life was a joke. I tried to spice things up. I worked out religiously, going to gyms and hiring personal trainers until my body was in the best shape of my life. But no matter how sexily I dressed or acted, he never noticed, or cared. I wasn’t attractive enough for him anymore, no matter how hard I tried. I felt worthless.

I don’t know what I would have done it hadn’t been for Janet. She’d been my best friend since we moved into the neighborhood fifteen years ago. She was a year younger than me and had married her high school sweetheart. She had two boys a year apart, Tony and Rob. I used to baby sit them when they were kids, though that was in the distant past since Tony was already in college and Rob had just graduated high school and would be joining his brother in the fall.

Janet helped me through the first five months, which were the worst. She was always there to bolster my spirits and make me laugh. We were together nearly every day, and she gave me the emotional support I desperately needed until I could function as a normal human being. My self-esteem was still shot to hell, since I felt old and undesirable as a woman, but I wasn’t a zombie anymore and I was able to go out and do things with some enjoyment of life.

The one downside to my friendship with Janet was that she was always bragging about how great her sex life with her handsome, and very hung, husband Ray was. Sex with my husband had been perfunctory during the last two years of marriage, and since the divorce it was totally non-existent. When I got snippy with Janet over her bragging one day, she responded by saying that what I needed was to get laid. When I told her I wasn’t ready for a relationship, she said I didn’t need to marry a guy to have sex with him. She knew plenty of bars and clubs where a woman could go out and get picked up for a quick ride. I told her that I wasn’t interested, and even if I was, I too old for that sort of thing to work. She assured me that with my looks, it would be a question of holding them off, not hoping someone would show up.

I thought she was just being supportive and I dismissed the matter, but from that day on she became fixated on the idea of getting me laid. When we got together she’d ask me if I met any cute guys and if anyone had made passes at me. When we went out she’d have me rate the attractive guys we saw and asked if I would sleep with any of them if the opportunity presented itself. She even volunteered to go with me to the clubs and help find some good prospects. At one point she even joked about loaning Ray out to me. At least I thought it was a joke. I laughed and let the matter drop, never bringing it up again, largely because I was afraid she might have been serious.

It was toward the end of August that Janet suggested we go up north to a summer home she owned near a tourist area on a lake. She said we could hang out there for about a week on a real vacation. It would be a girls only thing since it was a busy time of the year for Ray’s construction business and they were late on completing some of their projects. I became excited about it, since it would be the first real vacation I had in years. It would be fun relaxing on their boat, swimming in the water, and working on my tan. Besides, Janet was always great to hang around with.

We went out together to buy new clothes in celebration for the upcoming trip. When it came time to choose swimsuits, Janet talked me into purchasing a tiny tanning bikini, one I never would have bought if Ray was coming along. After I bought it, Janet mentioned a couple of lakeside places where they allowed people to go around in swimwear and that I’d have to beat off my admirers when I showed them what I had to offer. I told her in no uncertain terms that I was not going to pick up any guys on vacation and that was final. She seemed disappointed, but said that if I changed my mind, I was more than welcome to use their place for a rendezvous and she’d make herself scarce if she had to. I just rolled my eyes and gave up.

Vacation time came along and we had an uneventful trip up. The house was in perfect order. It was on the top of a hill near the shore, surrounded by woods in a still underdeveloped area of the huge lake that afforded us some privacy. A short walk down the hill led to the dock where they had a pontoon boat. The sun was bright and the weather perfect. It was just what I needed.

After settling in and having lunch, there were still a few hours of good sun left. Janet suggested that since we were on our own, we go out in the nude and work on all over tans. The nearest neighbors were fifty yards away and there were plenty of trees that completely blocked the view between the houses. I decided what the hell and agreed. I stripped, grabbed a towel and lotion, and headed outside. Janet was already there and let out a wolf whistle when she saw me. She openly sized me up as badly as any guy. She surprised me by saying she was jealous of my bust size, which is a 36C, and is several inches and a cup size bigger than her. I replied by saying I was jealous of the fact her waist and bottom were leaner than my own 28-36 dimensions, and then pointed out that my larger breasts weren’t as firm as hers. She laughed and said my breasts were plenty firm, and that since I worked out so regularly, everything I had was finely toned muscle that accentuated my larger dimensions nicely. I gave a terse, “If you say so,” and let the matter drop. It would have been different if the assurances had come from a guy, but since it was from Janet, it didn’t quite have the effect she was looking for.

We lotioned each other up, turned on some low music (we didn’t want to attract attention, after all) and worked on our tans. I lay on my stomach at first. After about forty-five minutes or so, rotated so I was lying on back, eyes closed behind my sunglasses as I soaked up the rays. After a while, Janet asked if I was thirsty. I said yes and asked for a diet soda. She went inside while I went back to enjoying the sun.

After a couple of minutes I heard some movement, which I assumed was Janet, and continued lying there. Then I heard a gasp. Wondering if Janet had come across some of the local wildlife, or maybe spilled her drink, I sat up and released a gasp of my own. Just beyond the edge of the house, Tony and Rob were standing there, staring at my nude body. Positioned as I was, they had a perfect view of everything, from my breasts to my slightly open legs and pussy. I was so stunned I couldn’t react. Evidently they were surprised too, as they didn’t react other than to continue staring.

The door to the back opened and Janet walked out. She started so say something, then realized I was staring away from her. She turned her head and saw her sons. “What are you doing up here?” she asked.

The question caught their attention and they turned toward her. Seeing their mother naked, they finally were able to do what they hadn’t with me: covered their eyes.

“Geez, Mom, put some clothes on!” Tony shouted while Ray mumbled something in agreement.

Snapped out of my own shock, I stood up, grabbed my towel, wrapped myself in it, and hurried inside. I made a beeline for the guest bedroom, threw on some clothes and waited for Janet to do the same. We went back outside where the boys still were talking with one another over what happened. I couldn’t help noticing that as soon as I appeared, they started checking me out, seeming a touch disappointed with my clothed state.

Janet got the story from them. Since there was only one week left before they had to go back to college, they had quit their summer jobs early and decided to spend some time up at the lake. They hadn’t thought there would be a problem since we were already up here and they had their own bedroom, so they hadn’t bothered to call in advance. When they arrived, they had heard the music coming from the back and had walked around the house to say hello, and that was how they had ended up there. Janet laughed about the whole thing, then said she was delighted to have them around and told them to get situated.

While the guys unpacked their things, Janet said their presence wouldn’t be a problem. They were up here often enough that they knew some of the other residents, and would be off doing their own thing and wouldn’t get under foot. We’d have plenty of time to ourselves. I didn’t have any objections. While I had planned on it only being Janet and I, the boys were nice and had always been very courteous to me. I knew them well enough both from talking to them directly and from Janet going on about them all the time. They also knew how messy my divorce had been, so there would be no awkward moments or anything like that.

After Tony and Rob got situated, they grabbed something to eat, then decided to hang around the house, saying they were a bit tired by the drive and they didn’t feel like going out. Janet and I adjusted to the company and relaxed. The guys were pleasant, and didn’t act the least bit irritated at hanging around with women so much older than them.

Over the course of the evening, Janet had a bit much to drink and got pretty loud and definitely raunchy. It was obvious the guys were a little embarrassed by her behavior. After having a few too many more, she called it an early night and I helped her to her room where she passed out almost immediately. I was left alone with the guys. I thought I’d feel like a fish out of water hanging around with people so young, especially without Janet to talk to, but Tony and Rob were very charming and friendly. I felt astonishingly at ease.

I asked them what they did during the summer, what their plans were for college, and such. After they answered my questions, they asked me some of their own, which surprised me, since I didn’t think they’d be interested in my boring life. After a few benign questions, Tony asked if I was dating anyone. I hadn’t expected that. I answered no, and he said he was amazed that someone as attractive as me didn’t have guys lining up to ask me out since I was available now. I thought they were trying to cheer me up, like Janet usually did, but I definitely got a sincere vibe from them. Also I couldn’t help noticing how they stared at me when they thought I wasn’t looking. It was very flattering, but made me feel a little embarrassed. These were the sons of my best friend. I had watched when they were little boys, though they definitely weren’t now. They were nineteen and twenty, definitely in the bloom of manhood. They took after their father, with dark handsome features. Both were nearly six feet tall and athletic; each of them had belonged to several sports teams when they were in high school. And they never had any problems dating, according to Janet, though in the course of our conversation both guys mentioned they were like me and not seeing anyone now. They were fine young specimens of manhood. Janet had good reason to be proud of them.

I called it an evening as well. They guys tried to talk me into staying up later, but I begged off, though I was delighted they found be interesting enough to talk to. They offered to tuck me in the way I had them when they were younger. I laughed and told them I was perfectly able to tuck myself in, but thanked them for their offer.

I went to bed, but had a great deal of difficulty going to sleep. After an hour of tossing and turning, I decided to grab a drink and hope I could nod off. I left the guest room and headed toward the living room. As I approached, I heard the guys were still awake and talking quietly. I was about to say something to let them know I was up when I heard Tony say, “I can’t believe we got to see Mrs. C’s body like that.”

“I knew she looked hot, especially since she started working out, but damn, I had no idea it was that fine,” Rob answered.

“Her tits were the best. Nice big ones. I’d love to feel a pair that big.”

“They were nice, but that pussy was what caught me attention. Just a little patch of hair, they way I like it.”

“Oh yeah, that was definitely nice, too. I can’t believe Mr. C divorced her. I mean, if she was bitchy or spent all his money or something, I could understand. But she’s like, hot and has a nice personality.”

“Just goes to show you he was a dumb piece of shit. If I married someone as hot as her, I’d be fucking her everyday.”

“And in every way.”

The two laughed at that while I retreated back to my room, stunned that they actually thought of me in those terms. It was like they were in a locker room talking about some young school girl with the obvious lust in their voices. I know boys will be boys, and I’m sure they talked about all of the girls they found attractive in the exact same way, but it was a new experience for me. I didn’t know what to think, since I had such a miserable self-image of myself, and here these two guys were inadvertently destroying it. It would have been one thing if they had known I was there, I could have written it off as them just trying to make me feel good, but now I began to wonder if Janet was right and I really was still attractive, despite my age.

I eventually managed to fall off to sleep. When I awoke the next day, everyone else was still asleep. I decided to reward the boys for their comments by making them their favorite breakfast. It was more effort than I thought I’d be making on vacation, but it was worth it for the nice things they said about me. When I was finished I woke everyone up. It was obvious Janet was hung over and hardly touched a thing. The guys were appreciative, and lauded on about my cooking enough that it almost made me uncomfortable. I had to admit, I felt very appreciated and was glad the two had shown up.

The original plan Janet and I had made was to go out on the boat first thing and work on our tans while we floated on the water. However, Janet said her stomach was way too queasy to get on any boat, and she suggested that one or both of the boys could take me out. They both eagerly jumped at the chance and I had to admit, after hearing how nicely they talked about me, I was enthusiastic about the idea of being around them. I was sorry Janet felt so bad, and I did volunteer to stay with her, but she said not to worry since she’d be better in a couple of hours and that this was my vacation too, so I was supposed to have fun and that she’d see me later that night when she felt better.

I thanked her and went to my room to pick out some things for the boat ride. I was confronted with a choice. I had only brought two bikinis, a normal one and the tanning one I had bought for the trip. Before hearing the comments last night, I would have picked the normal one, but now things were different. I thought it over a bit and eventually decided to reward the boys for their comments by letting them see more of my body than was proper. I wore the tanning bikini under my normal clothes so I could surprise them.

We set out in the boat. It was a large pontoon with an awning which extended halfway, leaving the boat partially in shade and with a portion in the sun. One could lie on the floor with the high sides providing some privacy, or lay on the upraised portion in back to show off.

The lake was mostly empty, but the guys suggested we go to a smaller secluded spot for some privacy. I agreed, and we went toward a more distant part of the lake, up a brief, narrow channel, and ended up in a small inlet that opened up into a slightly larger area that dead ended. weren’t any houses around since the land was too marshy. It was far enough back from the main lake that no jet skis or powerboats would come back here, leaving it only for fishermen and people looking for a quiet place to sun. Currently no one else was present, leaving the area to ourselves.

Once we anchored, I removed my tank top and shorts and revealed my choice of bikini. I confess I was a touch worried that the talk from last night had been momentary and the guys might start thinking of me in terms of being an old woman, but one glance at their lustful leers and I knew that, if anything, their opinion of me had shot up. Tony even readjusted his swim trunks, though I think he was unaware of his action.

When the guys removed their shirts I was treated to quite the sight myself. I hadn’t realized just how much they had matured. They had very manly physiques, with well-defined muscles and almost no fat. I suddenly realized I hadn’t been around attractive, half-naked men like this since before I was married, and found it a very intoxicating experience.

Having the guys’ attention riveted to me boosted my ego higher than it had been for years. I was actually flirting with them as I asked if one of them wanted to lotion me up. They both volunteered, and appeared ready to come to blows over it, so I settled things by saying Tony could do my front while Rob could do my back. I lay on my stomach first, and felt Rob squirt the cool lotion on my body, making me jump. Soon his powerful hand started working on my legs, massaging me as well as rubbing the liquid on my body. He might not have been a professional masseur, but it was obviously not his first time either. He took his time as he worked the lotion into my skin, though I wasn’t complaining. It felt so good having this handsome male attending to me that I didn’t want it to end.

Eventually Rob came to my ass cheeks. He slowed down, rubbing the lotion in large circular motions, but not blatantly grabbing my bottom or digging his fingers in. His fingertips did get just the tiniest but under the skimpy material of my bottom, but extended no further. After a seeming eternity of that, he rubbed it into my back. He then asked if I wanted him to undo my bikini strap. I told him no, since Tony still had to do my front, but thanked him anyway for the offer.

I swore he got every square inch of my back and sides. He probably would have kept rubbing me except Tony wanted his turn, insisting my back was done and it was time for the front. I turned around to lay on my back, able to watch instead of just going by my sense of touch. Tony started at my legs too, working the lotion in. When he got to my crotch, he told me to spread my legs so he could have better access to me. Now that was a loaded request, but I did was he asked. He was slow and gentle as he worked the lotion into every place where my flesh showed, which was considerable. At one point as he rubbed the sides of the tiny front of my bikini, his fingers caught in the strings at the side and lifted up, clearly defining my lower lips. The contact with the fabric made me moisten slightly.

I had to tell him he had done a good job there to get him to move on, or he might have been there for hours. He did my mid-section almost hurriedly, until he got to the bottom of my breasts. Worried about what he might tug at next, I told him I could take care of the rest. He was disappointed, but to his credit, didn’t protest as I took the lotion from him and spread it on the tops of my breasts, letting the oil spill down between the valley of them. I confess, I did put on a show for the guys, making a great production of rubbing the oil into my skin, even rolling my shoulders forward and squeezing my breasts together to make them look larger. The guys’ attention was focused totally on me. I think you could have set an explosive off right next to them and they would never have noticed.

I asked them if they wanted me to lotion them up, and they readily agreed. While I had no intention of working them over the way they had me, my hands did linger as they roamed over their young, rock hard bodies. My mind couldn’t help wondering what it might be like to have either of them on top of me, pressing his body on top of mine as we fucked. It was definitely erotic, and turned me on, which probably wasn’t a good thing at the time.

After finishing up with them we lay down to get some sun, with Tony lying next to me while Rob lay at my feet with a perfect view between my legs. I tried keeping them closed, and his face seemed pointed away, but I knew what he was staring at behind his sunglasses. Tony really wasn’t any better as he faced me nearly the entire time, staring at my breasts. Maybe it was a good thing Janet wasn’t here, since I wasn’t sure the guys would have controlled themselves in even her presence.

We lay like that for about half an hour when the sound of a motor drew near. We all stood up and watched as a larger power boat pulled into our area of the lake. The only person I could see was a slender woman who appeared to be in her mid-twenties.

Rob elbowed Tony in the side and asked, “Isn’t that Marie?”

“Shit yeah,” Tony said, and the two watched the woman, their attention riveted on her.

I felt confused at their sudden shift in attention. “Who’s Marie?”

Tony said, “Mr. Danforth’s new wife. Our parents met them a couple of months ago. He’s some rich businessman that’s got a year round house out here, but he flies to Europe all the time. One of the times he came back, he had her in tow.”

“So what?” I asked.

“I think she’s from France, and likes to sunbathe topless,” Rob answered.

“I didn’t think you were allowed to do that here,” I mentioned.

Tony shrugged. “You’re not supposed to, but as long as no one complains, you can usually get away with it.”

I did not like this turn of events. Sure enough, the little minx maneuvered close to our boat and pulled to a stop. She waved at the guys, flashing them a cute little smile. She anchored, laid out a towel on the open back portion, and then proceeded to remove her top and lotion up. I could tell she was showing off for the guys’ benefit, despite my presence there. I couldn’t help feeling she was intentionally doing it because of me and what I was wearing. I knew girls like that my whole life, ones who can’t stand the idea of not being thought of as the cutest girl around, and do everything they can to show up any woman they think might be a threat to them.

Seeing Tony and Rob’s attention riveted to Marie’s skinny little body irritated me to no end. I became furious, and a little frightened. For a brief moment I had been the center of two desirable guys’ attention, and it gave me a boost to my self-confidence like nothing had since my divorce. Then, in a handful of minutes’ time, everything had changed, leaving me feel far worse than before the vacation. Once again I was being abandoned for some younger bitch, just like my ex-husband had done. Well not this time! I’d be damned if this French slut would show me up and rob me of Tony and Rob. I was going to keep their attention no matter what it took.

I said, “This brings back memories. I’ve been to French Riviera before.” It was a lie, but it gave me the excuse I needed. “Going topless was pretty fun.” And with that I untied my top, putting my naked breasts on display for the guys.

Their jaws dropped, and I had to stifle a laugh as their family resemblance was most definitely coming through. But that wasn’t enough. I couldn’t take the chance on them reverting back to her, so I upped the ante by saying, “Why don’t you boys put some lotion on me, one of you on each breast?”

They nearly collided in their eagerness to grab the lotion. I spared a look toward Marie, and could see the anger on her face at being upstaged by an ‘older woman.’ Yes! I wanted her to taste some of her own medicine and find out what it was like to be ignored.

The guys’ hands were all over my breasts, lathering in so much lotion I probably wouldn’t get sunburn for the rest of my life. They weren’t shy about it either, making my oiled body glisten and working my nipples vigorously, turning them bullet-hard. They were getting me too worked up for my own good. With more than a touch of reluctance, I informed them that was enough. They were even more reluctant as they withdrew their hands, though they stayed close and made certain they had an unrestricted view of my glistening breasts.

Just as I had hoped, their attention was now fully on me instead of the skinny girl. Not only were my breasts larger, but they were up close and the guys had actually touched them. As far as they were concerned, Little Marie had ceased to exist. I could tell she was put off. She probably enjoyed being an exhibitionist and couldn’t stand not being the center of attention. I resisted the urge to give a cry of triumph. I knew I was overreacting, but it felt good to win out over a younger woman.

About a half hour later, Tony suggested we go in the water and play with an inflatable beach ball they had brought along. He assured me the water was no deeper than my neck in this area of the lake, not that I was worried since I’m a good swimmer. We went over the side and started frolicking about tossing the ball back and forth, laughing and having a good time. Predictably, the guys tossed lots of high balls my way, forcing me to jump and making my breasts jiggle.

This was apparently too much for Marie as she pulled up her anchor and left. Good riddance to bad rubbish, as far as I was concerned. She should have found someone else’s men to steal.

Tony drew nearer to me at one point. While Rob tossed the ball my way, he disappeared underwater. I was concentrating so much on the approaching ball that I didn’t realize what was happening until I felt a tugging on my bottoms. Hands were pulling at the strings on the sides, trying to untie them. I tried grabbing, but it was too late and I felt my bottoms pulled free. Tony surfaced a little distance away, holding my bikini high in his hand and shouting like he had just scored a touchdown in football or something. Rob reacted like he had as well, cheering just as loud.

“Give it back!” I protested and lunged for Tony, but he darted backward into shallow water, maintaining the same distance between us.

“You can have it back for a kiss,” he said, and puckered up.

“I am not one of your little schoolgirl friends that you can play around with.” I tried to sound dignified, but it’s a bit hard when you’re naked and have your hands covering your breasts.

Tony responded with, “I know. You’re a sexy, mature woman who I want to play around with.”

I blushed. I had to hand it to him, he had a way with words. I probably could have ordered him to give it back, but I had a feeling if I did, their attention toward me would cool considerably, and I still wanted to be the center of their world. It was almost like a drug. I told him fine, I’d give him a kiss if he gave me back my bottoms. He said kiss first, then bottoms. I moved up close to him, leaned forward and gave him a peck on the lips. He tried catching my lips, but I pulled back too quickly for him to catch me. I held out my hand expectedly, uncovering one of my breasts. “Bottoms?”

Tony handed them to me, smiling in satisfaction. I wasn’t nearly as put out as I pretended. I loved that he thought I was attractive enough that he had to conspire to kiss me, and I was turned on by kissing someone so attractive. Thank god I had been willing to go to such lengths to steal his and Rob’s attention back.

We started playing again. Everything seemed normal until Tony and I started hitting the ball back and forth. I went to send it toward Rob, but found he had disappeared from sight.

“Oh no!” I said, my eyes scanning the water for him, but it was too late as he had maneuvered behind me and grabbed at the strings as well. I tried fending him off, but not too hard, as he managed to snag them as well. It didn’t take him long to surface, holding the bottom’s out teasingly.

I couldn’t find any anger this time, and said in a playful voice, “You’d better give those back.”

“Same deal as Tony,” Rob said, and I could tell he was jealous.

Well, I was hardly one to ferment dissension in the ranks. I didn’t bother covering up this time as I walked through the water until I was directly in front of him. I leaned forward to give a light peck when he grabbed me by the shoulders forced me forward, pressing my body against his.

“I meant a real kiss.” Rob brought his lips against mine and locked them in a deep passionate kiss. My breasts were mashed against his rock-hard pectorals as his tongue darted past my lips. I hadn’t been kissed like that in years. It made my heart pound so hard I could hear it in my ears as his mouth devoured mine. I couldn’t think as I got caught up in his passion and allowed him to orally ravage me. One of his hands cupped my ass, and I felt the material of my bikini brush against my skin. That broke the spell. I caught him off-guard as I jerked out of his grasp. I composed myself as best as I could, which wasn’t much since my heart was still beating like a jackhammer. I held my hand out and asked for my bottoms. For a moment, I thought he was going to lunge for me again, but he simply handed them over.

Before I had a chance to tighten my grip, Tony, who had moved closer without my realizing it, snatched them out of my hand. He tossed them in the air and caught them, saying, “Now I want a kiss like that.”

I decided it was time to take the initiative. Tony was still very close, so when he tossed the bottoms up again, I dove for his shorts. He was caught completely unawares. I snagged the elastic and pulled down, knocking him off balance and into the water. I was fast enough to pull them off and clear of his legs before he could snag them. I then swam out into deeper water, gaining some distance between us, before surfacing and holding my prize high in the air. “Mine for yours,” I said, laughing.

Standing in waist deep water, Tony seemed put out over my action, while Rob could barely keep from laughing. Well, it served him right for thinking I was just going to passively stand by while they handed me back and forth between them, though it had been fun, being treated like a contemporary of theirs.

Tony smirked back and said, “Keep them. I don’t need them,” then threw my bottoms onto the boat. I was stunned at his reaction, but decided two could play at that game, and tossed his up there as well. He continued smirking, then walked up to the boat and to the ladder leading into it. I watched as his cute, tight buns came into view. God he had a great ass. I was a touch disappointed he kept his back to me the whole time, so I couldn’t see his cock. He walked onto the boat, and laid down out of sight from me in the water, the sides being too high for me to look over.

Since it was obvious he wasn’t going to toss my bottoms back to me, I had no choice but to get out of the water and climb aboard to get them. I knew I’d be flashing my ass and pussy to the guys, but I surprised myself but not really caring. I had been topless around them for over an hour now, and they had seen me naked yesterday, so it wasn’t like it was anything new. I decided to act confident, like Tony had, and all but sauntered up the ladder, giving Rob the same view of my ass that his brother had shown to me.

When I got on board, I was surprised to see that Tony hadn’t bothered to put his trunks back on. He just lay on his back, sporting a massive erection. It had to have been at least eight inches long and thick. My eyes were riveted to it. It was the first cock I had seen in months, and the largest I had seen in years. I squirmed a bit as I felt myself automatically reacting to its presence.

Tony saw my open interest and said, “How about putting some lotion on it so it doesn’t get burned?”

I collected enough of my wits to say, “I shouldn’t.”

“We’re all adults here,” Tony assured me. “And you are the one who tossed my trunks away, so I’d say you’re responsible. Besides, I lotioned you up earlier.”

This was the moment of truth. I couldn’t lie to myself. I knew if I touched that magnificent cock I wouldn’t let go until I took everything it could give me. A part of my mind told me I shouldn’t do it. They were young enough to be my kids, and were the children of my best friend. I had babysat them when they were younger. It would be improper.

And then I realized that it didn’t matter. I had made my decision when I chose the smaller of the bikinis. I had been subconsciously preparing myself for this moment since I overheard Tony and Rob night before. I wanted these young men, not boys, *men*, to take me, but had lacked the courage to approach them. Rejection from my ex was too fresh for me to take the direct approach and risk having them turn me down, so instead I had set about to encourage them to seduce me. That was the main reason I had become so enraged at Marie’s intruding presence. Everything this afternoon had happened in stages, becoming progressively more and more risqué when I could have stopped things at any time and never did. I wanted to feel their finely-chiseled muscles, their youthful passion, their powerful cocks. I wanted to feel like an attractive woman, and only a man, or in this case, two men, could do that, and I would do anything to get it.

Course decided, I grabbed the nearest bottle of lotion and squirted some in my hand. I then went down on my hands and knees and began giving Tony a hand job in the guise of lotioning his cock. I looked into his eyes to see much of his cockiness was gone, replaced by relief. I guessed he hadn’t been completely sure I would rise to his bait and had been afraid of being rejected as well. We had more in common than I had realized.

I decided to move things forward, and leaned on all fours as I sucked down the now coconut flavored head of his dick. God, having the sensation of a cock in my mouth felt great, mostly because my pussy remembered where the cock tended up to end up later. Since it was so large, I didn’t even try to deep throat it (something I was never good at), so instead I took about half of it in, and really worked it over with my tongue. Tony groaned in pleasure about how good it felt and what a talented mouth I had. The approval only made me try to please him more.

While this was going on I felt a pair of oily fingers start playing with my pussy. I reflexively widened my legs to allow better access. I had already been a bit wet, and with how my outer lips were caressed, I was soon flowing. The fingers relocated from playing with the outside to moving past my petals and working their way into my body. Between how oily they were and how wet I was, it didn’t take long for them to bury themselves in all the way. I bucked my hips back at the penetration, and just as I started to really get into it, they pulled out. I was about to release Tony’s cock and protest when I felt Rob grab my hips and something very large was placed against my lower lips. I let Tony’s cock slip from my mouth and moaned in pleasure at the bulbous head of Rob’s cock slipped into me. I forgot how wonderful it felt to have a man enter me, especially one that actually wanted me, rather than doing it because he was my husband and it was expected of him.

Rob moved back and forth, getting more of inside with each thrust. It felt great. I had less then a half-dozen lovers before I had married, and only one of them had come close to Rob’s length, and my former lover hadn’t been as wide. It felt so wonderful, having that cock hit places that hadn’t been touched in years and stretching me like I had never been before. Soon Rob was all the way in, and I climaxed, my first one in nearly year. I cried out loud enough for my cry to echo around the area we were in.

Tony grabbed my head and forced my mouth on his cock again. Once the climax passed and I had my wits about me, I realized I had been neglecting him. I was so overjoyed at the feeling of having a climax that I really went to town on him, giving him as enthusiastic a blow job as I ever had. It didn’t take long for him to moan, then grab my head and pump his hips up and down. I could feel his cock twitch in my mouth and knew what was to come. As soon as he popped, I tried gulping down his warm, wonderful fluid. I got the first few squirts, but he kept coming and coming as only a young virile man can. I coughed some back up, it dribbling down my face, before he released one final groan and released his hold.

Rob waited long enough for me to catch to stop coughing and catch my breath. When I had, he began pumping in and out of me at a steady rhythm, picking it up a touch as time went on. This definitely wasn’t his first time, as he was too in control. He fucked me through another orgasm before he grunted that he had to come. It was the safest time in my cycle, so I told him to do it inside of me, and he did, erupting like a volcano. I could feel his cock squirt blast after blast into my womb, dumping at least as much as his brother had into my stomach. It felt so right to have his young sperm flowing inside of my body. I wanted more, an endless supply if it could make me feel like this.

I got my wish. Rob detached himself from me, but I wasn’t given a breather as Tony had already gotten hard again. I had forgotten how quickly younger men could get it up. He flipped me on my back, placed my legs over his shoulders, and then sank his shaft deep into me with one thrust. His tempo was much quicker and more powerful than Rob’s as he really let me have it. My breasts bounced all over the place as he slammed into my pussy in a frenzy. It wasn’t romantic or loving, this was pure unadulterated lust, an open acknowledgement that this handsome male was interested in my body as a female. It was exactly what I needed: sex that lacked any semblance of romance to bog things down. I urged him on, telling him to give it to me. Having come once, he lasted much longer this time fucking me through a number of orgasms before he grunted and popped inside of me, his sperm mixing with his brother’s.

By this time we had built up a real sweat under the blazing sun. I recommended we cool off by taking a dip in the water. We didn’t bother with our bathing suits and just jumped in. I had never been skinny dipping before, but it was definitely fun, especially being with two handsome studs that were easy on the eyes. I went out to the deeper water, where it came up to my shoulders.

My break didn’t last long as Rob moved up behind me, grabbing my breasts and molding my back to his front. It didn’t take long for him to reposition us so he could fuck me standing up in the water. I quickly came to the conclusion that having sex in the water was a lot more fun than just skinny-dipping. After a long, luxurious fuck, Rob came in me a second time. Tony was quick to replace him. I assumed he’d give it to me hard and fast again, but this time he took his time, like Rob had done, savoring my body and replacing the lust with sensuality. He took me through a couple more orgasms before he came again. When he was finished, Rob began making out with me in the water, paying close attention to my neglected breasts. Tony, not to be outdone, started to do the same. However, before we could really get started, we heard the sound of an approaching motor. We hurried back onto the boat, barely getting our swimwear back on before another pontoon boat, with several older couples on board, appeared. They greeted us and anchored nearby. It was obvious they were going to be sticking around for a while.

By this time it was getting late, and we were all tired. We pulled up the anchor and headed back to the house, though as we traveled back the guys would alternate between piloting the boat and making out with me. It was extremely sexy, and the perfect afterglow to the hot and heavy sex we had just experienced.

As the dock pulled into view, I felt a wave of depression wash over me. As much as I wanted to keep having sex with the guys, it was going to be impossible to manage with Janet around. There might be time for a quickie with one of them, but nothing like the lust-filled, unrestrained, hours long double-teaming I had endured. That was what I wanted, their hard spikes hammering me, and by doing so reinforcing the image in my mind of being a sexy, desirable woman despite being a forty-year old divorcee. Still, as much as I wanted sex, I wasn’t a horny teenager. I was a mature adult, and accepted that this was going to be a one time thing. However, as we got to the house, I discovered my resolve might have been short lived.

Janet wasn’t there. We found her car gone and a note on the door that told us to call her cell phone. I did so, and got the reason for her sudden disappearance. It turned out that shortly after we had left, she had received a phone call saying her aunt had been in a fall. While the injury wasn’t life threatening, she did need emergency room treatment. By the time Janet got there, the doctors diagnosed it as an ankle sprain that would force her to stay off it for a while. Unfortunately her aunt lived alone, and would have difficulty getting around, so Janet volunteered to stick around for a few days until her cousin got back from his own vacation to help with his mother.

Janet apologized and said that if I was uncomfortable staying alone with the guys she would tell one of them to drive me home. I told her not to be ridiculous. Tony and Rob were being perfect gentlemen and I was having a wonderful time with them. She said she was glad to hear it and asked me to put them on the phone. I did so, backing away. They both talked briefly to Janet, then said their goodbyes.

“What did she have to say?” I asked.

Tony smiled. “She said we have to take very good care of you or she’d make us sorry we were ever born.”

“I see,” I said as a started to take off my clothing. “Well then, you guys had better get to work since I need a lot of taking care of.”

“Our pleasure,” Rob said as they both moved toward me.

The rest of that day and the next three were little more than a continuous sex marathon. Tony and Rob took me in every position and combination imaginable, and I loved every second of it. We did it in every room of the house, on the boat again, under the stars at night, and everywhere we could think of. I had never been confronted with such raw animal lust in my life, and I shocked myself by rivaling that hunger, releasing nearly three years of worries and frustrations as these passionate men reconfirmed my womanhood. I handled everything they could throw at me, barely.

On the fourth day Janet called and said that her aunt had someone to look after her and that she was coming back up. It was just as well, since all three of us were exhausted by then. We cleaned up the place (explaining the love stains on damn near all the sheets in the house would have been a bit difficult) and greeted Janet warmly upon her return. For the last couple of days I spent all of my time with Janet, and had a good time, even if I wasn’t having any sex. Although on the last night the guys dropped by room slightly after midnight to see if they could have one last fuck; they didn’t leave until four in the morning.

Unfortunately, Tony and Rob had to go back to college right after we returned, preventing us from having any more trysts. Their college is over ten hours away, which makes traveling there a multi-day trip, and if I started disappearing for extended periods of time people would start to wonder why, especially Janet. But maybe not. There are times when I wonder if she hadn’t planned for the whole thing to happen. She stopped trying to convince me to get laid right after the trip, and her leaving me alone with the guys after they arrived, and then conveniently disappearing for several days, makes me wonder. She has a pretty liberated outlook on life, and it’s conceivable she just ‘let nature take its course.’ I probably could try and find out if her aunt really had injured her ankle, but I think it’s probably for the best I don’t know. In any case, it’s not like I could ask Janet directly, because if I’m wrong she might not be too pleased with her best friend for sleeping with both of her sons. It’s best to keep the matter between the three of us. I sometimes feel awkward about it, but at the same time I needed them or I might never have recovered my self-confidence.

Since that wonderful vacation my attitude toward life has lifted tremendously. I’m happier now than I’ve been in years, and can accept the fact that my ex-husband was an asshole and I’m better off without him. I’ve been dating several men, about my age, casually for a little while now, but not having sex with any of them. While I’m not ready for a serious, or even steady, relationship yet, I’m not ruling it out somewhere down the line, and I don’t want to get a reputation for being a slut. Besides, Tony and Rob called me recently. They have a three-day weekend coming up, and have invited me to come on down for a repeat performance of our last vacation. I already booked a hotel room, and plan on telling everyone I’m going to be out of town for a few days visiting relatives. I can’t wait.

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