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A Nylon Surprise

Category: Fetish
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I sat nervously in my hotel room, a large glass of single malt Scotch whisky in my hand. I stared at the selection of tights I had earlier laid out on the bed, wondering which Tom would prefer.

Tom was 19 and lived locally to me but we had never met in person, we had begun chatting in an internet chat room and found similar interests in a fetish for tights.

We both considered ourselves average heterosexual guys, I am 36 and married, Tom has a girlfriend, but when we discussed our passion for the silky nylon hose we both agreed that seeing another guy dressed was as erotic as our female partners.

I looked on my phone and checked the time, only fifteen minutes to go. I flicked through a couple of recent pictures Tom; we had both sent each other our favourite shots of our erect manhood encased in silky nylon tights. Tom’s looked so large and I couldn’t wait to see it close up for real. We had never shared full pictures and neither of us knew what the other looked like, we agreed that this should be discovered in person and served to heighten the tension.

I decided on a pair of sheer tan tights, simple but I knew Tom had expressed a preference for that particular shade. I undid my tie, unbuttoned my shirt and removed them, throwing them onto the leather chair. I continued to undress, sitting on the bed to remove my socks before unbuckling my belt and unbuttoning my trousers, allowing them to fall to the floor. I slid my boxer shorts down my thighs, releasing my growing manhood and then picked up the soft silky hose.

I sat on the edge of the bed and slipped my left foot into one rolled up leg before repeating with the right foot and then standing and watching in the mirror as I carefully worked the sensuous material up my thighs and over my fully formed erection.

I was just adjusting the waistband when there was a knock at the hotel door, quickly I grabbed a robe and walked nervously to the door and opened it slowly.

“You’re earl…” was all I could manage as I stared at the muscular figure of my step son.

“You’re James?” He almost screamed in panic, glancing down at my nylon clad legs covered only by the hotel robe.

“Quick, come in,” I replied quickly, glancing up the hallway.

Tom entered quickly and I closed the door.

“I think we have a lot to talk about,” I stammered, thinking back to the erotic conversations I had shared with this “stranger”.

“Erm, I guess,” replied Tom weakly.

“Sit down Tom,” I said and I poured him a large whisky, he gulped a large measure on receipt of the glass.

I sat in the chair opposite, adjusting the robe to try and cover my modesty, suddenly extremely self aware.

“What are we going to do about this…situation?” I queried.

Tom just stared at the floor, and then looked at me, “I don’t know,” was all he could offer.

I noticed him staring at my legs before becoming aware of what he was doing and looking away.

“Look,” I said, “It seems clear to me that this cannot possibly get anymore uncomfortable, especially given the photo’s we have shared and the conversations we have had,”

Tom nodded.

“Do you still want to see my cock for real?” I asked and gulped down a very large measure of whisky, unable to believe what I had just said.

Tom looked equally shocked.

“Erm, yeah, I guess…I suppose it cannot get anymore awkward,” he reasoned.

I slipped off my robe; my heart was pounding as my soft member began to swell once more. Tom’s eyes didn’t waver as I began touching and stroking myself.

“Now your turn,” I said with a smile, beginning to relax due to the alcohol.

Tom slipped off his shoes revealing black nylon clad feet then stood up and took off his T-shirt, revealing a young muscular frame. Slowly he unbuttoned his jeans before allowing them to fall to the floor unveiling a huge nylon tent.

“Oh fuck,” I said under my breath as Tom began to massage and jerk himself through the nylon.

We stood watching each other as we continued to play with our erect bulges, only our breathing could be heard as we silently admired each other. We had discussed this many times and had agreed that all we wanted was to watch, no touching but as I stared at his enormous manhood encased in the silky nylon, I wanted more!

“Can I touch you?” I said almost in a whisper.

Tom looked up, eyes wide.

“I thought we agreed no touching!” he replied pointedly.

“I know we did but I want more, but only if you do too,” I pleaded.

Tom silently considered my proposal as he wrestled with the implications before silently nodding his head.

I walked forward and took his encased member in my hand, working him gently with my fingers. Tom looked up to the ceiling and closed his eyes.

“Fuck that feels good,” he said, his breathing quickening.

I knelt in front of him and before he realised what was happening I took his nylon tip into my mouth.

“Whoa, what the fuck…oh shit,” his hands rested on my head, resisting me gently at first.

I ignored his gentle protest and took him deeper, his resistance falling away as I began to greedily suck him deeper and harder.

Tom relaxed completely enjoying a sensation that he had fantasised about for so many years as I sucked him, removing him from my mouth and kissing down the nylon shaft, teasing his testicles with my tongue before sucking him deep once more.

“Oh god that feels so good,” he panted.

Feeling pleased with myself at the pleasure I was giving the young man I continued to take him deeper until I could take no more, I slid his long nylon shaft in and out of my mouth, the soaking nylon slipping past my lips as with each withdrawal I flicked my tongue over the tip before sucking deep once more.

“Whoa, shit stop, STOP!” Tom suddenly shouted in panic.

It was too late, his huge erection pulsed and erupted in my mouth as his salty seed flowed through the nylon and filled my mouth. I found that the experience wasn’t altogether unpleasant and I felt that having caused the young man to lose control that it was only fair that I should finish the task in hand as I gratefully swallowed his offering.

After the initial explosion had subsided I pulled his tights down exposing his sticky softening manhood which I took deep inside my mouth once again, cleaning him with my tongue before removing him from my mouth and looking up at Tom’s shocked expression.

I smiled up with semen still shining on my lips, “I take it you enjoyed that?” I queried.

Tom’s cheeks flushed, his embarrassment fully apparent.

“I, I, I’m not gay,” he stammered.

“Neither am I, I’m married to your mother for Christ’s sake!” I retorted.

“But you sucked me so well, it was like you had been doing it for years,” he remarked.

“I only know what feels good, I often wear tights for sex and enjoy receiving blow jobs through them; I have never had another guy before,”

Tom’s eyes widened as it dawned on him that I was referring to his mother giving me oral sex through tights.

“Mum enjoys that sort of thing?” he asked astonished.

“Well yeah, she’s always been attentive to my fetish, seems to actually enjoy me wearing too,”

Tom just stared in silence, all this time he had been wearing tights and chatting with this internet stranger and he had probably been wearing the very same tights at some point.

“Would you like to stay the night?” I asked, nodding to the double bed.

“What else do you want to do?” he responded.

I gestured to the large selection of tights on the bed “I have all these to try and I’m sure you have bought some more too,”

Tom nodded and smiled, the whisky was beginning to have an effect and the thought of all those tights was becoming incredibly erotic.

“Will you suck me again?” He asked.

“Of course, will you suck me?” I replied.

“Er yeah I guess, I mean I’d like to try,” he responded.

“Will you fuck me?” I asked.

Tom’s eyes once again widened, “What?” he said.

“Will you fuck me please?” I asked, “Your mother has a strap-on which she uses on me and the sensation is unbelievable, that’s the male G spot you know?”

Tom stared back in silence, thoughts racing through his head.

“As soon as I saw the first picture you sent me I decided that I would do anything to get that huge cock of yours inside me,” I said.

Tom smiled, I had appealed to his ego, “Ok then, but will you want to fuck me as well?” he asked.

“Only if you want me to,” I replied with a wink and then walked over to top up our whisky glasses.

Tom removed his black sticky tights and tossed them on the floor, standing there completely naked I watched as he inspected the selection of tights, playing with his growing member.

Tom selected a pair of red tights and began slipping them over his long legs and up over his engorged penis.

“Very slutty!” I said with a dirty smile.

“Well you always said you wanted a fuck slut,” he replied.

I smiled at him and took his hand, guiding him to the bed and we lay down next to each other, stroking each other.

I rolled onto my back and gently guided his head down towards my encased penis, after giving Tom pleasure I was now desperate to receive some of my own.

“Suck me now slut!” I demanded as Tom began licking my nylon covered tip.

“Mmmmmm, that feels so fucking good,” I whispered, my eyes closed, hands resting gently on his head.

Tom began sucking me deeper, his hands playing with my tights enclosed testicles as my breathing quickened.

“That’s it slut boy,” I said with a grin, “Keep going, fuck you are so good at this!”

I stroked Tom’s hair as he continued to pleasure me, his fingers now exploring my hole and pushing the nylon inside me. I could feel my orgasm building but before I could climax Tom withdrew me from his mouth.

“What’s up?” I asked, “You’re teasing me now!”

Tom looked at me and smiled, kneeling on the bed and playing with his erect bulge.

“Get on all fours!” He replied, a huge grin on his face.

I complied with his request, my excitement building to an almost uncontrollable level; this was something I had fantasised about so many times. I felt Tom caress my tights covered bottom before fingering me once more through the tights, pushing more inside my tight hole. He positioned himself behind me and I felt him grab handfuls of the tights before ripping a hole, exposing my willing passage.

“Will I need to lubricate it first?” he asked.

“Yes please,” I replied, “Just spit in there and work it in with your fingers, that’s what your mum does,”

“I can do better than that,” he replied and I felt his tongue begin to probe me, pushing inside me and moistening my entrance.

“Fucking hell, that’s good!” I exclaimed loudly, my hips writhing with the sensation.

Tom licked me for a little while longer before I felt him withdraw his tongue and shift himself closer to me. He pulled his huge member over the top of his tights and positioned it into the moist hole he had created. I took a deep breath as Tom placed his hands on my hips and began to thrust himself inside me.

“Jesus you are big,” I said breathlessly, “even bigger than your mothers strap-on!”

Tom said nothing but began working himself deeper inside me, thrusting gently at first but getting firmer with each deeper penetration.

I was speechless now, my breathing quickening and moaning with every thrust, the sensation of a real penis was so much better than the rubber kind.

“Who’s the fuck slut now,” Tom whispered into my ear.

“I am,” I grunted as he thrust inside me harder.

Tom reached a hand round and began to jerk me through my tights as he continued to pump deep inside me.

“You enjoying that slut?” He asked.

“Fuck yeah,” I replied.

Tom quickened his pace, clearly approaching orgasm himself. I moaned in pleasure with each hard thrust and could feel my orgasm building as all that could be heard were the heavy breathing and moans of our two entwined bodies.

With a loud moan I ejaculated forcefully into my tights and over Tom’s fingers, he milked me through the nylon and thrusted even more urgently inside me as he strived to climax himself. With a couple of very hard deep penetrations I felt him jerk inside me and the sensation of his warm sticky offering exploding from his engorged manhood.

Tom slowed and removed himself from inside me, his softening penis glistening with his semen as I felt the remainder of his explosion begin to run from my hole and down my thigh.

We collapsed on the bed together and lay breathlessly next to each other, Tom working my softened sticky manhood through the tights before moving himself down and taking me into his mouth to taste my salty mess. I lay back, still recovering my breathing as he pulled my tights down to expose my used flaccid manhood before taking me deep into his mouth, cleaning me with his tongue.

“Oh god that was amazing,” I said, my hands resting gently on his head, “I take it you enjoyed that as well?”

Tom removed my semi-erect manhood from his mouth and smiled up at me,

“Best fuck ever!” he replied, “definitely my most erotic experience,”

I smiled down at him as he returned to sucking me deeply, causing me to grow hard once more in his mouth. With my erection once again fully formed he withdrew me from his mouth and moved down to the bottom of the bed to select a new pair of tights for me.

“Hmmm, navy I think this time,” He said picking up a pair of the dark sheer nylon, “Get those messy ones off and change, your turn to fuck me,” he smiled.

I sat on the edge of the bed once more and removed the sticky ripped tights. Then I slipped my left foot into one rolled up leg of the new navy tights before repeating with the right foot. I stood at the end of the bed and carefully pulled the sexy nylon hose up my thighs and over my fully formed erection.

Tom admired my new nylon tent and began stroking me as he sat on the edge of the bed; teasingly he slipped his lips around the tip and briefly licked and sucked me before removing me with a grin and moving back onto the bed.

I shot him a dirty smile as I climbed on and took is red nylon manhood between my fingers, working him gently before kissing and sucking it once more. I sucked him deeper and began to finger his tight hole through the nylon.

I stopped sucking and he began to move onto all fours.

“Stay where you are,” I said and I climbed off the bed and went to the bathroom, returning with a bottle of baby oil.

“Well you have a virginal arse don’t you?” I questioned.

“Er, well yes, of course,” came the slightly worried reply.

“Don’t worry, I will be gentle,” I said with a comforting smile.

I positioned myself between his legs and reached down to the rear of the crotch, ripping open a small hole, ensuring the nylon remained intact over his erect member. Squeezing some baby oil onto my finger and rubbing it in before pushing first one slippery finger then a second into his tight virginal hole.

“Oh fuck that hurts!” He screamed

“Don’t worry, it’s only at first,” I reassured soothingly, removing one of my fingers and gently working the oil inside him with the remaining one.

Tom relaxed a little as his hole began to loosen, accepting the penetration more willingly. I removed my finger and moved myself in between his legs, pulling my tights down to expose my erect penis. I squeezed a generous quantity of oil over it and worked it all the way round, ensuring a good coverage.

I placed Tom’s ankles on my shoulders, lifting him slightly from the bed and exposing his anal passage for my erection.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked as I guided my tip into the entrance of his tight hole.

Tom nodded and bit his lip as I entered him, my lubricated manhood slid effortlessly and deep inside him as held his breath, his face grimacing from the initial pain before relaxing as I gently worked myself in and out.

“Does that feel ok now?” I enquired.

Tom nodded, unable to speak, I continued to gently thrust in and out of him.

I reached down and began to stroke his nylon covered penis, now fully erect in the tights I admired the huge size and massaged it with my fingers.

I looked up at Tom’s face and could see a more relaxed expression, clearly beginning to enjoy the sensation now and so I quickened my pace slightly, thrusting firmer and deeper as well.

“Mmmm that feels good now,” Tom moaned.

I lifted one of his ankles from my shoulder and began to suck his nylon covered toes, all the while increasing my pace and power of my thrusting.

“Wank yourself through your tights as I fuck you, I want to see you make yourself cum.” I demanded

Tom gripped his tights clad member and began masturbating furiously as I looked on, sucking his toes and thrusting harder, deeper and faster inside him. I watched as after what seemed an age of thrusting, pumping and sucking, Tom moaned in pleasure and a small offering ejaculated through the nylon and over his fingers. I leaned closer and took his hand, sucking his fingers and tasting him before moving back to his toes,

“Fuck me harder please,” Tom begged.

“With pleasure,” I replied and began to pump myself inside him with increasing vigour.

Once again we were entwined, Tom’s hips bucking against me as I continued to thrust harder and deeper, my orgasm building but slowly due to my earlier efforts until with a moan that had be stored for so many years burst from my passion and I climaxed violently inside Tom’s tight anal passage. I shuddered as my orgasm coursed through me, my softening penis pulsing gently as it expelled all I had left to offer inside Tom before I withdrew and once again lay breathlessly next to my nylon lover.

I turned my head and watched the muscular figure next to me as he began to gain control of his breathing.

“That was the most amazing sex of my entire life, far better than with any woman,” I said in a hushed voice.

“What are you saying?” Tom asked turning his head and giving me a quizzical look.

“I think you know,” I replied smiling and leaned forward, kissing him gently on the lips and slipping my tongue into his inviting mouth.

We kissed tenderly for a few minutes, embracing each other as we did so.

“I think I can confirm that we are both bisexual,” I said, breaking the kiss.

Tom nodded silently.

“Do you want this relationship to continue?”

Tom just smiled back and we kissed some more.

“I think we should have a shower and then get some sleep, we don’t need to check out before 12pm so plenty of time for some morning fun when we have recovered,” I said with a wink.

We both sat on the edge of the bed and removed our used tights, I took Tom’s hand and we walked naked into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and we waited silently for the water to get warm.

“After you,” I gestured with a smile, Tom stepped into the shower and I watched the hot water tumble over his young muscular frame.

I stepped in alongside him and proceeded to wash him with shower gel, paying particular attention to the most used parts and feeling him become semi-erect in my fingers once more. Tom returned the compliment, washing me and then pulling me close. We began to kiss once more, the hot water flowing over our bodies as we caressed and kissed each other.

I turned off the water and we both stepped out, taking it in turns to dry each other properly before walking hand in hand back to the bed. I picked up a pair of black sheer tights and put them on, Tom watched as I did so then he selected a pair of grey sheer tights and pulled them on. I pulled back the duvet and lay in the bed, clad only in tights and beckoned my young lover to join me. I turned off the lights and we embraced, kissing in the darkness until we fell into a deep contented sleep.

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