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The Look

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I pull up to the curb, around the corner from my apartment. It has been a very long day and more than anything I am glad to be home and am looking forward to a nice long bath, some quiet music.

I turn off the car, and look out my window before opening the door. For a moment my attention is drawn to the other side of the street. It is only for a moment and I shake my head, thinking I have caught myself starting to day dream. Checking for traffic I open my car door and get out.

As I start to close the door, again my attention is drawn across the busy street. I don’t notice the cars racing by, all I see is this man staring intently at me. There is something about his calm, cool eyes that has caught me and holding me in place. I try to put a name to the face, in that moment before I realize I don’t know him. Before I shake myself free and finish closing my door; walking around the car to get my stuff.

I feel him still watching as I move to open the door on the far side. Laughing at myself, it is surely my imagination, as I am not the type to turn anyone’s head on the street, especially after a long day at work.

I can’t help myself but glance up as I open the door, reaching in to get my bag. He appears to still have his full attention focused on me. I feel a blush come to my face. A heat coming the surface of my skin. This is so unlike me. A stranger effecting me like this. I start to drag my eyes from him, when suddenly he waves, a smile just barely coming to his face.

I turn to see what creature caused that look, his lover must be behind me somewhere, perhaps on the sidewalk or up on one of the balconies. But I see no one and when I turn back there is an annoyed look on his face as he continues to stare and me, shaking his head slightly. I look around one more time, and see no one near by, so point to myself with a questioning look.

He nods slightly. Then swings his head to the side, indicating that I should cross over to him. I bite my lip for a moment, trying to figure out what to do. I keep trying to place him. Have I seen him at the office, in a store? He acts as if I should know him, as if he knows me.

I close my car door, and hit the key fob, causing the little beep indicating that is locked and secured, I look down the street both ways and then cross to him.

My heart is pounding as I approach him. The closer I get the more sure I am that I do not know this man. I have never seen him, never met him. I surely couldn’t have met him and not remembered.

Stepping onto the curb, my mouth opens, unsure of what I am going to say when suddenly his finger comes up and touches my lip. His eyes daring me to say anything at all.

His eyes have caught mine and I can’t pull them away. My lip plays against my teeth, as I hesitate, the urge to say something, to say anything so strong, even though his eyes so clearly warn against it.

A hint of a smile comes to his lips, as his arm slips around my waist, and he turns from the corner and my car. My heart pounds in my chest as I let him lead me down the street. I feel the weight of his hand on my waist, guiding me, and am shocked. His hand feeling so natural against me, this nameless man from the street corner. This well dressed handsome man, who is leading me god knows where.

This is so unlike me. I should say something. I can hardly believe this is me. Me, who doesn’t take lightly to someone touching me, let alone letting someone I’ve never met lead me into the unknown.

I steal a glance over at him, but he isn’t looking at me. Knowing I should turn and go, I can’t make myself do it. What is the worse thing that could happen? I have always trusted my instincts before …

A wave of relief runs though me, as I realize I am going to go wherever he takes me. That I am silent as his request, but it isn’t a silence forced on me. I can speak. He may leave if I do, but it is my choice.

I smile slightly as I feel his hand slip down onto my ass. Feeling the weight of it with each step. The way it shifts against the fabric of my skirt. His hand flexes slightly, feeling me as we walk, I turn and he gives me that faint smile of his, as he guides me around the corner.

He turns me into a park, away from the main street and traffic. We approach a bench and as we come up behind it, he turns me slightly, leans in, and kisses me. At first, I don’t react, my breathing stops, lost in the rush that his breath in my mouth causes. Suddenly coming to, my lips part as his tongue presses against them. Sucking him into my mouth, watching his eyes as we kiss, the sparkle in them reflecting back at me.

Slowly, he pulls back. I start to say something, but a warning look in his eye stops me. I bite my lip. Turning me around, his arms wrap around me. He pulls me back against him. Pressing his body hard against me. His hand moving slowly back and forth against my stomach. His mouth finding my neck as I gasp softly, then bite my lip, wondering if even that sound is too much. A soft chuckle vibrates against my ear, as his hands slide up, cupping my breasts, kneading them softly.

Slowly, his hands slide around me. Feeling a slight pressure against the small of my back, he pushes me forward, forcing me to lean over the back of the bench. My breathing getting deeper, my hands going down to brace myself against the seat of the bench.

A shiver runs through me, as his hands roam over my ass. My skirt sliding up along my legs. A cool breeze moves against my legs, a gasp escaping me, as the hem of my skirt settles at my waist. His fingertip traces the edge of my high cut black cotton panties. Sliding along the waist band, then along my hip. His finger working it’s way down. His foot taps against the inside of mine. My leg sliding over, my stance opening so he can follow the fabric easily down between my legs, his fingertip tracing across my crotch, finding the other side and sliding back up.

I gasp, biting down on my lip, all too aware, that my panties are already soaked through; that he already knows what he has done to me, has felt what he has done. Wanting to say something and start to lean up, but stop feeling the flat of his hand firmly against my back. Somehow I know, if I continue to push up, he will let me stand and walk away, but I can’t bare that idea, so remain as I am, his hand moving over my ass. I wiggle slightly, but don’t move away, his hand starting to move back and forth between my legs. My breathing getting deeper.

My body responding to him. The gravel crunches, his weight shifting as he moves around. My breathing coming harder, becoming less and less regular. The wind rustles in the leaves. And I hear people, off in the distance, but how distant? No one is in front me, but I have no idea who is behind me, who he can see, or is aware of.

Suddenly his fingers slip into the waist of my panties, pulling on them; tugging them down over my hips, I start to slide my legs together to make it easier to push them down but his foot pushes against mine. I stop, he pushes again, and I spreading my legs further, lowering myself against the bench. A shiver runs though me, the cool breeze moving across my now exposed pussy. I bite down on my lip hard.

He continues to tug my panties down until they are just above my knees. The stretched fabric trying to pull my legs in, but I hold them as they are. I can’t help but gasp, when I feel his hand once more moving over my ass. Touching my skin this time. Then slowly he slides it down … across my wetness, and I jump slightly as I feel a finger slide into me without warning. I feel a surge run up through me. A heat rising inside me.

Suddenly I feel nothing. Listening hard, hearing all the noises around us. I jump as he touches my face. Opening my eyes, looking up to find him smiling down at me. I start to raise up. He shakes his head, running his hand along my back, a little pressure to make sure I understand to stay there.

Hearing voices, I suddenly realize that I am totally exposed to anyone on the path behind us. I can’t tell if anyone sees me, I can’t hear enough of words to know if it is just background noise. All of this running through my head, as I am lost in his eyes, unable to pull myself from him.

He puts his finger to my lips, to quiet me at first, then the tip pushing against them. My lips part and as his finger slides into my mouth, slowly I realize I am tasting myself. His finger moving back and forth in my mouth, I begin to suck lightly, running my tongue against him.

Slowly he pulls his finger from my mouth, then takes my chin and pulls my head down so that I am staring into his crotch. I lick my lips, my hands lifting from the bench, to go to his waist but he steps back. Looking up I see the disappointment and disapproval on his face. I drop my hands to the bench and lower my head again, to find he has stepped forward again.

I nuzzle at his pants. His hand slides along my shoulders, petting me softly. Taking this as encouragement, I lean into him, running my nose along him, my cheek brushing against him. Feeling him grow against me, I move more, pressing harder against him.

He steps back again. Leaning down, kissing me, as he does I hear voices and remember once more how exposed I have been all this time. Having forgotten in the moment, being so close to him.

He pulls back and smiling at me, before he walks around behind me. Wiggling slightly, I hear what can only be his zipper being lowered. I feel the fabric of his pants pressed to my skin. Then between my legs, I feel his hardness rubbing against me. A groan escapes me, as I feel him slide back and forth, through the wetness which now coats my legs and my upper thighs.

His hands slide over my ass. One finger, sliding up and down along my ass. Slowly, teasing me. I groan deeply as his finger moves over my asshole. I wiggle slightly as he pushes, feeling myself open to him. I breath in deeply, working to keep relaxed as the rest of me tenses in anticipation.

I hear everything at that moment. I am aware of the sounds of the street, of the trees, but what I most want is to hear his voice. The one thing he seems unwilling to give me.

Suddenly I feel the warmth between my legs pull back. I push back as I feel him pull away from me, longing to feel him inside me. Waiting for him to sink into me.

I feel him. His head pushing hard against my ass. I cry out. Then I bite down hard on my lip. Not wanting to make noise, not wanting to draw attention to us.

His hands grasp my waist as he presses into me, forcing me further open. Biting hard on my lip to keep the sounds I make muffled. Groaning deeply as he slips into me, pushing harder, the pleasure mixed with a hint of pain. My body responds, the wetness slides down my thighs as he pushes deeper. Suddenly he is pressed against my ass, feeling him wiggling slightly, buried so deep within me.

Slowly he starts to back out, then thrust back in, grunting softly. It isn’t a word, but I cling the sounds, as he builds up speed. The tension moves through me. Groaning … my hands gripping the bench tightly as he works me, rocking back and forth. The fabric of his pants rough against my legs, as he presses deeply into me, over and over.

Suddenly the tension is too much for me, my body arches hard, pushing back against him, his fingers digging into my waist, as I cry out, pushing up and back as I loose control. My body shuddering hard as the waves start to move through me.

He pushes me forward hard, wedging me against the bench as he slams into me, and suddenly I feel his own release, stretching me as he fills me. A shiver running hard through me.

Slumping forward, trying to catch my breath. I hear him gasp, slowly his breathing returns to normal, and he pulls out me. His hand resting against my back.

I hear his zipper sliding back up. He wiggles my panties up. I feel the fabric cling to my wet body as he pulls them against me. His finger tracing the leg.

I feel the fabric of my skirt fall back down, and his arms slide around my waist, pulling me back against him as I stand.

Looking down I watch his hands run over my stomach, up to my breasts where they linger a moment.

His finger slides up and is pressed to my lips. Reminding me again not to speak, as if he read my mind. Then his hands slide back from around me. I stand there breathing hard, waiting for him to turn me. Then I hear the crunch of gravel, and I turn my head, to find he is no longer behind me.

Turning… I see his back as he turns a corner on the path.

My heart is still racing, wanting to call after him, but having no name to put to him.

I sit down on the bench for a moment, savoring the sounds, before slowly getting up, and trying to walk back to my real life …

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