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I’m on my knee’s facing the head of the bed, my hand’s are cuffed to the headboard.

My body naked, thigh’s spread so that all that I submit to you is open to your possession.

I can’t see you, but I can feel your eyes moving over every inch of my exposed body.

I can feel my cunt moistening with anticipation of your touch; I’m finding it hard to keep still for your inspection.

I hear the rustle of your clothes as you move to the side of the bed, the slight brush of your fingers along my spine.

I arch into your touch with a moan, my eyes closing at the intense feeling.

My eyes snap open as you reach the nape of my neck, fisting your hand in my hair and bringing my face up to look at you.

Your eyes, so intense cause shiver’s to explode down my body and my cunt to clench and drip.

“Tell me slut. Who do you belong to?”

“You Master,” I reply.

“And what is your purpose slut?”

“To submit to your every command Master, to please you in any manner you require.”

“And your pleasure, slut?”

“This slut’s pleasure is your pleasure Master.”

“And when may my slut cum?” you ask, with a slight tightening of your fist in my hair.

I gasp and answer, “This slut may cum only with your permission Master.”

I see satisfaction gleam in your eyes, and my cunt releases a drop of juice onto my quivering thigh at the knowledge that I have pleased you.

Your hand still tangled in my hair, your other moves to the front of your pants. I hear the button slip from its hole, your zip rip into the silence. I try to hold your gaze, but I want………. No…….. I NEED to see you.

My eyes drop to the front of your pants just as you ease your hard cock from the opening. I feel my body flare with a heated lust I’ve never felt before. My tongue slips from my mouth to moisten suddenly dry lips, my juices running freely down my thighs.

“Pleasure me, slut,” you say, as you use your hand in my hair to guide my mouth to your cock.

I lick the moisture from its tip, and then take it into the warm depth of my mouth. I moan at the exquisite taste of you on my tongue……exploring over every inch of your shaft as I fuck my mouth over you.

Your hand tightens in my hair as you command, “Take me deeper, slut!” Relaxing the muscles in my throat, I start to take you deeper. I am struggling within myself, wanting my hands free so I can plunge fingers into my dripping, clenching cunt, but also wanting this……….. to be bound and at your mercy.

Once my throat is accustomed to your length and girth, I begin to plunge my mouth up and down your thick shaft.

Sucking and licking, I try to devour you.

“Look at me, slut!”

I raise my eyes to yours. Your eyes possessive as they look upon your cock disappearing to the balls down my throat.

You take over, fucking my mouth and throat as though it were my cunt. I’m moaning constantly around your length, sending vibrations along every inch of your shaft.

A sharp tug on my hair and you’ve released your cock from my mouth. I moan in disappointment.

“Your mouth is a delightful distraction my pet, but my wish now is to discover what other delights can be found with my possession.”

As you move to the foot of the bed, I can hear the rustle of you discarding your clothes. I shiver in anticipation, my cunt dripping down my quivering thighs.

I feel the bed dip at my feet as you position yourself behind me. I jump as your hand falls gently to my upthrust ass. Your hand travels down the slope and between the crease, lightly caressing over my exposed anus.

I feel the need to wriggle and push back against your hand, but I hold myself still knowing that would displease you.

Your hand dips into the folds of my wet sex, lightly grazing my swollen folds with your fingertips.

“My, my, you are a horny little slut. Your cunt is dripping with lust.”

I forget myself and push my cunt into your hand. Immediately you pull your hand from me.


I squeal at the unexpected feel of your hand dropping hard and fast onto my ass.

“Did I give you permission to move slut!?”

“No Master, please forgive this slut”

“No, I don’t think I will just yet. I think you need a little punishment before we continue,” he replied. “Don’t you agree?”

“Y..y..yes Master.”

“I think just a spanking for this small infraction. Beg for your punishment slut.”

“Please Master, punish this slut. She deserves to be punished for forgetting herself.”


Your hand lands hard on my left ass cheek.


Again on the right. Back and forth you spank my ass a dozen times.

I can feel my ass heating up, my cunt dripping more with every spank. Just as I’m about to lose my control and start to move, you stop.

“Thankyou Master,” I gasp.

“Just remember your place slut, and do not disobey me again.”

“Yes Master.”

“Now where was I? Ah yes.”

You place your hand back at my wet and swollen cunt. I stay as still as I can, trying not to tempt you to discard your explorations again.

You dip one, two, three fingers into me. I moan at the stretching of my muscles. At the sound, you start to plunge your fingers in and out of my cunt; your knuckles banging against my swollen clit with every thrust.

I’m moaning constantly at the feel of your hard fingers, stretching and pulling at my inner flesh. I can feel the heat moving through my body, the pressure building.

Suddenly your fingers are gone and I’m empty. I just catch myself before a groan of disappointment slips from my lips.

You grab my hips and plunge balls deep into my cunt with one thrust; plunging hard and deep.

“Oh yes Master, please fuck this slut!”

You stop with your cock filling my cunt completely.

“You want me to fuck you my pet?”

“Yes Master, please.”

“You beg so prettily, let me hear you beg some more.”

“Please Master, fuck this slut’s cunt. She needs to feel you stretching her, taking her, making her yours, forever,” I pant.

“How do you want me to fuck you my pet? Hard and deep or slow and shallow?” you breathe against my neck.

“Please Master, fuck this slut hard and deep. Please!”

You pull back till your cock is just sitting inside the entrance of my cunt. Then suddenly you grab my hair at the nape of my neck and pull me back onto your cock as you plunge forward, driving your cock hard and deep into my cunt.

I scream in pain and pleasure as you do as I begged. Fucking me hard and deep, using my hair as the reins with which you control me.

“Oh fuck! Yes Master, fuck this sluts cunt.” I scream.

“God! You’re such a tight slut, my pet.” You grunt as you plunge faster into my grasping cunt, pulling harder on my hair.

The heat is building faster this time, the inferno racing through my veins, bringing me closer to the edge.

“Please Master, may this slut cum?

“Not yet, my pet. We are not finished yet, you will control yourself till I say you may let go.” You reply with a sharp tug on my hair.

Then your cock is gone from my cunt, I whimper and almost beg for you to give it back to me.

Then I feel you pushing at the entrance to my ass. I’m apprehensive but I want it, I need you to fuck my ass.

“Ahh, a new hole for my inspection. Did you follow the instructions you were given earlier slut?”

“Yes Master, this slut cleansed herself completely as you instructed Master.”

“Good!” Was your reply just before you plunged your cock into my ass.

I screamed as my muscles protested your intrusion, but I quickly relaxed and let you slide all the way. The pain quickly morphed into the most intense pleasure I had ever felt.

“Oh god, Master! You cock feels so good in this slut’s ass.” I moan.

“Yessss…… Such a tight assed slut you are.” You reply as you renew your grip in my hair and plunge deep and hard, in and out of my ass.

I’m moaning constantly at the pleasure pain of you fucking my ass.

“Master, please, please let this slut cum. She’s so hot, so full; your cock is so hard and thick in my ass.”

“Beg me some more as I think about it slut. I’m enjoying my pet’s ass for now.” You start to fuck my ass harder, using my hair as leverage.

“Oh fuck! Please Master, this slut doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on. Please may she cum, please Master.”

The hand that isn’t tangled in my hair moves down into my dripping sex. As you plunge deep into my cunt, you pull and tug my clit.

“Please Master, may this slut cum?” I scream. My body racked with tremors as I try desperately to hold on.

You drive deeply one last time into my clenching ass, and pinch my clit hard. “Cum for me slut, cum hard for your Master!”

The force of your hot cum pouring into my burning ass, the pain from your fingers and the need to obey you, drive me over the edge. I scream as my sphincter muscles clamp down on your cock, my body shaking uncontrollably with intense pleasure and pain.

I slump down on the bed, trembling in the aftermath. You pull your cock from my ass and release my hair, stroking it back from my damp face.

“Oh yes, I’m very pleased with my new possession. You’ve pleased your Master well this day, my pet.”

I smile as I drift into sleep, dreaming of my captivity.

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