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Punish Me

Category: Incest
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There was luggage in the entryway when Daniel opened the door to his apartment. From the burgundy color alone he was pretty sure it was his mother’s, the monogram on the side, GHM, confirmed his suspicions. He took a moment to look it over, too many bags for just a visit.

Hanging his coat he made his way to the kitchen where his mother was standing in front of the stove stirring something that smelled delicious. Her honey blond hair was pulled up in a bun with loose strands flying away haphazardly. A cream colored silk top tapered softly into a well fitting black skirt that plumped nicely where her backside pressed out. His eyes were drawn to just under her arm where he could make out the shape of her breast. In all of his twenty eight years he had never gotten over the sight of his mother’s fantastic set of tits. Gail Miller was well put together for certain, three husbands and countless suitors attested to her physical beauty. Even at the age of forty eight she was a sight to behold.

“How long?” Daniel asked opening the fridge and pulling out a beer. He turned and leaned against the door as he took a long pull from the can.

“I’ve only been here a few hours dear, dinner will be ready in a few,” she answered without turning to face him. Her face was scrunched with worry.

“That’s not what I meant mom and you know it. How long will you be staying?” He didn’t bother to hide his annoyance. Three times in the last five years she had shown up unannounced because her current boyfriend or husband had sent her packing.

She wanted to assure him it wouldn’t be long, but instead her voice cracked and the tears came in a flood. Her body shook and she braced herself against the stove, holding herself up to keep from crumpling. With a soft curse Daniel put his beer down and stepped up behind his mother, his arms circling around her waist and holding her tight. He made soft cooing noises to calm her as he stroked her silky hair. Gail buried her face in her son’s chest and tried valiantly to quell the crying.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered through sobs. “I’ve done it again.”

Again. It was always the same since Daniel’s father, Dan senior, died eight years ago. Gail would find some decent guy and for a time it was domestic tranquility. Time would pass, over a year with the first husband, now just a few months with the latest boyfriend, and then things would deteriorate. She would become disrespectful, over spend, any of a hundred things that seemed as if she was sabotaging her relationships.

Daniel’s father would never have accepted Gail acting the way she had been since his death. He wasn’t a brute, never abusive, but Dan senior had been a man of little compromise. He knew they way he wanted his home, his life and he wouldn’t accept anyone, even his wife, getting in the way of it. Gail had seemed to thrive under such single minded determination, even though to Daniel his mother seemed to intentionally go against his father’s wishes from time to time.

It was this rebellion that caused her now ex-husbands and boyfriends to dump her on her plump posterior and inevitably she would show up at Daniel’s door, or more accurately inside his apartment.

“Why?” Daniel asked at last. He always asked and he always knew the answer before she spoke.

“The same thing,” Gail replied after a time. She leaned back so that she could look into her son’s face, afraid to see the disappointed look in his eyes.

“What am I gonna do with you mom?” He asked shaking his head. Gail only sniffled and then hugged her son tightly. “Call me when dinner is ready,” Daniel said as he untangled himself from her grasp and headed off for a shower.

Gail served a delicious meal and when it was over she insisted on clearing the table and cleaning up all by herself. She poured Daniel a drink and served it to him in his easy chair, the television already tuned to a ball game in progress. With a smile Daniel accepted her peace offering knowing full well that in time her desire to please would wain and she would be out looking for a new man soon enough.

The days passed pleasantly enough for Daniel and his mother. For a month he was treated to a hot breakfast each morning, an immaculate apartment when he returned from work and home cooked dinners each evening. It was easy to slip into this routine and it felt as if he was a senior in high school once again where his stay at home mother made him the center of her world.

It was a vacuum cleaner that reminded Daniel of the true situation. It wasn’t so much that it was a vacuum cleaner as it was a brand new, thousand dollar vacuum cleaner when he had a perfectly usable one in the closet down the hall. He opened his apartment door and where there had been luggage a month before in his entryway there now stood an unopened box with the receipt taped to the top of it. He could feel his anger rise immediately.

“Why?” he asked gruffly, brushing past Gail in the kitchen. He didn’t even notice the sundress his mother wore. Her makeup was flawless and she was as beautiful as ever, but his frustration didn’t allow him to truly see her. The men in Gail’s life since her husband’s death didn’t know her pattern the way her son did, so they never jumped to this level of anger so early on.

“I just thought we could use it,” Gail said defensively.

“The one I have works fine, it’s barely a year old as it is. Besides, it’s me who has to pay that bill, don’t you think you should have asked me?” Daniel fumed.

“Don’t you take that tone with me,” Gail began. Daniel’s face was a mask of confusion and anger.

“What the hell do you mean? You live in my apartment and I pay all the bills. I think it’s you who needs the attitude adjustment.” Daniel saw his mother’s face twitch. He stared at her for a long time until she lowered her eyes.

“I’ll take it back tomorrow,” she said meekly with her hands clasped in front of her. Daniel shook his head as he considered that his mother looked like a little girl who had been chastised. Unwilling to be the brute he gave her a hug about her shoulders.

Gail stood in the kitchen alone, an emptiness inside her growing like a chasm. With a sigh she went back to preparing dinner. At the end of dinner she excused herself to an early bed time. Daniel bid her goodnight, wanting to get past the awkwardness but unsure of how to do it. It would mend in time he thought.

The following weekend Daniel made plans to take a consultant from work out to dinner. Lenore was a flirty young woman used to travelling from city to city, never staying in the same hotel for more than a couple of weeks. The pair ate at a fancy, upscale restaurant where the dinner was served with a generous helping of laughter and sexual innuendo. Before the dessert was served Lenore slid her stockinged foot up Daniel’s leg and flashed him her bedroom eyes.

“I hope you have someplace we can go to be alone,” Lenore whispered in his ear as they rode the elevator down to the street level. “The company is forcing me to share a suite with Jenna so my hotel is out.”

Daniel thought about it for a moment before agreeing, holding her tightly against his body as they hailed a cab. Once they made it to his apartment he offered her a seat on the couch while he disappeared down the hall.

“Mom,” Daniel whispered, pushing open the door to the spare room his mother was using. The lamp on the nightstand was on and Gail was sitting up reading a book, the covers pulled up tightly around her waist. She wore a diaphanous pajama top with heavy lace that covered where he guessed her nipples might have been. Daniel could feel his arousal growing and shrugged it off, convincing himself he was was just anticipating an evening with Lenore.

“I have a guest,” he said quietly nodding his head meaningfully. Gail pulled her glasses down and then nodded knowingly. Closing the door Daniel made his way back to the living room where Lenore was waiting.

“I wondered where you disappeared to,” Lenore said as he stepped out of the darkened hallway. Her crisp white blouse had the top four buttons undone and he could easily see the lacy bra beneath that cupped her perky breasts. “Come here,” she whispered extending her arms out to him as he sat down next to her.

Their lips met and quickly Lenore slipped her tongue past his teeth and into his mouth. Daniel was delighted in her eagerness as she crawled on top of his lap undoing his shirt and pulling her own blouse free from her skirt. His hands pushed between her legs where his fingers found the damp panties covering her pussy.

Sitting up straight Daniel leaned forward until Lenore was laid back on the couch, her hands sliding through his hair as his face trailed kisses down her face and across her chest. His teeth grazed her stiffened nipple through the sexy bra. Lenore let out a gasp and pulled him tighter against her body. Encouraged he bit down on her nipple with more force and felt the resulting gush that washed over his fingers that were busily sliding over the downy fur covering her sex.

“I want to take a bite of your peach,” Daniel said which elicited a pleasant moan from Lenore. Sliding down further he bunched her skirt up around her waist and dipped his tongue deep into her furrow. The feel of his tongue slipping past her vaginal lips was causing Daniel’s cock to harden unbearably. Her ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ drove him forward and he quickly lapped at her flowing sex with determination.

“Oh, oh,” Lenore chanted as her hips began to rock back and forth steadily. “Oh god, oh god, OH MY GOD!” The last came out in alarm. Lenore was clamping her legs tightly together, pushing Daniel away from her as she scrambled to cover her body with her blouse. “Who the hell are you?”

Daniel spun around and saw his mother standing there. Gail was wearing a white baby doll nightie, the one Daniel mistook for a pajama top. A silk robe hung loosely off her shoulders untied so that her legs were on full display and her black panties stood out in stark contrast.

“Danny who is this- this- woman?” Lenore asked incredulously.

For a moment Daniel wondered what he should answer. Did he dare tell her that it was his mother who was now in line for a serious ass chewing? Or- or what? He couldn’t think of a plausible story.

“Forget it,” Lenore said at last. Pushing her skirt down she pulled her blouse closed and held it together with one hand while she grabbed her heels with the other and then stormed out the door.

“Sorry,” Gail whispered, looking down at the floor. Daniel stared at her numbly, shaking his head in bewilderment. For a long minute she stood before him waiting, waiting for what she didn’t know. When he sat there in silence she turned to go.

“You’re sorry,” he said angrily. “You’re sorry? What part of ‘I have a guest’ didn’t you understand?” His voice was loud, on the verge of shouting. Gail stopped but didn’t turn to face her son. “Well? Answer me. What did I say that made you think, ‘Oh I’ll just pop out and have a visit’?”

Gail turned to face her son, his face red with anger. His fists clenched and unclenched repeatedly as he was obviously trying to work out the pent up rage that he felt within. She held her head up defiantly though she bit her lip.

“What the hell is your problem?” Daniel asked at last. Rising from the couch he stood next to her, his breath hot on her skin as he exhaled angrily out of his mouth. “Why do you intentionally piss men off? God, you used to do the same shit to dad. Except dad would put you in your place, huh? Dad never put up with your shit.” The words rolled off his tongue and they hung in the air for a moment.

Gail looked away, unable to meet her son’s gaze. Daniel looked up and down her body, his unmet desire still fueling his hardened cock. Her breasts rode high on her chest, the hardened nipples visible in the lacy material. Her long legs, freshly shaved and smoothed with lotion were as nice as Lenore’s, a woman half her age.

“Come here,” he said harshly grabbing his mother’s hand. He drug her to the couch where he sat down and then pulled her to him with a jerk. As she stumbled towards him he pulled on her arm sharply and Gail soon found herself slung over her son’s lap, her bottom up in the air. Pulling up on the robe he bared her pantie covered ass.

“What-” Gail began to protest but then she yelped as his hand smacked into her ass full force. The sting of his slap was not so painful as it was unexpected. “Stop!” Gail yelled. She reached back and tried to cover herself with a free hand but Daniel grabbed it and held it firm against her lower back.

Another slap on her ass and Gail tried to wriggle free but Daniel held her steady. She didn’t cry out this time, which inflamed Daniel’s anger. With his free hand he pulled her panties down until her ass was completely bare. Three quick slaps and her cheeks were covered in a rosy glow. Gail cried out with each successive smack and struggled to get away, kicking wildly at the air.

“I think this is what you need,” Daniel said through clenched teeth. Again and again his hand smacked into his mother’s ass until at last Gail lay limp across his lap, her soft cries filling the room between his gasps of breath.

Daniel slumped back into the couch, wiping sweat from his forehead. Gail slipped to the floor and turned her body so that she was kneeling next to the couch and resting her head on the cushion. Looking down at his mother, her reddened ass with her panties pulled to her knees, Daniel felt his cock throb once again. His arousal had never faded and he was suddenly worried that his mother would see that he was excited. Pushing himself up from the couch he trudged to his room and slammed the door shut.

Alone in the master bathroom Daniel splashed his face with water. He ignored his painfully erect cock as he took off his clothes, dumping them in a corner before he fell onto his bed.

“Daniel? Daniel?” Gail whispered at his door.

Daniel didn’t answer her and he guessed that after a minute she must have headed to her own room. The whole scene played back in his mind over and over as he rolled over and tried to sleep.

His dreams were haunted with visions of his mother turned over his knee and he was spanking her. Except it didn’t stop with just him slapping her ass cheeks. He would get to the point where he would push her legs apart and he would begin to explore her pussy, sliding his fingers past the downy fur that covered her lips and deep inside her. His mother would plead with him to stop, but he ignored her cries as he continued to finger fuck her hot, steamy hole.

The next morning Daniel rose from his bed feeling more tired than he had when lay down. His dreams came back to him and he didn’t think he could face his mother. Luckily for him Gail was still in her room when he made his way out the door. He spent the day wondering what he would say when he got home and the inevitable confrontation took place.

When he arrived home the apartment was immaculate, dinner was exquisite and his mother was dressed elegantly and never made mention of what he had done to her the night before. He kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never came.

At the end of the evening his mother kissed him lightly on the cheek and headed to her own room. Daniel stayed up flipping through the channels mulling over the situation. Finally, no closer to any conclusions he hit the sack.

The days passed and it was nearly two weeks before Daniel was reminded of his mother’s need to rock the boat. Coworkers had planned a karaoke party and because Gail had complained of never leaving the house he had extended her an invitation to come along.

“Oh I don’t want to be a bother,” she said waving him off.

“No seriously mom, come with us. It will be fun. There will be lots of people there.” Daniel said encouragingly. He truly wanted her to attend the party. Gail gave in with a huff and went off to change.

Two hours later Daniel was ready to leave and his mother was still in her bedroom, so he knocked on the door. “Everything okay mom? You better hurry up, it’s time to go.”

“I’m not going,” she said dejectedly.

Daniel’s face scrunched into a scowl and pushed open the door. Gail gasped and covered her mostly exposed body. He could see she was only wearing a pair of black panties and bra while a dozen or more dresses were laid out on her bed.

“Pick one,” Daniel commanded. It was the voice he remembered his father using. So did Gail. Her back stiffened and then she pushed her lip out but she quickly reached for her little black dress and began to pull it on.

Daniel waited for her in the living room and a few minutes later she came out slipping earrings into her ears.

“I still don’t know,” she began as she looked at herself critically in the mirror. Daniel could see no flaw in her attire and told her so. “I should just stay home,” she whined.

“Let’s go,” Daniel said encouragingly.

“No, I think I’ll stay home,” Gail said and tried to escape down the hall.

Daniel had had enough. He’d made a genuine offer for her to accompany him on an evening out and it wasn’t enough. She wanted to be begged to come, or something. He couldn’t explain what it was that his mother wanted, but he was tired of this game. With exasperation Daniel caught his mother’s arm and twisted it until she was pressed up against the wall. He pulled her dress up with his free hand and stuffed the hem into the fingers where he held his mother captive. The thong she wore was wedged deeply between the cheeks of her ass and offered no protection from the swats that landed noisily.

“Oh!” Gail cried out and soon felt the tears well up in her eyes as Daniel reddened her ass with repeated slaps. When he was done her makeup had streaked and she was certain she wouldn’t be able to sit at all.

“Let’s go,” Daniel said. Gail grabbed her small purse and headed out the door he held open.

The cab ride was short, barely giving Gail enough time to fix her makeup as best she could. She pulled the hem of her dress up and enjoyed the feel of the cool leather against her bare skin which was blazing red, at least that was some relief.

Daniel didn’t speak to her at all during the cab ride, his gaze fixed outside onto the rain soaked streets. He considered his mother’s relationships since his father had died and how all of them had ended. His mother never denied that she was the cause of her marriage problems, but she had never explained why they failed. Could it be that his father had ruled his mother with a heavy hand, smacking her around, or at least spanking her, when she got unruly? And was it this corporal punishment that made her happy?

Gail caught her son looking at her and she gave him a sweet smile, her eyes glancing down after a moment. She tried to show she was grateful but it was difficult and then there was the other problem. When the cab stopped and she slid out after Daniel she looked back and saw the telltale wetness smearing the leather seat.

The karaoke party was being held in an upstairs banquet room of a familiar restaurant. The regular lights were turned down low and a disco ball and other dance floor lighting flashed around the room in time to the driving beats. A steady stream of people got up and sang their favorite songs. Gail walked close to Daniel, her hand slipped under his arm so that he could lead her through the crowd to a table on the side. When he offered to get her a drink she smiled warmly and nodded.

As he waited for his turn to order he contemplated the spanking he had given his mother. The sight of his mother’s thong while she was pressed up against the wall had certainly been exciting. He could almost feel her plump ass in his palms even now. The thought was causing a stir in his pants and a smile to spread across face.

“Dan, would you care to dance?” a meek voice said, almost drowned out by the loud music.

He turned to see a mousy woman with her bangs pulled sharply to the sides, unflattering glasses on a plain face that showed little signs of makeup. His mind raced trying to remember her name. He’d seen her a dozen times but couldn’t recall having ever talked to her, but she knew his name, so they must have spoken at some time.

“Uh, sure,” he said with a forced smile. Her relief was almost comical and it was then he realized how difficult it must have been for her to approach him. As they stepped beneath the flashing lights the moderate tempo song ended and a slower ballad played. A young intern sang a lilting love song beautifully.

Daniel pulled the young woman close and held her lightly in his arms as they swayed in time with the music. More people crowded onto the dance floor and soon they were hidden in a sea of bodies. The young woman laid her head on his chest and followed his swaying lead.

His mind drifted back to his earlier thoughts of his mother in the apartment and how spanking her had made him feel. The power he had felt over her was intoxicating, arousing and forbidden. He knew it was wrong, but that only made it more exciting. He wondered what would have happened if he had taken it further, if he hadn’t just stopped with a spanking. Would his mother have yielded to him?

Daniel pulled the young woman tighter to his body and he heard her gasp in surprise as his hardened cock pushed against her firmly. Her innocent little face was awash in horror as she realized what she was feeling. In a flash she was darting away from him across the dance floor. He could only watch in embarrassment as others looked at him quizzically.

“I saw you dancing with some girl,” Gail said when Daniel returned to their table with the drinks. For a moment he thought he detected a hint of jealousy, but her face gave no outward indication. “Where is she now?”

Daniel laughed, “I think I may have found the last virgin over the age of twenty two in the city and I scared her off.” Gail gave him a puzzled look but didn’t press him for further details. “Care to dance?” he asked after they had finished their drinks.

“Sure,” she said quickly. Daniel considered his mother for a moment. Did she say yes because she wanted to dance, or did she do it because she was afraid she’d get another spanking if she said no? There was no way to know for sure he figured and shook his head clear of the thought as he led her to the floor.

He held his mother at arm’s length as they followed the other dancers in a circle about the floor. Daniel looked at her clearly for the first time in a long while. His mother’s face was delicate and smooth, her cheeks high and round with just a hint of wrinkles at the corner of her eyes. The blond hair that had been the envy of nearly every woman who had ever known her was swept back and cascaded over her shoulders. He glanced down when she was looking away and his breath caught as he looked at her breasts. A valley of inviting cleavage was pressed together in the confines of the dress and Daniel could feel his mouth watering as he stole his look.

Gail moved in closer and held her son tightly, her breasts pushing into his chest. The contact was euphoric and Daniel felt his already aroused cock grow even harder. He wrapped his arms around his mother and held her close, the scent of her shampoo filling his nostrils. The two swayed in time to the music and it wasn’t long before Gail felt assurance that she was attractive to her son. Sliding her hands down to his waist she pulled him tight against her body, the lump between them was unmistakably his cock.

Daniel’s head spun with the music, the smell of his mother and the luxurious feel of his body pressed against hers. He felt light headed and it wasn’t until nearly the end of the song that he realized his cock was pulsing steadily and that his mother could no doubt feel it. With a start he backed away, shooting her a weak smile as he tried to cover up his transgression.

Gail gaped at her son and then walked off the dance floor. Daniel watched her go, afraid that his reaction to their closeness had offended her. He bid good night to a few of his friends as he raced to get his coat before his mother disappeared down the elevator. The cab ride home was filled with quiet anger. Daniel was unsure and unwilling to face his mother’s wrath so he let her stew in silence. At home she went straight to her room while Daniel watched SportsCenter before heading to bed himself.

Once again Daniel’s dreams were filled with visions of his mother. They were dancing, but this time instead of the little black dress she was wearing the baby doll nightie she had worn on the night she interrupted him and Lenore. His hands roamed over her body, cupping her ass and pulling him tight against his own body. In whatever strange laws that dreams have it was no surprise that at one moment he was wearing his suit and the next he was naked and plunging his cock deep into her willing pussy.

Gail heard Daniel cry out in his sleep. She threw the covers off and raced to his door, pushing it open quietly. The comforter was thrown to the floor and the sheets were twisted about her son’s body. He tossed again and she could clearly see his fully hardened penis poking out from his boxers. The tip was inflamed and a clear liquid seeped from the slit at the top.

“Oh mom,” Daniel cried out and then he rolled over again, his hips hunching back and forth as he dry humped the bed. Gail watched in fascination and felt her own excitement building as she watched her son tormented by his dreams. The wicked smile on her face was purely from the knowledge that she was the subject of his haunting visions. With a new sense of purpose she closed her son’s door and returned to her own room.

Breakfast was laid out on the table when he awoke but his mother was nowhere to be found. A note on the fridge said she had a big day of shopping and that she would have dinner ready when he returned from work. With a smile he was grateful for not having to suffer through an awkward silence filled morning.

That evening he returned home to the smell of dinner wafting deliciously throughout the house. When he stepped into the kitchen he found his mother, in a soft yellow dress with a billowing skirt that ended just below her knees, setting the table. When she saw him she planted a soft kiss on his cheek, her dark red lips fully made up with lipstick leaving a small smudge on his face. After wiping it away she smiled sweetly at him and then directed him to a seat at the table.

Daniel took the offered chair and then accepted the beer she handed him. At his seat was the mail and on top was a small stack of receipts. He thumbed through them, his jaw going slack as the total began to really pile up. The last one was for over nine hundred dollars at a housewares store. His mind reeled with anger and he looked up to stare at his mother as she moved about the kitchen finishing the dinner.

“What the hell?” he gasped at last. Gail turned to look at him, surprise written on her face.

“What dear?” she asked innocently.

“This!” he exclaimed, throwing the pile of receipts on the table. “What the hell is your problem?” Gail looked at him steadily, though nervousness was broiling just beneath the surface. Without breaking eye contact she moved to the edge of the table and leaned over until she was bent ninety degrees at the waist.

Daniel sat stupefied for a moment. She wanted the spanking. She knew the purchases would anger him, why else push the receipts right under his nose? He guessed that whatever cost nine hundred dollars was still in its packaging waiting to be returned. She probably hadn’t even removed the items from the bag she brought them home in. The sudden understanding caused his anger to abate and he could breathe easier.

Gail watched as her son sat gaping at her. His mind was working something over and while she waited for him to decide his next move her world was on hold. She could feel the dampness in her pussy begin to leak, and if she had bothered to put on underwear it wouldn’t be trickling down her stocking clad thighs. She braced herself against the table, her muscles taut trying to reign in the building tremors that were threatening to shake her body.

Daniel stood up and Gail’s eyes darted to his crotch, she could see the lump forming there. He was starting to get aroused and it was showing. Returning her gaze to his eyes she watched him until he moved behind her. With her head turned forward she felt him pull up the hem of her dress.

Her legs were sheathed in white stockings with a solid floral pattern winding its way up her calves and over her thighs. The stockings were held in place by garters attached to the belt that encircled her waist, tiny white bows decorating the connectors. Daniel stared open mouthed at her exposed body, her bare pussy covered in a light dusting of blond pubic hair. The slick lips of her sex pulsed open and closed with need. His cock, which had started to become hard before, was now straining angrily against his trousers.

He touched the cheeks of her ass lightly, his fingers gliding over the soft skin. He prodded the edge of her exposed sex, the wetness covering his finger. He could hear his mother’s muted moan as she caught to control herself. Wiping the wetness across the globes of her ass he pulled his hand back and then whacked her ass very hard.

“Oh shit,” Gail cried, though she didn’t move to protect herself. Tears welled up immediately and she bit her lip to keep from crying out as he smacked her again and again. Daniel alternated cheeks trying to spread out the strikes but soon his hand was stinging with as much pain as his mother felt, maybe even more so.

Looking about he pulled open a drawer and withdrew a large wood spoon. A whistle whined as the utensil raced through the air to strike Gail again. Her yelps filled the kitchen as he administered the punishment she deserved. After two dozen strokes she began to sob loudly and she was crying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” over and over.

Daniel stopped himself when Gail finally put a hand back to cover her exposed ass. He took a fresh look at what he had done and suddenly felt very sorry for his mother. Her ass was redder than he had ever made it before. He wondered if she would be able to sit at all. He stroked her crimson cheeks lovingly, his fingers sliding lazily over her gasping pussy. He spread her wetness across her bum, using it as a lotion to soothe her raw skin.

“Oh god,” Gail cried as she shook with tremors that raced through her body. Daniel held still while she thrashed against the table, her pussy trying vainly to grasp at anything. Gail’s eyes closed in a silent prayer of thanks as she heard her son lowering his zipper. Arching her back she pushed her ass out even further, spreading her legs so that he could step between them.

Taking a hold of his iron hard cock, Daniel pushed his pants down around his knees and advanced on his mother’s waiting pussy. Wiping her soaked lips with his hand he transferred the wetness to his cock and gave it a few short strokes.

“I think you need this,” Daniel said to his mother, “I know I do.”

Wedging the tip of his cock into his mother’s willing channel Daniel took a hold of her hips and pushed himself into her body. Gail let out a low groan as her pussy was filled by her son. The stinging of her ass reminded her of the times that her late husband would do just the same. After his punishments he would take her, sometimes gently, other times with abandon, but he would always remind her of his desire for her by fucking her soundly.

As she felt the cock stroking within her she closed her eyes and lay heavily against the table, her mind free to enjoy the sensations of a man taking her as he pleased. Her breath came in gasps, exhaling as Daniel fully penetrated her with his hardened flesh. His ragged breathing was loud in her ears, driving out the sound of the creaking table as his thrusts took on a more urgent need.

Daniel looked down to watch his cock slide in and out of his mother’s clinging pussy. The bright pink flesh was wrapped around him tightly, the delicate lips flailing under his assault. A steady stream of cream was pouring from within her and it coated his pubic hair and balls. Countless fantasies of fucking his mother over the table flashed in his mind, forgotten dreams of his teenage years.

“Oh mom,” he growled. “You deserve this. You deserve this.”

Gail felt an orgasm rip through her at his words. Crying out she grabbed the table and held on tightly as the rolling waves of ecstasy crashed down upon her. Daniel felt her pussy clamp down on his cock tightly and he began to pound her even harder, his own climax being triggered. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room. Gail felt her son’s balls smacking against the top of her pussy as he drove deeply into her again and again.

Daniel could feel his release approaching and drove himself as far as he could get into his mother’s body, pulling back on her hips with a tightening grip that caused Gail to wince in pain. With a howl, jets of cum erupted from his cock, bathing her insides with his seed. Another wave of pleasure rippled through her body causing her pussy to milk all of the jizz from his spewing cock.

When it was done Daniel looked down at his mother’s reddened ass, his cock spearing her abused pussy with copious amounts of milky fluid leaking out. He pulled his semi hard cock out with a noisy slurp and plopped it on her ass cheek. He massaged her butt, prying the cheeks apart to expose her brown asshole. Brushing over the rosebud with his thumb he pressed lightly against it, testing its resilience.

Gail lay very still as her son played with her asshole. She had never allowed any of her husbands or boyfriends to fuck her ass, though some had wanted to desperately. She would have let Dan senior, but he never showed any inclination.

At last Daniel stepped back from his mother, pulling up his pants so that he could move freely. Gail stood up straight, her dress falling down to cover the sight of her well fucked pussy.

“You better clean up for dinner,” she said demurely. After Daniel left she turned to the guest bath and proceeded to tidy herself up as well.

When Daniel returned to the kitchen Gail had the roast pulled out, ready to serve. With a warm smile she piled food high on a plate and set it before him. She sat down next to her son and began to dish food for herself.

With a quiet acceptance Daniel ate the food his mother served him. As the forkfuls were lifted to his mouth he wondered if she would acknowledge what had happened between them, but it never came. The closest he got to any mention of what had happened was a quick promise that she would return the items she had purchased. A sheepish smile and a nervous glance afterwards and then it was over.

When they finished eating Daniel went to take a shower. The smell of sweat and sex clung to him and he felt decidedly uncomfortable. As the water cascaded over him he considered how his relationship with his mother might change. True, he had been attracted to her for years and then there was the added thrill of fucking one’s own mother, but what did he want for the future? Did he want this to continue? Did she?

He threw himself on the couch, flipped on the television and let the images wash over him passively as he waited for his mother to make any mention of their rutting in the kitchen. Gail appeared after a time, a housecoat pulled over a simple nightgown underneath. Nothing to raise his ardor certainly.

She made small talk during the commercials, nothing too engaging and then she was quiet while his show was on. After an hour of quiet comfort she pecked him on the forehead and then went to bed. Daniel shook his head, confused but relieved as well. For the first time in weeks he went to bed and had restful sleep.

Days passed without any mention of their encounter and as each one passed Daniel’s expectation that his mother would mention it would lessen. By the end of that first week his mother was spending evening outs. Not once in this time did she display any of the behaviors that had infuriated her ex-husbands, boyfriends or Daniel. It was as if she got it out of her system.

A month later Gail announced that she had made a new friend, a gentleman from Texas who owned a string of fast food franchises.

“He’s asked me to move in with him,” Gail said with a bright smile. “Now I can get out of your hair.”

Daniel gave her an unsure look but smiled encouragingly. A week later he saw her off at the airport along with her new friend, Don. They waved to him as they made their way through the security checkpoint.

Daniel treasured his memory of his one encounter with his mother, but often wondered at her peculiar reaction to what they had done. It was as if it had never happened, or so it seemed. She never spoke of it, never hinted at what they had done. It seemed to Daniel that Gail had simply blocked it out of her mind. Whenever it crossed his mind he would get a far away look in his eye, a faint smile on his lips and then he would sigh, realizing it would never happen again.

That is until the night before his mother’s wedding to Don, the Texas burger tycoon. Three months had passed since Gail had flown off to Texas. Then came the phone call that she was going to be remarried and Daniel was off to see her walk down the aisle again. Alone in his hotel room after a long day of meeting relatives of his soon to be step father, Daniel was surprised by the knock at his door. When he pulled the door open his mother stood there in a creme colored skirt and blazer, a white silk blouse and a tan belt. Her hair was pulled over one shoulder, soft curls reminiscent of her younger days.

“Hi dear,” she said meekly. Her voice sent shivers down his spine and jolts to his cock. He had heard that tone before, that day in his kitchen. “May I come in?”

Motioning for her to enter Daniel pulled a beer out of the mini bar before joining her in the main portion of the suite. He turned the corner to find that Gail had slipped off her heels and she was crawling up onto the bed. Standing behind her he admired his mother’s shapely ass yet again.

“I can feel it, I’m gonna blow it again,” she said, turning to look at him over her shoulder. Daniel took a pull off his beer and just stared at her with a steady gaze. “I need -” she began with a quiver in her voice, “I need you to help me.” He could see the worry in her eyes, a deep seated fear. “Again,” she added at last.

Daniel’s heart raced and his cock filled out quickly, coming to life with anticipation. He set the beer down and stepped to the bed. His hand slid across his mother’s incredible ass, relishing the feel of her cheeks in his palms.

“Pull it up,” he said, trying to hide his excitement. Gail reached back and pulled her skirt up in a bunch around her waist. He watched in awe as she revealed lacy, french cut panties that clung to her body. He could already see the evidence of her arousal staining her underwear. The smell of her overheated pussy was strong and fueled his animalistic desires.

Gail yelped as the first smack stung her tender flesh. She bit down on the pillow to stifle her cries as another blow landed, and then another in quick succession. Daniel could already feel the throbbing pain in his hand as he smacked his mother’s ass again and again.

He paused after a couple dozen strokes, his fingers pressing into the sopping wet spot of her panties. He pushed the material into the folds of her sex, causing Gail to press back against the welcome intrusion. Shivers shot up his mother’s spine and he watched as a small orgasm rippled through her body. The warm stickiness coated his fingers and he rubbed them across her reddened ass.

Stepping back he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her around so that she was kneeling before him. His hardened cock tented his slacks obviously and he guided her tear streaked face to rub against him. Gail felt her son’s arousal pressing against her cheek, a moan escaping her lips as he forced himself against her.

Grabbing his mother by the chin, Daniel lifted her face up so that she was looking at him. With his free hand he pulled down his zipper and freed his cock. Gail’s eyes blazed beneath him and then he leaned back so that his cock was angling up to her face. The hot flesh pressed against her lips and she shot him a defiant look before her tongue slipped out and gave him a tentative suck.

Gail closed her eyes and allowed an inch to enter her mouth, her tongue circling around the crown of her son’s cock, wetting it with her saliva. She gave a slow suck as a primal moan escaped her throat, the vibrating cascading to her son’s nervous system. Daniel watched as his mother paid homage to his sex organ, her tender kisses and ministrations bringing him pleasure as she made her penance.

His hips began to rock back and forth and soon Gail was accepting nearly the entire length of his cock into her mouth, the tip brushing against the back of her throat. Daniel watched as his mother blew him. The knowledge that it was his mother’s mouth on his cock made him grow longer and harder.

“Oh mom,” he whispered. “Suck my cock.” Gail’s pussy gushed anew at her son’s words. The nastiness of what she was doing was fueling her desire and it was flowing out freely of her overheated pussy. Daniel’s hands slid down to cradle her face as he fucked her mouth at his own pace. She tasted a glob of precum that poured out of the slit at the top of his penis and she craved the full load.

Daniel pulled out of her mouth with a plop, Gail whimpering as her lollipop was taken from her. He pulled at her top, unbuttoning her shirt as best he could. Pulling her blazer off quickly, Gail helped his shaking fingers to remove her top. Daniel’s mouth watered as his mother’s breasts came into view. The heavy orbs in the sexy bra called to him and he ducked down to suck her hardened nipples into his mouth.

“Oh baby,” Gail squealed with delight as her son devoured her tits with his mouth and groping hands. He pressed her fleshy bags together and pushed his face deep into the humid cleavage. Gail unhooked the bra and pulled it off as best she could between his groping and suckling.

Daniel let go of her and stood up, quickly stripping off his shirt and slacks. When he was naked he climbed back onto the bed, straddling his mother’s chest.

“I’m gonna fuck your titties, mom,” he announced. Gail moaned in delight and pressed her tits together. Daniel slipped his cock into the milky flesh she provided and began to stroke deeply. When the tip of his cock popped out of the top she extended her tongue and licked the tip.

“Oh baby, fuck momma’s titties. Fuck my tits, son. Give momma a nice big load of cum,” she encouraged him, using her sexiest voice. Daniel’s intense gaze bore into his mother, his pent up desire breaking forth and running rampant like a wild bull. His strokes became stronger until he was slamming his cock into her ‘tit pussy’.

They could feel his orgasm approaching and when it finally burst through Gail was shocked by the force as the cum blasted her neck, chin and face. Daniel howled as he covered his mother with his load. She stroked out the last drops of his seed onto her waiting tongue. Sitting back, gasping for breath, he watched as she scooped up the strings of jizz from her face and pushed it into her mouth.

Sliding off to the side Daniel pulled his mother over until she was laying on her side, her backside pressing up against his still semi-erect cock. His fingers slid into her syrup coated cunt, pulling hard against her inflamed clit. Thrusting his fingers into her pussy he began to work them back and forth roughly. Gail gasped as his finger fucking worked her into a frenzy, the rough feel of his touch setting her skin on fire.

“Oh god baby, I’ve been bad. Punish me, punish me,” she chanted as her son’s hand assaulted her deliciously. Grasping his forearm, she held on to him as she rolled her hips, undulating on his digits. Clasping her thighs around his hand she ground her clit upon his hand, feeling squirts coating her thighs and the bedspread.

Pushing her onto her side, Daniel shifted so that he was kneeling behind her. He kept up his stroking of his mother’s super soaked pussy and then he brought his free hand down upon her ass in a stinging slap. Gail’s eyes opened wide in pain and pleasure and then shut tightly as she felt another swat coming down upon her.

Gail’s ass bloomed in pain while her pussy was gushing freely as the ecstasy built steadily. The punishment combined with the sensation of her son frigging her pussy was sending her overloaded brain into a haze as the waves of orgasms began to wash over her.

Daniel stopped, his mother was quivering and her unseeing eyes were staring blankly at the wall. The flow of sticky nectar from her abused pussy covered his hand and he pulled it from the grasp of her thighs. With a shudder Gail blinked and turned to look at her son, lust still evident upon her face.

“You’re not done with me,” Gail announced. Daniel looked at her questioningly. She rolled over onto her stomach and then pulled her knees up under her body until she was prone with her ass in the air. Gail looked at her son steadily as she pulled her cheeks apart, slipping the tip of her index finger into the brown crinkle of her asshole.

Daniel watched his mother finger her ass as his cock quickly regained its former stiffness. He looked back at her face to see her gazing at him intently and then she closed her eyes in submission. Moving behind her he stroked his hardened penis and then pried apart her sticky pussy lips, pressing himself into her honey filled cunt.

Gail whimpered as he took her without a thought, sliding as far as he could reach into her body, wetting himself with her desire. She felt his hand grasp her hair and pull turning her face to the side. Daniel slid two fingers in her mouth and she sucked on them noisily until he pulled them free and brought the glob of spit out and wiped it on her asshole. Pressing forward Daniel smiled as his mother’s whimpers filled the room as he pressed his finger into her brown ring. The first knuckle sank into her body causing Gail to gasp with excitement and pain.

“Hope you’re ready mom,” Daniel whispered, pulling his cock out of her cunt and then resting the sticky head where his finger disappeared into her rectum. Pulling her open with his finger he pushed his cock forward, straining until the crown popped in.

“Oww!” Gail cried out and then began huffing quickly, trying to relax enough to ease the pain of her son’s invasion. “Too dry,” she hissed as Daniel tried to push forward. Pulling out as much as he could without slipping out of her anus he spit on his cock and worked the saliva into her opening. Once again he pushed his cock into his mother’s ass.

Gail braced herself against the pounding her son was giving her. The pain, the pleasure, the delirious knowledge that she was committing two of the greatest taboo’s she had ever known, all combined to allow her to endure the ass fucking she was receiving. Cunt cream poured out in a steady flow as her fingers plunged deep into her unfucked pussy.

“So big, so big in momma’s ass,” she cried out between thrusts. She felt her son’s cock grow ever larger, harder within her bowels. “Fuck my ass, baby. Fuck momma’s ass. Punish me.”

Sweat poured off Daniel’s body despite the frigid air conditioning. He concentrated on his mother’s rippling ass cheeks as he sank his cock over and over into her gaping asshole. The feel of her body gripping his sensitive flesh was rapidly becoming overpowering and he could no longer control the impending orgasm.

“Cum in my ass!” Gail screamed, the bedspread muffling her cries as she bit down. She could feel the molten jizz spraying inside her ass, liquid heat oozing out between the seal of her sphincter and his flesh. Daniel’s mouth hung open silently as he scrunched his face in concentration, etching the feeling of cumming in his mother’s ass into his soul.

At last his softened cock slipped out of her, a trail of white ooze spilling out as she turned to her side. Daniel looked down at his mother, the wanton desire in her eyes replaced with contentment and peace.

“Thank you,” she said sweetly, pulling the bedspread over her exposed breasts.

The next day in the reception line Don shook Daniel’s hand tightly, slapping him on the back. “Your mom is one special lady. I’m gonna take good care of her,” Don promised.

Daniel smiled and gave his new step father a warm hug. Moving over a step he faced his mother and gave her a broad smile. Leaning in to hug her he shot a quick glance down at the milky cleavage that was on display in her wedding dress.

“And when you feel that urge to be a bad girl, you come to me so that you don’t piss off your new husband,” Daniel whispered into his mother’s ear. “Your son will always be there to give you the punishment you need.”

Gail kissed her son softly on the cheek, confident that this marriage would succeed now that she understood what she had been missing for so long. And where to get it.

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