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Un-Valentines Party Games

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I hadn’t known Briana very long, maybe six months or so. She was a pleasant young lady that recently filled a vacant spot in our departmental secretarial pool. Being somewhat outgoing and wanting to stay “in good” with the secretaries, I did my best to socialize whenever I stopped in to get my mail or with an administrative need.

The last thing I wanted to do was be considered the boring old professor who only comes in when he needs something. Fortunately, I don’t look my age, and I certainly don’t act like a “boring” professor, that is if I listen to the ladies I interact with.

Most days the conversations with her are pretty upbeat, and depending on who’s around it can, at times, be a bit flirty. As with any work environment you have to be concerned with the dreaded “sexual harassment” charge, so I am extremely careful about when and where I say anything that might be off color, and I learn quickly who is and is not acceptable to have around for those comments. Many times they are limited to my office, where I have learned it is better to always keep the door closed.

This afternoon though, my usual comment to Briana returned a very sharp “What do you want?”, with a very heavy emphasis on the you.

“I’m sorry. I just said hello.” I said somewhat startled.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She said quietly. “I didn’t mean to bite your head off.”

“You seem upset, anything I can help with?”

“No not really. It’s personal.”

“Well, if you need someone to talk to, you know where to find me.” I said trying to give her a reassuring smile.

“Thanks. It’ll be ok.” She said, the look on her face telling me it will be anything but ok.

“You sure about that? You look like you are half way between pissed and crying.”

“That would be a good description. I don’t know whether to cry or be mad, but right now I think I’m both.”

“Really? What’s going on?” I asked, sitting down on the corner of her desk to let her know I wasn’t going anywhere.

She looked around the office to see who could overhear, and then just loud enough for me to hear without the rest of the office overhearing her she said. “I went home at lunch time to surprise my boyfriend. He had the day off of work and I was going to have lunch with him. When I got to the house he was busy screwing my roommate on the living room sofa.”

“Wow!” I responded quietly. “I can see why you’re upset. I’m not sure what I can do to help you, but it sounds like you’re going to be in the market for both a new boyfriend and roommate.”

“Oh that’s for sure. Men! They’re all just mean bastards!” she practically spat out.

“Ouch.” Was my simple reply.

“Oh I didn’t mean you! I mean you have always been nice to me.”

“Well, I try.” I said not at all sure where to go from there.

“I’m sorry.” She said putting her hand on my thigh and rubbing it up and down a few inches in a physical apology. “You’re definitely not in that group.”

“Well, thank you for that. If you need anything, even a couch to flop on, let me know, ok?”

“Ok, thanks.” She said, moving her hand back to the computer key board, unconsciously putting an end to the conversation.

The next few weeks were indeed rough for her, and she did avail herself of my guest room for several days while she arranged new living quarters. Briana isn’t a swimsuit model by any stretch of the imagination. She is short, maybe five-five, and a bit on the chunky side. Certainly not fat, just not a size zero. I learned that she did wear a size 4 panty, when I found one of her rather skimpy ones mixed in with my laundry after she left. I was a perfect gentleman while she was in my house, making sure that there was no pressure on her to do anything other than be a guest. My wife of course would have had a fit if she had been in the country, but once again, the US ARMY had their own plans for her and her talents, and I felt it would be better if she didn’t know I had a female guest for most of the week.

Not that she didn’t trust me….but well…she didn’t trust me, especially after introducing her to “playing” outside the relationship. It had been a struggle for her, adjusting to that, but in the end, we both found it improved our own relationship in bed, but some very strict ground rules were instituted. The biggest one was that we didn’t play separately any more. It was together or not at all.

We talked about it before she left and I had her permission for an occasional exception while she was gone, but was trying hard to be a good boy and not go looking for trouble. I really did prefer it to be with her instead of separate from her, and she appreciated that fact. Separate just ran too many risks for someone deciding that the grass wasn’t only greener on the other side of the fence, but, well….better in other ways. Neither of us wanted to tempt that particular issue, so we both decided separately to try and be good unless we were together. In that light I didn’t need her worrying if I was being good with a single woman living in the guest room.

Don’t get me wrong, I found her to be very attractive, and I could tell that on one or two occasions she had pleasured herself late at night. She simply wasn’t quite quiet enough for as close as the two rooms were. Having separate bathrooms also made a lot of things easier, although I did catch her one day slipping from the bathroom to the bedroom across the hall, naked, giving me the briefest glimpse of her completely naked body and a nice profile of her well rounded breasts and hard nipples. I kept my mouth shut about it not wanting to embarrass her.

After about five days, she got herself settled into a new place and moved out, much to my disappointment. It had been kind of fun to have someone else around to talk to.

As January snows turned to February chill, things had been quite lonely at home. It’s amazing how much you count on a person to just be there to talk to, and how much you don’t realize it until they aren’t there. I think that Briana saw my loneliness and stopped by my office frequently to chat. Those discussions pretty soon turned to anything goes conversations, with sex or lack of it, being a periodic topic. I was surprised one day when she stopped in and dropped a pink envelope on the desk for me, and then sat down on the corner to wait expectantly.

“What’s this?”

“Read it and see.” She said with a grin.

I opened the envelope and drew out an invitation to a party, a “non-valentines” party to be exact. “What is a non-valentines party?”

“Well, since I don’t have anyone to spend valentines with, I decided to invite a few friends over for some fun. We’ll have some music, eat lots of junk and have some fun.”

“Just what kind of fun are you talking about?”

“Oh I don’t know…girl talk, maybe some games, haven’t really nailed it all down.”

“So who all is coming?”

“Well, Samantha, Liz, Mandy, Jennifer, Trudy and maybe Karen.”

“All ladies? Why in the world would you want me there?”

She leaned toward me and whispered. “I wanted to do something nice for you for putting me up for almost a week. I know it’s not your idea of a great time, but I really do wish you’d come. I promise, we’ll keep the girl talk to a minimum.”

“I don’t know, this sounds like a hen party to me.” I said shaking my head.

“Oh come on. I know you’re lonely. You didn’t fool me one bit while I was there. I saw how poorly you slept and you seemed absolutely happy to have someone else to cook for. Come on, let me return the favor.”

“Ok. You talked me into it.” I answered with a chuckle. “If nothing else I can find something on tv to watch and eat some of your food.”

“That’s the ticket. I knew I could talk you into it.” She said with a laugh as she got up and headed to the door. “See you tomorrow night!”

I shook my head and wondered just how I managed to let her talk me into that.


Two days later I walked up to the house she was renting and knocked on the door. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, so I dressed somewhat casually, a pair of dockers, my silk pullover shirt and my brown leather sport coat. The outfit went well with my signature leather hat. When she opened the door I felt instantly underdressed. Briana stood in a long red dress that seemed to cling to her body, accenting her curves and highlighting the size of her breasts and her uncharacteristically large valley between her pressed together breasts.

“Wow!” I said quietly, feeling like a school kid on his first date, not someone almost twice her age.

“I will take that as a compliment.” She said as she stepped back to let me come into the house. Her normally tied back brown hair was free and seemed to flow and bounce with each slight move of her head, framing her face and occasionally slipping in front of her green eyes that seemed to bore straight into me.

“You are absolutely stunning!” I said as I stepped into the house and let her close the door behind me.

“Didn’t think a fat old gal like me could dress up this nice?”

“I have never considered you fat in any respect, and, no, based on how I see you every day at work I had no idea you could look so….hot when you dressed up.”

“Well thank you, and I have to say, you look quite handsome tonight yourself.”

“Well, that is a compliment I don’t hear very often.”

“Maybe not, but I have no doubt a lot of ladies think it.” She said with a girlish giggle.

“Come on, let me introduce you to the ladies.” She said, looping her arm into mine and walking me down the hallway and into a spacious living room. “Ladies, this is Mike. Mike, let me introduce Samantha, Elizabeth, Mandy and Trudy.” She said motioning to the four ladies that were getting up from the curved sectional sofa where they had been sitting chatting. Samantha stepped over and extended a hand, asking that I call her Sam, even though she didn’t look a bit masculine, especially in her short red dress. She was quite a bit shorter than I was, even a tad shorter than Brianna. She was rounder than Briana also, but most definitely not unattractive, especially in the short red dress that showed a lot of her simply massive creamy breasts. As I gently lifted her hand and kissed it, I could see her nipples begin to harden even through the lacy bra that almost showed through the top of her dress. I released her hand as Elizabeth stepped forward, a broad smile on her freckled face.

“Please call me Liz.” She whispered as she kissed my cheek, her body so close to mine that I could feel one of her small unrestrained breasts press against my chest through her red silk blouse. She was nearly as tall as I was, and I had to restrain my hands from sliding down her sides to her red leather skirt that was so short I thought I might be able to touch the hem without trying to hard.

“I’ll be happy to if you’d like.” I said as she stepped back, the smile never leaving her face.

“Well, when she said she was inviting a hot guy to our ladies only party, I was kind of upset and thought about not coming, but seeing you….well, I’m more than happy to meet your acquaintance.” Mandy said as she stepped over and extended a hand.

“Well, I’m certainly glad you did come.” I said taking her hand and kissing it like I had Samantha’s. It gave me a chance really take in her slim Asian figure, encased in a red spandex dress that hugged every inch of her body, leaving me to wonder if she had on anything under it, either panties or any kind of bra to hold her c cup breasts. I guessed that I could easily pick her up, being about the same height as Briana but only about a hundred ten pounds.

“And last but I hope not least. I’m Trudy.” The tallest of the group said. She was medium build, maybe a hundred fifty pounds, and every bit as tall as I was. Her short blond hair was in tight curls around her creamy complexion, framing her face and sparling blue eyes.

“I would say not.” I said as I let my eyes drink in the long red dress that was more like a front and back held together on the sides with a series of little ties. As she stepped toward me I could see the dress separate and expose one of her long legs all the way to the hip, the exposed skin the rest of the way to her shoulder letting me know that she wasn’t wearing a darn thing under it. That made her medium sized breasts all the more enticing, realizing that the way they were standing was not because of any extra support. I took her hand and started to lift it to kiss, but she stepped closer to me, slipping inside my arms until her hips were pressing against mine, trapping my hardening cock between us. She wrapped her free arm around my neck and pulled her face to mine, gently kissing me on the lips, her hot breath breathing into my mouth.

“Ladies, the goal of the evening is to have fun, not try to seduce Mike.” Briana said as Trudy released me and stepped back. “Why don’t you ladies show him to a seat.”

“Of course!” Mandy said, slipping an arm into mine as she stepped up next to me. “He can have one next to me.”

“And of course a drink, what would be your pleasure?” Sam inquired.

“Actually, I’ve never been much of a drinker. I tend to shy away from it if I have to drive.” I responded honestly.

“Well, let me chose something for you. I am sure that if you feel unable that one of us can drive you home, or even find you a guest bed here.” She said as she turned and walked toward the kitchen, leaving me with the distinct feeling that if I wasn’t careful I was going to end up being the party entertainment. I looked at Briana, hoping to find some help there, but saw only a sly grin and a twinkle of her eye, neither of which reassured me as ideas clearly flitted through her mind as to the possibilities before her.

“I think we might as well play our first game. If Jennifer does make it she can jump right in.” Briana said to the room, her mind having clearly decided a direction for the early evening. The room was quickly rearranged so that a small low, round table sat as the focal point between the curved sectional sofa and a number of comfortable chairs. We sat in a rough circle around the table, Mandy still clinging to my left arm and Trudy making her way to sit close on my right, but not too close, almost as if she planned on being just so far away. Briana was the last to sit, almost directly across from me, setting a card game of some kind onto the table before us. She shuffled the cards and dealt them out until each of us had ten cards.

“Ok. This game is quite simple. You each have ten cards with questions on them. The idea is to be the first one out of cards. We take turns going around the circle, each person either playing, or drawing a card from another player. You roll the dice and then play a card with that number on it, answering the question on the card. The person to the left of you has to guess what the question was. If they are correct, you get to lay the card down, as well as choose one from their hand to lay down. If they guess wrong, you don’t get to lay the card down, and you have to each pick one from the pile. Some of the questions are much more….suggestive? than other cards, and if you don’t want to answer them you can wait, hoping that someone will pick that card from you and get to discard it without answering. The first one out of cards wins.”

“Sounds like fun!” Sam said as she set my drink down in front of me and moved to sit in the remaining chair.

“Good. Let’s get started then.” Mandy said rolling the die on the small table.

For the most part the game was fun, some of the questions being pretty tame, “What is your favorite food”, “What is your favorite color”, that kind of thing. A few of them were more suggestive, like “what did your first kiss feel like”. The game went for almost an hour before Sam went out of cards, winning the game.

“I think its time to go to the R rated deck!” Briana said with a grin as she got up from her seat. She came back a few moments later with a yellow set of cards and unwrapped the cellophane from them. “Almost the same rules, but the questions are supposed to be a bit more risqué. I haven’t read them yet so we will all learn together. Instead of always picking the person next to you, you have to roll the dice and the person that number of spaces to your right is who has to guess this time.” She said as she dealt out ten cards to each of us. True to her word, the questions were much more suggestive. My hand included such things as “what part of your body is your most erogenous”, “What is your favorite type of oral sex”, “where was the most unusual place you have had sex”, and that sort of thing. The one question I hoped I didn’t have to answer was “Which person in the room would you most want to have sex with.” It had the potential of causing a problem, and as much as I didn’t want to answer, I did. My answer, however, was very vague – although it did seem to please them all. I simply stated that “with all the incredibly sensual and gorgeous women in the room, how was a man to choose?” All in all I thought it was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about the ladies in the process.

“And with that I win!” Elizabeth said with a huge smile after Sam guessed that reverse cowgirl was her favorite sex position.

“And so you do!” Briana said with a laugh. “I got stuck with four cards.”

“Well, I need a bathroom break.” I said as I got up.

“Down the hall on the right.” Briana said as she got up and stretched.

I returned to find the ladies all sitting back down, a fresh tequila sunrise was sitting in front of my seat. In addition there was a new color deck of cards, this one read with a large X across the back for decoration. “New cards?”

“Yep.” Sam said with a crooked grin.

“This is the…advanced… deck. You don’t have any objections if we spice it up a little more do you?” Trudy said as she slid a little closer to me so her knee was touching mine.

“I suppose not.” I said with a shrug. So far the game had been a little risqué, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Heck it could be fun to hear a few more provocative questions, as long as I didn’t have to answer too many myself.

“Oh good!” Briana said with a giggle. “I’ll deal the cards. Oh yes, one twist in this one, the person you roll the dice on gets to pick a card from your hand to play, you don’t get to pick it.”

As the cards came I picked them up to see what kind of questions I would be dealing with, and was, well….shocked. My first card said “Take your partner’s panties off with your teeth”, followed by “Kiss your partner’s nipples for one minute”, “Have your partner take one item off of you of their choice”. The game had suddenly changed dramatically, and lord knows what the ladies had in their hands.

“I guess I’m first.” Sam said rolling the die and getting a three. “Ok Trudy, pick a card!” she said holding her hand out toward Trudy. Trudy reached out and drew a card. “Suck your partners left nipple for one minute.” She read. “I haven’t ever done anything like this before.”

“Don’t feel alone.” Trudy said shyly. “I’ve never had a woman suck my tits either, maybe I should ask Mike to help me slip it out of my dress.”

I took one look at the dress she had on and wondered just how I was going to do that.

“Silly man, you’re just going to have to take it off of me.” She said with a slightly drunken slur. She stood up and stepped in front of me between my legs, her long red dress clinging to her body. I reached for the hem and slowly slid my hands up her legs, dragging the dress with them. I continued to slide them up her body, exposing her bare legs and then her completely shaved mound and pussy before I started to run out of reach. “Here, let me help you.” She said, kneeling down on the sofa, slipping one knee over each of my legs so that her pussy was spread and pressing against my already hard cock through my slacks. I continued sliding my hands up her body as she raised her arms, my hands slipping across the sides of her breasts as I worked the snug material up over her head. I dropped the dress where she had been sitting, leaving her dressed in nothing but her red heels. “Thank you!” she said as she leaned down and gave me a wet kiss, her hips rocking gently against mine. She finally broke the kiss and rolled off my lap into her seat to allow Sam to come suck her breast. I looked down and found that my pants were damp where she had been rubbing against me.

“Well, here goes nothing.” Sam said as she got up and stepped around the table to where Trudy sat. She knelt down and leaned close, cupping Trudy’s breast in her hand and tentatively putting her lips around her hard nipple. Trudy moaned quietly after a few seconds of Sam’s mouth and tongue working her nipple, clearly doing a fine job.

“Times up!” Briana announced.

Sam got up from between Trudy’s spread legs, exposing her glistening pussy for everyone to see.

“I’m up!” Liz said nervously as she reached for the die. She rolled a three. “Looks like you’re up Mike.”

“Ok” I said, reaching out and drawing a card from her hand and letting her take it back.

She looked at the card a long time before finally reading, “Remove your partners panties / underwear with your teeth.” There was a certain amount of cheering and hooting as Liz stood up and held her hand out to me, drawing me around the table into the space that was quickly made between Briana and Liz’s chairs.

She crouched down and undid my hikers, pulling them off before going to work on my belt. She started hesitantly but as soon as she had my pants open and saw the huge bulge in my bikini briefs all trepidation disappeared. Tossing my pants aside after pulling them off my legs, she moved her face close to my covered cock and grabbed my underwear with her teeth. She pulled and wiggled them, freeing my shaft, which popped out and slapped her in the face.

With a giggle she let go of my underwear and wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and quickly plunged over it. A significant amount of it disappeared before she slowly pulled back, her tongue teasing the underside of my shaft as she did. She let my cock pop from her mouth and went back to working my underwear down my legs. I helped step out of them when she had then down below my knees. Holding the underwear up triumphantly, she grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times before letting me go back to my seat, my rock hard cock now sticking up like a pole from my lap.

Briana rolled the die and got a three. She held her hand out for Mandy to pick a card. “Take your partner’s bra off.”

“Sorry girl. I’m not wearing one. Now what do you we do?”

“You have to pick from the naughty deck and do what it says.”

“Uh Uh. Your turn, you have to pick.”

“Hey wait. It’s not my fault. You should have to pick the card.” Briana responded quickly.

“Uh uh. The rules said if you couldn’t do it you had to pick the card.”

“Ok.” She said hesitantly. She reached for a naughty card and read it to the group. “Choose one person in the room to suck your pussy/cock for two minutes.” She said, looking around the room. “That’s a no brainer. Mike would you be so kind as to do the honors?”

I had wanted for months to get a good look at her pussy and tits, so there was no way I was going to refuse. She stood up and hiked her long clingy dress up to her hips, revealing a tiny red thong with “specially for you” printed on it. She pulled the tiny slip of material aside, revealing a pair of freshly shaven meaty lips. Sitting down she hiked her feet up onto the edge of the table, and spread her knees wide, pulling her lips apart to reveal her soft feathery inner lips. I stepped around the table and she lifted her leg to let be between them and then rested her foot on my back as I knelt down.

I let my tongue reach out and find her lips, spreading them and tasting her arousal. Slowly I let my tongue press deep between her lips, entering her tunnel and releasing more of her juices. Ever so slowly I drew my tongue up her slit, pressing the tip as deeply into her as I could until I found the hard button of her clit. I heard her gasp as my tongue wiggled across it teasing it while I wrapped my arms around her bare thighs and used my fingers to spread her pussy wider. I was thoroughly enjoying trip after trip up and down her pussy, tasting her juices and hearing her cries of pleasure each time my tongue found her clit.

“Oh my god.” She panted as I pulled my face from between her legs after Liz called time. “I think I just fell in love with a tongue!”

I chuckled and said “My pleasure.” As I went back to my seat, my cock bouncing with each beat of my heart.

I sat back down next to Trudy, who slipped her free hand into my lap, squeezing and stroking my throbbing cock while her other hand remained in her pussy.

“You’re going to have to free up one of your hands Trudy.” Sam laughed. “It’s your turn.”

“Oh yeah.” She said quickly pulling her hand from her lap, her middle finger glistening with her juices. She rolled the die and rolled a two. “Looks like it’s up to you Mandy.” She said picking up her cards and holding them out. Mandy reached over and pulled one out. “Remove your partner’s panties / underwear with your teeth.”

“That could be kind of tough. I’m not wearing any.” Mandy said with a giggle, looking back and forth between the naked Trudy and myself.

“Crap.” Trudy said, reaching for the deck of naughty cards. She drew a card and held it for several seconds before reading it out loud. “Do a strip tease and lap dance for your partner. I can’t do that, I’m already naked!”

“Well, pick another card I guess.” I said, “Unless you want to do a lap dance for her anyway.”

“I’ll pick another card.” She said reaching for the deck again. She read the card to herself and covered her mouth in shock.

“Well, what does it say?” Mandy queried, waiting to see what was next.

“Its two parts, a men’s part or a woman’s part. Man- With the first female to your right, have sex with her in her favorite position for two minutes. Woman — With the first man to your right, sit on his lap and ride him for two minutes.”

“Well, since there is only one man in the room, it looks like Mike is about to have a really good ride.” Mandy said with a laugh. “Too bad it doesn’t say to have your partner do that; I’d really love to get a chance to ride that.”

Without a word Trudy stood up, stepped in front of me and leaned over until her hands were resting on the table. Using the table for support, she reached between her legs for my hard cock and squatted down, rubbing the head of my cock around her sopping wet lips. She moaned quietly as she slowly settled her weight back, driving herself slowly down my shaft.

“Shit.” I groaned as her almost teen age tightness engulfed me. I let my hands slide up her sides and cup both her breasts each one only slightly larger than my grip. As she moved her hands to her knees, she began to rock so that her creamy butt pumped up and down on me, slowly sliding up and down my shaft.

“Oh god….oh god…oh god!” Trudy cried after only about a minute of riding me. I could feel her pussy clench around my shaft as her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Her whole body shuddered and jerked as the ecstasy flowed through her as she sat upright, grinding her pussy down onto my cock like she was trying to screw it even further into herself. Finally she leaned back against me, going almost limp as little trickles of sweat ran down her body.

“Well, looks like that was one hell of a climax.” Mandy said with a giggle.

“Oh yeah.” Trudy panted.

“Ok Mike, your turn as soon as Trudy moves herself off of you.” Briana said.

“Right. Someone might as well roll for me. I don’t think Trudy is planning on moving any time soon, and to be honest…I’m not in a hurry to make her. Unless of course someone wants to take her place.”

“Oh pick me pick me!” Mandy said, practically bouncing in her seat.

“I think I’ll roll for you to keep things moving.” Briana said, rolling the die. “Four. Looks like me again.”

“You sure it isn’t loaded? Sam asked with a smirk.

“Well, pick a card.” I said pointing to the card on the table I still couldn’t reach.

“Ok. Lets see….Allow your partner to remove your bra. Since you don’t have one on I suppose I should draw you a naughty card.”

“Might as well.” I said with a sigh. The naughty cards were turning out to be very aptly named.

“Ok. You all know that I don’t know what is on these cards, right?”

“We did see you take the plastic off and shuffle them. Why?” Liz asked.

“His naughty card says. Pick the person with the most clothes on and strip him/her. If the person is of the opposite sex, have sex with them for two minutes in your position of choice.”

“I see, and you’re the most dressed person in the room? You lucky woman!” Liz giggled.

“Not so fast. I think that Sam has just as much on as you do.” Mandy said seriously. “I think you both need to be…uh…serviced?”

“Wait, you want me to stand here and be stripped and fucked by Mike?” Sam asked incredulously. “You’re kidding right?”

“Not at all. It’s only fair. I mean it does say the most dressed and both of you are the most dressed. Besides, you didn’t have any qualms about taking his clothes off.”

“Yeah, but…Naked?” Sam said, blushing.

“You’re not shy about your body are you?” Mandy asked.

“Well, maybe a little.”

“Well, we’re all friends here, so nothing to be shy about. Come on Trudy, pull yourself off his cock and help me move the table. Might as well give the three of them plenty of room.”

“The three of us?” Briana asked.

“Sure, might as well do you both together.” She said as she pulled the table away while Trudy stood up, letting my semi-hard cock slip from her pussy. She turned around and helped me up, quickly pulling my shirt up and off so I was naked. “There you go lover. All set.”

Briana stepped near me and I held my hand out for Sam. I pulled her close and then gave her a soft kiss on the cheek and whispered for her to close her eyes and enjoy it. I slipped my arms around her and found the zipper in the back and slid it down, her huge tits pressing into my chest. Once I had the zipper down I stroked my hands across her back, dragging the material as I did until it slipped over her shoulders. Allowing my hands to stroke up and over her shoulders, I pushed the material down as I stepped back slightly, allowing the material to slide down her arms. My hands slid down over the tops of her breasts, pushing the front of the dress down until it slid the rest of the way down her body on its own, leaving her standing in only an extremely tiny pair of lace panties with little wisps of blond hair poking through and a lacy bra that held her huge tits up, but showed every detail of her nipples.

I moved the half step over to Briana, getting to do something I had wanted for some time. I reached for the tiny strings that held the top of her dress up and slipped them off her shoulders, pulling the top slowly down, the material sliding across itself as her body was exposed inch by inch. The top of her strapless bra came into view, and still I kept pulling. The material slipped below her breasts and I continued to pull it lower, exposing her firm belly and then the strings of that tiny thong. I had to kneel down to pull farther, finally allowing it to slip down her legs and pool at her feet.

With a gentle kiss to her stomach, I reached for the strings and began slipping the thong down over her hips. I kissed my way down to her shaved mound, and kissed as low as I could between her legs as I pulled the thong down her legs and helped her step out of it and her dress. I kissed my way back up, her stomach to her bra encased breasts, and kissed across her ample cleavage, as I reached around her back and flicked the clasps, releasing her tits as the material fell away. I kissed slowly down and across each breast, gently sucking the nipples that had peeked at me through her shirts at work every day.

After giving each nipple one final suck, I stood up and turned back to Sam, pulling Briana by one hand along with me until the two ladies were standing together, Briana’s breasts pressing gently against Sam’s arm. I leaned toward Sam and gently kissed her on the lips as I reached one hand around her back and began working the clasp of her bra. I felt another set of fingers meet mine, and together we managed the clips. I pulled the bra slowly away from Sam’s body, sliding the shoulder strap down her arm and allowing her truly magnificent breasts to slip into view. I leaned down and gently kissed around her right nipple, teasing the edges of her areola with my lips and tongue before taking the whole end of her breast into my mouth, my tongue swirling around her quickly hardening nipple. I released it and moved to her other breast while my hands slipped down her sides to her waist, my fingers finding the top of her lace panties. I pushed then down slowly, working them over her hips and then down her legs as I slowly sunk down to my knees. I helped her step out of the panties, leaving the two of them with nothing but their heels.

I slowly sat back, taking each of their hands, and drawing them down with me. I moved Briana’s hand to my hard cock in way of invitation, and then let go of it, shifting my hand so I had both of Sam’s hands. I continued to pull her until she was straddling my chest and then let go of her hands. Gripping her round firm ass, I coaxed her farther up my body until she had to climb over my shoulders, leaving her pussy hovering over my face. Looking up at her massive breasts, and her blushing face, I reached out with my tongue and licked gently up between her lips and across her hard clit. I heard her moan quietly as I stroked a second time, up between her soft lips, her juices starting to seep from her, tangy and slightly sweet at the same time.

“Ohhhhh yes.” I moaned into her pussy, the feeling of another pussy slowly sliding down my shaft, enveloping me with hot wetness. “oh god yes.” I moaned as I shoved my tongue deep into Sam’s pussy, the hot tight wetness around my shaft driving me wild as Briana rode up and down my engorged rod. Time and again I pushed my tongue into Sam’s pussy and flicked it over her clit while squeezing and pinching her tits and nipples. I felt my cock swell, about to explode inside Briana when I heard someone call time.

Briana kept riding, her own orgasm only seconds away. I attacked Sam’s clit with a vengeance, flicking and sucking it for all I was worth, her cries of passion and imminent explosion mixing with Briana’s long cry of climax. I felt her pussy clamp around my cock as she thrust herself down on me, my head pressing up against the end of her tunnel. My body jerked convulsively, pumping a strong surge of hot cum up into her. Time and again my body jerked, lifting her from the carpet as my cock emptied into her. I held onto Sam’s tits as her cum gushed across my face, drenching me as her whole body trembled and shook.

I lost track of time as I lay gasping for breath, Sam sitting on my chest, panting and trembling in post orgasmic bliss. I couldn’t see Briana, but I could tell by the gentle pulsations in her pussy that she too had cum.

“Well, so much for only men cumming in two minutes.” Mandy said with a laugh. “I’m not sure which one came first.”

“Hell, did you see Sam cum? Damn, never seen a woman cum so much? Hell, the carpet is wet.”

“God, I guess I was a bit more turned on than I thought.” Sam said, her voice trembling slightly as she tried to crawl off my chest.

“You’re not the only one.” Briana said from where she sat straddling my hips, her body glistening with sweat, her chest still heaving as she tries to catch her breath.

Mandy and Trudy stepped over to help Briana up, our combined cum leaking from her pussy like a small waterfall as she stood up.

“Would one of you get a towel from the hall closet? I think we owe Mike a little clean up.” She said as she dropped into one of the chairs.

“Ok. My turn.” Mandy said as they pulled the table back in place after I was wiped down and helped back to the sofa. She rolled the die and came up with a four. “Ok Trudy, do the honors.”

“With pleasure.” She said as she reached for a card and picked it from her hand.

“Well, this won’t work… Have your partner do a strip tease for you.” Mandy read.

“Well, pick your naughty card.” Liz chided.

“Have your partner orally pleasure you for two minutes.” She read after drawing one. “Well Trudy, bring your ass over here and pleasure me!” She said, standing up and hiking the hem of her dress up to her waist and sat back down. She lifted her legs high in the air, spreading them wide for Trudy, exposing her glistening pussy lips and the tiny arrow of curly black hair. Sitting next to her gave me a perfect view of her pussy as Trudy began licking slowly up her slit, flicking her tongue across her clit. Her tongue targeted Mandy’s clit and swirled around and across it while one finger slipped inside her wet pussy.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Mandy growled as she pulled at her tits through her tight dress.

I leaned over a little and pushed her dress up farther, exposing one of her C cup breasts, her areola easily two inches across and her nipples wide and puffy, making the mounds turn into pointy mountains. I suctioned one of her nipples into my mouth, making sure I could still see Trudy’s actions.

“Oh yeah….Oh yeah….Ohhhhhhh!” Mandy cried as the two of us worked on her tits and pussy.

“Time.” Liz called.

“No not yet!” Mandy cried as Trudy pulled her finger from her pussy.

“Sorry, that’s the rules!” Trudy said, wiping Mandy’s juices off her face with her arm.

“Here.” I said, pulling her dress the rest of the way up and off, tossing it aside to leave her naked. I slipped my hand into her lap and curled a finger into her pussy, slowly pumping it in and out of her while she clung to my arm with one of hers, and squeezed her tit with her free hand.

“Oh shit yes.” She moaned quietly as she rocked her hips against my hand. “Right there. Yeah…..right there.”

“I think its my turn again.” Sam said, reaching for the dice and rolling a two. “Ok Bri, pick one.”

“Might as well go right to the naughty deck, both of us are naked.”

“You’re right. I think we should just change the game and just pick naughty cards. The only one that’s still dressed at all is Liz.

“Fuck I can fix that!” Liz said standing up and quickly pushing her red leather skirt down her slim hips. It hit the floor and she kicked it off, her fingers already working her blouse buttons. Within seconds she was naked, her tall slim body speckled with freckles and her tiny A cup breasts standing out with hard perky nipples. Her pussy was topped with auburn curls that matched her head and her exposed lips were glistening with her own juices. “Ok I volunteer to do whatever the next card says Sam.”

“You sure? You never know what it will say.” Briana said. “We’ve just gotten started on the deck and I have no idea what else it has in it.”

“I don’t care. I’m so fucking horny I feel kind of left out.”

“Oh FUCK!” Mandy screamed as her whole body shook and trembled, drawing everyone’s attention. She clamped her legs around my hand, squeezing my arm to herself and bucking her hips up and down as her climax washed over her from the work my finger had been doing.

“That does it.” Liz said, stepping around the table to where I was sitting. She reached into my lap and found my once again hard cock and stroked it for a second before turning around and bending to rub the head back and forth across her pussy. “Oh good god.” She groaned as she slowly sunk down on my shaft, forcing herself over its length. “Shit… He’s so long, my… God what a feeling!” she moaned as she began to buck up and down on my shaft, Briana and Trudy giggling at her. “Ok you just go pick the next card then. I’m just fine here for the moment.” She panted.

“Ok.” Sam said, reaching for the deck. “Who’s doing this one?”

“I am.” Liz said as she rode my shaft.

“Ok, if you insist. It says, You and your partner, completely naked, go outside and pleasure each other for one minute.”

“God I’m glad I didn’t get that one!” Briana said with a laugh.

“Hell, I’m just glad it’s night!” Sam said shaking her head.

“Well, let’s go do it. I mean, what the hell, we’ve seen each other having sex already anyway.” Liz said.

“Yeah, but you might just encounter the neighbors.” Briana stated with amusement in her voice. “That would be a hell of a show.”

“I guess it would.” Liz said as she stood up, my cock sliding from her with a loud slurp. “Come on Sam, let’s go get nasty!”

“After you!” She said, slipping her heels back on and following Liz toward the door. Everyone else lined up at the front window to watch while the ladies walked to the middle of the front lawn and then embraced each other, kissing each other softly while their fingers worked each other’s pussies and nipples. Mandy tapped on the window to announce their one minute was up and the two ladies dashed back in, their bodies covered in goose bumps from the winter chill.

“Well, that was a bit exhilarating!” Liz said with a laugh. “Who’s turn is next?”

“Yours.” Mandy said as we all sat back where we had been sitting.

“Ok straight to the naughty card.” She said with a grin as she rolled the die to a one. “Play one game of naked twister with your partner and one other player of your choice.”

“Twister?” Mandy asked. “Do you even have twister Bri?”

“As it happens…the card game came with a twister mat and a spinner.”

“What else did it come with?”

“Oh, a few things.” Briana said. “but you’re going to have to wait and see on the rest.”

“Well let’s see. Who should we play twister with?” Liz asked the room, tapping her finger on her chin. “Has to be Briana and of course there is only one other choice. Mike.”

“Why is that not a surprise.” I said as I stood up, my still hard cock waggling around as I helped move the table out of the way. The girls spread the mat and Mandy sat down with the spinner.

“This is some spinner!” Mandy said with a grin.

“How so?” I asked her.

“You’ll see.” She giggled as she spun the spinner. “Right foot green.”

Liz, Briana and I each stepped barefoot and completely naked onto the large mat.

“Right hand red.”

I bent over and found a red spot, my face only inches from Briana’s hanging tit.

“Careful there stud. Any closer and you’ll be kissing it.” She giggled.

“Like this?” I asked as I used my yet free hand to pull her breast toward my mouth and quickly suck her nipple while Mandy spun the spinner again.

“Left foot yellow.” She called.

The only way to reach that for me was to reach under Briana to the other side of the mat with my foot. I rolled myself and reached under her, my hard cock now sticking up practically between her tits, and her face almost between Liz’s legs.

“Left hand pussy!” Mandy yelled.

“What?” Briana asked.

“You heard me. Left hand pussy. Find a pussy and put your hand on it.”

With a grin I moved my hand to Briana’s pussy, and slipped a finger between her lips and into her soft tunnel.

“Hey, it said on, not in!” Briana cried.

“And you’re complaining?” Mandy laughed.

“I wouldn’t!” Liz called from where she was bent over with Briana’s hand on her pussy.

“Right foot green”

I moved my foot to a green circle, barely able to keep my balance.

“You’re gonna love this one! Mouth on pussy!” Mandy called.

I looked around and there was only one real choice, Liz’s pussy, and both of us were going to be there. I met Briana’s face at Liz’s pussy and we both licked it, our tongues touching each other, causing her to giggle.

“Right foot yellow.”

I tried to follow the direction, moving my foot to yellow, but lost my balance, the two girls falling on top of me as well.

“Well, that was fun!” Liz said, as she rolled over on top of me planting a wet kiss on my lips. “Next time, see if you can make me cum before you fall down.”

“Oh? You want to cum?”

“Hell yes!”

“I see.” I said as I slipped my hand between her legs and pushed a finger into her pussy.

“Oh yeah….Like that!” she grunted as I plunged my finger in and out of her pussy. “Oh god yes. So close!” she moaned after only a few moments of allowing my finger to rub across her clit as I pushed it in and out of her. “Yes. Right there! Ohhhhhh so good!” she moaned as she bucked her hips in time with my finger. Briana had moved off of me and I coaxed Liz up my body, pulling her with both hands, one under her arm and the other between her legs. Her small breasts came into range of my mouth and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking and licking it as I plunged my finger in and out of her. “UHHH GOD YES!” she squealed as her orgasm approached. I continued to work her pussy and her tits, driving her wild while Mandy and Trudy cheered us on.

“Fuck this! Give me that cock again!” She screamed, pulling her nipple from my mouth and crawling up my body. She was almost frantic as she straddled me and worked to get my cock into her. “Oh fuck…Oh fuck.. Please!” she cried rubbing my head around to line it up in her entrance. Finally she got it settled into herself and then plunged herself down onto me. I slid my hands up her front to her small tits and squeezed them in my hands while she started bouncing with abandon on my shaft. “OH FUCK YES!” she screamed as her ass bounced off my legs as she slammed down my shaft.

I could feel her body tremble and her pussy spasm as her climax tipped over the peak and took aim at her whole body. Within seconds she was unable to move, her whole body trembling and jerking as her cum squirted out onto my stomach and over my hips. “AHHHHHHHHH FUCK!” she screamed before collapsing onto my chest, her whole body heaving for breath.

“Well, what do you know? Our usually quite Liz turns out to be a screamer.” Briana said with a laugh.

“Me? I didn’t scream.” Liz argued, barely able to push herself up off my chest.

“Oh yes you did.” Trudy laughed, “Let’s see…was it AHHHHH FUCK or OHHHH FUCK?”

“Who cares? It was FUCK either way.” Sam said, walking over and helping Liz up and over to a spot on the sofa.

“OK my turn.” Briana said, pulling a card from the deck sitting on the table where we had moved it to.

“You know, right now I don’t much care what it says as long as it means Mandy gets to cum!” Mandy said energetically. “I’ve been teased like crazy and still haven’t gotten to cum and everyone else has.”

“Well, in that case, maybe its time to call this game quits and gets cleaned up. It is almost midnight. I think we could all use a shower so how about we let Mandy clean up Mike and let them have some fun first, then we can join in for the final entertainment of the evening.”

“We cant all fit in the shower.” Trudy said.

“We don’t have to. I have a much better idea. Let’s go to the basement.”

We all got up and followed Briana to the basement where she led us to the far side and the laundry area. “How about hooking up this for me.” She said handing me a hose. “I’ll be right back.”

I had the hose hooked up by the time Briana returned with an arm full of towels, a couple squeeze bottles of something and a couple sponges and fuzzy wash rags.

“Ok Mandy. He’s all yours until you cum, after that… well, then its all into the shower.”

“Ohhhhh This is going to be fun. Have you ever fucked someone standing up?” Mandy asked me, lifting her C cup breasts for me to see.

“No, but I have a hunch I’m going to enjoy learning.”

“I know you will.” She said, picking up the end of the hose and stepping to the sink to turn it on. She adjusted the water until it was to her liking, and then stepped toward me, the water coming gently from the end of the hose. She played the water over the two of us as she stepped against me, pressing her tits into my chest and reaching for my cock. “Why don’t you soap us up?” she practically cooed.

I reached out and took a sponge and bottle Briana was holding out for me and allowed Mandy to wet the sponge. Briana stepped in and took the bottle from me after I had squeezed some onto the sponge. A few squeezes and I had the soap foaming and dribbling down her front.

“Nice.” She said as I started rubbing the soapy sponge around her body with one hand, and stroking her smooth skin with the other. I concentrated on her chest while she began rubbing the soap from her body onto mine, concentrating on stroking my chest with one hand while her other stroked my cock and occasionally worked around to my ass, pulling our hips together so my cock slid between her legs. She turned us and lifted a leg high, resting her foot on the edge of the sink, spreading her legs almost in the splits. “Now how about you put that hard cock someplace more useful.”

“With pleasure.” I said as I stepped against her, rubbing my cock along her pussy. “Here you go.” I pushed slowly into her as she held onto my shoulders and neck, arching her back to give me better access.

“Oh yes. That’s what I needed. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I started sliding in and out of her, driving my cock up into her hard enough that each stroke made her tits bounce and she nearly came off the ground. “Ohhhh Yes! Fuck me hard!”

“Uh god your tight!” I grunted as I plunged into her.

“Just like a teenager isn’t it?” she answered grinning. “Goes to show you what all that working out will do for you!” her voice squeaked going higher with each stroke into her. “Oh don’t stop…please don’t stop. Soooooo close!”

“I won’t.” I said as I banged into her faster and faster, the sound of our bodies slapping together filling the basement. I looked over and saw both Briana and Trudy with their fingers deep in their own pussies, and Sam standing with Liz’s face pulled tight to her pussy, her finger plunging in and out of Sam’s pussy while she licked her clit.

“Oh soooo fucking good!” Mandy moaned. “Almost there stud. Just keep hitting that spot!”

“With pleasure!” I grunted, my own climax quickly building. Between the sensations of her tight pussy, the image of her incredibly sexy, soapy tits bouncing in front of me and the view of the other ladies pleasuring themselves and each other in the background, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I squeezed her tits as I pounded into her. “Are you ready? Do you want to feel my hot cum fill your pussy?”

“oh yesssss” she hissed.

“My fat cock filling you with squirt after squirt of my hot cum?”

“Uh huh” she squeaked

“I’m going to empty all that hot cum into you. Fill you up with shot after shot of my juices. Fill you until it leaks out around my pulsing cock.”

“Oh yeah…here it comes….Cum with me. Fill me with your fuck juice!” she squealed as her body trembled.

I plunged into her pussy, slamming into her body with each stroke. “FUCK!” I grunted as my cock swelled inside her.

“YEAH I feel it! That’s it! Cum in me! Come with me!”

“Ahhhhh” I cried as my cock practically exploded inside her, pumping gush after gush of cum into her with each jerk of my body.

“YES! YES…YES…YES!” she screamed with each new surge of cum into her trembling pussy.

I heard sounds of other woman climaxing with us, but they felt distant as Mandy and I panted for breath and started recovering from our mutual orgasm. I felt a set of hands around my chest, stroking slowly down to where Mandy and I were coupled, her fingers teasing around the base of my cock and Mandy’s pussy. Warm water began rolling down my body as another pair of hands started rubbing the sponge around my chest, and a pair of hands played with my bare ass.

“Now this is fun.” Sam said as her hands stroked all over my body and her massive breasts slipped all over my back. “This is the most fun I’ve had in a shower in a long time.”

I reached back and found her ass behind me and then turned around as my cock slipped from Mandy’s pussy.

I allowed one hand to cup her breast and the other to slip between her legs, stroking her pussy.

“Ohhh now that’s even better.” She said as she spread soap over my body.

Before long we were all pressed together, rubbing, touching, stroking, each other and in the process, washing each other’s bodies. I helped Briana wash her hair while the other girls helped each other or did their own. Finally with all of us washed and rinsed Briana turned off the water and passed out towels.

“You know. I think it’s far too late for anyone to go home.” Briana said with a grin.

“Sounds like a slumber party.” Liz added.

“I’m afraid that you ladies might fit into something from Briana, but that won’t do me much good.” I said.

“Who says any of us will be wearing anything?” Trudy said, slipping up next to me and letting her towel spread wide, exposing her body to me. “I plan on snuggling up naked next to you, and well if anything else happens in the night there won’t be anything to get in the way.”

“Well, that does sound good, doesn’t it?” Sam said, pressing her breasts into my side, as she pulled my towel and hers away, letting them fall to the floor.

“I think we better go upstairs and make some sleeping, or playing space before we get things started again.” Briana said, heading for the stairs.

We collected a number of blankets and pillows, and spread them out on the living room floor, motioning me to come to the middle of the area. Sam took my hands and pulled me down onto the blankets as Briana turned the lights out, plunging us into almost total darkness. By the time my eyes adjusted, Sam had pulled me down to lay with her, her soft tits pressing to my chest and her soft lips pressed to mine. I felt another body press against my back, and a female hand slip around between Sam and myself to find my cock. Blankets were pulled over us and all of us settled in for the night.

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