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Princess Heather

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It was her weekend at her father’s, and was, as always, a nice vacation from her boring life at her mothers. Being at her dad’s made her feel warm and happy, like she was a little girl again. She loved laying in the massive, ornate white canopy bed with its soft pink sheets and fluffy white comforters. This room was also her favorite backdrop for her adult amateur barely legal website.

Her dot-com had hundreds of regular members logging on to see Heather with her platinum hair, and tight tan body. She was a perfect little spoiled princess in her tiny outfits and tight little panties. She was a fucking tease, stripping down to barely nothing, rubbing suggestively on her bare belly and hips. She loved every second of it, and would get so turned on in every cam show that she would end up finger-fucking herself into crazy orgasms.

The day before she had a scheduled camshow, and she got ready and dressed as planed. With her blonde hair in messy curls and her make-up flawless, heather slipped into the minuscule cutoffs she had made the day before. The shorts had started off extremely short, and ended smaller than most skimpy panties. Heather added a hot pink bra, and a small white T-shirt, and 6″ pink heels. She was ready to go.

As she rolled around on her bed on the cam, the crotch of her shorts kept rubbing roughly against her clit, sending electrifying chills through her body. She followed the orders of her customers willingly, fucking her wet, virgin pussy for everyone to see. She moaned as she slammed her middle finger in her tight cunt. She arched her back, and licked and bit her lips, really putting on a show. Heather was really one dirty little fucking slut, or so thought her father, Troy, as he watched from a crack in the doorway. In all her excitement, she hadn’t even noticed when the door opened.

“You like it when I’m a bad girl, huh?” Heather asked her viewers breathlessly. “You like watching your little girl fuck her own pussy wishing it was your dick?”

Her father watched, awestruck. She was good. What a nasty little whore she’d grown into. But with those tight little brown thighs and round little teenage tits, he had to admit, he was glad. He rubbed his swelling cock, knowing it would soon be buried deep in the hot fucking slut he’d created nineteen years before.

“I’ve never had a dick in it before,” She spoke lustily, sliding in a second finger. This made her father’s thick cock grow even bigger. He stood, jacking his dick, completely engrossed in her show. He was already leaking pre-cum, and watching her writhe was almost too much to handle. He decided to cum once first, so that he could tear up her virgin pussy for even longer. She was a fucking tease, and her pussy was his whether she liked it or not. It wasn’t until he saw his filthy slut of a daughter grab her hair brush and start to stick it up her pussy that he lost control. He shot his huge load all over the hallway rug.

He watched her for a bit longer, contemplating his plan of attack. Watching the filthy display going on in front of him, it didn’t take long for Troy’s dick to start pumping blood again. It was show time. He zipped his pants, and pushed open the door.

“HEATHER! What are you DOING?!” He screamed angrily as he stormed through the door. She looked up in shock, her pretty little mouth opening in a surprised “O.” She laid in her big bed, completely helpless, staring up at her angry father. She hadn’t even pulled out the handle of her hairbrush.

“What is this, Heather? What do you think you’re doing?” Troy demanded, staring at her still-wet cunt. “In my home with your pussy spread open for the world to see? What a dirty little fucking whore. What kind of slut did I raise?”

Heather looked away, ashamed, her lower lip quivering. She knew she was a dirty fucking whore, but she wanted her daddy to think she was a princess. She was shocked when her daddy’s big hands pulled the hairbrush from her pussy, but even more shocked as it was replaced by one of his huge fingers. “DADDY!” She half-yelled, half-moaned. “NO!”

“What? You think you can show it off for the world, but I can’t check it out? Damn, I didn’t expect it to be that tight baby. You really are a virgin, huh?” He asked lustily, his finger slipping slowly in and out of his daughter’s tight hole. “Not for long.”

“Daddy, please…” Heather asked, eyes glassy with tears. “Stop!

He laughed softly and climbed on top of her, a sly smile on his face. “Tell me you want it baby, I know you do. Talk dirty to Daddy.”

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his long, thick cock. “Look at it baby, Look how hot you made Daddy,” he said, jerking it slowly until it was completely erect. He straddled her, putting one knee on each of her arms, his huge dick looming in front of her face. She stared up at him, mouth still open, still in shock. Troy could hardly control himself as he stared at the slut below him. She was breathing heavily and her big tits rose and fell with her breath. Her pussy was bare like a little girl’s and it drove him fucking wild. Watching her tiny body struggle beneath him made him feel so fucking powerful he could hardly wait another second.

“You gonna make this hard bitch? Don’t even act like you don’t want a dick in you, I saw you. Only filthy fucking cunts spread their legs for money babe.” He said, yanking her legs apart roughly and positioning himself between them. “That pussy’s mine.”

He positioned his head at the opening of her tight hole, ignoring her whimpers. He laid on top of her, his body weight holding her in place. She gasped loudly for air as he rammed his thick 10″ cock in her body.

“Oh GOD, Daddy! Fuck, that hurts. Oh My God, Pull out daddy! Please!”

“Shhhhh,” He more breathed than whispered, his whole body humming with pleasure. He was almost shaking, the moist, wet hole squeezing tightly on his cock as she adjusted to it. He waited until he felt her tiny hips pressing up against him to ask, “‘You really want me to stop babe?”

She didn’t answer immediately, so he pulled out slowly, grabbed her shoulders for leverage, and pushed his hips back into her. She gasped loudly as his dick buried itself deep inside her. His lips met her ear, “Do you want me to pull out?” He continued his slow, deep thrusting.

“No,” she whimpered softly. “Don’t stop Daddy. Fuck me.”

That was all the encouragement he needed. He grabbed her tight tan thighs and shoved them closed around his dick. Her already tight virgin cunt gripped his dick like no pussy he’d ever felt before. He laid his body on top of her, and rammed his huge cock deep inside his daughter’s pussy. Hearing her moan only made his dick swell even larger. He watched her with lusty, half-closed eyes as she licked and bit her full, pink lips.

“Daddy, it HURTS,” she whispered, to his delight.

“Oh, I know, baby, but I feel fuckin’ great. God, you’re a filthy slut. I can’t get over that show you gave me.”

“You liked it, Daddy?” Heather asked, her breath quickening. “You’re gonna make me cum.”

“You’re dirtier that I though, you little whore. Cum on your daddy’s dick baby.”

“Fuck your little girl’s pussy, Daddy! Harder!” Her tight cunt was stretched around his massive cock and he was grinding against her clit with every stroke. As much as she tried to fight it, she couldn’t. “Oh Daddy, keep doing that.”

Heather came like the little pornstar that she was, eyes rolled back, mouth open, begging for her daddy not to stop fucking her pussy. As soon as her spasms stopped, Troy pulled out and jumped up, his dick landing on his daughter’s face with a ‘thud.’ Hot, salty cum leaked out over her lips and cheek. She moaned, and opened her mouth, struggling to get all of the cum she could. He held down her arms, watching her try to lick up his cum, enjoying seeing his seed all over her face.

He leaned closer and whispered, “Next time, I’m cumming in your pussy.”

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