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Her back was hurting.

Kate would never admit that of course, but as she waited bent over at the waist, delicate wrists encased in the heavy wooden stocks, it was hard not to notice the tugging ache in the base of her spine.

For the first few hours she had proudly kept her chin up, meeting the eyes of everyone that walked past.

Kate had ignored the laughter in their eyes, and pretended not to see the darker lusty looks of some of the men. She had never been one of these people, these simple workers on her Masters property.

It made no difference that she held no ill will towards them, she was different. Belonging to a powerful Man such as her Master was a double edged sword. Received like nobility by those who by rights should have looked down their long noses at her, but coolly excluded by those who were essentially as much possessions as she was.

The thick leather restraints chafed at her ankles as she tried to adjust her feet for what seemed like the millionth time. The initial outrage and defiance that had kept her slender frame rigid and unyielding had long since dissipated into woeful humiliation.

These stocks had not been used for a long time, serving mainly as a deterrent to petty thievery and violence within the walls of her Master’s home. She was certain her look of pure disbelief when she had learned of her punishment had kept Him amused for most of the day.

Looking down at the ground, for there was nowhere else to look, she grimaced…her long silken tresses, so carefully tended had long since tumbled into the dirt. Tragically fitting considering her tumble from prized possession to public example. She knew it wasn’t right nor fair to think such things, and her pride and logic had been warring endlessly inside her head for as long as she had been restrained like this.

Footsteps shuffled past and without bothering to lift her head she could tell it was the kitchen women, their not so quite whispers drifting to her ears as they passed snickering and probably pointing…

“Not so precious now is she”, “…justice for such a wanton slut”.

Their callous words slice through her rapidly weakening armor. Could they be right? Was her Master tired of her? Had He finally grown weary of her proud behavior? Was He even now, planning how to be rid of her?

Her sharp little teeth worried her bottom lip to the point of bleeding, her mind racing with the awful possibilities. No NO…He couldn’t do such a thing, she was proud and sometimes difficult but He had always understood her so completely…transforming her from an untrusting sharp tongued baggage into His own sultry insatiable pet. He knew every inch of her body intimately and could bring her the most intensely erotic pleasure with so little effort.

She in turn had been beyond eager to learn to please Him, her passionate nature transforming into liquid heat when it came to things of a carnal nature. He had told her time and time again that it was never enough, that He could never tire of her greedy desire to learn more and try anything that might make His pleasure more powerful than the last.

Hot bitter tears threaten to spill across her cheeks, the cruel sting of helpless panic trickling through her. Until she can hear them…heavy even footsteps coming toward her. Trying to calm her heart to at least a steady gallop she sniffs and prepares to sincerely beg and plead for forgiveness.

“Not a word I warn you”

Her Master’s gruff voice soaks through her bones like a warm caress. He had come for her. A single tear scalds its way across her cheek with relief.

The worn chocolaty leather of His boots comes into her view as He stands before her. Silent for so long that she wonders if she should begin to plead for forgiveness, but then He moves.

Crouching down in front of her, the thick fingers she loves so much pull back the tangled canopy of her hair to see her face. Not daring to lift her eyes she stares at His feet, her cheeks crimson with shame. His warm finger slides underneath her chin, lifting her face up to look at Him. His eyes are like steel, hard and unyielding as they bore into her own sorrowful gaze.

“Never, make me that angry again. Do you understand?”

His voice matches His eyes, the squeeze of shame on her heart tightening as she nods quickly, silently, careful to not make a sound.

The hardness of His gaze softens a little as He sighs, visibly relaxing as His head cocks to the side. Dark eyes sweep over her face, lingering on the slight tremble of her lip.

“You have something to say?”

Gulping in air to steady herself she wets her dry lips with her tongue.

“Forgive me m’Lord please”

Her voice is halting and rough, both from her long silence and the retreating panic swirling about within her. He studies her for a moment, taking in her disheveled appearance…wide green eyes shiny with tears, the softness of her cheeks crimson with shame and grimy from her day on display. Full sweet lips dry and slightly trembling… His eyes darken slightly as He feels the telltale twinges in His loins. His sweet pet, so open and vulnerable like this.

Her heart leaps as He stands again before her, wriggling impatiently for release from the heavy restraints. His warm hand rests firmly on her back instead as He walks around her, stroking her skin through the delicate fabric of her gown.

“You know pretty pet, you look delicious like this, so helpless and… accessible.”

Her wriggling stills at His words, her eyes widening as He stops behind her. The blush staining her cheeks darkens with understanding. Her unsure voice stammers out quietly


Bending down to release the wide leather encasing her ankles, he smiles wolfishly to Himself. The thickening length of His erection already beginning to press against the confines of His breeches.

He’d been watching her all day, from the window in His library. Long golden tresses tumbling about her delicate face, the light cotton of her summer gown stretched tantalizingly over her hips and arse. Her pretty little breasts almost visible under the low dip of her neckline.

So proud and fragile was His girl. He’d seen His people laugh and jibe at her as they passed, watched her gradually deflate over the hours. He knew precisely the moment that she had lost her battle with herself. Content that the lesson was learned He was looking forward to the spoils of such a delicious situation.

Thick calloused fingers caress her delicate ankles as her legs are freed from their restraints. Gently stroking across the chafed skin, both soothing and stimulating, sending goose flesh prickling up the firm backs of her thighs in anticipation.

Strong hands stroke across her spine as He stands, looking her over intently. A gasp escapes her lips as she feels the soft fabric of her gown bunching in His hands as he draws the fabric up over her pale skin. Exposing her with deliberate slowness, inch by agonizing inch as the delicate cotton is drawn over her hips to rest in the small of her back. His murmur of satisfaction makes her tremble. Wide green eyes dart about the courtyard with embarrassment even as warm slick arousal drips through her.

An unladylike squeak of surprise bursts from her as He kicks her feet further apart. Opening and displaying her to His gaze. Her heartbeat begins to gallop as she feels His strong fingers caressing the soft globes of her arse. Slippery anticipation coating her exposed quim as her nipples pucker and strain against the neckline of her gown.

His gaze drags down across her arse, to the telltale signs of her arousal. A low hungry growl rumbling through His throat as He presses Himself against her, leaning over her prone form to whisper menacingly in her ear.

“Do you like being out here, exposed like this my little slut?”

Her eyes flutter closed, embarrassment at her arousal staining her cheeks even as she whimpers and writhes against Him eagerly.

“Anyone could see you, could hear you whimpering to be taken like the wanton pet that you are.”

A low needy mewl bubbles from her lips as she feels His fingers lightly graze the slick swelling lips of her cunny. Gently caressing back and forth, teasing her slippery flesh.

“Would you like them to watch? For them to see me plunging into your tight little body…would you like them to hear you moan and grunt and beg for release?”

His warm velvety voice draws forth another low moan as His thick finger pushes into the slippery entrance of her sex…sawing back and forth only enough to make her hands clench into fists of powerless frustration. The images of the scene He’s describing flickering in and out of her mind, hot rushes of shameful delight spilling through her blood at the thought of others seeing her need, her hunger, her passion for this Man.

The dark fires of His eyes sparkle as her body responds to His teasing and torment. His was such a responsive girl, so dark and naughty in all the right places. The silky wetness of her pussy bathing His finger with her desire. The familiar ache to be inside this delicious creature making His voice drop into almost a growl.

A second finger slides beside the first, both digits pushing firmly inside the wet heat of her pussy as she bucks and gasps. Her belly getting warm and tight with pleasure as they slide back and forth inside her, fucking her with long steady strokes. Her hips move on instinct, pushing back against the delicious intrusion, wanting more.

“Perhaps I should let them join in…let them mount you right here in the courtyard. Use you for their pleasure, thrust inside your velvety quim and fill you with their eager spunk. Would you like that, my sweet girl?”

A kittenish whimper is her only response as her back arches, her hot breath spilling from her open lips. Little grunts and moans of need slip out instinctively. The shame-filled girl of before replaced with her Masters writhing eager pet. Her slender hips pulsing and rocking, craving for more…throbbing for more.

“Perhaps, but not today my darling slut, today I want you all to myself. Your delicious body has been tempting me wickedly all day and I would have my fill of you. The only question is where…?”

With that His slippery fingers retreat from her heat, a raw moan of protest rumbling from her only to spill into a thick growl of pleasure as the slick digits slide across the tight pucker of her ass. Circling and pressing on her sensitive flesh, heat coiling in her belly with every movement.

“Where will it be my wicked girl? Hmm? Shall I squeeze in here? Where its dark and exquisite. Let your tender arse squeeze and clench around my cock until it bursts? Mmm…I cum so hard in Your ass Katie… and you scream so sweet.”

Writhing and whimpering…His wicked words drive her senses into a frenzy. Her toes curl in frantic anticipation… her body aching with need. She hisses as His touch returns to the throbbing slickness of her pussy. Rubbing and probing at the sensitive entrance as His low growls of promise drift across her back.

“Perhaps I should push inside your pretty quim? Pound you into these sturdy stocks and fill your belly with my cum. Would you like that baby? Do you want me to cum in here…?”

His thick finger curls inside her, rubbing at the delicate tissues inside her molten pussy until she mewls piteously. Trembling and writhing against His hand without thought.

With a wicked smile He reaches underneath her, tearing the delicate cotton of her gown down to free her pale breasts. His fingers deftly find the dusky nipples straining and aching for attention. Tugging and pinching at the sensitive peaks drinking in each wanton moan…taking each hiss of desire deep inside Himself.

“tell me what you want pretty slut. Tell me what you need Kate”

With a raw cry she answers babbling quickly…

“You m’Lord please, deep inside me. Make me scream please, I’ll squeeze Your beautiful cock so tight, make Your legs shake with pleasure. Anywhere You wish, take my cunt, in my ass I don’t care which, only please please…I beg You…please I need You inside me please Master”

His fingers tighten like vices on her aching nipples as He fights for some semblance of restraint. She knew exactly how to do this, He’d never had to teach her. The words, the dark, needful words to drive Him to frenzy drift from her sweet and girly lips making all sense of sanity melt in a kind of steamy explosion. His cock already rock hard and throbbing for her twitches and strains against its confines. With a thick sigh of relief He frees it from the leather breeches, pressing the scalding heat against her silky flesh.

The first touch of His scalding skin against her flesh sends waves of molten anticipation through her, until even her fingertips feel as though they are burning. A needful cry strangles past her lips as He presses the velvety head against her dripping quim. Pushing only the head inside her welcoming heat before steadying His stance, gripping a handful of her golden hair roughly and growling at her…

“Who do you belong to Kate? Tell me…”

Her head turns, green eyes burning into His own as she answers.

“You, only You Master.”

His hips crash forward, thrusting the stony length of His cock deep inside her. The slick walls of her pussy forced to stretch around Him, stinging deliciously.


His voice is thick with want, drowning out her hiss of pleasure, His hips withdrawing only to push back inside her, again and again in a hungry rhythm. His fist tugging and pulling at her hair sends prickly tingles of pleasure from her scalp directly to her straining clit. Forgetting their location, their passion so exposed, her senses swim with the sultry tide of her Master as she mewls and writhes against Him. His possession of her neither savage nor gentle, His thick fingers gripping her hips with bruising intensity, jolting her back onto every thrust.

Each scalding thrust of His rigid cock inside her causes the clenching heat in her belly to tighten, making her throb, ache for the release she knew He would grant her. Tight coiling pleasure making her legs tremble as He pushes her closer and closer to the edge of her pleasure. Ragged gasps for breath stammer from her lips as her heartbeat roars in her ears with the rhythm of their mating.

Goddd…so fucking hot…she was so hot and tight and so bloody hungry for Him. His aching cock gripped tightly with each thrust inside her molten pussy, dragging low primal grunts and noises from His throat as He sinks inside her again and again. Taking and claiming and drinking in her heat like a starving Man. With a tilt of her hips His angle of penetration changes, making His eyes roll back in His head as He fights not to spill inside her. Determined to wrangle her pleasure first, to feel her frantic muscles fluttering around His rampant cock as He takes her.

With a low moan, she feels His fingers drag from one Hip down to cup her mound. The thick digits sliding between her passion swollen lips to still at the place where their bodies join. Caressing both her and Himself as His rigid cock plunges inside her, a thick groan of pleasure rumbling from His chest as He feels His cock slide into her slick flesh. Her body grinding and writhing against Him in wanton splendor as He fucks her.

She cries out as His fingers slide back to circle her straining bud. Teasing her mercilessly as she bucks and growls, her body burning from the inside out at the mercy of His desire. Her pleasure so intense it borders on painful as she gasps and pleads hoarsely.

“Please Master, please….. Please Master…let me cum for You”

His fingers are firm and unyielding as they pluck at the straining bundle of nerves. Her body bucking and jolting beneath His touch. He groans as He feels her pussy sucking and tightening around His cock in anticipation and roars across her back.

“Cum, Cum for me Kate!”

With a strangled sob she relaxes enough to unleash the aching tightness in her belly, scalding pleasure erupting from His touch…slicing through her belly as she shrieks out her release. The clenching walls of her pussy grip His cock like a fist as she writhes and mewls, awash in the heat of her release. So full, so deliciously full and possessed, she cannot control the trembling as she rocks. Babbling and chanting His name, her body spasming and bucking against Him, making His thrusts erratic as her body sucks Him closer and closer to His own release.

With a raw cry His thrusts become harder, impaling her relentlessly. His face contorting almost as if in pain. Plunging inside her, His fingers dig savagely into the soft skin at her hip. Finally, with a strangled roar, He allows His own release to come scorching through Him. Jet after jet of hot release burns a path inside her clenching walls. His body shudders, muscles locked in tension as His cock pulses inside her. Gasping as He empties Himself in her welcoming body.

Strong arms, damp with sweat curl around her belly as she struggles to control her breathing, comforting and possessive as He relaxes against her. Pressing her into the solid weight of the stocks and slowly reminding her of where they are. A shudder of something dark and liquid drips through her as she realizes she doesn’t care. Let them look. Her back straightens proudly underneath her Master as she feels their combined release dribbling down the inside of her thigh. Her body humming with pleasure and pride at who she is.

He lifts His head when He feels her stiffen underneath Him. Ready for her embarrassment and shame at being so completely taken in such a public place. Pleasure seeps through Him as He watches her gaze drift over the courtyard, a proud, defiant smile visible on her lips as she turns her head. He presses soft chaste kisses against the strength of her spine and chuckles.

“My magnificent, surprising girl.”

Tilting her head with surprise she looks at Him. Her face openly glowing for Him, green eyes sparkling with so much more than lust. His voice caresses her as He stares into her face.

“Let’s get you out of these, I find I want you all to myself.”

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