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The Power is My Own

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A single lock of hair half-clings to your sweat-soaked forehead. I’ve fucked you with an untapped rage for the past hour, simply daring you to cum before I’m satisfied. Your lips, swollen from my savage kisses and the bottom split from a passionate bite, beg me to let you cum.

“Please, Goddess!” you moan, throwing your head back as I pin you hard against the wall, backing myself against you, taking your cock inside me further.

“Fuck, PLEASE!” you yell when you feel my pussy tighten around your swollen cock.

“Not yet. I’m not even close to being done with you,” I reply, slowing the rhythm I’ve created.

Sliding away from you as your hands grab my hips, trying to keep me here, I feel your cock withdraw unwillingly and the moisture from my pussy drips onto my thighs. I turn to face you. Your breathing matches the fast, erratic rhythm of my own. My hand slides behind your neck to pull you down for a kiss. A sharp, seething gasp escapes your lips as your wound is opened again by my kiss.

“Mm! Easy…” you whisper.

“Shut up,” I answer, taking your soft, full lip between my own, tasting the fresh blood.

My other hand finds your throbbing cock. Searing heat radiates against my palm. A tight squeeze. Sharply, you moan into my mouth as you kiss me with raw abandon. Your hands entangle themselves in my hair, grabbing, holding tight. I break our kiss and look deep into your eyes.

“Uhn-uh,” I say, licking at your top lip, “let go.”

You look at me intensely. You think about resisting, but realize you can’t when I squeeze your cock hard again and say, “Now, my Love.”

You relent with a gasp and a smirk. Another lick at your lips before I drop to my knees hard, my breasts bouncing as I hit the carpet.

“Now,” I say, looking up at you, pure evil shining in my eyes, my nails raking through the moisture which my pussy has left on your cock. You tremble with the sweet torture. My tongue bares gently against the head of your cock, my eyes still fixed on your pleasure-filled face.

“I better not taste any cum,” I say between licks.

“Oh, God, I can’t… I have to cum!” you beg.

“I said… Mmmm… I better NOT taste any cum,” I reply as I close my eyes and take your stiff, wet, sweet cock into my mouth. I lift the back of my tongue, pressing the head against the roof of my mouth. The moans that come out of you when I squeeze your balls with one hand and stroke the last inches with the other are almost enough to make me cum. I moan against your cock and feel your body tense, trying so hard to do as I’ve commanded it. The salty, masculine taste of your cock as it has mingled with my pussy juice is almost euphoric. I stroke your cock a few more times, and then open my throat to take it further. You whimper when you feel it slide down my throat, then back out. Once more, I swallow your enormous hard-on, tightening my throat around it as I let it slide back out again. I let my teeth graze gently as I take my mouth from around the shaft. I lift your cock, still stroking it, to take your balls into my mouth, one at a time and gently suck, letting my tongue and lips perform a gentle massage.

“Goddess, I have to cum, please,” you whisper.

I’m so fucking close, myself, just from your body’s reaction to my mouth dancing on your cock. I get to my feet, look you dead in the eye, and ask, “Will you do anything I ask?”

“Oh, yes, Goddess, anything.”

“Hmm, anything?” I persist.


My gaze fixed on yours, I whisper, raking my nails across your stomach, “Then do with me what you will.”

A deep, rumbling groan comes from deep within you. Being given your power back, you grab my hips, lift me up, and turn me to slam my back against the wall, nearly leaving me breathless. One hand on my hip and the other guiding your rigid, red cock into position, you balance me against your hips. Then, as your thrust inside me, your mouth finds my breast, pulling at its nipple with your teeth. I scream out with pain and passion. Your rhythmic thrusts deepen as your teeth settle upon my neck, piercing through the delicate skin, my blood trickling down your chin.

“You better cum, Goddess. Cum on my cock,” you breathe as you fill me.

You know I love those words. “Cum on my cock.” As if I have a choice.

I feel your back tense beneath my nails. My pussy tightens. Your cock swells inside me. White hot cum spills inside, my trembling pussy milking more with every contraction.

Rapid breathing subsides as we rest, our energy spent. As we lay tangled in each other’s arms, I look up at you and say, “Hey.”

“Hey,” you reply. “You know that you have more power than you think, don’t you? I can’t believe how you can control my like that.”

“Control you?” I laugh. I look into your eyes through your curious expression as you wonder what’s so funny. “I don’t control you,” I answer. “I own you.”

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