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Putting Tina to Bed

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*Author’s Note: Any and all person’s engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


“Daddy, will you come read me a story?” Tina asked as she peered into the living room.

“What?” Burt looked up from the news.

“Will you come…” his eighteen year old daughter repeated.

“Tina, for God’s sake, you’re eighteen years old; aren’t you a little too old for such foolishness?” Burt asked.

“Please?” Tina begged, thrusting her bottom lip out.

“I cannot believe…” Burt said as he got to his feet.

“Thanks Daddy,” Tina giggled as Burt got a book down from the bookshelf.

He followed the girl up the steps, admiring her round ass cheeks in their skimpy pink panties. The too short tee shirt was just a little too snug and Burt knew that before morning, Tina would pull the scrap of cloth off and toss it onto her floor, letting her thirty two Double D breasts breathe.

“Seriously, Tina, you are getting just a little too old for this,” Burt said as she slid into bed.

“No I’m not, Daddy,” Tina said, her long blonde hair swishing as she shook her head.

“And what’s going on in here?” Burt’s sister Abigayle asked as she peered into the girl’s bedroom.

“Daddy’s reading his little girl a bedtime story,” Burt said.

“Good night, Aunt Abbie,” Tina said.

“”Good night, Sweetheart,” Aunt Abbie agreed, closing the door.

“Once upon a time, in a land far, far away,” Burt began.

“All Fairy Tales start like that, huh?” Tina asked.

“No, Sweetheart,” Burt said. “Your mother’s usually started with ‘We’re doing inventory so I don’t know when I’ll be home.'”

“She says she’s sorry,” Tina offered.

“And that’s another fairy tale right there,” Burt said. “She’s only sorry because she found out her boss had no interest in marrying her.”

“She says she’ll never cheat again,” Tina persisted.

“Tina, darling, once a cheating slut, always a cheating slut,” Burt said. “I forgave her the first time and look at what that got me.”

“Got you me,” Tina said, smiling.

“Anyway,” Burt smiled. “Once upon a time, in a land far, far away lived a king and his queen. King Hardcock and Queen Quim were very happy and enjoyed doing many things together, like oral sex, see?”

“She’s sucking his cock!” Tina said, looking at the illustration.

“Yes, and as you can see from the sperm covering her pretty face and large tits, it’s not the first time she’s gobbled his knob,” Burt said, pointing to the drawing.

“Cum hungry slut,” Tina giggled.

“And anal,” Burt said and showed his daughter the illustration of the king and queen engaging in anal sex.

“Looks like she’s loving it,” Tina agreed.

“A good woman always does,” Burt said. “They even enjoyed doing a few kinky things, like giving one another golden showers.

“Ew!” Tina screeched in disgust at the illustration of the king squirting his urine all over the smiling face of the queen. “Becky and me did that and I hated it!”

“You let that little whore piss on you?” Burt asked.

“Uh huh; got into the bathtub and she squatted over my face and peed all over me,” Tina admitted. “I even tasted it and didn’t like it one bit.”

“Shame,” Burt said. “I know your Aunt Abbie was kind of hoping to do that to you.”

“Aw, well, maybe,” Tina said.

“And they even tried pegging,” Burt read on.

“A guy lets some woman shove a strap on up his ass that make him a faggot?” Tina asked.

“No, no, some guys kind of like it,” Burt said.

“You like it, Daddy?” Tina asked.

“Hell no!” Burt spat.

“Aunt Abbie gave me that strap on for my birthday; think Jason would let me use it on him?” Tina asked.

“Big a pussy as that boy is? Bet he’d love it,” Burt spat his feelings about Tina’s nineteen year old boyfriend. “Anyway, even as happy as King Hardcock and Queen Quim were, there was one thing missing from their happy lives.”

“What?” Tina asked.

“They had no child of their own,” Burt said.

“Aw,” Tina commiserated.

“They consulted all the doctors in their kingdom of Fuckmehard and even consulted the doctors of the neighboring kingdom of Fuckmelong but had no luck,” Burt read.

Tina yawned.

“Then one day, as the queen was out in the woods, bathing in the babbling brook, along came a hideous troll.

“Oh no!” Tina said.

“‘Fear not, fair queen, for I mean you no harm,’ said the troll,” Burt said, imitating a troll’s voice.

Tina giggled and Burt smiled.

“‘But why do you look so forlorn, fair queen?’ the troll asked. ‘Are you not getting enough hard cock?'” Burt read. “‘How dare you presume such things?’ Queen Quim shouted. ‘King Hardcock gives me all the hard, throbbing man-meat I can take!'”

Tina giggled again as Burt imitated a woman’s voice.

“‘My fair queen, mayhap it is not hard cock you crave, but perhaps a little slice of hair-pie?’ the troll suggested. ‘I shall have you know, I am no rug munching dyke!’ the queen again shouted. Then she lost her anger. ‘The truth is, I am unhappy because I am without child,'” Burt read.

“Then the troll reached into his bag and pulled out a small vial that held a purplish liquid. ‘Two drops of this, my fair queen, on your tongue, and in nine months, you shall give birth to a fine baby boy,’ the troll promised. ‘Oh, I must have it! I shall give you my nipple rings! They are made of the finest gold and have five diamonds on each!’ the queen cried out,” Burt read.

“I’d love to have solid gold nipple rings,” Tina said, lifting the hem of her short tee shirt, revealing her large silver hoops. “Especially with diamonds.”

“Told you, I’ll get you silver; it’s up to your husband to get you gold ones,” Burt said, looking at his daughter’s large breasts.

The girl’s two nipples were nice sized nubs, pierced through with two large silver hoops. The hoops lay flat against her silver dollar sized areolae and the glinting silver contrasted nicely with the light brown flesh.

Tina left the tee shirt up, over her breasts and Burt toyed lightly with each grapefruit sized orb for a moment before again picking up the book.

“‘I have no need of gold or diamonds,’ said the troll. ‘I have more gold and diamonds than all the gold in this kingdom and the next kingdom over.’ ‘Then what? What is it that you want for the potion?’ begged the queen,” Burt read.

“What does the troll want?” Tina asked

“‘In nine months, you shall give birth to a beautiful baby boy,’ said the troll. ‘And upon the day of his christening, I want a piece of that queenly ass of yours.’ ‘What?’ cried Queen Quim. ‘You heard me; I want to corn hole you, jam my log up your shit chute, ride the Hershey Highway, getting the picture?’ leered the troll,” Burt read.

Tina yawned and wiggled out of her tee shirt, dropping it to the floor.

“‘Very well; I am no stranger to a schlong up my shitter,’ agreed the queen. ‘You have a deal.’ So the troll handed her the vial and she shook out two drops onto her tongue and swallowed the vile liquid. And it did come to pass. In nine months, King Hardcock was delighted to greet his son into the world. The day of his christening was a joyous affair. Kings and queens and princes and princesses came from the kingdoms of Fuckmelong, Makemecum and even Poundmyass. And, right in the middle of the banquet, who should come into the grand ballroom but the hideous little troll,” Burt read.

“Oh no,” Tina said and yawned again.

“Oh yes,” said Burt. “‘My fair queen, I have come for my payment,’ called out the troll. ‘Payment? What payment?’ laughed the queen. ‘I know nothing of any payment.'”

“What a bitch,” Tina murmured.

“‘Oh? Then your son shall know of this payment!’ promised the troll as two knights grabbed him. ‘His cock shall grow no longer than my thumb!’ And it did come to pass; the prince’s cock was the size of a thimble. His two little testicles were the size of little peas. He was known far and wide as Prince Peewee. If he did not lean forward when he pissed, he would surely wet his shoes,” Burt read, lowering his voice. “But on the day of his twenty first birthday, a grand ball was thrown, for not only was it the Prince’s twenty first birthday, it was the day he was to meet his betrothed, Princess Poon from the kingdom of Whataslut.”

Burt looked and Tina had rolled over onto her side, very nearly asleep. But he knew if he stopped reading, she would be wide awake and demanding he finish the story.

“Princess Poon was a true beauty, with milky white skin, long flowing auburn locks, and huge tits. Many a gallant prince and many a gallant knight had vied for her attentions and affections, but she would do nothing more than give them blow jobs, for after all, she was betrothed to be the wife of Prince Peewee. She would one day be the queen of the kingdom of Fuckmehard.

“The wedding was a glorious affair and again kings and queens and princes and princesses from far and wide came. But upon their wedding night, Princess Poon found out why Prince Peewee was named such. His cock, fully hard, barely stuck out past his pubic hair. Even though he was a truly skilled pussy eater, Princess Poon was quite disappointed.

“Because of her unsatisfied lust, the Princess became a bitter little bitch. She demanded furs, and jewels, and even drank much of the King’s private stash of wines and other spirits. And, oh! The abuse she heaped upon her poor dickless husband,” Burt read on, then looked up when his sister quietly entered the room.

“Robin wants you to read her a bedtime story too,” Abigayle whispered into Burt’s ear.

“What? Go tell your daughter she’s nineteen years old,” Burt complained.

“And?” Abigayle asked, kissing him.

“All right, but you know, reading this stuff makes me horny,” Burt cautioned.

“Reading the obituaries gets you horny,” Abigayle smiled.

They sucked on each other’s tongues for a few moments, then Abigayle left the room and Burt resumed reading.

“Then one day, the prince was out in the woods, bathing in the babbling brook, when along came a hideous little troll. ‘Why so glum, chum?’ the troll did ask. ‘Aren’t you married to Princess Poon? Damn, that is one hot looking little gash.’ The prince angered at such words and reached for his bow and arrows on the bank of the river. ‘No, no, my fine young prince, I apologize,’ said the troll. ‘I only mean you kindness and praise.’ The prince did tell the troll what the trouble was and even showed the troll his tiny cock. ‘Wow, fuck! That thing’s about the size of my thumb! Bet you piss on your shoes a lot,’ said the troll. Then he reached into his bag and pulled out a small vial. The liquid within glittered like diamonds and when the troll pulled the stopper out, a plume of smoke wafted out,” Burt read and Tina sighed in her sleep.

“‘But fear not, my fine young prince, for within this vial is the cure you have been seeking,’ said the troll. ‘I must have it! I will give you diamonds and gold and silver for this cure!’ said the prince,” Burt read, lowering his voice even more. “‘I have more than enough gold and diamonds; I have rubies and emeralds and pearls too. No, no, what I want is to pound your pooper, do the dirty, make you my bitch, fuck that tight little ass,’ said the troll. ‘We have a deal?'”

Burt turned off the bedside lamp; he knew the story by heart. He had, after all, written the book himself.

“‘Deal,’ said the prince, grabbing the vial. He took a deep gulp of the foul tasting liquid and swallowed, almost puking on the taste. Then he notched his arrow and fired at the troll. The troll was able to avoid the arrow, but laughed bitterly as he ran away.

“‘You were only to drink but a drop and you drank a dram,’ laughed the troll. ‘You shall suffer; this I promise!’ But the prince cared not; he could feel a stirring in his loins he’d not felt before. He then rushed back to the castle and burst into the room of Princess Poon.

“The chambermaid was just completing the task of wiping Princess Poon’s ass. ‘Go sit in the corner until we are finished,’ his wife ordered the chambermaid then powdered the princess’s ass and then curtsied and left.

“‘Wife, we shall make love,’ Prince Peewee ordered. ‘Oh, God, really? What? You find me a knight to stick his lance in me?’ the princess sneered. ‘Go away, Tiny; I’m busy.’

“But the prince grabbed her and threw her onto her bed and tore her dress from her. Then he slid his thimble sized cock into her dry slit. Then it came to be the size of twig. Another thrust and it became the size of a normal man’s thumb.

“‘Oh, yes, my lord, I do believe I do feel something!’ cried out Princess Poon. The prince continued to pound his wife’s pussy and his manhood continued to grow.

“‘Oh, but do stop, my lord, do stop,’ Princess Poon cried out and her beautiful face, normally twisted in a sneer, was now twisted in pain. But the prince was powerless, he could not stop.

“‘It hurts, you are hurting me,” she complained and the prince looked down and saw that his cock was now four feet long and one foot in circumference. And then he began to ejaculate. His basketball sized balls squirted a potent semen into the Princess’s limp body. Gallon after gallon of his semen squirted into her. Then with a final spurt, the princess exploded and was no more,” Burt whispered into the dark room.

“The prince left his wife’s bedchambers and returned to the babbling brook. ‘Mister Troll, I am here, I have come to pay my debt to you,’ called out the prince. ‘Truly?’ asked the troll, stepping out from behind a large oak. ‘You will truly pay your debt?’

“The prince bent over and grabbed his pudgy ass cheeks, spreading them wide.

“‘I am sorry, Troll,’ the prince sobbed as he felt the first inch of the troll’s fat cock push into his water-tight hole. ‘I should have honored our deal from the start.’

“‘Had I done so from the start, my wife would not have paid the price for my foolish attempt to defraud you,’ said the prince as the troll fucked in and out.

“‘Ah, but she was a bitch,’ grunted the troll. ‘I mean, really, were you happy with her?’

“‘Well, no, not really,’ grunted the prince as he felt the first squirts of troll jizz spurting into his hole.

“‘I think I should be a much better Princess for you, and when the time comes, I will be a much better queen,’ said a soft musical voice from behind the prince.

“Prince Peewee turned and saw a gorgeous blonde girl, with large knockers, a tiny waist, and really nice ghetto booty, wearing a strap on cock. She smiled at the prince’s astonished look.

“‘I am not really a troll,” she smiled. ‘My father, King Dickface of the kingdom of Dumbshit made the mistake of picking up a little slut, fucking her, then passing her around to all of his buddies. He did not know that she was truly a witch and she placed a curse upon me, his only child. I would be a hideous troll until I could find someone that would willingly give up the booty.'”

Burt got out of the chair, wincing as it creaked. He walked to the bedroom door.

“And when Prince Peewee looked down, he saw that his own cock had become a normal cock, about ten inches long and about three and a half inches around. And so Prince Peewee and Princess Phreaky lived happily ever after; the end.”

In the living room, Abigayle looked up when Burt entered the room. He put the book back on the bookshelf and sat next to his sister on the couch.

“Read her a story?” Abigayle asked.

“Yeah, ‘Princess Hairpie and the magic three legged stool,'” Burt agreed. “When did Robin start sleeping with a butt plug?”

“I guess right after you opened up her ass with that fat cock of yours,” Abigayle said. “You know, you really ought to think about getting that book published.”

“Yeah, right, like anyone would be interested in that kind of shit,” Burt scoffed, then moaned when Abigayle bent and took his hard cock into her hot mouth.

And they lived happily ever after…THE END.


**Author’s Note: I write these stories for my pleasure, I post them here for your enjoyment. I do thank you for reading my stories.

I also thank those that take the time to rate my stories and those that leave critiques.

I do not, however, read my emails. The ones I did read were so vicious and some even threatening, that I simply delete them now.

Have a magical kind of day.

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