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The hours were passing by as fast as molasses. James sat there listening to some underling drone on and on about the approaching conference.

“So, if all goes well I’ll be checking out that vista from that vacant 14th floor office, huh, Mr. Jeffers?”

Edward stared into James’ expressionless ocean-like eyes.

James Jeffers was a masterpiece. A tall handsome devil he was, of light brown hair, angled facial features and perfectly tanned skin. But what sent all the women losing their minds over him were the palest blue eyes anyone’s ever seen. And a year ago, James was going through the lot of women with his looks as bait. But he was a catch-and-release kind of guy. At 34 years of age he had been through quite a share of bed warmers. His inability to settle down was seen as a flaw to most of his friends who had already gotten married and were having children. It wasn’t his only one either.

Another of his flaws: a lack of patience.

“Hmm? Yeah, that sounds do-able. Ed, maybe, we should pick up the rest of this discussion tomorrow. After, we’ve worked out the Collins’ case,” James quickly said afraid that he may have been caught daydreaming.

“Sure thing.”

As Edward walked out his paced slowed when he saw Elsa aiming for James’ office.

Elsa Sawyer was sex in a dress. She had such a confidence –an arrogance- about her she that left both men and women panting at her heel. Her Nordic features leant her an angelic countenance. Yet her curvaceous and petite frame was made for nothing but sinful acts. Most men would dream to possess her while James only had nightmares.

“Edward, close the door behind you,” Elsa snickered as she sashayed past the panting hound, “Jimmy, how goes it?

“I heard through the office grapevine you’ve been trying your luck with blind dating. Meet any special miss?”

Oh, Elsa. She always knew just what to say to drive him insane. It was not too long ago when she had been that “special miss.” He thought he had found a woman he could be with. He thought she had felt the same. She had let him pursue her knowing where it would lead to only to reject him when he asked her to be his girlfriend.

As if it weren’t embarrassing enough to make such a proposal like a zit-popping teenager. The look of utter satisfaction had driven him nuts as if she had dreamed of the moment. She had muttered something about not being compatible and how she didn’t see the relationship progressing.

“Nope. Was there something work-related that you’ve come to discuss?”

“Jimmy, why are you being so short with me? Whatever, that’s beside the point. Here’s the Monroe file, bossman.”

Elsa loved that control she had over James. She loved watching how uncomfortable she made him. How he’d walk out of a room when he saw her flirting with coworkers. How his face would become beat red when she’d mention his love life. But she particularly loved watching how he’d squirm from having a pitched tent in his pants when she’d expose just a little more leg than what would be deemed appropriate. The best part was that they both knew she couldn’t get fired. He needed her. Her connections, her business savvy, her cutthroat attitude. She’d be a great liability if he lost her to a competitor.

She loved being the little lady who turned the big bad James Jeffers into a tamed kitty cat.

“Yes,” James inquired in an irritated tone?

Her bemused expression inflamed him.

“Nothing, dear. I’ve got to run. I’ve got plans tonight.” She let his mind carry that statement.

“Do me a favor and don’t waste this weekend sulking while the rest us enjoy ourselves. Y’know, sometimes I stay up all night worrying about you.” She kissed his cheek as she left him wondering the real reason she’d be up all night.

When the door shut from her departure James let his head hit his desk rather hard.

He didn’t know how much more of this he could handle. He’d always been a hotheaded playboy. He and his therapist had developed a very close relationship while trying to control his aggressive temper and disdain toward women. But every time Elsa was around he risked regression. The worst part about the whole ordeal was everyone presuming she’d gotten the best of him. Of course, she turned him on and he had loved their sexual escapades. But his real reasoning for wanting to be with her had been because she seemed so self-sufficient, independent and self-assured. He thought ‘Here’s a woman that won’t call me at all hours of the night and get snot on my shoulder while she pours out emotions that I’d care not to experience with her. And she certainly won’t play any games.’ But she was still just another woman and for believing she was otherwise, he was a fool. But, not any more.

He sat there pondering what had happened to his enviable lifestyle and how to get it back, along with some of his dignity. Unbeknownst to him, the answer came lightly rapping at his door.

“Come in.”

“Hi. Mr. Jeffers? I’m Danielle, the temp filling in for Annette Stuarts.”

James sat there completely stunned by the young beauty before him. She had a complexion that reminded him of maple syrup and large, expressive eyes, the darkest shade of brown. Her lips had a natural pout, which was exaggerated by her unease and scrunched up button nose. A thick and unruly mane of layered mid-back-length hair framed her delicate face.

“Oh. You seem confused. You’re a busy man. Yeah, you probably wouldn’t even know who she is,” she blubbered on in a manner that seemed like she was speaking to herself.

“Annette –NO! Mrs. Stuarts- is Mr. Randall’s secretary. Uh, Mr. Randall from the down and across the hall. Well, yeah… she’s had a baby! She’s taking leave and needed a replacement.”

She was a ball of nerves, this one. Although he knew whom she was speaking of, and was actually quite fond of Annette, he let her continue.

“I’m that replacement. Danielle. Me. Danielle Gregory. I’ll be here for the summer. All summer. Hmm? Mr. Randall’s asked me to get something from you and for the life of me I cannot remember. Ugh, sir?”

At this point he couldn’t contain his devilish smile. She was the perfect candidate for his reintroduction into his careless bachelorhood. Too feeble-minded to resist his charm, that is if his looks alone weren’t enough.

“I believe it was the quarterly report. It’s right here,” he said pointing at a corner of his desk. She walked over to grab it.

“Oh, thank you. It would’ve been so embarrassing to go back and ask what my task had been,” she laughed a humorless laugh.

She flashed him a shy smile and turned towards the door. It was then that he was able to admire the delicate curve of her back that led on to her shapely ass. It was gorgeous. Not large but incredibly pert like it was begging to be spanked. Below that was a pair of long slim thighs that he envisioned pressed against her breasts as her legs hung over his shoulders and her pussy took the hard pounding of his cock.

As she sauntered back toward the hall, James called out to her. She inhaled deeply realizing the awkward moment had yet to pass and slowly turned around.


“Come back in.”

“Have I forgotten something?”

“Actually, you have. My number.” Elementary, he thought.

Unfortunately for him, she thought the same. Her awkward temperament melted away and was replaced with a rather stern look.

“Although I am a temp I would like to keep my relationships here professional.”

And with that she quickly stomped out. James, however, kept that same smirk on his face. Just then he realized how much he had missed the chase.


As 5 ‘o’clock neared James became very irritable. He thought the clock in his office was broken because time seemed to have literally frozen.

He was very eager to get out of work this evening and begin his quest for Danielle. He was able to gently pry some information from his assistant about what some of the younger workers of the company like to do on Friday nights and he nonchalantly asked about the new girl.

“Oh, she’s pretty nice, eh? Spending the summer home after having been in California the past year,” Jordan told.

“California,” asked James?

“Yeah, she goes to school out there.”

“She’s still in school? How old is she?”

“Just turned 20.”

Old enough for his purposes, he mused.

“Alright. Well, you could take off now, Jordan.”

“Thanks, Mr. Jeffers!”

James quickly got his things sorted out and went home to get ready. Tonight he’d be visiting a sappy poetry club. A club where he expected Danielle would be.

He showered and did some light grooming. He drove to the club and quickly eyed the group but before he allowed himself to be seen he had to make sure his reason for coming was there.

She was. But James soon became very enrage because there was Jordan… right next to her. They were secluded from the rest of their gang. He was whispering in her ear, making her giggle. She lightly hit his chest. She was flirting with him. THAT WHORE! This was her first week on the job and she had already sunk her claws into that cretin. A couple hours ago she was blowing some smoke about professionalism and here she was flirting with his secretary. He stomped over there without thinking through what he was going to do.


Jordan and Danielle quickly straightened up but they were still playfully holding onto each other. Danielle rolled her eyes when she saw to whom the authoritative voice belonged to.

“Oh, hey, Jeffers! Come to play with the kiddies,” joked Jordan.

James was never one to lie or feel ashamed of his age but at that very moment he was furious that Jordan made him seem like some old buffoon in front of Danielle. He wondered if she saw him as some geezer.

“I thought you were supposed to have those Collins printouts on my desk before you left, Jordan.” He decided to ignore Danielle for the time being.

“I’d planned to do them next week.”

“Well, I need them tomorrow morning. So if you value your job you’ll get to it.”

Jordan, in utter confusion and annoyance detangled himself from Danielle, and made his way to the parking lot and back to work. Danielle’s irritation was obvious as she scoffed and made her way to the bar.

James followed her.

“Shirley Temple, please,” she shouted to the bartender in the overcrowded club.

James sniggered as he remembered that she’s too young to drink. Her drink came and James paid the bartender.

“I can pay for my own drinks, sir,” the ‘sir’ she added as an afterthought to combat her insubordinate tone.

“You’ll call me James. And I’m sure you can, Danny.”

“It’s Danielle, sir.”

He preferred Danielle but wanted to provoke a reaction. He just stared into her eyes and she just oozed of aggression and sex appeal. She had changed from her conservative work clothes and into an outfit that ensured she was aware of her best features despite its modesty. She had on a loose fitting v-neck t-shirt that showed the lovely swell of her breasts and khaki shorts that lengthened her brown legs to a point were he could envision them doing nothing but trapping his body into hers. And on her feet were thong sandals. She’d been in California too long.

“Come outside with me,” James commanded.

“I’m fine here,” she retorted as she took a sip of her Shirley Temple.

James grabbed her upper arm in a gentle yet firm grip. He was losing his patience with her. He thought he could play this cat-and-mouse game with her but after seeing her interact with Jordan like a girl in desperate need of dick he decided he’d give it to her before she got a chance to get it elsewhere.

He refused to have Jordan’s sloppy seconds.

“Outside — NOW!”

Danielle, a bit frightened and a bit curious, got up to be led outside by James. He dragged her to a rather private part of the parking lot. Now she began to question her wisdom in not telling anyone. She barely knew this angry man before her.

“What is i–” was all she was able to say before James’ mouth came crashing down into hers?

James eager to deepen the kiss before Danielle got her wits about her lifted her 5′ 4″ body up to meet his 6′ 2″ one and pressed her against the brick wall. He used one of his hands to smack her thigh in an effort to get her to wrap her legs around him. She complied. He had been ravishing her mouth with fevered kisses and was now trying to increase the passion while she seemed perfectly content with how things were carrying on. He snaked his hand into her thick and bountiful curls and gently yanked until she opened her mouth in protest. And he seized the opportunity.

He was shocked by how enthralled he was to be in her mouth. It was so smooth and ambrosial. She tasted like sweet exotic fruit. He was becoming delirious and wanted more. He broke away from her mouth and heard a slight whimper.

“Let’s go to my apartment,” he proposed as he nibbled on her earlobe.

And at that moment the hellcat was back. She began to flail her legs indicating for him to put her down. Instead, he stepped in closer crushing her against the wall and she became all too aware of his hard body.

“Let go of me, you animal,” she sneered.

He bit her neck. Her whimpers soon turned to moans. He grabbed her hair and forced her to look into his eyes.

“I’m not asking any questions or seeking your approval. Tonight you will not deny me anything,” he informed her.

He didn’t know what came over him but he needed her and he would accept nothing but her and all of her.

“I –,” she began and he quickly silenced her with a brutal kiss commanding her submission. He bit her lip before retreating. He watched her suck her lip into her mouth to soothe the ache. She looked at him with such uncertainty and wanting. She was curious and he would make sure that by the end of the night she’d know all she needed to.

He quickly led her to his car. When she saw his convertible she had second thoughts and worried about falling into the trappings of a rich white man. These are the men they warn little black girls, like her, about. He saw the look of apprehension on her face.

“Get in,” he barked. His tolerance was low.

Her already large eyes bulged. He stalked over to her and opened the passenger side door.

“Tonight, you are mine, Danielle,” he whispered gruffly into her ear. “Don’t think about anything but being mine.”

She got in. He made his way over to the driver’s side. As he pulled into the street, Danielle’s phone began buzzing within her purse. She pulled it out and read the text. As she was about to respond James snatched it away from her. It was from Jordon. The text read:

Sorry 4 leaving w/o bringing u home 1st.

I wasn’t thinking str8. Jeffers is such a tool.

If u cant get a ride home hmu when ur ready 2 go :-*

– Jordy

“You came with Jordan,” James inquired?

She nodded.

This slut is going to get it good! That’s why she came with me so easily. She was planning to get it anyway with Jordan once the club let out, he thought.

His anger was reaching new heights but he was able to hold off by thinking of how he’d punish her once he got her on her back.

He reached his flat in record-breaking time and practically pulled Danielle out of the car. Once in the elevator they resumed the heavy petting they had begun in the parking lot. And now they were at his apartment.

There was no grand tour; he led her straight to his bedroom. Once there he proceeded to tear her clothes off. Danielle became incredibly worried at this point but her unfamiliar passion would not allow her to deny him.

“Get on your knees,” he demanded a now naked Danielle.

She did.

“Unzip my pants and pull out my cock.”

Her shaking hands followed his demands. But she soon pulled back her hands as if what she had just touched scorched her. Danielle looked at the angriest cock she’d ever seen (which was among a rather short list). It was impossibly thick and she’d need two hands to firmly wrap around him.

“I don’t think –,” she began.

“You can and you will. Now hold him tight and give him a kiss.”

She took both hands and grabbed his cock. She looked at it warily for a few seconds, which felt like hours to James. She tentatively stuck her tongue and gave his manhood a broad stroke.

His deep intake of air gave Danielle some renewed confidence. She opened her mouth just wide enough to take in the head. She tried to suck on it as she would a piece of candy but found it was too large to pull that off. She moved her tongue around in frantic motion. This was the first time she had had a cock in her mouth. She had always thought it was demeaning but now as she knelt before it and had a taste she craved it. The only issue is she didn’t know what to do. The feeling of his thick meat made her hungry in a way she had never felt before. She licked and nibbled to her heart’s content. She wanted to take more of it but thought it’d be impossible.

James reveled in the feeling of her mouth. He loved how innocently she worshiped his cock, as if it were her favorite or only. But he needed more. He needed to be buried in her throat, to conquer it. He needed to seem in control although every moment he spent with her he lost more of it.

“Move your hands, Danielle.”

She attempted to stroke him.

“No, move them away.”

She looked up at him in confusion.

“You’re going to stuff it all in your mouth,” he murmured as he stroked her hair.

In a panic she tried to jerk her head away but he used the hand he had in her hair to keep her in place. He wasn’t sure what sort of limp-dick bastards she had had before but he was intent on teaching her how a woman was to please a man.

“Shhh. Relax. You’ll only make it harder on yourself. You’re going to do it regardless and I’d rather you be as comfortable as you can be while doing it.”

She relaxed a bit. James holds her hair more tenderly but is still unyielding. She resumed licking the head. After a few moments she felt him nudge her lightly. She slowly took in more and more of his nine inches.

She began to choke a little and he took mercy on her. It was more important to him that she listened to his commands. She bobbed so sensually and her mere curiosity was bringing him over the edge. It took every ounce of willpower he had to pull her off of his dick. He resolved that he had far more to show her before he spent himself.

She unconsciously pouted when he plopped his penis out of her mouth. He smiled down at her for just a moment.

“Get up!” he said gruffly.

The moment she did she was picked up and taken to the bed. She expected to be thrown down onto it and was right. She was not able to regain her stability because the moment she hit the bed James was yanking at her limbs and clothes. He tore away at the items that proved a little too difficult to take off for a man with no patience. Once her clothes lay shredded on the floor James looked at her in awe.

She was stunning. Her eyes paralyzed him. They were full of fear but enough curiosity and passion to make him know that he would not be refused. Her breasts were so generous for a woman of her size. Her dark nipples puckered under his gaze. Her smooth, radiant brown skin was so enticing and exotic. He had never seen skin so beautiful. He had always fancied pale, translucent skin. But seeing those long brown legs he could envision nothing but being wrapped up in copper skin for the rest of his life.

Under his scrutiny, Danielle tried to subtly close her legs and as she made to grab the blanket to cover her breast she heard James growl. He lunged at her ripping the blanket from her hands. He kissed her furiously. He needed her to open herself up to him. He moved down and nibbled on her neck as he blindly felt around for her breasts. When he found them he caressed them and then pinched her nipples causing her to whimper.

He moved down to her left breast and sucked on it intensely as he tugged and pinched her right one. Danielle squirmed. She felt so frustrated. She had no idea how she felt. Did she want more? Did she want him to stop? Why did it hurt yet feel so good? Understanding how she felt made him smiled at into her right breast. He even deepened the feeling as he held her nipple between his teeth and flicked at it with his hot tongue. She groaned aloud.

James sat up and looked at her naked form. As he sat between her legs he looked down at what would be home to his cock for the next couple of hours. She had a light tuft of curls protecting her womanhood. He began to take his boxers off along with his shirt. As he did, Danielle realized how naked she felt.

When he was done it was Danielle’s turn to be in awe. His rippling chest made her want to reach out and touch him. But she was too nervous. She had never gone all the way. She was too scared to tell James because he was so intense. Not like the bys at school who she’d tease and reject once they were on the edge. He grabbed the back of her legs and pushed them into her chest.

“Hold them there. Don’t move,” he ordered.

He played a finger up and down her slit. She was already so wet. He could slip in right now. But he wanted to drive her crazy with passion before he took her. He separated her lips with two fingers of his left hand and slowly pushed a finger of his right hand into her moist pinkness. She moaned seductively. He was surprise by her tightness with just one finger. He knew she’d feel exquisite around his cock. He played into her a little more. Then he felt it.

“What is that?” he shouted.

Danielle knew he had reached the proof of her innocence. He seemed angry with her. He would probably kick her out now. She panicked and moved to get up.

“I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCKING MOVE!” he shouted as he smacked the side of her ass.

She resumed the position she was in. For once James wasn’t trying to be a hard-ass when he yelled at her. At the point he couldn’t have her walk away from him.

“Are you a virgin,” he asked with his finger still moving inside of her?

Instead of answering, she moaned. Frustrated that he didn’t get an answer and incredibly turned on he added another finger. She was stretched to the point of discomfort at this point. James began to drill her pussy relentlessly.

“UGH! No, James. Please”

“Answer me!”

“I am. Yes! YES! AHHHH!” She screamed her orgasm.

He moved more slowly now. He stared at her. She had let her legs go and James said nothing. He saw how weak she was. He smiled. She’s a virgin! He had just made her cum from a mere finger fuck. So innocent. The anger he had felt all night from the idea that she was interested in other men was gone. Even if she had been he knew that none of them had possessed her body. But this ignited a sense of urgency within him. He had to make her his tonight so that no other man would get the chance.

He lined his cock up with her glistening pussy. Danielle felt this and her eyes shot open. She couldn’t believe that he was still going to take her now that he knew she was a virgin. Sure, she expected him to find out but after he had already taken her. She assumed a man like him wouldn’t be interested in deflowering girls. And she would be right. James typically like his women experienced but with Danielle, she was different, and the thought that he could be the one to brand her and to make her a woman enthralled him.

“James, what are you doing,” she stammered?

“Danielle,” he began as he pushed into her. She inhaled deeply, clearly in discomfort. He pushed up against her hymen and jerked his cock. She gave a pained moan. James was no sadist but the thought of seeing her in pain this way excited him. It was an experience only he would ever have with her.

“You’re mine.”

He plunged into her breaking through her virginity. The pain was so intense she couldn’t scream; she couldn’t even breathe. James’ thick cock stretched her pussy more than she could ever imagine.

She finally caught her breathe midst James’ fevered pounding. She screamed and cried. James did not even slow his pace. He licked her tears off her face. He kissed her lips softly.

“You’re mine,” was all he offered as any sort of condolence.

She could not understand why he was doing this. She felt he was punishing her. And he was. Although he was relieved that she was a virgin he wondered if Jordan would have been the one to do this tonight had he not shown up. The more this plagued his mind, the deeper he went.

“It hurts so much! Please, stop –Or slow down!”

“It’s supposed to hurt you. If I were some little pencil-dicked boy it wouldn’t have. But, you’re being taken by a man, Danielle. After this you’ll be a woman. You’ll learn to take it. I’m making you a woman, Danielle.”

He kissed her passionately. He was becoming delirious inside of her. He didn’t care about anything but her warmth and tightness. She closed her eyes savoring his kiss and trying to block out the pain. But it became too difficult. His pace quickened, he was approaching his orgasm. She felt to good for him to last any longer.

Danielle felt something warm shoot up into her and she panicked. After a few more thrusts he stopped but did not pull out. He stroked her disheveled hair and smiled down at her.

“Are you finished,” she blurted out in disarray? He couldn’t be. That would mean he came inside of me.

Angered and thinking she wanted to be through with him, James bit her shoulder. She screamed out for the millionth time that night.

“I plan to take you quite a few more times tonight. So, no, not by a fucking long shot.”

She gasped and he took the opportunity to kiss her. He practically raped her mouth. She tried to move her head around to break the lip-lock but he grabbed her head in his hands.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? Was I too much of a man for you? Did Jordan promise you flowers and sweet whispers? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?”

He shook her head as he shouted this. Danielle was in tears.

“I can’t get pregnant,” she whispered.

At that moment James realized that he had dumped his semen into her. From her reaction, it was clear she wasn’t on birth control. Surprisingly, James was not upset or worried. She made him crazy. He’d known her a day and he felt more passionately for her than he had any woman in his life. She didn’t seem to feel the same. But a baby would keep her from other men.

He would have her, one way or another. It was then that James realized he was fucked.

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