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We had become best friends by default. Quincy and I were the only long distance swimmers on our small college swim team and we were dating sisters. Our schedules brought us together.

Eventually we roomed together. I am a reserved person and had never pressed for close friendships; Quincy was my first best friend since the third grade. He was more of an extrovert than me so it was he that initiated the conversation with the sisters that led to girlfriends. The girls were also members of the swim team and we were comfortable around each other.

One more thing factored in our relationship. Quince and I were always the last in and out of the locker room showers after practice. We had the locker room to ourselves since the rest of the team showered and left before we were finished with our laps. Our swimming coach was a very nice looking lesbian lady and never set foot in the men’s locker room.

It did not take long before we were inspecting each other and even less time to do so without reservations. We both had swimmers build but Quince was two inches taller than me. He was very blonde and at first glance it appeared he did not have pubic hair. His dick was about six inches or so, medium width and nearly no taper.

I am a redhead with all its characteristic traits; including the nickname Rusty most of us have to carry. My dick was about the size of Quincy’s but a bit thicker. I knew that at first glance my cock looked much bigger than his but that was an illusion caused by his bigger frame.

I enjoyed being able to be naked with another guy without the extreme self-consciousness that I had felt all my life. Red pubic hair seems to draw crude comments.

I’d noticed that while in the shower Quince would often have an erection even though his hands had not been near his dick. It also occurred to me that it could be me that caused it. I relaxed because I was sure he was not gay and he knew I was not either. Still the idea that it was me that turned him on was intriguing.

In time, when I saw his dick get hard, I turned my back to him and gave him the opportunity to masturbate. He understood and I began to hear groans behind me, followed by water being splashed against the wall. This became routine.

I though he liked the idea that he could get caught and in fact once he was. Albert, my biology lab partner and a member of our freestyle relay teams, poked his head in the shower when Quincy was well into his jack off. He had come to ask me about our lab book but his question trailed away when he spotted Quince.

I gave him a long involved reply to see what he would do and as I expected he stayed to watch. I had suspected Al was gay and his reaction pretty much confirmed it. He licked his lips. His dick got hard.

He nodded at what I was saying with no clue at what I had just said. He tried to hide his interest on what Quince was doing which told me he did not think I knew what was happening two showerheads behind me.

Quince may have slowed down when Al first came in but he was soon at full speed. In less than his usual time I heard him grunt. I could tell exactly where his cum went by following Al’s eyes.

I gave him a couple of seconds then said, “Al, don’t worry about. I will take care of it.”

The look of relief on his face was great; he smiled and nodded at me. I had taken away any reason for him to stay so he very reluctantly turned to leave. Before making his exit he said, “Good to see you Quince,” then disappeared around the corner.

When I turned to Quincy he had a big grin on his face. He had very much enjoyed having an audience and I knew the audience had enjoyed the show.

I saw that was Quincy staring at my dick. The scene had made it very hard and I had not waited until it had calmed down before facing him as I normally did. Quincy said, “Go ahead. It’s just us guys in here.”

I shook my head no as my hand reached for my cock. Quincy turned his back to me as I usually did for him. I tried in vain to resist but I really needed to cum, badly. I knew he jacked off while looking at my ass and wondered at the attraction. I found that using his ass as inspiration was more erotic than I had expected and made my cum fly out further than usual. In fact my cum flew so far that a glob landed one of his ass cheek.

He flinched a bit when he felt it but did not acknowledge it. After a few moments he turned back to face in my direction and casually rinsed it off his butt. I had not finished washing the cum off my dick and it was still mostly hard. Quincy watched me soap and rinse my cock until the coach yelled through the door that there was a meeting in five minutes. I was very happy for the interruption because Quincy’s stare was keeping my dick hard. I was positive it did not mean anything.

At our next practice I was not surprised to see Albert finding things to do before going in for his shower. He had just turned the water on when Quince and I got there.

We had a communal shower. There were five showerheads on each wall, staggered from each other. My usual position was the second showerhead from the entrance on the right side. Quincy used the fourth one on the left side. Albert had settled in the fifth one on my side, the one closest to Quincy.

After a few minutes of normal stuff when we actually got the chlorine off us we fell into an expectant silence. Al’s dick was longer and thinner than ours. I did not know how to describe it to myself other than interesting. It had been hard before any water was running. Quincy’s dick was hard immediately after he saw Al’s. Much to my embarrassment mine was hard by the time I rinsed my hair. I need not have been embarrassed since the two guys were concentrating on each other’s dicks, not mine.

I watched in fascination while they each caressed their cocks as they soaped them. I watched as they dropped any pretension of washing and started to deliberately play with their cocks. I tried to turn away as they started masturbating in earnest.

I was only dimly aware that I was masturbating too.

I saw the distance between them close. They were now almost dick-to-dick. Quincy gave me a quick glance that told me it would be best if I turned around. I did so but not completely. I had enough of a glimpse to see Albert go to his knees.

I heard Quince groan. I took a quick look and saw that Quincy’s cock had completely vanished inside Al’s mouth. My fist flew over my dick but I was having a difficult time cumming.

I heard Quince grunt and I heard slurping. I turned towards them and saw Albert licking the cum off Quince’s dick as he stood. He turned Quincy towards the wall and had him bend at the waist. Slowly but forcefully he buried his dick into Quincy’s ass. He paused for a few moments after he was buried to the balls then proceeded to give my best friend a hard fuck.

Quincy turned to look at me for a moment. There was embarrassment and helplessness in his eyes. His dick, however, betrayed his true emotion. Even after he had just cum it was still very hard.

I had been frantically working my cock for a while but could not cum. I guessed that it was just too hard. I heard Albert begin to moan and saw Quince push his ass back towards him. Suddenly Albert collapsed over Quincy’s back. He stayed that way for a few moments then Albert extricated himself and returned to his shower.

Quincy remained leaning against the wall. He looked at me as if there was something he wanted me to see. Then I saw it, cum oozing out his ass. My cum immediately rocketed out of my cock and I saw stars. I do not know how I managed to stay upright; it was the strongest orgasm of my life.

Joy was mixed with relief until embarrassment ruined the experience. I saw the other two looking at my cock with awe. I pushed myself to a fast recovery then quickly left the showers.

I was dressed and ready to go but Al and Quince still had not returned to the locker room. I tried to leave but instead found myself stepping towards the shower entrance to see what was going on.

Quincy was fucking Albert’s ass.

I stayed until he filled our friends ass with cum then left.

We had our last swim meet the following Saturday. Our season had gone well but without a conference championship. After we returned from the competition the coach called a quick meeting and announced it was party time at her house.

During the party that evening I became aware of how affectionate the relationships were between the girls and our coach. My girlfriend in particular seemed to crave physical contact with Coach Inga.

Quincy and I and the sisters had originally paired of by height. I had Teresa, the shorter and older sister. I did get regular handjobs from her and she loved for me to fingerfuck her but we had never come close to fucking. I had never seen her tits. In fact even though I had my fingers inside often I had never seen her pussy.

Quince had told me that his relationship was even less satisfactory, getting only an occasional handjob from Rita and no progress past her tits. I had long suspected that we were the wrong gender for our girlfriends.

As the party progressed I started to ask myself who might be gay. I was startled by the realization that it was possible that the only straight person there was me.

About that time I saw Quince, Teresa, and Martin, (our best butterfly man), go down the hallway and into a bedroom. Teresa came out not long after but the guys stayed behind closed door for about twenty minutes. I decided I did not need to know what was going on behind that door.

Teresa spent very little time with me during the party and told me that she would be staying at the house to help coach with the clean up.

Later on that evening Quince told me the guys were going for a few beers and urged me to come along. I reminded him that was still twenty years old and could not.

I stayed at the party and talked to Teresa’s sister Rita for a while. I liked her and had always thought Quincy and I had the wrong sister as girlfriend. Eventually I noticed I was the only guy left. I said goodnight to Rita and she gave a much better kiss than her sister ever had. I had asked her for a date even before my brain thought it through and I was happy and relieved when Rita immediately accepted.

As I worked my way towards the door I spied two of the girls, Carol and Amanda, making out on a love seat. Carol had her hand under Amanda’s shirt and was working a tit.

I stared longer than I should have and Carol noticed. She smiled at me and lifted the shirt exposing Amanda’s tit to me. Amanda seemed to be enjoying my attention. Carol covered the tit with her mouth and I heard a groan. She ran a hand down Amanda’s body and slipped it under her waistband. I saw the bulge of the hand travel to Amanda’s crotch and heard her groan again as she arched her back.

I was transfixed until Coach Inga took my hand and led me towards the door. On our way out she was thanking me for a great season and was making sure I knew the pool was available to me all year around.

As we stood outside her door she told me how much she appreciated my discretion in general and about what I just saw in particular. I nodded and mumbled it would never be a problem. She stepped to me and kissed me on the cheek while saying thank you. As she did her body made contact with my incredibly hard dick.

She smiled, and gripped it gently while she kissed my lips. “Go home and do something about this before you give yourself a stroke,” she said.

I stared at her door for several moments before I realized it was closed.

I just had to masturbate so I hurried to the dorm hoping Quincy would not return until I had finished. I wanted to do it on my bed naked instead of the bathroom.

I undressed and started masturbating with a fury until I forced my hands off my dick. I wanted it to last. I brought to my mind the vision of the two girls making out, the beautiful tit as it was engulfed into Carol’s mouth.

I caressed my dick. The sensation brought back the feel of coach’s hand on my cock, the squeeze she gave it before her soft kiss. I closed my eyes and saw the hand traveling to the pussy. I resumed masturbating in earnest.

Quincy was in fact already back but I did not know it. He had been in the bathroom and had stayed back to watch me masturbate. I thought I heard something but it was too late to worry about it as my cum was already flying half way to the ceiling before landing on my chest.

I turned to the sounds and saw Quince, naked, furiously working his dick. In seconds his seed was oozing around his fist. There was not a lot of it, which led me to think this was not just his second cum tonight, maybe not even his third. I watched until he was spent.

When he was done he retreated to the bathroom. I heard the sink water running, I heard him piss, I saw him come out still naked, his dick very red.

As he came back I stood and passed him on my way to the bathroom. Somehow my dick was still mostly hard. I had not wiped the cum off my chest or my dick. Quince noticed and may have thought about grabbing my cock as it went past. I saw his hand twitch.

While in the shower I asked myself what I would have done if he had grabbed my cock. I was not too surprised to realize I would have allowed him to do anything to my dick that he wanted. That led me to another self-love session while my mind replayed the lesbian scene. Somehow the vision of Albert’s cum oozing out of Quincy’s ass in the shower joined it.

When I returned to the room Quincy was sound asleep/passed out, He was on his stomach naked on top of his covers.

His ass looked good. I fought the urge to caress it but for a few seconds I did so anyway then went to bed naked too.

The next morning I looked at his dick and ass as he headed for the bathroom. He paused at the bathroom door and stretched, then bend over at the waist to pick up something from the floor. I had an erection before his ass went into the bathroom. I played with my cock until I heard him in the shower then headed to the pot to take a piss.

Quincy came out of the shower while I was shaking my dick. He said good morning, (apparently to my dick, that’s were his eyes were when he said it). I said good morning to his ass.

I grabbed toothbrush and toothpaste and stepped into the shower to brush and get a quick rinse. Washing my dick had kept my cock hard and I toyed with the idea of getting off in the shower. I was about to start when Quincy poked his head in and asked to borrow my toothpaste. I stepped over to him gave him the tube. His eyes never left my dick. I suspected the he had been watching me all along.

I skipped the fist exercise and stepped out to dry myself. Quince was still naked and his dick was hard when I stepped out. He was by the sink mostly pretending to be busy with the toothbrush. I sensed he had been waiting for me to come out.

Quince glanced at me often while I applied the towel to my body and steadily kept his eyes on me while I dried my dick and balls. I did not understand why but I wanted him to watch me. By the time I hung up the towel he was bent over the sink brushing.

The sink was next to the bedroom door. There was very little space. To get past him I would have to squeeze behind him. He of course knew that. By the time I took the first step my dick was oozing pre-cum.

He was bent over more than he needed to be; there was no way to get past him without making contact. I turned and faced in the direction he was facing and inched my way across.

My dick made contact with the cheek of his ass. He made no move.

I inched a bit more past him, trailing pre-cum over his ass cheek. He paused in his brushing but did not move.

My dick slid into the crack of his ass abutting his hole. He eased himself back a bit more pinning my ass against the wall behind me and keeping my cock on the rim of his anus. The only way I could move was forward, towards him. He spread his legs further apart.

The head of my dick was sliding into him. I pressed forward a bit, he pressed back a bit. The head of my dick popped into his ass. We groaned.

My hands found his hips. He pressed back some more. I pressed forward. Suddenly I felt my balls bounce against his. My hands went around his waist and I gripped his very hard dick with one hand. He groaned and shoved his ass at me urgently. I started to slowly fuck him as I masturbated him.

Soon he became impatient with my slow fuck and upped the pace. I matched his pace as I continued to fuck his ass and jack his cock.

He gave every sign that he loved what we were doing. His cock was hot and very hard in my hand.

As for me I was fascinated by what we were doing. My prick loved being in his ass. My hand loved his cock in its grip.

In my life I had managed to get laid fewer than ten times, never an ass fuck. I had never had a dick in my hand except mine. I concluded that this was a fabulous experience and I needed to enjoy it to the fullest. I slowed the pace and pushed Quincy towards the sink so I could take longer strokes. I was soon plunging into him in as long a stroke as I could without my cock leaving his ass completely.

Quince groaned again and I felt his dick spew. I increased the intensity of my strokes and exploded into his ass. He pressed me back against the wall and ground his ass into me, squeezing my dick until I had nothing left. Slowly he began to straighten up until my dick popped out. For the second time in my life I watched cum ooze out of an ass but this time it was my cum.

I turned back towards the shower noting that my hand was reluctant to let go of his dick. He joined me in the shower after a minute and he gently (and lovingly?), soaped and rinsed my dick. He kissed its head and left the shower to me. I was somewhat disappointed by his departure since I had hoped to soap his cock and perhaps kiss it as he had mine.

Quincy had planned that ass fuck well. While my dick was inching its way across his ass I noted that there were two tubes of toothpaste on the shelf. Borrowing my toothpaste while I was in the shower had been a ploy to stop me from jacking off before stepping out.

Next to the tubes of toothpaste on the shelf was an open tube of KY Jelly. It became perfectly clear what he wanted. I was confident of that when I placed my dick at his opening and felt the cold lubricant on the head of my dick. All he had to do was ease back.

I knew I would not have been allowed out of the bathroom without fucking him.

He was fully dressed and stepping out the door when I returned into the room. We had a long weekend and he was going home.

He had a look on his face that made me wonder what was going on at his mind but he reassured me with a big smile and then waved me goodbye.

It would be five tears before I saw him again.

His family had not taken his coming out well.

Many years later it remained my only gay experience but I would sometimes wonder what it would feel like to have a cock up my ass. My wife Rita loved fucking me with her strapon but I wanted a real live cock in me.

It is a top five entry in my bucket list.

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