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Pregnant & He Likes It!

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My 28-year-old wife of 5 years walked into the room and my brother’s eyes went right to her full 3-month pregnant belly. Tom was setting with his new wife Crystal and although I knew he was madly in love with her I also knew he had the hots for my Sherry. Sherry and I had dated in high school and even back then when ever she was around it was like he went stupid.

He would wait on my 5 foot 3 inch wife hand and foot and if she would wear any thing to show off her 36 B breasts or her short but perfect legs he just lost it.

“What are you doing for your skin Sherry?” Crystal asked. She had just finished school as a dermatologist.

“Well I have just been putting hand cream on. I haven’t started to stretch much yet. Why? Do you know any thing to help?” Sherry asked as she lifted her shirt up over her swollen belly. She ran her hand over it as she looked first at Tom and then me and smiled. She had always loved teasing him. “Sam has always loved my skin.” She had the top two buttons of her 501’s open exposing her tummy down to the top of her pubic mound. In fact if she wasn’t shaved we would have been looking at the top of her bush and Tom’s eyes went right to that spot.

“That’s what I thought so I brought you this cream with some very good stuff in it. You need to put it on twice a day and there is nothing in it that will hurt the baby and you should get almost no marks.”

Sherry took the bottle and put some in her hands. She smelled it. “Umm, that’s nice.” She pulled the bottom of her shirt up higher sticking the tail of the shirt into her mouth. She held it in her teeth exposing the bottom of her full round breasts through her thin silky white bra as she began rubbing the cream into her belly.

I thought Tom’s eyes would pop out of his head as he looked at Sherry. He moved on the couch trying to hide the fact he was getting hard. “Umm, say Sherry,” he looked at me. “How long before you can feel it moving?” he asked.

Sherry with her shirt still in her mouth moved over to him. She looked past him at me, and then back to him. “Maybe next month. Why do you want to feel it?” she handed him the bottle of cream. “Here you can put this on for me now if you want to.”

I thought he was going to cum in his pants as he put the cool white liquid on Sherries belly as she talked to Crystal about skin care. I watched has he ran his hands over her belly working his way lower and lower until he brushed the top of her open pants.

Sherry leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Thanks Tom that was nice!” she took the cream from him and smiled as her eyes went to mine.

The kids had come over at least once a week forever but now that Sherry was expecting they started coming over more and more often with Tom becoming more and more attentive to Sherry. Then at the end of her fourth month we were lying in bed talking Sherry said to me.

“Do you want to feel the baby?”


“Lay on your side and let me snuggle up to you.” She did and it wasn’t but just a few seconds and I felt it in my back. “Would you mind it I let Tom Feel it?

“Feel what? Hell, he all ready rubs all over your tummy every chance he gets.”

That’s not what I mean. I a. Well, oh never mind.”

“No don’t do that. What is it? Is he bugging you?”

“NO! No, just the opposite. Haven’t you noticed that I screw you silly after they leave?” I put my hand back behind me and onto her hip pulling her closer as the baby fluttered in her belly and across my back.

“Yes I have. So what are you saying?”

Sherry rose up putting her mouth next to my ear softly biting it as she spoke to me. “I’m sorry but it turns me on no end when I let him cream my belly! I want to play with him. I mean I want to tease him, oh hell I don’t know what I mean.”

I rolled onto my back looking at her in the soft light from the bedside lamp lamp. “Are you saying you want to fuck my brother?” I asked as I cupped her breasts.

Sherry moved over onto my hips putting her hot naked pussy slit. I could feel her wetness over my hardening dick as she set down on it letting it slip into her crease.

“No. But I have talked to Crystal and she knows how turned on he gets when he is around me.” She rose up taking my cock and placing it into the opening of her sex as she spoke. “You know I am getting pretty big and that I am going to start wearing summer dresses all the time so I don’t have to buy a bunch of close” Sherry moved up letting my cock move so the tip was at her open entrance. She let out a soft moan as she moved her hips swiveling them up and back so I slipped into her. She held it there with the tip just inside her looking at me as she tried to think. “FUCK!” She said as she slid down onto my cock taking it as deep as it would go. “Umm, yes that’s nice!” She said as she began a slow rocking motion.

“It’s just that if I let him put the cream on my belly like I have been I am going to be pulling up my dress not my shirt and well you helped me pick out the panties I have to wear.” She lifted up moving all the way to the tip of my dick then slowly let it slide back deep into her as she spoke. “You know what he will be seeing.” She began to grind her clit into my pubic bone as she moved on me.

“Well, I guess it’s ok. I mean, OH god baby!” she had lifted up and began working her ass in a tight circle. “I’m ok with it if Crystal is and, and HO SHIT BABY! And the two of you know what you’re getting into!” I held her ass in my hands as she began to tremble on me.

“OH God Sam! I’m Cumming! Ohhhaaaaaaaaaaaaohhhhhh! Yes! Ohhhhhh!” I began to thrust up into her as she came on me. “OH GOD HE, HE WILL SEE MY PUSSY Ohhhhhhhhhh!” She fell forward on me mashing her tits into my chest. Her hard nipples felt like two hot dots of fire as she pushed them in to me.

I felt my ball’s tighten as I pushed up into her. “Oh baby here it is! Oh, oh yes! Gumphhhh oooooph ohoooooo!” I shot deep into her as she ground out the last of her climax on me.

“Hole shit! That was good!” I said as ran my hands over her satiny skin caressing her back then down to her soft round ass cheeks as she held onto me. “Does it turn you on that much?” I said as I felt our mixed juices start to seep out of her soft opening and run down around my cock and balls.

Snuggling into my neck, kissing me softly she whispered. “Yes.” My cock grew soft and slipped out of her and she rolled onto her side. “Please don’t be mad!”

“I’m not. I just want you to tell me where you are with this.” I kissed her nipples then pulled her close to me. “I mean do you want to fuck him?”

Sherry moved up onto her elbow mashing her breasts into my chest. “I don’t know. I like him touching Me.” she kissed me softly. “And I like to give him a show. God Sam it turns me on when I show off like that! I have never told you this but some times when I go shopping I let men get a look up my dress. Some times at the food-court in the mall if I see a good looking guy I will cross my legs and give him a look up my dress.” She traced circled in the hair on my belly with her finger. “You know I like shear to the waist pantyhose and no panties and god I love to go to the shoe store and let the sales men look up at my bare pussy.” She kissed me softly. “Some times I like to she it to the sales girls when I’m trying on cloths to!”

She had slipped her hand between her legs as she spoke to me and I cold tell by the way she was moving she was fingering her self as she talked to me about it. I moved setting up so that I could watch her as she rolled onto her back letting her legs open wide. Her full breasts rolled to the side as her pregnant belly pushed up into the air. I watched as she ran her thumb over her clit and let two fingers slip deep into her fresh fucked open wet hole. Her hairless vagina lips were puffy and red as she played with her self, feeling, touching and pulling on her clit. Her eyes never left my face as she came again.

“OH GOD SAM! WATCH ME! Hoooooooooo!” She lifter her hips off the bed, pushing her swollen belly into the air as she began humping her hand. She pushed up three times before collapsing back onto the bed.

She rolled onto her side away from me. “I’m sorry. Please don’t think I’m a slut.” Suddenly she sat up looking at me with tears in her eyes. “Sam I have never cheated on you! I promise! It was just a little flashing!” She collapsed onto her side making her pregnant breasts move across her chest and began crying.

I got up and went to the bathroom and came back with a worm-wet cloth. “Here let me clean you up my love.” She rolled onto her back and I pushed her legs open. I began speaking softly to her as she cried softly onto the pillow.

“I find it exciting that you like to show off a little my love.” She pulled the pillow away looking at me as I wiped our mixed juices from her leaking woman hood. “I think it will be fun. You are a beautiful woman! I see how men look at you when we walk through the store and it turns me on knowing they all want you but you come home with me.” I dropped the cloth onto the floor and turned off the light. I pulled her to me kissing her softly. “Now tell me all about what you have done and would like to do.”

We talked well into the early hours of the morning as she told me all about her flashing fun. We made love again as the sun came up and then I called into my office telling my secretary I would not be in for a day or two.

Sherry and I had just finished breakfast and she was standing in the open sliding glass door that looked out over the back yard and pool. She was wearing nothing but some panties that were white lace in the front with a thong back as she talked on the phone to Crystal. They were making plans for them to come over that evening. When she hung up she walked out to me as I sat in the morning sun looking at her. I could see by the color in her cheek she was excited about being out side topless and I suddenly hopped I could keep up with her. “What are you smiling about?” she asked.

I began to laugh. “I hope you don’t fuck me to death my sweet baby!”

She looked around at the houses around us knowing any one looking out could see her as she sat down and put her feet up. Her panties were pushed down under her belly and her full round breasts moved on her chest like jelly as she settled and picked up her orange juice.

“They will be here for dinner.” She smiled at me. “And that’s what they make things that vibrate for my love.” She just smiled looking at me over the top of her glass as she took a sip of her drink.

That after noon I finished mowing the yard and was setting on the front porch steps with a cold beer when Crystal pulled into the driveway. Smiling she waved at me as she pushed the car door open with her foot. Her long leg came into my view as she let her foot drop to the ground. Her dress was bunched up almost to her hip fully exposing her long silky skinned leg to me and as she leaned over into the other seat to get her purse I got a good long look at her pantyhose covered bottom. She turned slipped out of the car letting the light dress fall into place.

She walked up to me. “Hello Sam.” Her dress fluttered and lifted just enough to tease me as she turned and sat down. She let her dress pull up to mid thigh as she leaned into kiss me on the cheek.

“Hay. How are you?” I said as she picked up my beer taking a drink.

She handed the bottle back to me. “I’m ok.’

“Where is Sherry?”

“In getting the meat ready for the BBQ.”

Crystal turned leaning back on the handrail pointing her knees more at me as she lowered one leg. She watched me looking at her as I took a drink of my beer. She smiled at me as I let my eyes run over her legs.

“I think we should be able to have as much fun as them. I mean how do you feel about all of this?” She asked.

“Well I sure as hell like what I’m seeing now!”

“Do you want me to show off for you to Sam?”

I didn’t know what she would do as I reached over to the hem of her dress and pushed it up her thigh almost to her waist as I ran my hand up her thigh. “Very much so.” My cock began to swell in my shorts as I looked at her exposed pantyhose covered pussy. It was the first time I had seen her closely trimmed little box and the dark hair caught my eye as I let my hand run over her leg.

Crystal didn’t move away from my touch at all! “I didn’t know touching was going to be allowed.” She said.

“Tom has had his hand all over Sherry for the last month at least. I think if he can I can.”

She moved letting her legs open wide fully exposing her self to me as she stood up. Her dress falls down over her legs. “Maybe your right. We will have see about that. She let her legs open wide fully exposing her self to me as she stood up. “What do you want me to do right now?” she asked.

“Take off your dress.”

Crystal laughed. “Oh sure! That’s what I’ll do. I’ll just walk around in my hose for you!” she shook her head smiling at me. “This is making me very wet Sam!” she pulled on her dress like she was straitening it out as she giggled. “I guess we will have to be careful wont we?”

“Yes I think we will.” I said as turned and walked away from me. I watched her soft round ass move wondering what the fuck we had gotten into.

Tom pulled up shortly after that. Neither of us said much as we sat on the stoop having a beer when Crystal came to the door. “Are you two going to set out here and drink or come cook dinner?” I turned to see her leaning on the doorjamb holding the hem of her dress in her hand so that it was pulled way up above mid thigh.

Tom jumped up and kissed her. “Dam girl you look good!”

Tom and I fallowed Crystal as she turned and walked in front of us. Tom said, “God I love her ass!” And she put a little extra swish in her walk as she smiled over her shoulder at us.

“I should hope so!” Crystal laughed.

I went through the kitchen picking up the meat and headed out to the BBQ. I had just lit the thing and put the meat on when Sherry walked out.

“Hay guys!” she said making us all turn to say hi.

I could have came right then! She was wearing a white muslin halter-top that was completely seen through! Her nipples had always been very pink but now that her breasts were filling out for the baby the had begun to darken just a little making them stand out under the thin cloth. She had taken an old pair of sweats and cut them off so short that the bottom curve of her soft round ass cheeks were showing under the rolled edge of the material. She had then pushed down under her swollen belly and I knew that her pussy would be easy to see when she sat down and the thin, narrow little strip of cloth that was left in her crotch pulled up tight.

Tom’s eye ran over her body as he spoke. “Hay Sherry. Dam girl! You look good!”

“It’s just to hot to worry about it!” she pushed an imaginary hair out of her face. “Besides, you have seen more when I wear my swimsuit.”

Tina walked out carrying a bole of salad, she was bare footed and had taken off her pantyhose so I knew Tom wasn’t the only one going to have some fun to night!

I had to turn to the BBQ so my hard dick wouldn’t stand out as I tried to get it under control. Crystal sat the bole down and walked up to me putting her hand on my shoulder as she picked up my beer and took a drink. “It looks like you might need,” Her eyes went to my bulging running shorts. “Umm, another beer. Let me get it for you.” Tom had his back to us as he watched Sherry walking out into the evening sun and lay down on a lounge.

But my eyes never left Crystal as she again put that little extra twist into her walk making her short dress swish around her thighs. When she reached the little fridge I keep out side she looked at me making sure I was looking as she bent over at the waist. Her little dress pulled up in the back fully exposing her closely trimmed pussy lips to me! She stayed that way as she looked over her shoulder at me. “Can I have one to?”

“You can have any thing you want!” I said as I watched her stand back up and smile at me as she walked back to me.

“Any thing?” she said as she handed me a bottle to twist the top off for her.

I smiled at her as she took a sip. “I think so.”

“We will see.” She looked at the BBQ. “Don’t let it burn.” She turned and walked out to my wife and sat down.

I watched the three of them as I cooked wishing I was closer so I could hear all that they were talking about. I sat down taking a swig of my beer as Sherry took Tom’s hand and placed it on her full round belly. Crystal looked at me and let her right leg drop as she pushed her foot out in front of her. She pulled her dress up on her thighs giving me a good look up it as Sherry gave Tom the bottle of cream. As he put the cream in his hand Crystal got up letting her legs open wide fully exposing her soft puffy pussy to me.

I looked back to see Tom beginning to run his hands over Sherry’s tummy as Crystal walked the 10′ feet back to me. With out a word to me she sat in my lap with both of her legs on one side of mine. She put her arm around my neck as she looked out at my brother, her husband, feeling up my wife.

There was no pretence about it as he let his hands run up under her top cupping her breasts then back down over her belly and onto her thighs. My cock was fully hard and pushing up into Crystals ass through my shorts as I watched him running his hands up Sherry’s thighs and into her crotch.

Crystal lifted just a little and pulled my running shorts to the side. She took my acing cock in her hand and holding it up sat back down on it taking it deep into her wet vagina! She put both arms around my neck as she ever so slowly rocked back and fourth.

“I think she is going to let him fuck her.” Crystal said as a little shiver ran down her back.

“I don’t think she will. She might let him feel her up good though.”

“So should I get up then? I mean we shouldn’t if they don’t” she lifted just a little and settled back down pushing me even deeper into her hot soaking pussy as she spoke.

“I do need to take the meat off the grill.” I ran my hand up her leg as I watched Tom push Sherry’s shorts to the side. I knew he had his fingers in her by the way she lifted her hips as he pushed them into her.

Crystal slowly stood up letting my hard wet cock slip out of her burning woman hood. “Will you come back to me?” she asked as I stepped away from her.


As I turned off the grill and closed the lid Tom leaned into Sherry and whispered something to her before kissing her softly on the lips. She looked at me and her eyes went to my hard dick sticking out of the leg hole of my shorts. She smiled and looked back at Tom nodding “ok” as she slowly rose up and got onto her knees.

I watched them as I moved back to Crystal. I watched as he ran his hands up her legs and thighs. I watched them as I sat back down pulled Crystal back onto my lap as I held my cock up putting it into her pussy lips. I watched them as I pushed my dick back into her going balls deep as Tom pulled my wife’s shorts down over her hips.

Crystal spread her legs as she picked up my hands and placed it on the inside of her thigh. “Touch me Sam.” I looked at her watching them too!

I let my finger touch her rock hard clit as we watched Tom pull his dick out of his shorts. Crystal’s nose flared as she sucked in a deep breath as I pulled on her clit. “God he is going to do it! He is going to fuck her like we aren’t even here!”

Sherry turned her head looking at me as Tom put the head of his cock up to her pregnant pussy. Her tight belly hung below her as her eyes went to Crystals open legs. Her full baby breasts heaved as he pushed into her open pussy and her eyes went to my cock pushing up into Crystal!

Sherry smiled at me as he began to fuck slowly in and out of her. I thumbed Crystal’s clit faster making her move on my cock. Sherry began making the noise in her throat that until then I had been the only one to ever hear. The sound she made when she was Cumming!

I could feel the pre cum leaking from my dick as Crystal still move slowly on me, milking me with her pussy. She leaned her head into mine. “Will you cum in me?”

“Do you want me to?”


I pulled on her clit making her grind her self into me. “It’s my time.” She whispered to me as her rocking became harder. She lifted up and slipped down on me as I looked out at my wife up on her knees with my brother fucking her hard. “Cum deep in me Sam!”

She lifted up just enough to turn on me so she was facing me with out letting my cock slip out of her. Now face to face with her tits mashed into my chest she began kissing me. Her breathing changed as she began fucking me hard. “Yes cum in me Sam.” She hissed.

I again looked over Sherry. I could hear her Cumming again as Tom fucked her!

“Give it to me Sam! Fuck me! Oh god yes fuck me!” I lifted up pushing into Crystal feeling her cervix as I hit bottom. “Oh god I’m cumin Sam! OhhHhhh! Oh yes cum with me baby fill aaaaaaaa me with it! Give me a baby!”

I lifted pushing as she bounced on me. My balls tightened. “Ok Here, here take ittttttttttttt uophaaaaaaaaaaa!” I held her by her hips as I shot my seed deep into her. She shook like a cannon was going off in her with each shot of my cum as it went deep into her.

I could hear Sherry grunting as Tom finished in her.

Crystal pulled her self-tight to my chest as we kissed. She leaned back looking into my eyes as my cock slipped out of her.

“What did you mean it’s your time?” I asked as she slipped off of me.

She smiled at me. “Its my most fertile time. Sam Tom can’t make babies. That is why he is so hot with wanting to touch Sherry.” She kissed me. “We decided that you would make a very good uncle”

Sherry was smiling as she slipped into my lap as Tom walked up to me with another beer.

He smiled. “I just wanted to keep it all in the family brother.”

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