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Booty Pirate

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“Put a shot across her stern, Mr. Jacobs,” Captain Seymour Butts yelled.

“Uh, Captain, shouldn’t that be across her bow?”

“You can shoot them where you want them when you’re Captain, Mr. Jacobs. However, since I’m the Captain, shoot them where I want them. They don’t call me the Booty Pirate for nothing.”

“Aye, aye, sir.” Mr. Jacobs replied as he rolled his eyes. This was taking an ass fetish a bit to far for his tastes.

A few minutes later, a cannon roared and shortly after that the French cargo vessel flounder against the wind and started to take in the sails. The Captain order a boarding party into the rigging and brought the Ass Bandit along side the French ship.

There was not much of a fight as the pirates took over the French ship with ease. The French Captain was brought aboard in irons, and was taken before the Captain. It turned out that the French Captain was English.

“I say old boy, that was some excellent shooting. One shot and you swept my helmsman and the wheel off the aft deck. Damned good shooting, I must say.”

Captain Butts looked at Mr. Jacobs for a second. Mr. Jacobs just shrugged and looked somewhere else. “Yes, it was good shooting and all part of my plan to capture your ship.”

“Well, it worked like a charm, I must say. I’m Captain Adams, at your service.”

“How much gold and silver are you carrying?”

“Gold? Silver? Oh no, we are not carrying gold or silver. We’re carrying spices, rum, and a dozen Jamaican hookers.” Captain Adams replied.

“Jamaican hookers?” Captain Butts asked.

“Yes, the French upper crust just love them. They say there are no finer ass’s in all the world and I have to agree with them on that point.”

“Uh, fine ass’s you say? Then I will be checking this out for myself. An in depth inspection, you might say,” Captain Butts said with a big grin. “Send them along to my cabin, Mr. Jacobs. While you’re at it, dump the spices overboard, transfer the rum to this ship, and set the Frenchmen adrift in the lifeboats.”

“What about Captain Adams?”

Captain Butts shrugged. “Let him stay on the prize ship until we reach port. Then he will be on his own. Put him in the first mates cabin with a couple of the hookers. You can be acting Captain until we reach home port.”

“Aye! Aye, sir!” Mr. Jacobs said with a big grin of his own.

“Take a couple of the hookers for yourself,” Captain Butts paused to think. “Send the rest to my cabin.”

“Aye sir!” Mr. Jacobs replied but he was thinking what a greedy bastard the Captain was.


The Captain was in hog heaven as he sat at his desk, his feet propped up. Eight naked black women were bent over along the back wall of his cabin. Eight of the finest ass’s he had ever had the pleasure of viewing were staring back at him. High round firm asses.

Only one of the eight spoke English and that was Jasmine, the woman on the far left. “Jasmine, love, why don’t you come over here and stand by me. You can be my interpreter.”

“Yes, Mr. Captain man.” Jasmine replied as she straightened up. “Are we going to be raped and abused?”

“Uh, do you want to be?” The Captain asked. It seemed a strange question from a whore.

“Well sir, you are a pirate and we’ve heard stories.” The woman replied as she walked over to stand beside the Captain. Her eyes were on his hard dick. It was not overly large but more long and thin.

The Captain had gotten naked after he had the women undress and bend over. He saw where Jasmine’s eyes were and stroked his dick. When she grinned and licked her lips, he turned and put on foot on the floor, spreading his legs wide.

Without a word, Jasmine dropped to her knees and inhaled his dick to the base. “Oh hell yes!” The captain said with a loud hiss in his voice. Several of the women against the wall looked over their shoulders and one or two giggled.

The woman’s warm wet mouth, knowing tongue, and soft full lips were almost too much. It was not very long before the Captain pushed her head away and stood up.

“Damn that felt good,” he whispered as he led Jasmine over to his bed.

“Leona is the better one than I am at that,” Jasmine said, indicating one of the other women.

The captain’s eyes got wide for a second. “Any better and I’d have come down your throat.”

“I thought that was the idea,” Jasmine replied with a giggle.

“I have other plans. I’m the booty pirate.”

“Booty as in treasure or as in something else,” Jasmine asked.

When the Captain turned her around, bent her over the edge of the bed, and swatted her on her upturned ass, she giggled and nodded. “Something else.”

“Is there a problem?” The Captain asked.

“Oh no, no problem at all,” Jasmine replied swinging her ass back and forth. “As long as you get it all slippery from my pussy first.”

The Captain went to one knee and ran his hands over the warm satiny brown skin of Jasmine’s breathtaking ass. It was firm but soft and yielding as he spread the cheeks apart. He licked his lips as the lighter brown ring of her anus came into view.

He spread her cheeks even wider but his eyes dropped to the shocking pink of her opening slit. It looked slick and shiny as mother of pearl. The dark curly hair around the opening to her sex had little beads of moister on it. This was the first black woman that the Captain had ever been with.

“It’s pink on the insides,” he muttered.

This caused almost all of the women to giggle and whisper among themselves when Jasmine repeated what he had said in her language. To him she said, “Of course it’s pink. So are the palms of my hands and the inside of my mouth. What’s so odd about that?”

“Nothing, nothing at all. It just surprised me.”

“So, I’m your first woman of color.” Jasmine asked.

“Yes, yes you are,” the captain replied and then asked, “Are all Jamaican whores as wet as you seem to be?”

“Whores? Who told you we were whores?” Jasmine asked as she turned and looked over her shoulder, a frown on her face.

“Uh, the Captain of the French merchantman.”

“That little asshole!” Jasmine said in English and then she was speaking to the other women in her language. What she said brought more than a few words that sounded dirty and angry from the other women.

“What?” The Captain asked as he stood up.

“We are brides.” Jasmine told him. “Brides for Frenchmen.”

“Huh? Frenchmen do not marry black women or at least I do not think they do. Captain Adams said you were to be mistresses to French nobility, which I believe.”

“That little asshole!” She repeated with even more emphasize. “He put out the word that a dozen brides were needed for Frenchmen and that he was to transport them to France. All expenses were to be paid and money would be sent to our families when we married.”

“Sounds more like you were shanghaied,” the Captain said with a grin. “Captain Adams got himself a string of hookers for free and they even delivered themselves to the dock. He’s almost as big a pirate as I am.”

“So now that you have us, what happens?” Jasmine asked.

“You mean besides my proclivity for fucking your gorgeous ass’s.” The Captain replied. “I haven’t decided yet. I might keep one or two of you for my own pleasure and sell the rest to the slavers in port.”

“What would it take for you to return us home?” Jasmine asked as she moved her ass back and forth slowly.

“Girl! Your ass is mine already so you can’t use it to bribe me,” the Captain said with a laugh as his eyes followed the movement of her ass.

“We might not be whores but we do know a lot about sex. How about a dozen warm and willing asses? Willing is always more fun than having to fight for it. We are big strong women and someone might get hurt if we fought,” Jasmine pointed out. “And then there are other things we could provide beside just our asses.”

“Like what? I have a crew out there that would just love to help tie each and every one of you across a bed or a rail for that matter. But if I did have to call them in then they would expect a share, which could be rough on you ladies.”

“How about the name and destination of the treasure ship that was sailing two days after we left port,” Jasmine offered.

The Captain’s ears perked up. “Treasure ship? How do you know it was a treasure ship?”

“We have brothers, fathers, and lovers that work the docks. We know everything that goes on there. No one pays us blacks any attention, we are beneath notice so we hear a lot. Spy’s on the docks would be a great help to you, unless I miss my guess.”

“And what would you get out of helping me?” The Captain asked.

“A trip home for one, a little revenge on the French and Spanish, and some adventures to remember in our old age. Not to mention being fucked in the ass by a real pirate.” Jasmine replied with a big white grin.

The Captain looked at Jasmine in a new light. Booty and brains, that was an interesting mix to say the least, probably a dangerous one but interesting all the same.

“I’ll have to think on it,” the Captain finally said.

“Don’t take to long, the treasure ship overnights at a small island where it takes on troops and an escort of war ships. That’ll be three days from now.”

“Three days you say. Then I guess I need to get with it, I have eight fine ass’s to take care of,” the captain said as he smacked Jasmine on the rear.

“Captain man, darlin, I’ve got news for you. It is going to take three days for you to get finished with just mine if you do it right. Jamaican ass takes a lot of work to satisfy it completely,” Jasmine said with a grin as she wiggled her hips back and forth.

Captain Butts grinned as he stepped up behind Jasmine, grabbed a hip in each hand, and slowly slid his long slender dick into her hot sopping wet pussy. He made a soft moaning sound right along with Jasmine as it went in.

When his hips touched her warm silky ass, he shivered and sighed deeply. “Oh hell yes! That is one fine hot tight little pussy you have there.”

“I am told my ass is even hotter and a hell of a lot tighter,” Jasmine whispered breathily as she clenched her inner muscles and squeezed the Captain’s dick.

The Captain groaned and then shivered. If her ass were any tighter than this, he would definitely need three days. As it was, he was on the verge of coming, just holding still in her pussy. It seemed to be milking and squeezing his dick all by itself.

With a groan, he pulled out and then shoved his dick, back in hard. His hips smacked the black woman’s ass. She made a soft grunting sound and then sighed as he pulled out again. Her pussy seemed to be getting hotter, wetter and tighter the more he fucked her.

Less than a couple of dozen strokes later, he planted his hips against her ass as he came harder than he had in a very long time. Her pussy was grabbing his dick and massaging its full length. He had to lean over and hold onto her hips, his legs were shaking so hard.

“See, I told you we Jamaican women know all about sex and enjoying it. Why don’t you sit on the side of the bed and I’ll see if Leona wants to clean that messy dick of yours up and maybe put some lead back in it,” Jasmine said breathily in English.

With a nod, the Captain pulled his hips back until his dick was free of her pussy. From there, it took an act of will to make his legs support him until he could sit down. He ended up in his chair since it was closer.

Jasmine watched him from over her shoulder and once he was seated, she spoke to the other ladies for almost a minute. A larger lady straightened up and turned toward the Captain. She smiled broadly as she walked over to kneel in front of him.

“That is Leona and she loves to suck on a dick. She is very good at it and loves it even more if there is a mess on it to clean up. She says it tastier that way,” Jasmine told him.

The Captain watched with fascination as the woman bent at the waist, and slurped up his soft dick. Her soft very full lips and warm wet mouth made him moan softly. Her long tongue rolled around as if it was trying to wrap itself around the shaft of his dick.

His moan grew even louder. He had never felt anything even remotely like this. The Captain felt his dick stiffen slightly as Leona sucked it in and now with her tongue working it magic it was firming back up quicker than he thought possible.

He was about to shut his eyes when the youngest and shortest of the women straightened up, turned, and walked over to stand behind Jasmine. The young woman whispered something in their odd language and Jasmine smiled as she nodded and rolled over.

Jasmine lifted her feet to the end of the bed and let her knees open wide. The young woman knelt quickly and buried her face in Jasmine’s pussy. Jasmine took a sharp gasping breath and then moaned loudly. The sight stiffened the Captain’s dick even quicker.

He had never even thought of two women together and the goings on before him blew him away. Well not quite but it was very close anyway. He pushed on Leona’s head until his dick popped out of her mouth and stood up against his belly.

Leona grinned at him and licked her lips with a smacking sound. The Captain looked back at her and smiled as he sighed contentedly. He slipped down in the chair to a comfortable angle and watched the two women at the foot of his bed. His dick would twitch ever so often.

He gave a little start as he felt Leona’s long tongue on his balls. A second later, he moaned as she sucked one into her mouth and swirled that marvelous tongue over and around it. From under hooded eyes, he noticed the way Jasmine’s hips were jerking and flexing.

The young girl must be doing an excellent job he thought. He liked to eat pussy himself and knew how to make a woman squirm and yell. This little one seemed to know the same.

Leona sucking on his other ball caused a shiver to run up and down his spine. This one was a definite keeper he thought as a moan escaped his lips, a nice big bubble ass, and a mouth to die for, what more could a man ask.

He was about to find out. As Jasmine gave out with a sharp long drawn out yell, Leona lifted his legs and placed his feet on her shoulders. He was entranced by Jasmine’s strong vocal orgasm on the bed and almost jumped out of the chair when Leona’s tongue took a long slow swipe up the crack of his ass.

It started right below his asshole and ended under his balls. As her tongue ran over the very sensitive puckered ring of his anus, he felt like yelling himself. Then the sensation was gone and he shivered as her tongue tickled the underside of his balls.

Then the tip of her tongue was back flicking at the tight ring of his asshole. He gasped at the first touch and then gasped even louder as the tongue pushed at the opening. It had been nearly twenty years since anyone had touched his ass like that.

She had been the wife of the master ship builder that he apprenticed for. He knew he was playing a dangerous game but at the time, he had been totally blown away. She had him in the palm of her hand and on the tip of her tongue. She was the reason for his ass fetish.

In the two years he had slipped around with her, he had never fucked her pussy. That was for her husband she had told him. That was all right with him, her ass was virginal when they first started and he had broken it in right with her help.

She had taught him how to make love to a woman and how to eat pussy. She also loved to lick his asshole and it had driven him nuts. Just like Leona was doing right now. As her strong slender tongue wiggled it’s way up his ass, he could not catch his breath.

He could hear Jasmine talking but the words did not have any meaning. His ears were ringing and his heart threatened to jump out of his chest. Someone stepped across his hips and he tried to focus his eyes. When he did, he saw Jasmine grinning down at him.

She lifted his dick and sat down on it, impaling herself. She gave a shivering shaker and then sighed as she moved up and down slowly. Her pussy was hot and very, very wet. He was drenched to the balls in seconds.

Leona was now fucking his ass with her hot tongue. Jasmine stood up and stepped back over his hips. The young woman took her place. The Captain looked from one woman to the other in confusion.

“Della is a virgin so I had to get your dick nice and slick for her. She only lets men fuck her in the ass. She saves the flavor of her pussy for eating only,” Jasmine explained.

A virgin? She only fucked in the ass. The Captain’s brain was on overload as he felt Della lift his shaft and center the head on her asshole. As she slowly applied pressure to their contact the Captain gasped loudly as the head of his dick compressed.

“Holy Shit!” the Captain yelled as the head of his dick popped through the tight ring of muscles and slowly went deeper into Della’s incredible hot tight ass.

Della gave out with a loud whimpering moaning groan as she lifted her hips and sat down again. Half of the Captain’s dick was now inside her and her ass was threatening to crush him. Between her hot ass on his dick and the tongue in his ass, he did not know what to do.

Actually, in the position he was in, there was not much he could do except half lay, half sit there and enjoy. This was something that dreams were made of for any ass man. Since he had came so recently, he could easily hold the orgasm he felt building back. He was going to enjoy this as long as possible.

Della’s ass was by far the hottest and tightest he had ever been in and she knew how to work it to best advantage. The Captain wasn’t sure who was moaning and groaning louder, him or her. Leona had her tongue up his ass so far that it was scary. That alone would have normally had him coming like a fountain.

“Too bad I can’t sit on your face.” He heard Jasmine say with a laugh. “Then you would have it all.”

Della would sit down on his dick slowly and then clinch her ass tightly around him as she rose back up. The captain was in ass heaven. He had never felt anything like what she was doing to him. Add Leona’s tongue to that and he was about to go out of his mind.

Sensory overload kept him from coming for a while and then he erupted like never before. He gave out with a loud yell as spurt after long hot spurt left his dick. It felt like his balls were trying to turn inside out and his spine was leaving his body along with his gold fillings.

Little Della gave out with a yell of her own and bounced on his lap harder and faster as her ass got hotter and even more slippery. The grip she had on him wouldn’t let his dick go down. It stayed hard and she used it to full advantage.

By the time she finally stood up and staggered over to lay on the bed, the Captain felt like he had came another three times. He had not moved hardly at all but he was breathing as if he had ran several miles.

Jasmine leaned over near his ear and whispered, “Now you have had a black Jamaican woman’s ass. You have seven more to go.”

All the Captain could do was groan.

“Maybe you should wait until after we catch the treasure ship,” she whispered.

The Captain nodded.


The Ass Bandit was showing her heels to the wind as she headed for a date with a Spanish treasure ship. Between Jasmine and the English Captain, Captain Butts had enough information to plot an intercept course. The Spanish ship would be slow and easy to catch.

Jasmine, Leona, and Della were in the Captain’s cabin. They had all three readily agreed to stay. The rest of the Jamaican women were aboard the prize ship and under the protection of the first mate. They were to be taken care of until the Ass Bandit returned.

The Jamaican women that were returned home unharmed kept their word and acted as spies for many years to come.

With the treasure and his three ladies, Captain Seymour Butts would retire to parts unknown and become a legend in his own time. Butt, ever so often, the black flag with three butts on it would appear and another treasure ship would disappear.

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