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It all started with a simple statement. A promise perhaps. They were laying in bed one night during the week after she had just come off of his lap from one of her good girl spankings and rewards she always craved. She looked up at him, a smile across her face and at that moment, he told her that he had something special planned for them this weekend.

Her heart stopped. It wasn’t that he didn’t surprise her from time to time, in fact, he did it often. However, there was something in the tone of his voice that told her this weekend would be different.

He had casually mentioned for months that he had wanted to see her with another man and how much pleasure he would get from giving her directions on how to please someone else as he watched. She never thought he was serious, but she should have known better because it was rare if ever that he said something he didn’t mean. However, she never thought he would actually want to share her or her pleasure. She wanted it to be his and only his, but she had to remind herself that this wasn’t about what she wanted. Well, in many ways it was because she wanted to please him. His pleasure was her ultimate goal and this is what he wanted from her. Yet, it was still hard to think about being with someone else after so long of it just being him.

She wanted to ask him a million questions, but she couldn’t concentrate enough to even formulate one at that minute. Plus, she knew that when he was ready to tell her if this in fact was what he had planned, he would, but deep down, she knew.

The week went by so slowly. She had more difficulty than usual concentrating at work. She wondered what he had planned and her mind ran in a million different directions, but always ended with him being proud of her, of her showing him what a good girl she actually was for him. Only for him. She could do this for him if this in fact is what he had in store for her.

She kept hoping that he’d give her a hint throughout the week, but no luck. Every time she brought the weekend up, her told her not to worry and that he was taking care of everything, emphasizing the word everything. That is one of the things she loved most about him. He took care of things. He let her know if she was expected to do something. She didn’t have to guess or wonder. The only wondering she did was daydreaming and fantasizing and she found herself doing that more than she was willing to admit especially this week as her mind was in overdrive.

Friday finally arrived. She was used to hearing from him at lunch time almost daily as he checked on her to see how her day was going and to see if she was behaving. She looked forward to that call or text each today, but today it never came. She kept checking her phone thinking maybe she just didn’t hear it ring, but there were no missed calls or messages. This left her in turmoil because it wasn’t like him. Had he forgot he told her they were going to do something special this weekend? Surely not as she tried each night to get a hint from him. Had he changed his mind? Since she wasn’t completely sure what he had in mind, she didn’t know. If he really intended to share her, did she want him to change his mind? Part of her kept saying yes, almost praying that he would, but she remembered that not only would this please him, but she knew without a doubt that he would never do anything to put her in danger or cause her harm. She was his, his to use for his pleasure, but also his to protect and cherish.

As she finished her lunch break without hearing from him, she went back to her desk. Her voicemail light was blinking. She always dreaded that light because she never knew what the message would be or what situation she would have to diffuse this time. Putting in her passcode, she took a deep breath. She was frustrated and now she had to possibly deal with another situation or “fire.” However, as soon as the message started, a smile spread across her face and she finally released that breath she didn’t realize she had been holding. It was his voice. The moisture between her legs grew and her body came alive as always when she heard his voice.

“I just wanted to remind you that we have special plans this weekend little girl. I want you to be ready for me to pick you up at work at 3,” he instructed, knowing she always left early on Fridays.

“Be waiting for me in the lobby. You won’t need your car this weekend, so, I’ll take you to work on Monday morning.” He knew she worried about everything and didn’t want her to think about how she’d get to work or how she’d be without a car all weekend.

“And by the way, before you come outside to be picked up, be sure to remove your panties. You won’t be needing any of those for the rest of the weekend. I’ve taken care of everything else and your bag is already packed.”

As if she wasn’t wet enough by hearing his voice give her such clear instructions, that last one sent a jolt through her and a rush of blood and moisture to her, no, to his pussy.

She had two hours to wait. He knew the effect that would have on her and that’s why he left her a message instead of calling her on her cell where he knew he’d be sure to reach her. He wanted her anticipation to build. He loved keeping her on the edge because he knew what that did to not only her mind, but to her body as well. He knew with one touch that shivers would run down her body, but not shivers because she was cold. In fact, thiese shivers would warm her in the most responsive part of her body.

Watching the minutes pass slowly at the corner of her computer screen, finally 2:45 appeared. She wanted to keep her panties on as long as possible to keep her wetness from leaving a spot on her sundress, but she knew it was time for them to come off. She secretly wished he was there to do it for her. She always preferred when he undressed her as opposed to making her do it herself, but that was not an option today.

So, she quickly gathered her things together to leave for the weekend and headed down the hall to the ladies room to follow his instructions. Once she was sure the door was locked, she set her bag down and slowly moved her hands up under her dress to grasp the sides of her panties and slowly pulled them down her legs, very concious of the cool air coming in contact with his already very wet pussy. She lost her balance a bit, so, she held onto the sink and lifted each of her legs up to remove the panties from her ankles. Having her panties around her ankles reminded her of being over his lap, but she couldn’t get distracted… not now. There was no time.

Noticing the wet spot on her panties, she blushed and quickly folded up the evidence of her arousal and placed them in her purse. She didn’t have time to waste, so, she quickly smoothed her dress down over her hips making sure she was presentable and not exposed. There was only one person she wanted to be exposed to and soon he’d be there if he wasn’t already. Washing her hands and quickly deciding to let her hair down, she rushed out of the ladies room to the front door and lobby. Happy, but anxious, she wasn’t surprised that he was already waiting for her outside.

She lit up when she saw him standing next to the car waiting for her. When he saw her coming towards him, he smiled and began to feel his own arousal in his pants. She did that to him easily, but the fact that tonight would be another first for her, the feeling was even stronger. He loved exposing her to new sensations and experiences while exploring her limits.

Opening his arms, she quickly moved between his arms, laying her head next to his chest, feeling his heart beating. Kissing the top of her head, he moved his left hand up to her neck, grabbing a handful of her hair while his right hand slid down her back over her ass to make sure she followed his instructions. She knew what he was doing and knew he wouldn’t be disappointed. When his hand reached the bottom of her ass satisfied that she had followed his order, he cupped it, pulling her closer to him while using the grasp on her hair to move her head to the side to give him access to her ear and neck. He felt her gasp a bit as he leaned down and whispered, “Are you ready for what I have in store for you this weekend little girl?”

His breath tickled her neck sending another shiver down her spine as she took a deep breath and let out a sigh.

“Answer me,” he ordered as she took a moment to find her voice.

“Yes, Daddy. I’m ready,” she replied as she raised her eyes up to him expectably, looking for a hint in his eyes, face. Not letting go of her hair, but moving his hand that rested on her bottom up to her face, he brought his lips to hers, claiming her mouth with his quickly. He felt her relax in that instant. She was his and he knew it, she knew it.

Breaking the kiss, leaving her breathless as usual, he looked down at her and started to walk towards the passenger side of the car expecting her to follow him and she did. Opening the door, he quickly, but sharply spanked her bottom to tell her to get in. She bent her body to get into the car and then felt the skin of her bottom come in contact with the seat. She had to adjust her sundress because she didn’t want to leave a wet spot on the seat and she was squirming a bit trying to make herself comfortable when he sat down behind the steering wheel ready to head off to their unknown destination.

“Remember to keep your knees apart,” he reminded her. Quickly opening her knees a bit, she heard the warning in his voice as he said, “Wider.” She let out a small moan and opened her knees further apart, giving him easy access to her pussy should he want or need it. This made her feel naughty, wanton, but she loved it. She loved every minute of it and sat in silence begging him in her mind to touch her. She needed to be touched. She craved his touch more each day. Unfortunately for her, he kept his eyes on the road and his hands on the steering wheel as he talked to her about her day. He still wasn’t giving her any hints.

They drove about two hours before they stopped for a quick bite to eat at a small cafe in a small town. They talked and laughed, his hand brushing hers or her knee whenever he had the chance. He knew how much she liked feeling his hands on her, but he also liked touching her. Touching her was his way of reminding her without words that she belonged to him.

She couldn’t handle it any longer and came out and asked,” So, what are we doing this weekend Daddy?” She didn’t mind using Daddy in public, but lowered her voice a little just in case. He simply smiled and said, “We are having a nice dinner and soon we’ll be back on the road for about an hour.” She started trying to figure out where they would be in an hour, but she couldn’t figure it out. She didn’t know of any cities nearby. Hmmmm she was thinking. He loved watching her mind work.

Wrapping up dinner and being satisfied that she’d have energy for the rest of the night, they returned to the car, him escorting her, guiding her by placing his hand firmly in the small of her back. She got a chill again just as she did every time he did that. It was a subtle hint. A subtle reminder. Once she was in the car, he bent down and kissed her lips once more and then gave her one more instruction before he went around to his side.

“Pull your dress up. I want to see your knees open and your pussy on display for me as we finish our drive.”

Quickly pulling her dress up, she wanted him to touch her, to feel the wetness that was already between her legs, but he wasn’t going to give her that satisfaction, not yet. He wanted her longing, craving, and needing him. However, he loved seeing her on display like that for him. Pulling away for the last leg of the trip, his hand grabbed hers and squeezed making her settle back into the seat and close her eyes. He was driving her crazy and he knew it.

In less than an hour, they started driving down a winding road through a quaint village. It was a cute town filled with history and character, but not someplace they would normally visit. Soon they pulled up through a set of gates and she saw the sign. She forgot about this place, but had told him many times she’d like to visit. There was a large inn with lots of small private cottages scattered along the grounds. She looked over to him and smiled, pleased he had brought her there and thinking maybe that meant it would just be the two of them Relieved until he smiled back her, she saw it in his eyes. There was more. She saw the promise in his eyes and she took a deep breath and settled back against the seat. Once again, he took her hand in his, squeezing gently, reassuring her.

Leaving the car out front of the main inn, he went and checked them in as she waited in the car, her pussy more wet than it had been during the drive as she waited…Coming out of the inn quickly, he got back into the car and drove them around to one of the cottages. Parking the car, he leaned over and kissed her cheek, touched her arm gently and whispered hotly in her ear, “You will never forget tonight baby.”

Biting her lip, her heart started to race as he got out of the car to get the bags and then open the door for her to help her out. Once again, he guided her down the path to the cottage they would be staying in for the weekend.

“How long are we staying Daddy?” she asked.

“Until Monday morning, little girl. We’ll leave early enough Monday to get to work in time, so, don’t worry. However, I want you to myself this weekend. No outside distractions, except for maybe one. This isn’t your only surprise,” he answered.

As she thought about that statement, she knew maybe she was right about what he had planned for the weekend, but when? When would it happen? Her tummy was in knots and filled with butterflies.

Letting her into the cottage, she took in the room before her. It was beautiful. It wasn’t filled with antiques or any of the old decor some of these places were known for and some people loved. This was elegant, but the colors soft and soothing. Then she saw the bed. Although it fit in with the rest of the room, it clearly stood out as it wasn’t as soft as everything around her. No, it was hard, but it was beautiful. Iron posts and backboard with beautiful scroll work. She couldn’t help but think he chose this room for the bed as she pictured herself cuffed to headboard.

He was watching her as she took in the room and knew what she was thinking. He could see it on her face as she got her first glance at the bed. She couldn’t hide the blush on her cheeks from him and he knew if he were to run his hand up her thigh at that moment that he would find her folds slick with her own juices. He loved when she was wet for him.

“We don’t have a lot of time to waste tonight. Sit on the bed.,” he told her. “I need to get you ready, but first I need to make a call.”

He left her there sitting and thinking about what he meant as he stepped outside to make his phone call. She couldn’t help but try to think who he could possibly calling and despite what her brain told her, she found the wetness between her legs grow even more.

He wasn’t gone long as he walked up to where she was sitting on the bed. Spreading her knees more for him, so he could stand between them, he bent down and claimed her mouth one more time and then moved his kisses down her neck, over to her ear, where he whispered, “Tonight is for me baby. Tonight, more than ever, you will show me how much you belong to me.” She belonged to him, how could she show him any more than she already did, she thought to herself. A realization hit her. Her initial thoughts about this weekend were confirmed at that moment.

Leaving her breathless, sitting on the bed, he walked into the bathroom and began to draw her a bath. As the water was running, he called to her to join him in the bathroom. Her heart was racing, her legs almost weak, but she slid off the bed and walked to the bathroom. She hadn’t seen it when they first entered the room, but it was as beautiful as the rest of the room. She imagined them sharing the bathtub, but that wasn’t in his plans, not tonight.

As she approached, he slipped the straps of her sundress off her shoulders over her arms realizing that the dress didn’t allow her to wear a bra and realizing at that point that she was completely bare for him under the dress. He wanted her now, but there was no time. Leaning down to kiss her shoulder and neck, he let the dress fall down around her legs. Taking her hand, he helped her step away from the dress and told her to step out of her sandals which she quickly did. Helping her into the tub, he removed his shirt, so, he wouldn’t get it wet. As she sunk into the bubbles, she watched him carefully. She loved the look of his shoulders and chest. So many times she had buried her head in his chest. It was one of her safe places with him.

Kneeling down next to the tub, he pulled her hair back so it wouldn’t get wet and started to use his fingers and hands to explore her body. She threw her head back, loving the way he worked her body.

“Open your eyes,” he ordered. He wanted to watch her eyes dance.

He used the soap and his hand to wash her, he didn’t want a sponge or anything as he wanted her to feel the electricity she felt when he touched her and he wanted to feel her body react to each of his touches. He used the back of his hand to graze her nipples and her eyes lit up as she felt it harden from his one touch. Doing the same to the other nipple, she once again closed her eyes to take in the sensation.

“Open your eyes, did you forget what I just told you?” demanding an answer.

“No Daddy. I didn’t forget. I’m sorry,” she replied almost in a panic. She let her body tell her what to do instead of him. She had been in trouble for that in the past. She didn’t want to be in trouble.

“Consider that your first and only warning for the night little girl,” he said as his hands continued down her body.

Reaching her pussy, he ran the soap between her legs, causing her to whimper a bit. He adored that sound. Using his fingers and the soap to explore her folds, he watched her face and eyes as she responded even more to his touch. She never could get enough of his touch anywhere on her body, but especially between her legs. She was greedy when it came to that and it was one thing that he happily indulged her in.

Pleased with the juices she had between her legs, he leaned down closer to her face, so his eyes were looking right at her, almost through her, he asked, “Whose pussy is this?”

“Yours Sir. It is your pussy,” she whispered as she felt a finger enter her. There was a shift. She knew that this was about his pleasure, about him commanding her body and that made her feel sexy and powerful, but submissive and willing to please at the same time. These are the times when she called him Sir instead of Daddy. She knew the shift well.

“That’s right baby, it is my pussy. Just like the rest of you. You are mine to do what I want with and tonight, I want to see how you react to being with another man.”

Taking a deep breath, she replied, “Yes, Sir.”

“You aren’t going to disappoint me, are you Joyce?” he asked.

“Umm…No Sir. I hope I don’t disappoint you Sir,” her voice slightly shaking. He knew she was nervous.

As he gently washed the rest of her body, he watched her even more intently now. Her eyes were responding just as much as her body. When he was satisfied that she was clean, he had her stand up and helped her out of the tub. Taking a large towel, he slowly and deliberately dried her off, starting at her ankles and moving upwards avoiding between her legs wanting to leave her wet and craving his touch. After she was dry enough, he took some of the scented baby oil gel she usually uses. She was surprised he had remembered to pack that, but she knew he liked how her skin felt after she used it. Squirting a small amount in his palms, he massaged it into her legs and ordered her to turn around, so, he could do the same to her bottom. He was going to have fun with her bottom tonight he thought to himself. After paying more than sufficient attention to her bottom and getting her more excited, he had her wrap the towel around her as he left the room for a second.

When he returned, he was carrying a box with a large red ribbon. Handing it to her to open, she smiled as her fingers felt the silk of the ribbon. Opening the box, she found a beautiful red silk baby doll trimmed in lace and matching panties. She remembered he had said she wouldn’t need panties this weekend, so, she was a little surprised to see them. Feeling the fabric between her fingertips, she wondered how it was going to feel next to her skin. “Thank you Sir. They are beautiful.” she said as she went on her toes to reach up to kiss him.

Taking the box from her, he also took the towel off of her and laid it on the edge of the tub.

“Arms up,” he directed as he slid the babydoll over her head. The fabric was silky, but sheer. “Turn around. I need to tie the ribbon in the back,” he told her as she turned to give him access to the ribbon that held the back of the babydoll closed at the top. He was pleased with his selection as the length just hit the middle of her bottom. Taking the panties, he bent down and had her lift each of her feet one by one and pulled the panties up slowly as she faced away from him. The panties were the same fabric as the babydoll, but trimmed with a ruffle all the way around. They reminded him of the ruffle back panties she wears from time to time to entice him.

“Don’t turn around yet,” he told her as he rose to his feet and took the elastic band out of her hair, letting it down. Looking at her in the mirror while standing behind her, he loved the color of the babydoll next to her skin. It brought out the natural blush of her cheeks and later on would compliment the color of her bottom.

“Hand me the brush,” he breathed into her ear. He knew it wouldn’t be long now before the panties he just put on her were wet.

Reaching for the brush, his eyes never left hers in the mirror as she eventually handed the brush to him.

“Hold onto the edge of the sink,” he instructed. At first she thought he was going to spank her, but he didn’t. She was disappointed. However, then he started brushing her hair gently. As he worked the brush through each strand of her hair, he started talking to her, giving her a hint as to what the night had in store.

“After we are done getting you ready, we are going to put that beautiful bed to use. I’m going to enjoy tying your wrists and ankles to that bed, exposing you, having you at my mercy. You like the idea of that, don’t you?” he asked as she felt the moisture between her legs grow and her breath grow short. Not giving her time to answer, he continued, “You are going to be completely at my mercy. Do you trust me?”

“Yes Sir, of course I trust you,” she answered knowing in her mind that no matter what was going to happen tonight, she did trust him. She trusted him completely with no reservations to know what she needed, to know what limits he could push and to keep her safe.

“Good because tonight we’re going to have a guest,” he said to her as he continued brushing her hair, but still watching her in the mirror. Taking a deep breath not realizing she had stopped breathing again, she let it out very slowly. She was glad he had her hold onto the edge of the sink because her legs felt weak.

“Relax baby. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed and I know you aren’t going to deny me this are you?”

“No Sir,” she responded quietly but decisively. She knew in her heart that she would do her best not to disappoint him no matter how hard this might be on her. She was torn, her emotions in turmoil because she wasn’t sure she wanted this, but at the same time, she was more aroused than she could possibly imagine.

He continued, “He is not someone you know,” putting her mind at ease. “You are to follow my instructions at ALL times throughout the night. He knows how far he is allowed to go with you, but I will be telling you what I want from you. Just as when we are together, you are not to come without my permission. Your pleasure and orgasms belong to me at all times. Do not forget that tonight,” he warned her.

Happy that her hair was flowing softly over her shoulders, he stood to the side of her and kissed her cheek. Just as he did that, he took the brush and pulled it back, spanking her.

“Uggghhhhhh,” she moaned. Then he spanked her nine more times with the brush over her panties, alternating where the spanks landed and watching the lower part of her bottom not covered by the panties turn pink while watching her face in the mirror.

“That was just to remind you you’re mine. Remember that always,” he said as he lifted her hand to his lips and guided her to the bedroom. On the bed she noticed a few other things he brought with him sitting on top of the bed. There were the wrist and ankle cuffs, the tethers and a silk blindfold. How many times was she going to lose her breath tonight? She wasn’t sure, but knowing that he was going to blindfold her for at least part if not all of the night once again took the air from her as her heart raced and her pussy moistened more.

“On the bed,” he directed. As she crawled on the bed, he thought to himself that he was going to remember to have her on her hands and knees on that bed many times that weekend. “Turn around and lay on your back in the middle.” As she did that, he ran his hand down her leg, feeling her tremble. Catching one of her ankles in his hand, he put the cuff on and then quickly did the same with her other ankle. She was still free to move her legs until he used the tethers to keep her in place which would be shortly. Moving up to her side, he then took her wrists, taking the cuffs and placing one on each of her wrists. He then took the red silk ribbon that had wrapped her package and tied her two lower arms together and attached the tether to the cuffs, hooking it to the headboard. She looked like a delightful package waiting to be unwrapped with that ribbon. He could tell she was starting to squirm. He was going to have to tether her ankles sooner than later.

Trailing his finger over her cheek, down her neck and over her chest and naval, he avoided her pussy, instead going to the side over her hip to her ankle, where she felt him tie the tether to the cuff. Moving around to the other side of the footboard, he did the same with her other ankle. He took it all in as she tried to watch him. He stepped away from her, walking to the bathroom, to get his shirt. Walking back in the bedroom, she turned her head to watch him start buttoning his shirt down his chest. She was disappointed. She would rather be unbuttoning those buttons instead of watching him cover himself up, but obviously, she was in no position to do that now. She pouted a little. She wanted him not someone else.

As he approached the bed, she saw him check his watch. He knew it was almost time. It was almost 8 PM and their guest should be arriving soon. As he got to the side of the bed, she saw him lift the blindfold in his hands.

“Lift up your head,” he told her as she lifted her neck to give him access to tie the blindfold behind her. He knew there was no chance she’d be able to see from the sides or anything with this blindfold. They had found it in a shop a few months back and it was formed to her eyes. As he tied the ribbon behind her head, he felt her body stiffen, her breath get shallow and her heart pound even faster. To satisfy his own curiosity, he took his right hand and slipped it into her panties to see how wet she was. She gasped and almost begged, “Please Sir.” He quickly withdrew his hand. The moisture was spreading up to her clit and he knew she was ultra sensitive already and didn’t want her to come just yet.

She sighed, a whimper of frustration, when he pulled his hand away and pulled the front of her babydoll down to cover her just as there was a knock on the door. His heart started racing at that point too. Quickly, he leaned down, kissed her one more time, and said to her, “If at any time, you need this to stop, you know the word,” as she heard him start walking to the door.

She heard the door open, but didn’t hear a voice. She wanted to hear a voice. She wanted to know who was at the door, but nothing. The door simply closed. Was there someone else in the room or not? She wasn’t sure. If there was, she was on display to someone other than him. That thought caused her to blush, the blush going from her cheeks down her chest, and then she heard a voice, a voice she didn’t recognize say, “Quite a site I must say.” He sounded older than him. He had a bit of an accent she couldn’t place. Her mind was running away from her trying to figure out who it could be and turning her head towards the door as if she thought she might be able to see him.

All of a sudden, she felt a hand touch her hair. She couldn’t feel the hand on her skin, so, she didn’t know whose hand it was, but then she heard Sir’s voice, “Now, remember baby, listen to me. I’m going to be sitting at the foot of the bed, watching you at all times. Pay attention.”

Her reply, “Yes Sir,” was soft, almost tentative because someone else was there.

The hand that was touching her hair, left, which told her it was his. She longed for him to touch her again, comfort her, hold her, but then she felt a hand rougher than his lay flat on her chest. His touch was firm and caused her to raise her back a little because it was foreign.

“Lay back baby,” she heard from the foot of the bed. He didn’t lie. He was watching and would be there, that thought took her somewhere deep, somewhere that told her this was okay. Relaxing, she let her body take in all the sensations. She felt the hand that was on her chest move down over her breast, pausing a moment to pinch her nipple through the fabric. Letting out another small whimper, his hand continued down her body and over her panties, down between her legs.

“What do we have here?” he asked. She didn’t say anything and then she heard his voice again from the foot of the bed.

“Our guest asked you a question, you are to respond. Remember your manners. By the way, you may call him by his name, Mark” her Sir said to her.

“Yes Sir,” she replied. She was relieved. She had hoped he wouldn’t make her call him Sir. She never wanted anyone else to have that title.

Then their guest asked her again as she felt him press a finger against the wet spot in her panties, “What is this?”

“My panties are wet. They were wet before you got here,” she said quickly, wanting him to know that her Sir did this to her, not him. She heard him laugh a little as he pressed his finger deeper in between her folds, pushing her panties into her wetness.

“You are one wet little slut. Aren’t you?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, I am a wet slut, my Sir’s wet slut,” she responded with a little hint of frustration in her voice.

This was going to be harder than they both thought and then her Sir once again reminded her, “Baby, If you disrespect him, you disrespect me and you know the punishment for that. Do you want a punishment in front of Mark?” he asked.

“No Sir,” she answered quickly. “I’m sorry Sir. I’ll be good.”

“That’s better.”

During that exchange, Mark’s hand never left her panties, In fact, he was continuing to work the fabric between her folds, getting them even more wet. Then she felt him gently tapping her pussy with his palm. She let out a small moan and began to let herself relax. He kept tapping her pussy and soon she was raising her hips a bit trying to reach his hand.

“She responds beautifully,” Mark said to her Sir, talking as if she wasn’t there. Sir didn’t respond, but she knew he was still there.

All of a sudden she realized that there was no way their guest could take her panties off the way she was bound. She felt a sense of relief at that moment. Maybe, just maybe she wouldn’t be more exposed to him than she already was at the time she thought. However, in reality, the panties offered her little protection. In fact, they may have heightened the sensations she was feeling because she felt the wet fabric against her and it reminded her of how aroused she truly was at that moment.

Letting his taps of her pussy lighten, she started moving her head side to side gently. She was losing herself, but then she felt him firmly pull her panties to the side, giving him access to her. Quickly she felt him slide a finger in her. Gasping and whimpering, she heard her Sir say, “That’s it baby. Let him hear you. Let me hear you.” That reminded her that she was doing this for him.

Having his permission, the signs and moans got a little louder as Mark slid his finger faster in and out of her pussy, taking time to spread the moisture up to her clit.

Her breathing was becoming more ragged and then suddenly she felt two fingers enter her not just one. She was full and let out a loud moan. If this was Sir’s hands, she likely would have already been begging to come, but although she wasn’t far, it wasn’t the same. Then she felt him try to slide a a third finger inter her and she tried to squirm away. Grabbing her thigh gently, he tried to steady her, but then she heard Sir’s voice again, this time directed towards Mark.

“Gentle, remember gentle. No more than two fingers. I don’t want her stretched out,” he said matter of factly.

Letting out another deep breath, she was once again relaxed. He knew she was always aware of how small her pussy was and only on the times where they had a lot of playtime to get her relaxed did he ever try to use more than two fingers in her or any larger toys, and he knew that tonight of all times, she wouldn’t be as relaxed as needed for more than that and didn’t want her hurt. Plus, her tight pussy brought him quite a bit of pleasure and he didn’t want to jeopardize that especially since he planned on using her well after Mark left, but she didn’t know that.

Feeling Mark’s two fingers in her again starting to move rhythmically, she felt his other hand start to rub her swollen and wet clit. She started to feel her pussy walls start contracting around his fingers and she let out, “Sir, may I please come? I need to come Sir.”

“No baby. Not yet,” was his short response. Her body getting rigid, fighting off her orgasm, she groaned in frustration and tried to find the strength to stop from coming. However, Mark didn’t let up on her at all. In fact, his fingers started moving faster almost willing her to come around them without permission. They both could tell she was fighting her release.

When Mark realized she wouldn’t be coming, he removed his fingers from her pussy and used his hands to put the top of her babydoll down, releasing her breasts, exposing her nipples to the cold air of the room. Her nipples immediately started to harden, but then she felt him take each one between his thumbs as he squeezed and twisted a little, harder than she was used to or so it felt. Letting out another groan, he kept pinching and twisting. Then all of a sudden she felt his fingers leave her nipples. All too soon though they were replaced by some clamps, but she was confused because as the clamps went in place she felt a finger in the lips of her pussy.

“Oh god,” was all she managed to say as Sir said to her, “Very nice baby.” He needed to feel how her body was reacting, but he was quick. She wished more than anything that he’d play with her. Did she want two sets of hands on her? She liked that thought, but she was denied that pleasure this time. She heard Sir sit back down and Mark said to him, “I want to see her ass.”

She felt the tethers tied to her ankles being loosened one by one and soon her legs were free.

“Uh oh,” she thought to herself as the second ankle was freed and she felt Mark’s hands at the side of her hips, sliding his fingers under the sides of her panties to pull them off. She knew she could resist now that her legs were free, but she knew better and lifted her bottom a bit to make it easier.

“Good girl,” she heard Sir say. She smiled and felt joy fill her as she felt Mark try to flip her on her tummy.

“Hmmm…,” she thought to herself, “So this is why is why he bound my arms like this,” as she realized she didn’t have to be released completely to be repositioned. Flipping her over, she felt Mark’s hands start massaging her lower back. As he massaged her lower back, he worked his way down over her bottom and then she realized the nipple clamps were still on. The pressure from the mattress now made the clamps feel as if they got tighter, but she knew that was just her mind.

As his hands worked her bottom, she started to move her thighs together trying to get some relief between her legs. Noticing what she was doing, she heard the voice from the footboard again order her, “Keep them apart baby. I want to see how well your pussy is responding to his touches.” That statement got her even more wet. Was being with someone else arousing her? Was it the fact that Sir was watching her exciting her more exciting or was it just because she was doing it for him that she was so aroused? There was no doubt what the answer was in her mind.

As one of Mark’s hands continued to rub her bottom, his other hand slipped between her legs once again, entering her from behind. “Uggghhhhh,” she moaned. “Up on your knees,” Mark told her. She struggled a bit with her hands tied, but managed to get up on her knees, displaying her bottom. His finger never left her pussy as she got in position. How she loved being entered from behind. It felt like everything was deeper that way. Now that her legs were free, she was able to move herself against his finger and she did. Rolling her hips back trying to get more of her finger inside of her, she was getting greedy now. Mark was encouraging her, telling her to take his finger and how much he wished it was his cock. That made her wonder… Would he? … As his finger moved faster, she heard him moisten his other hand with his mouth and then placed his moistened finger at the entrance of her ass. He was going to fill both holes. “Did he know how hot this made her?” she questioned herself. Again, she started losing herself in the moment, and she heard Sir ask her, “Do you want to come baby? Do you need to come?”

“Yes Sir, Please Sir, I need to come, Please let me come….” she begged.

“No baby. You are not to come. In fact, because your pleasure belongs to me, you will only come for me,” he told her as Mark’s fingers started moving quicker in and out each of her holes.

“UUUUUGGGHHHHHHHH,” she screamed as the frustration and tension grew between her legs and Mark removed the finger from her bottom, using that hand to spank her. “Uggghhhhhh,” she let out again. She had no idea how she wasn’t going to come. Her pussy was quivering around Mark’s fingers, but she would fight it. When she didn’t think she could fight it anymore, both of Mark’s hands left her body.

Hearing the familiar sound of a zipper being undone, she had to stop herself from using her word. She got tense as she felt him push her over by her hips, flipping her over again so that she was on her back. He cupped her pussy, using his palm to press against her clit while at the same time entering her with his finger again. Despite being scared, her body responded and her hips began moving against his hand.

“That’s it baby,” Sir said to her, “Feel it. Feel your body. It is hungry baby.”

“Uggghhh…Please Sir, please, I need to come.”

“No baby. No.” he ordered her. Groaning louder, she felt the weight of someone getting on the bed. She knew at that moment that if she was going to feel a cock in her pussy, no matter whose it was, that she would come. She couldn’t. She didn’t want to get in trouble because she knew he’d make her pay for that later.

She felt the weight on the bed shift up, closer to her chest and then she could sense that he was kneeling over her. She knew it had to be Mark as she had just heard Sir’s voice from the foot of the bed. She could feel the fabric of his pants next to her shoulders. She was surprised that he was still dressed, but that turned her on even more. She loved being used while her Sir was still dressed and Sir knew it.

Although she was pretty sure she knew what was going to happen next, she heard Sir tell her, “Baby, I told Mark, how much I loved using your mouth. He wanted to feel it for himself, so, be sure to do your best to please him,” as she felt Mark lean over her, brushing the tip of his cock over her lips, almost tracing her mouth. Opening her mouth slightly, she tentatively let her tongue out of her mouth, to feel him. He teased her, by using his hand to direct his cock away from her tongue as he held onto the bed frame with his other hand, steadying himself.

He was practically making her beg with her tongue as she tried to find it. Abrubtly, he decided he had had enough teasing and entered her mouth, groaning as he did. She realized that he felt different than Sir. He tasted different. Saltier.

“Take him all the way in your mouth,” Sir said to her. That made her moan around Mark’s cock, spurring him on to start moving in and out of her mouth. She tried to let him all the way into her mouth, trying to keep her mouth and head relaxed. She ran her tongue along the underside of his cock, and heard him groan even more, quickening the pace as she breathed in and out of her nose since she couldn’t stop to take a breath. She had no control of his pace and tried her best to keep her lips wrapped around him.

“Suck it. Take it all,” she heard Mark say above her. Urging her on, she could tell he was close to coming. Was he going to come in her mouth? She wasn’t sure. She didn’t know what they had planned. She’d swallow if she had to, but something told her that his taste would be different and she wasn’t sure how she’d feel or if she’d really be able to do it.

She sucked harder, willing him on. She was kind of pleased that it didn’t take too long to get him so close to coming and she began moving her tongue faster, running up and down his length, feeling the ridges that were new to her and without warning, he pulled out of her mouth as she heard him groan louder and felt the first splash of his liquid hit her chest. She felt about three more squirts as she could sense he was spent over her. Feeling him lift one of his knees over her, she could tell that he was now sitting next to her on the bed. She heard him zip up his pants and then felt his hands reach down to remove the clamps on her nipples. Letting out a small scream, she felt his hands on her chest again, rubbing what he left of himself into her chest almost as if he was leaving his mark.

“I’m going to have that mouth another time,” Mark said to Sir. She sighed, realizing this may not have been a one time deal. She felt her pussy spasm at that thought as she felt the weight from the bed lift and heard footsteps going towards the bathroom where water started running in the sink. Feeling a hand glide up her leg, she wasn’t sure whose hand it was at first, but she quickly recognized that touch. It was a touch she’d never get tired of and she was so happy it was His. He slid his hand between her legs and again tested how wet she was as he leaned down and kissed her, whispering between kisses, “Thank you baby.” She sighed. Content and happy that she had pleased him.

Leaving her side briefly, she heard him talking to Mark. She couldn’t hear everything they were saying, but she swore she heard the phrase “next time” and she squirmed, her hands still bound to the bed. She laid there wet, wanting and needy as she heard the door open and close. Her senses were all heightened as she waited and heard the door lock. Relaxing a bit, she started to hear the shuffle of clothes being removed and her smile broadened. Then she felt the bed shift again as she smelled his scent as he leaned over and used his hand to part and bend her legs. Then she felt it, his cock was at the entrance of her pussy and as he entered her in one swift motion, he reminded her, “Mine. This is mine. You are mine. Come for me,” and she did. She let everything she had been holding back out, screaming, losing all control of her body, feeling her pussy spasm around him. He wasn’t far from coming after watching the events that transpired and the feeling of her coming around him, but he let her feel him take her over and over again, leaving her empty before pushing himself all the way back into her. “I need to feel you come again baby, give it to me,” he said as he went what she felt was even deeper and harder inside of her. “Yes Daddy,” she cried out for him, as he poured himself into her. “Uuuuuuuuuugghhhhhh,” was all she could manage as she felt him pull out of her.

As he knelt over her waist, he reached up to untie her blindfold and the tethers holding her arms above her head and took the cuffs off her wrists. He took a moment to admire the red bow, that was still tied around her lower arms. He thought to himself that he was going to keep that ribbon as a reminder of tonight and the gift that she gave him, and just as he reached down with his face to kiss her, she pulled her bound arms down around his head, pulling him closer to her. She whispered to him gently, “Thank you Daddy. I won’t forget tonight.” He reached for her lips with his one more time as he rolled her over so she was on top of him and pulled her into his chest and told her how much she pleased him before adding, “Next time I want to see your eyes as he takes your mouth while I’m in your pussy, but for the rest of the weekend, I will be the only one taking you or your mouth.” She gasped. Another promise. Once again, she was left to wonder when, but she didn’t care. She was his and that was all that was important to her as she felt herself melt into his body, her head on his chest.

“Sleep baby,” he told her as he kissed the top of her head. Letting out a sigh of contentment and peace, she drifted off to sleep, safe in his arms.

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