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Night with Mr. Morgan

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I had always wondered what it would be like to make love to an older, more experienced man for as long as I could remember. Well, one wild spring night, my fantasy came to life, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since….

I am an English teacher in a middle school, and I pretty much love every aspect of my job. Writing and literature have been my passions for as long as I can remember. I began my teaching career as a substitute and gradually made my way to having my own classroom just three years ago, but it seems like I’ve been doing this forever.

At twenty eight, I am the youngest teacher in the school. My colleagues are wonderful, and I’ve even been so lucky to befriend several of them.

“Did you hear Chris Morgan is moving over here from Eastland to take over the open science vacancy?” My friend and partner-in-crime, Lynn, smiled devilishly. A cute, thirty-something blonde, she was single and always ready to have fun. She taught mathematics right down the hall from me and we had had plenty of wild nights out with other colleagues and had then tried teaching with hang-overs. Not so fun, but with jobs like ours and having to deal with the ever-changing moods and behaviors of adolescents, we deserved to have our fun.

“Chris Morgan?” I said. The name was familiar and I had probably seen him at district wide institutes, but at the moment I couldn’t put a face with the name.

“Mmmm, he is so sexy,” she sighed. “It’ll be nice to have a little eye candy walking down the halls of Chesterfield instead of typical gamut.”

Ours was a female-dominated field, unfortunately. The males that taught here were like father figures to me. I thought of Joe Paski, another member of the English department. He was so old-school, but the kids enjoyed his dry humor. Steve Falsworth was retiring at the end of the year after teaching social studies for thirty five years. And then there was the special education aide named Bart who secretly creeped me out. He was probably close to forty and reminded me of a toad. So, believing in my friend’s taste in men, I was anxious to meet our new colleague the following morning.

“Ladies and gentlemen, even though he’s been in our district for over twenty years and probably most of you already know him, I’d like to officially welcome Mr. Chris Morgan to our Chesterfield staff,” Principal Gloria Chandler announced warmly to the library full of our staff.

I saw him standing there, a slight smile on his handsome face. He then sat next to Falsworth and Paski, who chided him humorously. I couldn’t stop staring and then finally, his eye caught mine and he winked. Slyly, I smiled back and then bent to whisper to the table of ladies who sat with me that he was certainly sexy.

“I saw that wink,” Grace Hanson whispered. Grace had been my mentor my first year here and was just like another mother. “I had a feeling you girls would be excited he’s here.”

She then followed me into my room at the end of the meeting to fill Lynn and me in on what she knew about him. Thank goodness we were having our planning period. That was the rough part of having planning periods at the same time as my close friends– it was hard to focus on getting work done because we would sometime get caught up on the gossip!

Chris had been widowed for fifteen years. Sadly enough, his wife had been killed in an automobile accident leaving Chris with a six year old daughter named Abby, who was now attending college in Wisconsin. He had never remarried, but it was rumored he had dated here and there. He was an exceptional teacher and was extremely intelligent. Students and their parents had always respected him and he was known to have high expectations.

“God, he is so hot,” Lynn whispered as he walked down the hall and into the science lab. “He’s the hottest forty-eight year old I’ve ever seen.”

“Tell me about it,” I echoed.

He wasn’t terribly tall, but he had a large presence and I could already tell he was probably a true introvert. His rapport with the other fellows was warm and friendly. Grace and Lynn both had told me that he and Steve Falsworth were friends outside of school and were pretty close. It was evident in their dealings with each other. His hair was dark brown with just the slightest smattering of gray here and there. It looked soft and silky, and wasn’t cut short to his head as most men do. His skin was swarthy and added to his rugged charm. With deep slate blue eyes and an aquiline nose, he made the butterflies flutter in my stomach every time he talked to me.

“So, how long have you been teaching, Ms. Gray?” he asked one day in the teacher’s lounge as we waited in line to make copies. As luck would have it, we had the same planning period in the morning.

“Please, call me Danielle,” I smiled nervously. He smiled politely and I loved the way the skin crinkled around his eyes. He wore a pair of black slacks and a salmon colored button down collar shirt. His tie was silver, black and that interesting salmon color. I noticed his physique was still quite good and I couldn’t help take my eyes away from his hands. They looked so strong and I felt my face redden as I imagined what he might be able to do with them…

“I.. I’ve been teaching for three years now,” I explained. “Previous to that, I was a substitute.”

“Ahh, I see,” he smiled. Oh, what a smile! His teeth were so white, too. Was there anything not attractive on this man? I felt myself developing a crush instantly, and what a joy it was to come to work now.

The months seemed to roll by and the school year seemed to be passing by quite quickly. First it was Halloween, and then the downhill slide continued into Thanksgiving and Christmas break. It wasn’t until the sluggish winter months of January, February and March that time seemed to stand still. Imagine how happy the staff was when the first signs of spring began to show… but there was also the crazy students and their spring fever. Finally May came and we were saying goodbye to our eighth grade class. All staff members were required to attend their graduation, and afterwards, we were heading out to a nice little bar and restaurant a few towns north of our school. We all just didn’t seem to think it would be appropriate to fraternize the places in the town where our students lived. Some teachers were known to get a little raucous with the alcohol influence. It was best to just go far away!

I chose my outfit with care. I couldn’t be too revealing at an eighth grade graduation, but I wanted to look good when we all went out. I finally broke down and bought a simple black skirt that came slightly above my knees. I had purchased a silky red sleeveless camisole top that had some intricate beadwork around a somewhat low cut V in the middle. I was bearing a tiny bit of cleavage and debated if it would be appropriate, but once I slipped on the snug, matching red sweater, the attention wasn’t quite so pointed to my chest. Yes, I have to admit I have nice, large breasts. It was fun to show them off going to bars and clubs, but to a bunch of crazy teenaged boys? I don’t think so! Even though I had pretty much stretched my budget for the month, I had allowed myself the luxury of purchasing a new bra and panties set, which was the same red as my camisole and sweater. It made me feel so sexy underneath my teacher-get up. Running short on time, I put in my tiny red-dangled earrings and slipped into my high-heeled black sandals I was wearing with my outfit. Giving myself the once over in the mirror, I flounced my dark brown hair and sprayed it. I carefully painted on a demure reddish lip gloss to my lips and applied a bit of eyeliner under my dark brown eyes. I stepped in front of the full-length mirror and decided I looked pretty good. I knew that summer I needed to work on losing those extra fifteen pounds, but until then I’d muddle through the four remaining days of school and would definitely enjoy my time out with my colleagues!

I pulled up early to the school and noticed there was only one car in the lot that I recognized, and I smiled when I realized who it was. It was Chris Morgan, and I wondered if he had even gone home between now and the end of the school day. Sure enough, hanging in the back was a suit coat!

My crush on Mr. Morgan hadn’t subsided one bit since that first day of school. There were times we flirted– at least, in my mind it was flirting. There was no doubt that he probably regarded me as a young naïve girl, but in the mean time, it had been fun getting to know him. I had gotten used to his dry sense of humor and sarcasm. In fact, I thought it added to his sexual allure. I remember a particular team meeting one afternoon when it was just he and I in the room before anyone else had come in.

“Could it possibly get any colder in this building?” I had asked angrily as I sat huddled. “I feel like starting a fire in the middle of this classroom!”

He laughed lightly and leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed behind his head so it looked like he was reclining. He regarded me through half-closed lids with a slight smirk on his handsome countenance.

“We could start with this paper wad, but I don’t have any matches,” he replied, still smirking.

“Well, we could get the friction going! Come on, Chris!” I joked as I began rubbing my hands quickly together. I didn’t even get the sexual connotation until I began to see a glimmer in his eyes.

“Nothing wrong with a little friction,” he said smoothly. My face met his and I felt it turn crimson. I was saved by other co-workers coming in to join the meeting.

Another time was lunchtime one day in the teachers’ lounge. Chris rarely joined us, but for whatever reason, he was with us this particularly balmy April day. I had chosen to wear a heavy sweater to work, and as I continued to sit, I could feel the sweat running down my chest.

“I’ve got to stick my head out the window for just a minute or two,” I breathlessly told the table of teachers as I stood and walked to the far end of the lounge. I opened the window and felt the cooler air touch my face. I closed my eyes and breathed in the fresh air, when suddenly I felt a presence. I opened my eyes and turned my head only to see Chris standing there, too. Our eyes met, and he undoubtedly saw the surprise on my face as he leaned in closer to the air.

“Feels good, don’t you think?” He uttered softly. We were out of earshot and when I quickly glanced back at the table to see if anyone noticed us, I breathed a sigh of relief when no one was glancing our way.

“Mmmm, yes,” I sighed. A breeze blew in again and I closed my eyes, biting my lower lip.

“Better get rid of those thoughts of leaving and ditching your students for the afternoon,” he whispered gently. He was close enough that I could feel the heat from his breath on my neck.

“Wouldn’t I love to just go find a nice patch of green grass somewhere and soak up this sunshine,” I replied.

“Spring is definitely here,” he said softly, reminding me of the touch of velvet. I opened my eyes and saw him watching me, his eyes roaming my figure. Our gaze held for a brief moment before I walked away nervously, leaving him standing alone. My pulse raced and I heard someone ask if I was okay. I giggled and shooed at them. I had to get my mind thinking about teaching adverbs and adjectives rather than that moment with Chris.

“You’re here early,” a voice echoed as my heels tapped down the hall to my classroom. I was going to lock up my purse in my desk as the graduation ceremony took place. I would breeze through the cake and punch part afterwards, grab the items, and head out to the bar. My plan was instilled in my mind.

It was Chris and his voice startled me. In the time it had taken me to walk down the hall, he had obviously taken the rear exit to the parking lot and was already dressed in his suit. I eyed him speculatively, appreciating how handsome he was in his suit. It was black, and underneath he wore a silvery blue shirt and a matching tie. He stood with his arms folded in the doorway as I went to go pass, but he stood in front of me, eyes searching mine. It was that same look again, and that smirk was painted across his swarthy face. My heart dropped to the heels of my sandals.

“You’re going out afterwards tonight, right Danielle?” He asked casually. His stare was intense, and I felt my heart pounding.

I nodded as I watch his eyes rake down my chest. He smiled wickedly before he turned and joined the milling crowd of teachers and the nervous graduates entering the building. I had a feeling it was going to be a long two hours.

I sat next to Grace and Lynn during the ceremony. The speech giver named each teacher, asking us to stand, and when she spoke my name, Chris gave me that look again, as though he were seeing beneath my clothes. We sat and our gazes lingered. My only hope is that no one noticed or caught on. How the hell was I supposed to explain? I couldn’t!

At nine o’clock sharp Lynn and I escaped the reception and headed to our cars, eager for a relaxing drink. It was a long ride to the bar as I thought about Chris Morgan. He had to know I was infatuated with him. I decided to see where things might go tonight. I was known to get a little crazy with alcohol in my system. If anything, it would just be fun to flirt.

As luck would have it, I took a few wrong turns and ended up getting to the bar later than anyone else. I switched on the dome light and touched up my make up. It was a tad chilly, but I shed my sweater and threw it in the back seat. When I entered the bar, I saw dozens of teachers from my school district. Several worked at my own school and smiled and waved. I sought Lynn and Grace, along with a few others. Imagine my embarrassment when I told them I had gotten lost. Not only that, imagine the let down when I failed to see the handsome Mr. Morgan. I guessed he was either running late, but my instinct told me he wouldn’t show.

Cutting my losses, I ordered a margarita, and the handsome bartender slipped a pair of silver mardi gras beads over my head. I smiled and handed him a tip right before I joined the table with my co-workers. I noticed everyone else was wearing mardi gras beads, too, so it must’ve been a theme at the bar that night. Suddenly, I happened to catch someone’s eye at the next table and lo and behold, it was none other than Chris himself. I waved, motioning for him to come over by us. To my utter surprise, he came, his eyes wide, and he carried a beer in his hand.

Lynn elbowed me and I saw the demeanor of all the faces of the ladies at the table change when he walked up to us. It must be an inherited trait females have that only females see: It was a combination of lust, interest, and like a bunch of proud peacocks, we plumped our feathers at the sight of an attractive male. It was hilarious!

He stood next to me, and I could tell he had already had at least two or three drinks. His cheeks were rosy and his smile seemed to light up the table.

“Nice beads, Danielle,” he said seductively. I watched the faces of all the other ladies vying for his attention where the beads were concerned, but he seemed to only notice mine.

“Yeah, I guess the bartender thought they went well with my outfit,” I flirted back. Damn tequila. It got me every time. I was barely halfway through my drink and felt the liquor begin to affect me.

“Why don’t you tell everyone how you really got them,” he said dryly, but the glint in his eye said more.

“Mr. Morgan!” I feigned surprise, but our gazes met over the top of my drink and I smiled back. I know Lynn was dying at that exchange.

The night passed quickly than I had thought most likely because of the alcohol. One margarita became three, then four, and by that time, I was officially drunk and having an awesome time.

At last the teachers were slowly starting to filter out. Lynn and Grace hovered over me carefully. It was late and they were tired. Come to think of it, so was I, but this obviously meant I was going to get some alone time with Chris. I was willing to do whatever I had to in order to see where things might go tonight.

“Danni, you can’t drive home now, can you?” Grace fretted.

“Don’t worry, Grace, I’ll make sure she gets home safely,” Chris said. “I can take her home and then someone can drive her over here tomorrow to get her car. And besides, I know the owner of this place. He’ll make sure her car is safe and sound if she leaves it.”

I secretly wasn’t nearly as drunk as the world imagined. I had Chris’s attention and it felt wonderful. He was also in no hurry to leave, either, so we found a table in the back of the bar where we sat facing one another.

“You act like you’ve taken care of drunk people in the past,” I said quietly, a grin spread across my face.

“Yeah, I’ve had some experience in that,” he told me. “But quiet frankly, Danielle, I don’t believe you’re that drunk that you can’t drive home.”

I smirked and looked at my hands. Slowly, I looked up and met his gaze. He was leaned back with his hands folded against his chest. He carefully leaned forward and eyed me intently.

“If I have a diet pop or two, I think I’ll be okay,” I uttered, not able to meet his eyes. The real world was sinking in again and I asked myself just what the hell I was thinking.

“Don’t worry about the pop,” he said as he carefully took his finger and caressed my hand. “And I wouldn’t have a problem taking you home.”

Chris didn’t have to say what was going on in his mind. I knew exactly what he was thinking. I bit my lower lip and met his gaze, both of us smiling… both of us knowing exactly what the other wanted.

“I’m not going to lie to you, Danielle,” he said softly. “I want you so bad right now I can nearly taste it, and I know you want me, too. I’ve know it since the first time I met you. Right now, I want to take you back to your apartment and make you scream all night long.”

I kept his gaze for about thirty seconds long before I reached for my purse. I cleared my throat and began to stand.

“It’s going to be awkward if we leave together and there are other teachers around,” I uttered after clearing my throat.

“We’re the only ones,” he replied.

“So what are we waiting for?”

The drive back was tense. He drove in silence, both hands glued to the steering wheel. I saw his profile and regarded a man on a mission. His jaw was set, and I knew it was going to be a sleepless night.

“Ever been with an older guy?” He asked in the midst of the silence. “How old are you again?”

“N-no,” I said softly. “I’m twenty-eight.”

“So, you’re about to fuck someone twenty years older than you.”

I didn’t know how to reply to his statement. We rode on in silence except for my pounding pulse, but thank goodness he couldn’t hear it.

I pointed him into the parking lot of my apartment complex. He sat for a moment, staring at nothing, then he turned to me, and his hand gently caressed my face. I melted and his mere touch made me long for more.

“Last chance to back out, Danielle,” he uttered carefully before he leaned over and kissed me gently on the mouth. I complied and returned his kiss with gusto, unable to tear away.

“I want you to come in,” I said breathlessly.

And so, we did.

We barely managed to make it into the front door. I dropped my purse and stepped haphazardly out of my sandals as I tore away Chris’s suit jacket. We were like animals– panting, scratching. On the way back to my bedroom, he backed me up against the wall and pinned me there, my hands over my head. His mouth traveled down my neck and to my chest and finally I got my hands free. My heart pounded as I ran fingers through his rich, dark hair. It was soft and he smelled so masculine. I felt my nipples harden as he began to caress them. I was aching all over in need for his touch.

“God, you taste… mmm, so sweet,” he uttered between wild kisses and caresses. “I am going to taste it all. Get out of these clothes.”

We undressed each other like maniacs, but he left on my red panties as he pushed me gently on the bed. He was already hard and I caressed his hard velvety flesh and couldn’t wait to feel it in my mouth and in my wetness.

Chris fell on top of me, sucking and gnawing on my neck. I thrashed my head around, dying at his touch. His mouth fell lower and he took one pert nipple into his mouth and suckled while he rolled the other around in his free hand. I was dying as I raked my fingernails down his chest. He looked up at me and smiled wickedly.

“You like what I’m doing to you, Danielle?”

“MMM, don’t stop now,” I breathed.

He kissed down my chest and lingered over my belly button, which made me giggle. At long last, he hovered over my panties and continued his torture on the outside. I was hot and wet for him as he failed to divest me of my panties. He kissed my thighs expertly, kissing, caressing, but he wouldn’t touch me there yet.

“You’re torturing me,” I panted. I thrust my hips out as he ran fingers up and down my covered slit. “Please. Touch me, Chris. Touch me.”

“How bad do you want it?”, he said as he lifted them and blew gently onto my throbbing feminine parts. “Tell me how bad you want me to rip these panties off you and lick you till you’re screaming insanity.”

All the while he said that, he teased the front area still covered by the red silkness. I was hot and sticky and needed to feel him.

“Damn you,” I stammered. “I want you bad!”

He laughed wickedly and ripped the silk from my flesh. He parted my nether lips and he began his sweet torture to my femininity. He ran his tongue gently on my clit as his fingers carefully toyed around my woman’s passage. I thrust my hips into his face, longing for more.

“You taste as sweet as I thought, Danielle,” he whispered before suckling on my tiny jewel once again. His glorious tongue stroked me and tortured me while his fingers invaded inside. I screamed his name over and over as he brought me to my climax. My heart was pounding and he let me lay for a short while before I felt his weight upon me. He kissed me gently and I felt him begin to enter me. I would have none of it. With my hands I urged him onto his back and straddled him.

“Oh, I haven’t let you have any fun yet,” I whispered in his ear before I bit his lobe playfully.

I took a gentler route this time. I kissed all over his handsome face before I inched my way down. I stopped at his neck where I kissed and nibbled much as he had done earlier. Slowly, I slid down his body, kissing, licking and caressing as I went. His chest was matted with soft furry hair and I loved the way it felt on my face. At last, I kissed down his torso and finally, his manhood. It glistened and I licked my lips. This would be fun.

I started slow, running my tongue gently up and down the length of him. All the while, I heard his satisfied sighs, his careful moans. My tongue danced around the tip as my hands caressed his balls. I sucked the tip gently and took him into my mouth little by little. I sucked him again harder this time, and finally, I was moving full force as he bucked his hips. I was enjoying his delicious tool before I felt him tap my shoulder.

He grabbed me and pulled me up, and slowly he pushed me down onto his hardness right after I sensibly slipped on a condom. Luckily, I kept a canister full right next to my bed. As our flesh met, we both let out a sigh of much needed relief. He was long and hard, filling me up just right. I began moving upon him as he squeezed my ample breasts.

“You’re a hot piece,” he uttered as he bucked himself up into me.

“You’re not too shabby yourself,” I sighed as I bent to kiss him.

He continued his breast fondling before we switched positions and I lay beneath him, my legs wrapped tightly around him as he drove full force into me. I wrapped my arms around him, raking nails down his back to his tight buttocks, which I squeezed and grabbed. He tortured my neck again and bent to suckle on my nipples.

“I want you to fuck me nice and hard,” I said breathlessly. I leaned back, grabbing the headboard of my bed, thrusting my hips up to meet his.

“The night has just begun,” he managed to say.

A few moments later, I knew it was time. I arched my back and felt the wave engulf me. I moaned his name and continued my cries as I saw his face above me. He continued his thrusting and shortly after I came, another sweet orgasm overtook me. My eyes were closed and I barely managed to see him throw his head back and scream out my name as he died his own sweet death above me.

Panting, he bent and kissed me several time on the mouth before he pulled his manhood free.

Without a word, he held me close to him and our hearts beat ferociously. We napped briefly and I woke to hear the sound of shower. I felt a hand nudge me awake and pull me up. He kissed me and led me to the shower where we soaped each other up quite nicely.

We fooled around for the rest of the night. I knelt in front of him in the shower and sucked his cock for a while and we ended up in the sixty nine position on the bathroom floor. Needing a break from such intense orgasms, he followed me out into the kitchen where we shared a bottle of water and some chips and dip. He sat down on a kitchen chair, nice and hard, and me, being unable to turn down a hard cock, slipped down on top of him and fucked him in the chair.

“We don’t have a condom,” I panted.

“Not a problem,” he said as I continued to ride him. “I’ll take care of it.”

I held onto his shoulders and bounced on his cock until I screamed and panted his name.

“Get off me, Danielle”, he panted. “Lay down.”

Strangely enough, I complied. I found a nice spot on the carpet in my living room and he straddled my chest. His cock was soaked with my own juices, so he lay it between my breasts and moved it up and down. He fucked my breasts as I held them tightly together, and soon, I felt his hot cum on my neck. It felt so wonderful. He fell on top of me, and soon, we were in the shower once again. This time, there was only deep kissing as he washed his seed from me.

Thanking God it was Saturday, we spent the rest of the morning sleeping. We awoke around noon as I felt his fingers between my legs. I let him bring me to orgasm once again and through half closed eyes, he licked my juices off his fingers.

“Do you ever get tired of sex?” I asked playfully.

“I’ve been thinking of this for quite some time,” he said as he turned in the bed. We lie facing one another, and quite frankly, it was quite nice.

“I have to admit I’ve had a crush on you for a while,” I admitted. “I haven’t been had such a nice time like last night in a long time.”

“Danielle,” he said softly as he kissed my forehead. “You know we have to keep this a secret. No one we work with can know we’re involved like this.”

“Of course not,” I agreed. “For what it’s worth, Chris, I’m perfectly content to keep this to a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of thing. You fulfilled my every wish and desire about fucking a man with experience.”

“And you fulfilled my fantasy about fucking a hot piece of young pussy,” he said, tongue in cheek. Chris is a classy guy. He is not the type to use the word pussy on a regular basis.

We smiled at each other and he actually gathered me into his arms and kissed me fully. Exhausted, we slept, dressed, and ordered a pizza. He pretty much shacked up at my apartment for the rest of that weekend, and we fucked and fooled around the whole time. We had nice, peaceful sex before he went home on Sunday. What a weekend!

It’s the start of another school year again. Chris and I are still lovers, and the sex is as good as it has ever been. We even managed to have a few weekend getaways over the summer. We of course fucked each other silly both times. We’re not officially a couple because of school politics, but neither one of us is sleeping with anyone except each other. I don’t know where things will go, but for now, we’re taking it day by day… and night by night, too. In fact, It’s Friday night, I’ve just packed a bag, and I’m about to go show him the new bra and panties set I just bought. He likes them best when they’re on the floor…

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