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The Milk Maid

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“The Doctor will see you now Mrs. Riffin.”

Kathy Riffin had started seeing Doctor Davis a year ago on the recommendation of a good friend for a routine checkup. About six months ago her breasts started hurting more and more and she’s been seeing the Doctor once a month to get a shot that eases the pain.

“Hello Kathy. Good to see you again. How are you feeling?”

“Oh Dr. Davis this is killing me. When the pain returns it’s unbearable. I can’t sleep. My breasts have continued to swell to the point where I’ve been buying bigger bras. I’m afraid I might be developing an addiction to these shots of yours that alleviate the pain because no matter what I take, Advil, Tylenol, Aspirin, whatever, the pain only subsides for about a month after the shots. Please tell me you know what’s causing this.”

The entire time Kathy was speaking Isabel Davis was preparing the shot. She rubbed an alcohol swab on Kathy’s arm then injected her. Kathy’s head tilted back as she smiled in ecstacy. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she bit her bottom lip. She felt absolutely orgasmic!

“There now. How do you feel?”

“OH GOD! Dr. Davis, I feel incredible. Thank you so much!”

“Please don’t mention it. Now I need to ask you a few questions, okay?”

“Whatever it takes to find the cause of the problem.”

“Okay. You said your breasts have continued to swell?”

“Yes, yes. I’ve grown immensely in the last six months. I’ve been a 32C my entire adult life but in the last six months I’m at least a 38 DD. On the way here I was even considering going up a size to 40 F.”

“Interesting. Hold your arms out to your sides. I’m going lift your breasts a bit.”

Dr. Davis professionally cupped each breast as if she was weighing them. She seemed to be calculating something in her head. She cautiously, but purposely, grazed the nipples as she was pulling her hands away.

“Oohhh. I-I’m sorry Dr. That just felt…well, it felt good.”

“Oh it’s okay. It happens all the time.”

Dr. Davis seemed to smile any concern Kathy might have had away. She had a warm and engaging smile. She was in her early 40’s and had been a gynecologist for over 10 years now. She was very pretty, in a motherly sort of way, with long brown hair and pretty brown eyes. She seemed a bit “dumpy”in her lab coat but it was obvious that she was a curvy woman, slightly heavyset with about a 40 cup herself and rear to match.

“Now tell me Kathy, have you been sexually active at all?”

Kathy blushed a bit but didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Not at all. My boyfriend and I broke up right before the pain started. He kept saying I was too moody and other things like that. He might’ve been right actually. I don’t know. Anyway right after that the pain started and I haven’t felt right since.”

“I see. Have you been feeling dizzy, nautious, or light headed at all?”

“No, nothing like that.”

“What about bodily functions? Have you been using the rest room okay?”

“Yes, yes. It’s really just my breasts and the occasional mood swings which aren’t as bad as they were about six months ago.”

“Good, good. What about your period?”

“Oh my god! I haven’t thought about it but I don’t remember the last time I had a period. OH MY GOD. Is that bad? Am I okay?? Please!”

Dr. Davis smiled again and Kathy immediately relaxed.

“You’re fine dear. I think it’s simply symptomatic of what you’re going through. Now I want you to remove the rest of your clothing and bend over.”

Kathy did as she was told and for the first time felt a little uncomfortable. She couldn’t be sure but it almost seemed as if Dr. Davis was ogling her. Then Dr. Davis smiled at her and she instantly relaxed. Kathy was a thin woman of about average build and height. She had short red hair and light freckles and was pretty in a plain way. Her bigger breasts were obviously out of place on her frame. She leaned over the table and bent over for the doctor.

Dr. Davis finished putting her rubber gloves on then walked over to the bent over patient. She placed her left hand on Kathy’s back causing Kathy to look back at her. She smiled, completely assuring Kathy that everything was going to be okay.

“Now this may be a bit uncomfortable but it’ll be over in a second, okay dear?”

Kathy nodded.

Doctor Davis then immediately and quite easily inserted her entire hand inside Kathy’s pussy.


“Just relax Kathy. You’re very well lubricated and this will be over in a second.”

Kathy bit her bottom lip and held tightly onto the examination table. Dr. Davis smiled a bit and made a fist inside Kathy.

“Oh God…”

“Shhhh. It’s okay Kathy. This will make you feel good and will be over in a few seconds.”

Kathy closed her eyes and felt a rush of intense pleasure. Dr. Davis now had a stern expression. She was focused. She pulled her hand back just a bit then thrust it violently into Kathy.


She thrust again.


She thrust again.


Kathy came and collapsed on the examination table. Isabel removed her hand from her pussy, then slipped off the gloves tossing them in the trash.

“Stand up Kathy.”

Kathy’s knees were jello. It took all the energy she could muster to prop herself up.

“Yes. Perfect.”

Dr. Davis pulled the paper up from the examination table and showed it to Kathy.

“You see this?”

“Wh-what is that?”

Kathy was feeling flush. She was very weak and all of a sudden didn’t feel herself.

“These two huge wet spots mean you’re lactating. Here have some water and a piece of chocolate. It’ll help you feel better. Now then we’re going to have to get you straightened out. You have all the symptoms of a woman who is pregnant except you’re simply not pregnant. Does that make sense?”

Kathy had regained her senses a bit.

“Yes. Yes it does. But how the hell did this happen? Is it some kind of a syndrome?”

Dr. Davis’ expression showed she was clearly hiding something and it worried Kathy.

“Well here’s what we’re going to do. I’m going to take a little blood and examine it and we’ll schedule an appointment in two weeks. I think it’s best if you met me in my private office at home and we move these sessions there until we have you straightened out. Okay?”

Kathy nodded. She was relieved. It was obvious to her that Dr. Davis knew more than she was letting on but she trusted her and felt she had her best interest at heart.

“In the meantime I’m going to give you something that should help you feel better should the pain in your tits return.”

Dr. Davis unlocked a cabinet in the examination room and pulled out what looked to be a stainless stell breast pump. She then walked right up against Kathy and grabbed her right breast with both hands. She gently rubbed it and then gently squeezed it from her chest out to her nipple. Immediately milk poured out of Kathy’s breast. She was milking it. She then applied the stainless steel pump to her nipple and started filling it. Kathy was immediately in ecstacy again. She lifted her hands and put them on Isabel’s shoulders. She so badly wanted to pull the Doctor closer and wrap her legs around her.

“Oh nooooooo…”

Kathy came again. It almost gushed out of her.

Dr. Davis laughed.

“It’s okay dear. I’m going to give you a kit that will allow you to save the breast milk that you pump out. It’s imperative that you save ALL the breast milk and bring it with you to our next appointment. So long as you apply the pump just the way I showed you the pain should immediately subside, should it return at all. Now get dressed and I’ll see you in two weeks. Here’s my card with my address on it. Let’s say we meet two weeks from Friday, okay?”

Kathy was still in the glow of her second orgasm when she nodded in acceptance.

“Good. Now please get dressed and go. No need to clean yourself up and certainly no need to pay my receptionist. Just hurry along.”

Kathy got dressed and did as she was told. She smiled embarrassingly on the way out and headed to her car. She turned the ignition on and just sat there thinking about what just happened. Then something hit her…

“Did she say ‘tit’?”

Kathy laughed it off to herself and then drove home.


Kathy arrived at Dr. Davis’ office and found herself in the waiting room alone. There didn’t seem to be anyone else there, not even a receptionist, which Kathy found a bit odd. She had pumped well over a gallon of breast milk in two weeks and was embarrassed to have brought it.

“Kathy! I’m so pleased to see you! Please, please step in my office.”

Kathy entered the office carrying the breast milk and eagerly handed it over to the Doctor.

“I’m a little embarrassed because I feel like this is so much.”

“Nonsense dear. This is fine. I’ll just refrigerate this and be right back. Can I get you some water or something?”

“No, no. I’m good thanks.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.”

Kathy propped herself up on the examination table and surveyed the room. She found it a bit odd that there were no instruments, no medicines, not even cotton swabs in the room. There were only a few pictures and a framed diploma on the wall.

“There. All done. So tell me Kathy how do you feel?”

“Better. I haven’t had a mood swing since our last visit and the breast pump really did the trick.”

“So the pain returned?”

There was a deception in the question. Kathy couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Actually no. Well not pain anyway. It was more like a tingle. Like a tingle that simply wouldn’t go away unless I milked them. Was that wrong?”

“No. Actually it makes perfect sense. I’ve gone over the results of your blood work and in anticipation of this conversation I have prepared a new shot for you. So off with your top and let’s get to it, shall we?”

She smiled again. Kathy now realized it did more than calm her, it weakened her a bit. She couldn’t figure out how or why Dr. Davis affected her the way she did. She removed her sweater and bra to reveal that she was now a 40 F.

Dr. Davis ran the alcohol swab against Kathy’s arm then immediately injected her. This shot didn’t have the same euphoric affect that the other six shots had. Instead she felt a tingle all over her body for a seconds and then serenity. It was a nice feeling.

“There. How are you?”

“Strangely I feel better than I’ve felt in months. I guess you figured out what was wrong with me?”

“Actually yes. Remove the rest of your clothes.”

Isabel removed her lab coat and glasses and stared at Kathy as she easily slipped out of the rest of her clothes.

“Bend over as you did the other day in my office. I need to check you again.”

Kathy bent over without so much as batting an eyelash. She even leaned back and grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them to give the doctor easier access.

“That’s a good girl. You’re even more lubricated now then you were last time.”

Isabel didn’t bother with the rubber gloves this time. She also didn’t bother to use her hand either. She started with a fist and simply pushed it inside Kathy.


“Wow Kathy. Instant orgasm?”

Dr. Davis laughed as she withdrew her hand.

“Oh Doctor, I’m so embarrassed.”

Kathy was brought to tears.

“I-I don’t know what’s happening to me. I can’t control myself. I’m constantly emtotional. I’m having sexual fantasies all the time. Why? Why? Why?”

She was sobbing heavily now. Isabel smiled and patted Kathy on her back indicating that she needed to stand now.

“Okay Kathy, it’s time you understood what’s going on here. Do you remember your first visit with me, last year?”


“Think back and remember that I gave you six pills and said that they were a combination of natural vitamins and minerals that would help keep you very, very healthy. Well, I wasn’t being exactly truthful. The pills I gave you were designed to stabilize your system and get you ready for the series of injections you were about to go through.”

“Wh-what *sniff* what are you talking about Dr.?”

“I’m telling you that I chose you. You and one other, to be my breakthrough patients. I chose you to help me with my research. You see Kathy, I was born with a certain condition. This condition, for whatever reason also comes with an insatiable thirst that I can’t ever seem to quench.”

Kathy was frightened. Something inside of her told her to head for the door in a hurry. Yet her knees were weak and deep down inside she really didn’t want to go anywhere.

“Doctor you’re scaring me. What condition? What are you talking about?”

“Kathy I have been injecting you with a steroid of my own design. It’s highly addictive and highly potent. It was designed to give you all of the benefits of a pregnancy without the pregnancy itself. That’s why you’re lactating and that’ s why you are no longer having your period.”

Kathy was floored.

“What the fuck are you talking about?? Are you some kind of psycho??? How dare you do this to me? I-I…”

“Kathy Riffin you hush up and you hush up right now this second damnit.”

Kathy froze.

“I won’t have you raising your voice or insulting me. Now then, if you’re going to behave yourself like a good girl then I will gladly address any questions or concerns you might have.”

Kathy didn’t know where to begin.

“Y-you injected me. Is that why my breasts hurt?”

“Yes. Your remarkable breast growth and incredible milk production are a very welcome side effect. As I said the steroid is designed to produce the effects of pregnancy without the pregnancy. While clearly breast growth and milk production are effects of any pregnancy, your body has taken a special liking to the treatment. You also probably noticed that your hips and ass were just a bit bigger today then they were a month ago, right?”

“Is that from the injections as well?”

“Yes. You should see a few more inches added to your hips and ass over the next couple of months. Your body is going to project the presentation that you’ve had numerous children, although you’ve had none.”

“You’re insa–”

Isabel raised her hand as if to slap kathy but she immediately cowered allowing Isabel to lower her hand.

“Are there any other side effects?”

“Ahh yes. You’re referring to the pain in your breasts and your sexual cravings, aren’t you?”

Kathy nodded.

“Yes. Both are pleasant side effects. Other side effects I’m sure of are lack of inhibitions and receptiveness to most any instructions. While you are on the program you will never be able to reproduce either. And then of course there’s the occasional morning sickness and mood swings.”

“Why?? Why would you do this to me?”

“I told you I was born with my own condition and that has its own addictions as well. I needed someone like you, young, healthy, and vibrant, to provide me with all the breast milk I can handle. I had to do things the way I did to make you fully cooperative.”

“Oh my! What am I now a zombie or something???”

“No, no, no. Nothing like that. You still have the ability to say no and do as you please. You’re just now built to follow instruction and crave touch and therefore decidedly submissive. And with your lack of inhibitions there’s almost nothing you won’t do and almost anything brings you pleasure. For example…”

Isabel reached out and gently passed her hand over Kathy’s breast. Instantly Kathy’s eyes rolled back and she felt a wave come over her. She felt a strong push in her vagina as if she could cum again at any moment.

“Feels good doesn’t it?”

“OH GOD yesss…”

“Would you like me to help alleviate you of some of that milk in your tits?”

“Please, please, please…”

Isabel leaned forward and began sucking at her breasts. Kathy leaned her head back and tightened her legs. Isabel’s soft mouth was much better than the breast pump and the way she moved her hands to milk the breasts into her mouth brought Kathy to orgasm.

“OH GOOOOOOODDDDD. That’s sooo fucking goooodddd. Please don’t stop…please empty me. please…I’m cummmmmm….fuckkk…”

As Isabel was filling up she stopped and smile at Kathy, staring into her eyes.

“I have a surprise for you.”

Kathy was like a drug addict in a heroine stupor–the words and sounds were there but they had no affect.

Isabel then removed her clothing. She smiled her intoxicating smile then looked at Kathy. Kathy looked her over. She stopped at the crotch. She was in shock…

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