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Anal Virginity

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“It would hurt so bad.” Vanessa told me. ” I mean that’s an out hole not an in!”

“I guess.” I said “But… she likes it.” I finished pointing at a picture online of a blonde girl with her ass in the air and a large vibrator inside of it.

“That picture probably isn’t even real.” She said, “You know all the shit they can do with pictures on the Internet.”

“I dunno it looks real.” Starring at the picture I couldn’t help but think what was going through the girls mind… what would it feel like do guys like it better in there then in a pussy?

“Its not real silly girl… I have to get to work.” She said “Are we hooking up tonight at the club?”

“Sure.” I said absentmindedly clicking to the next picture this time a blond girl with a huge black cock in her ass making a painful face.

“Ok don’t stare at that thing to long. I’ll see you at 11.” She said closing the door behind her.

I bit my lip and clicked the next picture an up close shot of cum drooling out of an asshole. Licking my lips I glanced up at the clock 4pm. I shut down the computer and went into my bedroom taking off my clothing I stared in the mirror.

“Not bad.” I thought to myself noting how short I was. Just barely 5 feet tall I thought cupping my large full breasts letting my soft fingertips run against my big round hard nipples. Turning slowly I stared at my ass round full nice wide hips. Bending over and spreading my legs I looked into the mirror again bent fully at the waist my ass was high in the air I could see my bare shaven pussy my lips were puffy and drenched with wetness. I stroked a finger up my cunt. It looked hot, like the pictures on the computer. I pressed my tiny finger into my pussy UHHH Moaning softly. In and out I pumped my finger pressing another in now two hot fingers probing in and out of my hot pussy the blood rushing to my head from bending this way it felt hot I felt so dizzy cuming hard it drooled down my thighs. Pulling my fingers out again I tickled my asshole with my index finger twitching slightly I pressed it into the first knuckle pressing back and forth a little bit then more. Pushing my whole finger in now and wiggling it around twitching again then moaning out. I got down on my knees ass still in the air face pressed to the floor now I wiggled my finger in my ass more. Now my other hand up to my pussy pushing two fingers into it pumping my hot pussy with my fingers and fucking my asshole with my finger. UHH SHIT.

I screamed loud so loud I’m sure the whole apartment complex heard my body falling to the floor and shaking uncontrollably. “UHHHHHHHH FUCK MY Asshole BABY UHHHH!” After a few moments I pulled my fingers out of my cunt and licked them clean then walked to the bathroom and washed my hands. That was the most intense orgasm I have ever felt…. I HAVE TO HAVE MORE. I thought!

I took a shower and got dressed. Low slung pants so low that it was good that I shave because my pubes would have been obviously view able. My shirt was just to the waist of my pants. That way if I wanted to I could raise my arms above my head while dancing and bare my abdomen. My breasts were full and firm pressed together even tighter in my red lace bra. I wore a black shirt that was cut in a V formation showing the lace at the edge of my bra fully exposing the thick cleavage the bra had formed.

I got into my car. And old Chevrolet and drove to the club. Checking my watch… 9:30. Sighing slightly I found a parking place and touched up my makeup one final time glossfying my lips and adding a dab of mascara. I try to keep my makeup light when I am at a club since you get so sweaty on the dance floor it all ends up on someone’s clothing if you get to heavy with it.

I walked to the bouncer and handed him my ID. I’m sure he barely glanced at the id because his eyes were focused on my tits. He moved out of the way and opened the door for me handing my ID back. I giggled inside because he forgot to stamp my hand with the UNDER 21 stamp. Although maybe he just can’t add because I will be 21 this year. The loud music hit my ears as I stepped into the club. Squinting my eyes I saw the dancers on the floor. I wandered out and began dancing with a few of my friends. I didn’t know all of them by name but we were the regulars. Pumping my ass against the man behind my I felt his cock getting hard with each wiggle against him I felt his prick get harder and harder for me. I loved to tease men and make them horny with my body.

“Hey Samantha you better watch it.” He said

It looked like he was watching me plenty for the both of us so I just shrugged. I turned around pressing my tittys against him for a few moments then taking a step back and raising my arms above my head rocking my pelvis forward and back in a pumping fashion. My pubic area visible now his hands swept across my belly then lower to my shaven area and back up to my navel our bodies touched while I rocked my pelvis forward then back humping against his pants his bulge now completely firm. Thankfully for him he was wearing baggy dark blue jeans that hid his package and a tight white “wife beater” with a short sleeved black button down shirt unbuttoned over it. He was hot how could I not press against him. He towered over my and had a strong build green eyes black short hair nice cologne.

His hands touched my hips and I turned around again pressing my ass up and brushing it against his cock again bending at the waist like I was in the mirror I put my hands on the floor and popped my ass up against him to the beat. He took my hips and pulled my ass against him harder again. Again. Again. To the beat. He pulled me up so I was standing face to face with him and grabbed my wrist hard. We moved away from the crowd. My heart raced as he pulled me into his car.

“Where we going Ben?” I asked giggling inside.

He didn’t say anything just rubbed the bulge in his pants awkwardly trying to move it to a more comfortable position. I turned on the radio to the local channel that broadcasts the club live every Friday night and the music pumped in his car. It felt like forever but I’m sure it was only a few minutes before he pulled into a parking lot and slid out of the car. Moving around to my side he opened the door and took me by my hand again shutting the car his alarm blooped a few times. Practically dragging my now we moved up to a doorway and he opened it pushing me inside he slammed the door behind us and deadbolted it.

“Need to change your boxers?” I Joked.

He grabbed me and lifted me up in to a cradle position like a groom carrying his bride he walked into the bedroom and plopped me onto his bed on top of me in seconds he was biting my flesh kissing my mouth. His tongue darted into my mouth and I twirled mine back against his. His hands in my pants rubbing my hot pussy it was wet SOO wet I’m sure my jeans were soaking as well. He plunged two fingers in pumping them against my g-spot he bite my neck again. He slid his hand out of my pussy and licked his fingers then pulled my shirt off roughly over my head. My breasts were heaving up and down panting with anticipation he pulled my tits out of my bra pushing it down under them he bite my hard nipple with his teeth. Licking at my nipple his other hand slid down and unbuttoned my pants I kicked them off the baggy leg holes making it easy to do so even with my shoes on. He moved down my body licking it then spread my legs apart roughly with his hands his face was pressed against my pussy his tongue pressing into my cunt hole. Lapping my pussy juices his hands kneaded my ass flesh.

“UHHHH. EHHHHH MMMMMMAHHHHH.” I screamed and moaned. He flipped me over my ass in the air. He spanked me. Hard to It tingled for long after that. I had never been spanked by a man before. It felt nice. He pulled his bulge out of his pants and ran it between my pussy lips like a hot-dog. It felt good probably six and a half inches and average thick. He grabbed my hair and caused me to arch back to him my ass going even higher in the air he plunged his cock into my pussy from behind. Pumping my cunt his hands were on my hips slamming my body against him. HARDER! HARDER! HARDER!

“OH YES PLEASE FUCK ME FROM BEHIND FUCK ME BABY FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF MY PUSSY!” I screamed I moaned he fucked me harder and harder. His hands were digging at my back my flesh squeezing my tittys VERY hard. The fleshy tittys escaping through the spaces of his fingers leaving two hand prints on them. He let my breasts go again smacking my ass.

“Such a nice ass Samantha A teasing little ass!” he slapped my ass again, then again then 10 more times.

“PLEASE IT HURTS NO PLEASE.” I begged him to stop but the fucking felt so good it was barely coming out as a plead more like begging him to keep fucking me.

He pulled his cock from my cunt and I felt disappointed. He leaned down and smelled my pussy then licked and lapped at my pussy from behind with his mouth. Fucking my pussy with his tongue I screamed and cummed again drenching him. He licked up the skin between my asshole and pussy then he licked my asshole with his tongue. I flinched noticeably.

“MMM you like that?” He asked not waiting for an answer before his tongue was pressing hard against my asshole. My asshole clenched around it not wanting to let him in he pressed harder finger fucking my pussy. He pulled his tongue out again then nibbled at my ass with his teeth. Pressing his tongue in pushing his spitty tongue in and out of my ass. I was in heaven screaming yelling and moaning thrashing around against his tongue. He moved his body quickly up mine and slammed his cock into my cunt a few more times drenching it wet. I sighed disappointed that he had not fucked my ass feeling he was going to cum inside of my pussy.

“please.” I whispered so low I’m sure he didn’t hear me.

Then I felt it. The most shocking pain I had felt since I lost my virginity two years ago. Ben had slammed all six and a half inches of his hard cock into my asshole. It burned it hurt so bad. My ass tried to expel hos cock from my ass but he held it there resting his chest against my back he rubbed my tittys lovingly.

“Relax… unclench breath sweaty it will feel so good in a second just let your asshole get used to my cock… relax baby” he cooed soothing me.

I let my body relax my asshole stopped protesting so much it started to feel almost used to his member being there. He begin pumping slowly maybe half an inch at first up and down softly softly…. So gentle he was with my virgin asshole. In and out half an inch then an inch. Slowly moving in and out inch by inch until half was moving in and out at a time. It started to feel UNBELIEVABLY FUCKING GOOD. Not just the cock in my ass but the idea that my ass was making his cock feel so good. That I was being SUCH a naughty dirty little slut getting my ass fucked. He moved faster now more and more friction and heat building and building his finger fiddled with my clitty and I came. I came hard and loud thrashing beneath him screaming and moaning with pleasure.

Ben pummeled my ass with his cock faster and faster harder and faster grinding into my body until his cock exploded in a thick cummy orgasm. As he withdrew from my ass there was a slurping noise. My asshole tightened back up and his cum drooled out of my anus. With a soft pat on my ass he stood up and went into the bathroom turning on his shower.

My mind was flooded with all the feelings that I felt. My first ass fucking. I knew from that day on I was hooked. Now I can’t get enough cock and cum in my ass.

After Ben and I showered he took me back to the club. I made sure to let Vanessa know that it did feel good and the pictures weren’t faked. Now she can’t wait to try it!

The End

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