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Private Party

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It was getting late and the party was showing signs of winding down. One by one our guests said their good-byes and took their leave until, by 2 AM, only myself, my husband David, and our best friend Jesse were left sitting at the small bar tucked in the corner of the dining room. The three of us were contemplating the last shimmering red jello shot that remained sitting on the bar. I picked it up and slurped it out of its small plastic cup, savoring the combined flavors of sweet cherry jello and vodka.

“Well, I guess this party is officially over,” I said, tossing the empty cup into the nearby waste basket.

“Yeah, I suppose,” Jesse agreed, sounding disappointed.

Poor Jesse, I thought. He and his wife were in the process of a divorce, and things were not going well. I knew he wasn’t looking forward to going back to his empty house.

“Hey, dude, you can always crash here if you want,” David said, seeming to read my mind.

I knew he wouldn’t stay, though. He never took up our offer of a place to crash. I got up from my bar stool, teetering precariously on unsteady feet for a moment, and headed for the bedroom. If I didn’t lay down, I was going to fall down. I flopped down face first on the bed, and found myself dozing off to the drone of male voices coming from the other room. In my half-asleep, completely inebriated state of mind, I found myself fantasizing, or maybe dreaming, about the two men joining me in bed and having their way with me.

A few minutes (hours?) later, I was brought abruptly back to consciousness by a light burning through my eyelids. I opened my eyes, squinting into the light from the nearby table lamp. David was standing over me, talking to me I think, his lips moving but no recognizable sound coming out.

“Wha…?” I slurred, half sitting up on the bed.

“Jesse is taking off,” David repeated.

I looked up as Jesse walked into the room and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Hey, girlie, I gotta jet,” Jesse said, leaning in to give me a hug, his voice sounding distant and surreal to my vodka soaked brain

I wrapped my arms around his neck, inhaling his scent, a combination of beer, cigarettes and after shave. He smelled good to me, familiar after so many years of close friendship. I had always had a secret crush on him, and tonight, with my inhibitions lowered by alcohol, I found his scent extremely arousing. I could feel my pulse quicken, and a hot flush come over me. I wonder if he could feel the sudden heat radiating from my body. My senses became suddenly much more aware then they had been moments before, more aware then they had a right to be after the two dozen or so jello shots I had knocked back over the course of the evening.

The hug seemed to linger on, long after what would have been appropriate, and I pulled away, feeling awkward and embarrassed. I looked up and noticed that Jesse’s cheeks seemed a little flushed and he was breathing a little heavy. I shot a quick glance over at David, who was leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest, watching us intently. There was a sudden knock at the front door, breaking the tension and startling the hell out of all three of us. David hesitated a moment, then walked down the hall to answer the door. I heard the door open and the sound of David’s voice along with another vaguely familiar man’s voice.

I turned to look at Jesse and opened my mouth to say something, anything, to explain away the uncomfortable moment that had just passed. Before I could say a word, though, he grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me against him, pressing his mouth passionately against mine. His tongue slipped past my parted lips, and before I could even put two coherent thoughts together, I found myself responding. I wrapped my arms around him, digging my fingers into his back, wanting to pull him into me, harder, deeper, as we devoured each other.

“That was just Ed,” I heard David announced as he came back into he room. “He forgot…his…..coat…..”

Jesse and I forced ourselves apart, and turned to face my husband. David was standing in the doorway, a look of disbelief on his face. His eyes jumped back and forth, from my face to Jesse’s, trying to decide who to direct his anger at, who was the bigger traitor, his wife, or his best friend.

“Dave, man, oh my God, I don’t…I’m so sorry,” Jesse stammered, rising from the bed. “I don’t know what came over me.”

David was livid, I could see his fists clenching by his sides, and I wondered if he would hit Jesse. He certainly looked like he wanted to. His high cheekbones burned a deep red, and the veins in his temples were visibly pulsing. I looked at the two men, ashamed to find myself turned on over this confrontation, over the fact that these two males, who both desired me, might come to blows over the matter.

I looked them both over. First my husband, tall, dark and handsome, his body sleek and toned, his deep brown eyes blazing with whiskey-fueled rage. Then Jesse, with his sandy colored curls, a little soft around the middle from drowning his sorrows in too much beer, his usually mischievous blue eyes now filled with shame and just a little bit of fear. I realized how much I wanted them both. I had to put a stop to this fight, had to find a way to salvage our friendship, had to find a way to get them both into my bed.

“Guys, c’mon, this isn’t worth fighting over,” I said.

“Not worth fighting over?” David sputtered incredulously. “I walk into my bedroom and find my best friend kissing my wife, and I’m supposed to be ok with that?”

I climbed off the bed and put myself between the two of them. I leaned against David’s chest, reaching up to pull his mouth down to mine. At first he resisted, but after a few moments of feeling my soft curves pressed against him, I felt the tension melt from his body. He kissed me hard, leaving me breathless, panting. When he released me I was so weak-kneed that I stumbled backwards, only to find myself being caught in Jesse’s embrace.

The feel of Jesse’s firm chest against my back and his arms around my waist inflamed my growing arousal even more. I leaned my head back onto his shoulder and felt his warm breath against my neck and a shiver ran down my spine. He turned his face and brushed his lips against my skin and I found myself reaching back over my shoulder to run my fingers through his soft curls. With the other hand I reached for David, grabbing his wrist and placing his hand on my breast.

“Please…,” I whispered.

David’s hand closed over my breast, his thumb sliding over to tease the erect nipple pushing against my t-shirt. I moaned softly, vaguely aware that Jesse’s hands were slipping my shirt up, baring first my belly, then my breasts, then it was up over my head and discarded on the floor. I stood between the two men, shirtless, my nipples hard with anticipation. I could feel the soft, fuzzy texture of Jesse’s sweater pressed against my bare back, his body heat seeping through so that my exposed front felt chilled in comparison. His soft, warm lips nibbled their way up my neck to my ear. David cupped my breasts in his hands, his lightly calloused palms sending jolts of pleasure through my body. He stepped closer to me, pressing his body against mine, and kissed me, his warm breath laced with the scent of Jack Daniels, making me feel intoxicated all over again. I was so turned on I felt like I might pass out from the blood rushing from my brain to my groin.

Reluctantly I wiggled out from between them and finished removing my clothes. I stood before them, allowing them to gaze upon my nakedness. I could feel their eyes burning trails across my flesh. I wanted them both to touch me so bad. My nipples tingled, so rigid it was painful for them not to be touched. My pussy was oozing its wetness onto my upper thighs. How long would they just stand there and look at me? When were they going to fuck me? I turned and climbed onto the bed, sprawling out on my back with my thighs spread so they could see how aroused I was.

I reached down with one hand and slid a finger between my lips. I teased it over my hard clit, moaning softly at the sensation. I looked over and saw that David was quickly shedding his clothes. First his shirt, the buttons popping off in his haste, then his jeans. Jesse hadn’t moved, I could see that he was nearly panting now, his obvious erection bulging in his pants. As David climbed onto the bed, stretching his body out on top of mine, I beaconed for Jesse to come to me as well. He walked over to the edge of the bed and looked down at me, his eyes glazed with lust, his lips slack. I reached out and ran my hand over the hard cock I could see outlined against his leg. I stroked it a few times, and he let out a low groan.

David was now kissing and biting at my neck, working his was slowly down over my collarbones, and across the swell of my breasts until he finally reached my nipples. He ran his tongue over one of them and I gasped, gripping Jesse’s throbbing shaft harder, stroking it faster. Jesse ripped his fly open and put his hot, bare flesh into my palm, allowing me to stroke him more pleasurably. David’s tongue was flitting around my nipple, teasing the little pink tip until a begged him to take it into his mouth and suck it. Instead he switched to the other side, repeating the same torturous feathery light tongue lashes. I was so wet now, and I squeezed my thighs together, feeling my slippery wet lips slid around and over my throbbing clit.

“Eat my pussy, please,” I begged my husband.

He gave my nipple one last taste, then started an agonizingly slow path down my belly. He kissed and licked every inch of flesh that stood between him and my cunt. I alternately shivered and giggled as he teased and tickled his way down my body. I left off stroking Jesse’s cock and tugged down on his pants, signaling him to strip off his clothes. He obliged quickly, his swollen member looking so desperate for release that he would have done anything I told him to at that moment. He returned to my side and I slid my upper body closer to the edge of the bed and pulled him to my warm and inviting mouth. I slid my lips over the straining purple head, and he had to grab onto the bedpost to keep from falling down.

David’s tongue had finally finished its journey and had arrived at its destination. The first sensation of his tongue sliding over my aching clit was pure heaven. I let Jesse’s cock slide out of my mouth and just lay there, gasping and panting at the delicious wetness of David’s tongue lapping the length of my swollen cunt.

Jesse, enthralled by the vision of my pleasure racked body, dropped to his knees beside the bed. His lips found mind, his tongue seeming to echo the rhythm of the tongue sliding between my lower set of lips. He then kissed his way down my neck, and then lower still until he reached the hard bud of my right breast. He slid his tongue over and around it until it had reached a level of sensitivity I had not thought possible. The dual sensation of one hot, wet, delicately textured tongue fluttering over my throbbing nipple and another fluttering over my throbbing clit was almost more then I could stand.

I felt my hips start to heave up from the bed in rhythmic thrusts as my orgasm built. My whole world was filled with the sensations of those two tongues as they teased and licked and tickled my most sensitive nerve endings. David’s tongue was moving in feather-light swirls, circling the edges of my clit with the occasional quick flick across it. Jesse was teasing his tongue directly on the very tip of my nipple, so lightly that it was almost undetectable. I arched my back desperate for more contact. I was so close to cumming now that I could barely breath.

The pressure building in my pussy was approaching critical mass. I swayed on a razor’s edge of pleasure. So close, wanting release so bad, yet unwilling to let this sublime torture end just yet. Then David sucked my clit between his lips, and I couldn’t hold back anymore. I exploded as he lightly slid my pulsing little bud in and out between his lips. Jesse continued to tease my nipple, licking and sucking it as I writhed beneath him.

“Oh, God, yes,” I groaned. “Suck my clit just like that, don’t stop.”

I shuddered as endless spasms of pleasure shot through me. I could feel my wetness seeping out, soaking the sheet under my ass. I thrust my hips up with each wave of pleasure, grinding my cunt against David’s face. Just when I thought I would faint from ecstasy, the orgasm began to subside. I lay there panting, stars swimming before my eyes. David was still laying between my legs, this cheek resting on my inner thigh. He looked up at me, his eyes glazed with lust. I looked up at Jesse who still knelt by my side. His chest heaved, his forehead beaded with sweat.

I sat up and rolled onto my stomach. Rising up onto my hands and knees, I offered my wet, swollen opening to my husband as I pulled Jesse down onto the bed. Jesse’s erection thrust upwards towards my warm and welcoming mouth. My tongue ran along his full length then over his balls, his sack feeling cool and tight. He pushed his hips up, pleading for me to take him into my mouth.

“Please, suck my cock,” he gasped, twining his fingers into my long dark hair. “I can’t stand it anymore.”

Behind me, I could feel David rubbing the head of his cock along my slippery wet lips. I sighed with pleasure, anticipating the thrust that would send his rock hard shaft sliding into me. Just when I thought he would do nothing but tease me, I felt it push between my lips, parting the silken walls of my inner core. I pushed back to meet his thrust, groaning when his hot pulsing male flesh was fully sheathed within me. As David began to slowly move in and out, I slid my mouth down over Jesse’s throbbing member, swirling my tongue around the velvet flesh as he gasped and moaned, his hands gently guiding my head up and down faster and faster as his orgasm became imminent. David was also quickening his pace, grunting with the exertion as he fucked me harder by the moment.

David began slapping me on the ass, lightly at first, then hard enough to sting. At first I got angry, then I realized how much hotter it made me feel. I thrust my ass back towards him, matching him stroke for stroke as he slammed into me. I moaned around the cock in my mouth, feeling my cunt begin to quiver with another approaching orgasm.

“You like that, whore,” David whispered from behind me. “You like me slapping your ass like the bitch that you are.”

I almost felt ashamed as I said yes, and begged him for more. It was getting difficult to continue sucking Jesse’s cock, and I let it slide from my mouth, much to his dismay.

“Oh, Christ, I’m so close, don’t you dare fucking stop,” Jesse whimpered, trying to push my head back into position.

I barely heard him though, I only buried my face in his stomach and moaned helplessly as my pussy spasmed, so close to cumming I cared about nothing else. But David pulled his length almost all the way out, teasing me with small shallow thrusts that drove me insane but did little to bring my hot pussy the relief it needed.

“Suck my friend’s cock, whore,” He demanded in a low, husky voice that I knew meant he was close to his own release. “I wanna see him blow his load down your throat before I let you cum.”

“Please, baby, I’ll suck his cock, just let me cum,” I begged. “I promise I’ll make him cum harder then he’s ever cum before.”

David thrust back into me, deep and hard, bringing me that much closer to the brink, then pulled back out and resumed the short teasing thrusts that I knew would keep us both on the edge indefinitely. Almost on the verge of tears from the frustration I was experiencing, I allowed Jesse to slid his erection back between my lips.

“That’s right, slut,” David crooned, “This is what you wanted isn’t it? Two men in your bed?”

“Oh, yeah, baby,” I gasped around Jesse’s cock, the cruel taunts inflaming my lust even more.

Jesse’s hips began to move in rhythmic spasms, his fingers digging hard into my scalp. I felt his flesh swell harder and hotter against my tongue and knew he was about have his release. I braced myself, ready for the explosion.

“Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Jesse gasped breathlessly.

My mouth was suddenly flooded with the bitter-salt taste of Jesse’s orgasm. He convulsed beneath me, wrapping his arms around my head as he moaned and grunted his pleasure. At the same time David slammed the full length of his hardness into me and began fucking me fast and furiously. I cried out, almost choking on the river of cum running down my throat. I continued to suck and lick through the duration of Jesse’s orgasm even as I felt my own body begin to quake from the onslaught of sensation that David was driving into my pussy.

Finally, when I didn’t think I could keep it up any longer, Jesse’s spent and softening manhood slid out from between my lips and I able to focus on the unbearably delightful friction that was taking over my senses. Jesse, now sated, reached over to fondle my breasts, tickling my hard nipples with feather-light fingertips, increasing what was already unbelievable ecstasy. David’s rhythm was starting to become erratic, and I knew he was about to cum. I ground my ass against his pelvis as his cock began to twitch and pulse inside me.

“Oh, yeah, oh, fuck, yeah,” David groaned into my ear.

David’s throbbing flesh released its load, flooding my insides with his boiling hot essence. The heat, along with the wild pulsation of his release, and the gentle fingers teasing my super-sensitive nipples, finally made my cunt melt into a wet, quivering frenzy of pleasure. David reached around and slid his fingers between my sopping wet lips, stroking my rigid clit as it pulsed and shivered its way through one of the hardest orgasms I’d ever had. I felt waves of muscle contractions rippled along the length of David’s still spasming cock as we finished coming together.

Our slick, sweaty bodies, pushed to the limits of exhaustion, finally collapsed with Jesse beneath us. David rolled off to one side, and the three of us lay there, nobody wanting to get up. I felt comfortable nestled between my two lovers, their warm, naked flesh pressing against me on both sides. I felt so satisfied, my body drained as it had never been before, feeling as if I was floating on a cloud of post-orgasmic bliss. A glance to either side told me that both men were already sound asleep. I was so relaxed and exhausted, it wasn’t long before I, too, drifted off into a deep satisfied sleep.

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