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Working Late

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I think the song goes “Deadlines and Commitments. What to leave in, what to leave out….” I live that line. As soon as I meet one commitment another deadline comes along. It cost me my marriage because I eat, sleep and breathe work.

My life was really boring. That changed one night.

I found myself alone working late into the evening on yet another deadline. All my Coworkers had gone home hours earlier. Hector the janitor stopped by my office.

Hector’s family was from Mexico but he had lived all his life in LA. He was about 5’9 and muscular. Hector had black hair and dark Hispanic features.

I am just little taller than Hector at 5’11 but a bit on the skinny side. I have blond hair and blue eyes.

“Steve, You working late again. They must pay you a lot. Your always here late.”

I laughed. They did pay me well but I wasn’t about to let the janitor know just how much. He seemed like a cool enough guy. We had developed a passing friendship. Often Hector, Jerome the night watchman and myself were the only ones in the building.

Hector said, “Talk to you later man, I got to clean out the storage room.”

About an hour after Hector left I decided I needed a break. I went to the bathroom. On my way back to my office I heard some moaning coming from the break room. I opened the door and Hector was watching porno on the tv/vcr combo in the lounge. His pants were down around his ankles and Hector was fisting his rather large uncut brown cock. He didn’t hear me come in. I stood there fascinated watching my Mexican friend jack off. I was very turned on by Hector masturbating in front of me.

I rubbed my cock through my pants as the Hector approached ejaculation.

He came all over his hand and shirt. Then he did something that shocked me. Hector licked the cum from his fingers like it was cake batter.

The erotic sight of my macho Hispanic friend eating his cum caused me to unload in my pants. The feeling of my jerking cock rubbing my underwear was incredible.

I regained some of my senses and quickly left the lounge.

I immediately ran into Jerome. I fell down as I bounced off of him.

Jerome is about 6’3″ and his skin is very dark black. He keeps his head shaved smooth. The guard uniform he wears shows off his muscular frame. I am sure he played football at some time in the past. He is built like a linebacker.

I apologized, “Sorry about that Jerome.”

“You ok Steve? Where are you headed in such a hurry?” Jerome said as he helped me up.

Embarrassed I made some lame excuse.

Jerome said, “It looks like you spilled something on yourself.” He pointed out the growing wet spot on my pants.

I excused myself and went to the bathroom to clean up. It was a close call but I didn’t get caught.

While wiping cum out of my pants, I remembered Hector tasting his load. With out really thinking about it I scooped a good amount and rubbed it on my lips. Tasting my cum, I discovered it wasn’t half bad.

I heard someone entering the restroom. I had to think fast. I quickly went to the urinal.

I froze when Hector stepped up to urinal next to me.

He said, “Hey Steve”


“You working hard or hardly working?”

I laughed nervously at his corny joke.

There wasn’t a divider between the urinals so when Hector hauled out his brown sausage I saw it out the corner of my eye. I couldn’t help but take a peek.

Hector then said something that changed my life forever, “Did you enjoy the show.”


“Earlier did you enjoy the show?”

I stared directly at the wall not knowing what to do.

“Easy Steve, it’s cool.”

Hector had finished pissing but he didn’t put his cock away. Instead he pealed the foreskin back to reveal his fat brown mushroom head.

I stared at his cock. My dick grew hard in my hand.

He slowly stroked his growing cock. I wanted to leave or tell him to fuck off. I couldn’t I just stood there holding my dick as Hector jacked off next to me.

He said, “Hey Steve how about giving a guy a hand.” As if in a trance, my hand reached for his brown cock. It was hot to the touch and fatter around than mine.

“That’s it jack my cock.”

I complied, stroking my cock in time with Hectors. I jacked Hector’s cock for a few minutes.

“The bathroom is too risky, let’s go to your office.”

When we got to my office, I shut the door.

Hector pushed me to my knees and said, “Suck my dick man. You want to taste my brown cock so here is your chance.”

I open my mouth to protest. Hector forced his cock into my open mouth. It smelled sweaty, manly and funky all at once. It tasted salty but not bad. I found myself enjoying sucking cock.

“That’s it suck my cock. I have wanted to fuck your mouth for months now.”

The thought that Hector had been lusting after me for a while both disturbed and thrilled me at the same time.

Hector came quickly. His hot load filled my mouth. A small amount of cum dripped down my chin. His brown cock softened in my Mouth.

Hector said, “Steve, your one hell of a cock sucker. Thank. See you later.” He zipped up and left me licking my fingers. It was amazing, I felt so excited. I cleaned up as best as I could.

I sat at my desk re-living, the whole encounter over and over again. I kept remembering the smell of Hector’s cock, the feel of that brown dick sliding past my lips, and the taste of his hot load. I was a little scared that he would show up at my office at some later time to make fun of me for sucking his cock.

As excited as I was, I knew what had happened could never happen again. The scandal it would cause was too risky to ignore. I could lose my job. Also I wasn’t gay. I could imagine the talk around the water cooler.

They would say things like, “Hey you know that guy Steve over in engineering, well I heard from Hector that he loves sucking cock. In fact he begged Hector to suck his cock. I always thought that Steve was little odd. I didn’t know he was a cocksucking fag.”

I knew my imagination was getting away from me but for a homophobic guy who had just had his world turned upside down, I imagined the worst. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I went home.

For the next few weeks, instead of working late I came in early to avoid Hector. I did plenty of soul searching and decided I was straight with slight bi-tendencies. It sounds stupid but you would be amazed at what a person can convince themselves. Apart from a few dreams of me sucking some anonymous brown cock until it shot cum all over my face, the whole incident was forgotten.

About a Month later, I had been working on another project and before I realized it, I was the only one left at the office. I had my head buried in some proposed solution to a problem when Hector showed up at my door.

“How it hanging. Long time no see.”

I replied nervously, “Hi Hector. How are things with you?”

We made small talk but didn’t mention our last encounter. I kept imagining his brown cock during the conversation and was glad when he left.

After he left. I thought that wasn’t too bad maybe he won’t say anything more about us. I was truly relieved.

Over the next week slowly I began to relax. Hector would stop by and chat occasionally but he never mentioned what had happened.

Then late on Friday that week, the office had cleared out early for the weekend but I needed to wrap up the latest project so I stayed late again. I had just finished the final touches on the last piece of the project. I had planned to go out after to celebrate. My phone rang it was Jerome the night watchman. He asked if I would stop by the security office on before leaving for the night. It seemed like an odd request but Jerome assured me it was no big deal so I locked up and went to Jerome’s station.

Jerome said, “Have a seat.” “No thanks. I have to go. What did you need?” “Steve, Did you know that this room is one the few offices that doesn’t have a security camera.” “No. So what.” “I see a whole lot of weird shit here. Like this.” He pressed play on a VCR.

I was shocked it was Hector standing at my desk. I was on my knees sucking his fat cock.

I said, “Stop it. Stop the tape.”

Jerome laughed, “Hector says you are one hell of a cocksucker. So I thought I bet Steve would do just about anything to not let his buddies know he likes sucking Mexican cock.”

Jerome unzipped his pants. He hauled out a heavyweight black cock. It was longer than Hector’s brown dick by at least two inches.

I said, “Jerome don’t do this. I am not gay.”

“But you like sucking cock. Or is it just brown cock you like.”


“No what. Look you have a choice. Suck my black dick and I will erase the tape or I will have to show this to my boss and the company will know about Steve the brown dick sucking fag.”

His cock was huge. I found myself wanting to lick it. Wanting to stroke it. I reached for his cock. Jerome laughed. He knew what my decision was.

I licked his hard ebony meat. He said, “That is a good little white boy. All you white boys love sucking Jerome’s nightstick. Almost as much as the white girls.”

I took as much of that man’s cock into my mouth as I could. Jerome grabbed the back of my head and forced me to swallow the rest of his dick. I almost choked.

Jerome let me catch my breath and then he forced fed me his nightstick like dick again. This went on until eventually I was able to suck almost all of his ebony cock without pause.

I heard Hector’s voice from the doorway. “See, I told you he is one hell of a cocksucker. You can tell he is new at it but you can’t beat the effort.”

Jerome replied, “Sure he can suck cock but can he handle getting fucked by my king sized black cock.”

I stopped sucking and said, “I am not getting fucked. No way.”

Jerome said, “Hey cocksucker, I wasn’t asking you. If I want to make you my fuck bitch, I will. Now suck my cock.”

I obeyed. I was scared of him.

Hector dropped his pants and slapped his brown cock up side my face a couple times.

Jerome grabbed me by the hair and said, “Open your eyes and look at me while you suck my cock.”

I looked up his dark black muscular torso into his eyes as I swallowed his nasty dick.

“Get undressed and go lay on the table over there.”

I undressed. I was ashamed that my cock was rock hard. I lay on the table on my back. The tabletop was shorter than my body, so my head and feet hung off the end. Jerome had me suck his black cock from that position. They decided that Hector fuck me first. He propped my feet on the table exposing my asshole. Hector lubed his brown fuckpole. As he pushed his cock past my virgin sphincter, I struggled on the table.

Hector said, “hold still man, relax and it will go in easier.”

I tried to concentrate on sucking Jerome’s huge black cock. The pain and pleasure of Hector’s invasion of my asshole kept drawing my attention to the Mexican janitor’s cock fucking me. At some point during the fucking and sucking the pleasure increased past the level of the discomfort and I began to really enjoy being fucked.

Jerome recognized the change in my attitude. He said, “It looks like Steve is enjoying getting you Mexican cock Hector. Lets see how he like my black dick.” They switched places.

Jerome’s enormous black monster felt like it was splitting me in two as he shoved it up my asshole. He didn’t pause, only kept forcing more of that fat salami up my tight hole. I opened my mouth to scream and Hector filled it with his nasty cock. Jerome laughed, “I love to watch them the first time my big fucker opens their hole up. At first you would think I was killing them.”

Hector said, “Fuck that ass bro. Steve how do you like that big black dick up your ass. What’s that? I can’t understand you. Have you ever heard it’s impolite to talk with your mouth full of cock?”

They both laughed at Hector’s joke.

Jerome’s huge cock rubbed prostrate as he fucked me. I had sporadically felt the same thing when Hector had fucked me. With Jerome it built steadily until the sensation was too much for me and I came all over myself. I had never heard of anything like it. Jerome had fucked the cum out of me. I didn’t even touch my cock. I guess the way my ass muscles gripped his cock caused Jerome to cum only moments after me. Not wanting to be left out Hector fucked my throat faster and came a massive load in mouth.

Jerome made Hector lick his cock clean. He said, “It looks like it is time for my rounds. Thanks the fuck Steve. Let me know when you want me to fuck you again.” He tucked his black cock into his uniform pants. Jerome left Hector and I alone.

Hector said, “Damn that Jerome he is a real ass but he sure has a nice fat cock.” I agreed as I lay there with his cum oozing from my well-fucked asshole. I was exhausted and tingling all over. Hector helped me get dressed. Somehow I managed to drive home. I called in sick the next day. My whole body was sore, especially my asshole. When I returned to work I found the surveillance tape on my desk. I was elated. Jerome was giving me an out. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to take it.

After some serious consideration, I left him a message with my home address, asking him to stop by over the weekend. I kept the tape as a souvenir.

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Bob wrote

Love reading about a virgin having both holes used near the end of this steamy hot 3way and him filled with cum break a guy in slowly and they come back for more have been a virgin once.