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Quack, Quack

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IT was a typical Midwest high school in the late 1970’s but what happened there could have as easily happened just yesterday. There were the usual Friday night football games and dances. There were several sub-groups within the school; you know the nerds, the jocks, the druggies, preppies, and most of all the rest of the kids who tried just to get by.

Disco was big at the time and most kids actually liked it. But, the reality was setting in that after awhile it all sounded pretty much the same as all the artists were trying to re-create “Saturday Night Fever.” It was in this atmosphere that Danny was going through his senior year. He was one of those kids attempting to get by without being contaminated by one of the other groups.

He took a lot of teasing for having the same first name as the lead male character in the newly released movie “Grease,” especially as he looked a lot like John Travolta who played Danny. Senior milestones were flying by for him as he had already had his 18th birthday and the homecoming dance had been fun. The girl he had gone with was cool but he had only gotten to second base with her.

His major concern was that he didn’t want to still be a virgin when he went to college. If he didn’t get a girl to fuck him he hoped to at least have mutual oral sex with her.

Each day the chances of anything happening seemed to get more and more remote. He even began thinking about asking out one of the school sluts. But, his luck would be that either she would have some disease or the stories about her being a slut were total bullshit. So, he went through the motions of going from class to class admiring all of the sexy girls and lady teachers.

The sexiest teacher in the school was without a doubt Miss Titsner who was probably around 40 years old with long brunette hair and bright green eyes. She was nicely proportioned with skinny hips but a rather large ass and jugs the size of large Grapefruits. Danny was glad to be in her English class. Besides being sexy she really was a great teacher. Because of her he knew he would be ready to write papers in college.

His only trouble in her class was daydreaming about fucking the old lady. She was one of those teachers who couldn’t keep still and walked up and down the aisles between the desks as she taught. One day, Sandy who sat next to Danny in Miss Titsner’s class whispered to him that the teacher looked like a duck waddling up and down the rows of desks. Danny giggled quietly to himself.

But, as he watched Miss Titsner he realized that Sandy was right; Miss Titsner had quite a waddle in her walk. He really noticed how much she waddled when she made a trip down his row. He leaned over to Sandy and whispered, “Quack, quack.”

Sandy laughed softly at Danny’s joke. Class continued as usual until the teacher passed again. Danny, now thinking he was impressing Sandy, and hoping to ask her out, Repeated his joke but this time he did it a bit louder, “Quack, quack.”

It turned out to be too loud. Miss Titsner swung around and looked him in the eyes and said in her most authoritarian teacher’s voice, “Danny you will report to me right after school. Young men and women don’t make barn yard sounds in class, do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Titsner,” Danny replied with his face turning deep magenta with embarrassment. Danny was glad that he had a seat next to the window so that the other kid’s attention would be more quickly diverted from looking at him as Miss Titsner resumed her instruction. Danny had no idea what she said for the rest of class as he was too busy thinking of some reason for quacking at his teacher that wouldn’t get him into even more trouble.

The two hours until school got out dragged on as he dreaded his appointment with the busty instructor. For her part in this confrontation, all Karen Titsner wanted to do was rattle the young man’s cage and make sure he understood that making quacking sounds at another person was not, at all, polite behavior. Something changed the moment Danny walked in the door of the classroom after school.

The second she saw him her boobs swelled and she felt her pussy get wet. He was wearing a tight fitting shirt that accented his muscular chest and arms. But, even more mind blowing was the apparent bulge in his pants. She thought if that is his prick it is absolutely huge. All rational thought left her head, she had to have him.

But, she couldn’t do anything about it today she had a mandatory faculty meeting in 15 minutes. She would somehow have to get him to come back tomorrow. Then she came upon a plan no horny high school guy could say no to, “Come on in, Danny, and shut the door behind you.”

Nervously, Danny turned and shut the door and faced back toward the teacher with his eyes down and sheepishly said, “Yes, Miss Titsner and I am sorry about what happened in class.”

“You should be sorry young man. Was that me you were quacking at?” To Danny Miss Titsner looked very threatening sitting behind her large desk. Little did he know that she said this as she was unclasping her stockings from her garter belt.

“Yes, ma’am, it was and I am so sorry.” With a stern look on her face Miss Titsner walked around the desk to stand directly in front of the desk the student was sitting in.

“Now, Danny, what part of me looks like a duck?”

“Miss Titsner you don’t look like a duck at all,” Danny said with panic in his voice.

Closing in on the boy Miss Titsner leaned over with her boobs only about 18 inches from his face. Then she grasped the giant orbs in her hands and held them up toward his eyes and caressing them asked, “Have you ever seen anything like these on any duck?”

Not sure what his teacher was up to but very aroused he simply answered, “No ma’am I sure haven’t.”

Karen Titsner had to, at least, take it one step further. She grabbed the boy’s hands and placed one on each of her breasts and asked him, “Do ducks have anything that feels like this? Go ahead and squeeze them harder; I want you to be sure before you answer me; you won’t hurt them.”

Similar horny thoughts ran through both of their minds. Karen even wondered what would happen if she skipped the meeting as Danny’s hands felt so good on her chest. Hoping the teacher was going somewhere with this teasingly he answered, “I haven’t ever felt a duck but I don’t think they feel anything like this.”

Reluctantly, she backed away from him and leaned against her desk. In one fluid motion she reached under her skirt and yanked down her baby blue silky bikini panties that had white lace around the edges. She turned the panties inside out and looked at the cotton crotch and couldn’t believe how wet this brief encounter had made it. Danny just sat there stunned. In an instant the teacher was holding the wet crotch up to his nose asking, “Do you imagine that any duck in the whole world smells like that?”

“Mo, ma’am, there isn’t anything that smells as good as that does.”

Confident now in her plan but knowing she had to hurry out the door she handed the panties to her student and seductively told him, “I can’t finish this right now as I have a meeting to go to right now. I want you back here right after school tomorrow with my panties. Meanwhile, if you do what I suspect you will do with the panties you had better do it right on the backside of the panties.”

Was his teacher asking him to jack off and cum on her panties? Danny couldn’t believe that is the only thing she could mean. He looked up at her for an answer to his unasked question and she just smiled broadly and walked out of the room.

As she walked bare assed to the meeting she suddenly realized that she had a curriculum meeting with the English department the next day to pick out next year’s text books. But, there was absolutely nothing going on the day after that so she would have to string Danny along for another day.

Danny stuffed Miss Titsner’s panties in his pocket and hurried home. Of course, the teacher was right and Danny was soon sprawled out on his bed jacking off while caressing and sniffing her undies before even stopping for a drink. It took no time for him to cum and following her instructions he wiped his pecker all over the silky ass cheeks of the panties. He repeated this several times that evening and ended up sleeping that night with the panties in his hand.

Karen arrived at school extra early the next morning. Many of the teachers had covered the window of their hall door with paper and given what she wanted to do with Danny she thought it might be a good idea for her to follow suit. As she was an English teacher she wanted to make it classy so she used pictures of famous books and authors to totally obliterate the view from the hallway.

The first four hours of the school day seemed to drag by for both of them. The two of them could not help but smile at one another when Danny walked into the classroom. Danny smiled even bigger when he realized that there was now paper covering the hallway door. He still was not sure if Miss Titsner was actually trying to get into his pants but by the end of class it seemed more likely.

The students were proof reading one another’s compositions and the instructor was going from student to student checking on their progress. She paid extra careful attention to Danny who was reading Sandy’s paper. She glanced back at the only student who sat directly behind Danny and the girl was totally into the paper she was proofing. Leaning over his shoulder Karen pressed her boob against him. Looking over the paper she commented, “She misspelled ‘intercourse’ in the third paragraph.”

This made the boy blush. Miss Titsner continued to scan the paper. Suddenly, Danny felt her hand rest gently on his lap which caused him to really blush. Being careful so that no one could see she gave Danny’s rod a firm squeeze before moving along. She was sure glad she had put Danny next to the window!

Now convinced that everything he showed in his pants was real she knew she would not stop until she had the boy every way possible. On her next trip around the room the teacher dropped her correction pen near Danny’s desk and straightening her knees reached down to pick it up. As she bent down her ass literally hit the young man’s desk.

Her skirt was just short enough that he could fully appreciate what she had on underneath. There crawling up her ass crack was a sexy pair of hot pink silky panties with a wet spot right in the crotch. He was also treated to something he had never seen before in real life as he could see the straps that went from her garter belt to the top of her stockings. He swore she actually wiggled her big ass at him a couple of times.

He was seriously thinking about reaching out and touching it when she stood back up. For her part, Karen figured that if that didn’t have the handsome kid drooling nothing would. Of course, Danny was hotter than he had ever been in his life and the two hours before the final bell couldn’t go by fast enough.

To say that Danny hurried to meet the teacher after school would be an understatement as he was there before the last student had left the room. Ushering the last student out Karen shut and locked the door. She looked over at her prey and noticed the substantial bulge in his trousers; she just had to see his equipment. Walking seductively back toward her desk she asked the lad, “Did you bring back my panties? Hand them to me.”

Danny nervously reached into his pocket embarrassed about how much cum he had left all over them saying timidly, “here they are, Miss Titsner.”

She looked all over the panties and was impressed with how much cum the kid had laid on them. She also noticed that the crotch was almost void of her cum stain. She knew not only had Danny jerked off onto her undies but evidently had licked clean her cum from the crotch. She lifted the ass of the panties to her mouth and gave them a lick.

She loved the salty taste of the boy’s cum. placing the garment on her desk she sat down and reaching under her skirt began unfastening her garter straps. Knowing Danny was about to burst she asked him, “So, young man it is obvious you don’t think that I look like a duck, feel like a duck, or even taste like a duck; so, why the hell did you quack at me?”

Danny had almost forgotten the reason he had been summoned there. He decided honesty was probably best and replied, “Well ma’am, Sandy said you kind of waddled like a duck when you walked. As I watched you pass by you kind of waddled so I quacked, I am sorry.”

She had finished undoing the clasps for the garter. Without revealing her treasures to the boy she swiftly pulled off her hot pink silk bikini panties and yanked on the pair that Danny had cum all over. Reaching up she slapped his face, “So you little shit I waddle do I? Insulting a teacher is against school rules. I will give you your choice of punishments. You can report, right now, to the Assistant Principal to be suspended for three days and not be allowed to make up any of your work. Remember, we have a test in two days. Or, you can report to me every day for 10 days for an hour after school and do whatever I need you to do starting tomorrow.”

The choice was clear, “I’ll do the 10 hours, but, can’t we start today?”

“No, I wish we could but I have a textbook meeting in 15 minutes. You will be here tomorrow within five minutes of the final bell. Meanwhile, you made quite a mess on my undies which I now have to clean up. As punishment, you will pull out your penis right now and show me how you made that mess.”

Danny was totally confused and totally turned on as he asked, “You want me to play with myself in front of you?”

“Yes, Danny, unzip that fucking fly and pull that cock out and jack off right now!” Scooting back just out of his reach Karen pulled her shirt off over her head and quickly discarded her bra. She heard an audible gasp from Danny as her boobs flopped free.

“Oh my god, Miss Titsner you are beautiful.” He dropped his pants and underwear to his knees and clinched his cock in his hand and began pumping it. Karen thought it was a monster, probably 9 inches long and very thick. She needed him to cum fast as she had to leave so she teasingly played with her breasts.

“”If you want to take my pink panties home you had better cum for me. Do you want to take the pink ones home?”

“Yes, ma’am I do.”

“Then flog that cock of yours. Oh fuck you have a wonderful hunk of meat. Cum for me, cum for Miss Titsner I’m already wearing your cum on my ass now shoot a load right here on my boobs. Come on fucker put that sticky shit all over my heaving chest.”

She could tell Danny was close to cumming so she moved in closer wanting to catch every drop she leaned forward just as the first shot left this incredible prick catching it right between her tits. Three more shots of spunk quickly followed covering her large boobs with his sticky cream. Carefully she spread the substance evenly all over her orbs. She reached over and swiped her finger across the tip of his cock removing a drop of cum and licked it into her mouth.

Still trying to catch his breath Danny was disappointed when the teacher reached for her bra and began putting it on right on top of her still sticky melons. Before he knew it she had her blouse back on and was handing him the sexy pink panties saying, “That’s all for today, but you had better not be late tomorrow or you will be suspended for five days not just three!”

Karen loved the feel of guy’s cum against her body. But, was even more turned on by the fact that her date tonight would get the privilege of sucking her tits not even knowing he was sucking off Danny’s cum. That night was passed routinely by both teacher and student. Danny came again multiple times on the panties the teacher had given him.

The next day started rather well as Sandy met him and asked him to the “Styx” concert to be held the following week. She had broken up with her boyfriend a couple of weeks earlier and immediately thought of sharing the spare ticket with Danny. After all, she had gotten him in trouble with the quacking and he was one of the sexier guys in school. Before he accepted the date he confessed that Miss Titsner knew that Sandy was in on the quacking joke.

For a brief second Sandy thought about taking back her offer. But, as she thought about it she admired Danny for telling her up front about it and if Miss Titsner got down on her it didn’t matter much she would serve the time for her minor crime. Between reaching into his pocket and feeling the teacher’s sexy panties and thinking of going to the concert with Sandy Danny had a smile on his face all day long.

English class came along and Miss Titsner seemed extra serious and Danny was disappointed that there was no flirting or teasing going on. Finally, with only ten minutes left in class she began strolling around the room. To Danny’s delight she stopped right at his desk and turned so that her mammoth ass was right at his face. Cautiously he made sure no one was looking at him or Miss Titsner’s butt and reached out and gave the cheeks a quick caress. Briefly Karen pushed herself against the kid’s hand before strolling away.

When the bell rang the instructor told Sandy that she needed to see her for a minute. Danny waited anxiously in the hall for her. When she emerged she told Danny it was about the quacking and Miss Titsner wanted to see her after school one day next week. Sandy wasn’t mad at all and talked about where they would eat supper before the concert. Danny was relieved that she didn’t blame him and almost skipped into his next class.

When Danny arrived for his first day of after school punishment Miss Titsner sharply ordered him to shut and lock the door, He thought he knew what kind of things he would be doing for the teacher but it would be his luck that he would end up cleaning erasers and emptying trash cans. By the time he turned around from locking the door she already had taken off her shoes, blouse, and skirt. She ordered, “Put my panties on the desk and strip fast and then get that fucking cock of yours over here this second!”

“Yes ma’am, Miss Titsner,” he responded taking the panties from his pocket. He was nude in moments with his hard prick leading the way he walked over to her. She was the sexiest woman he had ever seen standing there in her lingerie. As he got close Miss Titsner sat down in her chair and smiled.

“Danny, call me Karen when we are alone like this. Now, get that big hunk of cock meat over here.” Grabbing his cock in her hand she gave it a tug and loved the silky feel of its skin and the absolute hardness of his boner. Giving another yank she pulled him to her waiting mouth and swallowed his shaft whole.

Danny let out a loud grunt as he felt Karen’s lips encircle his member. He could feel her tongue working away on the under side of his pole. Soon she was mouth fucking him like a whirlwind. The sensation was totally unreal! He had to hold on to something so he placed his hands on her shoulders as she continued to suck him off.

Releasing her grip on his cock briefly she pushed one of his down to one of the black lace cups of her bra. Squeezing on her huge melon through the sexy bra Danny exclaimed, “Oh God, Karen, I’m gonna cum. This feels so fucking fantastic!”

Just then the kid exploded in his teacher’s mouth. It was a gusher and Karen hadn’t swallowed a load like this for a very long time. She was about to pull away when another wad of spunk hit the back of her throat. She loved it and had no trouble swallowing it all down. Letting his prick fall out of her mouth she licked her lips and rolled the chair back a step or two.

Danny was still trying to catch his breath as Karen stood up and slowly removed her bra and undid the straps of her garter belt. He was so turned on her tits appeared to be even bigger than when he had jacked off on them the other day. Moving over, she leaned against the desk and as she lifted her ass up on to the edge asked, “Danny, do you want to fuck me?”

There was only one possible answer to that question. But, for some reason Danny seemed to think about it for a few seconds before answering, “Oh shit, yes ma’am”

The teacher pulled the young man into her arms and they kissed passionately. Danny had never had a kiss quite this good before. As the kiss broke up Miss Titsner shoved Danny’s head down to her cleavage she buried his head between her boobs demanding, “Suck them Danny suck Miss Titsner’s boobs.”

She clasped her hands behind Danny’s neck as he kissed from one boob to the other. Girls had let him kiss their boobs a lot of times and he was confident he made them happy with his efforts. His teacher seemed to enjoy what he was doing as in mere moments she was moaning and grinding her tits in his face. She was amazed at how good Danny was as he sucked and fondled her chest. As much as she was getting into it she had to have his pecker inside of her right now.

As she lifted his head back up to hers he whispered, “Oh my God! You’re fucking fantastic, Karen.”

Grinding her pelvis against his massive erection she kissed him almost violently and purred back, “If you are half as good of a fuck as you were at kissing my tits I’ll be in heaven! Now Danny boy take off my panties and get that whopper inside of my cunt.”

Breaking their embrace the teacher laid back on the desk shoving whatever was in her way aside and let her legs dangle over the edge. On fire now, Danny reached for the undies and somewhat clumsily pulled them off of her. He couldn’t help but stare at the sight before him and lick his lips. It was a beautiful brown forest of pubic hair surrounding a radiant pink slash causing him to blurt out, “Oh my fucking God!”

Miss Titsner knew Danny wanted to eat out her twat but decided that could wait for another day as she wanted to leave him wanting more. So, she reached down and pulled her slash open revealing her clit and cunt to the boy’s hungry eyes. Coyly smiling up at him she let her finger encircle her clit a couple of times. Both of them were filled with lust as she demanded, “Come here now and jab that fucking cock of yours in there, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

Danny was a little frightened as he didn’t know the difference between fucking someone hard and any other way. But, he knew he had to have her and was sure she would direct his movements if they didn’t suit her. He stood between her legs and got closer to her until his prick was about an inch from her vaginal opening. It was then that she took it in her hands and gently flicked the head against her clit a couple of times.

Then she lined up the nine inch monster with her hole and pulled the head inside of herself. Grabbing his hips in her hands she pulled him in the rest of the way. He couldn’t believe how hot her cunt felt around his cock. But, even more he couldn’t believe how good it felt. He had only been in her cunt three seconds and he already understood why everyone talked about sex so much, as he said, “Miss Titsner, my cock feels so good inside your hot cunt!”

Almost smiling at the boy’s enthusiasm but wanting him to get going she replied, “I’m glad, now fuck me. Come on get that big mother fucking cock of yours moving and fuck the hell out of my hot pussy.”

As she expected the nasty talk really motivated Danny. He gently pulled back and then went back in. The next stroke he pulled out and Karen grabbed his hips and yanked him back in hard. Catching on, Danny slid out quickly on his next stroke and rammed himself back in hard and fast. Furiously he began pummeling in and out of that hot twat. Karen released his hips and brought her hands up to her boobs and mauled them as she brought her hips up to meet him stroke for stroke. Now grunting as he drove his cock madly into her he asked, “Is this what you mean, teacher?”

“Oh, god, yes Danny ram that fucking prick home. I want you to cum inside of my steamy little pussy you fucking son of a bitch.” Karen was on the verge of cumming as her muscles tightened around the hot poker. At the same time Danny felt his balls constrict as he shot his seed into his teacher. Karen was thrashing around on the desk as another load of spunk was unleashed inside of her.

Danny did not ever want to stop but his cock betrayed him and soon it slid from Karen’s pussy limp after having been shot off, at least, four times. His teacher’s whole body seemed to go limp as he fell out of her. He wondered what was next but was disappointed when the teacher thanked him and told him to get dressed.

Karen told him that it was great but they had both better get home. She told him to remember that they had nine more days to do all kinds of fun things. As he walked out he realized that she didn’t even give him one of the two pair of panties that she had. He walked home with a new swagger in his step; he was now a man.

During class the next day teacher and student seemed to look at each other differently and exchanged knowing looks. It was good that none of the other students could read their minds as nasty thoughts were racing through them about what would happen right after school. Danny walked back to the classroom after school and looking inside no one but his instructor, who was busily putting some books on a shelf, was there.

Quietly he closed and locked the door. Miss Titsner didn’t hear him come up behind her. She was too busy putting things in their proper places when all of a sudden Danny reached both arms around her stomach and then immediately reached up and cupped both of her large jugs. She was startled only for a moment and then told the horny lad, “Oh, Danny, it is you. Go ahead, and have a seat in my chair I’ll be done here in a moment.”

Danny was quickly learning to do what the teacher said and took his assigned place. Seeing her pupil do as directed Karen let the rest of her task go and let her panties fall to the floor right where she was standing. Danny didn’t even notice what she had done as he had momentarily looked elsewhere as he sat there nervously. She almost jogged over and plopped her ass on the desk in front of him.

She lifted up first one foot and then the other placing them on the arms of the chair Danny was in. Then in one motion she lifted her dress off over her head leaving her in just stockings and a bra. Using her feet to give the chair a tug she began reeling Danny in, knowing what she was doing Danny gladly helped her and was soon almost touching her crotch. Laying back on the desk she implored Danny, “Play with my pussy, come on and eat my cunt.”

Nothing further needed to be said as both of his hands began to explore her pubis. He knew they both wanted him to eat her twat so leaning down he flicked his tongue against her slit several times cleaning up her excess juices. Then he got serious and licked her from bottom to top. He paid special attention to her hot hard nub. She really seemed to respond when he sucked it into his mouth.

This is when she began earnestly bumping and grinding her cunt in his face. She was almost moving too much for him to catch up with her. Her juices were flowing freely and Danny was determined to eat them all down as it was the best thing he had ever tasted. He wrapped his arms around her upper thighs as he pushed himself off of the chair and onto his knees diving in to her full force.

Resting her legs on his shoulders Karen clamped her thighs hard against Danny’s face as she kicked his back lightly urging him on. Danny loved the silky smooth feeling of her thighs against his face and tried to pull this vice even tighter. He couldn’t care less if he suffocated as the sensations were so overwhelming. Karen came over and over again filling his mouth with all of the cream he could handle. As she came down from, at least, her fifth orgasm she asked, “It’s your turn to cum, How about laying my dress and your shirt on the floor to make us a little pallet?”

He quickly grabbed the clothes and laid them on the floor as best he could using his jeans to make a small head rest. Miss Titsner smiled approvingly and lay down on the makeshift bed legs closed tightly together. Danny got on the floor beside her and leaning down passionately kissed her asking, “Now, what, Karen?

Cradling her boobs in her hands and rubbing them together she replied, “You seem to drool when you see my titties, so, I thought you might like to fuck them and cover them again with your cum. Get over here now and fuck my damn titties.”

As Danny straddled her stomach the teacher helped him place his cock between her twin globes. She pushed his nine inch wonder to the bottom of the valley between her jugs, then grasped both tits and pushed them together engulfing the prick. Danny loved the snug feeling the teacher’s tits provided. It was a different sort of feeling from her pussy but equally inviting and enjoyable. He needed no cue and began sliding his cock up and down through her sweet flesh. Karen couldn’t believe it but his cock was actually just long enough that if she tilted her chin down she could lick the head with each of his upstrokes, so that is what she did.

Combined with the sexy way Karen was rubbing her tits against his fast moving cock the licking was driving Danny crazy. He found his tempo was ever increasing and Karen could feel her boobs swelling with the pleasure they were receiving. No pussy had ever been pumped better than what Danny was doing to her tits. At first, he just released a small drizzle that ran between her orbs. Then, after the very next flick of Karen’s tongue he exploded all over her chin, upper chest, and between her boobs. Karen was enjoying eating and playing with her pupil’s cum so much that she didn’t notice him move into position and before she knew it his cock was buried in her pussy.

Danny held nothing back and rammed her cunt like there would be no tomorrow. Looking at Karen play with his cum he smiled broadly at her as he admired what he had done. Excitedly Karen bucked her hips to meet the stud’s thrusts and in moments both of them were cumming yet again. The two lovers kissed passionately and Karen told Danny that time was once again up.

Danny was absolutely thrilled with the situation as everyday it was something new. The third day of his “punishment” was no different. Miss Titsner had him sit again in her chair; a chair he was growing very fond of. Sitting on his lap they made out like high school kids as they caressed each other as they kissed and necked. Slowly the teacher let him take off her blouse and bra then stood up in front of him allowing him to pull down her skirt and panties.

Taking the two steps to her desk she rested bent over at the waist resting her stomach on the desk as her ass filled Danny’s entire line of sight. Wiggling her butt at the boy she sweetly commanded, “Kiss my ass.”

Eagerly Danny kissed her glorious rump and paid special attention to her crack and asshole before she really surprised him by asking that he fuck her ass. She seemed to pull the tube of lubricant out of thin air. But, before he knew it Karen was biting her lip to hold back screams of pleasure as he shot a big load into her bowels.

Whether it was foot fucking or sixty-nine Danny was having a marvelous time trying out all manner of fantasy. What’s more the night of his big concert date with Sandy was fast approaching. Danny hoped that Sandy’s interest in him wasn’t some “Grand Illusion” and that she would “Come Sail Away” into passionate sex with him.

Tuesday came around and Danny reported right on time for his hour after school. This time was different as he was the one trying to wrap things up quickly as he had to get ready for his date. As soon as he was sure Miss Titsner was happy he threw on his clothes and raced home to get ready. The concert was great and before it was over he had put his arm around Sandy and held hands with her.

In the car Sandy scooted up close to him and put her head on his shoulder. He figured it was worth the risk so he asked her if she wanted to look at the stars by the lake. To his delight she said she would with an enthusiasm that surprised Danny. Within seconds of when Danny turned off the engine Sandy wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a whopper of a kiss on him pushing her tongue right past his teeth. Neither of them saw a single star as when they came up for air Sandy said, “I’ve wanted to do that ever since you quacked at Miss Titsner; you are just so damn sexy.”

“Oh shit, Sandy, I’ve dreamed about making out with you for a long time.” With that, they locked lips again and ran their hands all over each other’s backs. Sandy leaned back against the passenger door. Danny kissed all over her ears, neck, and shoulders before unbuttoning her top. Meeting no resistance he helped her off with the blouse and then her bra. Sandy held his head in her hands as he nursed on her breasts.

He went quickly from one to the other. Sandy urged him on swaying her chest back and forth for her lover. She even let him unzip and unfasten her jeans. But, when he tried to pull the pants down she spread her legs far enough that he couldn’t move the garment as she purred, “A real stud can make a girl cum with just one finger. Are you a real stud? If you are next date I’ll share more of me with you.”

Now sitting back up Sandy reached for Danny’s fly and unzipped it and fished out his cock. She let out an audible gulp as she wrapped her hand around it. As they kissed again Danny reached for her crotch and began rubbing his index finger through her panties on her cunt. She moved the material aside and Danny’s finger quickly found her clit and gently but quickly began rubbing. In no time her breath became shallow and their kissing more passionate. Sandy’s strokes on Danny’s cock became more and more determined. It wasn’t long before Sandy was gushing and Danny was spouting.

He wanted to fuck her but she firmly said no but promised him another date where, perhaps, that would be possible. Sandy wasn’t about to promise anything, even though she fully expected that she would fuck him; but had to leave the opening in case he was a real jerk next time. They ended the evening with a passionate kiss at Sandy’s door and made plans for a drive-in movie Friday night.

In English class they made eyes at each other the whole class hardly hearing a word Miss Titsner said. As horny as Danny was he couldn’t wait for his daily workout with Miss Titsner but told her he would be about 15 minutes late as he had to stop by the counselor’s office. She said that it would be fine as she had to speak with another student after school anyway.

Danny quickly signed the scholarship forms and made it to the classroom in about 10 minutes. The door was shut and there was no noise coming from within so he casually opened it and walked in. Looking up he saw Miss Titsner on her knees with her face buried in Sandy’s cunt. Nonchalantly the teacher said, “Oh Danny lock the door and strip I’ll be with you in a minute. I’m chewing Sandy’s ass for her rudeness for saying I walk like a duck.”

Obedient as ever, Danny did as instructed and stood frozen by the desk nude watching his new girl friend being eaten out by one of the most respected teachers in school. Sandy and Danny made nervous eye contact and smiled at each other. But, the truth of it was Sandy was really getting into what Karen was doing down there. Sandy was brought to a thunderous climax by Karen who simply said, “Ok Danny take Sandy’s place and Sandy I’ll see you on Monday to begin serving your detention, right?”

The teenager’s bodies brushed each other as they traded spots sending shivers up their spines. Sandy watched Karen swallowed Danny’s cock whole. Karen waved goodbye to her as she didn’t want a three way; she wanted Danny’s cock all to her self. Sandy finished dressing took one last peek and left the room. Danny and Karen had one of their best sessions that afternoon as the encounter with Sandy had seemingly turned them on even more.

The next day, at lunch, Danny and Sandy found each other and found a quiet corner and talked about Miss Titsner. After realizing that there was nothing to do about it except to both serve their time and not talk about the details of what happened with her, they agreed that their date was still on for Friday night. And what a date it was as Danny had his hand under Sandy’s bra before the opening credits of the movie had ended. And, by the time the movie was halfway over the car was rocking as Danny was pounding Sandy’s pussy with his prick as her pelvis bounced off of the seat. They spent that night getting to know every inch of each other’s bodies.

Danny’s time with Miss Titsner had finished and Sandy’s five days was just beginning and after that they would be each other’s own true loves, or would they? As it turned out the teacher had plans of her own and found excuses to get each of them into her arms for the rest of the school year. Neither Danny nor Sandy would admit it to each other but they both enjoyed the no long term strings sex with Karen Titsner. As they knew it would end when school did. The night of the prom Danny asked Sandy to marry him. Now, they have been married 25 years and have two kids of their own in college and the teacher who brought them together is coming over for dinner next Friday night.

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