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My name is Colin and I’m 23 years old. I was never a real jock as I grew up. I was taller and more broad-shouldered than my friends, but I didn’t exercise much and so didn’t develop a strong physique.

Until I landed a sweet job as an engineer at a big electronics company right out of college. The campus where my office was located had a big fitness center that was free to use for employees.

I started working out there with a colleague of mine, first once a week, then more often until we’d go to the gym every other day. We’d compete against each other, who could bench-press the most and who could do the fastest 500 yards on the rowing machine. Soon my chest and shoulders became more rounded, biceps and triceps bulging on my arms. I never quite got rid of the beer gut I’d acquired in college, as I focused more on strength and muscle mass in my workout, but I didn’t mind much.

Needless to say my improved body also did wonders for my self esteem. I’d had one serious girlfriend so far, and had sex with about three women. One of them was nine years older than me and taught me a lot, especially about eating pussy. But that’s another story.

Friends of mine had persuaded me to help as a volunteer at a big fantasy fair. I figured I’d be selling tickets or serving drinks, but what they had me do is dress up like a zombie and scare the living daylights out of the fair’s visitors. It was much more fun than I anticipated. There was a degree of anonymity due to the heavy make-up I wore, complete with open festering wounds made out of latex and dripping fake blood. I especially enjoyed scaring people who were having a snack, as many would quickly lose their appetite when they saw my horrific face.

I learned quickly that a fantasy fair attracts hordes of Goths. The fair was swarmed with tall, skinny Goth boys and cute pale girls in elaborate black and purple outfits, heavy with chains and other various marks of Gothness. Instead of being scared or grossed out by my zombie-like appearance, they reacted either with cheers or even admiration.

Two Goth girls especially seemed to like my zombie make-up and outfit. One was a tall, voluptuous blond, which I found surprising as stereotypical Goths keep their hair dark, and they tend towards the thin side of the spectrum. But this girl, with bright brown eyes, seemed to be the exception to the rule. She was wearing a lovely black dress with lace highlights that accented her ample bosom quite nicely.

The other girl was more of the Goth stereotype, with long black hair and heavy make-up in tribal patterns on the sides of her face. She wasn’t quite skinny either though, with shapely legs, curvy hips and nice breasts too, tightly contained in her black corset.

After my initial failed attempt to scare them, they followed me around for a while and watched me do my thing on other visitor’s of the fair. Then as I sat down for a break, they joined me and we started chatting. The tall blond girl was called Regina, and her dark-haired friend Rianne. I introduced myself and we talked for a bit about the fair and my zombie dress-up. After a while I had to get back to scaring folks, so we said goodbye. I thought that that was the last I’d see of them.

A few weeks later the same friends that had brought me along to the fair now invited me to join them at a big Goth party in town. My curiosity in the Goth culture, especially their women which somehow seemed more beautiful than ‘regular’ people, led me to accepting the invitation. So here I was, dressed very inappropriately in jeans and a black shirt, nowhere near a convincing Goth. But it didn’t seem to matter at this party, as everyone was having a great time and I wasn’t the only non-Goth there.

Suddenly I spotted Regina, dressed in a stunning dark blue dress with her long blond hair in a ponytail. She was chatting with a young fellow who barely seemed old enough to shave. I went over to her and as I approached she looked over at me. At first there was no recognition, but as I came closer she looked again and suddenly she remembered me.

“Colin!” She hugged me tightly, her breasts pressing against my chest. I hadn’t expected such a warm hello, but who was I to complain? The boy at her side wasn’t happy, but as I was at least a head taller and twice as wide as him, he refrained from glaring at me.

The rest of the night Regina and I were inseparable. We chatted, we danced, we drank, and after a while we took a walk outside. We sat on the curb for a while, our sides touching, talking about lots of stuff in hushed tones. Turned out Regina was 19 and just about to start college. She hadn’t decided on her major yet but she was looking in to studying psychology.

When we headed back to the party I pulled her into a secluded spot behind a couple of trees and kissed her. She eagerly reciprocated, and we made out for a long time. At the end of the night we exchanged phone numbers and promised to call each other first thing on Monday.

She called me Monday morning when I was at work, and we talked for a bit until my boss gave me a look and I had to cut the conversation short. I called her back as soon as I got home, and we agreed to see each other again the coming weekend. Throughout the week we kept calling each other and sending text messages.

The weekend finally arrived and on Friday evening I drove for an hour to get to Regina’s place. She still lived with her mother, her parents being divorced, but her Mom was out for the weekend so she had the place to herself. We went to a bar she frequented, a big Goth crowd often assembling there, and once again I felt thoroughly out of place. And again it didn’t seem to matter as Regina’s friends seemed to accept me in their circle despite my total lack of Gothness.

As I was talking to a lanky fellow about our favorite types of beer, I was suddenly blinded when two hands came up from behind and covered my eyes. A body, obviously female, was pressed against my back and a voice whispered in my ear in a sultry tone. “Guess who?”

It wasn’t Regina, as her breasts were bigger than the ones I now felt against me. The voice seemed familiar to me but I was unable to place it right away. I grabbed the girl’s wrists and pulled them over my head, turning around quickly as I did so. The girl yelped and stumbled, falling against me. I instantly recognized her: Rianne, Regina’s friend from the fair.

I let go of her wrists and she hugged me, laughing. “I almost didn’t recognize you without your make-up!” She said, “You’re much cuter now.” I chuckled and looked for Regina, as I was there for her and the tight hug me and Rianne were engaged in could seem rather inappropriate. But Regina had seen the whole thing from her position a few feet away, chatting with another friend, and she was smiling widely at us as I caught her eye.

The rest of the evening was thoroughly enjoyable. Regina, Rianne and I were talking and drinking. Regina and I flirted constantly with one another, touching each other here and there. I’d place my hand on her lower back and she’d rest her hand against my shoulder. When I sat down on a barstool she stood between my legs with one hand on my thigh. As we talked we’d lean in close, cheeks touching, our voices raised a bit to be heard above the noise in the bar.

Rianne, who was a year younger than Regina, also flirted with me. But I was hesitant to reciprocate, unsure how Regina would react. I was flattered by the attention I received from these two lovely young girls, but I favored Regina and wanted to be sure she knew that. She didn’t seem upset though by Rianne’s flirtatious demeanor towards me. On the contrary, she started flirting with Rianne as well, doing that cockteasing fake lesbo thing that young girls often do to drive men crazy. It sure worked on me. When they kissed each other on the lips, without tongue though, I couldn’t help but get aroused. I had to adjust my manhood a bit as it grew in my jeans, but neither of the girls seemed to have noticed.

I’d been drinking coke all evening as I anticipated a drive back home, but after a while Regina said I should switch to beers. “Well, I’m not gonna be able to drive home then tonight,” I said. “You can crash at my place then,” replied Regina. “Mom’s out anyway, and Rianne will be sleeping over as well. It’ll be fun!”

I had actually hoped to catch Regina alone so we could make out again. I wasn’t expecting anything more on this first night out with her after our first kissing session. With a strong mother and two sisters I was raised a gentleman, never imposing my desires on the fairer sex. Which probably accounted for my lackluster sexlife.

But I was in the mood for some beers, so I agreed. I paced my drinking though, alternating beers with water, not wanting to get drunk and make an ass out of myself in front of the girls.

A few hours later, after more playful flirting between me, Regina and Rianne, the bar closed and the lights went on. We took a taxi to Regina’s home and once there, the girls started putting mattresses down from the single bed onto the ground in Regina’s small but pleasantly feminine bedroom. I’d expected a dark cavern filled with typical Goth decor, but it was actually a bright, neatly decorated bedroom. There were some things here and there that indicated Regina’s choice of youth culture, but nothing excessively dark and depressing.

With two mattresses lying side by side on the floor Regina and Rianne decided it offered enough space. I’d expected Rianne to sleep separately, but when I inquired they said they often slept together in either one’s bedroom. My slightly tipsy mind couldn’t help but think devious thoughts, especially with the flirting and kissing the girls had been doing with each other all night.

In the apartment’s small bathroom I brushed my teeth with a spare toothbrush and washed my face, and when I returned the girls had managed to remove their complicated dresses in what seemed to be an impossibly short time, and were already wearing their nighties. Rianne was wearing one of Regina’s, which was much too big for her, so unfortunately it hid her curves quite well. Regina’s nightgown however presented a wonderful mix between revelation and obscurity, showing off some of her female assets while hiding others.

The girls giggled as I took off my pants, shoes and socks, keeping my shirt and underwear on. Regina gave me a brief kiss before she and Rianne withdrew to the bathroom to do whatever girls do to get ready for bed. I crept under the covers, choosing the left side of the bed so Regina could lie next to me and Rianne next to her.

But when the girls returned they had other ideas. “No Colin, you go in the middle,” said Regina, smiling wickedly. I complied, trying not to get too excited, as I was sure these girls just wanted to cuddle and joke around a bit before we went to sleep. Regina and Rianne crawled into bed on either side of me, turning on their sides to look at me. Regina draped her arm across my chest as she leaned in for a kiss. Our lips touched and I could smell the toothpaste on her breath. Our kiss deepened and soon our tongues were entwined. I felt a hand on my thigh under the covers, suspecting it was Rianne’s. When Regina and me finally broke our kiss, Rianne was staring at us, smiling widely.

“Come on girl, let’s show Colin how we do it,” she said and leaned over me towards her friend. Regina also moved towards Rianne, and right in front of me I watched their lips meet. It was a gentle, light kiss, but it didn’t stop there. Their lips locked again, and this time both girls opened their mouths and let their tongues dart out. I was staring wide eyed and grinning, feeling myself become aroused again as these girls were swapping spit intimately a few inches from my face.

The kiss lasted a long time, and when it finally ended both girls seemed flushed. “You two do this a lot?” I asked. Regina giggled and Rianne nodded vehemently. “Oh yes, all the time. It’s how we practice. And it’s a lot of fun.” I chuckled at that. “It sure looked fun to me,” I said.

Rianne beamed at me, her eyes glinting, and she moved her face towards mine. I glanced over at Regina for a moment but she was smiling as she looked at us, so I didn’t pull away. Rianne’s lips touched mine and we also kissed deeply. I noticed the difference between the girls’ mouths and tongues, Rianne’s being slightly smaller than Regina’s but she compensated for it with a very agile tongue.

We made out for a while, then as we stopped Regina immediately jumped in and started kissing me again. She moaned softly into my mouth as our tongues danced. I felt Rianne press her body closer against mine as Regina and I kissed, her face very close to ours as she watched intently. The moment Regina and I stopped kissing, Rianne took over again. I kissed both girls, they kissed each other, lips and tongues meeting again and again, soft moans coming from the girls. I was in heaven.

It didn’t stop there however. I felt a hand on my underwear, resting on my rockhard penis. It was Rianne’s. “Hmm, Colin’s enjoying himself,” she said naughtily. Regina also slipped a hand under the covers and joined Rianne’s in my crotch, grabbing my shaft through my underwear. “Mmm yes, he is. I’m pretty wet too actually,” said Regina. She took my hand in hers and led it between her legs, pushing my fingers against her lace panties. I felt the heat and moisture through the fabric, and my cock jumped a bit. Rianne giggled as she felt my erection move, then took my other hand and also put it between her legs. She was wearing a tight-fitting thong and I could feel the shape of her mound through it. She too was hot and wet.

The girls exchanged a look, and without a word they pulled the covers down and slid down the bed a bit until their faces were level with my crotch. Regina carefully took the elastic band of my shorts in her fingers and pulled it down. My cock jumped again as cool air touched it. As Regina pulled my shorts entirely off, Rianne blew on my throbbing erection and her warm breath caused a shiver to run down my spine. A soft groan escaped my throat. The girls giggled.

Regina was the first to touch my cock, her fingers wrapping around the hard shaft and lifting it slightly. “Mmm, I like your dick,” she said, staring at my engorged member intently. Rianne moved in closer and kissed my shaft above Regina’s fingers, on the side of the swollen head. The warmth of her lips was wonderful if all too brief. Regina mimicked her friend and also kissed my cock, then took it further as she opened her mouth a bit and took just the tip of my cock’s mushroom head in her mouth. “How does it taste?” asked Rianne. Regina looked into Rianne’s eyes as she moved her face down, taking about an inch of my cock into her fantastically moist, wet mouth. She moved back and let my pole slip from her lips, pointing it a bit towards the black-haired girl. “Yummy. Taste for yourself.”

Which Rianne happily did, engulfing my cock, her smaller mouth tighter around my shaft as she took it halfway into her mouth. I groaned and closed my eyes for a moment, barely able to believe what was happening to me. I opened my eyes again and put one hand under my head, making sure I could see everything the girls were doing. Rianne moved her mouth up and down on my rockhard dick for a few moments, then pulled back and let Regina do the same. She surprised me by hungrily sucking my whole shaft into her mouth, her nose pressing against my trimmed pubes, all six and a half inches of my erection embedded in her amazing mouth. I couldn’t help but moan loudly, my cock twitching in Regina’s mouth.

The girls alternated sucking and licking my shaft, Regina easily able to swallow me whole but Rianne struggling to go beyond five inches. I sure didn’t mind though, enjoying each girl’s distinctive cock-sucking sensations immensely. After another deep throat by Regina she pulled her lips from my cock, pressing my shaft down against my stomach to prevent Rianne from taking it. “Our turn now,” Regina announced, provoking a pleasant giggle from her friend. They both sat up and pulled their nightgowns over their heads, exposing their breasts to me. Regina had big, full breasts with large nipples, hanging from her chest in that superbly feminine way. Rianne’s tits were significantly smaller but firmer and perkier, with small nipples that were swollen and hard and pointed upwards slightly.

The girls lay down next to me again, and I wrapped an arm around each of them, pulling their half-naked forms against me. “So, what do you want me to do to return the favor, hmm?” I asked. “Lick our pussies,” stated Rianne in a no-nonsense tone. Regina laughed and nodded in agreement. “Yes, we want you to lick us in turn.” The girls rolled into their backs and pulled their underwear off as I rose from the bed and moved down on the mattresses, taking off my shirt and tossing it aside. We were all naked now. The girls scooted closer to one another, Rianne putting one leg over Regina’s as they spread their legs slightly, looking at me with anticipation.

Regina wasn’t a natural blond it seemed, a neat patch of black pubic hair topping her mound. Her pussy was slightly darker than the rest of her skin, with big lips and a clearly visible clit. Rianne’s pussy was bare and immaculately pink, no lips poking out from her folds. I marveled at these two pussies presented to me so invitingly. “Me first,” said Regina, “I found him first after all.” Rianne didn’t object, raising herself on her elbows a bit to get a good look as I settled in between Regina’s legs.

With my hands on her inner thighs I pushed Regina’s legs open a bit wider as I knelt down between them, moving my face closer to her pussy. I could see a glint of moisture, indicating her arousal. I pressed my lips against her pussy, giving it a soft, tender kiss and provoking a moan from her. With my tongue I found the separation of her folds and licked her pussy from bottom to top, tasting her feminine juices. It was delicious. I began eating her out enthusiastically, alternating between fucking her pussy with my tongue as deep as I could and licking and sucking her clit. Regina was moaning loudly and as I looked up I saw Rianne rubbing and squeezing her blond friend’s big tits. Rianne saw me looking up and maintained eye contact as she took one of Regina’s nipples in her mouth and sucked and nibbled it gently.

I kept eating Regina out with abandon, loving her taste, her moans music to my ears. I slipped a finger into her pussy where it was met with even more wetness, and I focused my oral assault on and around her clit as I fingerfucked her. Regina had her eyes closed as she enjoyed my mouth and finger and Rianne’s hands and mouth, moaning and gasping as we pleasured her. Rianne moved up and kissed Regina passionately, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. I glanced up at the girls occasionally but mostly kept my focus on Regina’s delicious pussy, wanting to give her as much pleasure as I could.

After a while Regina pushed my head away from her dripping cunt. “Enough,” she moaned. I didn’t think she’d cum yet, but I complied. Rianne giggled and lay on her back, also hooking her leg into Regina’s as she spread for me. I moved to her side, taking in the view of her pussy, so different from Regina’s. I started the same way, kissing her gently, but due to her tight folds I couldn’t get my tongue between her pussy lips. I manually spread them with one hand, admiring the way it opened up, revealing the hidden treasure. Rianne was wet too, and as I dipped my tongue inside of her I noticed how different yet how similar her juices tasted to Regina’s.

I gave Rianne the same treatment, though I couldn’t get my tongue into her pussy very far. She was very tight but I sincerely doubted such a sexually charged girl was a virgin. She was just naturally tight it seemed, and as I slipped a finger into her silken sheath I imagined what it would feel like if my cock went in there. I hoped I’d find out tonight.

Rianne did cum, and rather quickly, her friend roughly squeezing her breasts and biting her nipples as I ate her out. She cried loudly as she orgasmed, a brief, thin flow of additional wetness flowing from her pussy. I slowed down my cunnilingus, aware of her clit’s likely sensitivity post-orgasm. As she came down from her peak, I moved on top of the girls, laying partially on each of them. I first kissed Regina, tongues wildly moving, and then Rianne, who also returned the kiss with fiery passion.

Regina slipped out from under me as I kissed Rianne, and gently pulled me on my back. I lay down and watched as Regina grabbed my cock, still as hard as granite, and stroked it a few times. She moved her leg over me and straddled me, her face towards mine. Our gazes locked as she reached between her legs and held my shaft up as she moved down on it. I felt her soaked pussylips against the sensitive head of my cock, feeling my shaft push her pussylips apart. Her incredibly soft cunt welcomed my throbbing shaft, my breath stalling for a moment as Regina sat down on me. “Oh yessss…” she said as she stayed still for a moment, savoring the feeling of my cock embedded in her pussy. It was an incredible feeling indeed and I knew I wouldn’t be able to postpone my orgasm for long. A few minutes at most and I’d be done.

Regina began moving on top of me, pushing herself off of me and lowering herself again. I reached up and cupped her massive breasts, too big even for my large hands. I squeezed and rolled them as Regina fucked me slowly and intensely, her breathing heavy and interspersed with moans.

Rianne had recovered and grabbed my face in her hands, turning it towards her as she moved in for a hot kiss. She sucked my tongue into her mouth, treating it like it was my cock. No one had ever done that to me before, and I loved it. Regina increased her pace on top of me as Rianne and I tongue-wrestled, and I groaned into the raven-haired girl’s mouth. I felt my balls contract, my orgasm approaching hastily. I tried to say something but Rianne refused to let go of my tongue, her lips tight around it, so all I could do was moan meaningfully, hoping Regina would understand.

Which she did, as she huskily whispered “yes, cum Colin… cum inside of me.”

I pushed my hips upwards as Regina moved down, my cock slamming into her soaked pussy over and over, my orgasm imminent. Rianne seemed intent on maintaining her lip-lock on my tongue, not letting a minor thing such as my orgasm interrupt her. I came hard, slamming my shaft up into Regina’s wonderful pussy, my hands tightly on her hips and holding her down. My shaft throbbed inside of her, spurt after spurt of my hot cum shooting through my pole and into Regina’s fuckhole. “Fuck yes,” she said as she felt my orgasm inside of her. She rotated her hips on top of me, my hard dick still all the way inside of her.

Finally Rianne let go of my tongue, giggling as she moved her face to where Regina and I were joined. “Go up, slowly,” Rianne said to her friend. Regina complied, pulling herself off of my softening cock, my shaft coated with a mixture of pussy juices and my own cum. My cock emerged and fell against my stomach. Regina sat back between my legs and Rianne scooped up my soft member in her mouth, taking it all in now that it wasn’t in its fully erect state. She sucked my and Regina’s cum off, her hand gently massaging my balls as if stimulating the creation of a fresh load. Regina ran her hand through Rianne’s black hair, watching as her friend worked her mouth on my penis.

Rianne seemed intent on getting me back to an erect state, apparently eager to feel my dick inside of her as well. As she sucked and licked my member she moved on top of me, straddling my face and presenting her wet pink pussy to me. I needed no encouragement as I began licking and kissing her, slipping a finger inside her incredibly tight pussy. I felt a second mouth on my balls, a tongue replacing Rianne’s fingers, realizing Regina had joined the effort to coax my cock back to life.

Which didn’t take long at all, with two such incredibly sexy and sensual women working their magic on me. My shaft grew in Rianne’s mouth and soon she couldn’t take the whole length into her mouth anymore. She pulled off with an audible plop, and Regina immediately took her place and swallowed my shaft whole. She bobbed up and down on my pole as Rianne sat up, pressing her pussy harder against my mouth and finger. After a minute Rianne pushed herself off of my face and scooted down, taking my fully erect cock from Regina’s mouth. She pulled her legs up and squatted over me, her back to me, and guided my shaft as she slowly lowered herself.

I felt the head of my cock, still sensitive from my first orgasm, press against Rianne’s pussylips. She was much tighter than Regina, and my cock didn’t slip in easily. She aimed it carefully and sank down, groaning loudly as my fuckpole forced her tight pussy open. Slowly, an inch at a time, her wet young cunt accepted my dick, wrapping around its length like an amazingly soft, moist glove. Her asscheeks now rested on my stomach, and my hands seemed to automatically reach out to cup them.

As Rianne moved up I helped her, pushing her ass upwards until only the tip of my superbly hard erection was still inside of her. Then she lowered herself again, steadied by my hands on her ass, taking my full length in her again. “Oh this is so hot,” I heard Regina say, still seated between my legs with a front-row view of my cock disappearing into Rianne’s tight folds. I felt fingertips on my cock and looked down between my legs, seeing Regina rubbing Rianne’s clit, occasionally brushing against my shaft as it emerged from the dark-haired girl’s fuckhole. Rianne and I increased our pace, our hips slapping together now, my cock finding it easier to penetrate her. Soon it glided into her over and over, as if her silken folds were built specifically to house my throbbing hard penis.

Rianne’s moans became louder and her breathing grew heavier. I was nowhere near cumming, the second time always taking a while with me, but Rianne seemed close to her second peak. Indeed, after a few minutes of her squatted fucking, she lowered her legs to the mattress and began riding me urgently. “Yes, yess… yes!” she exclaimed as my cock delved deep into her again and again, Regina’s fingers still working on Rianne’s clit. She shuddered and came, and I felt her pussy contract around my pole, like a dozen tiny hands grabbing my erection. Such incredible sensations, I knew then that I’d have to fuck this pussy as often as I could. Regina was great but Rianne was a supernaturally good fuck.

As Rianne sat still on top of me Regina moved in to kiss her, and the two girls exchanged saliva intensely for a while as my cock remained embedded in the dark-haired girl’s amazing pussy. Finally she moved off of me and lay down beside me. Regina crawled onto my body, my rockhard cock caught between our bodies. She kissed me deeply, and as our lips locked I wrapped my arms around her and pulled us over. With Regina on her back under me I let my upper body rest on my hands, my hips moving up and down between Regina’s open legs. My cock seemed to find her hot pussy unerringly and I slipped my throbbing shaft into her. She moaned, as did I, once again considering myself a superbly lucky man to fuck two distinct and wonderful pussies on the same night.

Regina and I fucked hard and fiercely, our bodies slamming together, her breasts bouncing on her chest. She wrapped her arms around my neck, maintaining eye contact as I thrust my pole into her dripping pussy over and over. Her cunt was overflowing, her own abundant juices and my cum turning this into a very wet, messy fuck. Neither of us minded, lost in our passion. I didn’t feel my peak approaching, so I felt I could maintain this for hours.

Then after about twenty minutes of frantic fucking Regina thrust her head back, eyes closed, and released a long, howling moan. I kept pumping into her, slamming my steelhard pole into her soaking folds over and over. I realized she was cumming at last, and did my best to help maintain her peak. Her orgasm seemed to last for quite a while, which I thought was well deserved as so far she was the only one of us that hadn’t cum yet. Finally she came down and pushed her hands against my chest, breathing “no more…”. I pulled out and sat back on the bed, my cock pointing upwards proudly.

Rianne was still lying down beside Regina and she beckoned me over, spreading her legs and rubbing a finger across her pussy. “I want you to cum in me now…” she said, and I didn’t linger for an instant to get back into her fantastic pussy. I moved on top of her, feeling her fingers wrap around my shaft to guide it into her tightness. It was easier this time though still so very tight, her pussy a perfect fit for my dripping cock.

We fucked slowly, moving together. Rianne had her arms around me with face pressed against my shoulder, her hot breath flowing over my skin. Her incredible tight young pussy seemed to embrace my throbbing shaft every time I pushed it in, and was reluctant to release my pole when I pulled out. Now then finally did I sense the approach of my second orgasm, which I whispered in Rianne’s ear. She groaned approvingly. “Yes, cum, shoot it all inside of me,” she moaned, and I increased the force and speed of my thrusts, ramming my fuckmeat into her tight hole. She cried every time I pounded into her and wrapped her legs around my waist nimbly, pulling me into her deeper. “Fuck me Colin, yes, fuck me! Cum inside of me! Yes!”

My orgasm blasted from me. I kept pounding her hot wet tightness as I blew my load in violent spurts inside of her. Again and again I slammed my orgasming cock into her, provoking a loud cry from her every time, until at last I was spent. I retreated from her, her pussy gripping my every last inch until it finally came free. I rolled onto my back, lying down between the girls. They each embraced me, Rianne nuzzling my neck as Regina kissed me.

Regina pulled the cover over us, and we enjoyed each other’s warm bodies, cuddling close. Exhausted by the night’s unexpected and wonderful events, I finally dozed off.

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