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QJ Productions

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When my fiancé and I graduated from college, times were tough. There wasn’t a single employer that was hiring. For a while I waited tables as we struggled to pay basic bills. After putting in hundreds of applications, I finally received an invitation for an interview from a company called QJ Productions.

I had never heard of this company before so prior to the interview I did some research. The first startling thing I discovered was that QJ Productions was a company that was involved in the porn industry and maintained several pornographic websites. Fearing I may have fell for some sort of scam, I called the person who I set the interview with and she assured me that the position they were looking to fill was a business management related position and although the company was involved in pornography, the job would in no way relate to filming / creating pornography. She said that QJ Productions serves as a middle man and does not create its own content.

When I was in college, I never would have even considered working for anything related to the pornography industry. I have always considered myself a feminist and I felt that pornography was disgusting and degrading to women. However, the reality was that I badly needed work and this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

I discussed the position with my fiancé. He was concerned that it was a scam and they would try to pressure me into appearing in films. I had to explain to him that it was a strictly business position. After I explained this to him and showed him the job description, he was supportive but warned me to watch out for “anything creepy” during the interview.

On the day of the interview, I dressed in my most formal clothing and drove to the address I was provided. As I gripped the steering wheel and navigated through traffic, I noticed my hands were trembling slightly. I was nervous and did not know what to expect. When I arrived at the address, I was pleasantly surprised to see the place that I was interviewing at was a nice glass office building. I turned off the engine to the car, took a deep breath, and headed for the entrance.

I walked inside and looked around. The office was pristine and very clean looking. There were doors leading to the left and right and a c-shaped desk manned by a young woman working as a receptionist. I approached her slowly and in a tone of voice as polite as I could muster, I reached out to her, “Good morning, I am here for the 10:00 interview.”

The young women looked at me with a beaming smile that showed confidence. “Hello, I’m Becky,” she said. “You must be Judith. Ms. Belcher will be right with you.” She directed my attention to two black leather couches across from her desk.

I sat down and waited nervously. Eventually I was directed to an officer to my right. When I opened the door and stepped inside I was surprised to see such a large, swanky office. There was artwork all over the office of the avant garde variety and the office was lush with expensive looking plants. As alluring as the décor was, it was ultimately overshadowed by the large and, once again, pristine looking desk in the center of the room. Behind the desk stood an attractive older woman in a yellow designed suit with platinum blond hair.

“You must be Judith,” the woman said as she walked from behind her desk and extended her hand in my direction. “My name is Charlotte Belcher and I am the owner of QJ Productions. I’m looking forward to interviewing you,” Ms. Belcher spoke authoritatively as she looked me over.

“Hello,” I said as I took a hold of her hand and shook it. I noticed her grip was very firm and confident. “You have such a nice office. I am very excited about this opportunity…”

“Have a seat,” Ms. Belcher cut me off as she went back and sat down at her own desk. “I am surprised such a young attractive girl such as yourself is interested in working for my company.”

I could feel a lump form in the back of my throat. “Well,” I said. “Honestly, I never expected to work somewhere involved in… uhm… adult entertainment.”

Ms. Belcher nodded her head at me. “When I first started out, the only women I know who worked in this industry were the performers,” Ms. Belcher explained. “Now don’t get me wrong, I know some adult actresses that are great business women and who are very wealthy, but I could never imagine exposing myself in a dirty movie for the pleasure of a bunch of skeezy men. That being said, starting this company and leading it as a strong woman, I have done very well for myself and shown that women can be just as a competent on the business side of things, perhaps even superior to men.”

“I can tell you have done well… just by looking at your office,” I responded respectfully. “I am new to this whole… adult thing but I have studied business and I… would certainly appreciate the chance to learn from someone experienced…”

“I like that you are eager to learn,” Ms. Belcher responded warmly. “And I will tell you that what is most important in this position is business skills. You will at times need to be a saleswoman. We do not film anything ourselves. I have always had little interest in being involved in the production side of things. So everything we sell to our customers, we buy from someone else. This is a clean, professional position although we do sell pornography so you can’t be too squeamish about these sorts of things. I also saw on your resume that you have experience with computers which is one of the reasons I chose you for an interview.”

“I do have some experience working IT…” I explained. “I know how to maintain a website, I did that for my school.”

“Excellent,” Ms. Belcher stated enthusiastically. “One more thing,” she said. “As I have proven, it is absolutely possible for a woman to succeed and even prosper in this industry. But there are parts of this industry that still operate like an old boy’s club and there are men out there who will try to push you around. If you listen to what I say and call people out whenever they cross the line, you will be fine. I am just warning you; you will need to grow some thick skin. If you are smart, you can use this to your advantage.”

“You seem to know a whole lot Ms. Belcher,” I responded as I looked into her eyes with great interest. My voice was tinged with a hint of emotion as I felt I was finally close to officially being offered a real job.

“By the way dear,” Ms. Belcher began. “Are you married?”

“Well,” I stammered. “I am engaged to be married, so… sort of. I mean, I have a fiancé named Kyle.”

“Oh,” Ms. Belcher responded with a hint of disappointment in her voice. “You seemed like the type of young women who would not be tied down by a man. Well, I expect you will be spending a lot of hours here working, sometimes on the weekend so I hope that will not be a problem.”

“Oh no,” I said emphatically. “I am very eager to start my career, Ms. Belcher. Whatever you need, I will do it.”

“Fantastic,” Ms. Belcher responded. “You start tomorrow.”

The next day I officially started working for QJ Productions. For the first few months, Ms. Belcher provided me a lot of smaller projects to work on. There were a few other girls employed at the office with the same job title as me but it seems like we all ended up working various miscellaneous projects. The hours were long but I was happy to finally have a paycheck. Still, I wasn’t living as comfortably as I would have liked. My fiancé still was struggling to find work and we both had school debts to pay. Things did not improve until I received my first big break.

It had been a few months since I started working at QJ Productions and I was sitting at my neatly organized cubicle. I was reading emails when my office phone rang. When I picked up the receiver, I heard Ms. Belcher’s voice inviting me into her office. I put the phone down and promptly walked down the hall and into the office I had interviewed at.

“Good morning Judith, my you look lovely today,” Ms. Belcher spoke to me as she admired me with her eyes. I was dressed in a formal outfit befitting a professional, conservatively dressed woman. I had been trying to dress more and more like Ms. Belcher as she had become somewhat of a mentor to me. It was not easy to do on a shoe string budget.

“Thank you,” I uttered while my cheeks blushed a light shade of pink. “You’re always well dressed, Ms. Belcher.”

“Why thank you dear,” Ms. Belcher responded. “I called you in here today to give you an opportunity to help with a deal that I will believe make me quite a bit of money. If you can succeed in this endeavor, you will be compensated above and beyond what I am paying you now.”

“Wow,” I said. “I have only been here a few months. I am surprised you would ask me. I promise Ms. Belcher, I will not let you down!”

Ms. Belcher smiled at me and spoke further, “You’re so enthusiastic. That is why I hired you. Anyways, this is a tricky project, are you sure you can handle it?”

“Yes, please, leave it to me,” I said desperately. I truly was eager to please her.

“Ok,” Ms. Belcher began. “A man I have done business with before, his name is Maxwell Morgan. In the past, I have distributed his product and made quite a bit of money for the both of us. He is good at what he does; one of the most experienced there is. I need for you to setup a business deal between us. We will make a lot of money if we can get him to sign a favorable contract with us. It is guaranteed money, or at least could be.”

“Is that all?” I asked. “Our websites are beautifully designed and run flawlessly. We get so many new visitors each month; I am sure I can convince him that we are the best company…”

“It’s not that simple,” Ms. Belcher quickly interrupted me. “Max, like many in this industry, has… an abrasive personality. He is an attractive man but one with many vices. In order to get him to sign anything, he will expect us to show him a good time. I recommend you get him drunk and make sure he is properly… ahem… stimulated. I trust you to set this up. I will be there to help make the sale but you will responsible for everything else. Can I trust you with this?”

“I will do everything that can be done to make this deal go through,” I said as I approached Ms. Belcher. I extended my hand and gently touched her arm. “Don’t worry, you can trust me.”

“I always knew you could,” Ms. Belcher said as she smiled at me. “Here,” Ms. Belcher spoke as she opened up one of the drawers behind her desk. She removed a wad of bills tied together with a red rubber band and handed it to me. “This is your budget and you will have to make it work.”

“Thank you, Ms. Belcher,” I said sincerely. “I will work on this right away!”

True to my word, I right away started to try to plan some sort of business party. I was immediately frustrated though. My first thought was to arrange something at a strip club but after calling every club in town I realized that Ms. Belcher had not given nearly enough money to pay for something like that. I ended up staying up late that night, slumped over the computer at my home. That was until I was suddenly interrupted by my fiancé.

“Honey, it’s late,” Kyle complained to me. “Aren’t you going to come to bed?” he asked in a concerned voice.

“Damnit Kyle,” I responded angrily. “Can’t you see I am trying to work? I am supposed to setup this business meeting but Ms. Belcher did not give me nearly enough money to pay for it. When you factor in the drinks, the venue, the strippers…”

“Wait, you said strippers?” Kyle responded in a clearly amused tone. “That sounds like my kind of meeting. Why don’t you have it at the house?”

“Quit joking,” I snapped back at him quickly before ponding what he said. I then stopped and thought about it for a second. If I used the money that Ms. Belcher provided me to hire some strippers, buy drinks, and just had the meeting over at our place; I could make this work. “You’re a genius, Kyle!” I said excitedly. “That would work, we just do the meeting here!”

Kyle scratched his head in confusion. “I was just kidding,” he remarked. “But I guess if you are going to hire a bunch of strippers to dance at our place… it’s not like I am going to object!”

From that point on, I made all the arrangements to do the business meeting at our place. I looked up several businesses that advertised “escorts” and I hired a few from the one that was the least sleazy sounding. I bought alcohol and ordered some hors d’oeuvres. Everything was coming together perfectly.

Finally the night of the business meeting arrived. The first person to arrive was Ms. Belcher. I greeted her at our front door. “Hello, Ms. Belcher,” I said to her. She was wearing a beautiful, expensive blue dress. I was glad I had opted for a yellow dress myself. “You look so pretty, Ms. Belcher.”

“Thank you my dear,” Ms. Belcher said as she stepped into our home. She immediately caught the gaze of my fiancé, Kyle. “You must be Kyle. Judith has told me so much about you. It is nice to finally meet you.” Ms. Belcher extended her hand toward Kyle.

“Wow,” Kyle remarked as he gently took a hold of Ms. Belcher’s hand. “Judith never told me she worked for such an elegant woman.”

Ms. Belcher laughed. “Ahh, now I can see why she keeps you around!” she joked.

I heard a knock on the door and so I went and opened it up. Standing there were two scantily dressed busty women who I could only assume were the strippers I had hired. “Uhm, hello,” I remarked.

“Hi,” she responded curtly. “We still need to get ready. Do you like have a bathroom nearby we could use?”

“Uh, that way…” I said pointing to the bathroom which was down the hall. As the two busty women walked by I complained, “Ugh.. I told them to be discrete when they showed up. I hope none of our neighbors saw that!”

“How dreadful,” Ms. Belcher commented. “This is why I would never hold one of these meetings at my own home. You must be so embarrassed. If I were you; I would make sure you remind the rest of the entertainment to make sure you do not create a scene.”

“I only hired two of the… uhm… dancers,” I responded. “That is enough right? I mean, that should be plenty.”

Ms. Belcher looked at me incredulously. “Well, that is all good and fine but you did bring a male entertainer, did you not?” Ms. Belcher asked, her voice overwrought with concern.

“A male entertainer?” I asked aloud. “You mean… a male stripper? I didn’t think…”

“Oh my god,” Ms. Belcher gasped. “Those bimbos doing god knows what in your bathroom right now might be good enough for the riff raff but Max… he prefers the company of other men!”

“I didn’t know!” I insisted. “You never told me that!”

“I would expect a liberal woman such as yourself not to make these sorts of assumptions,” Ms. Belcher chided me. “Even cursory research would have shown you that Max prefers men to women. And in this day and age for you to just assume, it’s so… so… heteronormative of you. I am disappointed.”

“Well,” I said, “Maybe I can get someone to come short notice. Just let me…”

“Nonsense!” Ms. Belcher interrupted me in a booming voice. “He is set to arrive in a half hour. It cannot be done!” Ms. Belcher looked around the room frantically. “Aha! You there!” Ms. Belcher pointed to my fiancé, Kyle. “You’re an attractive young man… very boyish and slender. You will be our male dancer.”

“Me?” Kyle said shocked. “I don’t know how to dance. I have never done that before…”

“I am not sure that Kyle is really cut out for this thing,” I interjected. “I think it’ll be pretty obvious he doesn’t know what he’s doing…”

“Judith told me you’re a theater major; I am asking for you to give a performance,” Ms. Belcher argued with him. “You don’t have to strip or put on a show. Just give him a lapdance. He will be drunk and will not notice or care if your performance is amateur.”

“But…” Kyle objected. “You really want me to dance… for another man? If it was a woman ok but… this is strange.”

“Look,” Ms. Belcher began. “Max might be a perverted man but he is not some sort of ghoul. He knows you can’t abuse the dancers. I will pay you $500 if this deal is negotiated on our terms. Now go and look at some videos on the internet and practice. I will get you in a few hours from now.”

Kyle looked over at me, his jaw open wide.

“Kyle, just do this,” I pleaded with him. “It’s just for one night. We really need this deal to go well… both of us.”

Kyle nodded his head slowly, almost in shock. He got up and turned his back to us and retreated into the bedroom.

“Don’t worry about him, dear,” Ms. Belcher remarked to me. “I forgot to mention it earlier but that dress looks exquisite on you. Now, remember what we discussed earlier. Do not discuss business until later in to the night. In fact, I should be the one who brings it up when the time is right. Yes, wait for me to mention it. Make sure Max and his associates are taken care of while they are here. At the same time, especially after they’ve been drinking, don’t let Max’s associates step out of line with you. You hired the strippers for a reason. There is no reason they should be touching you or making a pass at you.”

“I’ll be careful, Ms. Belcher,” I responded sincerely. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, there are a few other loose ends I need to attend to.”

I finished my preparations for the meeting and not long afterwards; our guests arrived. Maxwell Morgan and three of his business associates arrived together. The men were all well-dressed in suits. With the exception of one of the men who was mostly quiet, they struck me as the obnoxious/overly arrogant type. This did not shock me as it was what Ms. Belcher had warned me about. After learning about Maxwell Morgan’s sexuality a half hour ago, I did not know particularly what to expect about him. He ended up living up to my prior expectation: he was an older, tall, and handsome, and was very masculine and a smooth talker.

I served the men wine and could hardly keep up with how quickly they would finish what they had. The men mostly talked to each other. Their conversations were getting louder the more they drank. Occasionally Ms. Belcher would enter the conversation and bring up some story about a previous time they had worked together. Maxwell Morgan was clearly the leader of the bunch. He was louder and more vulgar than the other men.

A few hours into the night, I found myself in the kitchen opening up a fresh bottle of wine. Suddenly, I felt a hand gently grip my shoulder. I turned around and saw Ms. Belcher standing behind me.

“Make sure you have some yourself, dear,” Ms. Belcher spoke to me as she grabbed the bottle of wine from my hand. She poured two glasses of wine and handed one of them to me. “Here, take this and drink with me. It’s not all about the men. Us beautiful women must have some fun together as well.”

“Thank you, Ms. Belcher,” I said as my face blushed red. I took the glass of wine and raised to my lips and drank in unison with her. “Do you think everything is going well?”

“Oh, I think things are fantastic,” Ms. Belcher responded emphatically as he drank her wine. “They’re loosened up at this point. Serve them their drinks and I will get the entertainers. We give them all a lap dance and then get them to sign the contract.” Ms. Belcher walked out of the kitchen and towards our bedroom where my fiancé was at.

I was impressed at just how devious Ms. Belcher could be. She was very much a proud feminist and it exuded from her but she had co-opted the old, male way of doing business. She was very much a contradiction; on one hand a self-avowed feminist, on the other a distributor of pornography. At the same time, I was worried about Kyle. If he got angry or choked during the meeting; it could ruin everything.

I poured our guests more wine and brought it out to them. Maxwell Morgan sat by himself in an armchair while the three other men sat side by side on a leather couch.

“What took you so long?” Mr. Morgan complained loudly to me. “Were the grapes still fermenting or what?”

“I’m sorry, sir…” I began only to be interrupted by Ms. Belcher.

“Gentleman, you know I always treat my business guests as the valued partners that they are.” Ms. Belcher explained. “You men work hard and the quality of your films and their revenues reflect that. I am pleased to offer you the company of beautiful dancers this evening. Let me introduce you to Jasmine and Natalia.”

The two busty strippers, made up and clad in only lingerie walked into the room and waved playfully at the men who responded with hoots and hollers. Here was Ms. Belcher and I in professional suits and a few feet away were a couple of bimbos barely wearing any clothes jiggling their boobs around. I couldn’t believe it.

“Hmph,” Mr. Morgan grunted. “What is so special about these two strippers? Hmm?”

“Come on, Max,” Ms. Belcher spoke playfully. “You know me better than to underestimate me. I just happened to find this pretty, naïve young man back there. The perfect present for my favorite business partner.”

My fiancé walked into the room wearing nothing but one of my pairs of thong panties. His firm butt cheeks hung far out the thin strip of material in the back. Appearing somewhat nervous, he approached Ms. Morgan and bowed his head. He spoke, “Hello Mr. Morgan, how may I service… err… serve you tonight.”

I was shocked to see my fiancé so scantily clad in front of so many strangers. He was the type of guy who was shy to go swimming without his shirt on. I couldn’t believe how exposed he was.

“Oooh…” Mr. Morgan squealed. “There is something different about this one. You really know how to impress me, Charlotte.” Mr. Morgan turned his attention to Kyle. “What is your name, sweetheart? And be honest with me, is this your first time dancing for another man?”

“I-I’m… my name is Kylie,” Kyle responded nervously. “And this is my first time, honestly.”

“Well that doesn’t mean I am gonna go easy on you,” Mr. Morgan snickered. “Turn around for me Kylie, and show me that ass of yours.”

Kyle nodded his head nervously and turned around. In the process, he gave Mr. Morgan a full view of his exposed buttcheeks. Blushing a bright shade of red, Kylie rotated his hips so that his supple ass cheeks bounced around vulgarly in front of the older man.

“I likey,” Mr. Morgan commented, practically drooling over my fiancé’s ass. Mr. Morgan turned to Ms. Belcher and spoke, “Very nice, Charlotte. I love them young and inexperienced. Lapdances! All around!”

I stood there completely stunned as I watched my fiancé shake his thong covered ass at an older man. I don’t think I had ever seen a man flirt with another man this way before. I was so shocked I didn’t notice Jasmine and Natalia dive on to couch where the three other men were sitting.

Sensing my shock, Ms. Belcher took it upon herself to walk over to the stereo and turn on the music. She then walked over to the kitchen and poured two additional glasses of wine. She walked back next to me and handed me the glass. Gently she leaned in close to me, her lips moving up to my ear as if she were going to kiss it. Softly she whispered to me, “I hope you don’t mind, I went through your panties drawer.”

“T-that’s fine…”I responded although my focus was clearly elsewhere at the moment.

As Kyle heard the music start to play, he took a deep breath. Other than watch a few videos on the internet and some embarrassing practice sessions in front of the mirror, he had no experience doing this sort of thing. Slowly he bent over so that his ass was pushed forward and toward Mr. Morgan. He then began to shake his hips as best as he could in rhythm to the music that was playing. Kyle felt his ass cheeks jiggle as he moved his hips back and forth.

“Yeah baby,” Mr. Morgan grunted gleefully at my fiancé. “Shake your ass for daddy.”

“Uhh… yes daddy,” Kyle muttered as he did his best to improvise the stripper character he was playing. He stood up slightly straighter, pulling his ass away from Mr. Morgan. As he did so, he increased his hip movement causing his ass to jiggle back and forth faster.

“Mmmm,” Mr. Morgan said as he licked his lips. “You have an amazing ass, Kylie. Now come and sit on daddy’s lap.”

Kyle turned around and looked at Mr. Morgan. As he looked, his eyes zeroed in on Mr. Morgan’s lap and the huge tent that was pitched in his pants. “Goddamn…” he muttered under his breath so soft it could not be heard. Kyle did not expect this guy to be so hung. No wonder he was so horny, Kyle thought to himself. “Uhm… don’t you want to watch me dance more?”

Before Mr. Morgan could speak, cheers sounded from the three men on the couch. Jasmine had just removed her bra and was shaking her very large set of boobs back and forth in front of the men. Not to be outdone, Natalia soon joined her which brought another outburst from the audience.

Mr. Morgan smirked at Kyle, “Son, this is not the line of work to be shy in. Now get up on my lap. Now!”

“Yes daddy…” Kyle said nervously. “Here it goes…” Kyle stopped shaking his ass and slowly backed up. Eventually he reached the point where his exposed ass was hovering over Mr. Morgan’s lap. Before lowering himself, Kyle looked behind him again. The sight of his ass cheeks hanging perilously over the huge tent in Mr. Morgan’s pants caused him to shiver nervously. Kyle turned back around and stared at the ground and slowly lowered his but down. As he did so, he could feel Mr. Morgan’s extremely hard erection pushing up against his bare asscheeks. The only thing separating Mr. Morgan’s cock from Kyle’s exposed ass was the thin material of pants he was wearing.

“Unnnh, yeahhh!” Mr. Morgan moaned loudly as Kyle sat on his ass. “That’s right son, sit on it! You do what I tell you! Ohhh yeahh… Come on, keep on dancing.”

“Phew…” Kyle muttered as he collected himself. Slowly he began moving his ass while remaining seated on Mr. Morgan’s lap. As he did so, he could feel himself rubbing Mr. Morgan’s thick, hard erection. It made him feel odd and dirty and Kyle continued on, doing his best to move his butt rhythmically.

“See, look at that,” Ms. Belcher spoke to me, pointing toward my fiancé. “I told you everything would be ok. He’s a natural. Max is loving this; we’re both going to make a lot of money from this deal. Drink some wine, my dear. I am going to get some more myself.” Ms. Belcher headed towards the kitchen.

As Kyle moved his ass back and forth Mr. Morgan’s lap, he began to relax a little bit more. The initial shock of sitting on the older man’s rock hard erection began to wear off. Kyle put more effort into the dance, lifting and dropping himself on Morgan’s lap in tune with the music being played. Kyle’s jiggling asscheeks repeatedly slapped back and forth against the study tent in Mr. Morgan’s pants.

“Uh huh, that’s right,” Mr. Morgan stated in-between moans. “You’re a natural Kylie, very good for someone who is an amateur. That ass of yours has got my cock rock hard.”

Kyle blushed and lowered his ass down, rubbing it hardly against Mr. Morgan’s erection. He then continued his lapdance. For several minutes he danced and rubbed his ass against Mr. Morgan’s lap from various positions.

The shock started to wear off from me. I don’t know if I was getting used to it or the wine was making me see the light. Breaking my focus off my fiancé’s lapdance, I noticed that Ms. Belcher had returned from the kitchen and was standing next to me. I turned to her and spoke, “Hasn’t this gone on long enough?”

“Don’t worry my dear,” Ms. Belcher reassured me. “Just let the men have their fun for a little bit longer.”

Kyle slid his ass across Mr. Morgan’s lap. My fiancé’s asscheeks ended up squeezing up against the stiff tent caused by Mr. Morgan’s raging erection. As Kyle moved his ass back, he could feel his cheeks slide against the entire length of Mr. Morgan’s cock. It felt so long. It was weird how Kyle could send the heat emanating off it even through Mr. Morgan’s pants. After Kyle was done sliding against it, he lifted his ass up into the air and shook his butt cheeks in the air.

“Ohh gawd, don’t tease me!” Mr. Morgan insisted. He grabbed Kyle’s ass and with his strong hands he pulled Kyle’s ass back down on to his lap. Holding Kyle in place, he aggressively began to rub his tent covered erection into the crevice of Kyle’s ass. He grunted loudly as he rapidly rubbed his hard erection in-between Kyle’s cheeks.

“I thought there wasn’t supposed to be touching,” I remarked to Ms. Belcher as I observed the grotesque sight of Mr. Morgan forcefully humping my fiancé’s ass. The next thing I saw was Mr. Morgan violently thrusting his hips. I could see my fiancé gasp and move away and as he did so the material of Mr. Morgan’s pants seemed to stick on to his pants until Kyle reached a certain distance when it seemed to peel off. I could see Mr. Morgan move forwards and whisper something in my fiancé’s ear which caused him to blush. I then watched Mr. Morgan collapse into the armchair as my fiancé retreated into the bedroom.

“Now is the time,” Ms. Belcher remarked to me. She walked over to Mr. Morgan and presented him with a folder containing a contract. “Max, I hope you have enjoyed the pleasantries but the night draws near and it is time to discuss business. These are our terms which I think you will find very fair given our very personal business relationship.”

Mr. Morgan thumbed quickly through the contract, barely reading the majority of it. “Charlotte,” he started to speak. “For such an elegant, professional woman, you have a keen understanding of perverted men like myself. I am sure I could sign on to a different distributor with more favorable terms but there is no one as professional as you or knows how to sell porn to men like you. You get me a pen and I will sign this contract right now.”

Mr. Morgan ended up signing the contract and Ms. Belcher was extremely happy. I had mixed feelings. I had gotten what I wanted by I could not shake the image of my fiancé dancing so vulgarly for Mr. Morgan.

After everyone had left, I went back into my bedroom to speak to my fiancé. “I’m so sorry…” I began to apologize.

“Did Mr. Morgan say anything about me?” Kyle quickly interrupted.

“No…” I said hesitantly. “I mean… he certainly seemed… uhhh… satisfied. Why are you asking me this?”

“That was my first time acting since we graduated,” Kyle explained. “I know Mr. Morgan… he is in the film industry, Ms. Belcher told me all about it.”

“Yes…” I began. “But I don’t think it is the film industry you are thinking of…”

“I know that.” Kyle snapped at me. “I know what type of business you are in, Judith. But I am sure Mr. Morgan has contacts into other types of film, you know, non-adult stuff.”

“I’m sure,” I said nodding my head at him. I walked over to our bed and sat down on the edge of it. “It was so weird seeing you dance for him…” I began. “It was actually pretty disgusting. I can’t believe you put up with all that.”

“It wasn’t so bad,” my fiancé explained. “Well, it was, but I just acted my way through it. I just pretended I was playing a role.”

“Well, he signed Ms. Belcher’s contract.” I explained. “This is going to help us a lot. I am sorry you had to do that but hopefully it pays off.”

“That’s great!” Kyle exclaimed. “I think I know the perfect way to celebrate.” He looked mischievously at me.

“I’m sorry Kyle,” I apologized. “This was a stressful night for me and I’m tired. I am just going to get ready and go to bed.”

The next day I went into work, Ms. Belcher called me into her office. When I arrived, I was surprised to see Maxwell Morgan seated in the office as well. “Hello, Mr. Morgan, Ms. Belcher,” I said meekly.

Mr. Morgan turned to me and flashed a crooked smile. “Hello Judith, nice to see you again,” he said. “Hey, I had a great time the other night and I just wanted to say thank you for being such a generous host. I didn’t know it at the time but that dancer you had perform for me, Kylie, I heard that he is your husband.”

I shook my head and responded, “He’s not my husband… he’s my fiancé.”

Mr. Morgan nodded at me. “Oh, I understand,” he stated. “The point is, sweetheart, in three weeks I am going to have another set of videos which I think you all will be interested in. You hook me up with another dance from your husband and I think we can reach another deal.”

“Three weeks?” I asked in a surprised tone of voice. “I thought we just bought the rights to distribute your videos.”

Mr. Morgan chortled loudly. “Honey, you have no idea,” he said as he caught his breath. “We can crack out ten of these pornos a day. I can get a bunch of new videos together fast… when I’m motivated to do it.”

“Well,” I said hesitantly. “That was just a one-time thing. I really don’t think Kyle…”

“Don’t worry about Kylie, dear,” Ms. Belcher interrupted me. “I called him earlier today to thank him and let him know his bonus check is on its way. He said he would be happy to dance again if we needed him.”

Mr. Morgan smiled beamingly. “Fantastic,” he said gleefully. “You’ve got a great employee here, Charlotte. I can tell she will go far in this industry. And since you so graciously hosted us last time, I will provide the venue next time.” Mr. Morgan stood up and shook my hand as I remained speechless. “Give my regards to your husband.” Mr. Morgan winked at me and promptly left the office.

“I don’t like that man…” I complained to Ms. Belcher. “The way he was with my fiancé… so desperate and horny… it’s so disgusting.”

Ms. Belcher stood up and walked over and put her hand on my shoulder to comfort me. “Sometimes getting ahead means getting your hands dirty, my dear,” she said. “Don’t worry though, it will be ok. Here, I have something for you.” Ms. Belcher let go of my shoulder and walked over to her desk and retrieved a check which she handed to me. “Those videos are selling like hotcakes. You did a great job and this is just going the first of many, many rewards.”

I looked down at the amount of the check and my eyes nearly popped out from my skull. “Thank you…” I spoke emotionally. “I’m so appreciative for the opportunity you have given me… when no one else did.”

“Stop that, you’re going to make me cry,” Ms. Belcher said with a grin. She reached out her arms and pulled me against her chest. Her embrace was warm and comforting.

That night I got home and talked to Kyle about the second business meeting. “Honey, you don’t need to do this.” I explained. “We can find someone else. I don’t want him to humiliate you anymore than he has.”

“Judy,” Kyle responded to me. “Ms. Belcher said he specially requested me. If I am not there to dance for him, he is going to be upset. He already saw me wearing your thong. You’ve been working this whole time, supporting us. Let me help you with your work.”

“Just the thought of you rubbing up against that disgusting hornball’s gross boner again…”I shuttered as a spoke.

“It’s not so bad,” Kyle responded. “I mean… he is wearing pants, I just try not to think too much about it. Just focus on the dancing, that’s all. It’s not me that is out there, it is Kylie.”

Three weeks later, I found myself waiting in my car, prepared to drive my fiancé and I to the business meeting with Mr. Morgan. As I waited, I looked impatiently at my watch. “Damnit, Kyle, hurry up,” I muttered under my breath as I nervously tapped my fingers up and down against the steering wheel.

Kyle emerged from our home wearing a thick, black coat that wrapped around his entire body. Quickly he ran up to the passenger side door and opened it. He hopped into the passenger side seat. “Ok, ready!” he exclaimed.

I rolled my eyes at Kyle and shifted my car into reverse. I backed out on to the street and started driving to the agreed upon meeting location. I drove for several miles. When I started to approach the meeting location, I noticed we had entered a seedy neighborhood. I passed by a few strip clubs and adult stores before finally arriving at the destination which appeared to be a strip club. I looked at the address on the front of the building and twirled my hair in confusion. “This can’t be right,” I stated. “Where is this address?”

Kyle peered back and forth around the building and shrugged his shoulders at me.

“Hold on a minute,” I said as I pulled into the parking lot of the strip club. I undid my seat belt and opened up the driver’s side door and walked up to the strip club. When I opened the door, I was immediately in the presence of a large man who appeared to be working as a bouncer. “Uhm…” I muttered. “Do you know where this address is?” I showed the man my cell phone which displayed an email with the text message.

“Oh yes, ma’am,” the larger man responded as he looked quizzically at the cell phone screen. “Ah, yeah, that’s outside around the back.”

“But I didn’t see anywhere around the back,” I responded.

The man nodded his head at me, “it’s the back of the club.”

“Oh… thanks,” I responded back. I walked back out the door of the club and approached my car. “Come on Kyle, it’s in the back.” I turned around and headed around the side of the strip club towards the back. It seemed dark and isolated in the back of the building. The area was out of view from the street. There were a few run-down looking doors on the back of the building. I picked one at random and knocked on it with my right hand.

After a few minutes, the door opened and a busty young woman emerged from the opening. “You must be Mr. Morgan’s guests,” she said unenthusiastically. “He is waiting to see you. Come, follow me.”

We followed the women into what appeared to be an office type setting. I could see desks and paperwork. We were eventually led to what appeared to be a conference room. In the conference room, Mr. Morgan was seated along with another man I had not seen before. Ms. Belcher was also present. There was no one else there.

“So nice of you two to join us,” Mr. Morgan said in a booming voice. “This is my good friend and business partner, Jack Simmons.” Mr. Morgan motioned over to the man seated next to him. “We share everything and I felt it appropriate to bring him to this meeting.”

“It is a pleasure to meet both of you,” Mr. Simmons said graciously. “I hear you are quite a dancer,” he said smiling towards Kyle. Similar to Mr. Morgan, Mr. Simmons appeared to be an attractive, tall, older man.

Kyle blushed bright red at the compliment. “Well, I guess you will see…”

“I hope you don’t mind,” Mr. Morgan chuckled. “I promised you would dance for him first. Don’t be shy… let’s get started.”

“Dancing… for both of you?” I asked surprised. “Aren’t we going to have drinks… or make small talk first?”

“Oh, let the men have their fun,” Ms. Belcher interjected. “That way we can get down to business sooner.”

“Ok…” Kyle spoke nervously as the music started playing. He opened up the long black coat he was wearing and let it fall quickly to the ground. As the coat fell, it was revealed that Kyle was wearing nothing but a skimpy thong. The thong was white and lacey with opaque patches where the pink skin of Kyle’s banana shape bulge were visible.

I gasped when I saw the revealing lingerie that Kyle was wearing. Not that anyone noticed given the hooting and hollering that was coming from Mr. Morgan and Mr. Simmons. This time it was not one of my panties. I had no idea where Kyle had gotten such a thing.

Kyle blushed bright red and shyly walked over towards Mr. Simmons. As he came near him, Kyle began dancing. Whereas his previous performance had been amateurish, he now danced gracefully and professionally. It was evident that he had been practicing and preparing for the dance. His dance was erotic and sexual involving substantial shaking of his ass and package.

“Mmm, you weren’t kidding about this one…” Mr. Simmons spoke in awe, his eyes mesmerized on Kyle. “And that’s his wife over there…?” Mr. Simmons asked, gesturing to me.

“Yeah, nuts, isn’t it…” Mr. Morgan responded with a chuckle. He was practically drooling at the sight of my fiancé’s dancing.

“Speaking of nuts…” Mr. Simmons said softly. “Come on boy, get up on my lap.”

My fiancé moved closer to Mr. Simmons. He pushed his ass back so that the bouncy cheeks began to vibrate up against the older man’s lap. As he did this, Kyle felt his ass brush up against Mr. Simmons abrasive erection. It made him hesitate for a moment but he quickly resumed his dance.

“Unh…” Mr. Simmons grunted. “Oh yeah… Like that. Come on… bump up and down on it!”

Kyle nodded his head gently as he shook his body in rhythm with the music. As directed, he began moving his ass up off Mr. Simmons lap and then back down, pressing his supple cheeks up against the hard boner that strained through the material of Mr. Simmons pants.

“Oh gawd yeah…” Mr. Simmons moaned through heavy panting. “Ughhh, grind on it!” he commanded in a booming voice.

Kyle did not hesitate this time, he took his shaking ass and pressed it hard down on to Mr. Simmons lap. He felt Mr. Simmons erection squeeze in-between his cheeks, nearly pressing up against his asshole. Even through the material of his pants, Kyle could feel his cock throbbing.

“Oh… ohhh. Ohhhhhh.” Mr. Simmons moaned loudly. His voiced tremored with orgasmic pleasure.

“This is so gross,” I complained to Ms. Belcher as I watched my fiancé bounce up and down on Mr. Simmons lap.

Kyle could feel the cock really start throbbing fast. He began to pull away but before he could escape he felt Mr. Simmons’s hands pull him back down. He felt the vibrating erection squeeze back between his cheeks. Suddenly he felt a subtle warm, wet feeling in-between his ass cheeks. “Oh god…” Kyle muttered under his breath as he caught whiff of a musky odor.

“Ahhh,” Mr. Simmons took in a deep breath that emanated satisfaction. “Thanks for the wonderful dance.”

“It’s my turn next,” Mr. Morgan said, licking his lips at the sight of my fiancé’s body.

Kyle shifted his attention to Mr. Morgan and began sexually dancing in front of him. As he shook his hips, Kyle’s own thong covered erection bounced around gratuitously in front of the older man. Kyle then turned around and shook his ass playfully at Mr. Morgan. Slowly he moved his shaking ass backward until it hovered over the lecherous man’s lap, teasing him with its luscious, bouncy curves.

“Oh yeah!” Mr. Morgan said enthusiastically. “Don’t tease me now!” Mr. Morgan began to move in unison to the music himself. He was once again sporting a visibly large tent in his pants. As Kyle’s ass shook rapidly above his lap, Mr. Morgan began to lightly thrust. After the first few times, he ended up smacking his bulge right up against Kyle’s ass. A distinct smacking noise could be heard as a result.

Kyle felt something hard smack against his ass but did not stop his dancing. He continued to dangle his ass above Mr. Morgan’s lap teasingly. Kyle’s own cock was pitching a tent of its own as it bounced back and forth. Kyle’s hard cock stretched the material of the thong thin. Suddenly, Kyle felt another thwack on his ass, then another. “Unh,” he grunted. It continued and was getting harder and harder.

“Keep dancing!” Mr. Morgan demanded as he continuously thrusted his hips forward, bumping his hard erection into the back of Kyle’s ass. Mr. Morgan thrusted particularly hard. As he did so, his hard dick smacked hard against the thin strip of material holding together the back of the lace thong. A large “thwack” noise sounded as a result.

Kyle stopped dancing and looked down. He felt the strap on the back of the thong suddenly tear apart. The stretched out material quickly shot forward. As the lacey material fell to the side, Kyle’s throbbing, veiny cock and swollen balls were entirely exposed. His cock was rock hard and obviously aroused. Kyle completely froze; his complexion grew pale like a ghost.

I gasped at my exposed fiancé. I couldn’t believe how hard and aroused his cock was. I didn’t understand how he could be turned on dancing for these older, perverted men. I felt so bad for him. He must be completely humiliated.

“Whoa…!” Mr. Morgan remarked excitedly. “You really know how to put on a show. This is… amazing.”

“Uhhh…” Kyle muttered dumbfounded.

“Shake it, sweetheart!” Mr. Morgan loudly demanded.

Kyle nervously resumed his dancing. As he shook his hips and ass, his hard cock bounced back and forth. Kyle looked on helplessly as everyone in the room leered at his nude body.

“Oh yeah, you know what I like,” Mr. Morgan howled at my fiancé. “This is going to be a real man’s lapdance,” Mr. Morgan spoke gleefully. He moved his large hands to his sides and hooked his fingers into the pants he was wearing. With a quick tug, he pulled down his pants and boxers in one fell swoop. His rock hard cock bounced up and out of the material and was now fully exposed for the first time.

Kyle gasped as he saw Mr. Morgan’s exposed cock. It was far bigger than he imagined, so thick and veiny and it sat on top of a thick set of balls. He froze in place as he was mesmerized by the sight of the older man’s large cock.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed to Ms. Belcher. “Did he just pull his cock out?” My eyes looked at Mr. Morgan’s exposed throbbing member. “It’s so big… no wonder he is so horny.”

“Don’t stop now sweetheart,” Mr. Morgan spoke hungrily. “Sit on it. Sit on my lap, right now!”

Kyle took a deep breath and hesitated. He could not believe he was about to do this. Nervously, Kyle resumed dancing, back his jiggling ass closer and closer to Mr. Morgan’s lap and his very hard, very big cock.

Mr. Morgan impatiently reached forward. His strong hands gripped the sides of Kyle’s hips. He gently pulled the younger man forward. As he did so, the flesh of Kyle’s asscheeks pressed firmly against his hard dick. “Unhh…” Mr. Morgan moaned as his cock was squeezed between the firm cheeks like a hotdog in a bun.

“Ohhh…” Kyle gasped. “It’s so hard… and warmed…” Kyle muttered under his breath. He could really feel Mr. Morgan’s cock pulsating and pushing up against his butt. Slowly Kyle began to move his hips so his cheeks vibrated and massaged Mr. Morgan’s thick pole.

“Doesn’t this cross some sort of line?” I asked Ms. Belcher in a very concerned tone. “He’s just rubbing his… penis all over my fiancé. This seems like more than a lapdance.”

“Don’t worry dear,” Ms. Belcher consoled me as she put her arm around in my shoulder. “In an hour from now, you’ll be laughing about this whole thing.”

“That’s right,” Mr. Morgan commented to my fiancé in-between lustful moans. “Unnh… rub it…”

Kyle used the muscles in his back to gently lift himself up and down on Mr. Morgan’s lap. As he did so, Kyle’s cheeks continued to rub up, down and back and forth against Mr. Morgan’s hard cock.

“Unh, unh,” Mr. Morgan grunted. “Wow, sweetheart, that ass feels amazing. I wish it was a little bigger but hot damn… you know how to work it.”

Kyle blushed a bright shade of red. He continued to bounce his ass cheeks back and forth against the older man’s hard cock.

“Unh, unh… unh,” Mr. Morgan grunted repeatedly. “Oh… I am about there ohhh…” Mr. Morgan leaned forward and grabbed Kyle hips. With his strong grip, he held my fiancé firmly in place. He moved his own lower body up and down in rhythm with Kyle.

Kyle could feel the hard cock stuffed between his butt cheeks really start to vibrate. “Oh god…” he said quietly. He could feel hot liquid start to pump through Mr. Morgan’s cock. Several warm jets landed on his back.

“Unnnnh,” Mr. Morgan grunted loudly as his cock blew its load. He pushed backwards in his chair and dislodged his thick cock from the wedges of Kyle’s ass. With his large hands, he grabbed the chubby base of his long pole and pointed it down, square at Kyle’s ass. Several large, thick gobs of cum shot out on to Kyle’s ass. “Oh yeah,” Mr. Morgan moaned. He reached one of his hands down and gripped his cock. He condensed his grip and squeezed out the remaining semen on to Kyle’s ass.

Kyle stood helplessly by while Mr. Morgan coated his ass with cum. Finally, he felt the final dart strike his cheeks. When he turned around he saw that the last strand of semen had stuck on to his ass. A long, sticky stream connected the flesh of his ass all the way down to Mr. Morgan’s throbbing cock. Kyle moved up and off the older man’s cock. As he did so, he watched the thick strand of cum as it was stretched thinner and thinner. When he pulled far enough away, the strand broke and slingshoted back towards Kyle’s ass. Kyle remained speechless as everyone stared at him. Several seconds went by and then Kyle blushed bright red and darted towards a nearby bathroom.

“That was so disgusting!” I complained. “I feel like I am going to throw up…”

“A bare ass lapdance, phew, you really know how to party Charlotte,” Mr. Morgan chortled as he pulled up his pants. “Tell the boy to stop by Jack’s office next week, we’ll have a bonus for him.” Mr. Morgan walked towards me and nodded. “It’s been great doing business with you. Your husband should be nice and randy… that will be your bonus sweetheart.” Mr. Morgan winked slyly at me.

I grimaced at Mr. Morgan and looked away. It would be a while before I let my fiancé touch me, much less shack up with him. Not while the image of Mr. Morgan juicing all over his butt was embedded in my mind.

While driving home, I spoke to my fiancé, “I can’t believe you just did that. Why did you continue to do the dance for him when he took his pants off?”

“I didn’t know what else to do,” Kyle responded as he shook his head. “Everyone was staring at me… and my instinct was to just stay in character.”

“I understand that,” I explained to him. “But I think most people would draw the line at sitting on some strange man’s penis. Even strippers don’t do that. What if he had pushed that disgusting thing up inside of you?”

“Honestly, it’s so big, I don’t think it would fit,” My fiancé responded.

“Gross,” I responded. “Ok, let’s change the subject, I don’t want to think about that man’s disgusting penis any longer.”

The rest of the drive home was fairly silent. When we reached our home, I quickly drank two glasses of wine and went to bed. Ms. Belcher had been giving me a lot of projects at work and I was tired. I knew this new contract would create even more work for me to do.

It was Thursday next week when my fiancé was scheduled to go over to Mr. Simmons office for his bonus. I was a little bit worried sending him by himself but I knew that Mr. Morgan was out of the state right now so I figured he couldn’t get himself in too much trouble. On my way to work I dropped my fiancé off at what appeared to be an unimposing office building. “Be careful Kyle, Mr. Simmons seems to be just as sleazy as Mr. Morgan.”

“Don’t worry, Judy,” Kyle responded. “I will be in and out in no time.”

“Ok, call me if anything happens,” I responded as Kyle got out of the car. I watched him walk up to the front door and disappear into the lobby. I put the car in reverse and then drove the rest of the way to my work.

While I was at work, my phone began ringing. I quickly answered it.

“Hello dear, could you please come to my office for a second?” Ms. Belcher’s voice sounded through the receiver.

“Of course Ms. Belcher, I will be there right away.” I said affirmatively. I promptly put the receiver down and walked to Ms. Belcher’s large office.

“Hello Judy,” Ms. Belcher greeted me. “You can go ahead and close the door.”

I turned around and closed the door to the office. I then turned my attention back to Ms. Belcher.

“Dear, my shoulders are absolutely killing me right now,” Ms. Belcher complained to me. “Could you do me a favor and come over here and rub them for a little bit.

“Umm, I guess so,” I responded hesitantly. I walked over towards Ms. Belcher’s chair and positioned myself behind her.

“Hold on one second,” Ms. Belcher spoke. She slowly pulled her arms out of the sleeves of the suit jacket she was wearing. When she was fully withdrawn from the jacket, she placed it on top of her desk. Ms. Belcher was wearing a rather open top that exposed most of her shoulders as well as some of her cleavage. “Go ahead dear.”

I reached over and placed my hands on the exposed flesh of her shoulders. I gently began to squeeze and prod at the skin of her shoulders using my fingers. I could smell her perfume as I did so.

“That feels lovely dear,” Ms. Belcher commented in a satisfied tone of voice. “You are doing a great job working here. I am so lucky to have an employee who is such a strong business woman such as myself. I see a lot of myself in you and I am sure one day you will have your own company.”

I blushed slightly as I continued to massage Ms. Belcher’s shoulders. “Thank you,” I responded meekly to her praise.

“We’re making so much money with these deals with Maxwell that I think we should branch out,” Ms. Belcher explained. “This time we diversify and move away from just the adult entertainment business. I want to make QJ Productions into something classier and I want you to be the one who heads us in the new direction.”

“That’s great,” I said excitedly as I continued rubbing Ms. Belcher. “I am so tired of dealing with these porno people all of the time.”

“Oh, me too my dear,” Ms. Belcher remarked. “Please dear, rub my outer shoulders as well.” Ms. Belcher reached over and grabbed the left side of her blouse and pulled it down over her shoulder. This left the left side of Ms. Belcher’s shoulder exposed. Ms. Belcher then did the same thing with the right side. Her shoulders were now completely exposed. Her breasts remained covered at the base but she had exposed quite a bit more cleavage.

I reached further out and began messaging Ms. Belcher’s outer shoulders. As I did so I couldn’t help but look down and stare awkwardly at my boss’s cleavage. I tried to clear it out of my mind as I rubbed her shoulders.

“I know you’re sick of dealing with Maxwell and I am too,” Ms. Belcher explained. “We need him however for one last deal. After that, we will have enough capital reserves for an expansion. He is throwing a big party at the end of the month and I will need you and your fiancé there. It will be the last time we have to deal with Maxwell Morgan.”

“I don’t know…” I said hesitantly as I squeezed the outside of Ms. Belcher’s shoulders. “After what happened last time…”

“In business, things you do are not always comfortable,” Ms. Belcher explained. “You can’t be afraid to take some risks. I know there were times when I was your age where I had reservations but I ended up running my own company and you will too one day.”

“Thanks for believing in me,” I said blushing as I pushed up and down on my boss’s shoulders. “One last deal…” I spoke through a heavy sigh.

I continued to massage Ms. Belcher over the next half hour or so. When I returned to my desk, I checked my phone and saw a few missed calls but no voicemails. I did some additional work that I had been assigned and then left for the day.

When I arrived at home, my husband greeted me at the door. He had a mischievous grin on his face.

“Hello, how did it go, did you get a lot of money? I asked several questions at once.

“Check it out,” Kyle responded by spinning around.

At first I was confused and couldn’t tell what he was talking about. I then finally noticed. Looking at his jeans, I could tell they were much fuller and his butt was larger. “What the…”

“Mr. Simmons did some work on me,” Kyle responded. “He said it would help me getting jobs as an actor if I had more sex appeal.”

“Bullshit,” I retorted. “Those pervs are just obsessed with your…” I stared at my husband’s lower body and did feel a twang of lust. I had to admit that my fiancé looked pretty sexy in those jeans he was wearing. “You do look good… I just wish you would have told me.”

“I tried calling you,” Kyle responded. “But you didn’t answer your office phone.”

“Can I… see them?” I asked curiously.

“Not right now,” Kyle said. “They’re still bandaged up… I am going to be sore for the next week or so… but after they’re healed, yeah, they’re all yours.”

I smiled and gently hugged my fiancé. “Things are going well for me,” I explained. “Ms. Belcher has big plans to change the company and I think there is going to be a lot of opportunity now.

Kyle nodded towards me. “And I feel like once I am recovered, I am certain someone will hire me as an actor,” Kyle said confidently. “We’re both going to be big successes.”

Over the next couple of weeks, Kyle’s ass healed up from the surgery he had. When I finally saw his new butt, I couldn’t believe it. Kyle’s butt implants made him look so sexy and manly when he was wearing pants. However, when the pants were off, his new bubble butt just seemed so feminine. I was surprised how jiggily it was when he walked or moved. It was a huge turn off for me. Although he threw himself at me several times during this time period, I made excuses and told him I was too tired or wasn’t feeling well. The truth was I was kinda weirded out by his new butt.

Finally the date of Mr. Morgan’s big party arrived. I had told Kyle he shouldn’t come and shouldn’t dance for Mr. Morgan again but he insisted to me that he owed Mr. Morgan one last dance with his new ass. Based on all the discussions I had been having with Ms. Belcher, I expected this would be the last time I ever had to deal with Mr. Morgan so I reluctantly agreed.

This party was different than the last two times we had entertained Mr. Morgan. For one, this time the party took place at Mr. Morgan’s rather large and ostentatious home. Secondly, there were quite a large number of people in attendance. Partygoers were spread out amongst the house and I could tell that many of the people in attendance were adult film actors and actresses.

Ms. Belcher greeted my fiancé and I at the door. Ms. Belcher was wearing a low cut blue dress. I was dressed professionally in a dark suit. My fiancé wore a trench coat and I didn’t really want to know what he was wearing underneath.

“I am so glad you were able to find it here without any trouble,” Ms. Belcher said to us through a beaming smile.

“It’s weird,” Kyle commented. “This house seems so… familiar.”

“Ahh,” Ms. Belcher chimed in. “You probably recognize some of the rooms. Maxwell shoots a lot of pornography movies in his home.”

“Uhhh, that can’t be it…I don’t watch porn…” my fiancé muttered awkwardly.

“Ewww,” I squealed. “I guess I should be careful what I end up touching around here then…”

“I am sure he had this place professionally cleaned before the party,” Ms. Belcher explained as she looked around the room. “Anyways, come with me and let us go see Maxwell.”

Ms. Belcher led us through several different parts of the house. Finally we arrived in a living room type area. Mr. Morgan and Mr. Simmons were seated in two regal looking red armchairs towards the back of the room. A group of other individuals were talking on the other side of the room with drinks in their hands.

“Mmmm,” Mr. Morgan moaned as he eyed Kyle lasciviously. “Is Kylie ready to dance for her daddy?” Mr. Morgan chortled. Mr. Morgan wasted no time pulling down his pants to expose his fat, engorged cock.

“Really, in front of all these people… not even any small talk,” I muttered softly under my breath. It was obvious that Mr. Morgan was very eager to have my fiancé give him a lapdance.

“Yes daddy,” Kyle responded obediently. He quickly unzipped the trenchcoat he was wearing. When he pulled it off, he revealed he was completely nude underneath and wearing nothing but a large erection. There was no need to turn on music as it was already booming through from another room in the house. Kyle began shaking and wiggling his new ass in front of Mr. Morgan. His new buttcheeks were so big and so bouncy that they immediately captured the attention of everyone in the room.

“Wow,” Mr. Morgan said as he was completely enthralled by fiancé’s dancing. “You out did yourself Jack… I want to pound that ass… so badly.”

“That’s the new 4000 model,” Mr. Simmons explained as he stared lustfully at my fiancé’s bouncing butt cheeks. “The 4000 is quickly becoming the new standard for female porn stars in the business.”

“Don’t be shy, Kylie,” Mr. Morgan called out hungrily. “Get on daddy’s lap! RIGHT NOW”

Kyle blushed red. With his back and ass facing Mr. Morgan, he hopped backwards on to the older man’s lap. His voluptuous butt cheeks jiggled as they landed on Mr. Morgan’s exposed lap.

Mr. Morgan tightly grabbed hold of my fiancé’s supple buttcheeks. Mr. Morgan was like a kid in a candy shop as he played with my fiancé’s new curvy butt cheeks. Mr. Morgan lustfully rubbed the cheeks against his throbbing hard exposed cock.

The sight of Mr. Morgan lecherously playing with my fiancé’s oversized buttcheeks was grotesque to me. I had to turn away in disgust. As I did so, I felt myself being embraced by Ms. Belcher.

“It’s ok dear,” Ms. Belcher spoke as she hugged me tenderly. “Let’s get a drink and don’t worry about it. You’re fiancé is fine. Let the men have their fun and then we will be done with this.” Ms. Belcher slowly led me out of the room and towards an adjacent room where liquor bottles were set out on a bar. Ms. Belcher made us each a mixed drink and then led me to another room where the music was not so loud and we were alone.

Ms. Belcher sipped from her drink and sat down on a nearby chair. “Judy, dear, could you rub my shoulders again like you did a couple weeks ago?” Ms. Belcher asked me. “I’m afraid they are bothering me once again.”

“Of course, anything for you Ms. Belcher,” I responded subserviently. I took a sip from my drink and it tasted very strongly of alcohol. I then set the drink down and began to rub Ms. Belcher’s exposed shoulders.

Ms. Belcher made small talk with me as I rubbed her shoulders and we both took sips from our drinks. Eventually she pulled the straps of her dress over her shoulders similar to how she had moved her blouse when I had massaged her in the office. This time even more of the flesh from her breasts were exposed by her cleavage. I once again found it difficult to avoid staring it as I rubbed her.

Ms. Belcher noticed my fixation and gave me a weird, mischievous look. “It’s ok dear, why don’t you go ahead and massage my breasts as well.” She said invitingly. “You did such a great job on my shoulders. I would love for you to rub them as well.”

“E-excuse me?” I responded shocked that she would request such a thing. “I.. uh… got to go check on my fiancé.” I blushed blight red and let go of Ms. Belcher and quickly left the room. When I returned to the room my fiancé had been in, I was surprised to see that he was not there. Neither was Mr. Simmons or Mr. Morgan. I left the room and began wandering through the house. In every room that I checked, I could not find any of the three. As I looked, I began to walk faster as I became increasingly panicked. Finally I felt someone grab my shoulder. I turned around and saw it was Ms. Belcher.

“What’s the problem, dear?” she asked me.

“You’re so pale, like you’ve seen a ghost.” The straps of Ms. Belcher’s dress had been pulled back up on top of her shoulders.

“I can’t find my fiancé,” I said in a panicked voice. “Have you seen him?”

“No dear,” Ms. Belcher responded. “I am sure he is fine. Here, I know how to find him, come with me.”

I followed Ms. Belcher into a room that appeared to be a studio of some sort. There were all sorts of equipment around including television monitors and computers. “What’s this?” I asked.

“I believe that Mr. Morgan uses this studio to film pornography at the home,” Ms. Belcher explained. “He has most of the rooms wired with video cameras. If I can figure it out, we should be able to use his system like a surveillance system.” Ms. Belcher looked at the various electronics and pressed a few buttons and knobs. Finally she hit the power button on a television monitor and it flickered on. The monitor showed one of the rooms of the house and depicted several people standing with drinks in their hands.

“He’s not there,” I said. “Can you change rooms?”

“Hold on,” Ms. Belcher spoke as she looked at the various knobs and buttons. She pressed one of them and the screen shifted to a separate room. Ms. Belcher began pressing the knob. Slowly she shifted through several different rooms, none of which contained Kyle. Ms. Belcher then began to skip swiftly through different rooms.

I studied the screen but Ms. Belcher was going too fast. Finally something got my attention. “Wait!” I yelled. “Go back!”

When Ms. Belcher flipped back to the previous screen, I gasped. My fiancé was completely nude and bent over some sort of couch. Mr. Morgan was standing up behind him, his hard cock hanging perilously close to my fiancé’s asshole. As I watched in horror, Mr. Morgan stuffed the thick, velvety mushroom head of his cock into my fiancé’s open hole. “Oh… My… Gawd…” I said.

Ms. Belcher turned one of the knobs on the electronic equipment and suddenly audio from the room could be heard over speakers in the studio. I heard my fiancé whimper, “it feels so huge, its hurting me!”

“Shut up you little whore,” Mr. Morgan responded as he pushed more of his oversized cock into my poor fiancé’s ass. “I paid for this ass so I better be allowed to enjoy it!”

“Ohhh shitt…” my fiancé remarked.

“Unhhh… hell yes,” Mr. Morgan moaned as he pushed his cock further and further inside of my fiancé. “Mmm, nice and tight, you really are a virgin.” At this point, Mr. Morgan nearly had the entire length of his cock impaled into Kyle’s behind.

“Phew,” my fiancé muttered. “This feels so… weird. Unhh. This is… is just between us, right?”

“Don’t worry so much, Kylie,” Mr. Morgan snickered as he started to pull back on his cock, slowly sliding his throbbing meat out of my fiancé’s curvy ass. When it was most of the way out, Mr. Morgan reversed course and pushed it right back in.

“Ooof…” my fiancé grunted. “I’m not gay and… and.. I can’t let Judy…”

Mr. Morgan pushed his cock deep inside of my fiancé. “No one’s calling you gay,” Mr. Morgan explained. “You’re just helping me relieve some tension in here. Now that he had loosened my fiancé up, Mr. Morgan began slowly pumping his cock in and out of his ass. A suction-like pumping noise could be heard through the speaker system as he did so.

At this point the television monitor showed Mr. Simmons enter the room. Like the other two men, he was completely naked and sporting a sizable erection. “Hey, how is it going?” he asked as he tugged on his hard cock.

“Unh, great, his b-hole feels amazing,” Mr. Morgan said as he continued to pump his fat cock in and out of my fiancé’s ass.

“Mmhmm,” Mr. Simmons murmured as he walked toward the other two men on the couch. His swinging hard dick approached my fiancé’s face. “I wonder how well he sucks cock?”

“I like the way you think Jack,” Mr. Morgan responded as he continued to pound Kyle’s ass with his dick. “Come on Kylie, suck his cock.”

“Unhh… unhhh.. no… I shouldn’t… unh,” my fiancé responded hesitantly.

“Don’t do it, Kyle!” I shouted towards the television monitor. There was no way he could hear me. All I could do is hope he wouldn’t dare put some sleazy older man’s disgusting cock in his mouth.

“Come on, Kylie, don’t be such a tease!” Mr. Simmons complained as he waved his large cock back and forth in front of Kyle’s young face.

“Unh… ugh… ugh… ok… unh,” Kyle spoke through repeated grunts. He could really feel Mr. Morgan’s thick meat jackhammering inside of him with each push. Kyle opened up his mouth in a haphazardly inviting way.

“Oh yeah!” Mr. Simmons gloated. He wasted no time stuff his fat cock into my fiancé’s mouth. Kyle nearly gagged as Mr. Simmons cock flooded the inside of his mouth. Mr. Simmons grabbed my fiancé’s head and began to aggressive pump his cock in and out of Kyle’s mouth. The suction/pumping noises were now accompanied with repeated sloppy sounding slurps.

“Yeah, suck his cock!” Mr. Morgan said excitedly as he pumped in and out of my fiancé’s ass. His thick balls smacked against my fiancé’s as he pounded the younger man’s tight butthole. “Your ass is so amazing…” With his fat fingers, Mr. Morgan salaciously groped my fiancé’s fat asscheeks.

Kyle looked down at Mr. Simmons’ throbbing veiny member as the older man pumped it in and out of his mouth. It tasted warm and soft in his mouth. Kyle could taste every inch of the thick meatpole as it was pushed down his throat and then slowly withdrawn. A popping noise sounded as the older man’s cock was fully withdrawn from Kyle’s mouth. Mr. Simmons cock then pushed forward, missing the opening to Kyle’s mouth. The hard as steel rod pushed up against my fiancé’s face and rubbed roughly against it. A musty masculine smell emanated from it and enveloped Kyle’s face.

“That’s hot,” Mr. Morgan murmured as he relentlessly pounded my fiancé’s ass. “Rub that dick in her face.”

Mr. Simmons nodded as he grabbed a hold of my fiancé’s head once again. He thrusted his hips so his long cock pressed hard against Kyle’s young face. Mr. Simmons released his left hand and grabbed the base of his fat pole. With a gentle tug, the towering cock lifted off of Kyle’s face. An equally gentle push caused the pole to thud down back on to my fiancé’s face. As the bloated head smacked against Kyle’s forehead, precum leaked out of the tip and trickled down the younger man’s head. Several successive smacks produced similar results.

“Oh god…” Kyle moaned as he was assaulted on both ends. “Stop doing that! It hurts… ohhh god… Its ung… hard and heavy.”

“Shut up bitch,” Mr. Simmons said as he once again gripped the base of his shaft. Mr. Simmons stood up higher so his fat, engorged balls dangled back and forth in front of my fiancé’s mouth. “Suck on my balls.”

“I… unh.. I dunno…” Kyle muttered in-between grunts.

“Don’t do it!” I shouted at the television monitor. “Don’t you dare put those disgusting things in your mouth!” I yelled loudly even though there was no chance that my fiancé could hear me.

“Come on, unh, boy, what are you waiting for?” Mr. Morgan spoke through moans. With one particularly violent thrust, Mr. Morgan’s cock slammed into Kyle’s backside. This pushed him face forwards into Mr. Simmons’s dangling balls.

“Yes!” Mr. Simmons moaned as he rubbed his bloated testicles against Kyle’s face. The wrinkly skin of his ballsack brushed back and forth against Kyle’s moist lips. Mr. Simmons let go of his shaft and let it fall back down against the upper part of Kyle’s face. “Lick them.”

Kyle felt Mr. Simmons balls pushing back and forth across his face. The fleshy orbs were heavy and odorous. The testosterone laced musk emanating from them made Kyle feel horny and submissive. Reluctantly through stuttered grunts, he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, lapping off a large bead of sweat from Mr. Simmons’s dangling balls. It tasted salty and strong.

I shrieked as I watched Kyle rub his tongue against the older man’s balls. In horror I watched him lick and then take one of Mr. Simmons testicles into his mouth. He could barely fit the oversized bag into his delicate mouth. The extra wrinkly flesh hanging off the sides made for a grotesque sight.

“Mmmhmm, yes, suck those balls…” Mr. Simmons said with a voice showing tinges of ecstasy. “You’re going to be tasting my balls for days.”

Kyle once again found himself gagging as he slid Mr. Simmons other testicle into his mouth. His eyes watered and a small tear dripped down his cheek. As he regained his composure, Kyle began to hungrily suck on Mr. Simmons fleshy orb. His tongue darted back and forth across it from inside of his mouth.

Mr. Simmons pulled back so his thick ball popped out of Kyle’s mouth. He once again gripped his shaft and lowered it down to Kyle’s mouth level. With a gentle squeeze, glistening precum seeped out of the tip of the fat mushroom head. “Ok,” Mr. Simmons began. “Lick it.”

Even after Mr. Simmons had withdrawn his balls from his mouth, the taste remained strong in Kyle’s mouth. As he looked at Mr. Simmons cock, all he could focus on was the sticky precum oozing out from the bloated head. He would never have imagined himself ever doing something so gross or submissive but Mr. Morgan’s pounding had finally loosed him up and the pounding had gone from very uncomfortable to feeling extremely good and complicit. It is like he wanted to do anything these older men wanted him to do. Kyle once again stuck his tongue out of his mouth and this time licked up the oozing precum from Mr. Simmons cock. As he withdrew his tongue from the tip of the cock, the sticky cum stretched from the cock and eventually into his cock.

“Oh my gawd!” I gasped. “Kyle, you couldn’t!”

“Unh, unh, unh,” Mr. Morgan grunted as he aggressively pounded Kyle’s ass. He noticed he was receiving less resistance at this point. He must have finally broken Kyle in. As Mr. Morgan pounded Kyle he playfully slapped his ass so the flesh jiggled. “I’m in heaven right now.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Simmons had stuffed his big cock back into Kyle’s mouth. The cock pumped in and out of the mouth as Kyle sucked down on its spongy skin. “Mmm,” Mr. Simmons moaned as Kyle blew his cock. “Yeah, those lips of yours… like a girl’s lips.”

Kyle blushed red as he bobbed his head back and forth to suck Mr. Simmons dick. As he pumped the dick in and out of his mouth, his tongue darted wildly around and massaged the sides of the pole.

“Man, my cock is throbbing…” Mr. Morgan commented as he withdrew his fat cock from Kyle’s hole. He bounced his throbbing dick back and forth between Kyle’s porn star sized asscheeks. The flesh from my fiancé’s ass jiggled sexily as he did so. “Goddamn, you are one hot bitch.” Mr. Morgan stuffed his cock back into Kyle’s hole and began aggressively pumping once again. “Phew… Oh gawd… I think I’m about to fill this doughnut…”

“No…slurp…d-don… ung,” my fiancé tried to stop Mr. Morgan but his mouth was full of hard cock. “Unh!”

“Ohhh, yeahhhh!” Mr. Morgan moaned as he stuffed his cock deep into Kyle’s ass. The throbbing dick began dumping load after load of overdue cum deep inside of my fiancé. “Ahhhhhhh, ohhhhhh!” Mr. Morgan moaned as soaked the inside of Kyle’s ass. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Mr. Morgan continued to thrust despite the fact he was in the process of cumming.

“Shit!” Kyle yelled as he felt Mr. Morgan’s warm cum coating his insides. It felt good but also warm and disgusting. Kyle tried to yell but he felt Mr. Morgan shove his cock down his throat. He nearly felt himself begin the choke.

“Oh god, you’re cumming?” Mr. Simmons asked as he continued to pump his cock in my fiancé’s mouth. “Ohhh… ugh… I think… I am about there…”

“Oh shit, oh shit,” Mr. Morgan exclaimed. He gripped my fiancé’s fat ass cheeks firmly as he continued to spray cum inside of him. “Nail him in the face. In the face!”

“Unh… unh… unh,” Mr. Simmons grunted and then quickly pulled his cock out of Kyle’s mouth. He grabbed the shaft and pointed it square at Kyle’s face and began to vigorously pump the shaft with his hand. “You got it, Max.”

“Oh god, not my face!” Kyle pleaded as he closed his eyes and braced for impact. “Come on, remember I have a fiancé!”

“Unh, ohh, ohh godd!” Mr. Simmons moaned and grunted as he vigorously pumped his thick fingers across his shaft. “Oh, shit!” Mr. Simmons yelled as milky white ropes of cum started spraying from his large cock. Strand after strand of thick, gooey cum collided against the smooth skin of my fiancé’s face.

“Oh gawd… it’s so much cum…” My fiancé gasped as Mr. Simmons caked his face with cum. When he opened his mouth, a thick rope shot from Mr. Simmons cock hitting him towards the back of his throat. This caused my fiancé to gag.

“Wow,” Mr. Morgan sighed in a satisfied voice. “You really did a number on his face.” Mr. Morgan pulled his fat, now limp dick out of my fiancé’s ass. I could not see his asshole due to his oversized butt checks but from the cum dripping down from his ass, I could tell Mr. Morgan deposited plenty of seed on his end as well.

“Hold on boy,” Mr. Simmons said as he grabbed my fiancé’s head by the hair. “I’m not finished yet.” Mr. Simmons moved his throbbing cock up close to my fiancé’s face and shot several more spurts on to his already cum drenched face. “Unnnhhh!” Mr. Simmons moaned as his cock shot its final spurts out and on to my fiancé. When the spurting subsided, cum continued to slowly run from the tip and ooze out on to my fiancé’s face.

“Oh my god… he is covered,” I spoke emotionally. “I can’t believe it, my fiancé is nothing but a dirty slut. How could he humiliate me like this?”

“Now now, get a hold of yourself,” Ms. Belcher responded. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her tightly. Her chest was now pressing up against my face. “I am sorry this happened, dear. The truth is men just cannot be trusted. Not with all that testosterone leading them astray constantly. Only us women can be truly loyal to each other.”

“I don’t even know what to do right now…” I said exasperated.

“I know dear, come with me.” Ms. Belcher explained. “I’ll take you back to my place and when you’re feeling better then you can return home. Trust me…”

I sniffled sorrowfully and gently nodded my head. “O…k…”

“It will be all ok.” Ms. Belcher put her arm around me and led me outside of Mr. Morgan’s house. As she walked me out she turned away briefly so her face was no longer facing me and as she did so she smiled slyly.

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