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Proud to be a Mommy’s-Boy

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My mother has to be the sexiest MILF on the planet, that’s what my friends tell me and I agree. As a child, I took for granted how sexy my mother looked parading around the house wearing nothing but a bra and panties during the summer months. Now that I’m older and attending college, I’m beginning to see my mother in a different light. I love going through the photographs of Mom and me together.

I remember jerking off when I was younger, wrapping Mom’s lacy underwear around my cock as I stroked to orgasm. I loved going through her underwear drawer and fondling her bras and panties as I fantasized about women.

I just completed my freshman year of college and was packing up my belongings to take home when I came across a pair of panties I must have taken from her and forgotten about. I also had some great pictures of Mom and I together, I especially loved the one of us on the beach in Cancun, Mexico. She was wearing a tiny yellow bikini, I thought nothing of it at the time. I stood looking at the photo now, seeing us in an entirely different way.

I’ve always been a Mommy’s-boy, losing my father to cancer when I was only nine years old. I’m also an only child so Mom and I were good friends as well. She was only sixteen when she had me, she’s still a young woman at only thirty five, and I see her as being younger as I grow older and closer to her age.

Mom keeps herself in fantastic shape, works out several times a week and looks better then most of my female classmates. Throughout high school my friends loved spending time at my house, staring at Mom and hoping to get a glimpse of her in one of her bikinis out by the pool. Mom never had a problem flashing her tits around me, usually provoking me into taking a quick trip to the bathroom to jerk off before she’d notice my erection.

As I stood reminiscing about my childhood close encounters with Mom, my cock swelled, begging for release. I couldn’t help myself, I set the photo of us on my night stand and unzipped. My cock throbbed as I wrapped Mom’s panties around the shaft and stroked until I came, spewing within seconds, fantasizing about my cock sliding between Mom’s perfect tits.

I couldn’t wait to get home and quickly finished packing and loaded the car. During the two hour drive home, I found myself again thinking about what sex would be like with Mom. Damn, I needed to get a girlfriend!

Mom was expecting my arrival and was waiting at the door when I opened it. For the first time, I noticed how full and firm her tits were as she hugged me. I swear she was younger and sexier then I remembered only eight months ago. My cock reacted as as I pressed against her. I know she noticed and stepped back, looking me over, her eyes pausing at my crotch.

“You’ve grown into such a man!”

“Thanks Mom, it’s good to be home.”

“It’s so good to have you home, it’s not the same without you here.”

“Why don’t you start dating Mom?”

“Who says I don’t? I’m just not going to get married again, nobody could ever replace your father.”

“Of course not Mom, but we all have needs.”

“And just what would those be?” Mom glanced momentarily at my crotch.

“You know what I’m talking about Mom, you’re a young, beautiful woman.”

“Well thank you Josh. So is there a woman in your life you’d like to tell me about?”

“No, I just hang out with the guys, but date occasionally. Wanna help me unload the car?”

“Sure, then let’s get something to eat.”

As we carried boxes and my stuff into the house, I couldn’t help but notice that Mom wasn’t wearing a bra. It was warm and we were both perspiring, so her top clung nicely to her tits, her nipples were hard and tits were firm. I was thinking maybe she had a boob job while I was at school but didn’t dare ask. She must have noticed me staring and finally said something.

“Do I have something on my shirt?”

“No, why?”

“You just keep looking at my shirt. Is something wrong?”

“To be honest, I just don’t remember you looking so good. You really take great care of yourself Mom.”

“Thank you, that means a lot coming from you. Want me to help you unpack?’

“If you have the time, but I can handle it if you have things to do.”

We started opening boxes and hanging my clothes in the closet and putting things away in my dresser.

Mom stopped abruptly as she held up a bra by the straps.

“Isn’t this my bra? I have been looking for this for months.”

“It can’t be, one of the girls who visited my room must have left it.”

“I swear it’s mine, it’s from a specialty shop in New York City.” Mom looked at me curiously but decided not to pursue a discussion on the matter.

“Aren’t these my panties too?”

“They can’t be, why would I have your panties?”

“Hmmm, I don’t know, but I am positive they’re mine.”

I was busted so figured the best way out was to say nothing more and continued unpacking and changed the subject.

“So, what would you like to do this summer? I was hoping to get to spend some quality time with you before I return to school.”

“I’d like to spend as much time as possible with you, I have a lot of vacation time built up and couldn’t think of a better way to use it.”

My best friend Mark barged in the door without knocking. “Hey there mister smart college shit, how’s life?”

“Hey Mark, great to see you,” I said as we did our old high school handshake.

Mark’s eyes went right to Mom’s tits, not even trying to be inconspicuous. “How have you been Mrs. Thompson?”

“It’s been quiet around here with Josh in school but all is good. What have you been doing since high school graduation?”

“I’ve been taking a few night classes and working odd jobs, work is so hard to come by in this economy and I can’t afford to attend school full time.”

“I understand that, we’ve had many lay-offs at work but I seem to be hanging on.”

I could swear I noticed Mom checking out Mark’s package, he was wearing fairly tight shorts, showing a bit of a bulge, not that I noticed. He returned the stares and looked like he was flirting with her.

“You want to do something tonight to celebrate returning home Josh?” Mark asked.

” Sure, unless Mom has plans.”

“You boys, or should I say men, go ahead and have fun but don’t get into any trouble.”

“A bunch of us have planned having a bonfire on the beach at the state park if you’re interested,” Mark said. “Your Mom would fit right in, she should join us.”

“Please call me Angie, we’re almost the same age and I’d be more comfortable if you would.”

“OK Angie, it’s a date then.”

We finished unpacking, I think Mom forgot about the underwear incident. It was a warm, early summer day so Mom and I dressed for the warm evening after Mark left to get ready. Mom wore a pair of very short shorts and a matching bikini top. I just threw on a pair of swim trunks and sandals.

“Damn Mom, that’s a bit revealing isn’t it?”

“Are you ashamed of your Mother? I can go change into something more conservative.”

“I don’t think any of the guys will mind but the girls might get jealous.”

“I have nothing to be jealous of, they’re all fifteen years younger then me.”

“But I bet you’ll be the hottest woman on the beach.”

“I doubt that!”

“We’ll see.”

We packed a cooler with soft drinks and sandwiches and used Mom’s little convertible for the ride. I couldn’t help the naughty thoughts going through my mind as we drove. Her tits bounced nicely, making it impossible to keep from stealing glances at them. I had to readjust a few times as my cock swelled. What was wrong with me? Staring at my own Mother!

As we drove along, Mom couldn’t resist revisiting the underwear topic. “So, why did you have my lingerie packed away in your stuff?’

I sat there thinking, taking a long pause before I could figure out a believable response. “They must have been mixed together with my laundry when I left for school.”

“I don’t mind if you tell me the real reason son,” Mom said, resting her hand on my knee as she drove. “I know you’re a young man with raging hormones, that’s reason enough if it’s true.”

“Not every guy has a Mom who looks like you, I can’t help the way my thoughts drift sometime.”

“And just where do your thoughts drift son?”

“You know.”

“No, I don’t know, I can only imagine.”

We drove in silence the rest of the way, getting there just as the bonfire was being torched. At least twenty college aged kids were gathered around the fire. All eyes were on us as we approached, most looking Mom over with a few getting up to greet us, giving us the old neighborhood handshake and hugs.

Mom seamed a little out of place but I knew she’d fit right in, not many guys brought their mother to a gathering like this. But, not many college kids had moms that looked and acted like mine, she was cool and sexy.

“Hi guys, this is Angie, my mom,” she smiled at me for introducing her by her first name, helping her fit in.

Many of the kids stood and shook her hand, some hugged her, especially the guys who may have have squeezed her just a bit more then appropriate, but I could see that some were already drinking and in the partying mood.

Mom was such a flirt, she squeezed right back, grinding into the muscular guys who must have aroused her. One of the guys in particular held on for quite a bit, even grinding into her. Damn, that got me horny just seeing it. I was just a bit jealous too.

“Your mom is fucking hot,” my friend Mark whispered. “She’s the sexiest woman here.”

“She’s my mother, show a little respect.”

Mom was offered a beer as soon as we sat down and took a long draw from it, almost finishing it in one tip. “Ahh, that’s so good,” she said.

Someone brought a portable stereo and the music started playing. Immediately, couples paired off and danced as the flames flickered high into the sky, stoked continuously by two guys throwing huge pieces of driftwood onto the fire.

Mom fit right in, danced with Mark while drinking another beer. I couldn’t believe how seductive she danced, bumping and grinding just like the other girls. I was getting hard watching her move, swaying her tits and grabbing Mark’s ass as they moved together. Mark’s hands were all over her, grabbing her ass cheeks and sliding up and down her torso, pausing just under her arm pits, his thumbs grazing her tits. I couldn’t believe she was letting him!

Out of all the girls at the party, the one I’d choose to fuck would have been my mom. What am I thinking? I had my fair share of attention from a few other girls but kept my eye on Mom, until she disappeared. One minute she sat between two of my friends, the next they were all three missing.

My mom was old enough to make her own decisions and to take care of herself but I needed to know what had happened to her, so I got up and asked a few people if they knew where she’d gone. Nobody knew anything except one girl said she thought the three of them went for a walk down the beach. Being the good son that I am I had to go looking for them, quietly.

I knew there was only one direction they could go so I proceeded down the beach to find them. I had walked probably a quarter mile before I figured out what was going on. I came upon a bank of large boulders along the shoreline and could see three figures in the dark. I didn’t want to spook them so I carefully made my way toward them for a closer look. The closer I got, the more I saw and heard. The two men were standing in front of my mother as she knelt between them stroking and sucking their cocks.

At this point I crawled along the sandy beach so as not to be seen until I could get behind a rock and watch. I was only twenty or so feet from them and could see and hear everything.

Mom slurped on one cock, then switched to the other. Each man had a hand on a tit and one on her head guiding back and forth, from one cock to the other. She attacked their cocks hungrily, gagging and slurping as she plunged downward until one guy pulled away and sat on the sand, his cock pointing toward the stars.

Mom positioned over him, slid onto his tool and reached for the other cock to stuff back into her mouth. It was such a sight, my mother sliding up and down a big cock while swallowing the other. I couldn’t take it, dropped my shorts and started jerking off as I watched. Mom was cumming, moaning and shuddering as the guy beneath her exploded, his ass pushed upward as he roared.

The other guy face-fucked her and came in her mouth, Mom gargled and moaned. I felt my eruption coming too as I bucked, trying to be quiet and shot my load while watching the action.. I fantasized about being one of them, fucking my Mom as she came. As I exploded, I groaned and had to concentrate not to be heard as a steady stream jetted from my shaft in waves.

I quickly pulled my shorts up and tucked behind the rock as the three of them finished and got dressed. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but they scurried back to the group like three little kids, running down the beach holding hands. I was in shock, seeing Mom in action. As perverted as it is, I couldn’t wait to get my chance.

I arrived back at the fire a few minutes after they did and Mom asked, “Where have you been?”

“Just went for a walk on the beach. Where were you?”

“Same here, just went for a walk.”

After a few hours of watching the fire and chatting with everyone, we decided it was time to go home. On the way home we didn’t speak, I didn’t know what to say. As soon as we got home I told Mom I was tired and was ready for bed.

I lay in bed thinking about what I’d witnessed and I started getting hard again. I got out of bed and retrieved Mom’s panties from my dresser, so lacy and soft, and wrapped them around my cock as I slowly stroked. I closed my eyes and envisioned Mom sucking my cock as her panties slid up and down my shaft. It didn’t take long before I felt that tingle and rush of an orgasm build. My pace quickened as I exploded into Mom’s panties, pretending it was her mouth. I grunted so loud I was afraid she may have heard me as I soaked her panties with my sticky cum. I opened my eyes just in time to see my bedroom door close, at least I thought it did.

Could Mom have witnessed me jerking off? Now I had to do something with her cum soaked panties too. I cleaned up as best I could and took the panties to the bathroom with me to rinse out. As I walked by Mom’s bedroom I was tempted to see if she was sleeping but didn’t, though I thought I heard something inside, moaning perhaps. I decided to ignore it and keep moving. I went to bed and fell into a deep sleep until late morning.

Mom must have slept in late too as I could smell the coffee brewing.

“Good morning,” I said, entering the kitchen, going right for the coffee.

“Good morning,. How did you sleep?”

“Slept great, took a while to fall asleep though.”

“I bet it did,” Mom said with a sly grin. “Did you stay up late in your room?”

“No, just had to catch up on a few things.”

“If there’s anything I can help you with, let me know,” she said, still grinning.

“I just might do that.”

We had a great day together, did some shopping and other things that needed to be done before returning home.

“Anything you’d like to do tonight?” Mom asked.

“I think I’ll turn in early, maybe watch a movie in my room.”

“I’ll watch a movie with you.”

“No, I need some down time.” I really wanted to watch a porn in the room without being interrupted.”

“OK, if you decide you want company, let me know.”

“Thanks Mom.”

I went to bed and finished unpacking while listening to music, then I put in one of my movies I’d collected while living in the dorm. It was an incest movie about a mother and son called Taboo. It was an older movie but exactly up my alley. The star in the movie looked nothing like Mom, she had huge tits, Mom’s are average, yet perfect. I’d seen the movie a dozen times but it was still my favorite. I don’t think I ever really watched the entire movie though, unable to hold off from cumming before seeing it from start to finish. There was just something about the way Christie Canyon sucked her son’s cock that drove me insane, I always came during that scene.

About halfway through the movie my bedroom door opened as Mom peeked in. “Is everything OK? I heard some moaning in here, are you sick?”

I was on my bed, spread eagle with my cock in my hand as she stood staring at me.

“I’m sorry Mom, it’s been a long time.” I pulled the sheets up to cover my raging erection.

“It’s OK son, it’s a natural thing we all do. Besides, I love this movie, especially this part.” It was the part when the mother walked in on her son, then took his cock into her mouth.

Mom sat on the bed, her eyes fixed on the screen. I swear I could detect her breathing getting heavier. Mine was too as I resumed playing with myself under the blankets.

“May I watch it with you?” Mom lay down on the bed next to me, staring at the screen.

She kept glancing at me out of the corner of her eye, noticing the bulge under the blanket.

“You know yours is even bigger then his?” she said. “Her tits are so much bigger then mine too.”

I didn’t dare to say anything for a minute, then said, “Yours are nicer then hers though. I had no idea you watched these kind of movies.”

“Your father and I loved to. You really think my breasts are nicer then her’s?” She undid her nightshirt and exposed them.

“Oh yes, they’re perfect.” I couldn’t take my eyes off her heaving breasts.

“So is your penis, it’s just like your father’s was.”

Mom removed her shirt and my cock almost exploded immediately. She moved closer, lifting the sheets, exposing my raging erection. I stopped touching myself, now conscious of how I looked. She stared, first at my cock, then at the movie.

“You go ahead and stroke yourself, it’s a natural thing. I want to watch you.”

“Mom, I’m embarrassed.”

“Don’t be, I’m your mother and have seen you naked hundreds of times. I remember your many trips to the bathroom when you were younger. I knew what you were doing.”

She reached for my hand, placing it over my cock, her fingers curled around mine surrounding my shaft. She guided my hand upward, then down, slowly encouraging me to jerk off.

“You have a great cock,” she said as she helped stroke me. Then the good part came in the movie, when Christie deep-throated her son.

“Mmm, that is sexy,” Mom said, her chest heaved as she looked back and forth between the movie and my cock.

“Ahh, that feels good,” was all I could say, my eyes rolled back into my head.

“You shouldn’t have to do that all by yourself. Would you think it was weird if I helped you out just a little?”

“Oh my God Mom, I’d love it, please touch me.”

Mom moved closer, her bare breasts were within inches of my face as she wrapped her delicate fingers around the base of my shaft. At first, she gently squeezed the base of my cock, then began lightly stroking the entire length, pausing at the tip to smear the oozing pre-cum over the head with her thumb. She leaned in closer, her nipple now rested on my lips, tempting me to take it. I didn’t want to be too aggressive so just touched the nipple with the tip of my tongue, then circled it before taking it into my mouth. Her nipples reacted immediately by becoming longer and hard. A deep moan followed as her eyes closed and she tilted her head back.

I sucked for a few minutes as her hands explored, caressed and stroked my throbbing member.

“Oh Mom, I have fantasized about this for so long.”

“I know.”

As Christie Canyon’s lips covered her son’s cock in the movie, Mom looked into my eyes, then began kissing her way down my body. First, she kissed behind my ear, whispering, “I love you son.”

Then she kissed my chest, taking time to suck each of my nipples for a few moments, all the while she continued caressing my cock. I was having to concentrate in order to not lose my load too early, I was ready to explode.

Mom paused as she kissed my naval, looking into eyes. “You saw us the other night on the beach, didn’t you?”


“Did it turn you on?”

“Oh yes.”

“Did you masturbate when you got home/”

“I jerked off while I watched and again when I got home.” I could barely say it all, I was breathing so hard in anticipation.

“You have to promise me you’ll never say a word about our relationship to anyone, ever.”

“I promise.”

She looked back toward my cock, I felt her warm breath on the moist head, then she dipped her tongue into the hole, tasting my salty pre-cum. My cum was so thick, it trailed from the head of my cock to the tip of her tongue, suspended in air.

“Mmmm, you taste so good.”

Her lips parted slightly and the head of my cock disappeared into her mouth. Her tongue surrounded the head, swirling around it as she slid downward. My fingers tangled in her hair, guiding her further down until she had all eight inches consumed, her nose rested in my pubic hair. She sighed with a muffled moan as her tongue lubricated and stimulated my shaft.

I wanted to touch her but was caught up in the moment, enjoying my dream-come-true, but could only reach her breasts to knead them and play with her nipples. I was enjoying this almost out of body experience as she slid up and down my shaft, her lips tightly wrapped around my shaft as her hands fondled my balls. Every few seconds she’d moan, making it even more difficult to keep from exploding. I slowly pushed upward, lifting my ass off the bed as I face-fucked Mom.

I tried to position myself to touch her pussy as she sucked me. She helped me out by straddling my body, hovering over my face.

She eased downward, inviting me to taste her. I couldn’t resist dipping my tongue into her sweet vagina. She came instantly, shuddering and almost biting my cock while she trembled. I inserted a few fingers while my tongue worked her clitoris until it was a hard bud.

As soon as she came, she vigorously started sucking my cock, sliding up and down the entire length of my shaft. I lost control, bucking upward into her mouth as I exploded, my first eruption powerfully hitting the back of her throat.

Her first taste of cum made her even more aggressive as her pace quickened, eagerly swallowing and sucking for more. I came buckets, at least that’s how it felt as each powerful jet of sperm shot from my cock. Mom was a master cock-sucker, she knew all the tricks. After what seemed like a few minutes of spewing into her mouth, my orgasm was over. Mom continued sucking my cock until I went limp, then wiped my shaft dry with a pair of her lacy underwear she had worn.

After she finished cleaning me up, she said, “Here, you can keep these.” She handed me the moist panties.

“Oh my God Mom, thank you. That was so hot.”

“I know how young men like to brag, please don’t ever mention this to anyone.”

“Are you saying this will never happen again?”

“I didn’t say that. You’re my baby, I’d do anything for you.”


“Yes, anything.”

Mom left my bedroom without saying another word. I slept better then I had in years for the next eight or so hours until I could smell the morning coffee brewing.

As I rubbed the sleep from my eyes I couldn’t help but think the entire episode was nothing more then a dream, Then I noticed the moist panties still clutched in my hand.

“Good morning Mom,” I said as I entered the kitchen. Mom was standing at the stove, making breakfast.

“Good morning Son. How did you sleep?”

“I’ve never slept better.”

“It’s good to have you home. Sit down and I’ll get your breakfast.”

Seeing Mom in her nightgown made me horny again. I couldn’t resist standing behind her, wrapping my arms around her. “I love you Mom.”

“Breakfast is going to get cold.”

I kissed Mom’s neck as my hands slipped inside her nightgown, cupping her tits. Her chest rose and fell, her breathing became heavy as I rolled her nipples between my fingers. She tilted her head slightly back as I continued kissing her neck.

“Breakfast is getting cold,” she panted. “This can’t become a regular thing.”

“I don’t care,” I whispered.

My cock was hard and throbbing, pressed against her ass. I stepped out of my underwear, my cock stood straight, I pushed against her again as I dry fucked her, sliding my shaft between her ass cheeks. I slid her gown down over her shoulders, it fell to the floor exposing her naked body. I pressed against her body again, grinding my cock against her bare skin. Mom leaned back toward me, offering herself for my taking. She reached back and grasped my shaft, guiding it between the folds of her pussy.

She stood on her tiptoes as I bent slightly, just enough to slide the head of my cock into her . I pushed forward as she pushed back, forcing me deeper inside her. She was so wet, I slid right in, she arched backward, gasping until my balls rested against her pussy.

“Argg, damn, that feels so good,” I grunted.

Mom whimpered as I pushed into her tight pussy. I rocked back and forth, she came quickly, clutching the stove and shuddering. As she came, my thrusts immediately triggered my orgasm. Every muscle in my body tensed as I shot my first load into her. I growled and grunted as I emptied into her, my cum oozed out each time I withdrew a bit, then slammed back into her as the next wave erupted from my shaft. Mom bucked backward, meeting my forceful thrusts with those of her own.

“Oh yes, fill me!” Mom screamed as she came again.

“Arggg, grrrrr,” I grunted, exploding.

I collapsed onto her back, spent and exhausted, still cupping her tits in my palms. I finally slid out, my cum oozed down her thighs. Mom turned around and hugged me and whispered in my ear. “We can’t keep doing this.”

“I understand.”

We sat down together eating breakfast, not saying a word. My dreams had come true but I had mixed feelings knowing our relationship would never be the same. Was it worth it? What was Mom thinking? I knew we’d eventually talk about it.

Later that evening Mom finally approached me. “Josh, we need to talk.”

“Oh shit, I had a feeling this talk was coming.”

“It’s nothing bad, we just need to talk about this.”

“What’s there to talk about?”

“You know, what’s been happening between us. It just can’t continue.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m your mother.”

“I understand, but it doesn’t change the way I feel about you Mom.”

“We’ll just have to try to control our urges and change our way of thinking, it’s wrong.”

I was disappointed to say the least, thinking it was over just as it started. I loved everything about sex with Mom and didn’t want to stop.

“OK Mom, but I’ll never forget how good it was.”

“I won’t either.”

That was the last we spoke of it for a few weeks. It took a lot of willpower to keep from coming on to Mom. I swear she teased me though, wearing little around the house. She tried to maintain a normal mother/son relationship but you could cut the sexual tension with a knife.

A few weeks later, my friend Mark stopped by the house for a visit. Not to see me, to see Mom. I answered the door.

“Hi Mark, what’s up?” I said, inviting him in with a hand gesture.

“Not much, how have you been?” We did our old handshake followed by the man-hug and shoulder bump.

“Good, want to do something today?”

“Well, actually your Mom called and invited me over. I’m taking her out to dinner tonight. She didn’t tell you?”

“Really? Nope, she never mentioned it to me.”

“Should she check with you Josh? I know we’re close friends. Are you OK with this?”

“Of course, you better be good to her.”

“You can trust me buddy.”

Mark is a few years older then me, so I had an idea they would end up going out and having drinks after dinner. I was sure that wasn’t all that was on Mark’s agenda for the evening either.

“Don’t drink and drive with Mom in the car please.”

“We’re taking a taxi Josh.”

“Oh good, I hope you have a good time.”

Mom came down the stairs wearing a tight, form-fitting black dress. She wore no bra, her nipples prominently stood out. She wore matching high heels and looked so sexy. Mom could easily pass for a lady ten years younger. Personally, I thought she was dressed a bit slutty for a night on the town with a friend of mine but I knew I was just being over protective.

“Wow Angie, you look great,” Mark said, looking her up and down.

“Thank you,” Mom said, moving toward him, then gave him a hug that lingered just a bit too long for my liking.

A horn honked, signaling the impatience of the taxi driver waiting out front..

“Have a great night son, love you,” Mom said as opened the door and scurried to the taxi. At least Mark was a gentleman and opened the door for her. I just didn’t like the idea of a friend of mine dating my mother, especially since I had sexual feelings for her.

I waited up for Mom to get home until some time after midnight and fell asleep watching television. I woke up a little before 2AM to a quiet house. I had no idea whether or not Mom was still out so I shut off the television and went upstairs to bed. I noticed Mom’s bedroom door was closed so assumed she was sleeping safe and sound. I stood still listening and heard low moaning coming from inside.

I silently cracked the door open and peeked inside. To my amazement, Mom was on the bed, propped on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth. One man stood on the bed, face-fucking her

as Mark stood behind her fucking her for all he was worth. Mom’s moans were muffled by the large cock between her lips as Mark pounded her, slamming her into the other guy’s cock. The sound of his balls slapping her bare skin was so erotic, I was jealous.

Mom released the guy’s cock who stood on the bed, maybe to take a breath and I took notice of how big he was. He had a huge cock, I thought I was big at eight inches but this guy dwarfed me. She must have had a hard time stretching her lips around it. Mark never paused, still pounding her from behind but she slithered away from him by twisting and crawling onto the bed.

The guy with the monster cock flopped over onto his back, his huge cock stood straight as he held it upright, it had to be a foot long. Mom crawled on top of him and slid down as far as she could, her moans now much more audible. Mark watched in amazement, waiting his turn, then I guess decided he saw an opening or figured out a game plan.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as he positioned behind her and slid his cock into her ass as the other man lay still. She arched and screamed in delight as they filled her and each started moving in rhythm. It looked like Mom’s entire body was tense, shaking as she came. She was like a rigid statue, unable to move, looking like her body was in shock.

My cock was so hard, I had to stroke it as I watched. Cum oozed from my cock before I had a chance to pull it out, I only wished I could have joined them.

Mark bucked and tensed from behind and exploded into her ass. He grunted as he pushed into her. I could hear his balls slap skin each time he slammed forward as he came. He finished and withdrew, Mom started carefully rising and falling on the huge cock below as he neared orgasm. He pushed upward, clutching her ass with both hands as he drove his massive member as deep into her as possible, exploding as she quivered. She screamed as he grunted, filling her pussy with his hot cum. Each time he pushed upward, she rose as if being pushed by his cock.

I jerked feverishly, cumming into my underwear I used to catch the load. I fantasized about being part of the action but stood quietly shooting my load while trying to remain quiet and unnoticed.

Silently, I closed the door, catching my breath. I went straight to the bathroom to rinse the cum from my underwear, then threw them in the clothes hamper. I took a deep breath before exiting, hoping I could get to my room without being noticed.

A few moments later I heard the bedroom door open, followed by footsteps and mumbling. Then the door downstairs closed and Mom walked back up over the stairs.

“Have fun tonight Mom?” I stood at the top of the stairs with my arms folded.

“Ah, yes. How long have you been awake?”

“Long enough to see those two guys having sex with you.”

“I’m sorry, I should have gone somewhere else but hadn’t planned on it. You were asleep when we came in and we didn’t want to wake you so we went up to my room to chat and have a nightcap. One thing led to another, it wasn’t planned.”

“You don’t have to explain to me Mom, we’re both adults. I do have a confession though..”

“And what would that be?”

“I heard something in your room so I quietly opened the door and watched. I couldn’t help myself.”

“I’m sorry you had to see that.”

“I’m not, it was very sexy. I have another confession.”

“OK, I’m all ears.”

“I jerked off as I watched. I loved watching those two guys take you, especially the guy with the huge one.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She moved closed, holding her arms out to hug me. “We met him tonight and he and Mark hit it off. One thing led to another, then we invited him to share a taxi.”

I hugged her, pulling her in closely as she nestled her head into my chest. I felt stirring as my cock swelled back to life, feeling her breasts pressing against me.

“Let me take care of something for you, it’s the least I can do.” Mom knelt, it seemed in slow motion, and slid her hand under the leg of my boxers, gently grasping my swollen cock. She began stroking it with one hand as her other hand tugged my shorts down. I was so hard that she had to lift the waistband up and over the head.

She kissed the tip, then dipped the tip of her tongue into the slit to taste my salty discharge.

“Mmm,” she moaned as a trail of pre-cum dangled in mid-air. She licked her lips, making a smacking sound, then her lips parted and stretched around the head. She held my cock with both hands, each twisting in separate directions as she bobbed up and down my shaft. She then started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her mouth, still twisting the shaft with her fingers. She took a bit more of me in each time she descended until her nose pressed firmly into my pubic hair. She fondled my balls as her tongue lashed out at and grazed each testicle. I could feel her actually sucking each time she lifted, exposing my saliva soaked cock, making it difficult to hold back from exploding for the second time this evening.

Then she did something she hadn’t before, no woman ever had to me. She slid my cock into her throat and used the muscles in her throat to contract around the head to milk me. She appeared motionless, only the muscles in her throat moved. It felt and sounded incredible, her gulps and gasps for air drove me quickly over the edge.

That was all I could take and exploded with no warning, jetting a sticky, warm load down her throat. She moaned in delight, swallowing each eruption without choking or gagging. She was a real pro at this. Damn, why did she have to be my mother? Hell, I wish she was my girlfriend!

She continued gobbling every last drop I had to offer, then sat back licking her lips. She seemed to love sucking cock and that just so happened to be my favorite thing in the entire universe!

“Thank you Mom, that was the best ever! I had no idea a person could do that.”

“You’re welcome baby, anything for my son. I do have a request though and thought this might be a good time to bring it up.”

“OK Mom, what is it?”

“I have a very good friend, she’s a few years older then I am and she hasn’t had sex in a very long time. She’s very bashful around men and talks about wanting to have sex a lot. She doesn’t do the bar scenes and isn’t outgoing. Do you think you might be interested in making her fantasy come true. She is always talking about wanting to have a young stud take her.”

“How old is she and just what does she look like?”

“Well, she’s forty six and in great shape. She’s a few pounds overweight but I think you’ll especially like her boobs, they’re huge. She’s not drop-dead gorgeous but she’s not ugly either. She is a widow and hasn’t had sex in over a decade. Do you think you might be interested? I could set something up and we could surprise her.”

“Invite her over sometime and we’ll see how things turn out.”

“OK, I’ll do that.”

I guess Mom called her the very next day, asking her to stop by for a visit.

“She’s coming by this afternoon, her name is Sally. Are you going to be around?”

“Sure, how are we going to do this?”

“I figured I could invite her over for an afternoon chat, maybe have a glass of wine or something to loosen her up and see where things go. You could entice her by walking around the house shirtless, maybe even wear a pair of snug fitting shorts.”

“Done, sounds like a plan.”

Sally arrived early in the afternoon, I stayed up in my bedroom as they talked and had drinks. After a few hours, I went downstairs to see what she looked like and to size up the situation. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I entered the kitchen. Sally was quite attractive, a little on the curvy side, but definitely not fat either. She had very large breasts, nice big blue eyes and a great smile. I could tell they already had consumed a few drinks as both seemed frisky and were giggling at anything..

“Josh, please meet Sally. She’s a long-time friend of mine.”

“Pleased to meet you Sally.” I reached to take and kiss the back of her hand.

“A real gentleman, I like that,” Sally said with a wink and a giggle. “Would you like to join us?”

“Sure, who could resist chatting with two beautiful women.” I sat next to Sally, scooting my chair as close to her as possible.

“He’s cute,” Sally said to Mom, not taking her eyes off me.

“I think so,” Mom said. “He’s very mature too for being only nineteen.”

“Oh my, he’s just a baby,” Sally said. She patted my knee with her palm, lingering a bit. “He’s a big man too, so cute.”

“That’s what all the girls say,” Mom said.

“Hmm, big huh?” Sally said, glancing at my lap. “I like ’em big.” Sally giggled again.

She patted my thigh again, this time sliding upward just a bit, just enough to stimulate my cock.. It didn’t take much for me to get an erection and she was headed in the right direction. Sally took notice and kept glancing down as my shaft filled.

“I’m going to go make us drinks, you two can chat and get to know each other,” Mom said and left the room.

“So Josh, do you have a girlfriend?”

“I don’t seem to be attracting the girls for some reason.”

“I find that hard to believe, you’re a sexy young man.” Her hand slid just a bit further up my leg, my cock twitched and throbbed in response. She giggled again as she stared at my crotch.

“Mmm, something looks good,” Sally said, now squirming.

‘I’m sorry but attractive women have that effect on me.”

“So you think I’m attractive?”

“Very much so, you’re beautiful.”

“I always thought my breasts were too big, I’ve even considered a reduction.” Sally lifted her breasts, displaying them.

“No way, they look perfect to me, at least from what I can see.”

“Well, if you saw them you might think differently.”

“Hmmm, I don’t think so. I’d love to see them.”

“OK.” Sally unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra, then lifted her bra up and over her tits. They fell free, huge yet nice. Her nipples were the size of half dollars. Her tits hung slightly as huge natural tits should.

My cock strained against my shorts. Sally noticed and rubbed the length of my shaft over the thin material.

“Very nice,” Sally said. “It looks like you may approve.”

“Wow, your tits are incredible,” I said. “I’ve never seen bigger tits in my life, what I could do with those..”

Sally leaned toward me, closed her eyes and pursed her lips. We kissed, my hand went right for her tit. I’d never seen or felt a tit so large. They hung a bit but were full and fairly firm, I twirled her nipple between my thumb and finger, her breathing quickened as her nipple reacted. I lifted her tit, cupping my palm underneath, enjoying the feel of the weight of it.

“We better stop before your Mom comes back. I’m not sue she’d approve of me flirting with her son.”

“I don’t think she’ll mind.” I took one tit in my mouth, then the other as she moaned. I was so content just to play with and suck those things.

“Hey, what’s going on in here?” Mom asked in a fake tone, knowing exactly what she’d walk in on.

Sally sat right up, trying to cover herself. “I’m so sorry Angie, one thing led to another.”

“Well, don’t let me stop you,” she said.

Mom sat on the couch next to Sally, uncovering Sally’s bare breasts and throwing her top across the room. I couldn’t believe what happened next. Mom started caressing Sally tits, holding them up, offering them for me to suck. I dove right in, my mouth covered one and hand squeezed the other as Mom fed them to me.

Sally’s hand found its way back into my lap, rubbing the outline of my shaft straining to be set free from my shorts.

I undid my shorts, sliding out of them, exposing my stiff erection as it rested on my stomach. Sally quickly wrapped both hands around the shaft, sizing me up as Mom looked on. Sally leaned into my lap and devoured my cock, stuffing the entire length into her mouth in one swift movement. Nobody had ever done that with such ease.

Mom sat watching but I could tell she wanted to get in on the action. I’m sure Mom wanted our relationship to remain a secret so she fought back the urge.

Sally worked my cock as if she wanted me to cum in her mouth immediately and I was having a tough time holding back from exploding. She was attacking it like an animal in heat, gobbling my entire length with ease. I looked over toward Mom and to my surprise she was fondling Sally’s tits and taking off her own top with Sally returning the favor as she devoured my cock.

I decided to push the envelope and see how far Mom would go with Sally, and stood between them, Sally never missed a beat sucking me, stuffing my entire cock easily into her mouth. I couldn’t believe how easy it seemed for Sally to take all of me, she just kept plunging downward, each time pressing her nose into my pubic hair. Then to my shock, Mom joined her, she ran her tongue over my balls as Sally worked the shaft. Mom took one testicle in her mouth, then the other and licked the sensitive underside. Their lips met and tongues lashed at each others while working my shaft over.

Mom lifted Sally’s tit and took it into her mouth. This made things even more difficult holding back.

“OK ladies, stop please. Sally, stand up and lean over the couch,” I said.

She did so and I easily slipped it in and began pounding her pussy as fast as I could, my balls slapped her pussy.

“Fuck me, harder!” Sally commanded as she trembled.

“I pounded her hard and fast, my balls slapped against her, then Mom cupped them with her hands, fondling them. Then she got behind me and started licking my balls, I had to slow the pace as not to knock Mom out with the force of my swaying balls.

“I’m cumming!” Sally screamed, and shuddered as she soaked me. She squirted like I’ve never seen or felt, her juices ran down my legs as I continued pounding her.

“I’m cumming!” I growled and slammed back and forth as the pressure built.

I grabbed her huge tits from behind and unloaded a massive load, erupting into her.

“I feel you! I feel your cum! Fuck me!”

“Arggg, Ahhhh,” I grunted, wave after wave surged and erupted from my cock.

I collapsed onto her back, my thighs and legs covered with our combined juices.

“God, that was good!” Sally said.

“Told you,” Mom said.

“You’ll have to rent this stud out to our friends. I know a lot of gals who would die to fuck this kid,” Sally said. “I hope he’ll have me again!”

“Hell yes, bring your friends too!” I said, smiling like a rooster in a hen house.

Mom introduced me to more of her single friends, some were good, some were so-so, but who could complain. I had a sexy mother who not only fucked me, but also shared me with her friends.

I returned the favor by having a few guys I knew come by and visit but she really didn’t need the help. Our sexual relationship was our little secret as I never mentioned it to any of my friends, I merely mentioned that she had a preference for younger men to encourage them. We never fucked in front of anyone either, but did have our special moments.

The summer of 2012 was a life changing summer for me. It was a sad day when I had to leave for school but planned to come home every chance I got. I was lucky, Mom sent friends to visit me often. I had the greatest Mom! Before I left to go back to college, Mom gave me an assortment of her lingerie to take back with me. She even allowed me to take a few nude photos of her, one in particular would get a lot of use on lonely nights in the dorm. I took a picture of her face with my cock stuffed in her mouth, her eyes looking into the camera. That one I’d have to keep in a very special place.

I am one of the few men who don’t mind being called a mommy’s-boy!

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